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7 Tennis Betting Tips That Will Help You Increase Your Winnings When it comes to picking out the best tennis betting tips or making tennis predictions in general, there are few guidelines which can be very helpful and can make your tennis betting much more profitable. First of all, it has to be pointed out that tennis is an individual sport and therefore different from team sports. Therefore it's much easier to predict the outcome of the match because there are only two options, win or loss, without the possibility of a draw. Unlike team sports, the outcome of the match depends only on the performance of two players. That means you have to be careful and consider few things before you bet your money on something what supposed to be a sure thing. Tip No. 1. Always check out the reputation of the tournament because not all the tournaments are the same. Most important tournaments are, of course, four Grand Slams (Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and US Open). So, if such a tournament is followed by bigger and more prestigious tournament, it's possible that the player can lose in early phases on purpose just to have more time to prepare for the big event. Tip No. 2. Besides the reputation and quality of a player you're betting on always check his current form. World's top players can also have "black holes" during their season when they are playing below their usual level and it would be wise to avoid betting on them until they improve their performance and get back on track. Tip No. 3 Every player has a different style of play, which can bring great results on some surfaces, but maybe is not that efficient on others. Players with an aggressive style of play usually have better results on faster surfaces, while baseline players prefer clay courts and hard courts. Tip No. 4 Always check the head-to-head history of two players, because nominally better players can have problems with his opponent's style of play and it can inhibit him to play at his usual level and develop his game. Tip No. 5 If you're betting on 1st round matches, if it's possible try to avoid betting on winner of previously played tournament, especially if he had to travel a long distance and had no time

to recover. It's important because of so called "jet lag" factor, which usually occurs 1 or 2 days after the travel and makes players tired and restless and unable to do things they normally do. Tip No. 6 Again, if we are talking about first or second round matches it could be wise to avoid betting against qualifier because during their qualifying matches they had a chance to feel the surface and get used to the atmosphere which can be an advantage over seeded players who didn't have the chance to feel the surface. Tip No. 7 If the player has won few consecutive tournaments it's pretty certain that he is tired and that his run had to leave a mark on his psyche as well as his mental fitness and that can prevent him to display his usual quality of tennis. These are general guidelines, which can help you to avoid possible surprises in early stages of the tournament and to better evaluate the risk of betting on tennis matches

7 Tennis Betting Tips That Will Help You Increase Your Winnings  

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