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Describing his aesthetic as emotive, serendipitous and narrative, Lank first got into photography through his love of film. Growing up in the middle of the woods of rural Maine, Lank entertained himself by playing with his family’s old VHS camcorder and Sears 35mm camera. “I guess that made me realize how much I honestly love looking at the world through a viewfinder,” explains Lank. After using disposable cameras for most of his youth, Lank received his first serious camera, a Sony Cybershot, for Christmas when he was twelve years. He began documenting his friends on video, saying, “I really enjoyed how it pushed us to do different things and adventure beyond our daily routes and common areas of hanging out.”

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After taking a photography course at his local community college while still in high school, Lank toyed with the idea of attending the Maine College of Art to study photography. However, he was advised against pursuing a career in the arts due to its potential financial instability, so he ended up studying anthropology and geography at the University of Southern Maine. “Studying Anthropology/Geography opened my eyes up to the world, and I gained such an appreciation for the uniqueness of cultures and the interaction of humans with their environment,” reveals Lank. “My degree has a tremendous impact on how I see the world around me, and it would be impossible for it not to have a huge impact on my creative process.”

In the future, Lank hopes to continue to explore fashion and streetwear photography through styled shoots and portraiture. Aside from his main Instagram account, Lank also runs Native America, a second photography page that is inspired by his Native American heritage. “I am Mi’kmaq,” says Lank. “And it’s something that I take great pride in.” He hopes that Native America can one day turn into his own brand or company associated with his roots, but he currently uses the account mainly to express himself outside of his usual aesthetic.

With this newfound mindset, Lank continued his passion for photography, which was impacted immensely by the introduction of Instagram. Before starting his account, Lank planned to go to graduate school to do research is his field, however Instagram exposed him to the opportunities of freelance photography. “Instagram has literally changed my career,” Lank says with a laugh. Since starting his main account two years ago, Lank has collaborated with the iconic Maine brand L.L. Bean, Urban Outfitters, Google and Sorel just to name a few. Working with brands is quickly becoming something Lank enjoys and finds the challenges of photographing clothing “extremely rewarding.”

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While photography is currently his most creative outlet, Lank considers himself as a renaissance man with a huge passion for music. He has been devoting a lot of time recently to creating new songs, and recently began sharing them online. “Making music has really revitalized my creative process as a photographer, and now the two feel like compliments to one another,” explains Lank. And while he is still in school pursuing a Masters in Public Policy and Nonprofit Management, Lank hopes to work on more long-term projects that embody his identity through photography and music simultaneously. He continues to thrive in Portland, a city that he calls refreshing and diverse, so stay tuned because this Mainer is just getting started.

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On the cover, Brandon Woelfel // Featuring: Cary Fagan, Kiele Twarowski, Lloyd Pursall, Parker Woods and loads more.


On the cover, Brandon Woelfel // Featuring: Cary Fagan, Kiele Twarowski, Lloyd Pursall, Parker Woods and loads more.