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LODE ETHOS Collectively Organized Distributed Ecosystem (C.O.D.E)


This overview has been created in support of the operations of the LODE Community. Its purpose is to provide the guiding principles or operational ETHOS to the Service Providers that are the stewards of the LODE Community - it behaves as a Collectively Organized Distributed Ecosystem (C.O.D.E). It is the responsibility of each Service Provider to uphold the LODE Ethos in their interactions with the LODE Community. As a Service Provider to the LODE Community, each provider commits to being humble, diligent, cooperative, helpful to fellow service providers, to keeping a positive outlook and resisting negative thinking, to being encouraging, and maintaining continuous self-reflection with a mindset of growth and cooperation. Accepting challenging assignments, fearlessly pursuing objectives and holding to the standards of the community - will help the LODE Community to transcend and restore silver to the monetary system. WE INVITE SERVICE PROVIDERS TO BE COURAGEOUS AND TO WORK COLLECTIVELY TO CHANGE THE WORLD! Welcome to the LODE Community!

This is our C.O.D.E.


SPIRIT Unity, Cooperation, Faithful and Fearless, Humility, Courage

TALENT Service providers create a Meritocracy governance model - an influential group of people selected for their abilities. Bring their true skills to the table

OBJECTIVES Solve inefficiencies in the market allowing for the use of silver as money, build the monetary mass MANDATE/VISION To restore silver as a global monetary system

CREED/ETHOS Authentic, Disciplined, Autonomous, Security, Fellowship




UNITY/COOPERATION Collaboration, collective effort, strength in numbers FAITHFUL/FEARLESSNESS Belief in what we are doing, leadership from the heart, bravery to take on the unknown HUMILITY humble in our approach, the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people COURAGE Courage is at the core of LODE, we have the courage to work in unison, to be faithful and fearless about accomplishing the objectives and we do so with humility













LODE is; Authentic, D Autonmous Fellowship

Disciplined, s, Security,


Authentic True selves, true skills

Bring your true skills to the table, don’t dilute the effort • Be radically open with communication • Speak your mind & share your ideas 100% of the time • Allow for constructive disagreement, utilize conflict to solve problems • Service Providers create a type of Meritocracy Governance- an influential group of people selected for their abilities (LODE is for the people, by the people) • Create a system and features that the community wants • Add real value & create efficiencies • Strive for greatness • Work fast, but not hurried • Don’t waste time/ money • Fail quickly, learn and iterate and move forward


Disciplined Collaborative, Decentralized Operations

No order is disorder, the natural order of LODE is found in Objectives & Key Results - we use OKR’s as a mechanism for reaching objectives with transparency • Commit and submit • Work on core products & services with an undiluted straight line to accomplishing objectives • Perfect is the enemy of good • Find and solve problems – share results and ideas • Brainstorm solutions – be open to others ideas


Autonmous A system that runs itself

Being data-driven is a core practice • Everyone is a user, including the Interfix • Embrace a starfish model for Service Providers that creates a platform for redundant systems. Any individual in the system can fall away and another can enter the system to assist or replace • Envision and build for a system that employs selfsustaining practices

Security No.1 Priority in building tech and relationships

There will be hacking attempts, be prepared (Hope for the best, plan for the worst) • Security is practiced at every level of the ecosystem • KYC/AML best practices where required are a must • Authentication of technology, service providers, users, ambassadors, affiliates and members is required • Be mindful and aware of possible threats to the Community and its systems • Continue to learn so that we may strengthen our Community


Fellowship An ecosystem of equals

We all win when the community wins • Leverage relationships & create functional partnerships • Expand the community & ecosystem • Work together and collaborate to achieve objectives • Do what it takes to help others in the ecosystem • Every Service Provider plays an important role • Our efforts are united by a common mandate and focus on our objectives • We build and practice trust across the ecosystem • Be mindful and supportive of other service providers, members, and users within the Community • Continue to learn and share knowledge so that we may strengthen our ecosystem


LODE is; Authentic, D Autonmous Fellowship

Disciplined, s, Security,

And last but not least, work hard and have fun*.