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Spring 2018




to our Foreign Rights Catalogue Spring 2018!

Our latest releases come up to kids’ favourite topics again! Adventures with animals, friends and romantic stories. An All Age highlight for schools, future readers and grown-up soccer fans is 1 in 11 (p. 54) – just in time for the World Championship 2018! A very short but absolutely touching text for future readers with a clear No to Racism!

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Two of our latest YA thrillers have been incredibly succesful. Ursula Poznanski’s 5th YA stand alone Aquila (p. 52) made it into the Top 10 of the annual German YA bestsellers with more than 100,000 being sold within the first months. Boy in a white room (p. 58) about the up-to-date topic Artificial Intelligence has been reprinted three times until Christmas and the film rights have now been sold – actually surprising and even more joyful! What’s most exciting for us is that we now represent a new publishing house! gondolino was founded for more children’s books and creativitiy promotion by well-known experts. The program answers kids’ wishes for books. Thus, the team is highly involved with reading promotion. They make reading fun for lifetime! Our absolute favorites are Puzzle books (p. 73) based on Loewe’s popular Search and Find books and the Crafting books (p. 91) by popular and well-respected specialist Norbert Pautner. Last but least, get started with the highly succesful Middle Grade series Lucifer Junior about the future boss of hell on the next page. The author visits lots of schools for reading to kids and the booksellers love how quickly people decide they need to find out more about Lucifer – especially boys aged 10+! Have fun! Friederike, Ching-Hui, Mareike and Anna

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Lucifer Junior: Surprising success as a secret bestseller!


Lucifer Junior is a bold, funny series that appeals to children and adults alike. The author’s humorous style, and the unique characters, make for fantastic entertainment.


•A journey to Hell you will never forget! •The perfect combination of themes: school and Hell •Devilishly good reading for boys, girls and grown-ups! •Lots of hilarious details Lucifer Junior is the Devil’s son. He lives in Hell, and will one day take over the “family business”. But his father still thinks Junior is far too nice for the job, and sends him off to spend some time in the land of the living at the boarding school St. Fidibus on Earth – after all, where better to learn how to be nasty than among human beings?

Lucifer Junior – Too Good for Hell (Vol. 1) no. 8366

Lucifer Junior – A Devilishly Good Team (Vol. 2) no. 8637

All titles: Jochen Till / Raimund Frey Lucifer Junior – To Hell and Back (Vol. 3) no. 8638, b/w illustrations throughout, 224 pages, February 2017, 10+ Rights Sold (series): Czech, Romanian, Slovak “The enthusiastic response among German readers is well-deserved, and the series will certainly spark interest elsewhere.” Publishing Perspectives

Luce and his friends set off in search of Lucifer Senior, who has vanished without trace. It looks as though the Devil has been deposed. But what has happened to Lucifer’s dad? And who is in charge of Hell now? The friends head down into the Underworld to investigate. It turns out that Azrael, Lucifer’s other brother (who was supposed to be counting snowflakes in the Arctic), is behind it all…

“Someday you’ll find me in Division 67 – the division for mums and dads who spend all their time reading Jochen Till books and delegate the housework to the younger generation. The punishment: eternal washing up! Hilarious and very clever!” Corinna Höfler, bookseller


The funniest kid’s series for 2000 years – at least!

Board books that children love!

Books for the Very Young


Board books with a difference! •Each book has ten robust pull-out pages for play and exploration •Non-fictional content and cheerful illustrations •More than 90,000 copies sold since June 2015 •Now available in 10 languages! Pull Out My Pages – this series of 8 board books offers pages than can be pulled out completely. This makes illustrations longer and even makes them different! Animating texts with non-fiction informations give kids aged 2 and up an understanding of their favourite topics animals, vehicles, farm, construction site, knights, playing and the deep and wide sea!



Kerstin Schoene All the Animals Are Growing Up! no. 8152

Irmgard Paule All the Vehicles Are Revving Up! no. 8155

Silvio Neuendorf All the Knights Are Riding By! no. 8359

Nina Hammerle With a Squeal Squeal Here and a Cluck Cluck There! no. 8206

All titles: 18.0 x 20.0 cm, board book with pull-out pages, colourful illustrations throughout, 16 pages, 2+ Rights sold (series): Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Spanish (world), Swedish

Andrea Reitmeyer All the Baby Animals Are Scampering About! no. 8493

Joachim Krause The Drills and Diggers Set to Work! no. 8207

Larissa Lauber The Playground is the Place to Be! no. 8585

Dominik Rupp The Sea is Deep and Wide! no. 8584

“The ultimate all-in-one board book. This series is the perfect way to introduce children to the world of reading – and get them hooked!” Eselsohr

Everyday issues


•A way of explaining everyday topics •With push and pull tabs •Lots of funny details in every scene

Hans-Christian Schmidt /  Miriam Cordes Get Up, Ready, Steady, Go! That’s How I Start My Day no. 7760

A series of so far 7 board books about everyday issues that families need to explain to their kids. Affectionate illustrations and funny stories told in an entertaining way for children aged 2 and up. Due to the numerous flaps just as push and pull flaps, children playfully learn to be polite, what’s going to happen at the doctor or playschool, how to behave outside their homes and how to start the day the right way!

Franziska Gehm /  Sabine Kraushaar Dummies Are Just for Babies! no. 7099

Hans-Christian Schmidt / Christian Zimmer Red Means Stop, Green Means Go! no. 7685

Susanne Weber /  Katharina Wieker Excuse Me, Pardon, Thank You, Please – Manners Are as Easy as ABC! no. 8212

Susanne Weber /  Miriam Cordes Bye Bye Nappy, Hello Potty! no. 8158

All titles: 18.0 x 20.0 cm, board book with push and pull tabs, colourful illustrations throughout, 14 pages, 2 + Rights sold (selected titles): Chinese (simplified)

Hans-Christian Schmidt /  Miriam Cordes Measuring, Touching, Hearing. Today I’m Going to See the Paediatrician no. 8112

Hans-Christian Schmidt /  Sabine Kraushaar Climbing, Singing, Making Things – We Are Looking Forward to Playschool! no. 7985

Books for the Very Young

Everday issues explained and illustrated

Hidden Object Books

Books for the Very Young


Get to know the world by Searching and Finding!

•Hours of hidden object fun, in large format •Exciting topics for boys and girls! •Vivid and memorable scenes •Vignettes of the most important objects •Millions of copies sold!



These large board books inspire children to play and discover. While centering around a specific theme like work at a construction site or life in medieval times, the pictures leave plenty of space for children to use their imagination and develop their own stories!

Where is the…?


Fire Engine no. 8551

Digger no. 7329

Drill no. 7291

Blue Car no. 7290

Dragon no. 7200

Unicorn no. 6832

Viking no. 6631

Dino no. 5962

Pirate Flag no. 5961

Football no. 5644

Red Knight Helmet Golden Crown no. 4217 no. 4896

All titles: Where’s the … 23.5 x 31.5 cm, board book, colourful illustrations throughout, 16 pages, 2 + Rights sold (selected titles): Chinese (simplified), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Russian

Christmas in the Forest no. 7715

My Christmas Hide and Discover World no. 6837

Where’s The Little Easter Bunny? no. 8563

Easter on the Hide and Discover Grassland no. 7844

NEW My very first Easter Hide and Discover book no. 0034

Learn and Discover!


Counting and Colours

Knight Castle no. 7114

Kindergarten no. 7113

Favourite Items no. 7231

Baby Animals no. 7511

Counting (Girls) no. 7171

Counting (Boys) no. 7170

City no. 7111

Countryside no. 7112

Vehicles no. 7322

Farm Life no. 6937

Shapes no. 7009

Colours no. 7328

18.0 x 20.0 cm, 18 pages, 4 +


My Very First Magical Hidden Object World no. 8720, 18.5 x 20.5 cm, 80 pages, 2 +

My Huge Hide and Discover World no. 8644, 22.0 x 29.5 cm, 88 pages, 4 +

18.0 x 20.0 cm, 14 pages, 2 +

18.0 x 20.0 cm, 14 pages, 2 +

Special Edition

Find more Hidden Objects:

for the Very Young: First Words!

Page 11

Discover and Learn First Words no. 7129, 23.5 x 31.5 cm, 16 pages, 1 +

Page 72/73

Books for the Very Young

What can you find in the…? Can you find the…?

Highlights – Marvellous Picture Books!

Books for the Very Young


Wanted: Co-Easter Bunny!


•A slightly different Easter Bunny story! •Beautifully illustrated and

written by a highly popular author

What’s going on Inside My Body? •An action-packed journey through the body •Written by a doctor •Lively, entertaining illustrations by Fréderic Bertrand •Lots of liftable flaps for learning and discovering

This year, the Easter Bunny wants to go skiing in the Easter holidays like everybody else! But of course, he can’t allow Easter to be cancelled. And so he sets out in search of someone to take his place. Unfortunately, not all the animals have the necessary skills: the elephant is far too clumsy with the fragile eggs, the sloth is too slow at hiding them and the monkeys get up to all sorts of monkey business. But perhaps the kangaroo will be able to step in? His pouch would definitely come in handy for transporting the eggs…

How does a wound heal? How does breathing work? What happens to the food in my tummy? Six double page spreads take readers on an exciting journey of discovery through the human body, showing how the different parts of the body work. Topics such as digestion, breathing, and sore throats are brought to life by detailed, entertaining illustrations. There are also lots of flaps for readers to lift, revealing surprising facts and the answers to children’s most important questions. The Bacterium: A great company throughout the story!

Annette Langen / Pina Gertenbach Easter Bunny Urgently Needed! no. 8854, 24.0 x 26.5 cm, 32 pages, February 2018, 4+

Sibylle Mottl-Link / Fréderic Bertrand Inside My Body! no. 8156, board book with flaps, 14 pages, January 2016, 3+

All Rights available.

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified)

Backlist – Board Books




Katja Reider /  Sabine Kraushaar Because We Love You no. 6022, 2 +

Sandra Grimm /  Sabine Kraushaar What Do You Have in Your Diaper? no. 6942, 3 +

Tanja Fechner / Michael Böhm Off You Go, Little Digger / Racing Car /  Lorry / Fire Engine! no. 7651, 1 +

Nina Hammerle My Multi-Coloured Farm no. 7938, 2 +

Katja Reider /  Rebecca Harry I´ve Got the World´s Best Mum! no. 8026, 2 +

Katja Reider /  Rebecca Harry My Daddy Is The Greatest Hero! no. 8027, 2 +

Franziska Gehm /  Marina Rachner 10 Little Sheep – From 1 to 10 Sheepeasily no. 7098, 2 +

10 Little Sheep Take a Nap no. 7552, 2 +




My Very First Read-Aloud Cuddle Book no. 8693, 80 pages, 1+ Hans-Christian Schmidt / Marina Krämer The Mouse Family and the Seasons no. 7994, 1 + Rights sold: What Do You Have in Your Diaper?: Catalan, Danish, Chinese (simplified), Spanish 10 Little Sheep – From 1 to 10 Sheepeasily: Catalan, Norwegian, Spanish, Romanian

10 Little Sheep Take a Nap: Danish My Multi-Coloured Farm: Chinese (simplified) I´ve Got the World´s Best Mum!: Romanian My Daddy Is The Greatest Hero!: Romanian

Books for the Very Young


Books for the Very Young


Ethical living, ­ethical reading •Modern values (Ecological/Social) •Current topics in a child friendly way •Tolerance •Social engagement •Sustainability •Slower pace of life •Peaceful coexistence

Ecological values:

The Little Garden The Little Garden Gang Slows Down! Gang Saves the Squirrels’ Wood no. 7766 no. 7767

The Nature Child series deals with themes affecting many young families today. The books look at values such as tolerance, social engagement, sustainability, a slower pace of life, and how fundamental these things are to peaceful coexistence. They also explore our desire to be in touch with nature, to live in harmony with it, and to protect and preserve it. The Little Garden Gang Cleans up the Water no. 7996

The Little Garden Gang Tidies the Meadow no. 7881

All titles: written by Hans-Christian Schmidt, board book, colourful illustrations throughout by Frauke Weldin, 16 pages, 2+

Social values:

Slow, Funny, Loud and Quiet – Everyone Does It Their Way! no. 7832

I’ll Help You, It’s Not Hard! no. 8171

We Take Care of Each Other no. 8274

All titles: written by Susan Niessen, board book, colourful illustrations throughout by Marina Rachner, 24 pages, 2+

Modern living!


Search and Find Outside!

Sunny Farm: “A modern Bullerby”

NEW Annette Moser /  Summer on Sunny Julia Ginsbach Farm (Vol. 2) Welcome to Sunny no. 7876 Farm! (Vol. 1) no. 7804

Something’s Up on Christine Kugler Sunny Farm (Vol. 3) Let’s Explore the Farm! no. 8125 no. 8071 All titles: 23.0 x 31.0 cm, board book, colourful illustrations throughout, 16 pages, 2+

All titles: colourful illustrations throughout, 160 pages, 8 +

Upcycling with arts and crafts!



Herr Pfeffer Let’s Make Something with Wood no. 8160

Let’s Make Something in the City no. 8277

All titles: 128 pages, 5+/All Age

Let’s Make Something for Christmas no. 8356

Eleni Livanios Let’s Explore the Garden! no. 8698

Red Panda Pai

Picture Books


Little red panda – big feelings

Translation Grant


•Powerful themes: Growing up, Finding Friends, Quest of identity, Jealousy and Change •Cute and original animal protagonist •Ruby Raccoon becomes Pai’s best friend:

They team up to help other baby animals in their wildlife park neighbourhood

Everyone loves Robert! That’s how it feels to Red Panda Pai, anyway – he thinks his friend Ruby the Raccoon and the other residents of the wildlife park are all ignoring him in favour of the newcomer. It seems nothing is too much trouble when it comes to making Big Panda Robert happy – he gets extra food, and extra wardens, and he’s even appeared in the newspaper! But when Pai goes in search of new allies, he comes across some animals who are so bad-tempered and ignorant that they make him question his own behaviour. Does he really want to be as nasty to the newcomer as the narrow-minded badger?

Red Panda Pai – Pai Goes on an Adventure (Vol. 1), no. 8465

All titles: Saskia Hula / Kerstin Schoene Red Panda Pai – A Friend from Far Away (Vol. 3) no. 8859, 24.0 × 26.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 32 pages, 3+ Rights sold (series): Romanian, Russian

Red Panda Pai – On Silent Paws (Vol. 2), no. 8472

“Pai loses his prejudices and goes in search of his own identity. Lovely.” Eselsohr “It would be hard to find a book tackling the subject of origins and identity in a more appealing and accessible way for this age group.”

Penguin and Dragon


Anton is a little talking penguin who absolutely loves fish. Zora is a little dragon with a penchant for spicy pepperoni pizza. Anton and Zora are best friends and stick together through thick and thin. Together they have adventures full of dragon fire, friendship and magic!

•New Story Time series! •Warm, imaginative writing style •Perfect for reading aloud •Theme: best friends stick together – an unusual friendship •A heart-warming friendship and lovable characters Anton the penguin and Zora the dragon are the best of friends. So when Anton is taken away to a zoo and Zora mysteriously disappears, Anton is determined to find her. He sets off bravely in search of Zora, helped by his human friends Leo and Emma. Together with the wonderful Aunt Lottie, they embark on an adventurous journey that takes them all the way to the mysterious Dragonland, where they finally manage to track down Zora. After all, best friends are never apart for long!

Marliese Arold / Lisa Althaus Penguin and Dragon – I Would Fly to the Ends of the Earth for You, says Anton (Vol. 1) no. 8367, 17.5 x 24.5 cm, 144 pages, February 2018, 5+ All Rights available.


Story Time

Friends stick together! – Perfect for reading aloud


Picture Books




Bengt Birck / Jan Birck Jojo – Little Dog Jojo – Little Dog – as Brave as a Bear no. 7900, 4 + Big Adventure no. 7878, 4 +, Story Time Rights sold (series): Czech, Finnish, Romanian

Heinz Rudolf Kunze /  Jens Carstens /  Julia Ginsbach Quentin Jellyfish – A Moray Has a Migraine (Vol. 1) no. 8038, 4 +

Quentin Jellyfish – Rock on the Reef (Vol. 2) no. 8039

Uli Geißler /  Günther Jakobs Take a Chance, Meet Your Fear! no. 6078, 3 +

Mini, but Mighty! no. 6351

Annette Moser /  Heike Vogel Princess Ida and a Special Surprise no. 7817, 4 + Rights sold: Chinese (simplified) Romanian

Rights sold (series): Chinese (simplified), Romanian


Franziska Gehm /  Christiane Hansen Whoops! I’ve Shrunk Mum and Dad no. 7795, 4 +

Quentin Jellyfish – Hullabaloo at Circus Coralblue (Vol. 3) no. 8180


Laughter Is the Best Medicine no. 5661

Rights sold (series): Hebrew

Katja Reider /  Tim Warnes Benny Bearpaw and His Round the World Journey (Vol. 1) no. 7759, 4 +

Benny Bearpaw and the Little Quack (Vol. 2) no. 8034, 4 +

Rights sold (series): Chinese (simplified), Czech, Finnish, Romanian

Picture Books


Polona Lovsin /  Julia Ginsbach /  Angelika Stubner A Twinkling Christmas Time no. 8612, 96 pages, 4 +

Annette Moser /  Polona Lovsin Under the Sparkling Christmas Star no. 7616, 3 +

Dieter Faber /  Wolfram Eicke /  Julia Ginsbach Christmas with the Little Angels no. 8126, 3 +

Angelika Stubner Santa Claus’ Secret Book of Christmas no. 5874, 4 + Rights sold: Chinese (simplified), Korean

Rights sold: Romanian

Katja Richert /  Gergely Kiss Kalle, Theo and the Washing Machine that’s Gone Crazy no. 7843, 3 + Rights sold: Chinese (simplified), Danish

Jana Frey /  Betina Gotzen-Beek I want! I want! The Fairy With Too Many Wishes no. 5312, 4 + Rights sold: Chinese (simplified)



Patrick Wirbeleit Multi Monster Twinkletoes no. 7210, 3 +

Katja Reider /  Almud Kunert Hush! An Angel… no. 5760, 3 +

Katja Reider /  Sabine Kraushaar I Like You So Much, I Could Eat You! no. 5890, 3 +

You Are My Favourite Cuddly Bear! no. 6548, 3 +

Happy Through and Through no. 5313, 3+ Rights sold: Chinese (simplified)

Cornelia Funke /  Annette Swoboda The Moonshine Dragon no. 7646, 4+ Rights sold: Chinese ­(simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, ­Romanian, Swedish, Turkish

Picture Books


Emotional Education

Picture Books on Emotional Education


Dagmar Geisler – A specialist in non-fiction for the little ones Where Do I Come from?

Understanding One’s Emotions

Achieving Confidence

Holde Kreul My Feelings and I no. 7293, 5+

Elisabeth Zöller Kim Can Be Strong no. 8023, 3 +

By the time children reach kindergarten age the issue of social ­interaction ­becomes increasingly important for them. Closely ­connected with this is the awareness of one’s body, dealing with their own feelings as well as perceiving themselves, and ­responding to feelings of others. The titles presented below ­provide parents, educators, and teachers with ­materials and guidance for different age groups in order to communicate these often ­difficult issues. Dagmar Geisler Was I, Too, in Mummy’s Tummy? no. 6922, 5+

Less Is More

Anger ­Management

Finding Inner Strength

Arguing and Making up

A New Family Member

Dagmar Geisler Sometimes People Just Argue no. 7007, 5+

Dagmar Geisler Thank Goodness for Siblings! no. 8781, 5+

Self-Confidence and Sex Education

60,000 copies sold

Dagmar Geisler When Have I Really Had Enough? no. 7765, 3 +

Dagmar Geisler I’m Angry – How to Cope? no. 7578, 4+

Holde Kreul See How Brave I Am! no. 5378, 5+

All titles: 22.0 × 27.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout by Dagmar Geisler, 32 pages

Dagmar Geisler This Is Me – from Head to Toe no. 5377, 7+

“A book that brings families into discussions and thus helps kids to develop self-confidence and a physical feeling. Hence an effective contribution to the prevention of child abuse.” borromäusverein



•Ideal medium to communicate often difficult issues in everyday life •Long time bestseller: More than 220,000 copies sold and translated into 18 languages •English translation available for your review!

Picture Books on Emotional Education

Important topic: Preventing Child Abuse BEST


Saying no and avoiding displeasing contact is not easy. Self-confident children manage to state clearly what they like and dislike. Therefore it is very important for children to become aware of their feelings and their body. This is the only way how children can develop the ability to set boundaries. This book prompts discussion with its clear pictures and easy text and encourages reflecting about the topic of overstepping sexual boundaries.

Getting Lost

Preventing Child abduction

Sex Education for older kids:


no. 7230

copies sold

90,000 copies sold

Dagmar Geisler Of Course I Won’t Get Lost! no. 7612, 3 +

Dagmar Geisler I Won’t Go with Strangers! no. 6239, 3 +

Jörg Müller, Dagmar Geisler Let’s Talk About Sex no. 8745,10 +

US Pro Familia / Dagmar Geisler My Body ­Belongs to Me! no. 7230, 22.0 x 27.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout by Dagmar Geisler, 36 pages, January 2011, 5 +

Rights sold (selected titles): English (worldwide), Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, ­Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese

Story Time with adventurous little stars

Story Time


Zorro, the pug detective on a long journey!


•A special read-aloud series for the whole family! •Exciting, funny and actionpacked – perfect for little adventurers! •Awarded an average of 5 stars on Amazon, with enthusiastic reader reviews •Top themes: friends, family and adventure in the form of a detective story!

There is great excitement in Little Dozington: out of the blue, Zorro has received a letter from a long way away. His pug family are going on a treasure hunt, and they want him to come too! Together with his best friend Hamsterina, Zorro sets sail in a home-made boat. Nothing fazes this plucky hero and his resourceful hamster friend! The pair eventually reach the island of golden treasures. But the biggest treasure is already there: Zorro’s family!

Adventures from the Twinkling Forest •Volume 3 coming up! •Ten short, self-contained bed•

time stories, perfect for reading aloud Written by a bestselling team of authors and illustrators

Gloria Glow-worm is always on the fly! In each read-aloud book, ten adventures await the helpful little glow-worm. Deep in the Twinkling Forest lives a lively, brave little glowworm called Gloria. But Gloria is no ordinary glow-wormshe is the first female glow-worm ever to learn how to fly. Every night she flies through the Twinkling Forest with her friend Lilly Belle the dragonfly, and they have all sorts of magical adventures together.

Adventures in the The Hero of Summersea Fearsome Forest (Vol. 2) (Vol. 1) All titles: Katharina Bendixen / Carola Sieverding Zorro the Pug – The Secret Treasure Island (Vol. 3) 17.5 x 24.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 128 pages, February 2018, 5 +

All titles: Susanne Weber, Kirsten Vogel / Martina Matos Gloria Glow-worm – Bedtime Stories (Vol. 1 – 2) 17.5 x 24.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 128 pages, 5 +

All Rights available.

Rights sold (series): Czech, Slovak, Turkish

The Cuddle Gang


•Start of a new Story Time series! •Ideal for reading aloud and cuddling up with at bedtime •Adorable characters everyone will love •Featuring everyday themes that are easy for children to relate to

This read-aloud book featuring 45 short 3-minute stories is perfect for little listeners aged 4+! Welcome to Rainbow Farm, home of the Cuddle Gang! At bedtime every evening, after a busy day on the farm, the friends cuddle up together and say night night.

Henriette Wich / Elke Broska The Cuddle Gang – Three-minute read-aloud bedtime stories to cuddle up with (Vol. 1) 17.5 x 24.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 128 pages, January 2018, 4 + All Rights available.


Story Time

Welcome to Rainbow Farm with the cuddliest friends in the world!

Story Time


Marvellous read-aloud stories!

Marvellous Mansion


Marvellous Mansion is the backdrop to a series of wonderfully charming and original stories about an extended family – perfect for children aged 5 +!

•Kids will love Henry the raccoon! •Children’s dreams come true at Marvellous Mansion •7-minute stories for reading aloud or independent reading •Enterntaining, colourful and large illustrations •Funny adventures for the whole family! There’s never a dull moment at Marvellous Mansion! And since Henry the raccoon moved into one of the washing machines in the café, hardly a day has gone by without Matilda and her cousin Joschi finding themselves caught up in some new adventure. Each story deals with one of the typical themes relevant to this age group: friendship, helping each other, having arguments and feeling upset. In other words: The everyday chaos of family life! The stories combine the events of children’s day-to-day lives with some favourite children’s fantasies: A talking pet which has previously lived “in the wild” and can take the children on proper adventures without their parents interfering. Perfect for children aged 5+

A Raccoon Comes to Stay (Vol. 1) no. 8514, 5 + Linnea Svensson / Nikolai Renger Marvellous Mansion – The Apple Festival (Vol. 2) no. 8515, 17.5 x 24.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 128 pages, March 2018, 5 + All Rights available.

Backlist – Story Time


Story Time



Cornelia Funke Tells of BookEaters, Ghosts in the Attic and Other Heroes no. 7270, 3+

Isabel Abedi /  Almud Kunert Isabel Abedi’s Tales of Sambadancing Mice, Moonshine Merry-go-rounds, and Flying Goats no. 7737, 5+

Kölner AutorInnen /  Verena Körting When It’s Sunday no. 8175, 4+

Translation Grant

Irmgard Kramer /  Petra Eimer Pepper, Mint, and School (Vol. 1) no. 8258, 5+

Verena Körting My Book of Favourite Fairy Tales no. 8019, 3+

Sarah Herzhoff /  Sabine Kraushaar Fire, Lightning, and Adventure – Story Time with Drafunkel the Little Dragon no. 8611, 5+

Amelie Benn /  Betina Gotzen-Beek Bewitching Blossoms and the Dance of the Stars no. 8610, 5 +

More Story Time titles for boys and girls: p. 82/83

Pepper, Mint, and the School Ghost (Vol. 2) no. 8259, 5+

Rights sold: Tells of Book-Eaters, Ghosts in the Attic and Other Heroes: Dutch, Thai

Fire, Lightning and Adventure: Chinese ­(simplified), Hungarian

Isabel Abedi’s Tales: Romanian

Bewitching Blossoms and the Dance of the Stars: Chinese (simplified), Greek, Hungarian

My Book of Favourite Fairy Tales: Romanian, Russian

Pepper, Mint and… (series): Ukrainian

Training support: Learning to read in 3 Stages

Early Reading


We help children learn to read! •3 stages to reading success •Now with even more illustrations and quizzes to help children understand the text •Reading is child’s play with these fascinating short stories! Learning to read is easy – with Picture Mouse and Reading Lions! We have been successfully helping children learn to read for generations. Picture Mouse and Reading Lions accompany children on their reading journey from nursery right the way through to Key Stage 2. We have completely revised our levels system in line with the latest pedagogical guidelines.

er Market lead long & decadesin experience g Early Readin

Learn to read in three stages: Picture Mouse Learn to read with pictures Nouns replaced by pictures For reading aloud and reading together Extra-large primer font

• • •

Reading Lions Year 1 First independent reading Simple sentences in large primer font High picture-to-text ratio (60:40) With quizzes and fun facts

• • •

Reading Lions Year 2 Early readers Simple text structure in large primer font Lots of lively pictures (40:60) With exercises and fun facts

• • •

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


Picture Mouse

Early Reading


Picture Mouse – Learn to read with pictures •Nouns replaced by pictures •Extra-large primer font •For reading aloud and reading together The Picture Mouse series features fun stories about lovable characters and exciting settings. All nouns in the text are replaced by little pictures, which children aged 5+ will be able to recognise and name whilst having the book read aloud to them or reading along with an adult. It’s a great way of getting young children to read their first whole book all by themselves!




no. 8579


Huge h Backlist wit te kids’ favouri stories!

no. 8606

no. 8576

no. 8577

All titles: 48 pages, colourful illustrations throughout, February 2018, 5 +

Katharina Wieker A Day at the Garage (no. 8579)

Anna Taube / Naeko Ishida Princess Stories (no. 8606)

Ann-Kathrin Heger / Silke Voigt The Best First Day of School (no. 8576)

Maja von Vogel / Dirk Hennig Animal Stories (no. 8577)

Rights sold (selected titles): Chinese (simplified), Czech, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Slovak

Activity with Picture Mouse


Learn English with Pictures

Early Reading


•Short stories in the native language and English A Picture Mouse story is printed as a parallel text in the native language (German in the Loewe edition) and English, helping children aged 5+ to learn English – as easy as ABC! The English vocabulary featured in the story is provided on every page and can also be practiced using the accompanying domino game.

Huge Fun with Reading, Stickers and Quiz Time!

•Funny stories for a Playful Training of Text Comprehension NEW





Farm Tractor

Magical Forest

Horse Foal


Reading, Writing and Riddling –the Picture Mouse in action! •Exciting combinations of Text and Exercise – ideal for kids aged 5+!



Dinosaurs Magical Ponies



Car Gang


Princesses Fairies

Year 1

Early Reading


Beginner readers – Reading Lions for Year 1 •Simple sentences in large primer font •High picture-to-text ratio (60:40) •With quizzes and fun facts •Favourite topics for kids aged 6+! Reading Lions for Year 1 help children read their first whole book all by themselves. Each book features an exciting story on a popular theme with lots of lovely illustrations, short sentences, and small units of text, divided up according to meaning. The large primer font makes the text easier to read, and children can check whether they have understood it correctly by using the quizzes and fun facts at the end of the story. A sense of accomplishment is therefore guaranteed. Reading Lions make learning to read fun!



NEW no. 8597


no. 8704

no. 8616

no. 8575

Large h Backlist wit te kids’ favouri stories!

All titles: 48 pages, colourful illustrations throughout, February 2018, 6 +

Katja Richert / Michael Böhm A Thrilling Car Race (no. 8597)

Katja Richert / Carmen Hochmann Two Chums and a Cheeky Pony (no. 8704)

Heike Wiechmann Knights to the Rescue (no. 8616)

Amelie Benn / Florentine Prechtel The Little Fairy and the Magic Exam (no. 8575)

Rights sold (selected titles): Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Dutch, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Rhaeto-Romanic, Russian

Year 2/3


•Simple text structure and large primer font •Lots of lively pictures (40:60) •With exercises and fun facts to learn more (general knowledge)! •Kids experience instant reading success and motivation at the same time!

The Reading Lions for Years 2 and 3 help children become reading pros! Popular early reading themes for girls and boys make for fun and exciting stories! The well-balanced picture-to-text ratio and large primer font help children aged 7+ understand the content with ease. And the accompanying information and explanations help to broaden children’s general knowledge.



NEW no. 8726


no. 8596

no. 8617

no. 8580

Looking for more? st – Huge Backli r fo Please ask detailed list!

All titles: 64 pages, colourful illustrations throughout, February 2018, 7 +

Stütze & Vorbach / Carola Sturm Girly Stories (no. 8726)

Annette Moser / Heribert Schulmeyer Fire Brigade Stories (no. 8596)

Henriette Wich / Alexander Bux Dinosaur Stories (no. 8617)

THiLO / Irmgard Paule Football Stories (no. 8580)

Rights sold (selected titles): Chinese (simplified), Chinese (complex), Danish, Dutch, English, French, Hungarian, Norwegian, Rhaeto-Romanic, Swedish

Early Reading

Early readers – Reading Lions for Year 2

Reading Lions

Early Reading


First Stories about Favourite Topics in Collections – Motivating Children to Read with Reading Lions! The Reading Lion concept aims to make reading a fun activity while actively accompanying the process of learning it. The concept offers books that are adjusted to children’s needs and skills in all stages of this process. Above all didactic criteria, we have an eye on selecting exciting topics. We want our readers to find reading fun! Only then children will read regularly and independently. That’s why collections of stories about favourite topics help to promote reading! 7 Minute Stories for Learning to Read Short texts largely illustrated 192 pages for boys and girls

• •


Syllable Stories for Learning to Read Strong topics, 64 pages No obligation to follow the syllable concept!

• •

Best Stories about Favorite Topics for Kids and Parents 128 pages for boys and girls


no. 8763

no. 8535

no. 8976, Fairies

NEW no. 8202

no. 8203

Large h Backlist wit e it ur vo fa ’ kids ! cs topi

no. 8379

no. 8534

no. 8977, Police


A unique anthology concept for the first year of school!



•New concept for success! •The perfect present for children starting school! •Helping children become reading pros •Clear guidelines for parents, and an explanation at the start of each new level •Aimed at children who have just started school:

an anthology that grows with the young reader as he/she becomes more confident. Each book is based around an exciting theme. A sense of achievement to motivate beginner readers: every child can progress at his or her own pace. This helps foster a lasting love of reading.

no. 8865, Pony

no. 8866, Princess

no. 8867, Dragon

no. 8868, Pirate

1st level

2nd level

Stories at different reading levels help children learn reading, step by step. Learning to read starts with the basics: vignette texts to follow along with, short texts to read together with an adult, and first independent reading using the syllable method.

3rd level

Fantastic stories on popular themes accompany children on their reading journey, and the books ‘grow’ as their reading ability does – fostering a lasting enjoyment of reading and a real sense of achievement! All titles: colourful illustrations throughout, 128 pages (40 pages per level), February 2018, 6 +

Early Reading

Become a Reading Expert – Step by Step!


Early Reading


The great meerkat Surprise Party!


•Appealing theme: a birthday party •Our favourite character triumphs once again! •Over 400,000 copies of the series have been sold, 500,000 books have been given away with McDonald’s Happy Meals (as part of a reading promotion initiative) Translated into 12 languages! The stories and characters have something of Janosch’s wanderlust and of Walt Disney’s wit and tempo

• •

It’s Tafiti’s little brother Tutu’s birthday, but everybody seems to have forgotten all about him. Tutu doesn’t realise that Tafiti, Bristles and the others are secretly planning a wonderful birthday party for him. Heartbroken, he runs off and tries to cross the river on his own. But he gets swept away by the current… Luckily, Tafiti and Bristles manage to rescue Tutu, and the surprise party can finally get started!

Tafiti and the Journey to the End of the World (Vol. 1) no. 7486

Tafiti and the Flying Red River Hog (Vol. 2) no. 7550

Tafiti and the Giant Baby (Vol. 3) no. 7551

Tafiti and Great-greatgreat-greatgreat-Grandpapa’s Golden Treasure (Vol. 4) no. 7823

Tafiti and a Secret Hero (Vol. 5) no. 8033

All titles: Julia Boehme / Julia Ginsbach Tafiti and the Missing Birthday Boy (Vol. 10) no. 8846, colourful illustrations throughout, 80 pages, February 2018, 6+ Rights sold (series): Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Hebrew, Hungarian, Korean, Slovak. Spanish (worldwide), Romanian, Vietnamese

Tafiti and the ­Monkey Gang (Vol. 6) no. 8118

Tafiti and Bristles on Mission Honey (Vol. 7) no. 8188

Learn to read with Tafiti!



Easy Reading

•The first vignette text featuring Tafiti •Tafiti now also in the tried-and-tested Picture Mouse concept

Tafiti and Bristles run into King Kofi when he hurts his tooth and roars in pain. King Kofi has to have his mouth bandaged up and is told to get plenty of rest – great news for Tafiti. After all, a lion with a bandage round his mouth can’t do much to hurt a meerkat!

NEW Tafiti is going to be made into a film!

Tafiti and the Great Fire (Vol. 8) no. 8269


Tafiti and the Rival Kings (Vol. 9) no. 8419

Learning with Tafiti – First Letters no. 8309

Julia Boehme / Julia Ginsbach Tafiti – The Lion with a Wobbly Tooth (Vol. 1) no. 8975, colourful illustrations throughout, 48 pages, February 2018, 5+ Tafiti and his parents! Julia Ginsbach and Julia Boehme

Counting Learning to from 1 to 10 Write no. 8310 no. 8624

Using numbers from 1 to 20 no. 8625

Early Reading

Pictures replace Nouns!


Early Reading


Tafiti’s adventures in Picture Books! •Two picture book stories about the popular meerkat character Tafiti •Children love role play and looking for their favourite cuddle cushion •Volume 3 coming up! Bristles is so good at painting, thinks Tafiti. He wishes he could paint too. Then he has an idea: He will simply pretend to be Bristles for the day! “But if you’re me, who am I going to be?” asks Bristles. He soon decides to take on the role of His Majesty King Kofi the lion. And all the other savannah animals join in the fun, too!

no. 8639

Tafiti and the Mysterious Cushion Thief no. 8225, 3+ All titles: Julia Boehme / Julia Ginsbach 24.0 x 26.5 cm, hardcover, colourful illustrations throughout, 32 pages

Tafiti – I’m Going to Be You for the Day! no. 8639 Rights sold: Chinese (simplified), Hebrew, Romanian, Vietnamese

Searching and Finding


Early Reading

Tafiti’s world in search and find pictures •The first hidden object book featuring the popular character Tafiti •With lots of fun details from the meerkats’

burrow and the beautiful African savannah!

Hang on a minute – where’s Bristles? Tafiti’s best friend Bristles, the cheerful bush pig, has gone missing. He’s not in the meerkats’ burrow, and there’s no sign of him in the garden, or at the water hole. Together with Tafiti the little meerkat, children set off on an adventurous search across an African landscape teeming with life. Bristles is hidden somewhere on every double-page spread. Who will be the first to find him?

Further activity:

Tafiti – My Colouring Book no. 8414, 5 + Julia Boehme / Julia Ginsbach Tafiti – The Big Tafiti Hidden Object Book no. 8464, 23.5 x 31.5 cm, board book, colourful illustrations throughout, 16 pages, August 2017

Tafiti’s Savannah Party (App) iOS, Android, 5 +

The Vulkanos

Early Reading


Two heroes with fire in their bums! •Top Team: bestselling author Franziska Gehm (The Vampire Sisters) and popular illustrator Franziska Harvey More than 100,000 copies sold! For boys and girls alike All volumes deal with top children’s themes

The Vulkanos – Their Most Explosive Adventures (Collection) no. 8822

• • •

Take twenty-two-point-four steps forwards, five big hops and seven steps backwards from the end of the world, close one eye, spin around in a circle, and hey presto! You’ve arrived in the valley of the Vulkanos! The lovable Vulkanos live in two volcanoes separated by a raging river. Although Krato and Flambia are best friends, their families have been feuding since time immemorial. But Krato and Flambia are true Vulkanos, feisty and fiery, and they stick together no matter what. Vulkanos never sit still for long: They go careering from one adventure to the next like jumbo jets – because a true Vulkano farts for his life!

The Vulkanos The Vulkanos The Vulkanos The Vulkanos The Vulkanos The Vulkanos Fart Away! Are Smashing! Let It Rip! Hatch a Plan! Give It Some Fire Up! (Vol. 1) (Vol. 2) (Vol. 3) (Vol. 4) Gas! (Vol. 5) (Vol. 6)

The Vulkanos Conquer an Island (Vol. 7)

no. 7658

no. 8417

no. 7659

no. 8013

All titles: Franziska Gehm / Franziska Harvey The Vulkanos (Vol. 1 – 7) colourful illustrations throughout, 80 pages, 7 + Rights sold (series): Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Czech, Slovak, Spanish (worldwide)

no. 8046

no. 8197

no. 8280




•New witch character with a hicc-up •A flying pony instead of a broomstick! •Humorous text, lively illustrations •For reading aloud and first independent reading Fritzi is different from other girls: she can cast spells. Only Fritzi’s best friend Luna knows her secret. Together the two of them have lots of hilarious magical adventures – because Fritzi’s spells are always going wrong. When she gets hiccups, she conjures up rice instead of ice or a unicorn instead of popcorn. And that’s not the only thing that’s special about Fritzi: this feisty little witch flies around on her very own talking pony, Prince! Fritzi the feisty little witch and her friend Luna are loveable characters who are easy to relate to: They are ordinary little girls, but a bit ‘different’ at the same time. Their magic spells will keep kids hooked, and awaken a real love of reading.

e ’s

av ou rite


All Rights available.


Katja Frixe / Lisa Hänsch Abra-Hicc-Adabra! The Feisty Little Witch and the Magic Pony (Vol. 1) no. 8791, colourful illustrations throughout, 80 pages, February 2018, 6+

What happens in Vol. 1: When Fritzi goes to buy a new broomstick, she comes across a pony in the back yard. Suddenly the pony starts to speak, and tells her his name is Prince. Prince is a trained witch’s transport pony and better than any broomstick. Fritzi jumps on Prince’s back and they fly ‘up, hicc-up and away’! But the witch Priska also has her eye on Prince: now Fritzi has to prove that he really belongs to her!

Early Reading

Fresh, feisty, magical!

Exceptional Heroes!

Early Reading


Little dinos… Big heroes

Extraterrestrially NEW exciting: Meep

•Entertaining and action-packed! •The three non-threatening dinosaurs are funny, likeable characters that both boys and girls can relate to Key theme: invisible friends Every child’s dream: toys that come to life Plenty of hilarious, situational comedy and gags Fun for adults too!

• • • •

School Trip Vol. 5

Juri has a secret: dinosaurs are not extinct! There are three of them living in his mum’s old doll’s house, and their names are Happi, Igur and Permilla. Juri is the only one who knows they are not just toys but living, breathing dinosaurs. The four friends have lots of exciting adventures together, and with three real-live mini dinos around, fun Is never far away! “The Tiny Dinos are ideal for encouraging children to read independently.” Peter Mayr, “These tremendously funny books, with their large print and lovely illustrations, are fantastic entertainment for first-graders.” Barbara Blasum,

Can Do Want Everything Biscuits Vol. 1 Vol. 2

New Friends Vol. 3

•Short texts for less-motivated readers •Highly original illustrations •Fun, imaginative stories for the whole family •Exciting, laugh-out loud adventures in outer space! •By Germany’s most successful

children’s illustrator Nina Dulleck!

The Earthling Vol. 3

Meep is traipsing through the Astro Museum, feeling very bored, when suddenly a pastatid named Noodle leaps into his arms! Meep has always wanted a little space-pet like Noodle. And he soon finds himself plunged into an exciting adventure – not only does he have to persuade his dad to let him keep Noodle, he also has to protect his newfound friend from the museum attendants and curious human astronauts. It’s the beginning of an extraterrestrial friendship…

Meep the Alien Vol. 1

The RocketOpus Vol. 2

Seaside Vol. 4

Katharina Wieker / Steffen Winkler The Tiny Dinos (Vol. 1 – 5) 16.0 x 21.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 80 pages, 6 +

Nina Dulleck Meep the Alien (Vol. 1 – 3) 17.5 x 24.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 80 pages, 6 +

Rights sold (series): Finnish, Romanian, Turkish

Rights sold (series): Dutch, Hebrew

Magical Horse adventures!

•The four magical horses set out to investigate… •Four horses on a mission to

help the creatures of the enchanted kingdom Magical and funny Large colourful illustrations!

• •

The four Magical Manes Flame, Droplet, Crumb and Wind can cast magic spells Last Unicorn using the twinkling stars in their manes. Vol. 5 Each horse commands a different element – fire, water, earth and air – and together they serve Queen Mirabelle, a beautiful unicorn from the rainbow castle.

Rainbow Castle

Sugar Fairies

Vol. 1

Vol. 2

Water Lily Festival

Cloud Kingdom Vol. 4

Vol. 3

A magical horse –Silverwind the white Unicorn NEW •Secret bestseller: more than 180,000 copies sold •Strong topics: Unicorns and Friendship •Magical adventures for first reading on your own! •Ideal for first independent

reading but also for reading aloud to younger children



The Secret Enchanted Castle Vol. 6

Jana feels that there is something special about Silverwind. He is a unicorn. But only Jana can see the silver horn on his snow-white forehead, and only she can talk to him. Together with their friend Jörgo, they go on many fantastic adventures.

Enchanted Mirror Vol. 1

Magical Fire Mountain Vol. 2

Stormcloud’s Secret Vol. 4

Enchanted Ice Princess Vol. 5

Four Wild Horses Vol. 3

Ann-Kathrin Heger / Dorothea Ackroyd Mirabelle’s Magical Manes (Vol. 1 – 5) 16.0 x 21.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 80 pages, 6 +

Sandra Grimm /Crolin Ina Schröter Silverwind the white Unicorn (Vol. 1 –  6) 16.0 x 21.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 80 pages, 7 +

Rights sold (series): Romanian

Rights sold (series): Chinese (simplified)

Early Reading

Mythical and Magical



Early Reading

38 Translation Grant



Nadja Fendrich /  Katharina Wieker Speedy the Little Racing Car (Vol. 1 – 5)

Irmgard Kramer /  Zapf The Pirate Ship Gang (Vol. 1 – 4)

Henriette Wich /  Alexander Bux The Invisible 4 (Vol. 1 – 4)



Julia Boehme /  Alexander Bux Leo & Lolli (Vol. 1 – 4)


Lydia Hauenschild /  Joachim Krause The PiranhaPirates (Vol. 1 – 4)


Karen Christine Angermayer /  Lisa Althaus Silver Fin (Vol. 1 – 6)

Rights sold: The Pirate Ship Gang (four titles): Turkish

The Piranha-Pirates (four titles): Chinese (simplified), French

Speedy, the Little Racing Car (five titles): Arabic, Czech, Finnish, Slovak

Silver Fin (six titles): Danish, French, Turkish

The Invisible 4 (seven titles): French, Swedish Leo & Lolli (four titles): Czech, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish


Early Reading

Bestselling Author Cornelia Funke

Early Readers

Cornelia Funke The Moonshine ­Dragon no. 7648, 7+

Cornelia Funke /  Elisabeth Holzhausen Sun, Sand and Lots of Sea no. 7702

Dragon’s Spook and Scary Monsters no. 7934

Cats, Dogs, Cheeky Goats no. 7665

More than

Secret Hideout and Ghost Lessons no. 7679

Cornelia Funke /  Verena Körting Knight, Sword and Dragon’s Blood no. 7590

00 450,0es ­copi sold!

Zapf My Best Friend the Robot (Vol. 1 – 3) no. 8396

Franziska Gehm /  Franziska Harvey The Vulkanos – Their Most Explosive Adventures! (Vol. 1 – 3) no. 8822

Rights sold (Cornelia Funke titles): The Moonshine ­Dragon (Early Reading): English (UK), Norwegian, Turkish Sun, Sand and Lots of Sea: English (UK), Chinese (simplified), Romanian, Turkish Dragon’s Spook and Scary Monsters: Chinese (simplified), English (UK), Turkish

Cats, Dogs, Cheeky Goats: Chinese (simplified), Turkish Secret Hideout and Ghost Lessons: Rhaeto-Romanic, Romanian, Turkish Knight, Sword and Dragon’s Blood: Romanian, Turkish

Children’s hits

Children and Middle Grade


A Cat Detective and a Teenager solve gripping Crime Cases! •More than 200,000 copies sold! •Written in an exciting thriller style •Winston shares teenager Kira’s everyday life •Teenage life narrated from the perspective of a cat! Following the sensational international success of Hercules the dog in Dackelblick, best-selling author Frauke Scheunemann has created a proper cat hero. With Winston she has produced a humorous, multi-layered series, whose success is based not least on its narrator’s original view-point. Winston the cat is amazed by people and frequently shows up their ‘sensible’ behaviour as truly idiotic, albeit always with a twinkle in his eye. A hugely enjoyable read, not just for cat lovers! Awarded: German Cat-Crime Award Lovely Books Award Top 3 (2013 and 2014)

• •

A Cat on a Secret Mission (Vol. 1) no. 7780

“Very funny.” Focus Special: The best books of 2013 “A hilarious detective story full of adventure.” Girl

Agent on Silent Paws (Vol. 2) no. 7781

Hunting the Safe Box Thieves (Vol. 3) no. 8113

The Case of the Tinned Sardine ( Vol. 4) no. 8114

Cat Undercover (Vol. 5) no. 8241

Licence to Prowl (Vol. 6) no. 8242

All titles: Frauke Scheunemann Winston (Vol. 1 – 6) 224 pages, 11 + Rights sold (series): Chinese (simplified), Czech, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Turkish

“The original body-swap story thematises real issues experienced by children. The cat’s perspective offers a completely new and unexpected angle.” The German Foundation for Reading

My name is Winston. Winston Churchill. I am an exceptionally well-bred and valuable cat. Until a 12-year old teenage girl called Kira came into my life, my days with the professor were decent. Now, I need to support Kira in solving the many mysteries that happen around here lately…

by Frauke Scheunemann



•Bulli loves Lina and Lina doesn’t like horses… •Pony tales meet detective stories: Bulli and Lina solve a mystery in every book •A comical series about a talking pony, by bestselling authors: Funny pony books are on trend! •The alternating narrative perspective makes the books great fun to read •True friendship and feisty pony fun! •Less text than in WINSTON (152 pages) Bulli is far and away the cleverest pony in the world, although unfortunately nobody seems to have realised it yet. But one day Lina turns up on the neighbouring farm. Bulli is overjoyed, and determined to make friends with her. There’s just one problem: Lina thinks ponies are stupid. If there’s one thing she can’t stand – one thing she finds positively vile – it’s horses. They give her the heebie jeebies. Bulli, on the other hand, even though he is very well looked after, feels there is one thing missing from his life. He wants a human of his own: his own little girl. And so, from the moment Bulli sets eyes on Lina in the stables, he has only one mission in life: to get Lina to be his owner!

Frauke Scheunemann / Antje Szillat Bulli & Lina - A Pony in Love (Vol. 1) no. 8452, b/w illustrations throughout by Susanne Göhlich, 152 pages, February 2018, 8 + All Rights available.

What happens in Vol. 1: Eleven-year-old Lina is horrified when her mum decides they’re going to spend the summer holidays in the countryside. Far from the city, and from her friends, she’s expected to help out on her uncle’s farm. And as if it’s not bad enough being marooned in the middle of nowhere, one day an annoyingly persistent pony appears and starts following her around wherever she goes. But when Uncle Harper’s precious koi carp go missing, Bulli the pony sees his chance and becomes Lina’s ally. Together they lie in wait, hoping to catch the thief!

Children and Middle Grade

Here comes Bulli, the cleverest pony in the world!

Children and Middle Grade


5 million viewers in cinemas for the Vampire Sisters


The Vampire Sisters are back! How it all began… In The Vampire Sisters black & pink we meet Silvania and Daka at the age of eight-and-a-half. The twins go to stay with their Grandma and Grandpa, where they have lots of vampiric adventures! In these books, younger readers can discover the world of the vampire sisters before moving onto the ‘big’ series when they are ready.

•The prequel to the successful series – for existing fans and newbies alike! •A vampirically good new series for girls aged 8+ •With humorous illustrations in black & pink •Light-hearted comic style •Three successful films that did very well at the box office, with 5 million viewers in Germany •Can be read independently of the original series Silvania and Daka are twins. But no ordinary twins! They couldn’t be more different: one is a dedicated follower of fashion and hairstyle trends, while the other prefers to play the drums and read comic books. And what’s more, both of them are real live half-vampires from Transylvania! That’s something else the sisters don’t see eye to eye about – Daka wishes she was a full-blood vampire, and Silvania wishes she was a normal person. Naturally, with such different personalities, sparks are bound to fly. But there’s one thing they can both agree on: living with human beings is far from easy!

The Vampire Sisters black & pink (Vol. 1 – 2) no. 8812/8813, 176 pages, black and pink illustrations throughout, February 2018, 8 + All Rights available.

The Unwilling Half-Vampires no. 8812


The Bat and the Full Moon no. 8813

What happened before their move to the Human World?


Children and Middle Grade

Half-Vampires from Transylvania in the Human World! Franziska Gehm’s bestselling series for girls aged 10+ follows half-vampire teenage sisters Daka and Silvania as they navigate everyday teenage trials like parents and school, as well as adventures with vicious bats and first love. The paranormal heroines are helped by Helene, with whom their friendship flourishes despite all the differences, obstacles, and dangers thrown in its way. Important teenage topics are tackled in a playful manner; from friendship, to social networks, to first love; the Vampire Sisters feel just the same way about this as human girls.

The Final Showdown (Vol. 13) no. 8169

•A perennially popular series of 13 volumes with more than 1 million copies sold so far •Translated into 13 languages! •Wonderfully witty and incredibly original When 12-year-old half-vampire sisters Silvania and Dakaria move from Transylvania to a little town in Germany with their parents, their whole world changes. Here, the twins have fit in with ordinary life in the Western world and keep their vampire sides under wrap. That means restricting their flying to the night time, never using their super powers, and under no circumstances are the girls allowed to walk along the ceiling, the way they usually do!

Franziska Gehm The Vampire Sisters (Vol. 1 – 13) 208 pages, 2008 – 2016, 10 + Rights sold (series): Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polsh, Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish, Turkish

© 2012 CTMG, Tom Trambow, Heike Ulrich

Three ssful succe s with movie than 5 more rs viewe million many! in Ger

How to become a professional equestrian: Island Dreams Riding School

Children and Middle Grade


An Island full of secrets


A horse-riding series for girls aged 10 +, featuring plenty of horses, riding competitions, and, of course, first love – these stories are full of heart and humour. A must-read for all horse and pony fans!

•Hook: the riding school trains students to be professional show jumpers! •Mia and Adesso train hard from volume to volume In every book, Mila comes one step closer to achieving her dream of becoming a great show jumper. Mila is to spend a year at the Island Dreams Riding School, which prepares students for a professional riding career. Although at first she only sees riding as a hobby, she finds herself enjoying show jumping more and more, and soon discovers she has a talent for it. She quickly makes friends with her fellow students, too, and realises that in the Island Dreams Riding School she has found a new home away from home!

Mila’s Big Dream (Vol. 1) no. 8323

Galloping to Victory (Vol. 2) no. 8661

Love and Stage Fright (Vol. 3) no. 8407

All titles: Emma Norden Island Dreams Riding School (Vol. 1 – 5) 176 pages, 10  + Rights sold (series): Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish

Holiday Fun in the Saddle (Vol. 5) no. 8408

A Summer with Heart (Vol. 4) no. 8680

“A book that will have you hooked.” MDR 1 Radio

The Sweet Shop of Wonders: The secret of magical sweets against dark wizards


The Sweet Shop of Wonders is a new series with a magical touch, for girls aged 8+.


Charlie’s aunt’s sweet shop is a place where magic happens – for Aunt Agatha sells sweets with an extra dose of hocus pocus! Not only does Charlie learn the secret of the magical sweets: she also realises that she has magical powers too. Together with her aunt, her new friend Ella and Wilma the talking tortoise, she battles the evil powers of the dark wizard Liquorice – using magic, friendship and plenty of sugary enchantments!

•Magical reading fun for girls aged 8/9+ •New series about the magical power of sweets •Magical adventures with a strong girl protagonist •Sorcery with a sweet tooth!

Annette Moser / Annika Sauerborn The Sweet Shop of Wonders – My Enchanted Friend (Vol. 1) no. 8475, b/w illustrations, 224 pages, February 2018, 8  + All Rights available.

u avo Anna’s F

How Charlie joins the mission of The Sweet Shop of Wonders: Charlie is sent to spend the holidays with her eccentric Aunt Agatha. But these holidays turn out to be anything but boring! Agatha owns an enchanted sweet shop full of very special sweets, made with a generous helping of magic. She uses her sweets to help people, and to spread happiness and joy. Which is just as well, because the dark wizard Liquorice is doing everything in his power to sow discord in the little village. Charlie, Ella and Wilma will stop at nothing to defeat Liquorice! Luckily, Aunt Agatha has just the right sugary spell for the job, and the friends manage to lure Liquorice into a trap…

rit e

Children and Middle Grade

Sweet as sugar and simply magical

A hit for boys and girls: Scary Harry

Children and Middle Grade


The Silence of the Reapers

Translation Grant



Turbulent, wonderfully odd and so funny one could crack up laughing, that’s a dead cert!

•Original characters with cult potential •Thrilling, laugh-aloud tales •Ingenious illustrations by Fréderic Bertrand •Over 150,000 copies sold (series) •Translated into 9 languages Souls in jars of pickled gherkins, a beastly bat, and a door into the next world in the living room – there’s nothing in Scary Harry’s cosmos that isn’t there. Sonja Kaiblinger leads her readers into a wonderful crazy world full of turbulent twists and original characters – spirited dialogues, dry-as-dust humour and a dead-safe success guaranteed! Awarded: Leipziger Lesekompass 2014 LESERstimmen-Award of the young readers 2015

• •

Bats – Free Delivery! (Prequel) no. 8092

The Reported Dead Live Longer (Vol. 2) no. 7745

Master of All Ghosts (Vol. 3) no. 8035

All titles: Sonja Kaiblinger / Fréderic Bertrand Scary Harry (Vol. 1 – 6) b/w illustrations, 256 pages, 10 + Rights sold (series): Africaans, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, ­Estonian, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish

Takes Leave of his Senses (Vol. 1) no. 7742

Down the Can (Vol. 4) no. 8036

Strife among the Spook (Vol. 5) no. 8265

Break a Legbone (Vol. 6) no. 8266

“Brilliant, bizarre and laugh-out-loud funny!” “Scary Harry is brimming with humour and imagination: a story with a hint of spookiness and plenty of loveable characters.” Hamburger Morgenpost

Further adventures by witty Sonja Kaiblinger



When her friends are in trouble, Sonja Kaiblinger’s new heroine Louise gives no quarter! With wit and imagination she battles her way through school life, proving that the girls restroom is anything but restful!

Translation Grant

•A secret dossier on the girls’ toilets •Strong, likeable girl characters and their day-to-day life at school •Light-hearted comic style! Vol. 3 is about everybody falling in love on a magic pink toilet seat: Everything at Louise’s school is going swimmingly. But there’s something funny going on: all of Louise’s friends suddenly have hordes of admirers, and keep finding love letters in their lockers. The source of all this romantic turmoil seems to be a magic toilet seat. Whenever a boy sits on it, he falls in love with the next girl he sets eyes on! It ought to be an easy task to bring the right couples together – but as it turns out, nothing could be more difficult…


Louise Goes Loopy Loo (Vol. 1) no. 8238

Louise and the Strange Case of the Toilet Vandal (Vol. 2), no. 8239

All titles: Sonja Kaiblinger / Vera Schmidt Louise (Vol. 1 – 3) b/w illustrations, 192 pages, 10 + All Rights available.

Love in Series (Vol. 1 – 3)

Louise and the Pink Toilet Seat (Vol. 3) no. 8240

“A modern boarding school story in the style of Enid Blyton’s St Clare’s books. In every chapter Sonja Kaiblinger imparts another pearl of wisdom. Definitely worth a read!” Badische Neue Nachrichten “A lovely, funny, colourful story that’s hard to put down.” Hamburger Morgenpost “This is much more than ‘bog-standard’ fiction, featuring comedy and cat fights, and an encycLOOpedia full of quirky facts about toilets.” Westfälische Nachrichten

Children and Middle Grade

Louise goes loopy loo!

A bestseller for more than 10 years: Lola

Children and Middle Grade


Welcome to Lola’s world! •A bestseller for more than 10 years •Best known German girl character for the 9+ age group •Issues such as family, friendship and empathy Lola loves Brazilian music, has a phobia about frogs and lots of imagination, which ensures that amazing things happen to her! Lola brings a childish creativity and a sympathetic, naive selfconfidence to everything she does and has an original approach. Issues such as family, friendship and empathy are tackled without any moralistic finger-pointing!

Lola Makes Headline News (Vol. 2) no. 5337

Lola’s Secret Mission (Vol. 3) no. 5534

Applause for Lola (Vol. 4) no. 5692

Lola Lionheart (Vol. 5) no. 5674

Lola on Honeymoon (Vol. 6) no. 5675

Lola, Super Nanny (Vol. 7) no. 5676

All titles: Isabel Abedi / Dagmar Henze Lola (Vol. 1 – 9) b/w illustrations, 176 – 328 pages, 9+

More than

2 million

­copies sold!

Here comes Lola! (Vol. 1) no. 5169

5 Stars for Lola (Vol. 8) no. 5677

Lola and the Only Witness (Vol. 9) no. 5678

Rights sold (series): Catalan, Chinese (Complex), Chinese (simplified), Czech, ­Danish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, S­ lovak, ­Slovenian, Turkish, Ukrainian

Hugo: Translated into 10 languages!

Children and Middle Grade

Hugo’s got what it takes!



­copies sold!

Hugo is top, because he is The best secret agent, The DJ with the most popular tunes, The sleepiest sleepwalker, A soon-to-be millionaire’s son, and maybe the best big brother you could ever imagine!

• • • •

Hugo is a genius, brilliant at sport and the coolest boy in school – in his dreams, at least. In real life he is still miles away from fame! He is in year 6 and what he likes best is hanging around with his best friend Nico and worrying about the biggest problem that anyone his age can have: how to change overnight from being an average guy to a superhero?

Hugo’s the Genius (Vol. 1) no. 7144

Hugo’s Masterplan (Vol. 2) no. 7145

Hugo’s Had Enough (Vol. 3) no. 7146

All titles: Sabine Zett / Ute Krause Hugo (Vol. 1 – 6) b/w illustrations, 192 pages, 10 +

Very Important Hugo (Vol. 4) no. 7413

Hugo Chills (Vol. 5) no. 7519

Stay Cool, Hugo! (Vol. 6) no. 7713

Rights sold (series): Czech, Dutch, ­Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese ­(Brazil), Romanian, Polish, ­Spanish (Latin America), Turkish

A Bestselling series for 20 years: The Ghost Hunters by Cornelia Funke

Children and Middle Grade


A Funke classic: Meet the Ghost Hunters! •By Germany’s most successful author Cornelia Funke •A boy and retired woman team up to hunt the Ghosts! •Usual, normal life surprisingly gets a fantastic element •Our biggest bestseller for children aged 8 and up!

Translation Grant

Goose pimples alert! When Tom walks into the cellar, he finds a real ghost there! Tom asks experienced ghost hunter Hetty Hyssop to help him. But Hugo the ghost isn’t dangerous, he’s just in a heap of trouble and thankful for the help of his new friends. Together, they go hunting IRG’s (Incredibly Revolting Ghosts). This series is perfect for reading aloud or independent readers. Fréderic Bertrand’s colourful, modern and large illustrations complement the humour of the series brilliantly! Ghost Hunters and the Incredibly Revolting Ghost (Vol. 1) no. 8074

Ghost Hunters and the Gruesome Invincible Lightning Ghost (Vol. 2) no. 8168

Ghost Hunters and the Totally Moldy Baroness (Vol. 3) no. 8232

Ghost Hunters in Dreadful Danger (Vol. 4) no. 8233

Ghost Hunters – Movie Tie-In Edition no. 8198

All titles: Cornelia Funke / Fréderic Bertrand Ghost Hunters (Vol. 1 –  4) Colourful illustrations throughout, 128/144 pages, 8+ Rights sold: Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish (North and Soutch America), Ukrainian

5 million

­copies sold!

Backlist – Children’s Series




Translation Grant Irmgard Kramer / Nina Dulleck Sunny Valentine (Vol. 1 – 4), 176 pages, 9 +

Sonja Maren Kientsch / Raimund Frey

Oliver Uschmann

Two Friends for Four Paws (Vol. 1 – 2), 160 pages, 8 +

Finn Released (Vol. 1 – 3), 256 pages, 12 +




Vanessa Walder / Zapf

Vanessa Walder / Almud Kunert

Tanja Janz / Martina Hillemann

The Call of the Woolly Wild (Vol. 1 – 3), 192 pages, 8 +

The Magical Curse of the Elf King (Vol. 1 – 3), 232 pages, 8 +

A Nerd Like You and Me (Vol. 1 – 2), 224 pages, 11 +

Rights sold: Sunny Valentine Danish, Icelandic Two Friends for Four Paws: Danish Finn: Polish, Serbian Tales of the Woolly Wild: Chinese (simplified), Turkish The King of Elves: Romanian

Children and Middle Grade


Young Adult


Tense and electrifying – the New Adult thriller by Ursula Poznanski •More than 130,000 copies sold! •Listed on the General Paperback Bestseller List: not only a YA Bestseller! •Recommended by the German Foundation for Reading •Already in translation into 4 languages! LAST CHANCE. Nika looks in the mirror one Sunday morning, to see this message daubed on the glass. Who wrote it? And what does it mean? Where are Nika’s house keys and her phone? Where’s Jenny, her flatmate? And why does she feel so terrible this morning – surely she didn’t have that much to drink last night? It’s only when she turns on the TV and sees the morning news that Nika realises it’s not Sunday at all – it’s Tuesday. Two whole days have gone by, and she has no memory of them. During those two days something terrible must have happened. But what?



With Aquila, Ursula Poznanski has produced a true psychological thriller. She tells the story almost entirely in reverse, keeping the reader on tenterhooks until the very last page. Not until the shocking twist at the end of the book do we find out what really happened to Nika during those two lost days.

Ursula Poznanski Aquila no. 8613, 432 pages, August 2017, 14 +/All Age Rights sold: Dutch, French, Russian, Swedish

Translation Grant

Ursula Poznanski

53 Dystopian Thriller Series

• Over 1 million books sold in total • Translated into 33 languages Ursula Poznanski was born in Vienna and spent ten years trying to learn as much as possible at the university before becoming a medical journalist. After her son was born, she started writing books for children. Her first YA novel Erebos, which has been translated into various languages, won the German Youth Literature Award.

Elanus no. 8231, 14 +

Reviews about Aquila: “A novel about mental illness, fear and murder. Its subject is a deeply ingrained moral standard for the current generation of young women: the most terrible thing you can do is betray your friends. The fact that these young women are not able to open up to each other, trust each other or let each other in is what makes for the real horror in the end.” Die Zeit “Aquila is a perfectly plotted, atmospheric labyrinth of a novel with multiple twists. Gripping writing that will have you hooked to the very last page.” Hamburger Morgenpost

Layers no. 8230, 14 +

Condemned (Vol. 1) no. 7546, 14 +

More than


copies sold

Saeculum no. 7028, 14 +

Erebos no. 6957, 12 +

Conspired (Vol. 2) no. 7547

“Nail-biting suspense from the very beginning! Ursula Poznanski has done it again with her latest thriller, which pursues its characters and the reader through the darkest corners of Sienna and vividly conveys the total loss of control experienced by the protagonist.” The German Foundation for Reading “Ingeniously, Poznanski wraps up the problems and the hype about drones in a threatfully authentic thriller.” Börsenblatt on Elanus Rights sold: Elanus: French, Russian, Turkish Layers: Dutch, Estonian, Swedish, Turkish Comdemned Trilogy (series): Swedish, Turkish Saeculum: Czech, Dutch, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish (world), Swedish, Turkish

Translation Grant

Contrived (Vol. 3) no. 7548

Erebos: Bulgarian, Catalan, ­Chinese (complex), Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English (world), Estonian, Faroese, ­Filipino, French, Greek, Hungarian, ­Indonesian, Korean, ­Lithuanian, Norwegian, ­Polish, ­Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, ­Russian, ­Serbian, ­Slovak, ­Slovenian, Spanish (world), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian

Young Adult

“This Austrian woman is a genius.” Brigitte

Young Adult


No to Racism!

His passport doesn’t matter, but his passing does! The most important book on the football World Cup 2018 •Short text: 64 pages, small format •For future readers! •A special product to coincide with the football World Cup •Topical theme: integration It’s the 68th minute. His team are 2:1 behind. The stadium is erupting, and they’re shouting his name. He stands at the edge of the pitch warming up. He’s about to be subbed on. He has to turn this match around, and he’s ready to give his all for his country. His kit is black and white, his skin is brown. But that doesn’t matter. Because as soon as he sets foot on the pitch, he’s just 1 in 11. Manfred Theisen describes the stream of thoughts that race through a footballer’s mind in the few minutes before he is subbed on in an all-important game. And although it doesn’t take much longer than that to read this short book, the text provides an answer to what is perhaps the most important and pressing question of our time: the question of identity and integration.

Manfred Theisen / Verena Ballhaus 1 in 11 no. 8912, 10.5 x 14.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 64 pages, March 2018, 12+ / All Age All Rights available.

NEW World ship Champion 2018

Backlist – School Literature


Online Bullying

Agnes Hammer I’ll Blog You Away! no. 7706, 12 + Psychosis

Jana Frey Crazy with Fear no. 7917, 14 +


Agnes Hammer Next stop: Jihad no. 8304, 14 + Borderline Disorder

Jana Frey I Can’t Feel Myself no. 8075, 14 +

Shooting Spree

Agnes Hammer Moving Targets no. 7467, 13 + Crystal Meth


Jana Frey Only Air for Breakfast no. 6762, 14 + Drugs

Jana Frey Jana Frey Let Me Be Happy! Downward Flight In Thrall to no. 7272, 12 + Crystal Meth no. 8093, 14 + Bullying and Shooting Spree

Teen Pregnancy

Living on the Streets

Jana Frey The End of Liberty no. 6467, 14 + Juvenile Crime

Jana Frey World Behind Bars no. 8728, 12 + Homosexuality

Between Two Cultures

Jana Frey I Am the Other no. 7158, 14 + Blindness

Jana Frey Lost in the Dark no. 7657, 14 +


’s Mareike

v Fa

ou ri


Elisabeth Zöller I’m Going to Shoot… Now! no. 6311, 14 +

Jana Frey No Going Back no. 8173, 14 +

Marliese Arold Simply Love – Sandra loves Meike no. 6451, 12 +

Elisabeth Zöller Now You’re in Trouble. Stories against Violence. no. 7857, 8 +

Young Adult

School Literature

Artificial Intelligence

Young Adult


Intelligent, exciting, current – The second highly topical futuristic thriller by Margit Ruile NEW

•Top theme: Artificial Intelligence •Written by a film professional! Chi looks like a child. Pale and thin. Such a wan face. Such delicate, translucent skin. Such long eyelashes framing her almond-shaped eyes. Almost real. For Chi is a robot, one whom 19-year-old Celine will be helping to programme as part of her internship at the Institute for Neuronal Informatics. Chi serves as a kind of oracle, making predictions about people’s futures. These predictions are based on a wealth of individual data which can be used to calculate future events. Chi achieves an accuracy rate of around 90 %: the other 10 % she is to learn from Celine, who has been clairvoyant since birth. Although Celine knows Chi is only a programme, she starts to build a relationship with her. After a spate of deaths at the Institute, however, it’s clear that the project has to be stopped. But Chi can no longer be switched off. Celine must persuade her to destroy herself.

Press reviews of Dark Noise: “A nightmarish game of intrigue.” Wiener Zeitung Margit Ruile Dark Noise no. 8446, 14 + Rights sold: Turkish Margit Ruile God’s Kitchen no. 8447, 320 pages, 14+ / All Age All Rights available.

“A gripping technological thriller that feels disturbingly real in this era of ‘fake news’ and alternative facts. A story that’s truly worth reading!” The German Foundation for Reading “A gripping thriller that deals with highly topical political issues surrounding the surveillance of citizens.”

Love and Friendship in an extremely touching story


•Alternating narrative perspective (Leander and Lila) •For fans of Colleen Hoover, Rainbow Rowell


and John Green

Translation Grant

They are talented street artists and have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Their pieces appear all over town, on walls, metro carriages and abandoned factory buildings, but nobody knows who is behind the mysterious BLUX tag. Jonas and Leander. Leander and Jonas. Nothing can come between them. Until Leander falls in love with Lila, the cute girl with the golden hair long enough to sit on. And Jonas stumbles across the myth of the Chinese paintbrush and paints himself into a crisis. A book about friendship and art, about the deepest despair and the utmost devotion, and an all-redeeming love. This is a book that will warm the heart.

Press reviews of At the End of the World I Met Noah:

Irmgard Kramer At the End of the World I Met Noah no. 8127, 14 +

“A wonderful, surprisingly different book that stays with you long after you’ve put it down.” Hamburger Morgenpost

Irmgard Kramer 17 Things I’ve Learned About Leander Blum no. 8911, 352 pages, 14 + / All Age Rights sold: Polish, Spanish (North and South America)

“A must-read!” Bravo Girl “A moving book that’s hard to stop thinking about, even long after you’ve finished it.” Neue Presse “A brilliant read for anyone who likes multiple narrative levels!” Der Sonntag

Young Adult

About the power of Art, Friendship and Love – This very special love story will melt your heart!

Unexpected bestseller!

Young Adult


Boy in a White Room •High up-to-date topic: Artificial Intelligence •Discussion of the most important philosophical questions •Highly popular among readers and booksellers •Vol. 2 Girl in a Strange Land coming up in Fall 2018! (Text already available) •Written by international bestselling author and start-up entrepreneur Karl Olsberg •The author wrote his doctoral thesis on Artificial Intelligence

Manuel wakes to find himself locked in a white room. He has no memory of anything. He doesn’t know who he is or how he got there. His only interaction is with a computergenerated voice named Alice, through which he is able to access the internet. Online, Manuel gradually discovers what happened to him: he was critically injured in an attempted abduction. But how did he manage to survive the attack? Is any of this true? And who is Manuel really? A gripping thriller in which nothing is as it seems. Spiegel-bestselling author Karl Olsberg explores the dangers of virtual worlds and Artificial Intelligence, and raises fundamental philosophical questions about reality and identity. The suspense builds right to the end, with a twist that will take your breath away! “An incredibly gripping thriller that fuses the possibilities of the virtual world with philosophical questions about lies, truth, trust and identity – electrifying.” BÜCHER Magazin

Karl Olsberg Boy in a White Room no. 8780, 288 pages, October 2017, 14 +/All Age



Film rights sold!

Sequel GIRL IN A STRANGE LAND coming up in Fall 2018! “Not only is it incredibly exciting – I read the whole thing in one go – but there is philosophical depth to it. One of those books you remember for the rest of your life.” Andreas Eschbach on Boy in a White Room

Girl in a Strange Land no. 8928, 288 pages, October 2018, 14 +/All Age

Rights sold: Korean




Fate is not a game… •The perfect mixture of Urban Fantasy and Romance •The second and final book •Big fan community

•More than 200,000 copies sold! •Successful self-publishing German author with a large fan base

The Magic of the Elements series is the perfect combination of excitement, fantasy and romance. A must for any romantasy fan! Each book tells the story of a different character.


Kiera still can’t believe she really has divine blood in her veins. But she knows she can’t escape her destiny, and that she has to turn against her father. For it seems he will stop at nothing, not even the most terrible cruelty, in his quest to seize power over the fate of the world. This second book in the series features a gripping storyline with divine dangers, shocking cliff-hangers and electrifying love scenes. And its protagonist Kiera must make a difficult decision: should she follow her destiny, even if it means losing the love of her life?

Heaven’s Depth (Vol.1 )

Shadow Melody (Vol.2 )

Night of Water Lilies (Vol.3 )

Blossom Dawn (Vol.4 )

All titles: Daphne Unruh The Magic of the Elements (Vol. 1 – 4) no. 8565-8568, 352 – 496 pages, 14 + / All Age Rights sold (series): Turkish

Both titles: Stephanie Hasse Destiny (Dilogy) no. 8569/8570, 416 pages, 13+ / All Age

“A wonderful story about a strong heroine who faces her destiny, in the truest sense of the word! A must-read!” Reader on

Young Adult

Excitement, Fantasy and Romance perfectly combined


Literary Adventures for #bibliophiles and #bookworms! •International bestseller! •Bookbloggers favourite •English translation available for your review •Recommended by The German Foundation for Reading!



“Booktastic!” Reader review on


“Not just for younger readers.” Buchkultur “Mechthild Gläser is bursting with ideas, and in this book they come together to make a real firecracker of a story.” Eselsohr


“Books like this don’t come along very often.” Book of the Month “Imaginative, entertaining and exciting.” The German Foundation for Reading Rights sold: Chinese (simplified), Czech, English (worldwide), French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Turkish

Awarded: Beste Sieben, June 2015 (Deutschlandradio) Longlist Seraph prize for fantasy, 2016

• •



Rights sold: English (worldwide), French, Italian, Russian, Turkish


FR © Dennis aus der Wieschen

Young Adult



Have a look at the international reviews of the bestselling stories by

#mechthildglaeser! Author Mechthild Gläser (born 1986) has been awarded the Seraph prize for fantasy. With The Book Jumper, she has ­created an entertaining fantasy story with plenty of atmosphere, a whiff of romance and witty double-takes.

Backlist – Young Adult


Bettina Belitz A Splintered Heart (Vol. 1 – 3), 16 +


Janet Clark Finstermoss (Vol. 1 – 4), 12 +


Janet Clark Be Still, Sweet Lips (Vol. 1 – 3), 14 +



Cult ries TV-Se e of th 0s 80s/9

Bettina Belitz Lucie and Leander (Vol. 1 – 7), 11 +

Bettina Belitz Panther Summer Nights, 12 +

Bettina Belitz The Wind With Us, 16 +

Thomas Thiemeyer The World Collector’s Chronicles (Vol. 1 – 5), 12 +

Justus Pfaue Anna – Step by Step into a New Life, 10 +

Arno Strobel The Abyss, 14 +

Bettina Belitz The Night Lies Ahead, 16 +

Franziska Moll I Don’t Care Where, 14 +

Sabine Both A Summer without Us, 16 +

Franziska Moll The Things I Dream for You 14 +

Young Adult




Creative Scratching


Creative fun with Scratching!


•Over 350,000 copies sold so far! •New formats coming up: Collections, Mandalas and Educational Exercises! •3 formats available so far: Scratch Books, Pocket Art and Mix Max

For all titles: Please ask for a detailed list! The Creative Scratching series encourages young and old artists to let their imagination run riot. There is plenty of scope for creativity, with the wooden stylus transforming the black pages into colourful, glittering works of art. Vehicles no. 8431

Advent Calendar no. 8429

Animals no. 8430



All basic titles: Creative Scratch Books 68 pages, 5 +

Rights sold: Dutch, French, Spanish (worldwide)

Space no. 8337

Fashion no. 8675

Fantasy no. 8673

Stickman Parade no. 8339

Emotions no. 8340

Spooky Fun no. 8340

Rainbow no. 8342

Football no. 8338


All Age Colouring


•Promotes creativity •Two trends combined: romantic quotes and •Colouring is a great way to ­recharge your batteries mottoes serve as inspiration for you to create and colour your own designs •Over 30,000 copies sold! •Colouring books for teenagers and adults An enchanting book for colouring enthusiasts of all ages! The •Romantic designs delicate, artistic illustrations promote relaxation and creativity. Colouring is a proven anti-stress technique, calming the senses, and creating beautiful imagery.

Enchanted Worlds of Colouring no. 8770

Fantastic Worlds of Colouring no. 8443

Enchanting Worlds of Colouring no. 8457

Colour, relax and be happy – these beautiful colouring books full of romantic quotes are guaranteed to help you unwind. Colouring fans can lose themselves in the romantic illustrations and enjoy colouring in the beautifully intricate designs. The 39 inspirational quotes in these colouring books create a calm, contemplative mood to help you relax and reflect.

Friendship is a Wonderful Gift no. 8594

Love is the Poetry of the Senses no. 8593

Take Time to Dream no. 8592

Happiness is a Wonderful Thing no. 8591

All titles: Angelika Stubner Magical Worlds of Colouring (3 titles) b/w illustrations throughout, 80 pages, All Age

All titles: Sabine Reinhart Romantic Colouring (4 titles) b/w illustrations throughout, 80 pages, All Age

Rights sold (series): Romanian, Russian

All Rights available.


Magical Colouring Fun



Let’s Get Crafting!

Colouring, Cutting Out, Glueing – Done! •Original Colouring and Crafting Concept! •By Crafting Expert Norbert Pautner •A first arts and crafts book for children aged 3+ •Colourful illustrations and extra thick outlines •With instructions!



This series is just the ticket for tiny hands! It gives simple instructions, and encourages even very young children to get creative as they make their first forays into the world of arts and crafts. How to use the craft books: First, tear off the perforated fold-out page and colour in the pictures that match the double-page scene. Difficult bits are already coloured in to make things easier. Then cut out the pictures along the extra-thick outline using a pair of child-safe scissors, and stick them onto the animal or farm scene. Children can check the finished pictures on the answer page if they need help. Colour, cut and stick – that’s all there is to it!

Farm no. 8690

Animals no. 8689


Fairies no. 8691


Construction site no. 8692

Fantasy Worlds Inka Vigh Creative no. 8621 Splodge Book – Basics no. 8620, 6 + All titles: We do Arts and Crafts! no. 8689 – 8692, 18.5 x 25.5 cm, 36 pages, colourful illustrations February 2018, 3+ Page 91



Kristin Labuch Mandala Light Magic – Fairies no. 8876, 6 +


Mini Mandalas – Animal Babies no. 8999, 5 +


Unicorns no. 8875



The Witching Hour no. 8362


Magical Horses no. 8998


Fairy Tale World no. 8996


Robert Erker Relaxing with Mandalas (4 titles), 6 +

Mythical Creatures no. 8363

Rights sold: Mandala Light Magic (selected titles): French Relaxing with Mandalas (selected titles): Dutch, French Enchanting Mandalas (selected titles): Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Latvian, Norwegian, R ­ omanian, Swedish

The Ocean Depths no. 8374


Mermaids no. 8997


Kristin Labuch Enchanting Mandalas (20+ titles), 6 +

Nighttime Animals no. 8373


Wonderful World of Mandalas (4 titles), All Age



Drawing and Quiz-Time


Learning as if by magic


•Designed to tie in with the Early Years curriculum •Helps develop concentration, logical thinking, creativity •Learning through play, with puzzles that motivate children

Fun puzzles based around the topics of letters, numbers, shapes, opposites and things that match, for children aged 4 +. Children solve the quizzes with the help of Finn the unicorn, Mia the dragon, and Samuel the owl, and once they have competed all the exercises there is a puzzle they can cut out and use to make their own personal Enchanted Forest certificate.

no. 8778


no. 8965


All titles: Drawing and Quiz-solving in the Enchanted Forest 19.0 x 27.0 cm, 48 pages, 4+

no. 8779

Opposites and Things That Match no. 8774

Number Puzzles from 1 to 10 no. 8778, 4 +

All Rights available.

First Letters no. 8779, 4 +

Writing Exercises no. 8965, 5 +

Puzzles no. 8964, 5 +

no. 8964

Shapes no. 8775

Letters from A – Z no. 8776

Numbers From 1 – 20 no. 8777


Educational Detective Stories

Loewe educational detective stories: Exercises on what Kids learned in school in a playful and exciting way! Solving two crimes by repetition with what Kids learned in Year 1 and Year 2 Training in maths, reading and concentration all in one! The same detective team reappears in each book, helping children relate to the characters and making them curious to learn about their new cases Consolidates material learned at school, and promotes reading and concentration skills Two interlinking detective stories in each book Solution pages in mirror writing encourage self-control

• • • •


no. 8835

• • •

no. 8837

Eight exciting cases for master detectives! These fiendish whodunnits help children consolidate their learning in a fun and playful way. Children can check their answers to the puzzles on the solution pages, which are printed in mirror writing.

The Mask of the Pharaoh /  Robbery at Dawn (Maths Year 1) no. 8836, 6+

Detective work for children in Years 2 and 3 – “homework” that doesn’t feel like work!

The Trail Leads to the Basement Window / The Monster in the School Basement (Native Language Year1) no. 8834, 6+

All titles: The Mysterious Symbol / On the Trail of the Tyre Thief (Native language Year 2) no. 8835, 18.5 x 25.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 72 pages, 7 +

The Hand in the Dark / Burglars at the Climging Wall (Maths Year 2/3) no. 8837, 18.5 x 25.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 72 pages, 7 +

All Rights available.

All Rights available.



Educational Success by solving Crime Cases!



Excercise Fun


Early Learning through Play •Drawing and Puzzle Blocks •Pads •Exercise books •Card games •100 titles available in this series •Specially designed for nursery, pre-school and reception children •Helps children to develop skills in a playful way through motivational puzzles

Playschool Quizzes



Preschool Quizzes


Painting, puzzling, learning: children will learn about different shapes and patterns, numbers and quantities, colours, logical ­coherence and so much more in this Learning Games Series for ­preschool children. Our topics: Spatial Orientation Alphabet Games Visual Perception Number Games

• • • •

School Quizzes

Combining Animals

Learning with Logli

1st Year Maths

2nd Year Maths

3rd Year Maths

4th Year Maths

Spatial Orientation

Letter Games

Pictoral Perception

Number Games

Huge backlists – Please ask for detailed list!

All titles: Learning Games colourful illustrations throughout, 80 pages, 5 +

All titles: Logli colour and b/w illustrations throughout, 112 pages, 6+

Rights sold: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Korean, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish (Mexico)

Rights sold: Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Czech, Dutch


Exercise Fun in Collective Volumes! /  The Tricky Seven – Find the Mistake!

Succeeding at School is Child’s Play! First two years made easy With these varied exercises and puzzles, school success is guaranteed!


•For successful progress through Years 2 and 3 •Large format (21.0 x 29.7 cm) •Colourful illustrations •Exercises and puzzles in variety •Training in maths, reading and concentration for the first years in school!

These exciting exercises, all based around key educational topics, prepare children for the challenges of Years 2 and 3 in a fun and playful way. The colourful illustrations add variety to the books and act as learning experiences in themselves, seamlessly blending entertainment and educational value. Children can refer to the answers at the end of the books to check whether they have solved the puzzles correctly.

Something’s not quite right here! – Hours of fun spotting tricky mistakes •Finding 115 mistakes in every title •3 varied arts of exercises •A Must for all Puzzle fans! •With solution pages! •Entertaining puzzles for all fans of Hidden Object pictures •Promotes concentration skills and


the ability to recognise logical relationships

All titles: How to Succeed in Year 1/2 colourful illustrations throughout, 112 Seiten, 6+ / 7+

All titles: The Tricky Seven – Find the Mistake! 48 pages, colourful illustrations throughout, 5+

Rights sold: Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Czech, Dutch

All Rights available.





Solving history crimes!


Mysteries and Knowledge Combined In every volume of our Global, History, and Science Mysteries young detectives are working to solve a crime. They look for clues – and the readers can help them, as at the end of each chapter there’s a tricky puzzle which will bring them nearer to solving the case. An appendix provides ­additional information about the topic concerned. A gripping crime story and interesting facts are ­combined for an exciting reading adventure!

Often ead being r ols! o h in sc

Science Mysteries: 10 titles available Crime stories centring around a historic person and their discoveries (Darwin, Galileo, Einstein, da Vinci…) Each chapter ends with a question to be solved by the reader Scientific facts listed in a glossary in the back

The Discoverers

• •

Global Mysteries: 14 titles available

•Crime stories centring around a geographical area (USA, Japan, Italy, South Africa…) •Each chapter ends with a question to be solved by the reader •Maps and geographical data in the back

Ancient Times

Middle Ages

History Mysteries: 26 titles available

•Crime stories centring around a historic era (Ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome…) •Each chapter ends with a question to be solved by the reader •Historical information in the back together with maps Science Mysteries Global Mysteries All titles: Global / History / Science Mysteries 50 titles, 128 pages, b/w illustrations throughout, 10+

History Mysteries

Rights sold: Global Mysteries (selected titles): Greek History Mysteries (selected titles): French, Hungarian, Korean Science Mysteries (selected titles): Chinese (complex), Korean, Turkish


Explaining most important general topics!


Fundamental Knowledge and Ethics The “A Guide To…” series aims to inform children and young adults aged 12 + about selected general knowledge themes, giving them all the key facts about a given topic. It’s an ideal icebreaker resource for teachers. For all other readers, it serves as both a reference book and a book to read for pleasure.

New revised edition!

•Short, self-contained chapters •Complex issues are explained in a clear and relevant way •Titles provided by the German Federal Agency

Migration and Integration

for Civic Education for citizens to spread information about all areas of politics – explained in simple terms!

Asylum seekers, the refugee crisis, people traffickers, maximum limits – young adults are being bombarded with increasing amounts of information. And many of them are finding it increasingly difficult to understand the complex issue of migration and the mammoth task of integration, and to form their own political opinions. Journalist Christine Schulz-Reiss explains how the phenomenon of political and economic migration has developed throughout history; how, whether, and why a country can integrate foreign migrants; how to comprehend the many tragic stories we hear about individual asylum seekers – and what all of this has to do with our own lives.

Human Rights and Democracy More than


copies sold

Guide to Migration and Integration, no. 8533 Guide to Philosophy, no. 6921 Guide to Human Rights and Democracy, no. 8988 Guide to World History, no. 6217 Guide to Europe, no. 4679 Guide to Politics, no. 5387 Guide to Economics, no. 4524 Guide to German History, no. 5579 Guide to German Literature, no. 5212 Guide to World Religions, no. 6537 All titles: Guide to… b/w illustrations throughout, 144 pages, 12 + Rights sold (selected titles): Chinese (complex), Korean

Search and Find


Hidden Object Books

Hide and Discover! Find Search Be Amazed Turn the Pages Learn!



•An easily portable mini format •For little curious explorer! •Classical Hidden Object Books •Pictures inspire to speak and invent stories •Colourful characters that awake the interest

Search and Find For Girls

of childen


Beim Feuerweh






For Boys



! Schnell rückt O weh, es brennt ist aus. Zum Glück die Feuerwehr der passiert. Auch keinem etwas Junge gerettet. Der kleine Hund wird ehrauto auf ihn. wartet im Feuerw


Bei Nacht

Who finds What? der Dachs

der Luchs

der Fuchs

der Waschb


Nicht alle Tiere schl afen nach Schau, wer ts. alles noch wach ist!

die Eule

Look for the Adventure!

der Steinma


All titles: My very first ‘Hide and Discover’ World 72 pages, 15.3 x 19.2 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 2+

Search and Find, no. 3392 Search and Find for Girls, no. 3426 Search and Find for Boys, no. 3425 Who finds What?, no. 3439 Look for the Adventure!, no. 3438



Puzzle Search Find and Learn Words at play!

Search and Find

Search, Find and Puzzle!




•With 12 stable pieces of the puzzle •So much to discover! •Improves the ability to concentrate •A great combination of puzzling, searching and discovering

Puzzle your own hidden object picture! Once you get down puzzling, you can start searching for the digger, dragon, crown or fairy and many other things on the detailed, colorful building sites. These puzzle books are double fun! And train concentration, skilfilly use the fingers and attentiveness. Each title shows 7 double pages where many things are hidden to be discovered. There is so much to find!




Construction Site

Unicorns All titles: My very first ‘Hide and Discover’ Puzzle Book 14 pages, 20.5 x 27 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 3+

In the Kingdom of the Princess, no. 3443 In the magical World of the Dragons, no. 3454 At the Construction Site, no. 3442 Around the Unicorns, no. 3453

Books for the Very Young


Non-fiction about Everyday Life

Listening to stories, learning words! •So much to discover! •Classical Hidden Object Books with adorable topics for the Very Young •Ideal for joint reading and discovering the surroundings in a playful way •Lots of details to discover and play with. Children playfully get to know the world! •Beautifully detailed illustrations for extra fun Puzzle your own hidden object picture! Once you get no. 3432 down puzzling, you can start searching for the digger, dragon, crown or fairy and many other things on the detailed, colorful building sites. These puzzle books are double fun! And train concentration, skilfilly use the fingers and attentiveness. Each title shows 7 double pages where many things are hidden to be discovered. There is so much to find!

no. 3431


fühle s ich

wütend sein

Ich lache, weil ich mich freue.

Manchmal bin ich ganz traurig.

sich freuen

Becher Der umfallende erschreckt mich.

bin, Wenn ich müde . muss ich gähnen

no. 3458

no. 3391

All titles: My Very First Book 15.3 x 18.2 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 80 pages, 2 +

Vehicles – Everything the can do! Hide and Discover, no. 3432 Animals – Hide and Discover, no. 3431 Picture Dictonary – Discover und Understand, no. 3391 Find the Mistake – What’s wrong here and who can find the mistakes?, no. 3458


Story Time

Story Time

My Very First Story Time Books Picture Books

•Collection of four favourite Picture Books •Providing colouring motifs with the Picture Book Heros •Ideal for joint reading and narrating! •Large format Incredibly colourful and witty illustrations for this picture book collection! The stories are told in short texts in an affectionate and exciting way. The cheerful adventure stories invite children to laugh and dream about true friendship and courage, thus the stories arouse the childish fantasy.

no. 3455

Fairy Tales

•Featuring four of the most beloved international Fairy Tales: Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood Large illustrations and a rather short text regarding the target age group Illustrations can be licensed separately A collection for the whole Family Lovely illustrated with atmospheric pictures, ideal for children retelling the stories on their own!

• • • •

no. 3446

My Very First Picture Book Treasure – Little Dog with bearcourage, Benny Bearpaw and other stories no. 3455, 21.5 x 24.5 cm, colourful ilustrations throughout, 108 pages, 2 +

Once upon a Time… My very first Fairy Tale Book no. 3446, 15.3 x 19.2 cm, colourful ilustrations throughout, 112 pages, 3 +

Books for the Very Young


Music Picture Books

The Stories of Famous Operas, Ballets and Fairy Tales •Aha experience for eyes and ears! •Stage classics for kids in a Picture Book format •With lovely and atmospheric illustrations •Re-narrations suitable for children •Music CDs are available too (optional)!

no. 3113

no. 3114

no. 2982

no. 3272

no. 3236 All titles: Music Picture Books (5 titles) 25.0 x 22.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, with a music/ narration CD (not mandatory), 32 pages, 4 +

Carnival of Animals, no. 3113 The Nutcracker, no. 3114 Peter and the Wolf, no. 2982 The Magic Flute, no. 3272 Swan Lake, no. 3236


Picture Dictionaries

•Learn everyday vocabularies with illustrations! •Promotion of learning and discovering in a fun way! •Really helpful in multicultural societies and bilinguall families •A way to playfully teach children to recognize everyday items •Kids learn the most important vocabularies of







items in their immediate environment in different languages Pictorial representation simplifies the memory and correct use of the vocabulary CDs with recordings of the vocabulary to learn the native pronunciation (optional)

• •

For kids who learn English:

My first English Picture Dictionary no. 3314

My first English Exercises Stories for Boys no. 3429

My first English Exercises Stories for Girls no. 3430

All titles: My first Picture Dictionary (7 titles) 19.5 x 26.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, with a vocabulary CD (not mandatory), 48 pages, 3+

Native Language

English, no. 3300

Russian, no. 3304

French, no. 3301

Turkish, no. 3305

Italian, no. 3302

Native language, no. 3346

Spanish, no. 3303

Books for the Very Young

Learning Languages the Easy Way

Books for the Very Young


Internationally succesful

High-quality Picture Books about popular stories! •International classics for children! •Rewritten for joint reading •Story Time for the whole family! •World famous, epic adventure stories including important values •Classics that have fascinated young and old over centuries •Gentle and sensitive illustrations with pastel colours •Illustrations in a nostalgic style by artist Olga Poljakowa


Snow Queen

Peter Pan

All titles: Children’s World Classics (8 titles) 22.0 x 29.0 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 64 pages, 4 +

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Peter Pan, no. 3374 The Snow Queen, no. 3297 Aladdin, no. 3326 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, no. 3375


Fairy Tales

Story Time

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

Little Peter’s Journey to the Moon

The Little Prince


The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, no. 3329 Little Peter’s Journey to the Moon, no. 3296 Pinocchio, no. 3388 The Little Prince, no. 3387

Story Time


Good night – dream well!

Collections of Three-minute Fiction for great dreams! •Stories for the whole family •More than 50 short stories •For Reading Aloud and early Individual Reading •Affectionate colourful illustrations

For nice Dreams

Boys stories for nice Dreams

Girls stories for nice Dreams

All titles: 3-minute stories (5 titles) colourful illustrations throughout, 128 pages, 4+

Favourite stories

Most exciting stories

3-minute stories for nice Dreams, no. 3324 (CD possible) Three minute Boy stories for nice Dreams, no. 3340 Three minute Girl stories for nice Dreams, no. 3341 My favourite Three minute stories for good Dreams, no. 3379 My most exciting Three minute stories for nice Dreams, no. 3380


Growing up with supportive and positive Story Time

•Lovingly illustrated stories about growing up •Encouraging children with exciting adventures •Promoting self-confidence •Supporting a positive attitude •Classical adventure elements for young readers •Collection of 3 Picture Books each

The Little Prince

Growing up with the little Fairy

What we can do already!

All titles: colourful illustrations throughout, 104 pages, 3+ The Littel Prince no. 3367, colourful illustrations throughout, 80 pages, 5+

Magical Steam Engine

Stories about Growing up with the little Fairy, no. 3378 What we can do on our own already! Stories that make strong, no. 3392 On a journey of expedition with the Magical Steam Engine, no. 3392

Story Time

Story Time Books that make Kids strong!

Early Reading


Reading on your own is fun!

Early Reading – Easy and motivating! •Large amount of illustrations in each story •A training system in different levels •Read with Pictures •Solve crime cases •Sense of achievement guaranteed!

Level 1 Princesses no. 2820

Knights no. 2904

Dragons no. 2985

Dolphins no. 3067

Ghosts no. 3148

Level 2 Pirates no. 3149

Fairies no. 3066

Ponies no. 3267

Witches no. 2701

Pirate Ship Pony no. 3342 Paddock no. 3343

Native Learning Americans Reading with no. 2704 the Animals no. 3238

Dinosaurs no. 3344

Level 3 Tree House no. 3345

School no. 2782

Knight’s Castle no. 2812

Soccer Field no. 2783

Dolphins no. 2811

The best Early Reader Crime Cases no. 3206

School no. 3153

Dinosaurs Princesses Ponies no. 3154 no. 3069 no. 2988

Soccer Goal Getters no. 3072

Detectives no. 3089

Ghosts no. 2986

Zoo no. 3076

Level 1: Reading Pictures: Learn Reading with Colourful Pictures colourful illustrations throughout, 48 pages, 5 + Level 2: Clever Fox: Learn Reading by solving Crime Cases colourful illustrations throughout, 64 pages, 6 +

Soccer no. 3070

Witches no. 2991

Witches no. 3151

Pirates no. 3071

Knights no. 3150

The best Page-Turners no. 3205

Level 3: Page-Turners: Learn Reading with short Stories and large Illustrations! colourful illustrations throughout, 96 pages, 7+

Large h Backlist wit e it ur vo fa kids’ stories!


Short stories for a quick reading success!

•Lovingly illustrated stories about growing up •Encouraging children with exciting adventures •Promoting self-confidence •Supporting a positive attitude •Classical adventure elements for young readers NEW

My 33 favourite Pony and Horse Stories no. 3459, 128 pages, 7+

Learning Reading with Pony Stories no. 3267, 128 pages, 5+

My 33 favourite Pirate and Buccaneer Stories no. 3462, 128 pages, 7+

Learning Reading with Knights and Dragons no. 3318, 128 pages, 5+

My 33 exciting Stories for 5 Minutes no. 3444, 128 pages, 7+

The best 5 Minute Stories to learn reading no. 3353, 128 pages, 5+

The most exciting 5 Minute Stories to learn reading no. 3354, 128 pages, 5+

My 33 enchanting Stories for 5 Minutes no. 3445, 128 pages, 7+

The best 5 Minute Stories for reading on your own for the first time no. 3427, 128 pages, 6+

My 44 favourite Stories for Girls no. 3396, 128 pages, 7+

The most exciting 5 Minute Stories for reading on your own for the first time no. 3428, 128 pages, 6+

My 44 favourite Stories for Boys no. 3395, 128 pages, 7+

The best Stories for clever Boys no. 3241, 160 pages, 6+

The best Stories for strong Girls no. 3242, 160 pages, 6+

Early Reading

Collections of best stories about favourite topics

Record Books


Memory albums

Memory albums for the time in Preschool and School! NEW

My Friends (Racing Cars) no. 8878

My Friends (Unicorns) no. 8861, 6+

My Preschool Friends (Vikings) no. 3244, 4+

My Preschool Friends (Ponies) no. 3245

My Preschool My Preschool Friends (Dinosaurs) Friends (Racing Cars) no. 3269 no. 3306

My Preschool Friends (Dolphins) no. 3270

All About My Friends (Princesses) no. 3111

All About My Friends (Fairies) no. 3209

All About My Friends (Soccer) no. 3287

My Friends (Strong Girls) no. 3372

Ideas and suggestions for games at a party for children

no. 3377 Child’s Party – Child’s Plays no. 3377, with photos and colourful illustrations throughout, 128 pages, All Age

My Friends (Clever Boys) no. 3371


Record Books

Family memories NEW

My First Day of School no. 3473

My First Day of School no. 3472

Because We Love You – Our Baby no. 8714

My First Year in the Kindergarten no. 3435

My First Year in School no. 3315

My First Day of School – for Girls no. 8305

My First Day of School – for Boys no. 8306

Mom tell me something about You and Me no. 3385

Dad tell me something about You and Me no. 3386

What happened back then – Grandma remembers no. 3317

What happened back then – Grandpa remembers no. 3316



Spirit Color + Mandalas

Drawing: Very relaxing – Here and now

Wonders Harmony

Magic Enchantment

no. 3370

no. 3232

no. 3369

All titles: Spirit Color – Coloring more than 60 motifs (4 titles) 21.0 x 21.0 cm, b/w illustrations throughout, 128 pages, All Age  

no. 3368

no. 3367

Mandalas (5 titles) 16.0 x 16.0 cm, b/w illustrations throughout, 160 pages, 4+/All Age


Magical Glitter Colouring

•Fun with Discovering and Colouring in one Pad! •Affectionately illustrated Colouring Pad •Supports the development of creativity and fine motor skills •With Glitter stickers


Colour and find the little Fairy with the Magic Wand no. 3437



Colour and find the little Unicorn with the Silver Star no. 3436 All titles: My Magical Glitter World 21.5 x 27.0 cm, colourful illustrations throughout and stickers, 64 pages, 4+


Colouring the Magical Glitter World



Drawing Pads

Colouring and Drawing – For Beginners, very easy but instructive! •Quick Success by simple and clear instructions! •Drawing first figures with huge fun! •With additional colouring pages


no. 3465

Basics no. 3409

Princesses, Elfs and Fairies no. 3355

Construction Vehicles no. 3321 Site no. 3352

All titles: My first big Drawing Pad – Step by Step (9 titles) no. 3465, 21.0 x 29.7 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 160 pages, 4+

Dinosaurs no. 3376

Farm no. 3351

Animals – Very easy no. 3285

Animals – That’s how you do it no. 3320


Promoting Creativity!

A lot of colouring fun for kids! •40 enchanting Mandalas •Favourite motives: Fantasy •Training concentration and motivity in a playful way •An easily portable mini format •By the illustrator of My Magical Glitter World

no. 3451


no. 3376

no. 3351

Girls no. 3285

Boys no. 3320

no. 3452 General Studies – Animals and Plants

General Studies – Animals and Plants

Enchanting Colouring with coloured templates (4 titles) 18.5 x 18.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 128 pages, 2 + My General Studies Colouring Book (2 titles) no. 3261/3262, 20.0 x 16.0 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 152 pages, 5+

My magic Mandala Colouring Pad – Fox / Flower Elf no. 3451/3452, 21.0 x 21.0 cm, b/w illustrations throughout, 80 pages, 4+





Crafting Pads

Cutting Out, Glueing, Colouring, Stickering! •Supporting creativity and fine motor skills •Simple, easy to follow instructions •For Boys and Girls aged 4+

My First Crafting Pad (Unicorn) no. 3441

My First Crafting Pad (House) no. 3402

My First Creative Pad (Castle) no. 3440


My First Creative Pad (Chick) no. 3401

My first Crafting Pad (4 titles) 21.0 x 21.0 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 86 pages, 3+ My first big Crafting Pad – Cutting Out, Colouring, Folding no. 3447, 21.0 x 29.7 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 160 pages, 4+

Crafting – really easy. Paper aeroplanes no. 3336

Crafting – really easy. Paper dragons, monsters and ghosts no. 3337

Crafting – really easy. Paper animals no. 3356

Crafting – really easy (3 titles) 17.0 x 24.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 64 pages, 4+


Crafting with Pre-cut forms

•No need to cut out, pre-cut! •Simple Handling •Crafting and Playing the easy way! •Focus on popular topics •Easy for the whole family! •Play with things you craft yourself!


Upcoming: Zoo and Vehicles

Horse Stable no. 3423

NEW F i’s Ching-Hu

av ou rite

Construction Site no. 3424 All titles: Norbert Pautner My big colourful Crafting Book with pre-cut forms 21.0 x 28.5 cm, colourful illustrations throughout, 21.0 x 28.5 cm, 48 pages, 4+

Further Crafting titles by the expert Norbert Pautner on p. 64


Cutting Out, Glueing and Colouring!

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Foreign Rights Catalogue Spring 2018