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Types of Hydraulic Cylinders

Tie Rod Cylinder - Tie rod cylinders are mainly used for industrial applications and make use of high strength threaded steel rods for the cylinder barrels two end caps. For large bore cylinders around 16 to 20 tie rods are required while in case of small ones 4 tie rods do. Tie rods can be easily disassembled for repair and maintenance purposes.

Telescopic Cylinder

Welded Body Cylinder - In welded body cylinders, barrel is directly welded to the end caps and no tie rods are required. The front rod gland is bolded or threaded into the cylinder barrel while the ports are welded to it. Due to this design, the removal of rod seals and piston rod assembly for service is possible.

Duplex Cylinder

Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders - In single acting cylinders the working fluid acts on piston’s one side only and hence it is known as single acting cylinder. For pushing the piston in the other direction, the single acting cylinder relies on springs, load, momentum of a flywheel and other Double Acting Cylinder cylinders. Universally used in reciprocating and internal combustion engines and a few external ones like steam and stirling engines, single acting hydraulic cylinders are also used in hydraulic rams and pumps as well.

Double Acting Cylinder

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Types of hydraulic cylinders  

Used for providing unidirectional force through unidirectional stroke, hydraulic cylinders are apparently mechanical actuators.

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