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April 2009

District Master’s Message The District Executive Board met in the Chicago area in February. The Finance Committee met on Friday afternoon to formulate the budget for 2009 – 2010. The new budget was shared with the rest of the Executive Board on Saturday. Combining the Finance Committee with the regular meeting saves the added expense of a second meeting, although it creates additional challenges for the District Treasurer. Every effort was made to reduce District expenses in all areas for the coming year due to the discouraging economic climate. A significant savings has been realized related to annual conventions through a conscientious effort related to delegate transportation. The Southside Scholarship Fund requires additional explanation. The Southside Scholarship Fund was established with money donated by the Southside Chicago Lodges many years ago upon the sale of their meeting facility. Scholarships cannot be awarded if the principal in the Fund goes below the specified amount which is the case due to the financial conditions this year. This will explain why you will not be seeing a collegiate scholarship awarded this year. During this recession the Board reminds you that the District continues to function without collecting District dues. The District Board suggests that you consider making long time members who are suffering financial hardship Honorary Life Members thus allowing them to continue their membership in the Local Lodge without paying dues. The District Convention will be held in Indianapolis hosted by Svea Lodge, No. 253. The dates are May 29 – 31. This is not Memorial Day weekend as there are five weekends in May. Indianapolis hosts the Indianapolis 500 Race which makes hosting a convention there in May very challenging. The convenience of five weekends in May this year made it possible for them to hold the 101st Convention. The theme of the Convention will be, “Nordic Innovations”. Attending a convention helps you understand the functions of the District. Delegates are given information and ideas to take back to their local lodges. Attendees also have the opportunity to build and renew friendships within the District. As District Master, I would like to encourage all delegates to seek an active role in the District by considering running for a District Office. You will receive guidance and support from others on the Executive Board to help you be successful. All members of the District Board look forward to hearing suggestions for improvements. One of the major items to be voted upon at this year’s Convention will be the new set of Bylaws the Executive Board is proposing. The Grand Lodge has commissioned all District Lodges to format their Bylaws into the same template as the Grand Lodge Constitution. Entirely rewriting Bylaws, keeping and updating the required information yet cleaning up the many problems discovered, became an extremely ambitious project. Hundreds of hours have gone into the creation of these new Bylaws to make them more timeless, and I strongly encourage delegates to vote yes on this proposal. A Policy and Procedure Manual has been created to define processes. Delegates will receive the set of new Bylaws prior to the Convention to study so the anticipated acceptance procedure can progress smoothly. I would strongly encourage you to bring your white handbook making sure the Bylaws were revised in 2005. You will find that information on the bottom right corner of every page. Your white handbook is your textbook for this project. It will be used for comparison during the presentation of the new Bylaws. The new Bylaws are easy to follow so all members of the District will fully understand each article but the difficulty will be presenting these changes since a major reorganization of the document had to be done. An attorney, familiar with DL Lake Michigan No. 8, was contacted for support and legal advice. His professional suggestions have been interjected into the new document. The Bylaw Committee is prepared to answer questions related to the changes. The process for the approval of these Bylaws starts with approval by the District Board. This was done at the District Executive Board Meeting in November. Some revisions were required which were done and the revised Bylaws were approved at the February meeting. These Bylaws need approval by 2/3 of the membership at the District Convention. After approval they will go to the Grand Lodge for review and approval, as District Bylaws cannot contradict the Grand Lodge Constitution. The Bylaws go into effect upon approval by the Grand Lodge. I am looking forward to seeing many of you in Indianapolis at the Convention in May. In Truth and Unity Sheila Lundquist District Master

DISTRICT LODGE LAKE MICHIGAN NO. 8 EXECUTIVE BOARD 2008 - 2009 District Master: Sheila Lundquist 1456 Kennebec Grand Blanc, Michigan 48439 (810) 695 – 3248 Email: Vice District Master: Tom Cleveland 1117 Foxpointe Drive Sycamore, Illinois 60178 (815) 895 – 2102 Email: District Secretary: Margaret Gruel 13716 West Lilac Lane New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151 Home: (262) 782 – 4522 Work: (262) 544 – 4522 Email:; Assistant District Secretary (pro tem): Joella Hultgren 13650 Amblewind Place Westfield, Indiana 46074 – 8227 (317) 733 – 3493 Email:; District Treasurer: Liza Ekstrand 15070 West Mayflower Drive New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151 (262) 782 - 2238 Cell: (262) 366 – 9152 FAX: (414) 645 - 4445 Email: Hospital Fund Secretary/Treasurer: Charlotte Tollin 5420 Mahogany Lane Roscoe, Illinois 61073 - 7938 (815) 877 – 5996 FAX: (815) 874 – 9018 Email:

Executive Board Member: Lisa Cianci 342 Beach Avenue Unit: 1 – D LaGrange Park, Illinois 60526 (708) 352 – 0042 Email: Executive Board Member: Edward Hultgren 13650 Amblewind Place Westfield, Indiana 46074 – 8227 (317) 733 – 3493 Email:; Supervisor Of Children’s / Youth Clubs: Lynda Smith 1502 Azalea Drive Munster, Indiana 46321 – 3812 (219) 923 – 8777 Email: District Cultural Leader (pro tem): Iva Lynn 627 Conner Creek Drive Fishers, Indiana 46038 (317) 596 – 1496 FAX: (317) 596 - 1937 Email:; Past District Master: Sten Hult 14951 South Kenton Avenue Midlothian, Illinois 60445 (708) 687 – 8943 Email: District Historian: Iva Lynn 627 Conner Creek Drive Fishers, Indiana 46038 (317) 596 – 1496 FAX: (317) 596 - 1937 Email:;


Master of Ceremonies (pro tem): Nancy Hult 14951 South Kenton Avenue Midlothian, Illinois 60445 (708) 687 – 8943 Email: Inner Guard: Steve Westlund 55 West Joliet Street Schererville, Indiana 46375 (219) 322 – 5190 Email: Outer Guard: Timothy Ogrentz 12849 South Manistee Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60633 (773) 646 - 0279; Auditor: Susan Cleveland 1117 Foxpointe Drive Sycamore, Illinois 60178 (815) 895 – 2102 Email: Auditor: Theodore Ruser 10890 North 40th Street Hickory Corners, Michigan 49060 (269) 671- 5970 Auditor: Eric Swanson 8433 North McKinley Road Flushing, Michigan 48433 (810) 639 - 6705 VALTHORNET Editor : Joella Hultgren 13650 Amblewind Place Westfield, Indiana 46074 – 8227 (317) 733 – 3493 Email:;

District Chaplain: Inez Törnblom 1301 Providence Circle Elgin, Illinois 60120 - 5076 (847) 695 – 9890 Email:

HÄR OCH DÄR by Lillemor Horngren

HALLAND This landskap has much history dating back to pre-Viking times. In early days when Halland was ruled by Denmark the borders changed many times until 1645 when Halland became part of Sweden. The island of Anholt has remained Danish. Hallandsåsen is the ridge forming the border between Halland and Småland. Where it reaches the sea, there is a spectacular rock formation called Hov’s hallar. The name Halland may have gotten its name from this place’s use of the word hall.

Several forts and castles were erected and they have seen battles. The most famous one still left is Varberg’s fortress. Other well-known cities in Halland, besides Varberg, are Halmstad, Kungsbacka, Laholm and Falkenberg. There are about 285,000 people living in Halland. Miles of white sandy beaches along the strait of Kattegatt attract tourists through the summer season. Further inland farming is plentiful with potatoes, kale and horseradish being the most important. Beech trees cover a large area and closer to Småland the large forest consists mainly of spruce where there are many animals. The Swedes will take every chance to head into these woods to pick the many mushrooms and berries found there. Halland’s: Flower is the Hårginst / Hairy Greenwood Mushroom is the Blodsopp / Blood Soup Animal is the Lax / Salmon Bird is the Pilgrimsfalk / Peregrine Falcon Insect is the Ollonborre / Cockchafer

3 Christmas cards and other greeting cards (birthday, friendship, sympathy, thank you notes, and blank note cards) for sale. The table will be open Friday afternoon and evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning. Hospitality Room: We will welcome all the delegates and guests at our hospitality room on Friday evening. Michelle Escalante is coordinating the special snacks, desserts, and beverages with help from Sophia and Dan Anderson, and Charlotte Swenson. Friday Evening Program: The youth group Sveaskolan No. 210 will entertain with songs and dances under the leadership of adult leaders Sara Olsson and Sarah Swanson. Dans Norden, the Scandinavian Folk Dancing Group in Indianapolis, Indiana, will perform several dances to live music. Afterwards, dance leader John Seest promises that he will teach dances that everyone will be able to do, so be prepared to join in the fun. Saturday Evening Banquet: Following a delicious banquet of Indiana favorites, we will be serenaded by the Indianapolis Maennerchor, the “Gentlemen of Song Since 1854”. Now in their 155th Concert Season, they are the oldest continuously performing men’s choir in the United States. They have timehonored bonds with the German-American community, but will perform many Swedish favorites. Memorial Service: A memorial service honoring District 8 members who passed away in 2008 will be held on Sunday morning. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend and remember our departed brothers and sisters. Convention attendees who enjoy singing are cordially invited to join the 2009 incarnation of the District 8 Choir and sing at the Sunday morning Memorial Service. The choir director will be Dr. Wesley Hanson of Svea Lodge 253, who has been a university band and orchestra conductor, choral director, composer, and arranger. There will be appropriate arrangements for the D-8 Choir. Komm, och sjunga med kraft! Svea Lodge No. 253 is looking forward to hosting the District in Indianapolis, Indiana in May. In Truth and Unity, Edward Hultgren Convention Chairperson, Local Lodge Svea No. 253

DISTRICT LODGE LAKE MICHIGAN No. 8 101st CONVENTION 29-31 MAY 2009 INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Dear Vasa Order of America District No. 8 Members, The time for the annual District Lodge Lake Michigan No. 8 Convention is drawing near. We extend a warm and hearty welcome to the delegates and other local lodge members to the 101st convention, to be held at The Marten House, 1801 West 86th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. Detailed and informative trifold pamphlets and hotel brochures have been sent to all Local Lodge Secretaries within District No. 8 for their delegates, nondelegates, and guests. Program Book Ads: Your local lodge has received information about placing an advertisement in the convention program book and we hope that you will consider making a contribution with a local lodge advertisement or a personal line of congratulations. Golf Tournament: This Friday morning outing will be held at Brookshire Golf Club in Carmel, Indiana. The 1st tee time is 9:00 am, and the coordinator is Ken Allen, 612 Kinzer Avenue, Carmel, Indiana 46032; telephone: (317) 573-9750. Cultural Displays: The District Cultural Leader pro tem Iva Lynn is planning a comprehensive exhibit of Nordic Innovations with colorful and information-packed displays of scientific, medical, mechanical, educational, and athletic highlights. Be sure to visit the culture room and read about the superstars in the fields of science, medicine, and sports. Money Drawing: District members have received tickets for a monetary drawing (the tickets were mailed in late January 2009). There are four prizes in the drawing: $300.00, $150.00, $75.00, and $50.00. The drawing tickets and donations should be returned to Ron Gardin, Svea # 253 Treasurer, 11347 Indian Creek Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46236. The drawing will be at the banquet Saturday night. Swedish Emporium: There will be Swedish Emporium merchandise coordinated by Susie and Mark Swanson. They have a large selection of Swedish trolls, ornaments, and other treasures. The store will be open Friday afternoon and evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning. Bucket Raffle, Silent Auction, and Loppmarknad: On Friday and Saturday, there will be a bucket raffle and a silent auction. A bucket raffle is one where purchased raffle tickets are deposited in the bucket corresponding to one’s choice of item. We already have donations of: mother-of-pearl jewelry, insulated lunch carrier bags, a counted cross stitch table cloth, a knitted Swedish Boy and Swedish Girl (knitted by Lillemor Horngren), and a Swedish table runner. Winners will be drawn on Saturday night. The silent auction will include several special items such as a beautiful rosemaled tray painted by Gold Medal Rosemaler John Gundersen, framed prints of Carl Larsson paintings, and a book on Swedish art written by Michelle Facos. Winners will be determined on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, there will be a Loppmarknad sale of clearance items. Prices would be low and items priced to sell. The above activities are coordinated by Sue and Tom James, and Janet Jegen Sales of Christmas Cards and Greeting Cards: Coordinators Lou Anderson, Ann Hanson, and Marty Lindgren will have


 

Our cultural theme: “Innovations from the Nordic Countries.” The Souvenir Program Book has articles about Nordic innovations. Take part in the Program Book: submit an article or place a company advertisement or booster message in it. For details on submitting an article or placing a company advertisement or booster message, contact Ed Hultgren by sending an email to or by calling (317) 7333493. Our Program Book will be on the District 8 web site as a NEWSLETTER from now until October 1, 2009. From then on, next year’s Convention hosts will begin displaying their Program Book. To access the Program Book on the web, go to:; click on "Lodge Directory" (left side); click on "DL Lake Michigan No. 8 " (left column); click on "Lake Michigan No. 8"; click on "Newsletters"; then click [View] for “Nordic Innovations”.

See your article, advertisement, or message on the internet shortly after you send it to us!


CHAPLAIN’S CORNER A young woman who is near and dear to me is considering which university she should attend. The choice has been narrowed down to two. One is an excellent Midwestern school in a beautiful mid-sized city within easy visiting distance of parents, grandparents, friends, etc. The other is a fairly well-known university out East, demanding higher ACT scores and situated in a large multicultural city. They both have competent Swedish departments for a likely second major. Some of us in the family recommend the latter. "Fly high, dear child! Take in all the possibilities of the world!” Others are saying: “I can’t see you in that big city. Midwest is good.” In the meantime, let me tell you about my dear friends Connie and Jeanne in the Quad Cities (East Moline and Rock Island, Illinois, respectively.) Connie had eight children; Jeanne had five. (My, we were fecund in those days!) All of Connie’s children went to college - some getting advanced degrees; none of Jeanne´s kids went to college. Connie´s kids settled all over this country - New Jersey, Colorado, and Seattle, Washington. Jeanne´s children stayed in the Quad Cities. Every holiday and every grandchild milestone Connie traveled. On the airlines, she bought Grandma´s Specials --- buy ten, get one free. In the Quad Cities she only had us --- friends. Jeanne had large family picnics / swim parties --- I was invited to many -- and watched her grandchildren grow up in front of her very eyes. Both Connie´s and Jeanne´s children achieved a measure of success. Do we urge the young ones to spread their wings, because we, ourselves, regret stopping halfway in pursuing those golden opportunities? Do we wish to keep her close, because we need her more than she needs us? Is it too much about ourselves? Inez Törnblom, Viljan No. 349 Chaplain, District No. 8

KAPLANENS HÖRNA En ung flicka, som står mig när och kär, går och funderar på vid vilket universitet hon ska studera. Hon tänker allvarligt på två. Det ena är en utmärkt skola i mellanvästern i en vacker, medelstor stad inom bekvämt avstånd för föräldrar, mor- och farföräldrar och vänner att komma och hälsa på. Det andra är ett ganska välkänt universitet på ostkusten, som fordrar högre betyg och ligger i en mångkulturell storstad. Båda erbjuder svenskundervisning, som vore bra som ett andra huvudämne. En del av oss i familjen rekommenderar det sistnämnda. "Flyg högt, kära barn! Ta för Dig av alla världens möjligheter!" Några andra säger: "Vi oroar oss för Dig i en så stor stad. Mellanvästern är bra." Under tiden vill jag berätta för Er om mina kära vänner Connie och Jeanne i Quad Cities (East Moline och Rock Island, Illinois, respektive). Connie hade åtta barn; Jeanne hade fem (Oj, vad vi var bördiga på den tiden!) Alla Connie’s barn gick på universitet - några tog avancerade examina; inget av Jeannes barn studerade vidare. Connie’s barn slog sig ner på olika ställen över hela kontinenten - New Jersey, Colorado, and Seattle, Washington. Alla Jeanne’s barn stannade kvar i the Quad Cities. Varje stor helg och till barnbarnens milstolpar reste Connie. På flygbolagen köpte hon mormors specialerbjudanden --- köp tio och få en resa gratis. Hemma i Quad Cities hade hon bara oss --vänner. Jeanne ställde till med stora 4:e juli picnics och familjeträffar --- jag blev bjuden på många --- och hennes barnbarn växte upp vid mormors knä. Både Connies och Jeannes barn fick många framgångar i livet. Yrkar vi på att de unga ska breda ut sina vingar, för att vi själva ångrar, att vi gav upp halvvägs till de gyllene målen? Vill vi behålla henne nära, för att vi behöver henne mera än hon behöver oss? Handlar det alltför mycket om oss själva? Inez Törnblom, Viljan No. 349 Kaplan, District No. 8

NEWS FROM LOCAL LODGES SILJAN-MORA-TUNA # 134 12 December 2008: Anna-Lisa Castle represented VASA District Lodge Lake Michigan No. 8 as our Lucia candidate, sponsored by the Central Swedish Committee of Chicago, Illinois. Pictured at right are Anna-Lisa Castle and Nancy Hult, celebrating Lucia at the Daley Center, in downtown Chicago, Illinois. [See page 9 under “Letters To The Editor”.]

18 January 2009: Our lodge held a belated “Holiday Party” since the weather prevented us from having the meeting in December to celebrate the Christmas season. We meet on the third Sunday of

the month at United by Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church in Evergreen Park, Illinois. 15 February 2009: We held the installation of Officers. For 2009, they are: Past Chairman – Sten Hult; Chairman – Lisa Cianci; Vice Chairman – Ted Emmett; Recording Secretary – Nancy Hult; Financial Secretary – Jackie Moline; Treasurer – Barbara Emmett; Chaplain – Andrea Wilczynski; Master Of Ceremonies – Diane Rosengren; Outer Guard – Ed Mercier; Inner Guard – Mavis Carlberg; Historian – Sten Hult; Cultural Leader – Andrea Wilczynski; Membership Chairman – Howard Rosengren; Publicity Chairman – Rey Carlberg; and Trustees – Sten Hult, Ruth Angshed, and Diane Rosengren; Auditors – Shirley Mercier, Audrey Hiryak, and Keith Cianci.

5 Special guests were: Bill and Sheila Lundquist, members of Viking No. 730, Flint Michigan. Bill, who is the Vice Grand Master of the Vasa Order, is also our District Deputy so he did the honors of installing our officers. Sheila, District Master of District Lodge No. 8, assisted with the ceremony. Siljan-Mora-Tuna No. 134 celebrated a 101st birthday in February. A catered dinner was served with many delicious desserts. 15 March 2009: The annual Italian Party was the special treat for this month. The Italian Food was prepared by Lisa Cianci, Chairman of our lodge. We have enjoyed this yearly treat for several years now. 19 April 2009: We will observe the Easter season with traditions and customs from Sweden; our cultural leader, Andrea Wilczynski, has been presenting information and news items from all the Nordic countries at each meeting. submitted by Nancy Hult

LINNÉ # 153 December 2008: The yearly Christmas Party was held for Linné Lodge No. 153 at Perkin's Restaurant in Elkhart, Indiana, with 16 members in attendance and a guest, Mika Roinila, who was a former citizen of Finland. The meal consisted of the individual's choice from the menu. (right) Virginia O’Hair receives her 25 year membership pin from Russell Anderson.

Virginia O'Hair was presented a 25 Year Membership Pin by Past Chairman, Russell Anderson. Virginia O’Hair gave a little talk about her 25 years with Linné Lodge No. 153.

(from left) Lou Anderson, Julia Turm, and Marv Anderson

submitted by Lorraine Cooper

SVEA # 253 4 January 2009: The first meeting of the year was busy, fun, and interesting. Three new members were initiated and welcomed: David Duff, and Barbro and David Jarrell. The officers for 2009 were installed; Donna Bergstrom became the new Chaplain and Carol Atherton became the new Historian. We thank our previous Chaplain Susan Swanson for her years of service, and Rosanna Swanson, our capable and diligent Historian for many years. The program was “Athletics in Sweden” and twelve members presented their displays from the International Festival. There was an opportunity to play the game of Kubb. The delicious “Swanson Smörgåsbord” was prepared by Rosanna Swanson, Sarah Swanson, and Susan Swanson. 27 January 2009 : The January “fourth Tuesday” luncheon was held at Bravo! Italian restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana. Eva Berglund, Donna Bergstrom, and Patricia Hoffmann are our dedicated luncheon coordinators. 1 February 2009: The delegates for the District No. 8 convention were elected, and they are Dan Anderson, LaVonne Heighway, Charlotte Swenson, and Jean Tygum. Sarah Swanson will represent Sveaskolan # 210. Marv Anderson presented a video and travelogue program on the trip he and his wife Lou Anderson took to Sweden. They visited many of the homes, churches, villages, cemeteries, and towns of his ancestors.

(above) The school at Dannäs, Småland, where Marv Anderson’s father attended school from 1909 to 1915. (from left to right) Front row: Carolyn Petersen, Elinor Huggett, Pauline Anderson, Mary Freisner, friend of Carolyn Lowery, and Carolyn Lowery. Back row: Russell Anderson, Vince Petersen, Carl Johnson, Virginia Johnson, Ken Huggett, Lori Cooper, Virginia O'Hair, and Mike Roinila.

20 December 2008: The next gathering of members was our monthly Saturday breakfast at Honker's Restaurant in Mishawaka, Indiana. submitted by Virginia Johnson 4 January 2009: At our January meeting, we had the installation of officers by Acting District Deputy from Svea Lodge No. 253 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Marv Anderson, and his wife, Lou Anderson. They brought a high school exchange student, Julia Turm, from the town of Leksand in Dalarna, Sweden, who is staying with Lou Anderson's niece and nephew, Tracy and Jeff Denny, and their daughter Cami in Constantine, Michigan. We enjoyed a Scandinavian Pot Luck and fellowship.

The building in Dannäs, Småland in which Marv Anderson’s father attended school was still in use in 2007 as a Day Care Center. (right) Sågkvarnen, Saw Mill," in which Anderson’s father, Viktor Andersson, raised.

"The Marv Karl was

Marv Anderson’s father, Karl Viktor Andersson, was raised at Sågkvarnen, "The Saw Mill", from age 1 to probably age 16 when he went to live with the parish priest as the gardener. From there he emigrated to the USA in 1922 at age 19. Of course, the house has been painted and changed from those days.

6 Delicious refreshments were prepared by Sophia and Dan Anderson, Katherine Gagné, and Mary Ann and Pat Peterson. 24 February 2009: The “fourth Tuesday” luncheon was held at the Adam’s Mark Hotel restaurant near the airport in Indianapolis, Indiana. The menu included a salad bar, main dishes, soup, and a pasta bar where one’s selections were cooked to order. Thank you to Eva Berglund, Donna Bergstrom, and Patricia Hoffmann for organizing this delicious event. 1 March 2009: The program “Swedish Textiles” was presented by guest speaker Carol Hassemer from Jubileum No. 755 in Madison, Wisconsin. Many Vasa members enjoyed her program at the District No. 8 Convention in May 2007. Local lodge members brought some of their own Swedish textiles to show: table runners, napkins, towels, fabric samples, scarves, shawls, garments, and other cloths. Tempting refreshments were provided by Faye Bevelhimer and Carin Young. 24 March 2009: A luncheon and Swedish Mysteries program was held at The Mystery Company bookstore with lunch served by The Monon Chocolatier, Salwa Heile. Lunch included French sandwiches on baquettes, Moroccan salads, beverages, and specialty chocolates. The Mystery Company is a charmingly appointed bookstore with shelves full of mysteries, comfortable seating, and a meeting room for our lunch. There are numerous mystery books written by Nordic writers from all the Scandinavian countries. It was a great place to meet, eat, and discuss mysteries.

VILJAN # 349 24 January 2009: The 11th Annual Scandinavian Breakfast was held at Geneva Lutheran Church. Members started the New Year with resolutions to be active in Vasa and joined together for a hearty breakfast of Scandinavian treats. Our grateful thanks to the Becks, Susan and Tom Cleveland, Charlotte Miller, Barb Olson, the Radtkes, and the Stopkas for helping with the breakfast. This was followed by the installation of Officers for 2009, initiation of new members, and a special raffle of a variety of Scandinavian items generously donated by lodge member Elizabeth Doering. The articles ranged from fine linens to books, and all were from Scandinavia. Congratulations to all our newly installed Officers. The meeting and refreshment coordinators were Mary Jean Nystedt and Susan and Tom Cleveland. It was a great way to kick off the New Year 2009 with Vasa and Viljan lodge! 26 February 2009: Scandinavian Desserts were featured at the meeting at the Batavia Civic Center. Sing a song of kronor, a pocketful of rye, Four and twenty Viljan members baking --- oh my! When the sweets are eaten, the members all begin to sing, Oh wasn’t that delicious, we love that sort of thing! This event of sweet treats was a delicious way to spend the evening. Members brought favorite Scandinavian desserts and memories about them; they were homemade, store bought, or a recipe handed down through the generations. From pepparkakor to rice pudding, to princess torte, and everything in between --- it was a Tasty Evening! Ruth Beck and Marilyn Wenberg were the coordinators. 7 March 2009: “The Jewels Of Scandinavia”, the Scandinavian Park, Inc. Annual Dinner Dance was held at Des Plaines Elks Club to benefit Vasa Park. There were great raffle prizes, good food, good music, entertainment, and an opportunity to meet a variety of interesting people from the Scandinavian community, all with a common interest in preserving Vasa Park for future generations. It was a wonderful night out for a great cause! Thank you Jack Grandin for taking the reservations. 26 March 2009: The meeting was held at Batavia Civic Center.

LINDE # 492 January 2009 : Beginning with the January 2009 issue of the “Linde Nytt” newsletter of Linde Lodge No. 492, local lodge and Vasa members will find the “Linde Nytt” on the website. Co-editors Marge Gruel and Liza Ekstrand are happy with the results. By having the newsletter on the website, “Linde Nytt” can be read as soon as it is uploaded, and there is a cost savings as well. 18 January 2009 : Installation of officers for 2009 was held at Redemption Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The officers are: Past Chairman – Marge Gruel; Chairman – Brent Erickson; Vice Chairman – Rolf Ekstrand; Recording Secretary – Liza Ekstrand; Vice-Recording Secretary – Eleanor Flood; Treasurer – Marianne Ekstrand; Financial Secretary - Marge Gruel; ViceFinancial Secretary – Patricia Nordquist; Cultural Leader – Sonia Stephenson; Children’s Club Supervisor – Anne-Marie Hummel; Chaplain – Leona Rynders; Master Of Ceremonies – Lillian Larson; Historian – Liza Ekstrand; Trustees – Jake Gruel, Les Touve, and Brent Erickson; and Auditors – Rolf Ekstrand, Elaine Johnson, and Marge Jothen. Appointed Officers were: Vasa Star Representative – Liza Ekstrand; Sick Committee Chairman – Les Touve; Linde Nytt Co-Editors – Marge Gruel and Liza Ekstrand; and Sunshine Committee – Marion Bruce. Chairman Brent Erickson welcomed Paul Gjenvick, originally from Minnesota, who will help with “webduties”. District Deputy David Tollin brought greetings from his home lodge Brahe No. 245, Rockford, Illinois. The Skansen Children’s Club joined us for the annual Julgransplundring. A pot luck dinner followed with members bringing a variety of many delicious dishes to share. 7 February 2009 : The local lodge hosted a soup lunch social following the business meeting. 7 March 2009: A soup lunch social began the afternoon at Christ the Victor Lutheran Church. Members brought delicious accompaniments to share with the soup: sandwich components, crackers, cheese, and dessert. Birgit and Jim Moxon gave an interesting program on their recent travels to Ecuador while on a medical mission. A short business meeting followed the program. 14 March 2009: Marge Jothen and Mary Stetson presented a program on Swedish melodies to the Swedish American Historical Society, Wisconsin. 21 March 2009: The Annual Swedish Pea Soup and Pancake Dinner was held at the Norway House, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This was a fundraiser for both Linde and Skansen Children’s Club. Many helpers shared the work working in the kitchen, serving the dinner, donating wonderful baked goods for the bake sale and items for the raffle, and helping with the cleaning. Tack for supporting this annual event!

SATELLITE # 661 4 January 2009 : A meeting was held at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan. A program on “Fishing In Sweden” was presented by Rob Groesbeck. The refreshments were Scandinavian fish dishes brought by the members, and included recipes so that everyone could try the fish dishes at home. 1 February 2009: Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan was the venue for the February meeting. Installation of officers for 2009, initiation of new members Holly Jensen and her son Brett Jensen, and the election of delegates for the 2009 District No. 8 convention were the highlights of the business meeting. The program was a “White Elephant Sale”, which included both Scandinavian items and non-Nordic items. Minimum bids were posted for each item and an auction was held. Roger Drong coordinated the “Ärtsoppa och Plattar med Lingon” (Pea Soup And Pancakes with Lingonberries) supper which was served afterwards.

7 1 March 2009: The program was “Living through World War II in Norway”. Refreshments included Semlor buns. submitted by Bruce C. Miller

BISHOP HILL # 683 25 January 2009: The Installation of Officers for 2009 was held. Chairman – Jeff Anderson; Past Chairman – Sally Nelson; ViceChairman – Morris Nelson; Recording Secretary – Judy Anderson; Assistant Recording Secretary – Dianne Lindborn; Financial Secretary – Nan Swanson; Assistant Financial Secretary – Mary Bjorling; Treasurer – Lars Jenner; Master Of Ceremonies – Russ Swanson; Assistant Master Of Ceremonies – Lowell Bjorling; Cultural Leader – Patty Christianson; Chaplain – Gwen Strand; Auditors – Mary Bjorling, Mike Wendell, and Lynn Myer; Trustees – Rollie Krause, Sue Schulz, and Mary Ann Spiegel; Historian – Joel Bjorling; Color and Banner Bearers – Harlan Nelson and Dale Spiegel; Guard – Warren Schulz; Pianist – Kathryn Carlson; Assistant Pianist – Joel Bjorling; Cheer Chairman – Helen I. Anderson; Nominating Committee – Jeff Anderson, Randy Anderson, and Sally Nelson; VASA Archives Representative – Lars Jenner; VASA Star and Correspondent To Sweden – Lars Jenner. Refreshments were prepared by Sally and Harlan Nelson, and Mary Ann and Dale Spiegel. 22 February 2009: Delegates to the District No. 8 Convention were elected. Refreshments were prepared by Mike Wendell, Thelma and John Larson, Marian and Louis Nelson, and Betty Lindborn. 27 March 2009: A program was presented by Mike Wendell on the Civil War. This was followed by a Pea Soup and Swedish Pancakes supper. The refreshments were coordinated by Sue and Randy Anderson, Patty and David Christianson, Pride Of The Family, and Cathy and Karl Johnson.

JUBELIUM # 755 14 December 2008: Our annual Luciafest was held on a warm (for December!) and rainy Sunday at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. This year’s Luciafest was attended by about 60 people, including several first-time visitors to the Lodge. By acclamation, this year’s smörgåsbord was better than ever. Maybe they really were better than ever this year, or maybe we are just growing more fond of them. The deviled eggs went especially fast! Also by acclamation, the singing of Christmas carols, led by Gunnard Swanson, was cut short to welcome the Luciatorg. 2008 Lucia Court: (left to right) Parker Girard, Hannah Girard, Molly Eckerle, Hanna Rubasch, Erica Turrell (Lucia), Emily Rubasch, Emily Nelson, and Calvin Waity.

We resumed the caroling after the Luciatorg recessional, and were then served the traditional

lussekatter and pepparkakor by Lucia and her court. Finally we began our trips to the dessert table. Like the deviled eggs, the apple crisp went fast! 11 January 2009: We met at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church with guests Jake and Marge Gruel of the District Lodge Lake Michigan No. 8, who presided over the installation of our 2009 officers. The January program featured Lodge member Gunnard Swanson, speaking on the topic of “Swedish Hymns in America: From the Homeland to the Heart”. Many hymns beloved by Swedish - Americans had their origins in the Pietist experience. Pietism was a largely informal movement of individuals who had personally experienced the grace of God through faith in Christ, in a way that they felt was not clearly expressed in the state churches of Europe. The personal faith of the Pietists, specifically the assurance of God’s care and a future home in heaven despite the trials of earthly life, found some of its clearest expression through music. Gunnard Swanson focused specifically on Swedish - American hymnists Nils Frykman (“I Have a Future All Sublime”), Johannes Hultman (“Thanks to God for My Redeemer”), Andrew Skoog (“We Wait for a Great and Glorious Day”), and Lina Sandell (“Children of the Heavenly Father”). The musical elements of hymnody --- contrast, balance, and suspension --- were enthusiastically explained by Gunnard Swanson, and then he led us in singing numerous examples, in both Swedish and English. 8 February 2009: The program, “Tur och Retur: Exploring Family Roots in Skåne and Blekinge”, was presented by Lodge member Ray Wahlton. Swedish and American history truly come alive when entwined with family stories of Lodge members. We learned of Grandpa’s life as a sea captain, the emigration of his children to America, and the temporary return of young Ray and his mother to Sweden while his father, a mechanical engineer, found employment with AT&T in Chicago, Illinois during the Great Depression. The Wahltons’ home provinces were part of Denmark, not Sweden, prior to the 17th century and the Danish influence showed in the spelling of the patronymic form of Grandpa’s name, “Jönsson”. As patronyms gave way to chosen surnames in the last half of the 19th century, the family took the name “Wahlton”. The atypical spelling survived Ellis Island and made it easy to find Ray’s family in the telephone directory, even in a large city like Chicago, Illinois!

2009 Officers of Vasa Jubileum Lodge # 755: (left to right) Ray Wahlton (Past Chairman), Robert Merrill (Historian), Lois Fride (Recording Secretary), Marshall Berg (Vice Chairman), Ulla Swanson (Financial Secretary), Hans Fride (Cultural Leader), Ralph Stromquist (Chairman), and Gunnard Swanson (Membership Secretary). At the far right are Marge and Jake Gruel of District Lodge Lake Michigan No. 8.

submitted by Robert Merrill Jubileum # 755 Historian


UPDATE YOUR MAILING LIST! Local lodges should update their mailing list regularly. Membership lists change frequently because of initiations, moves, and deaths, and there may be errors from previous lists. Misdirected mail results in added expense for the Grand Lodge, the District Lodge, and your Local Lodge. You may request a current list of who receives the VALTHORNET and the VASA STAR by contacting Cathy Anderson, Circulation Manager, 13194 North Woosnam Way, Oro Valley, Arizona 85755; e-mail: Cathy Anderson will update your mailing list with your help. Please keep the list current and correct.




December 2008: Skansen Children’s Club was at their best at

9 February 2009: We kicked off our season with an Open House where we served pizza and cake. Al Spiller, an educator who is a specialist on Games of the World, came to entertain; he involved the children with a cute and fun game played with strings. He has some Scandinavian games that he may share with us when he comes for another visit some time. March 2009: We will be having our Springfest on 26 April 2009 in Dyer, Indiana. This time, it will be a program followed by desserts and coffee. The children will perform a program called "I Skogen" all about songs that represent summertime in the forest.

the Annual Lucia Festivities. In 2008 it was celebrated several times and we had two beautiful Lucia’s, and other cuties. (left) Lucia Annika Martenson (right) Lucia Elizabeth Greene

SVEASKOLAN #210 A very important event was brought to Sveaskolan's attention by our teacher, Sara Olsson. Princess Victoria became engaged on Fat Tuesday, Fettisdag. This is a big event for Sweden, and many people remember the King and Queen's wedding and subsequent birth of the princess. March 2009:

District Lodge Lake Michigan No. 8 Children's Clubs are: Vårblomman #54 - North side and suburbs of Chicago, Illinois Förgät Mig Ej #64 - Cary, Illinois (Far Northwestern suburbs of Chicago) Skansen #113 - Milwaukee and suburbs in Wisconsin Nordikids #208 - Northwest Indiana and far southern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois Pride of the Family #209 - Bishop Hill and Western Illinois towns Sveaskolan #210 - Indianapolis, Indiana and suburbs I can be reached by telephone at: 219-923-8777; or you can always email me at: (Be sure to put the word "Vasa" in the subject area) Supporting our youth is the best way to ensure that Vasa will continue into the future! In Truth and Unity, Lynda Ann Smith District Lodge # 8 Youth Supervisor / Grand Lodge Youth Director

(above) Sam Minix and Lola Wasserman

(above) Santa and Krister Martenson

(above) Luke Lorback

SCANDINAVIAN FESTIVAL The Nordic Council of Wisconsin presents their Nineteenth Annual Indoor Scandinavian Festival on 2 May 2009, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, at Hales Corners Lutheran Church, 12300 West Janesville Road, Hales Corners, Wisconsin. This Scandinavian Festival has many highlights and wonderful surprises.

Entertainment Milwaukee Festival Brass Finnish Septet, the Edvard Grieg Chorus, the Lekspel Scandinavian Musicians Gammaldans Music, Line / Kipakat Folk Dancers, and Lykkeringer Norwegian Folk Dancers, both Youth and Adults.

Children’s Activities Sami Exhibits Raffle Prizes

Food Danish Aebelskiver, Finnish Makkara and Pulla, Smørgåsbord Plate, Swedish Pancakes, Meatballs, and Rosettes, Danish Kringle and Breads, Norwegian Lefse and Cookies, Big Olaf’s Supercones, and Beverages.

Arts and Crafts Sales and Exhibits from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

Demonstrations Hardanger and Rosemaling

Genealogy Consultants


VASA ORDER OF AMERICA LOCAL LODGE LORE Under this heading, as space permits, we will print the stories of how our

The History of


local lodges were started. The articles will be printed in the order in which they are received.

Siljan-Mora-Tuna Lodge No. 134 contains the merger of three lodges. Siljan No. 151 was organized on May 4, 1909 as a women's lodge. The name Siljan was decided on because it had a Swedish ring to it. It is the name of a beautiful lake in the Province of Dalarna. Mora Lodge No.183 was organized on January 9, 1911. The name Mora was also taken from Dalarna; it is a town by Lake Siljan. Tuna Lodge No.134 was organized on February 4, 1908. Originally the proposed name of this lodge was to be "Roosevelt" after Theodore Roosevelt who was president at that time. There was a group of young men who had started a "gym activity club" a

few years earlier. The name of that club was Eskil, the first part of the city Eskilstuna in the Province of SĂśdermanland. When these young men began to organize this lodge, they suggested the last part of Eskilstuna as its name and so the name became Tuna. The merger of Mora and Tuna Lodges was held on February 28, 1959. It was decided, since many men chauffeured their wives to Siljan Lodge meetings, to combine the three lodges. That merger took place in January of 1967 In Truth and Unity, Sten Hult, Historian

District Cultural Leader’s PROGRAM CLEARING HOUSE In this corner of the newsletter, the District Cultural Leader will present interesting and enjoyable program possibilities that are available for local lodges to consider. The first program in this series is:

"Swedish Textiles" presented by Carol Hassemer, a member of Jubileum No. 755. "Swedish Textiles" includes: the history of Swedish textiles; the various influences of Swedish nobility and foreign influences on the variety and quality of textiles over the years; colorful slides of the Flemish weaving techniques of rolakan and flamskvavnad that were brought in by Gustav Vasa in the 1500's; and the ways the peasant people decorated their homes with white ceiling cloths and wall hangings for festive occasions. Time of program: 45 minutes Equipment needed: laptop computer, large screen or wall, projector

Charge: gas mileage only Lodging: a room overnight, if distance requires it. Carol enjoys meeting people and staying in private homes. Carol Hassemer brought this program to Svea No. 253 on Sunday, March 1st and it brought rave reviews by our members! To complement her presentation, Carol Hassemer had many textile samples illustrating the wide variety of textiles and techniques. In addition, members of Svea No. 253 were invited to bring in samples, which made for a lovely and interesting display, and a participation activity. Contact Information: Carol Hassemer 3 Deer Point Trail Madison, Wisconsin 53719 Home telephone: 608-278-8842 Email: Iva Lynn, Svea No. 253 District Cultural Leader


The Valthornet is now available on the VOA web site. To access the quarterly Valthornet newsletters on the web, go to: ; click on "Lodge Directory" (left side); click on "DL Lake Michigan No. 8 " (left column); click on "Lake Michigan No. 8"; click on "Newsletters"; then click on the date of the Valthornet desired.


LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Dear Editor, My granddaughter, Anna-Lisa Castle, had the honor of representing VASA District Lodge Lake Michigan No. 8 as our Luciacandidate in Chicago, Illinois. During Friday and Saturday, she took part in four Lucia programs, at Maria Pappas, Cook County Treasurer’s office and the Daley Center in the Loop, as one of twenty Swedish organizations, and at the Swedish American Museum and Ebenezer Lutheran Church, both in Andersonville, Chicago. Anna – Lisa Castle

She wanted to visit Marge and Jake Gruel’s and Liza Ekstrand’s Lucia celebration, so on Sunday we travelled to the Milwaukee suburbs and took part in their wonderful program. Liza Ekstrand and her children’s group put on a tremendous Lucia tableau, complete with Lucia, tärnor, stjärngossar, tomtenissar and pepparkaksgubbar. Afterwards we moved to the community hall for open-faced sandwiches and dancing around the Christmas tree where both grownups and children took part. We danced all the old, fun songs, Nu Är Det Jul Igen, Små Grodorna and many, many more. Anna-Lisa Castle is eighteen years old, and is a senior at Fremd High School, Palatine, Illinois. Thank you to Linde Lodge for making Anna-Lisa and me feel so welcome. What a delightful season this is! Inez Törnblom Viljan # 349

Dear Editor, Thanks for the inclusion of the "Program Corner" in the Valthornet. I believe it is one way to get programs out to lodges that are eager to improve monthly meetings. I also understand that this library will only be effective if lodges send in suggestions. The next step in this process is to encourage local lodges to videotape their programs. There are some terrific programs presented by lodges in District Lodge Lake Michigan No. 8. These wonderful programs could be distributed for other lodges in our district to enjoy. It has happened in Madison, Wisconsin, that members of our lodge have said, “That was a wonderful program. We should have that program on tape." If lodges taped programs, the presenters could be given a memory of their presentation. The program could be saved and shown again at a later date. The program could be sent to a central District Lodge Lake Michigan No. 8 “library” and shared with other lodges in need of a program during the year. I am very glad that Sheila Lundquist, our District Master, brought the idea to the Executive Board meeting and that the Valthornet has shared this idea to a wider audience. If we find ways to promote this "project" and encourage lodges to send videotapes or PowerPoint presentations to a central location, over time we will have programs in the District Lodge Lake Michigan No. 8 "revolving library system" for everyone to enjoy. Sincerely, Gunnard Swanson Madison, Wisconsin Jubileum # 755

GLAD PÅSK! --- HAPPY EASTER! The Swedish for Happy Easter is GLAD PÅSK! In Sweden long ago, Easter was thought to be the witches' time. In western Sweden they lit Easter bonfires, at which people would scream and yell to frighten away the witches. On Maundy Thursday the witches were said to fly off to "Blåkulla" and return again on the Saturday. [Read more about the Easter traditions on the pages created by Luleå University.] Nowadays, children dress up as Easter witches on the Thursday before Easter and go from house to house and are given gifts or money - very similar to the North American Halloween. After the long fast during Lent, eggs were eaten in celebrations, often taken from the nests of the spring birds. Children would play games with eggs - such as rolling the egg. The older children in Skåne would assemble at a special celebration where they would dance, play games, and eat eggs. The Easter egg has a long history. In graves from B.C. in Gotland, colored clay eggs were found. They were painted in red and yellow as the eggs represented the sunrise and sunset --- and even today the Swedes, like other Europeans, paint their eggs at Easter. As a reminder of Christ's suffering, young people would thrash each other with silver birch twigs on the morning of Good Friday. These silver birch branches, decorated with brightly colored feathers, were the origin of both the Lent and Easter decorated branches. Semlor are special buns that used to be associated with Lent but now seem to be sold earlier and earlier in the year! They consist of a sweet bread bun with the middle scooped out and filled with marzipan and whipped cream. Lamb is often eaten at Easter, and so are many of the dishes that are also eaten at the Christmas Smörgåsbord. GLAD PÅSK!



LOCAL LODGE CONTACTS District Lodge Lake Michigan No. 8 Convention Siljan-Mora-Tuna # 134

29-31 May 2009, Marten House, Indianapolis, Indiana

Evergreen Park, Illinois Lisa Cianci

(708) 352 – 0042

Siljan-Mora-Tuna #134 Thor # 147

19 April 2009 – Swedish Easter Tradition Channahon, Illinois

(815) 467 – 6287

17 May 2009 – Norwegian Independence Day --- Potluck Supper Sandra Fletcher

14 June 2009 – Reports from Convention; Ice Cream Social Linné # 153 South Bend, Indiana

(574) 264 – 6223

20 September 2009 – Pizza Party; White Elephant Sale Russell Anderson

18 October 2009 – Halloween Costume Party; Soup Supper Kronan # 179

29 November 2009 – Holiday Party; Election Of Officers Chicago, Illinois

(847) 677 – 5181

Svea #253 John Nygard

Bessemer # 203

5 April 2009 – “Swedish Provinces”, by Charlotte Swenson and other members Evergreen Park, Illinois

(773) 239 – 1855

3 May 2009 – “Swe-Danes with Svend, Ulrik, and Alice Babs”, by Ann Katrin Roth Britt Nilsson

7 June 2009 – “The Battle Of Poltava”, by Ed Hultgren Brahe # 245

14 June 2009 – Midsommar at the home of Brenda Myers and James Lindgren Rockford, Illinois

28 June 2009 – Chellberg Farms Midsommar with Dans Norden Dancing Group

(815) 877 – 5996

Charlotte Tollin

Svea # 253

8 August 2009 – Kräftskiva at the home of Charlotte Swenson Indianapolis, Indiana

(317) 733 – 3493

Edward Hultgren

13 September 2009 – “Sweden’s Castles”, by Jenne Swain 4 October 2009 – Swedish Art, by Dr. Michelle Facos 1 November 2009 – International Festival Theme Program by various members

Nobel # 288 Moline, Illinois

(309) 797 – 6914

Linda Lootens

20 - 23 November 2009 – International Festival, Indianapolis, Indiana Viljan # 349

6 December 2009 – Lucia Festival and Dinner Batavia, Illinois

(815) 895 – 2102

Linde #492 Thomas Cleveland

27 June 2009 – Midsommar at Old World Wisconsin Austin # 466 Chicago, Illinois

(773) 477 – 0875

5-6 December 2009 and 12-13 December 2009 – Annual Christmas Dinner Robert Oberg

Fundraiser: “A Swedish Traditional Christmas Dinner” at Old World Wisconsin. Linde # 492

Joe Harbor #534 New Berlin, Wisconsin

(414) 962 – 8920

May 2009 – 80th Anniversary Brent Erickson

Satellite #661

Joe Harbor # 534 Saint Joseph, Michigan

(269) 926 – 6303

5 April 2009 – Egg Crafts and Egg Dishes Eleanor Anderson

3 May 2009 – Planning Crayfish Boil and Midsommar; “Scandinavian History” Satellite # 661

20 June 2009 – Midsommarfest at Cadwallader Park, Richland; Potluck Kalamazoo, Michigan

(269) 692-3818

6 September 2009 – Crayfish Party and Plan Fish Boil; Learning Scandinavian Songs Bruce Muller

Bishop Hill # 683

4 October 2009 – Fish Boil;UN General Secretaries Trygve Lie & Dag Hammarskjöld Bishop Hill, Illinois

(309) 932-3403

1 November 2009 – Election of 2010 Officers; Veterans’ Program; Military Rations Judy Anderson

12 December 2009 – Luciafest: Pageant & Christmas Celebration; Cookies / Glögg Hagar # 721

Bishop Hill #683 Des Plaines, Illinois Keith/Carrrie Emrikson

(847) 297-4645

4-5 April 2009 – Spring Jubilee; enjoy coffee & cookies in shops and museums Viking # 730

25 April 2009 – Valborg Bonfire at VASA Archives; Swedish Stomp & Skamperoo Burton, Michigan

(810) 639 – 6705

15-17 May 2009 – Quilt Show; “Buttons, Butterflies, and Batiks” Eric Swanson

22 May 2009 – Memorial Service; Cultural Report; “Pottery” by Jeffrey Goard Lindgren # 754

27 June 2009 – Midsommar Celebration at Historic Park and the Colony School

Green Bay, Wisconsin Ray Suennen

(920) 662 – 1088

11 July 2009 – 18th Annual Country Antique Market Jubileum # 755

24 July 2009 – Picnic and Potluck at Galva Park; District Cultural Report Madison, Wisconsin

(608) 835 – 7151

26 July 2009 – Antique Car Show Ralph Stromquist

1-2 August 2009 – Midwest Folk Festival with music, dance, and artisans Nordik Folk # 761 Dyer, Indiana

(219) 845 – 6948

Mike Pearson

15 August 2009 – Pie and Ice Cream Social Fundraiser for Heritage Association 15 – 16 August 2009 – Clay and Fiber Fest; Pottery Workshop, Spinning, Weaving 12 September 2009 – Old Settlers’ Day; celebrate the 163rd anniversary of Colony

LOCAL LODGE CONTACT LIST 13 September 2009 – Colony School Reunion 25 September 2009 – Wiener Roast & Potluck at Archives; “VASA” by Lars Jenner 26-27 September 2009 – Jordbruksdagarna Agricultural Days 23 October 2009 – Cultural Report; “Voices Of The Past” by Cheryl Dowell 20 November 2009 – Election Of Officers; Cultural Report; “Variety Show Night” 5 December 2009 – Christmas Party Smörgåsbord and Lucia Program

The contact list includes a name, location, telephone number, and/or e-mail address for each of the 19 local lodges in District #8. [Some data is available on the VOA web site.] Please send your contact information to Joella Hultgren (editor) at: or; (317) 733 – 3493; or 13650 Amblewind Place, Westfield, Indiana 46074 – 8227.

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CONVENTION 2009 DISTRICT LAKE MICHIGAN No. 8 The next District Lodge Lake Michigan No. 8 Convention will be at the Marten House in Indianapolis, Indiana, from 29 - 31 May 2009. Svea Lodge # 253 is the host lodge. Contact Edward Hultgren, Chairman, Svea # 253, for more information: or

VASA BRIDAL CROWN Our District has a beautiful gold bridal crown available to members and their children and grandchildren. This crown carries the tradition of Sweden where many churches provide such a crown for the use of their congregations. An application to use it must be completed, and after the wedding, we ask that the crown be returned along with a photograph or two of the bride wearing it on her wedding day. If you or someone in your family is planning a wedding, consider taking advantage of this special opportunity. Call me at 877–923–8777 (toll free) or email at Lynda Smith

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