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The philosophy of the tournament is based on the principles of "Fair Play", all decisions to be taken, and the behavior of players, coaches, assistants and referees will be based on this ethic. This creates a discipline committee shall consist of one representative from each team, along with two members organizing committee and two representatives of the arbitrators. The organizing committee is responsible for the direction tournament, with the planning calendar of matches schedules and issues rules to follow during the event.

We want to win the tournament of friendship. Regain a sense of play, as a satisfying and enjoyable activity fun. fair play is our objetive.

Accreditations May be conducted from Thursday 09 from 17:00 h to 21:00 h. in Hall inter-core. If any team issues travel is not possible at this time should inform the organizing committee to fix it later. Not be accepted no accreditation has not paid participation fees. Registration The completion of registration is scheduled for 05/20/2011 ... After this date any application will be reviewed by the organizing committee, which may accept or reject the request. The final list of players must be submitted at in the maximum enrollment deadline, may be amended to make the badges. Any additional player after closed accreditations and final list of participants will studied by the organizing committee. Teams will consist of a maximum of 18 components, can not be enrolled in more than one team the players. Each player will sign a statement the practice of physical exercise which is responsible for their fitness to perform practice of handball. Shirts colors It must have two different types of T-shirts colors, the referees conduct a review of these colors before each game, which they believe may cause confusion, the team listed second in the schedule should change its color. The numbers Each player takes on his shirt should be same throughout the tournament, not being used by any other player.

Event period 10-11-12 June 2011 Registration The registration form can be filled out online, whether it offers problems, download the file in "Documents"and send it via email to our address before May 20, 2011 along with proof of income Tournament bank account. Must appear on the bank payment receipt to the legend: "CuotaTorneo 2011"

Accommodation alternatives Special rates for our hotel partners tournament Event Venue (indoor – halls) Four indoors Halls Age Categories Men 35+ (born before 31.12.1976) Men 45+ (born before 31.12.1966) Women 33+ (born before 31.12.1978) Women 43+ (born before 31.12.1968) •

Participation fee per player 50€. (contribution infrastructure + opening party+Saturday lunch)

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Bank account CTA. BANCO PASTOR.- 0072-0769-01-0000100440 IBAN: ES53 0072 0769 0100 0010 0440 B.I.C.: PSTRESMM SWIFT: PSTRESMM

About Locos del balonmano tournament  
About Locos del balonmano tournament  

Tournament for Masters Handball in Puerto Sagunto, Valencia, Spain