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Hydraulic Cylinders in UK – Many Types Many Applications

• The main function a hydraulic cylinder is for providing unidirectional force via unidirectional stroke. As mechanical actuators, these cylinders are available in different kinds which include tie rod cylinders, position sensing cylinder, plunger cylinder, differential cylinder, telescopic cylinder, power steering cylinder, but to name a few.

• Hydraulic cylinder Design UK – A hydraulic cylinder is made up of a cylinder barrel, piston rod, piston, cylinder base, sea gland and seals basically but it does have other components also which include cylinder base connection, butt plates, pivot pins, cylinder head caps, cushions, spherical ball bushings,  but to name a few.

• Welded body cylinders – In these type of cylinders, end caps and the barrel are welded together and hence, the use of tie rods is eliminated. The ports are welded to the front rod gland which is threaded or bolded into the cylinder barrel. As these cylinders are short in length they can be confined into the machinery easily as compaed to the tie rod cylinders.

• Telescopic cylinder – A telescopic piston is made up of two pistons. The reason is that at times the length of the connections is not able to accommodate in the cylinder. Hence, the piston rod is used as the piston barrel and the use of second piston is made inside it. Highly expensive cylinders as compare to other conventional cylinders, telescopic cylinders are multi stage units with one to five stages.

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Hydraulic cylinders in uk – many types many applications