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Dragon News

Lake Orion Community Schools

March 2013

Dragon Art contest winner by Catherine R., LOHS

Dear Parents and Community, The Board of Education offers seven scholarships each year to graduates:

o Ambassador Scholarships: High School (2) - $2,000.00 each o Honors Service Scholarship: High School - $1,000.00 o Outstanding Service Scholarship: High School - $1,000.00 o Vocational/Technical Scholarship: High School - $1,000.00 o Ambassador Scholarship: Adult Education - $1,000.00 o Ambassador Scholarship: Learning Options - $1,000.00 AMBASSADOR SCHOLARSHIP: HIGH SCHOOL This scholarship has been established to recognize two students who have demonstrated commitment to the goals of scholastic achievement, community service, and responsible citizenship toward which our school aspires. Applications are available in the high school office and online. Winners will be announced at the Senior Academic and Honors Ceremony on June 3, 2013. HONORS SERVICE SCHOLARSHIP: HIGH SCHOOL This scholarship has been established to recognize a student who has contributed outstanding service to Lake Orion High School through his/her high school years. Applications are available in the high school office and online. Winner will be announced at the Senior Academic and Honors Ceremony on June 3, 2013. OUTSTANDING SERVICE SCHOLARSHIP: HIGH SCHOOL This scholarship has been established to recognize a student who has contributed outstanding service to Lake Orion High School through his/her high school years. Applications are available in the high school office and online. Winner will be announced at the Senior Academic and Honors Ceremony on June 3, 2013. VOCATIONAL/TECHNICAL SCHOLARSHIP: HIGH SCHOOL This scholarship was established to recognize outstanding performance and achievement in a vocational or technical program. Winner will be announced at the Senior Academic and Honors Ceremony on June 3, 2013. AMBASSADOR SCHOLARSHIP: ADULT EDUCATION This scholarship has been established to recognize a student who has demonstrated commitment to the goals of scholastic achievement and responsible citizenship toward which our school aspires. Applications are available in the Adult Education office and online. Winner will be announced at the Adult Education Graduation Ceremony on June 10, 2013. AMBASSADOR SCHOLARSHIP: LEARNING OPTIONS HIGH SCHOOL This scholarship has been established to recognize a student who has demonstrated commitment to the goals of scholastic achievement and responsible citizenship toward which our school aspires. Applications are available in the Learning Options office and online. Winner will be announced at the Learning Options Graduation Ceremony on June 10, 2013.

The application deadline for all scholarships is Thursday, May 16, 2013. Please see our website at:

for more information regarding eligibility criteria. Artist: Jackie P., Waldon Middle School, Grade 8

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From the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment The Michigan Department of Education has publicly released the results of the fall 2012 Michigan Education Assessment Program (MEAP), the annual statewide assessment for Michigan students in Grades 3-9. Lake Orion students have exceeded both State and County averages in all subjects, and at two grade levels, Lake Orion is ranked first in Oakland County in reading! In looking at all of the 28 districts in Oakland County, Lake Orion students rank: 

3rd in Reading - grades 3 through 8

7th in Mathematics - grades 3 through 8

4th in Science - grades 5 & 8

7th in Social Studies - grades 6 & 9

4th in Writing - grades 4 & 7

Lake Orion in State's Top 20% of Students Achieving Beyond Expectations Bridge Magazine, in collaboration with the Lansing-based research firm Public Sector Consultants, created a ranking system measuring a school’s test scores adjusted for student family income, which is often a predictor of academic achievement. In essence, it is a ranking not of achievement, but overachievement. The analysis shows which Michigan schools do the best job in adding value – helping students succeed beyond expected achievement. According to the analysis, a Value-Added Matrix (VAM) score of 100 indicates students are achieving at expected levels for their income level. The higher a school's score, the better their students are performing on standardized tests. Scores below 100 indicate that students are not achieving at expected levels for their income level. With a VAM of 105.5, Lake Orion ranks in the state’s top 20%; 109th overall out of 560 school districts. In Oakland County, Lake Orion ranks 7th out of the 28 school districts. The chart at right shows the top 10 Oakland County school districts and their state ranking. This study’s data is only one tool we use to evaluate our yearly progress and shows positive results for Lake Orion Schools. While this is only one indicator of our ongoing efforts for academic improvement, it does show that all of our Lake Orion Schools are providing value greater than what is expected.










South Lyon












Lake Orion



Walled Lake



Huron Valley



West Bloomfield



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Lake Orion Schools Named High Performing Reward Schools The Michigan Department of Education has named six Lake Orion Elementary Schools as "High Performing Reward Schools" for 2012-13. Only 344 of the 4,247 schools in Michigan received this designation. High Performing Schools demonstrate high achievement on state assessments in all five core subjects (reading, writing, math, science and social studies), are high on improvement, and are closing the achievement gaps! Lake Orion’s High Performing Reward Schools for 2012-2013 are: 

Carpenter Year Round Elementary

Orion Oaks Elementary

Paint Creek Elementary

Pine Tree Elementary

Stadium Drive Elementary School of the Arts

Webber Elementary

From the Technology Department: New Website Coming Soon! The Lake Orion Community School District expects to debut our new website sometime in the month of March. The new website will have a clean, fresh look and have a simpler and more intuitive flow. Are you a parent looking for a form? Click on the Parents link! Are you a student trying to locate a flyer? Click on the Student link! You can easily follow the path to what you need. Another exciting feature of the new site is an integrated District calendar. Users will be able to view events on a District level, school level, or with multiple sites displayed at once! Websites for the individual schools are also part of this makeover. You’ll notice a consistent look amongst the schools so that no matter which school site you go to, you’ll always know where to find what you need.

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From the Special Education Office: The Lake Orion Special Education Department provides an array of programs and services to meet all students’ individualized needs. It is our pleasure to work with families to collaboratively ensure an appropriate education for all. The key component to our success is our students, staff, and parents. Families are encouraged to work with the school their child attends to maximize their child’s educational experience. IF YOU THINK YOUR CHILD MAY NEED SPECIALIZED PROGRAMMING:

    

Meet with your child’s teacher or counselor. Share your concerns and ideas. Develop a plan for working together. Share information you have from outside sources. School personnel welcome input from family doctors, tutors, private therapists, etc. Talk with the principal. Often he/she can work with parents and teachers to come up with helpful new strategies or mobilize additional resources. You may wish to request a Student Support Team meeting involving one or more of your child’s teachers. Contact the Special Education Office if you have specific questions about evaluations or programming under IDEA or Section 504 at 248.693.5430. Address questions about services for preschool aged children at the Special Education Office.

Contact the Special Education Office immediately if you suspect your child has a disability.

Short and Sweet 

Betsy Bonfield, 8th grade American History Teacher at Waldon, received a $700 grant from the “Target Field Trip Grants”. The money is being used for a trip to the Lorenzo Cultural Center at Macomb Community College where students will explore an interactive exhibit about Industrialization and Reform Movements and see a guest speaker that portrays Susan B. Anthony and Juliette Gordon Low.

LOHS student, Timothy Giggie qualified as a semifinalist in the 2013 National Merit Scholarship Program.

LOHS Special Ed Staff received a $1000 grant from the Autism Society of Oakland County to reinforce job skills for students with autism.

Stadium Drive School of the Arts 2nd Grade Teacher Carrie Price received a $750 grant from the Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union. The money will be used to purchase an iPad and apps for her classroom.

Betsy Bonfield

Carrie Price

Lake Orion High School was awarded a $135,000 grant from Orion Community Cable Communications Commission. The grant provides for the replacement of core elements of the LOHS control room and TV studio. The equipment is used by all 8 Dragon Broadcasting classes, from Introductory Broadcast 1 all the way up to the capstone Television Production Workshop course, which is now in its 27th year! The New Studio Equipment

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From the Office of Human Resources: Teacher of the Year Awards Honor Lake Orion’s Gems! Lake Orion is pleased to announce this year’s district nominees for the Oakland County Teacher of the year award. This prestigious annual award program began in 1987 to honor and reward teachers who have achieved, through their effort and example, the highest standards of excellence in their profession. As in previous years, Lake Orion has nominated teachers at each level. Nominees must be exemplary, certified, full-time teachers in grades Kindergarten through twelve, who are employed in a public school in Oakland County and have a minimum of five years of classroom teaching experience.

This year’s high school nominee is Kari Hayes who joined the district in 2002 as a Special Education teacher, transition coordinator, and Special Olympics Coach. Kari’s instructional innovation is matched only by her enthusiasm and compassion for the students and families that she serves. Parent after parent and colleague after colleague testify to Kari’s remarkable energy and drive as she partners with community and county agencies to find the educational and emotional support that her students need to succeed.

Kari Hays—Special Education—LOHS

This year’s middle school nominee, Toni Rossi from Scripps Middle School, is also a career special education teacher who joined Lake Orion in 1997 after 8 years as a teacher in Chicago, Illinois. Toni is described by peers as a nurturing teacher who is especially effective at making even the most apprehensive student feel welcome in the classroom. A leader in Special Education, Toni serves as Department Chair, helping to ensure that all students are provided individualized and effective programs that match their specific needs. Peers describe Toni as a person who is uniquely able to diffuse a tense situation or assist a frustrated parent, helping them to understand the bigger picture. Toni Rossi—Special Education—Scripps

Second Grade Pine Tree Elementary teacher, Michelle Russell is this year’s elementary nominee. Michelle is not only a talented teacher who is knowledgeable about curriculum and effective teaching strategies, but she is also a leader who assists teachers throughout the district and elsewhere with reading and writing workshops. Michelle’s labs are visited by teachers beyond Lake Orion’s boundaries who wish to learn more effective strategies to keep students enthusiastic and highly engaged. Michelle Russell—2nd Grade—Pine Tree Elementary

Kari, Toni and Michelle will now be considered with nominees from all other Oakland County districts for the county level award and will be recognized at a celebration in their honor on May 9, 2013.

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From the High School: Lake Orion Student to Sing in National Honor Choir Alexis Sargent, an LOHS 10th grader, has been named to the American Choral Directors Association National Women's Honor Choir. The choir will perform at the ACDA Conference to be held in Dallas, TX in March. Alexis was accepted based on an audition submitted electronically. Lake Orion had a total of four students who applied to the competition which had over 3600 applicants. Alexis has loved singing her entire life. She has had the opportunity to sing solos at church programs and services since she was in 2nd grade. In addition to participating in the school choir, show choir, and plays, Alexis performs with Peanut Gallery Players throughout the year at charity events such as Crittenton Hospital fundraisers, Feets for Seats, and Rochester Spotlight. She also participates in plays performed by Peanut Gallery Players. In past years, she has been ‘Kim’ in Bye Bye Birdie and the ‘Star to Be’ in Annie. Alexis is also a competitive dancer and participates with her team in a variety of dance competitions. Alexis has participated in Regional and State Honors Choir and has been invited to participate in All-State Honors Choir. At this time, her career goal is to be a choir teacher who runs the school's musical theater program.

State Honor Choir Singers Perform in DeVos Symphony Hall in Grand Rapids Lake Orion’s State Honor Choir students experienced exhilarating performances in DeVos Symphony Hall at the Michigan Music Conference. The Honor Choir program is run by the Michigan Vocal Music Association (MSVMA) which also offers students opportunities for performance and adjudication through a variety of festivals. Students earned their places in each of the choirs through a rigorous individual and small group audition process beginning last October and continuing through December into January. The audition includes an evaluation of their tonal quality, intonation, pitch and rhythmic accuracy, and stylistic accuracy. Congratulations to Lindsey Eveland, 9th, Hannah Albright, 9th, and Maryanne Roughton, 9th who performed with the Middle School/Junior High SSA Honor Choir on Thursday evening. This choir of 99 students from around the state of Michigan was directed by Lake Orion’s own Deborah Fristad. At the conference, our students performed as follows: 

Alex Capasso, 12th, in the TTBB Choir conducted by Mr. Steve Lorenz of Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor

Alexis Sargent, 10th, in the SSAA Choir conducted by Ms. Sheri Tullch of Grand Ledge High School

Olivia Demmers, 11th, and Evan Thurwachter, 12th, in the SATB Choir conducted by Mr. Steven Hinze of Chelsea High School

The Honor Choir concerts were open to the public and were held in conjunction with the 8th annual Michigan Music Conference for music educators at the Grand Rapids Convention Center.

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Dragon Art Contest Inspires High School Artists The LOHS Art Club sponsored a dragon art contest to find the perfect dragon to hang in Principal Stephen Hawley’s office. Almost 30 pieces of art were created, resulting in a very difficult decision regarding the winner. The first place winner was Catherine Robertson, whose creation is featured on the front of this Dragon News. When asked about her art work, she said, “At first, I wanted to do my own interpretation of the Lake Orion dragon based on the story of the Lake Orion dragon, but I didn't want to be confined to just that. I ended up creating a water dragon to go along with the Lake Orion theme, although the dragon is just from my own ideas and how I would imagine a water dragon to look. I think that everything underwater is beautiful, and I wanted to incorporate that into the colors of the dragon and the background." Some of the other entries are pictured here and throughout this publication.

Nina Matharoo—12th grade

Kelsey Bird —12th grade

Riley Crandall —11th grade

Thomas Gawne —12th grade

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Marie Pozan—12th grade

Grace Scoville—10th grade

Emily Phipps—12th grade

Jordyn Lance—11th grade

Allison Crick—12th grade

Camille Boker—11th grade

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Lake Orion High School Students Win Regional Scholastic Art Awards Congratulations to these high school students who won regional scholastic art awards. Their work is being displayed in a regional art show from Feb. 16th - March 8th, at the College for Creative Studies. All Gold Key work will be judged at the national level in March. Award winners are shown below, and the Gold Key recipients in bold received a Gold Key for their entire portfolio. Congratulations to all!

, Lauren Abbasspour—Silver Key Painting

, Caitlyn Diroff—Silver Key Photography

, Mathew Aeillo—Gold Key Portfolio

, Leona Flowers—Honorable Mention Photography

, Matthew Aeillo—Silver Key Sculpture

, Sean Goodall—Gold Key Portfolio

, Matthew Aeillo—Silver Key Sculpture

, Sean Goodall—Gold Key Painting

, Kelsey Bird—Gold Key Portfolio

, Sean Goodall—Gold Key Painting

, Kelsey Bird—Gold Key Drawing

, Sean Goodall—Silver Key Painting

, Kelsey Bird—Silver Key Drawing

, Sean Goodall—Silver Key Painting

, Kelsey Bird—Silver Key Drawing

, Sean Goodall—Silver Key Painting

, Kelsey Bird—Honorable Mention Drawing

, Sean Goodall—Honorable Mention Painting

, Kelsey Bird—Honorable Mention Mixed Media

, Mary Hudson—Silver Key Photography

, Kara Calvert—Gold Key Photography

, Mary Hudson—Honorable Mention Photography

, Kara Calvert—Honorable Mention Photography

, Lexi Mannino—Silver Key Photography

, Thomas Connolly—Gold Key Photography

, Lexi Mannino—Honorable Mention Painting

, Thomas Connolly—Silver Key Photography

, Jon Monat—Silver Key Digital Art

, Leah DeGhetto—Gold Key Portfolio

, Alex Rogala—Silver Key Film & Animation

, Leah DeGhetto—Gold Key Drawing

, Nicholas Sally—Honorable Mention Drawing

, Leah DeGhetto—Silver Key Drawing

, Olivia Spolyar—Silver Key Photography

, Zachary Diener—Gold Key Ceramics & Glass

, Elena Stewart—Honorable Mention Photography

, Zachary Diener—Honorable Mention Ceramics & Glass

, Evan Thurwachter—Gold Key Photography

, Zachary Diener—Honorable Mention Ceramics & Glass

, Rebecca Zimmerman—Silver Key Drawing

, Zachary Diener—Honorable Mention Ceramics & Glass

, Colin Zyrek—Silver Key Photography

, Caitlyn Diroff—Gold Key Photography

, Colin Zyrek—Silver Key Design

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Kelsey Bird - Gold Key Portfolio - LOHS

Gold Key Winner

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Lake Orion Athletes Commit to College Sports Several Lake Orion High School Athletes have committed to playing their sport in college. The final signing period will be on April 17th, with more signings expected then. Congratulations to the following athletes and their families: T. J. Carey - University of Missouri - Track & Field, Cross Country Derric Williams - Eastern Michigan - Football Chaz Miller - Saginaw Valley - Football Hannah Kish - Pfeiffer University, N.C. - Soccer Ryan Lambrecht- Madonna College - Baseball Nick Deeg - Central Michigan - Baseball Alex Waelchli - Oakland University - Golf Beth Guigere - Siena Heights - Lacrosse

LOHS Freshman Wins Design Competition Lauren Gamboa, a freshman at Lake Orion High School, has won the design competition for the 2013 Michigan Wild Turkey Cooperator patch contest sponsored by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Gamboa, who was an eighth-grader at Waldon Middle School in Lake Orion when she submitted her design, created a patch using drawings of feathers from a turkey’s breast, wing, and tail as part of her design. “The first thing I think about when I think of turkeys is the feathers,” Gamboa said. “I like the feathers, especially the black and white (wing) ones.” Gamboa’s design will grace the commemorative patch that is available through the Michigan Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation.

The Winning Patch Design

Don’t forget! Friday Night Family Splash Bash! The 2nd Friday of every month Pay cash at the door: $4.00 children (12 & under) $5.00 for adults.

Splash Bash Dates: March 8, April 12, May 10, & June 14 Hours: 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm Lauren Gamboa with Her Award

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Lake Orion High School Students Reach Out to Support Peers

Given the continued high rates of teens in crisis and suicide among adolescents and young adults (1524 years of age), the Lake Orion Community Schools has initiated a promising and innovative program of student-to-student support. A key to addressing these issues is getting students involved in a unified and ongoing approach to helping each other. Based on their desire to help their peers, 100 student volunteers have been empowered as the first SOS (Students Offering Support) team to create a culture of awareness about teen crises and break down the barriers and stigmas surrounding mental health issues and youth suicide. In an all-day session, the SOS team was trained to recognize signs of mental health distress in key areas (e.g. depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and substance abuse) and how and where to seek help if an individual needs it or if they have reason to believe their peers are showing signs of crisis. The training included how to effectively present this information to others so that over the next two months the SOS team will be going from class to class to educate their peers about crisis warning signs and provide information and resources about how and where to seek help. This first phase of the SOS program includes a unique activity, “GOto5”, that will result in every LOHS student having identified five personal resources/people they can go to if they need help or support. The SOS team will lead this activity with the outcome that every student will create a small card with the names and contact information of their personal resources that they can carry with them at all times as a reminder that they have others in their life that love, care, and are there for them if they need help or just someone to talk to. The goal of the SOS program is to have an ongoing student-to-student system of support in place to provide help to anyone in crisis. “It's clear that our students want to be part of the solution, and if we don't involve them, we are underutilizing a valuable resource,” said Superintendent Marion Ginopolis.

For further information about the SOS program, contact Superintendent Marion Ginopolis (248-693-5414) or LOHS Counselor Michele Novak (248-693-5638)

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From the Middle Schools: Middle Schoolers Engage in Battle of the Books Lake Orion’s middle schools once again competed in the Battle of the Books. A Waldon team, The Liberologists III, consisting of Raven K., Michael L., Maddie L., Tristan M., and Jaylen S., emerged in first place. The Scripps’ team Teddy Bear Doom proudly took second place, and there was a tie for third between Scripps’ The Bibliophiles and Waldon’s Masquerade Readers. All through the battle, the middle school teams showed great sportsmanship, and all of the teams did a wonderful job preparing for the battle! 1st Place—The Liberologists II—Waldon MS

2nd Place—Teddy Bear Doom—Scripps MS

3rd Place—The Bibliophiles—Scripps MS

Scripps NJHS News The NJHS chapter at Scripps has been keeping busy during the past few months. In November, they held their annual Orion/Oxford FISH Drive. From November 26 through December 14, personal needs items were collected in STAR classes to help supply the FISH organization. Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap, as well as paper towels, tissue, and cleaning supplies filled their collection boxes. Mrs. Griswold and her student helpers were able to fill a truck with the donated products. In December, NJHS Scripps members were involved the AngelFISH program. They “adopted” children in need and supplied them with gifts for the holidays. Enough money was raised to provide support to four children last year!

3rd Place—Masquerade Readers—Waldon MS

Elizabeth Prebus 10th grade

Mackenna Hren 10th grade

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Waldon Team Wins The Michigan Award The Waldon Team 8B class of 2012 was recently presented with The Michigan Plaque award from Keep Michigan Beautiful in the Youth and Schools Division. The Michigan Plaque is given for outstanding effort by a group or an individual in furthering the goals of KMB. The teachers and 90 eighth grade students participated in an Adopt-a-Road service learning project in Orion. They filled 60 plastic trash bags full of trash for the 2.3 miles of roadway along Waldon Road near the school. The students tracked the amount of trash they picked up as a part of the project. Records indicate they picked up over 5000 pieces of trash, including everything from cigarette butts to discarded wooden pallets. The service learning project provided funds for their field trip to Waste Management’s Eagle Valley landfill and the GM Orion Plant. The students learned about recycling, reducing, and reusing plus the process which converts the landfill’s methane gas to energy.

Oakview Student is Two-Time Spelling Bee Champ Kyle M., a student at Oakview Middle School, became the school’s first 2-time school Spelling Bee winner with back-to-back victories this year as an 8th grader and last year in 7th grade. He went on to take 13th at the Oakland County Regional Spelling Bee last year and will compete there again this year on Sunday, March 17. Kyle is a straight-A student at Oakview and is a member of the National Junior Honor Society. He is an avid reader and his favorite subjects are Science and History. His school activities include Science Olympiad, Battle of the Books, Media Production, Choir, and Ski Club. Outside of school, Kyle enjoys piano, swimming, horseback riding and pudding. Kyle spends his summers at Upland Hills Summer Camp where he is a Counselor-inTraining. He is really looking forward to attending Lake Orion High School in the Fall.

Scripps Students Give a Helping Hand In November, the Scripps Student Council sponsored a food drive. Scripps students collected over 3,500 food items that were donated to the Lake Orion Lions Club and Orion/ Oxford FISH organizations. In December, Scripps Student Council sponsored a giving tree, and Scripps students donated new hats, mittens, and scarves that were given to the Lake Orion Lions Club.

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Waldon Students Win Creative Awards Waldon Middle School students earned 13 awards in the 2013 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition. This is a very prestigious National competition for 7-12th grade students, and it is a great honor to be selected. Their work was honored at an awards ceremony on February 16th and will be on display at The Center for Creative Studies in Detroit through March 8th. Following is a list of winners. GOLD KEY: Anna C. (Drawing) Sam S. (Painting) SILVER KEY: Erin F. (Painting) Belina G. (2 awards in Painting) Jaclyn P. (Painting)

HONORABLE MENTION: Ellery A. (Painting and Photography) Calvin B. (Painting), Melanie C. (Painting) Peri K. (Mixed Media) Leo N. (Painting) Katie O. (Photography) Anna C. 8th grade

Sam S. 8th grade

Ryan Beatty Visits Lake Orion Schools Singing sensation Ryan Beatty visited Oakview Middle School in January to spread his anti-bullying message. Ryan has become one of the entertainment industry's newest breakout stars. His ability to perform live sets shows that he is extremely talented, and he continues to please his fans as his music climbs the iTunes charts. Ryan has partnered with Defeat the Label, a non-profit organization that brings awareness of bullying issues and has been traveling to various schools across the U.S. to send an important message about self-empowerment as a call to action to stop bullying. Even with Ryan's exceptionally busy schedule in the music industry, he remains dedicated to stopping bullying and empowering teens across the nation. Defeat the Label chose to bring Ryan Beatty to Lake Orion because of the district’s continuing commitment to stopping bullying through district-wide initiatives such as the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.

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Lake Orion Middle School Students Perform in All-State Band Several Lake Orion High School and Middle School students earned the honor of performing with the All-State Bands as part of the Michigan Music Conference in January. The performances were held at DeVos Hall in Grand Rapids. The following students performed there: All-State HS Band

All-State MS Band

Thomas Vieira, trumpet Emma Pendergrass, alto saxophone

Scripps Morgan H., oboe Payge L., horn Trent B., percussion

All-State HS Jazz Band Raymond Whittenberg, baritone saxophone

Waldon Keara K., baritone saxophone Oakview Gina T., horn

Middle Schoolers ‘Hitting the Slopes’ The snow is excellent on the slopes at Pine Knob this year! Students are tackling advanced hills with no fear, riding the moguls, and having a really great time. Miss Jennifer Pleva is the new club sponsor. She herself enjoys skiing and plans to try snowboarding before the end of the season. Pine Knob is a premier ski resort with 6 chairlifts, 3 terrain parks and a wall. They also have 17 runs and 3 snowboard parks, so there is plenty to keep everyone busy

Megan Prawdzik– 10th grade

Amanda Baumgart- 10th grade

Katherine Purvin- 10th grade

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From the Elementary Schools: Carpenter Kids Re-Create Lake Orion Dragon What did the Lake Orion Dragon ‘really’ look like? That’s the question that some Carpenter Elementary students were tasked with answering. These scientists were studying heredity; they were learning how traits are passed from parents to offspring. They were given a genetic code and had to determine the recessive and dominant traits, such as skin color, eye color, horns, wings, etc., that their dragon would have. Other than those specifics, they could be as creative as possible—and they were!

Paint Creek Science Fair & Art Show Paint Creek Elementary hosted its annual Science Fair and Art Show on Thursday January 28th. Each and every Paint Creek student participates in the Art Show, and this year over 65 students entered to compete in the Science Fair. Students were judged in multiple categories with prizes being awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and Outstanding Achievement. Paint Creek 1st grade students displayed their animal dioramas, 4th grade students displayed their lighthouse projects, and Mrs. Dukus’ 5th grade students displayed their DNA Dragon projects. The Paint Creek Science Fair and Art Show is sponsored by the amazing PTO and is put on by our awesome parents!

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Blanche Sims Elementary Events Blanche Sims’ students have been busy with many extra–curricular and co-curricular activities. Check out the fun!

Daddy-Daughter Dance

5th Grade Musical

Lego League

Webber Artists Honored Webber Elementary had six students whose art work was selected to be on display at Oakland Schools. Students selected were first grader Alekya L., second grader Danielle D., third graders Joseph R. (photo of art work attached) and Kylie Y., and fifth graders Alex R. and Alex B.

Page 19

Community Circles Students and staff at Paint Creek Elementary participated in a building-wide assembly to introduce Community Circles. Community Circles is a program designed to develop and build community among all grades in the school. During the assembly, they shared the definition of a community (those that LIVE, WORK, PLAY and SOLVE PROBLEMS together) and a slide show of students and staff doing many of these activities. Community Circles has students meet in mixed grade-level classes every other week for 25 minutes with their Community Circles teacher and classmates. Every Community Circles lesson focuses on one of the Pillars of Character which is the foundation of the school. During the assembly, they also shared how we all can and should be “bucket-fillers” not “bucket-dippers” each and every day. Three amazing 5th graders read the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud, a native of Brighton, Michigan. Twenty students who have shown outstanding character this school year were recognized.

Orion Oaks Has Talent! Orion Oaks Elementary held their annual Talent Show in January. Students could perform individually or as part of a group and were required to participate in a tryout before being accepted. Here are some photos of the awesome acts that were part of the show!

From Early Childhood: Lake Orion Early Childhood Great Start Parent Conference On Saturday, April 27, the Lake Orion Community Schools Early Childhood Department will host the 7 th Annual Great Start Parent Conference and Resource Fair at the CERC building. Lake Orion Community Schools along with the Michigan Department of Education Great Parents - Great Start, the Great Start Collaborative, and Oakland Schools will offer the conference FREE to all parents with children from newborn through five years old throughout the county. To register, please visit the Early Childhood website in March.

Come Take a Peek—Open House

New Family 2013-14 Open Registration

Thursday, March 7, 2013—5:30 - 7:00 pm

Monday, March 25, 2013 from 7:00 am - 7:00 pm at CERC

Meet teachers and visit classrooms at Community Educational Resource Center (CERC). For more information please call 248-693-5439.

Early enrollment is recommended to receive desired program.

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Lake Orion Community Schools Administrators Marion Ginopolis - Superintendent Heidi Kast - Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment John Fitzgerald - Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance Larry Lobert - Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

Lake Orion Community Schools Board of Education Debbie Porter - President Birgit McQuiston - Vice President Melissa Miller - Secretary Jim Weidman - Treasurer Steven Drakos - Trustee Connie Meech - Trustee Bill Holt - Trustee

District Vision: Educating our students for the challenges of tomorrow District Mission: Providing an exemplary education for all learners

Lake Orion Community Schools Administration Building

315 N. Lapeer Street Lake Orion, MI 48362 248-693-5400

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