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Media kit 2010

Who we are

and what we’re about ARCN is an Australian owned and controlled national rural radio news service. For the past 30 years we have specialised in providing current information and news to rural and regional Australia. Our radio news service provides information on a daily basis to over two million listeners, across three networks to more than 100 radio stations nationally.1 ARCN is broadcast via satellite across all States of Australia. Our reports are played out through both commercial and community radio networks. These include Southern Cross, Super Radio Network, and CBAA. Our four news segments are designed to cover a wide-range of issues that deal specifically with the rural sector.

1 ‘Community Radio National Listener Survey’ McNair Ingenuity Research, Sydney, July 2008.

Australian Rural Communication Network Media Kit 2010

Outlook Interview

ARCN uses its extensive network of some of the top producers, market analysts, selling-agents, traders, researchers and politicians in the rural sector to provide commentary and outlooks on agricultural markets and major events. Rural Outlook is a daily segment focussing on major rural commodity markets, including wool, wheat, sheep, cattle and cotton, with a growing focus on the environment. Most of the experts we interview are widely known in rural trading circles. Their opinions and forecasts on agricultural markets are well respected. Feedback from listeners suggests this program is held in high regard by the rural sector.

Australian Rural Communication Network Media Kit 2010

Rural Commerce report

Up to the minute news on a range of rural commodity markets, from wool, wheat, dairy, sheep, cattle and cotton, to horticulture, viticulture and even aquaculture, with a focus on the vital futures markets, and international trade. It covers issues that impact on rural commerce and affect farming and regional communities. Topics include the impact of weather and seasonal conditions, food safety, finance factors such as interest rates and movements in the Australian dollar. The report also focuses on overseas trade issues, exports and new technology and methods of marketing rural products. There is great interest in the Australian rural property markets, so the program contains news items on movements in these markets. The program also looks at new and developing rural products, at scientific developments that impact on production and marketing and on farm productivity. It also covers issues in animal genetics and stud sales and prices.

Australian Rural Communication Network Media Kit 2010

Livestock round-up

This is a daily report on significant cattle, sheep and lamb markets across the eastern States. Results of major livestock auctions not only impact on local buyers and sellers, but on primary producers, processors, exporters and end-users across Australia. Longer-term trends in livestock markets are reflected in wider rural and regional communities in terms of jobs and consumer spending. Urban listeners are also interested in these markets because they impact on the price of meat. The program also includes regular interviews with top industry analysts who comment on current issues, explain market events, and offer an outlook on future price trends and on factors driving the markets.

Australian Rural Communication Network Media Kit 2010

Advertise with us ARCN focuses on providing a balanced non-political approach to the current issues impacting on the life and experience of living and working in rural Australia. Our news service covers all rural commodities, farming, economic trade and social issues. ARCN broadcasts over three satellite systems, and is on air up to six times a day over some networks. Marketing opportunities are available as a linked/ embedded mention or program sponsorship. • Livestock Report: Name mention in association with the daily livestock report - 2.5 minutes in length. This is played out during prime news time, across more than 110 rural radio stations. • Rural Commerce News Report: Embedded name in daily news report (3.5 minutes), whenever there is a newsworthy item available. • Outlook Interview: An outlook interview (3 minutes) during prime news time slot, at least once a month, with the option to increase this frequency if there is relevant newsworthy information. For further information on availability and rates please contact Lachlan McKean on (02) 8033 0112

Australian Rural Communication Network Media Kit 2010

contacts Lachlan McKean - Business Manager W: (02) 8033 0112 M: 0466 600 473 Carol Maberly - Director W: (02) 9476 3749 M: 0414 530 829 all press releases to

ARCN Media kit 2010