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It’s All About Your Clients! Encouraging to see just how many local businesses in our area are starting to embrace social media, or at least toying with the idea of getting involved. Most now recognise how important it is to the survival of their businesses. Despite accepting social media is here to stay we still have to address questions and a concern to reassure them it is something they should take part in. You may have concerns too, so we have included the most frequently asked questions on getting started with social media just in case there were obstacles putting you off getting involved. A lot of businesses haven’t updated their website in years and feel it is time to do so but aren’t sure where to start. So we go back to website basics, and look at important features and pages you need to have on your site. But having a website won’t do any good if nobody can find it, so we have included a simplified guide showing how to get your site noticed more by search engines and be found much easier by your customers. Ask us about any of the subjects in this issue if you need help, we would love to hear from you.

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