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Örjan Andersson Art of Spectra Bastard Produktion Philippe Blanchard Christina Caprioli Cullberg Ballet Helena Franzén Sara Gebran The Göteborg Ballet Marika Hedemyr Gunilla Heilborn Malin Hellkvist Sellén Lena Josefsson & KOMPANI RAANDE-VO

MADE IN SWEDEN Jeanette Langert Pontus Lidberg Memory Wax Minna Krook Dans N o r r l ands o p e r an Virpi Pahkinen Claire Parsons Ribbing/Halsackda Reich+Szyber Sirqus Alfon Björn Säfsten Skånes Dansteater Christina Tingskog Åsa UnanderScharin ZebraDans






IETM Stockholm


ISPA June Congress Toronto


Montpellier Danse


MEMBERS OF THE FAIR PROJECT Örjan Andersson/Andersson Dance Art of Spectra Bastardproduktion Philippe Blanchard Christina Caprioli/CCAP Cullberg Ballet Helena Franzén Sara Gebran The Göteborg Ballet Marika Hedemyr/Crowd Company Gunilla Heilborn Malin Hellkvist Sellén Lena Josefsson & Kompani Raande-Vo

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Minna Krook Dans Jeanette Langert Pontus Lidberg Memory Wax Norrlandsoperan Virpi Pahkinen Claire Parsons Reich + Szyber Ribbing/Halsackda Sirqus Alfon Skånes Dansteater Björn Säfsten Christina Tingskog Åsa Unander-Scharin ZebraDans

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The purpose of the Fair Project is to achieve international recognition for the strength of artistic and creative work produced in Sweden. The project explores methods for the international promotion of Swedish-produced touring theatre and dance around the world by means of better visibility at conferences and exhibitions. The Fair Project will participate in the following conferences and exhibitions in 2011: IETM in Stockholm, Sweden; the ISPA conference in Toronto, Canada; and Montpellier Dance, Montpellier, France. The Fair Project 2011 is supported by the members, the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and the Culture Committee of Stockholm. In your hand is a guide and a navigation tool. We hope that it will give you a better view of the performing arts Made in Sweden. There is a lot to discover. The scene is diverse and there are a lot of new young companies and venues working in non-traditional ways. Theatre and dance for young audiences are also very active in Sweden and have a long history. We hope that this guide will help you find your way into our deep forests, great plains and beautiful cities, whether you are discovering a new audience or a new performance.



Ă…sa Edgren, Project Leader, The Fair Project 3






VENUES Norrlandsoperan


HOW TO GET THERE Landvetter Airport - Göteborg

ARTISTS & COMPANIES The Göteborg Ballet Jeanette Langert Marika Hedemyr Art of Spectra

FESTIVAL Göteborgs Dans & Teaterfestival

HOW TO GET THERE Örebro Airport

ARTIST Lena Josefsson & Kompani Raande-Vo

HOW TO GET THERE Malmö Airport - Malmö Kastrup Airport - Copenhagen

ARTISTS & COMPANIES Ribbing/Halsackda Memory Wax Skånes Dansteater

VENUES Inkonst Palladium/Dansstationen

VENUES Pustervik Atalante Göteborgs Stadsteater

HOW TO GET THERE Arlanda Airport Bromma Airport Skavsta Airport - Nyköping

ARTISTS & COMPANIES Örjan Andersson/Andersson Dance Bastard Produktion Philippe Blanchard Christina Caprioli/CCAP Cullberg Ballet Helena Franzén Sara Gebran Gunilla Heilborn Malin Hellkvist Sellén Pontus Lidberg Minna Krook Dans Virpi Pahkinen Claire Parsons Reich + Szyber Sirqus Alfon Björn Säfsten Christina Tingskog Åsa Unander - Scharin ZebraDans

FESTIVALS Stockholms Kulturfestival Almost out of sight

VENUES Dansens Hus MDT WELD Orionteatern Södra Teatern


DISCOVER THE SWEDISH ARTS SCENE AT IETM WHAT’S NEXT ? Friday 15 April 12:00 – 13:30 Venue: Norra Latin

This is an event for IETM members who are looking for interesting new artists, would like to learn about new ideas from emerging and established artists, or are in search of partners for an artistic project in development. Nine projects selected by an international jury will be revealed for six minutes each. The moderator is John Lambert. .


Saturday 16 April 11:00 – 15:00 Venue: Dansens Hus, Stora studion A large selection of Swedish choreographers will be introducing themselves to the IETM members, presenting a live excerpt from a recent work, and talking about how they work as choreographers, their method, their starting points and their references. Q&A will follow, hopefully with an animated exchange of thoughts. Schedule 11.00 - 11.20 11.20 - 11.40 11.40 - 12.00 12.00 - 12.20 12.20 - 12.40 12.40 - 13.00


14 - 17 April, 2011

Björn Säfsten Helena Franzén Örjan Andersson Christina Tingskog Minna Krook Gunilla Heilborn

13.00 - 13.20 13.20 - 13.40 13.40 - 14.00 14.00 - 14.20

Bastardproduktion ZebraDans Marika Hedemyr Virpi Pahkinen

15 - 18 June, 2011

The Toronto 2011 Congress will explore groundbreaking experiences with a wide array of topics where ‘Groundbreaking’ work is taking place: with respect to cultural spaces, in technology, through fostering long term relationships with new audiences, new funding models, and how the arts can initiate dialogue around political and social issues. The Fair Project will participate in the following events in Toronto: • •

Pitch New Works Now, a forum for creators and performing arts professionals to share and discover new international cultural projects, ProEx, one of many opportunities for casual networking, establishing new contacts, and maintaining existing relationships


3 - 9 July, Montpellier, France

Montpellier Danse is one of Europe’s oldest and most important dance festivals. The aim of a presence at the festival is to pave the way for collaborations between the festival and Swedish artists. The Fair Project 2011 at MONTPELLIER DANSE unites and co-ordinates a Swedish presence of Swedish artists with the Swedish Institute in Paris. A reception will be organised.




Örjan Andersson explores notions of time, space and movement through a unique style of perception, musicality and construction. From both small and large works for his own company, Andersson Dance, which was founded in 1996, and from invitations to other companies, Andersson’s versatile craft as a dancemaker has solidified his position as one of Sweden’s most interesting choreographers. Örjan Andersson has created works for NDT 1, Compania Nacional de Danza, the Ballet of Bern, Carte Blanche, Helsinki Dance Company, Cullberg Ballet, the Göteborg Ballet and the Swedish Royal Ballet, among others. This year has seen the opening of a work for Skånes Dansteater with music by Sven David Sandström. Andersson is currently preparing Andersson Dance for a work and touring period in Stockholm and around Sweden, as well as a co-production with Aarhus Teater entitled “The Name of the Next Song”, opening February 2012 in Denmark.


CONTACT Magnus Nordberg, manager PHONE +46 (0)8 559 133 86, + 46 (0)70 450 70 60 MAIL WEBSITE

Pacing in Vaudeville, photographer: Erik Berg



ART OF SPECTRA | PETER SVENZON Since 1998, Art of Spectra, a Gothenburg-based, contemporary Swedish dance company, has been the harbour for choreographer Peter Svenzon. Here he creates dance works directly for the company or in collaboration with other theatres or dance companies. Peter’s background as an illusionist and a break-dancer, together with his professional training at Balettakademien (Gothenburg), has led to an exploration of dance, theatre, music, photo and picture art and video in his choreographies. In his 24 works for the company, he has generated a unique hybrid style of classical ballet, break-dancing and modern dance. The artistic expression is very significant and physical and communicates directly with the audience. His works have been compared to the worlds found in David Lynch movies. The music and score for his pieces are often composed by Peter. ”Boundaries” is Art of Spectra’s first international production.


photographer: Art of Spectra

CONTACT Jan Schmidt, manager PHONE +46 (0)70 355 09 88, +46 (0)70 333 17 74 MAIL WEBSITE


BASTARDPRODUKTION Bastardproduktion is an artist-driven collective consisting of five performers. Questions of power, norms and conventions keep the bastards on fire; since 2001 they have produced pieces like “IngerIngerInger”, “Dancing Barefoot” and “No One is Completely Evil”. Their latest work, “Roses & Beans”, a duet created and performed by Tove Sahlin and Dag Andersson, has been presented internationally and nationally since its premiere in June 2010. The chorographical material in the living room of “Roses & Beans” is a humorous act of curiosity and precise equality measured by every step we take and every move we make. The piece is easily toured and will be available in 2011 and 2012. Bastardproduktion’s next piece, “Rather Not”, will premiere in September 2011 and will be ready to tour from January 2012. 12

Roses & Beans, photographer: Moa Thambert

CONTACT Tove Sahlin PHONE +46 (0)73 379 35 00 MAIL WEBSITE


PHILIPPE BLANCHARD | ADEKWHAT Blanchard, who is based in Stockholm but tours the world, has been described as one of Sweden’s most open-minded choreographers, with an inventive movement language and a never-ending flow of ideas. Energetic, ever-curious and aware, he collaborates with best-in-genre artists from all over the world. The international market has been a natural part of the company’s artistic production and tour operations, and is an area that is constantly evolving. “How About You?” is the last independent part of Philippe Blanchard’s trilogy on identity. In this final work, Blanchard focuses on the search for oneself in other people. How About you? is on the repertoire throughout the 2013 season. ”...I am a hundred, a thousand, a million people but yet I own one body... ” How are you? – Fine thank you! How about you? How About You? photographer: Jens Lasthein


CONTACT Åsa Edgren, international manager PHONE +46 (0)73 324 11 14 MAIL WEBSITE


cover2, photographer: H책kan Larsson

CRISTINA CAPRIOLI | CCAP ”Cut-outs and trees” - stratification of image, ramification of motion; a fairy-tale, and a digital forest to get lost inside and see. Caprioli premiered in June 2010 at Venice Dance Biennale. For large spaces/stages. ”Cover2” - Roug h-cut figures and crime scenes, songs and corpses in minimal lighting. To experience at very close range, in the dark, unmistakenly inside. Premiered in January 2011 in Stockholm. For black boxes/studios. ”Cloth” - Choreography under a huge cloth, for the covered/hidden (yet recognizable) to uncover itself anew. Premiered in April 2011 in Stockholm. For public spaces/galleries/museums etc. ”Cloth project” – Choreopolitics by the forbidden or segregated, such as the veil covering the female gesture. A project on reciprocity and mediality proposing the labour of weaving as choreographic becoming (2012–2014).


CONTACT Tina Eriksson Fredriksson & Christina Degerström, managers PHONE +46 (0)8 545 200 55 MAIL WEBSITE


CONTACT Monica Fredriksson, managing producer PHONE +46 (0)8 531 991 25 MAIL WEBSITE

CULLBERG BALLET Cullberg Ballet has performed all over the world and is an important element in the international presentation of Swedish culture. The company also engages in national outreach through its tours within Sweden. The company collaborates with a variety of national and international choreographers and performing artists who create works for both large and small stages. Cullberg Ballet’s activities encompass projects and productions including site-specific appearances and collaboration with dance training programs. Anna Grip is the company’s artistic director. Cullberg Ballet was founded by Birgit Cullberg in 1967 under the auspices of Riksteatern. It consisted of eight hand-picked dancers from five countries. The company currently has 16–18 dancers from nearly as many countries. Since its inception, the stage personalities and technical strength of its dancers have been Cullberg Ballet’s defining characteristics. Cullberg Ballet is part of Riksteatern, Sweden’s National Touring Theatre. 18

CULLBERG BALLET True Stories of Castaways & Other Survivors, photographer: Carl Thorborg

Trigger Point, photographer: Carl Thorborg

HELENA FRANZÉN Helena Franzén is a key player at the forefront of Swedish contemporary dance, with an extensive resumé, both as a dancer and choreographer. Anatomical structures, dynamic progression and physical functions are recurrent themes in her artistic pursuits. Over the years, she has developed a personal movement vocabulary, charged with intricate, physical challenges and explosiveness – a special poetry of the articulated body. She has developed several close collaborations with musicians from the Scandinavian pop scene. The music and the dance challenge each other, creating a nerve and density that runs through the dynamics of the moving body. In 2010, Helena Franzén created “Trigger Point” and “I’m Not Looking Back”, which were both widely acclaimed. In 2011, she will create new works for the Göteborg Ballet, Skånes Dansteater and Regionteater Väst, as well as a site-specific piece for Moderna museet, Stockholm.


CONTACT Birgit Lindholm, manager PHONE +46 (0)70 173 16 26 MAIL WEBSITE


CONTACT Sara Gebran PHONE +46 (0)73 923 16 32 MAIL WEBSITE

SARA GEBRAN | PUBLIC EYE Choreographer, performer, city planner and dance teacher. Working in performance art and community art. Gebran’s mixed background is reflected in her works: born in Venezuela to Lebanese parents, she has lived for the last 16 years in New York City, Denmark and Sweden. Her performances are about engaging the audience and communities to imagine new realities, as well as expanding the borders of dance. Together with Anders Paulin, she created the community art platforms in refugee camps in the West Bank: Vertical Exile 2009 and Vertical Gardening 2010–2012. Her current tour is La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble. Her upcoming production is How to get the water into the tyre? An investigation of the concept of movement: of the individual body in time and space; the social movement in the geography; and the political movement by Giorgio Agamben, through movements on stage vs. the work created in the refugee camps in Palestine, 2009–2012. 22

SARA GEBRAN La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble, photographer: Anders Paulin


Looming Sky, choreographer: Stijn Celis, photographer: Urban Jörén

THE GÖTEBORG BALLET The Göteborg Ballet is the largest contemporary dance company in the Nordic countries, housing 40 outstanding dancers. In recent years they have been focusing on new creations by contemporary choreographers. Creations by Wim Vandekeybus, Johan Inger, Alexander Ekman, Gunilla Heilborn, Jo Strømgren and Stijn Celis are a part of their repertoire, and they will be complementing them during 2011- 2012 with the work of renowned artists such as Susanna Leinonen, Helena Franzén, Roberto Zappalà and Sasha Waltz. The Göteborg Ballet will be bringing you groundbreaking new pieces that surprise and challenge. Their goal is to become a European pioneer within contemporary dance. Touring and guest performances around the world are an important part of their work. For those who want to know where contemporary European dance is heading, the answer should be: The Göteborg Ballet.


CONTACT Åsa Edgren, international manager PHONE +46 (0)73 324 11 14 MAIL WEBSITE

CONTACT Marika Hedemyr PHONE +46 (0)73 312 35 51 MAIL WEBSITE,

MARIKA HEDEMYR | CROWD COMPANY Marika Hedemyr is a Swedish choreographer of contemporary dance. She creates dance theatre for stages and public locations, making an average of one or two productions per year. She is the artistic director and choreographer of Crowd Company, based in Gothenburg. Hedemyr currently shares her time between freelance engagements and her own productions for Crowd Company. Hedemyr was educated at the Laban Centre in London. She finds inspiration in pedestrian movements, nonverbal communication and in challenging the borders and places for dance performances. She is often engaged in international projects on artistic practice. Hedemyr’s work is characterised by mundane situations taken into a twisted reality, a high degree of identification, humour and physicality. In her stage productions, the musical elements are either new or rewritten works by contemporary composers. 26

MARIKA HEDEMYR Just In Time, photographer: Anna von Brรถmssen

The Five Year Plan, photographer: Mats B채cker

Gunilla Heilborn is a choreographer and film-maker based in Stockholm, who produces and tours nationally and internationally. With an ever-present twinkle in her eye, combined with total professionalism, Heilborn has attracted audiences with laughter and reflection in works such as “Potato Country”, “Alaska” and “The Fiveyear Plan”. Her performances are imbued with human openness, lightness and a touch of irony. She has created performances and movies with great success for both adult and youth audiences. Her latest project for stage, “This is not a Love Story”, is an illusion of a road trip dance. It is a performance with two heroes – Billy and Kowalski – who wonder where they belong, have some questions about history, and dance more than usual. Premiere May 6th 2011, Dansens Hus, Stockholm. CONTACT Åsa Edgren, international manager PHONE +46 (0)73 324 11 14 MAIL WEBSITE




Within Reasonable Limits, photographer: Ă…se Bengtsson Helin

MALIN HELLKVIST SELLÉN In the 10 years since her debut, choreographer Malin Hellkvist Sellén has gained a strong position as one of Swedens most intriguing movement examiners. Often referring to her work as physical reflections on a specific theme or topic, her works vary from solo performances to larger group pieces. Her dance is as clearly political and philosophical as it is sensuous physical and emotional. Sellén’s recurring themes are normativity and identity and a search for contexts in which movement is justified. Among her latest creations is “Pink Promises”, a solo for Marianne Kjaserund derived from examinations on certain modes of social dancing and body politics. In 2010, Hellkvist opened “Within Reasonable Limits”, a piece that emanated from a open public call for nonprofessional and professional dancers. Sellén’s work has gained her a large following who regularly attend her performances.


CONTACT Magnus Nordberg, manager PHONE +46 (0)8 559 133 86, +46 (0)70 450 70 60 MAIL WEBSITE


CONTACT Christina Vainio, manager PHONE +46 (0)70 527 11 17 MAIL WEBSITE

LENA JOSEFSSON & KOMPANI RAANDE-VO Lena Josefsson is a fascinating personality in the new generation of contemporary choreographers, and is among the elite of the Swedish dance scene. She has been recognised for several of her works, thanks to her unique style, which is based on a personal movement language with a richly nuanced feeling for music and rhythm. Josefsson has received the Cullberg Prize and the Thalia Statuette and her work has involved kinship with both Peter Brook and Birgit Ă…kesson. Josefsson was born and grew up in Zaire. She later trained at the University of Dance in Stockholm, RIDC in Paris and the National Ballet of Zaire. Her upbringing was influenced by African culture, which is often evident in her artistic work. Kompani Raande-Vo is based in Ă–rebro, with dancers and musicians from all around the world. The diverse cultural backgrounds of the artists form the essence of this exciting and vibrant style of choreography. Using dance as their instrument, the company crosses various boundaries in the world of art, reinforcing the universal language. 32

LENA JOSEFSSON photographer: Martin Skoog, masks by My Walther

All Gone!, photographer: Michael West

MINNA KROOK DANS Minna Krook Dans is a dance company that caters to both children and grown-ups. It was established in 1999 and is run by the choreographer Minna Krook. Based in Stockholm, the company tours frequently in Sweden and is well known and highly appreciated throughout the country. Minna Krook is one of the most established choreographers of dance performances for children. Among other things, she created the first dance performance in Sweden for babies, entitled “Oh, Hello Baby”, which earned the company a great deal of positive attention. Performed regularly since its premier in 2004, her performance “All Gone!” has been hailed by critics as “a classic”. The dance company’s productions are colourful, vibrant and unpredictable, combining dance, text, visual arts and specially composed music.


CONTACT Minna Krook PHONE +46 (0)73 622 43 17 MAIL WEBSITE


Julie3 with The Gรถteborg Ballet, photographer: Tilo Stengel

JEANETTE LANGERT Choreographer Jeanette Langert was educated at the Institute of Choreography at the University of Dance and Circus Stockholm 2003–2006 and at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (Mime program) from 1986 to 1989. She has worked as a stage artist in a number of different contexts through the years. Among her many choreographies are the acclaimed “Julie3” (2010), “Inuti” (2009), “Fröken” (2008) and Mera Mera (2006). In all of these productions, Jeanette has worked with set and costume designer Bente Lykke Møller. The common thread in her own works has been to explore the individual person as part of a greater whole and the greater whole within the individual person.


CONTACT Jeanette Langert PHONE +46 (0)73 741 55 76 MAIL WEBSITE

For a complete CV, links and pictures, please refer to Jeanette’s website, 37


photographer: Erin Baiano (left), Johan Gunséus (right)

A Swedish choreographer and director of international acclaim, Pontus Lidberg is best recognised for his dance film “The Rain” (2007), for which he has received numerous awards around the world. Also a choreographer for stage, Lidberg has created over 25 works, both in Sweden and on the international scene. In October 2010, The Guggenheim Museum’s Works and Process series commissioned and presented his second work for Morphoses called “Vespertine”. In spring of the same year, Lidberg was artist in residence at Joyce SoHo and the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York, working on his latest dance film, “Labyrinth Within”, featuring NYCB dancer Wendy Whelan and a score by composer David Lang. Lidberg has created works for major international dance companies such as The Royal Danish Ballet, The Beijing Dance Theatre, The Norwegian National Ballet, as well as for his own group Pontus Lidberg Dance.


CONTACT Pontus Lidberg PHONE +46 (0)70 638 19 13, +1 718 419 39 52 MAIL WEBSITE


CONTACT Miguel Azcue, artistic director PHONE +46 (0)40 98 02 74, +46 (0)70 492 81 78 MAIL WEBSITE,

MEMORY WAX “Through simplicity we experience and develop movement and ideas in a new perspective.� A dance and theatre company with a strong visual expression and a naked theatrical movement language. Founded by Miguel Azcue and Johanna Jonasson in 2004, their repertoire contains performances for children, youth and adults, with a focus on simplicity and imagination. Their pieces have been presented in Europe and Latin America. Since 2006, Memory Wax has arranged site-specific performances and outdoor events like City Hoppers. A selection of national and international guest artists meet the audience in open-air settings. This is a flexible and mobile programme that can be carried out in different environments. Memory Wax has extensive touring experience and is looking for possibilities to expand their network and their touring area. 40

Rooms, photographer: Julia Lindemalm


CONTACT Annelie Gardell, artistic director, dance PHONE +46 (0)90 15 43 49, +46 (0)70 343 13 83 MAIL WEBSITE


By creating its own productions and through collaboration and guest performances, NorrlandsOperan is able to present around 25 different dance performances each year. It also regularly offers choreographers and dancers who are not associated with other organisations the opportunity to produce pieces in residence. Each year, an individual choreographer or company is given the opportunity to create a piece set to live music that is performed by NorrlandsOperan’s Symphony Orchestra. NorrlandsOperan is a member of Dansnät Sverige – a touring network that makes it possible for both Swedish and international acts to tour around Sweden. 42

Echange, choreography: Susanne Jaresand, photographer: Willhelm Jaresand

NorrlandsOperan is one of Sweden’s strongest and most successful platforms for contemporary dance. It invites its audiences to experience both the experimental and innovative, as well as more established and traditional forms of dance. NorrlandsOperan focuses on collaborating with both national and international companies, as the opera itself does not have any dancers.


CONTACT Emelie Bergbohm, manager PHONE +46 (0)73 069 67 78 MAIL WEBSITE

VIRPI PAHKINEN DANCE COMPANY Virpi Pahkinen’s works are full of secrets; she can be a warrior of the spirit, a spectral gardener or a shaman in metamorphosis. She offers dance as an incantation and creates a meditative atmosphere with her original choreography. Her solos have met with critical acclaim around the globe and have been presented in festivals such as the Adelaide Festival, Madrid en Danza and Festival Cervantino. She has also created works for such companies as North 59°, Skånes Dansteater, the Vietnamese National Ballet and the Ballet Poznanski and has created dance films for television and film. Pahkinen has been awarded several prizes, including the Svenska Dagbladet Opera Prize, the Carina Ari Gold Medal and First Choreography Prize at the International Dance Theatre Festival in Stutttgart. Virpi Pahkinen was born in Finland. She studied piano at the Conservatory in Helsinki, and trained in the choreography department at the University College of Dance in Stockholm. 44

Aajej, photographer: José Figueroa



photographer: Bengt Wanselius

Claire Parsons is a freelance international choreographer and dancer who toggles both visual and physical contrasts, working without boundaries in performances that speak directly to the audience. Claire has redefined Swedish Dance over the past 15 years with video, projections and film. In addition, she is a renowned international choreographer with performances in England, Germany, Spain, Japan, Russia, the United States, Venezuela and many more. Her emphasis is innovative dance performances for young audiences, with an acclaimed natural ability to engage them through vibrant, imaginative and interactive compositions in which all children’s answers are valued.


CONTACT Claire Parsons PHONE +46 (0)70 827 41 80 MAIL WEBSITE

Claire Parsons’ creations are charming, sensational and dynamic, incorporating multiple mediums, artists, musicians and dancers; her work continues to juxtapose and reinvent dance performance. 47

CONTACT Åsa Edgren, international manager PHONE +46 (0)73 324 11 14 MAIL WEBSITE

REICH + SZYBER Bold and disproportionate, daringly visual and explosive, the art of Carina Reich and Bogdan Szyber seems impossible to define, while it borders on many genres. Drawing inspiration from such diverse sources as the worlds of cinema, horticulture and death metal music, Reich and Szyber create critically acclaimed performance and visual art in many types of media.


Unknown Pleasures, photographer: Mats Bäcker

“Unknown Pleasures” is the last part of their Melancholy Trilogy, a conclusion fetching its nerve from the outer edges of melancholy and humanity; death. The nostalgia of the disappeared ’80s is a recurring theme in the performance. It comes back on various levels, from the set design to music and costumes. The personal stories of the performers also carry references to the ’80s. Their stories emanate from the feeling of being stuck in a pattern created in previous times. Unknown Pleasures was produced at SITE STUDIOS in a co-production with Pustervik.



MOVEMENT PRODUCTION The collaboration between Emma Ribbing and Khamlane Halsackda started in Malmรถ, Sweden 2009 and is a continuous process that stretches the boundaries between installation, dance and performance. Since 2009, they have worked closely with sound designer Silas Bieri, CH. Together, they propose different art forms to be performed in a variety of new ways for concerts and theatres, in the streets and, notably, for the Internet, creating a virtual stage through their blog. Their choreographic language is strongly influenced by photography and film.


CONTACT Emma Ribbing/Rรถrelsen - koreografer i Skรฅne PHONE +46 (0)70 949 04 27 MAIL WEBSITE

photographer: Imre Zsibrik


SIRQUS ALFON Sirqus Alfon won the Audience Prize at the Berlin Lacht International Street Festival in 2004 and is currently touring throughout Europe. In 2009, Sirqus Alfon took the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by storm with 21 shows, full houses and rave reviews. Their latest stint has been their performance of “Spirit of Innovation”, which was seen by thousands of spectators at the World Expo in Shanghai. Sirqus Alfon TV, photographer: Magnus Liam Karlsson


CONTACT Åsa Edgren, international manager PHONE +46 (0)73 324 11 14 MAIL WEBSITE

Sirqus Alfon TV (SATV) Moments before the largest live broadcast in the history of television, Sirqus Alfon prepare themseves for this historic event. The producer has promised to create the greatest live show on earth, but resources are running thin, conflicts are running wild and an undercurrent of desperation slips its way to the limelight. SATV is a highly technical, interactive, ground-breaking performance with live music, advanced choreography, dangerous stunts and contemporary slapstick. 53

Between Silence and Stillness, photographer: Malin Arnesson

SKÅNES DANSTEATER Skånes Dansteater is Sweden’s largest independent dance company, based in Malmö. They are a contemporary dance repertoire company and present commissioned and restaged work by Swedish and international choreographers. They perform on their own stage as well as at the Malmö Opera and tour nationally and internationally. Every year they present three main productions and a number of smaller programmes, spanning from largescale productions with a symphony orchestra to productions for small stages. The company has 16 dancers and an administrative and technical staff of 16 people. Skånes Dansteater performs 60–80 times a year. Available for touring 2012–2013: “Black Water” by Jorma Uotinen (premiere 2009-1010), “Seven Clues” by Örjan Andersson (premiere 2011-03-12), and a double-bill with “Devious Paths” by Helena Franzén and “On Invisible Paus” by Christopher Arouni (premiere 2011-11-04).


CONTACT Annica Widmark, communication PHONE +46 (0)40 20 84 71 MAIL WEBSITE


Corduroy, photographer: Nicklas Dennermalm/Kristina Dahlberg

BJÖRN SÄFSTEN Focusing on the examination of movement as an ambivalent language, constructing methods for each new artistic endeavour, choreographer and dancer Björn Säfsten shines new light on the human body in a context of movement. In constant search for a method, he uses limitations as a portal to examine his own artistic inheritance and to comment on the discourses within which he works. Since their debut piece, “The Adaptation”, created in residence in Alcalá de Henares Madrid Spain (2006), Säfsten and his collaborative artistic team have made several productions together. The piece “In Tremlinbing Space” won Säfsten first prize in the choreographic competition at Dansens Hus in Stockholm 2007 and he was awarded the Cullberg Prize in 2009. His last piece, “Corduroy”, opened at Dansens Hus in 2010 and is restaged in 2011 at Magasin 3 in Stockholm. A new production for the fall of 2011 is in preparation.


CONTACT Magnus Nordberg, manager PHONE +46 (0)8 559 133 86, +46 (0)70 450 70 60 MAIL WEBSITE


CONTACT Christina Tingskog PHONE +46 (0)8 650 80 08, +46 (0)70 497 24 64 MAIL WEBSITE



photographer: Christina Tingskog

Christina Tingskog is a choreographer based in Stockholm. Her performances are appreciated for their wit, warmth and audience interaction, which challenges the traditional power balance between the stage and young audiences. She is drawn to concepts like “opera”, “wannabe” and “pretence” and mixes high and low in a poetic and strong dance. Her work plays with the human tendency to compare, to note similarities and discrepancies in order to create meaning and context. She uses the stage as an intersection for dance of professionals and amateurs, dancers with and without disabilities, different ethnicities and ages. Her performances for all ages tour all over Sweden and several have been invited to Dance biennials, including the Dance Biennial 2006 in Gothenburg, the Biennial for Dance in Schools 2007 in Stockholm and, Performing Arts Biennial for Children and Youth 2008 in Lund.


Opera Mecatronica, photographer: Elias LindĂŠn

ÅSA UNANDER-SCHARIN Åsa Unander-Scharin/Scen- och sinnesproduktion creates choreographic installations and stage performances in collaboration with dancers, musicians, visual artists, computer programmers and robotic researchers. The dance works offer an exhilarating experience that stretches and adds new perspectives to body, space and acoustic capacity with highly advanced technology. In 2008, Unander-Scharin choreographed The Crystal Cabinet at Piteå Chamber Opera and Desire, Chaos and Geometry for The Vietnam National Opera Ballet; in the same year, her doctoral thesis, entitled “Human Mechanics and Soulful Machines”, was published. UnanderScharin’s digital dance works have been performed in Japan, Spain, Monaco, Mexico, France, USA and Scandinavia. In 1999, the Lamentations of Orpheus was awarded an honorary mention from VIDA 2.0 in Madrid, and in VIDA 9,0 Petrushkas’ Cry received a special audience prize.


CONTACT Åsa Unander-Scharin PHONE +46 (0)70 989 08 01 MAIL WEBSITE

CONTACT Lisa Spets, artistic director PHONE +46 (0)8 702 92 01 MAIL WEBSITE


ZebraDans is focused on ensuring that as many children as possible have the opportunity to see great dance. In Swedish, the name ZebraDans is a word game that means “See good dance�. 62

Colourful, choreography: SU-EN photographer: Gunnar Stening

In 1999, Lisa Spets founded ZebraDans, a production company created for dance performances exclusively for children and youth audiences. Since its beginning, ZebraDans has presented its performances for daycare centres, schools and general public audiences. In the first year, 1999, we reached 639 children with our company; 10 years later, in 2009, we reached 20,900 children. In 2006, ZebraDans opened the doors to the first Swedish permanent stage for dance performances for young people.





Örjan Andersson/Andersson Dance Art of Spectra Bastard Produktion Philippe Blanchard Cristina Caprioli/CCAP Helena Franzén Sara Gebran Marika Hedemyr/Crowd Company Gunilla Heilborn Malin Hellkvist Sellén Lena Josefsson & Kompani Raande-Vo Jeanette Langert Pontus Lidberg Memory Wax Minna Krook Dans Virpi Pahkinen Claire Parsons Reich + Szyber Ribbing/Halsackda Sirqus Alfon Björn Säfsten Christina Tingskog Åsa Unander-Scharin Zebra Dans

Malin Hellkvist Sellén Cristina Caprioli / CCAP Lena Josefsson & Kompani Raande-Vo Memory Wax Minna Krook Dans Claire Parsons Zebra Dans

STAGES & VENUES Atalante Dansens Hus Göteborgs Stadsteater Inkonst MDT Norrlandsoperan Orionteatern Palladium/Dansstationen Pustervik Södra Teatern WELD

INSTITUTIONS Cullberg Ballet The Göteborg Ballet Skånes Dansteater



Loco Motion Åsa Edgren

Nordberg Movement Magnus Nordberg

Jan Schmidt Emmy Astbury Christina Degerström Birgit Lindholm Christina Vainio Emelie Bergbohm

FESTIVALS Almost out of sight Göteborgs Dans & Teaterfestival MADE Stockholms Kulturfestival


A Made in Sweden promotion DVD with excerpts of the participants artistic work is available. It will be distributed at the IETM meeting in Stockholm, at The ISPA Congress in Toronto and at Montpellier Danse. You may also download the film at or send us an e-mail with your postal address.



layout: Anna Diehl




THE FAIR PROJECT 2011-2012  

Online brochure with information on 28 choreographers and dance companies in Sweden participating in the Fair Project initiated and organiz...

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