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and with it came lots of exciting articles about Loesje activities from different parts of the world. One is from the growing group in Nepal, another presenting Estonian poster-sticking and yet one about Polish text-writing. During this time we also had two projects approved. One will be an exchange about gender in Georgia including eight different countries. Another one is a study visit in Hungary in November. We handed in yet four other applications. Aaaaand *drum rolls* we got an operating grant approved! This means yet a sweet year of action for the office of Loesje International. We now also have the privilege to share our office with Carsten, a cool freelancer working with graphic design. If you know anyone who would fit for sharing offices with Loesje, let us know! And let them know about us! We are looking for more people to share our office with. The Loesje International team



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Board Metting and Assembly 6. Summer Camp 7. Report from Nepal 9. Time for Changes 12. And suddenly Loesje Napoli exists 13. Actions, Moving and Holidays 15. From Estonia with Love 16. Loesje Club 18. Latest on the Oddstream Festival 19. Reflections on Loesje as a girl 20. Open Call from Masta 22. News 23.




essages In February I am still working on the new concepts for our website (so some more meetings and discussions) and some other web products. The negotiations with two big sites are in progress and hopefully till the end of the month you will see the fruits. We are also rearranging the office space as now we know we are going to stay here longer. It’s going to be nicer, better organized, more secure and simply cosier. First steps were already taken. I will do a pilot of a new idea which hopefully will bring Loesje closer to Berliners through two local different media. Artur.

January; we’ve been painting and re-arranging the office. Every time I pass the rooms I feel content with the results. We rented out a desk to yet another nice person. His name is Carsten. Also, we partied at Loesje Club. We had a hilariously fun stand up with Niti in Loesje Imagination. All wrapped up in plus degrees. February; bring it on! Safaa.


February started off very intensively with sending away many grant applications and receiving the good news that the EACEA of the European Commission again decided to support our activities. Since then I have been busy with reporting about last year and starting off the new one. I hope to see many of our active Loesje’s from around Europe at the Assembly, and some at Oddstream in May/June as well. We are together working on improving Loesje’s web presence, finding more funding and fixing the office. Those of you who have not been here for a while might get surprised how organized and spacious it is… Not to forget making great posters and promoting Loesje in different ways. I also enjoy having many people in the office, visitors and new people sharing the space with us. Rola.

Still in euphoria of getting the operation grant for this year, it opened new perspectives and now it's time for exciting plans and strategies. A lot of project applications were sent and new ones will follow. The air is full with motivation and inspiration. Two trainees will arrive in March to take part in our activities. Positive vibes in the air! and Berlin is surprisingly sunny! Petra.


Loesje International invites you to:

Board meeting and assembly 25th






Do you also want to be part of forming the future of Loesje? Do you have ideas and plans that you want to share? Would you like to meet Loesje’s from other countries? Then the Assembly is the place to be! For a few days Loesje’s from all over Europe will meet at the international Loesje office and create future plans together, share experiences and evaluate past activities. If you have something you would like to share at the Assembly email Rola on and she will fit it into the agenda. On the agenda already are: x x x x

Oddstream June 2011. Future projects applied for. Summer camp 2011 in Estonia. Evaluation, new ideas and brain storm on ‘Web: further improving of Loesje’s web presence. x Financial situation Loesje International and plans for the future. x New international Loesje book 2012? x Evaluating the international series of the last 6 months. x What is actually happening with the Masta project? Some Masta’s will tell.



You have to pay your own travel costs to the Assembly, but the Berlin Loesje’s will offer their sofas and mattresses so you can sleep for free. We will partly cook together at the office and partly go out to eat at some of the cheap and nice Berlin restaurants. So food will be cheap but at your own cost. Beer as well. See you in March! /Rola, Artur, Petra and Safaa



Since end of December the Summercamp location and date is known. (22nd of juli till 2nd of August). It’s, once again, in a beautiful spot this year, exotic, mysterious, and they speak a language not known to many.. It’s Estonia! To be exact, it’s in a little place called Keava, 64.1 km from Tallinn, the nations beautiful capital. The camp has everything we need and more. It has a sauna, a stage where people can perform, dance of do whatever, a great sleeping hall, and a bit smaller one, bar, several separate rooms for workshops and all the other basic things you need. During the camp there will be a professional cook, who only needs some helpers to cut things everyday. All the food we use during the camp will come from the area, and will largely be biological and ecological. So, that’s going to be awesome! But, for those of you who don’t know: what is summercamp? Susanne (who is doing EVS in the Dutch office) and Liisa, (who did EVS in the Dutch office) checked out the place and almost wanted to live there they said. Summercamp, also known as the school of freedom, is the yearly gathering of Loesje members from all over the world. During this gathering they create their own kind of school, where workshops are being given on a sort of “I-want-to-know-basis”. For example, if you know how to play volleyball, or know everything about economics, knitting, making kites, or whatever you can teach to people, then this is your chance. At the same time, if you always wanted to know how you can survive in the wild, make excellent vegan meal or the ins and outs of religion, then there is probably someone who can teach you that. On this basis, we make some kind of schedule, with about 6 workshops every day, and still enough time to relax. Summercamp is not a holiday camp. It’s a place we create together, where everyone has to take his or her responsibility, where there are no leaders, where nobody is boss. We clean together, live together and party together.


That doesn’t mean it’s not fun. ‘Cause it is. It is great fun, and a great learning experience. You meet people from many countries, make new friends, dance ‘til sunrise and beyond, and still be in time for breakfast and to give or follow a workshop. And after 10 days, you wish there were 10 days more. Why did we choose Estonia for this great event? After all, it’s almost the end of the world for most people.. Is that a reason not to go? No, it’s not. Liisa wanted to arrange this, she’s from Estonia, and that makes it a reason to go there. And Estonia is just stunningly beautiful, with friendly people and a great history. We went to Spain, Scotland, but in between we were in more central European countries. Estonia is far away from Madrid. (3.654 km) Belgrade (2.019 km) a bit far away from Berlin (1.526 km) but rather close to Stockholm, (519 km) Riiga (267 km ) and Helsinki (148 km). So yes, a lot of cities are close by, but if you live in Estonia, a lot of cities are far away. Does that matter? No, because you can make it a great journey if you want. Probably you have never been to the Baltic states, Finland or St. Petersburg. Maybe Summercamp is a great place to start your holidays! And you don’t need to take the plane. There’s buses going directly to Tallinn from all over Europe, many people say the Baltic states are quite hitchhiker friendly, and boats go from Stockholm, Rostock or Travemunde. And if you still want to fly, Riiga and Tallinn can both be used to get to the location. The costs for this year’s camp will be 160 Euros. That includes sleeping place, food, loads of other things, but not the alcoholic drinks during parties or whatever. The date will be from the 22nd of July till 2 august. You can already sign up, a form will shortly be available on In the meantime you can send questions to: Meindert, Loesje Netherlands.





It’s not really warm neither cold when I traveled from Eastern Nepal to the capital city Kathmandu. I had winter holidays and I was so interested in youth related programs which create a platform for us. We have been talking to go for the postering since a week and more members have participated and we were informing all of them. Some are showing interest some were hesitating and few ready. Still in Nepal youth or youngsters, whether male or female, are not independent from their parents. The parents are so suppressive and non-modern (maybe socially incorrect to say this). Some friends wanted to join us but their parents interference made them stay back at home even at the age of 25 (looks like a caged life) not only the girls but also the guys. We have some members who are good and friendly but because of their parents they can’t join us. One reason I think, and this is a personal opinion, is that Raj dai is a Christian. The parents may think that he is trying to convert their children. There are so many things which effect our lives religiously and culturally. But me, I’m a Brahmin guy. As the only son in my family, they don’t mind me belonging to any faith. I eat every meat and foods even though Hinduism restricts us. Unless there is no logic I don’t agree. Eat and enjoy!



Now those who were ready for the day were looking for a location to put the posters for most people to read. We finally decided to go to the central Zoo because it was Saturday the 29th and in Nepal that is public holiday so many youngsters and other people came there with different reasons. But I’m thinking to myself what if animals would be more interested in the people than people in them; they would be looking and smiling at us reading the posters. In Nepal, everybody from the Prime Minister to the local people, always come late to any function because “Time is the cheapest thing you can buy”. Likewise our members were also late by one hour. And Raj dai who is very punctual about time was looking at his watch now and then, murmuring. The ones with us were calling others to be on time. Still the time passed by and we made our move to the destination leaving some behind. Some members were new and some old and those who were new were a bit shy and had the feeling of insecurity and were asking us if it won’t be a problem putting posters like this. And some of us are joking and telling them if we have been caught by the authority you’ll be asked to squash the papers which we are putting. Still we all gathered on the spot and went through the introduction. At the gate of the Zoo Raj dai went and talked with the person who checks the tickets and after some time we were allowed to enter into the Zoo without paying any entrance fee. Every one was happy and we asked Raj dai: whats the magic wand you moved on the person’s head that he allowed us without paying? And he says “lexis which are smoother than the castor lubricate”


So we are looking places to put our posters and we started to put the posters and the people were asking us what it conveys and what is the meaning of these posters. Normally in Nepal organizations don't do it like we were doing it. Some are putting posters on one side and the others the other side and it was a big fun when you can't explain to the people what they wanted to know. And after we came out from the Zoo I went in the Nepal Telecommunication Building and at their main gate I pasted a poster which reads like this: NTC (Nepal Tele communication) "Sorry we are always busy" because the net work connection is so busy every time you dial it show net work busy, people are fed up with NTC the people who were there was looking at me and said nothing wrong but said you did the best they were also the workers in the same Office:). Some time things goes disorganised than you expected and for some new members they even don't know how to put poster or even no idea to glue it and have to show them how to do it on the spot and some passers by passes some comments which motivates us and make aware for the future work. So we finished our postering and exchanged our experiences with new members how they felt and what did they feel about the day? Thank God they were all happy and were asking when are we going for the next postering? And I cracked joke do you guys like to chew the papers like the holy cows on the street of Kathmandu? Every one seems cool and after a tea and Somosa left for our home. In wait for another poster day! Sulav Rajal Arinako Collage 2nd Years Student





As they say, better late than never – keeping this proverb and motivation in mind, we've been searching for some possibilities to reconstruct Loesje's Polish website for some time already. And finally, at the end of the year we applied for a little grant for the project that would involve a series of workshops as well as publishing new series of postcards and also bringing back to life our website. What's important – we planned workshops in Warsaw's district named Praga which has a kind of ambivalent image: on one hand, it is still considered as a dangerous-after-dark district (what is highly stereotypical) and on the other hand, it has changed a lot in the recent years, with many cultural places emerging one after another. We had 4 workshops in total in November and in December, in Polish and English, with great discussions and the evaluation that brought us to develop our way of delivering workshops for people who don't know Loesje yet and moderating discussions. The series of 17 posters could be checked on the website and some older posters from previous series of workshops will be uploaded soon! And last but not least, in January we plan other open workshops – this time we are back in a friendly Dutch Café in the city centre, named Wiatraki (Windmills). If you are in Warsaw – come and join us on 30th of January, on Sunday. We start at 4:00 pm! Emilia, Loesje Poland





And How




pop up in

Loesje Napoli



Well, about a year ago I introduced Daniela, who I met at a training organised by the European Youth Program, to Loesje. She became so enthusiastic that she organised a poster writing workshop herself, in her city and after this many of her friends became enthusiastic too. They all wanted to know more about Loesje, especially how to write good texts and do final editing. So I bought a ticket and mid-December I visited them. I stayed with them for five days to give workshops. And to eat pizza of course.


need of air

Napoli is specially known for its pizza and, unfortunately, its socialeconomical problems such as mafia, garbage, corruption and unemployment. All these problems are also closely connected. Especially in living environment as this it is important that Loesje comes around to interfere. To provide these heavy topics with air and some perspective. And to inspire the people to create themselves some influence.

Ya Basta

The group of friends I met also from an organisation called Ya Basta. About 30 nice, young, creative and smart people who, as volunteers, organise workshops for other youngsters living in villages which grew a part of Napoli. There are small cultural possibilities, the government hardly invests money in it, and the money that is invested disappears into the hands of the mafia. That's why the group of friends decided to found their own club, with a club house (this thanks to a befriended communist priest...). In practice, Ya Basta offers cheap workshops in the area of music, photography, graphic layout. They also do actions concerning xenophobia, homophobia and the garbage problems. I find it very interesting and important that a group as Ya Basta exists in a place like Napoli. Let's hope they manage to maintain, because it is hard to receive financial support...





Back to Loesje. I spent the nights in Alessio's family house. During daytime we were always in their club house doing workshops. About 20 people joined the Loesje text writing; me in English, they in Italian. In the end we had really many texts and were full of energy. Then we went to eat pizza :-) The next day we did the final editing workshop, resulting in passionate discussions and 11 posters!! The day after we lay-outed and had a hard search for a copy shop that could print to A3... The last day we went into the city to stick! “This is not garbage, it was once my Christmas present and i liked it”

As they were experienced in sticking, they had no problems decorating the ugly walls, Berlusconi posters and erupting garbage containers with Loesje posters. Of course there was the inevitable confrontation with police: “Why are you sticking here? Go somewhere where we can't see you!”. Police... everywhere the same yet so different... So we continued sticking in a parallel street. The many reactions of pedestrians were very positive. That's a good sign. Now 110 Loesje-posters decorate the city center of Napoli. Hardcore sticking action that ended with a coffee. Great. This new Loesje-group already created a website ( where they'll put all their future posters. Also for me it was a very inspiring time, and super to meet this great group of constructive activists.

“Turn off the television, big brother will discuss in vain”

Loesje and Napoli, I think it is a perfect match. Luder, The Netherlands


Actions, Loesje




Holidays reports

Changes. Decisions. Actions. Things that make life more exciting, sometimes troublesome as well, but in every case a good oppurtunity to get more dynamics into your life. This month we've been planning and organizing loads of stuff and right now we're in the middle of the quiet before the storm, waiting for the blast to come – and we'll be blasting back of course! A lot of actions and trips have been planned, everyone has survived their happyor-whatever-new-years and the first thing which is going to happen now is moving to the new place and starting a next era of the Dutch Loesje-office. Our little shop is doing fine already and all of us are glad to be at our future place soon, especially since it's a lot smaller than the old office and we, as recycling-minded (or rather call it extremely nostalgic) “but maybe i can still use that in some way” – kind of people are forced to leave all the useless trash behind. I hope people will survive their tragic loss. Furthermore, we've done a 'weihnachtsmarkt'- sticking trip to Germany, where we've visited Krefeld, Duisburg and another little town near the boarder. No problematic interruptions whatsoever and therefore we enjoyed our time with some awesome Glühwein and Reibekuchen even more. In the end, we've managed to paste quite every kind of box-like looking thingy that we could spot. Moreover, one of us has finished a project she's been working on, so we're putting exhibitions all over the country. And more news : Loesje Napoli is doing really good! Luder has been there for a week recently to meet up with an Italian friend and other enthusiastic people to write texts and to do interesting stuff (see his article!). It's always cool to meet active and motivated people, people who are actually so close to you in a way while being far away at the same time ... In the near future (probably February) we'll be doing some writing, sticking and actions in Belgium, as well as a sticking tour through North Germany. Details on those will be coming up next time. Until then – take good care out there and keep it up! Susanne, Loesje Netherlands


From Estonia with Love Place: Tartu, Estonia Date: Beginning of December 2010 One day Loesje was called by a woman. „Hello, my name is Eve Kask,“ she said. „Do you know what is a triennial?“ Yes, Loesje knew it: triennial is an art festival, hold every three years. Well, that woman turned out to be president of 15th Tallinn Print Triennial and wanted Loesje to take part in the program of festival. The title of festival was „For Love Not Money“. „Sure!“ Loesje agreed on the spot.

Place: Tartu, Estonia Date: End of December 2010

Place: Tallinn, Estonia Date: 21th December 2010 Then, during 1 month, the following happened: Loesje hold a workshop with art students in building of National Art Museum in Tallinn, got acquainted with wonderful creative people and got many great texts. It was considered to organize an exhibition in pedestrian tunnel in the city centre of Tallinn.

As in Estonia there is a quite large Russian national minority, it was decided to add also texts in Russian into exhibition. So we came together in a French chocolate-café in Tartu to write in Russian Loesje texts. We were four people, two „Estonian“ Russians (who were born and live in Estonia), one Russian girl from Crimea living now in Tartu and one Estonian girl who don't speak Russian at all. However, if you are thinking about love and money, language is not very important indeed.


“When my skis have nightmares, they see sand beaches.”


Place: Tallinn, Estonia Date: 15th January 2011 And then the texts were printed in large format, laminated and put on the walls of pedestrian subway near one of the main squares of Tallinn – Vabaduse väljak (Square of Freedom). It took four hours to do everything properly, with even distances and with good combinations of different texts. Normally, we people in Estonia are not so hyperslow, despite of common stereotype, but there was about 0° Celsius in the tunnel (outside there was minus 14!)... Nonetheless we managed it! Now Loesje is communicating with passersby in the tunnel, sharing with them various emotions and thoughts and as a present giving people some moments for searching love in life of everyone...


“Freedom is grander than a column.”

Place: Tartu, Estonia Date: Beginning of January 2011 At home the brainstorming proceeded actively and to the end of second week of January we had 30 Estonian and the same amount of Russian texts for the exhibition. The essential topics were art, artist, love, money, museum, open space, but also snow, energy, heaven and others. The next week was dedicated to translation every text into English, so that tourists in Tallinn could understand the idea of certain poster and meaning of the whole exhibition. 17



The Loesje Club was a success! Friends and friends of friends partied, surrounded by Loesje-posters. Thanks to our DJ’s; Spule Bywerk, Von Kant and Djane Cherry we had asses shakin’ all night long. There was one shake each to Bowie, Joy Division to hiphop, r’n’b and to tech-house, disco. There was something for all tastes and moods. Paula Varjack, the much talented spoken word artist, took over the microphone and reminded us of the power of verbal art. Watch her live here http://www.paulavarjack. com/ We also spread Loesje material and people bought t-shirts and pins with Loesje-texts. It’s great to have this event on a regular basis. Working in an office needs to be complemented with exercise on the dance floor. It is a good opportunity to party for a cause, and a cause for party. A big up to everybody helping out at the door and garderob! Looking forward to next time. Safaa.


Latest on the Oddstream Festival 31st of May until 5th of June at de Vasim, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Bands booked, ticket sales started, call for Loesje volunteers

Much is happening with the Oddstream festival these days: more and more bands are getting booked, like Chicks on Speed and Alec Empire (DJ set). The Memefest friendly competition is closed, and the works that will be exhibited at the festival are currently getting selected. The Oddstream and Pink Sweater teams were visiting the Transmediale in Berlin last weekend for inspiration.


sales started

The three music stages will be open on the 2nd-5th of June and the pre-sales has started. There are two basic overall multiday-tickets, ‘Oddstream festival multiday-ticket’ (the day program until 0:00 both inside and outside the Vasim) and ‘Club Oddstream multiday-ticket’ (from 00:00 in the night program Vasim). There is a limited capacity in de Vasim and that means Oddstream can get sold out. Individual tickets for a single day, tickets for the 'Inspiration Day for Art and Communication’ with interesting lectures, and festival camping tickets will be available later on. If you have friends who don’t want to miss this event, please inform them!


volunteers wanted

On the 2nd-5th of June, there is room for organizations, artists, festivals or other people working in the fields of film, media, communications, multimedia, art and culture to present themselves / their work to the audiences in an active way. There is an outside area on the grounds of de Vasim where there are also two stages for music, DJ-corners, food area, chill-out and around 20 sea containers where the activities can take place. The activities should preferably be related to the theme of Oddstream, ‘love and conflict’.

Loesje will have at least one sea container and part of the outside area to her disposal and would like to have creative input as well as volunteers, who can be in the outside area for a day or two. The volunteers will get free entrance to the festival for that day. Ideas so far are speed text writing, resulting in daily festival posters, a freedom of expression wall, spreading the Loesje publications and products. Email if you have ideas or would like to volunteer! The website is bilingual, English and Dutch.


R e f l e c t i o n s on Loesje as a girl

Loesje recently turned 27 years old, but is still very often referred to as a girl. Even though Loesje is very independent and travels all over the world, where she initiates so much, and engages with many people, this descriptor confines her to the status of a child. She is not the only one who has this problem. Many women who are clearly years beyond the ages of puberty, are often referred to as girls. The belittling of an independent and active person that such a descriptor produces does not remain static, but also has an impact on the behavior of the designated person. In other words, the more media, language and education support the idea that women should stay childish, the more of an impact it has on the minds of many girls, and limits them in their exploration and engagement with themselves and the world. They learn to pay less attention to what they want, and more to how they would like to be perceived. Innocent, passive and harmless. Stereotypes? Conduct an experiment. Walk down the streets, and observe the pictures surrounding you – pay attention to the surface of the advertisement. Who is in the picture? How much space are they taking up? Make a note of these observations. Write them down here. Conduct another experiment.

The next time you are using the subway or bus, pay attention to how people around you are sitting. Who occupies the most place? Who makes themselves small or draws their legs close, who sits with their legs stretched out? This is not about making generalizations across groups, but more about highlighting acquired behaviors. Generally, how are girls/women taught to behave? Make a note of these observations. Write them down here:

Perhaps. Let’s consider the medium of advertisements for example. How often are girls and women presented in poses that make them seem smaller, so that they don´t occupy so much space. How often are they seen holding on firmly to objects or other people (mostly men or boys), creating thus the impression that they can not stand alone. Unable to engage alone, and hence always dependent on the help of others. How often do we see eerily thin bodies of girls and women, so that it gives us the impression as if they are almost disappearing from the surface of the picture – as if they don´t belong there at all. Exaggeration? Not really.


But back to Loesje and the question of why girls are still called girls, even when they've been referring to themselves as women for a long time. Well, maybe the idea behind this naming is that they should never grow up. Instead they should always remain small and invisible, and not take up so much room. Not talk too much, but listen to others – not interrupt too much, even though they are often interrupted themselves. Language here is a powerful product – literally. It creates and regulates power structures. It makes it possible to perceive the world, order experiences and understand them. Language is always integrated into social relations – it reproduces everything that is seen as a norm. It can confirm dominating images and norms, or change them and break them. When people in the minority or in an undesirable/ unprivileged position are devalued or oppressed even in the language, there can be no real change in how this group is regarded. Not name a group means to not think about them.


Never girls again. Well, not entirely. Many women like referring to themselves as girls, but dislike it when others do so. Descriptors are always embroiled with and in social positions – it is always about the issue of: who is speaking, and from what political/societal/privileged/ minoritized point of view. Others appropriate the term, by taking the marginalizing term and all that it entails, and use it to name themselves – similar to the terms 'queer' and 'black', that became empowering through subversion. The political/ musical riot grrrl movement, along the same line of thinking, empowered women to go on stage and claim it for themselves, as opposed to leaving it to their male colleagues. The term grrrl – not least because of the three 'r's – is undermined and re-conceived. Many female artists play with the stereotyped attributes that are generally ascribed to girls, question them and transform them in radical ways for themselves. So what would Loesje do? How would she refer to herself? How about simply Loesje? Not Loesje is a young girl, who has already completed 27 years – but Loesje is a person, a group, a figure, a character – perhaps also you? And then Loesje can choose who to be – girl or woman or even boy or man – who knows? Everything is possible. Lucy, Serbia

P.O. Box 910138 12413 Berlin Germany


Open for


Masta headquarters!




Call magazine

The Masta magazine is looking for new people to join the headquarters crew. We are searching for new members of the team, who wish to bring energy and time to develop the structural body and activities of the magazine project. We look for you who have a high motivation to be part of our network, and a desire to play an active role in developing the future of the magazine. Tasks of the headquarters crew are: x to plan and organize activities x to organize sufficient funds for the continuation of the project x to develop the network, structure and communication channels of the magazine x to research options, as well as concretely register a legal body in the near future (NGO, Company e.t.c.) x to develop a business plan x to develop the long term vision of the project - set goals and priorities x administration x project management To become part of the headquarters crew, you do not necessarily need to have been previously involved in the magazine. Affinity with creative activism and knowledge of financing, fund raising and previous experience from the publishing business is very welcomed. Before you apply, think about that this is not a paid position, and it will require time and commitment from you. What we offer is to be part of a dedicated team with a burning desire to develop the magazine, access to a great network of activists and creators, and a lot of challenges! If you are interested to join the team, send us a mail with your personal information and a motivation letter with answers to the questions: why you want to be part of the headquarters, and what you can contribute with to headquarters@mastazine. net. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! If you are interested to join us we would love to hear from you before the 15th of March. We expect to get to know you and start working with you in our yearly meeting on the 8-10 of April, taking place at Sprektral, in Graz, Austria. All the best, the Masta magazine






Two projects of Loesje International were approved! 1. A seminar on anti-discrimination will take place in Georgia from 21th April till 29th April 2011. with participants from eight countries. Congratulations to Liisa and Tara, who are organising the project! 2. A study visit on human rights will take place in Budapest at the end of November 2011. initiated by Hranush.


It’s time to celebrate with Loesje International, because we got the operating grant from the EACEA for 2011 in the amount of 35.000 ₏, what covers 51,86% of our yearly budget. ht tp://eacea ropa .eu/youth/funding/2011/documents/call_4_1/ annual_applications_selected.pdf

*** Loesje's


available from

T-SHIRTS are now on Facebook.

For all who like our page get a 10% discount :) To check what we've got for you, click the "Shop Now" tab and search for your size by category.


Loesje International takes part in the internship project of Circles of European Integration (CEI) and we are expecting two trainees to join us for a month from the middle of April 2011.



Loesje International has four new project applications for 2011. Keep your fingers crossed for them! One is web training for Loesje groups in Slovenia in autumn 2011. Another is “Eyes wide open” - Training for trainers on how to organise youth exchanges in Armenia.


Loesje International expects a trainee from Poland from 04th April till 04th of May 2011 through the internship program founded by the German-Polish Youth Office (DPJW). Jagoda from Szczecin is going to help us with our new web activities and the promotion of Loesje posters in Berlin and in West-Pomerania.

*** Loesje International takes part in organising the recycled creativity youth and culture festival in Berlin in the beginning of September 2011.

*** New voting system for text proposals on – the voting is open for everybody without registration.


Gender Justice Uncovered Awards seek to identify the best and worst decisions or statements related to gender made in English, Spanish or Portuguese within a judicial process. The three most sexist decisions and the three decisions that best promote gender equality will receive awards. The People’s Choice Awards will be given based on the votes from the public. Deadline to nominate: April 4, 2011. Deadline to vote: April 25, 2011.


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P.O. Box 910138

12413 Berlin Germany

12413 Berlin Germany


P.O. Box 910138


Loesje International January 2011 Bulletin