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Big Brother By Lachlan Prasad

There once was a boy named Ryan, He would love to invite friends over to his house to play, There was only one massive problem, his brother...he would always bully everyone!

One day Ryan invited his friends over to his house just to see if his brother had changed. He had changed a lot. Everyone was having a breathtaking time except Ryan because all the attention was focused on Ryan’s brother.

Ryan tries telling his Mum to get his brother away.

His mom just said, “they’re just having fun, and it’s better than him bullying you.”

Ryan tries another tactic of taking his friends out side,

But his brother follows.

When he was just about to give up he remembered that his brother mentioned an assignment due tomorrow that was very difficult and takes a long time.

He told his brother about it and his brother thanked him. But Ryan felt bad.

Ryan said to his brother, ”Hey do you want to come play basketball with us and I’ll help you with your assignment later to make it easier?”

His brother said yes and they played for hours and having a absolutely splendid time.

Ryan felt good about himself and is proud of himself. himself So now he does not feel guilty.

While Ryan was helping his brother do his assignment his brother thanked him for letting him play.

Ryan’s mother saw what Ryan had done and thanked him for including everyone and was also proud of him.

The End

my big brother  
my big brother  

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