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Welcome to Las Behlas, Tulum ******** Check-in and check-out. Guests may check-in at 3:30 p.m. on their arrival date. Check out time is 11:00 a.m. on Saturday (or other date of departure if applicable). Late check-out may be available. Meals, Spa Treatments, etc.. A host of services are available at Las Behlas, including delicious Mexican meals, and massages or yoga with some of Tulum’s best therapists. See the full lists on the next pages, and contact management if you’d like to book services. Internet. Wifi internet is available upon advance notice ($50 per week) – please consult management if you would like this service. Safety and valuables. Please keep your valuables in the safes when on the beach, when you leave and at night. Please also lock your rooms and the house doors when you leave and at night. Cleaning and towels / sheets. Sheets & towels are changed mid-week. If you need additional changes, please ask. Recycling. We provide a recycling basket for glass and cans. We ask that you please rinse recycled items to avoid pests. If bottles come from a case (the corona line), please return empty bottles to the case – these are accepted for recycling separately by the Corona company. Electricity. water, towels, etc. Tulum’s unspoiled beaches are not connected to power or water lines, and Behla relies on re-useable energy and water. Please use enough water, electricity and towels to ensure your comfort, but refrain from wasteful use. Please, only small amounts of paper in toilets. Smoking and candles. Behla has some palapa roofs and ocean breezes coming through, so please no smoking in the house. Fire extinguishers located in the kitchen areas and stairs. Mosquitoes. We recommend closing doors by dusk to avoid mosquitoes in your room at night. Mosquito coils are provided (please use only in the trays). Emergency Numbers Doctor Salvador Emergency / Ambulencia Emergency / Police

984 8070 916 or 984 1149 844 066 or 876 2201 066 or 871-2055

Tips… are very welcome if you are happy with the service.

Spa Treatments, Meals, Excursions, etc. ***** At Las Behlas, we offer a variety of in-villa services, including gourmet Mexican meals, and spa treatments or yoga classes with some of Tulum’s best therapists. Payment will be due in cash on the day before checkout (for meals) or at the time of service (for all other services). Prices are in US dollars, unless otherwise indicated. (Please note that, because our therapists and teachers often rearrange their schedules to accommodate us, full payment will be required for services cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time.)




At Las Behlas, we have drawn on our experience to gather a select pool of the best therapists in Tulum. You may enjoy your treatment in your room, on the beach, as you like…. ●

Reflexology ○ 1 hour (Tania): Massage ○ 1 hour ○ 1.5


$75 hour


Body and facial scrub, combined with massage (upon availability) ○ 1 hour $85 ○ 1.5 hour $115

Yoga Private or semi-private yoga class from a certified yoga instructor: ○ 1-1.5 hours: $75-95

MEALS and BEVERAGES You may have delicious, gourmet Mexican meals prepared and served to you at Las Behlas. Full breakfast, lunch and dinner are available upon a day’s notice, or you may arrange for cooking/ shopping service by the week. ●

Individual Meals (per person prices) $10 for Behla guests ($14 for others)

Full Breakfast: Lunch and Dinner: ○ For 1-2 people ○ For 3 people ○ For 4 people ○ For 5-18 people

Lunch $60 $75 $85

Dinner $80 $95 $110

$20 per person

$27 per person

Cook Service (includes one local shopping trip daily; cost of food is additional) (*available by the week – generally 6 days per week) (*extra charges may apply for non-guests or extra sittings)

Full Service - Breakfast and/or Lunch and Dinner - 6 days per week: For up to 6 people: $870 - ($145 per day) For up to 10 people: $1320 - ($220 per day) For up to 18 people: $1800 - ($300 per day)

Breakfast and Lunch only - 6 days per week: For up to 6 people: $750 - ($125 per day) For up to 10 people: $990 - ($165 per day) For up to 18 people: $1260 - ($210 per day)

Cocktail Hour: Shopping, preparation and cocktail service for 2 hours (*liquor and ingredients billed at cost): For up to 10 people: For up to 18 people:

Cocktails and Appetizers: Cocktail service and a variety of appetizers (approx. 3 hours) (*liquor billed at cost; all other ingredients included in price): $25 per person

$125 $175

Beer: Beers provided in cases are priced as follows: Corona: $1.50 Coronita: $1.00


Laundry =

Shopping service = $20 per local shopping trip, per house (Tulum). (Shopping in Playa del Carmen can be included if for an extra fee.)

Babysitting =

Extra Cleaning = Las Behlas offers basic cleaning service 7 days per week (approximately 2 hours in late morning). If you would like additional cleaning service please arrange it with management in advance. Prices:

$30 per load

Approx. $12 per hour, plus transportation (upon availability)

Afternoon service (2-3 hours, upon availability): One house: $50 per afternoon Two houses: $75 per afternoon Three houses: $90 per afternoon

Additional service:

please inquire


Please inquire if there are additional services not listed here that you would like

MEALS Please order meals 24 hours in advance (with management). * Payments to be made in cash at checkout

Breakfast menu Breakfast includes: coffee and tea; fruit or platanos; fresh juice or agua de fruita; and one of the following dishes: Eggs Mexicana (or otherwise) with black beans Chilequiles Banana Pancakes, or Cheese and/or avocado quesadillas Enchiladas Yogurt and granola

Lunch and Dinner Lunch/dinner includes: A variety of appetizers/side dishes; A main dish (or 2-3 dishes for larger groups); Agua de fruita; and Dessert if you like (*Wine and beer are not included but can be requested)

Main Dishes Camarones a la diabla (shrimp with spicy chipotle – excellent) Fresh ceviche – (camaron / pescado / mixto) Tamalitos de pollo o queso o vegetarian Taquitos Dorado (fried, rolled taquitos) con pollo Chilequile Fajitas de pollo (chicken) Soft Tacos (pollo, pescado) Camarones (shrimp pan fried with garlic, or just butter) Pescado (con ajo a la plancha / Mexicana / breaded) Enchiladas Empanadas de pollo o camaron Quesadillas (cheese and avocado) / Quesadillas Jardinera (with vegetables) Pollo (pollo frito – breaded / a la plancha / Mexicana (with vegetables)) Brochetta a la plancha (camaron / pollo)

Tortilla mixta con camaron y queso y ajo (shrimp, cheese, garlic) Chile Relleno (Stuffed peppers (with queso) Calabasa relleno de verduras (Stuffed zucchini with carrots, red peppers, a little cheese and spices) Calamari (con ajo) A la Plancha / BBQ (whole chicken / spicy chicken wings/ arrechero / T-bone steak (extra charge), grilled vegetables) Verdura a la casuela (vegetable and cheese casserole with a Mexican twist) Mexican Meatballs / Hamburgers

Appetizers and Side Dishes: Fish ceviche; guacamole and chips; Mexican rice and/or beans; french fries platanos fritos o rellenos (fried or with cheese); gazpacho

special house salads: Black bean salad: black beans, avocado, corn, tomato, onion, cilantro, spices Tomato salad: tomatoes, queso doble crema (similar to feta), oil, vinegar and spices (onions optional) Watermelon salad: watermelon, feta and spices Beet salad: Beets, tomatoes, avocado, oil, vinegar and spices Spinach salad: Spinach lettuce, nuts, grapefruit and mango Greek salad: cucumbers, tomatoes, queso doble crema, olives, peppers, onion

Desserts Flan * Arroz con leche * Pan Napolitano (con queso) * French chocolate cake (upon availability extra charge)


Fabulous Muyil Float Tours (Sian Ka’an Reserve) – Our guides offer two “float” tours: Mayan Float and Reef Snorkel Tour - In either of these guided tours of the unspoiled Sian Ka’an reserve, you will take a gorgeous boat trip through turquoise clear lagoons to an ancient Mayan canal where you can dive in and “float” – carried by the gentle current – down the canal (followed by lunch on the lagoon). If you choose the float and snorkel tour, you will also discover the Mesoameri can Reef, the planet’s second largest barrier reef…a spectacular tapestry of coral that is home to dolphins, marine turtles and up to 500 species of fish. Float and Jungle Tour - On the float and the jungle tour, after your “float” (described above), you will walk through the jungle to the impressive ruin of Muyil where you can climb the 17 m high “El Castillo” and enjoy the breathtaking views over the jungle and the lagoon. Your guide will show distinctive plants and trees that are sacred to the Maya. $115 per person (3-7 persons) (children 4-11 years: $95; children under 3: free) Approximately 5.5 hours from 9:30 (meet in biosphere or request pickup in advance) Both tours are private and include: typical Mayan lunch / snack / fruit; purified water / iced tea / juices; shaded boat; entry fees to the Reserve; and a friendly, multilingual and knowledgeable guide.

Fly Fishing Enjoy the fishing experience of a lifetime. The still saltwater lagoons of Sian Ka’an are world-renowned among fly fishers, both for the beauty of the scenery and the quality of the fish. On this world-class fly fishing tour, you can expect to catch a wide range of game fish in cluding tarpon, bonefish, permit and snook. Whether you cast your line in Caampechen, Boca Paila or San Miguel, you can be sure it will be one of the most delightful fishing trips you’ve ever enjoyed. $320 - Half Day / $420 - Full Day - *prices subject to change Tour includes: Fishing Guide, Purified Water, Ice Tea, Typical Mayan Lunch, Snacks, 2 Beers Per Angler, Fishing License. Maximum 2 Anglers Onboard.

Diving and Snorkeling Please inquire for information and prices.

Kite Sailing and Lessons

Please inquire for information and prices.

Art at Behla

At las Behlas, we have started a collection of art made by local or visiting artists that will be displayed throughout our villas for your enjoyment while here, but is also for sale (largely by the artists). We will also host an annual artist residency, the first of which will be in 2012. Through the artist residency we plan to provide a forum for the creation, discussion and display of the arts in Tulum, as well as an opportunity to work and share for the individual artists.

Our first body of work is:

Tulum water colors by Kamilla Talbot. Kamilla Talbot is an accomplished New York painter who paints primarily en-pleinair landscapes in both watercolor and oils. She teaches at the Art Students League and the National Academy in New York, New York, and studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and the New York Studio School. Her work and biography can be seen at Her Tulum paintings are for sale at $500 each.

Behla Villa Menu  
Behla Villa Menu  

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