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Everything You Need to Know To Begin Earning Premium Revenue with Local Yokel Media


Earn Premium Revenue with Local Yokel Media Are you looking for better quality, premium paying ads for your hyperlocal website? Local Yokel Media provides you with local, regional and national advertisers that will resonate with your audience. Unlike other data-driven, third party revenue options available today, Local Yokel Media only delivers relevant, premium paying advertisers to your website. You have full control over what direct ad campaigns run, and full transactional transparency so you only get revenue, not surprises. Along those lines, we have compiled a comprehensive list of FAQ’s that we hope will help you better understand how we work, how we can help you earn more revenue, and how you can get started working with us.

Who is Local Yokel Media?

Does my website qualify as ‘hyperlocal?’

We are an ad platform that specializes in monetizing hyperlocal & local online inventory at premium rates. We bring local blogs, websites and news sites national and regional premium advertisers looking to target locally, down to the zip code level. If the goal of your website or blog is to inform residents of a specific neighborhood, town, community or county about news, events or other lifestyle information that is relevant to that specific geography, then your website is considered to be hyperlocal. If you’re not sure whether or not your website qualifies as hyperlocal, please email your link to us at and we will let you know.

How do you monetize my inventory?

We deliver two levels of ad revenue, as a package. The levels are: • Non-direct (curated ad flow of national advertisers seeking remnant inventory) • Premium direct (direct placement on a specific area of your website, with guaranteed impressions purchased/delivered.) We will always try to fill each impression you make available to us with the highest-paying level of ad flow available at that time.

How much can I make using your services?

For all levels of ad revenue, we pay on a CPM (Cost-per-Thousand impressions) basis. Therefore, the primary indicators of your potential earnings will be: • the amount of traffic your site receives (page views), and • the number of ad spaces and/or impressions you make available to us.

Local Yokel Media LLC 175 Atlantic Street | Suite 203 | Stamford, CT | 06901 | 877-679-0100


(Think of 1 page view as 1 impression, multiplied by the number of ad spaces per page. So, for example, if there are 3 ad spaces on your page, then for every 1 page view, you serve 3 impressions). The amount we pay per thousand depends upon the level of ad flow we are able to use to fill your inventory. It can range from $1.00 to $5.00 per thousand impressions (CPM), sometimes higher and sometimes a little bit lower. Unlike other 3rd party ad networks that only pay for clicks on ads, we pay you for your traffic (impressions), regardless of whether or not someone clicks on the ad. Here is a handy online calculator to help you estimate your high end and low end earning potential based on impressions and CPM.

How do I get paid?

For Non-direct ads, we accrue your earnings, which you can view at any time via your own private publisher portal, and automatically initiate payment net 45 days from the end of each month that you’ve earned the required minimum of $100. If there is a month when you earn less than $100, we roll the balance forward to the next month until you have accrued the minimum amount, and then initiate payment net 45 days from that month. You can choose to be paid via PayPal or check. For Premium direct buys, you can invoice us directly and receive payment net 30 days upon completion of each month of the campaign’s flight. Absolutely. We believe in transparency for both our publisher partners and our advertisers.

What kind of control do I have over the ads you display?

For all Premium direct campaigns, you will receive and email from Local Yokel Media informing you of an advertiser who is interested in running their ad on your site, including the advertiser’s name, flight dates and proposed rate. You will be able to accept or decline the campaign. When it comes to Non-direct campaigns, we take pride in curating ads to make sure they are as relevant to your local content as possible. However, should you see an ad that you do not want to have on your site, you can simply contact us with a screen shot of the advertisement and we will block that ad from your ad flow.

Can I/ should I also sell ads We encourage you to do so. Think of us as a premium, supplemental ad revenue partner for monetization of your unsold display advertising directly? inventory.

Local Yokel Media LLC 175 Atlantic Street | Suite 203 | Stamford, CT | 06901 | 877-679-0100


What if I am already working directly with an advertiser that also runs on your network, or who wants to place a Premium direct buy through you?

We never want to interfere with your direct relationship with advertisers. However, we do ask that you consider a few things about the way we work and why there probably isn’t a direct conflict -- if, indeed, we are working with the same advertiser. First, what we are offering the advertiser is an aggregation of websites targeting specific geographies, with an aggregated impression volume and an aggregated price. While they will be able to see that your site is included in that mix, they will not know how many impressions are specific to your site or what your rates are. In this way, you are completely protected and able to continue to work with them directly. Also, keep in mind that we are only selling display ad impressions, whereas you likely have a host of additional value-added offerings (sponsorships, emails, etc.) that make good sense for their business that you are free to share with them. Finally, an advertiser may decide that what they want to buy for a particular ad campaign is the aggregation of sites – and only the aggregation – so if you decline the proposal because it’s an advertiser you already work with, you might miss out on getting a piece of that budget. If, after all of these considerations, you still wish to decline an advertiser request because of competitive conflict, you are able to do so, no questions asked.

Is there a term and contract requirement?

There is no contract requirement, and you may end your relationship with us at any time. We simply ask you to accept our Terms & Conditions as part of getting started.

Do you require exclusivity, or can I work with other 3rd party monetization partners while working with you?

We do not require exclusivity.

How can I view my earnings?

In fact, we offer a pass-back tag program to enable you to easily monetize any impressions we are not able to sell, or integrate us in to your 3rd party hierarchy. You will have access to a private dashboard where you can view your earnings, update payment preferences, manage your ad spaces and manage your pass-back tags.

Local Yokel Media LLC 175 Atlantic Street | Suite 203 | Stamford, CT | 06901 | 877-679-0100


Are there any technical requirements on my side that are necessary for us to work together?

Our ad tags handle all of the serving and counting of ad impressions, clicks, etc., for each of our campaigns, so all you need to be able to do is get them set up on your site. If you do not currently use an ad server, you need to have the ability to paste our ad tags onto your pages (or have someone who knows how to do that for you) in order for the ads to begin appearing. If you host your site on Word Press, for example, you can paste the ad tags into a Text widget. If you do currently use an ad server, you can easily add our ad tags into rotation as if they were an ad.

What ad sizes do you accept or require?

We require at least one of the following standard IAB ad sizes in order to offer you ongoing ad revenue: • 728x90 (Leaderboard), • 300x250 (Rectangle) and • 160x600 (Skyscraper). These are the 3 most commonly-requested ad sizes from our advertisers. As additional IAB standard ad sizes become more popular among advertisers, we will advise you to the opportunity to add them to your inventory.

How are you different from Google AdSense?

We pay better rates, because we specialize in monetizing only local/hyperlocal ad impressions. We market the value of your content to advertisers trying to reach into local markets, and our focus is on growing our exposure to premium advertisers to deliver you premium revenue. Our rate structure is straight-forward and reliable: we pay you for every 1,000 impressions you give us, regardless of clicks or conversions. And, if you need to reach us with questions or concerns, we have a team of real people here for you, ready to help.

Local Yokel Media LLC 175 Atlantic Street | Suite 203 | Stamford, CT | 06901 | 877-679-0100


What do I need to get started?

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

Enrollment takes less than 10 minutes, during which time you can enroll as many websites as you’d like. We’ll also ask you to set up at least one Ad Space for each site – but you can easily log in to add more and/or update the Ad Spaces once you’ve been approved and are in our system. Upon submission of your enrollment information, your website(s) will be reviewed by LYM for quality and relevance. Approval usually takes about 5 business days. Once the first website you register is approved, you will receive an email notifying you of your dashboard login information and how to create/ set up your ad tags. For each website that is approved, once you have the ad tags live on that site, you will immediately see ads flowing and begin earning revenue! Click here to begin.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Call: 877-679-0100 Email: Visit:

About Local Yokel Media LYM aggregates and organizes hyperlocal blogs and websites by geography to empower local, regional and national marketers to authentically reach deep into granular, local geographies within defined service areas to execute efficient, geo-contextually relevant ad campaigns that get results. Local Yokel Media LLC 175 Atlantic Street | Suite 203 | Stamford, CT | 06901 | 877-679-0100


Getting started guide everything you need to know to begin earning premium revenue with local yokel  

Learn how to sign up with Local Yokel Media & monetize your ad space!

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