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Villa Turquesa Menu If you would like the Cook to prepare meals for you, please let them know at least one day in advance. On the day you want the meal, you will need to give the Cook the money to purchase the groceries, and for taxi fare approximately $25 USD. The cook service includes preparation of the meal, serving and cleaning up ($4/person for breakfast, $6 for lunch and $12 for dinner U.S.) cost of groceries is not included. If you have a rental car you can take them to buy the groceries, it will be interesting and fun. Be adventuresome! While they do great steaks and hamburgers, why not try something really Mexican. They make enchiladas and fajitas, but we prefer the Tex-Mex version available in the US. They can prepare just about anything you wish… our favorites are listed on the below. So just pick out a couple of appetizers, an entrée, three or four vegetables and a couple of salsas and enjoy the taste of the Yucatan!



Our cook can prepare a variety of dishes for you. You can choose a personal menu from the below selections.

Breakfast Fruit Plate, Granola and Yogurt/ Plato de Frutas, Granola y Yogurt French Toast/ Pan a la francesa Pan Cakes/ Hot Cakes Rancheros Eggs/Huevos Rancheros Motuleños Eggs (with Tortilla and Peas)/Huvos Motuleños Fried Eggs/Huevos fritos Mexican Eggs(tomato, onion, pepper)/Huevos a la mexicana Scramble eggs with bacon, ham, chorizo, or cheese/Huevos Revueltos con tocino, jamon, chorizo, o queso Ranchero Omelet (onion, garlic, tomato)/Omelet Ranchero(cebolla, ajo, tomate) Ham and Cheese Omelet/Omelet con jamon y queso Bacon and Cheese Omelet/Omelet con tocino y queso Sausage and Cheese Omelet/Omelet con Chorizo y Queso Shrimp Omelet/ Omelet con Camaron Mexican Omelet (Onion, tomato, pepper)/Omelet a la mexicana

Chicken Enchilada/Enchilada de pollo

Cheese Enchilada/Enchilada de queso Chicken Mole Enchilada/ Enchilada de Pollo en Mole Bean and Cheese Enchilada/Enfrijoladas Chilaquiles (Tortillas chips cover with Red Sauce)/Chilaquiles Chicken Chilaquiles/Chilaquiles de pollo    


Mixed Salad/ Ensalada Mixta Fish Ceviche/ Ceviche de Pescado Octopus Ceviche/ Ceviche de Pulpo Shrimp Ceviche/Ceviche de Camaron Conch Ceviche/Ceviche de Caracol (when available) Mix Ceviche/Ceviche Mixto Shrimp Cocktail/Coctel de Camaron Conch Cocktail/Coctel de Caracol Mix Cocktail/Coctel Mixto Cheese Nachos/Nachos con Queso Chicken Nachos/Nachos con Queso y Pollo Chorizo & Cheese Nachos/Nachos con Queso y Chorizo Beef Nachos/Nachos con Carne

Main Dishes Grill Fish Fillet/Filete de Pescado a la Plancha Butter Garlic Fish Fillet/Filete de pescado al Mojo de Ajo Breaded Fish Fillet/Filete de Pescado Empanizado Fried Fish/Pescado Frito Hamburger with Fries/Hamburgesa con Papas Fritas Cheese Burger with Fries/Hamburgesa con queso con Papas Fritas Club Sandwich with Fries/Club Sandwich con papas fritas Chicken Fajitas/ Fajitas de Pollo Steak Fajitas/Fajitas de Res Fried Chichen/Pollo Frito Grilled Chicken/Pollo a la Plancha

Side Dishes

French fries/Papas Fritas Rice/Arroz Beans/Frijoles



Mixed Salad/Ensalada Mixta Cesar Salad/Ensalada Cesar Shrimp Cocktail/Cóctel de Camarón Fish Ceviche/Ceviche de Pescado Octupus Ceviche/Ceviche de Pulpo Shrimp Ceviche/Ceviche de Camaron Conch Ceviche/Ceviche de Caracol Mixed Ceviche/Ceviche Mixto Leak Soup/Sopa de Poro / Leak Soup Lime Soup/Sopa de Lima / Lime Soup Vegetable Soup/Sopa de Venduras Cream of Broccoli/Crèma de Brocoli Black Bean Soup/Crèma de Frijoles Cream of Cauliflower/Crèma de Coliflor Cream of Vegetable/Crèma de Venduras Cream of Carrot/Crèma de Zanorias

Main Dish

Chicken Chicken Pibil (Yucantan Main Dish)/Pollo Pibil Chichen with Mole/Pollo en Mole Chicken Fajitas/Fajitas de Pollo

Beef Steak Fajitas/Fajitas de Res Grilled Steak Kabob/Brocheta de Res

Pork Pork Pibil (Traditional Yucatan Dish)/Cochinita Pibil

Seafood Garlic Butter Shrimp/Camarón con al mojo de ajo Breaded Shrimp/Camarón empanizado Shrimp Kabob/Brocheta de camarón Grilled Shrimp/Camarón a la plancha Garlic Butter Lobster/Langosta al Mojo de ajo Grilled Lobster/Langosta a la Plancha (When Available) Butter Garlic Fish Fillet/Filete de pescado al Mojo de Ajo Grilled Fish Filet/Filete de pescado a la plancha Breaded Fish/Pescado empanizado Cilantro Fish/Filete de pescado al Cilantro Fish with onion, tomato,pepper/Pescado a la Veracruzana

Octopus sauteed with onion/Pulpo encebollado Octopus w/ Pepper/Pulpo Huajillo Squid w/Pepper/Calamar huajillo / squid w/pepper Stuffed Squid/Calamar relleno / stuffed squid Wine Calamari/Calamar al vino / wine calamari Stuffed Pepper with seafood/Chile relleno con Marisco

Vegeterian Tofu and Vegtables Kabob/Brocheta vegetariana con Tofu Stuffed Pepper w/ Veggies and Cheese/Chile Relleno con Verduras y Queso Cheese Enchiladas/Enchiladas con Queso

Dessert Caramel Flan/Flan de Carmelo Fuit Plate/Plato de Frutas Cake/Pastel / Cake Ice Cream/Helado

Side Dishes Mixed Vegtables/Verduras Mixtas Rice/Arroz Beans/Frijoles Salsa/Salsa Mexicana Avodaco Dip/Guacamole

Villa Turquesa Menu  

Riviera Maya vacation rental with special services for vacation renters. The menu is inspired by the local foods of the Riviera Maya, Mexico...

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