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Interactive outside gaming

Trend Research

This is a trend report about interactive outside games. It is a short overview on how technology is implemented in outside gaming these days.

Trend report Interactive outside gaming Loes Wagter 21 february 2012

There are several examples on inside games, which try to make children active. Nevertheless these games are inside and only simulate the real world on a screen.

The most resent examples are the wii and the kinect

The Wiggle

The wiggle is a product created by TU/e students to let girls for 12 till 16 be actively launching. The tool in the middle activates the lights on the benches and these benches corners can change color while using and touching them.


The Sona is a design of Yalp. It is a play tool for all kids older than 2 years. With movemovements and gives them exercises to go from spot to spot. Sona has about 8 different games to play. The experience is positive, even parents like to play along.


The icon is an interactive design of playground designer Kompan. The play tool has four versions. Two include a climbing space and a game starter the two others only have the game starter. Within these four versions a lot of different games for different amount of children are created.


Sutu is a design of the company Yalp. This interactive soccer wall triggers children to play different games within the game of soccer. It helps them to become more sportive.


NEOS360 is a game circle in which children can play different games. There are touch objects on several heights, which need to be hit during the game. The NEOS360 has about 8 different games. The company designed two more playground objects with the same outside gaming philosophy and looks.


The Audionetic is an interactive talking object, which is designed for informative and gaming purposes. Adults can speak information on a USB stick, which goes into the audionetic. When children activate the audionatic they hear the exercise or information the adult gave.


Outdoor interactive gaming  

trend research into the world of interactive outdoor gaming in the netherlands

Outdoor interactive gaming  

trend research into the world of interactive outdoor gaming in the netherlands