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With a surge in blogging, tweeting, and posting, we are undoubtedly in the era of instantaneous self-publishing, and the relationship between writer and reader is becoming more personal and more immediate than ever. Blogger Maria Elena of Pink Chanel Suit, connects to her own readership through an honest and open rawness about her own life. We feel like we know her, if only through a laptop screen. Why? Her blog seems at first to be simply a beautiful collage of rose tinted fashion, food, and cappuccino photos, but Maria also shares with us her personal thoughts, spontaneous musings, and anything else on her mind. “I’m very grateful I get to express myself freely through the platform I created for myself. That’s why the internet is cool sometimes,” she says. Maria started blogging as a way to showcase her artistic side. “In high school, I was always


journaling, taking pictures and religiously keeping up with art and pop culture,” she explains. “I loved everything from fashion to theatre to video games to poetry to photography to dance. I could focus on one and begin my portfolio, or I could focus on all of them and create a blog. That was four years ago. Now I’m here!” However, despite using the blog as way to open up, Maria found that it often closed her off to her peers in high school. “I became less approachable and more untouchable. I started when I was really young so I think my peers didn’t really know how to react. When you choose to be vulnerable and open your soul for the world to see, it can be blinding. It gave people the opportunity to judge me on a more intense level.” Sharing anything personal can be daunting, and when broadened to the global mass readership that is in the internet, it is terrifying.


On the cover, Orion Carloto // Chelsea Lankes, Kiana Fernandez, Lauren Giraldo, Meghan Hughes and loads more.

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