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space boy robot

the most extraordinary pieces aren’t always traditional by Morgan Tanabe | Photos by Chris Kontakis

Artist Jordan-Alexander Thomas knows

While digging through his mother’s ga-

For him, the process begins with con-

robots. Known for his quirky sculptures

rage he stumbled upon a treasure trove.

structing the robots from blocks. He then

created using whimsically ordinary me-

His discovery of craft boxes idly shoved

assembles parts of old model cars gears,

diums, Thomas reminds art fanatics the

aside filled with unique hardware and oth-

and other childhood relics.

most extraordinary pieces aren’t always

er nostalgic trinkets inspired him to rein-


vent the otherwise forgotten items.

What began as a pastime has grown into an up-cycling lifestyle. His Sci-Fi-meets-

Having grown up around artists, Thomas’

“She had a bunch of fun, odd things. I

Steampunk approach shows true original-

passion for the arts bloomed at a young

thought I could use them to make a ro-

ity in his undoubtedly adorable robots.

age. In 2006, his love for both Science Fic-

bot,” he says. “So I began to glue wood

tion and unique constructions collided.

boxes and metal pieces together.”


march 2014 | Localrevibe Magazine | @localrevibe

Localrevibe Magazine | Issue 7 | March 2014  

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