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Celebrating a 100 year milestone Lily Ida Farleigh (nee Radunz) was born on 4 September 1913 at Coolabunia. ENROL The great-grandmother was NOW for surrounded by her family and Term 4 friends when she celebrated her for students birthday on Wednesday 4 September from primary through to at the Marsden Gardens Retirement high school Village where she lives. In a fitting double celebration Qualified Caring Teachers building the foundations for academic success. for someone turning 100 years old, Phone for a FREE ASSESSMENT ON 3879 2899 OR 0457 928 999 she gathered again with family or email and friends at the Forest Lake Community House on Saturday 7 September. Relatives and friends came from afar for the event, travelling from Sydney, Manilla, Woolgoolga, Hervey Bay, Traveston, Kingaroy, Wondai, Murgon, as well as from various suburbs around Brisbane. Lily has four children, including daughter Glenda, in Forest Lake. “When asked about her life, mum says that she has had a very happy and useful life and is very proud of what she has achieved,” said Glenda. “She has helped many organisations, including her beloved Red Cross where she was awarded the Long Service Medal for her efforts. & “Music has played a large part of mum’s life. She still plays the piano and organ at Happy Hour at Marsden Gardens and throughout her life volunteered her services to entertain in nursing homes. “Mum has no regrets and said she would do it all over again in a heartbeat. We are so blessed as a family to have her as our mum,” said Glenda.

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Forest Lake Podiatry Clinic

Your Heart... Their Home

A Modern, Unique Approach to the Health & Appearance of Your Feet

Children throughout Brisbane and the Southern Downs need caring adults to give them a nurturing home. Foster care can be for a few nights, a few weeks or sometimes until a child reaches independence.

• Pain relief • Children’s Podiatry • Ingrown toenail surgery • Flat feet and fallen arches • Sports injuries • General foot care • Therapeutic treatments • Ultimate pedicures Murray E. Paton • Orthotic therapy (laboratory) BSc. BAppSc. (Pod) (Dist) MSc. (HONS)

No referral required. Covered by most private health funds.

FOR AN APPOINTMENT CALL 3279 9266 Suite F8 Forest Lake Village

Find out more about becoming a foster carer: or call: Logan and Southern Brisbane - 3340 5600 North Brisbane - 3267 9070 Goodna - 3280 8000 Your Local Independent Monthly Magazine - October 2013





Principal Dentist

Dr Lam Q Tran BDSc (QLD)


Dr David Roebuck BDSc (QLD) Dr Aman Sharma BDS Dr Jacob Song G.Dip.Dent (QLD)

Specialist Orthodontist Dr Laura Barbagallo

BDSc Hon (UQ); MDSc Hon (Orth) (Sydney); MOrth RCDed

Visiting Periodontist Dr Amit Shah

BDS,MDS(Perio), DClinDent(Perio), FRACDS(Perio)

General & Laser Dentistry - latest Most Advanced Technology

Full mouth Reconstruction Veneers, Crowns, Bridges White Cosmetic filings Zoom Whitening Gum Recontouring

• Family Dentistry • Laser Assisted Gum Treatment • Implant Dentistry • TMJ Treatment • Root Canal Therapy • Dentures • Mouth Guards • Nitrous Oxide Sedation • Wistom Teeth Oral Surgery

We use laser, digital x-rays, and intra-oral camera

Our team looks forward to caring for you and your family Approved Veterans Affairs Provider

255 Forest Lake Boulevard, Forest Lake

Dr Cuong Luu MBBS (QLD), FRACGP Dr Pushpa Kahawita MBBS, FRACGP, DRANZCOG . General Health . Women’s Health . Children’s Health . Immunisation

. Minor Surgery . Skin Check . Annual Health Check . Work Cover

OPEN 6 DAYS Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm Saturday 9am - 1pm Sunday & Public Holidays Closed

The King family: Baby Portia, big sister Kathryn, parents Keith and Kathleen with Cr Milton Dick, Annastacia Palaszczuk MP and Bernie Ripoll MP. The 2013 Welcoming the Babies ceremony was a great success with over 100 registered babies from right across my electorate being recognised as our newest community members. As with last year, there was again a big increase in registrations by mums and dads in the Forest Lake area. The Durack State School played host again this year in their performing arts centre which is just ideal for this type of event. Each family received a bounty bag full of helpful information relevant to new babies and sample packs of baby items, books and a commemorative certificate. After the presentations, the children were able to take part in other activities including a train ride, animal farm, face painting and this year two jumping castles to cater for the different age groups. The Richlands Scout Group and Inala Lions Club played a big role by providing food and much needed help in setting up as well as supplying equipment for the day. Welcoming the Babies to the community is about letting families know they are not alone and putting them in touch with a variety of community and government support groups who were on hand to give them the best information and advice. The South West Progress Association, in partnership with the Richlands Ward Councillor Milton Dick, and myself, are eager to see this local signature event continue. We look forward to supporting the event in 2014. The Lake News and Local News Publications covers over 30 suburbs south-west of the Brisbane CBD together with the community publications of the Centenary News, The Local News and The Greater Springfield Times.

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Personally Speaking

By Susannah Friis with Susannah Friis

It seems to be that society celebrates the strong, or those perceived to be anyway. We are all about the winners, the heroes, strength and invincibility. And we all strive to be strong. We want to be known as someone who withstands trials, who stands firm and unwavering. We want to be those people and we want to be around those people. We don’t like weakness, generally. I’m no psychologist but I wonder if it’s because it reminds us of our own weakness and in a world that is full of platitudes about how strong we are on the inside, about overcoming obstacles and standing up, speaking out, that just won’t do. Here’s what I don’t get: if we logically can understand that we are all, each and every one of us, weak at times, why is it such a big deal? I suspect the answer lies in our past memories of being hurt, of being in a vulnerable position, mentally, emotionally, physically, that we shy away from the possibility of having to go through that pain again. And we are right. It’s not prudent to reveal your weaknesses to those who can, or who have in the past, hurt you. We must be wise about where and with whom we make ourselves vulnerable. Yet I think there is also wisdom in taking a chance. Opening up to someone about how you’re feeling, really feeling, can path the way to deeper more meaningful communication. Sometimes, until we make ourselves vulnerable we can’t truly enter into worthwhile relationships. We need to let the other person see us warts and all. And we also need to allow them to do the same. When we are sharing vulnerabilities, we form bonds that can lay a wonderful foundation for future connection. There are times, though, when we make ourselves vulnerable and we don’t know the outcome. We have no idea how that person will respond to us showing them our weaknesses, so it’s risky. The hope is that they will respond with sensitivity, gentleness and kindness. Now, you and I both know that certainly isn’t always the case is it? We’ve all been mistreated by someone we thought we could trust, we’ve all shared something close to our hearts, only to find it used against us at a later date. It’s awful. It hurts. And it’s hard to move past. But in order to not allow those incidences to affect the rest of our lives and relationships, we simply must risk again. We must resolve to not let the hurt grow into bitterness and resentment. Allowing someone else’s actions to change who we are makes no sense. Know that for every person who doesn’t handle your weakness in the right way, there are ten others who will. We just need to be discerning and never give up risking the hurt to find the ones who are worth risking it for.

ORTHODONTIST Dr. Christopher T.C. Ho BDSc (Hons), MDSc (Qld), FRACDS (Orth)

* Orthodontics for Adults & Children * * No Referral Required * * Coloured/Clear Braces, Invisalign * * Flexible Payment Plans * * Evening Appointments *

Forest Fair Shopping Centre Cnr Forest Lake Blvd & Woogaroo Street

FOREST LAKE Tel. 3278 7137

Meditation Group Forest Lake Community House 3 Alpine Place, Forest Lake 10 th & 24 th October

BENEFITS OF MEDITATION: • Reduce stress  • Inner calm • Mental clarity  • Improve the quality of life Please arrive 5 mins before start time, bring a notebook and any props you need to feel comfortable.

7pm - 8.30pm : $10 / person

Heather 0418 622 511

Forest Lake Lawyers Peace of Mind Specialising in: • Family Law • Conveyancing • Wills & Estates  • Business Law First Consultation Free Call 3278 9559  or email Experience Counts

Servicing the r Keep youunning western suburbs r le vehic ndition since 1983 in top co range of r with ou ance services! mainten

. Servicing . Tune Ups . Air-conditioning . Mechanical repairs . Brakes/Clutch . Fuel system - EFI . Cooling system . Exhaust . Suspension . L.P. Gas

3376 1904

3/52 Jijaws St, Sumner Park

Letters to the Editor and feedback are always welcome, email Susannah at or leave a comment on her blog at The Lake News - October 2013 - Page 3




a Weber  Baby Q 

1 BBQ to win at each Pet Cafe Store!

Purchase Advantage®, Advocate® or Advantix® to enter!


Advance Adult Dog Food $102.95 (Chicken or Lamb and Rice) 15kg

Pigs Ears 6 for $10

Misty’s Clumping Cat Litter $16.00 20Ltr

Oxbow Western Timothy Hay, $31.00 1.13kg

CAFE CORINDA PHONE : 3379 3188 OR 1300 4 PET 7 3 8 2 2 3 3 660 Oxley Rd

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Your Teeth Your Smile



By Dr Paul Holliday

Minimal intervention dentistry

Sounds scary doesn’t it? Well maybe anything with the word dentistry sounds scary? Did you know that in the 19th century people thought decay was caused by a “tooth worm”? Dentistry has come a long way since then. It continues to change at a rapid rate just like the rest of the world. New materials and techniques appear every week. So what is minimal intervention dentistry? It is the approach where dental professionals help everyone to keep their teeth for a lifetime without holes. Now obviously you are thinking “I already have fillings, what about me?” Well, the idea is to stop you from needing more fillings or needing larger fillings when the old ones need replacing. How does it work? Since everybody is different it works differently for everyone. Your particular risk of dental problems be they holes/cavities known as decay or gum problems or bite/ TMJ problems is assessed and various tests are needed to help work this out. Normally x-rays are required to make sure no holes or problems are present before a personalized dental plan can be worked out. This may include looking at your diet or testing your saliva. If you are at risk for any of the potential problems then different methods of managing these potential problems would be used. You may not like some of them. For example, I recently talked to a young lady who loved soft drinks and I am sure you could guess which one in particular she loved. She was drinking it several times a day every day and had come to see me because her teeth were sensitive. After a comprehensive exam, x-rays, diet analysis and saliva testing we found she was dehydrated (because of the soft drink and lack of water intake) as well as the enamel (the white strong bit of the teeth) were very weak from acid (yes that was from the soft drink too). She had a choice to make – stop drinking as much soft drink or face lots of problems with her teeth. Luckily, she loved her nice smile more than the soft drink so she cut down a lot and started using a tooth strengthening paste on her teeth and drank more water. The sensitivity also disappeared. How often should I go to the dentist? Since everybody is different it depends. If you are diagnosed as high risk you should go more often and if you are diagnosed as low risk you don’t need to go as often. Everyone still needs to go to the dentist for regular checks and cleaning, so don’t think because you don’t get holes that means you don’t need to go – it just means you may not need to go as often as your partner or your children. A good routine would be every six months. A visit to the dentist should start no later than around five years of age or earlier if you are worried about something. Even if you don’t have any of your own teeth anymore you still should see a dentist even though you should not need to go very often. It sounds great but I am still too scared to go to the dentist. Many people are scared of going to the dentist but the best way to stop being scared is to go regularly so that any potential problems can be fixed before they become big problems.

Taking CARE of #1 -

You & Your Family

At Lakedental you will be looked after by dedicated dentists and staff using the latest technologies available. Dr Holliday and Lakedental have been taking care of Forest Lake and surrounding suburbs residents since 1999.





We Specialise in

Comprehensive general dental care. Simple to complex cosmetic cases. Orthodontic crowding problems. Zoom whitening in 1 visit or at home. TMJ jaw joint problems

We Use

Safe digital X-rays White cosmetic fillings Air abrasion technology Sedation gas Personal headphone music or video glasses

Call Us at 3879 8999 Did you know? You are never fully dressed until you smile. ~ from Les Miserables ~


so a consultation appointment can be arranged for you. Lakedental - Professional Suites, First Floor Forest Lake Shopping Centre Located directly under the clock tower

Call today 07 3879 8999

Lake Dental Professional Suites Located directly underneath the Clock Tower

Call today 3879 8999

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Headaches and Neck Pain Addressing the Cause

If You Suffer From Headaches or Neck Pain That Keep Coming Back, These Are The Facts You Must Know Living with headaches is tough.

Could This Be Your Solution?

Day after day of being miserable, irritable, and looking a lot older than you really are. The frustration of knowing that your friends and family don’t understand what you’re going through. Add this to doctors’ visits, MRI’s and CT scans -- which only come back with “normal” results. And that’s not all … trying one medication after another, feeling like you’re on a merry-go-round of drugs. All this is enough to make anyone want to scream!

We offer a fresh approach, where we aim to identify and correct the actual cause of your problem. You owe it to yourself to find out if your headaches or neck pain are associated with an abnormal neck curve, with a $30 Headache Evaluation. What does this include? Everything. Take a look at what you will receive: • An in-depth consultation about your headaches where we will listen … really listen … to the details of your unique situation. • A complete neuromuscular and skeletal examination of the head and neck so we can find the problem. • A full set of specialized x-rays to determine if posture or abnormal spinal curves are associated with your pain … (NOTE: If needed, these are bulk billed). • A thorough analysis of your exam and x-rays where we’ll map out how you can get rid of your headaches once and for all.

IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE, READ THIS: 1) An abnormal spinal curve is far more common in people who suffer from ongoing headaches and neck pain 2) An abnormal spinal curve can be readily identified using a standing x-ray image. 3) An abnormal spinal curve can be consistently improved or corrected using tested, proven techniques.

Why not get rid of those debilitating headaches today? Read the full facts on this page!

We are Drs Keith and Michael Charlton, and we’ve been helping patients with neck pain and headaches live pain free by improving posture and restoring normal neck curves using specialized equipment. Every week we hear how people suffer from severe headaches – statements like … • “The pain just keeps coming back” • “Nothing I have tried gives lasting results” • “I feel like my head is in a vice.” • “My eyes hurt and I’m always tired.” • “I’ve had headaches since childhood.” • “The pain affects my moods and then my relationships suffer” They tell us they’re sick and tired of jumping from one headache medication to the next. Imagine being able to live life like a normal person again, pain free and without headaches -- being able to play with your kids, enjoy time with friends, and not have to worry that your headache will hit you at just the wrong time. Page 6 - October 2013 - The Lake News


More Pills Are Not The Solution As the clinic is actually a research centre for neck disorders and Dr Keith has two higher degrees, we are sticklers for the facts, so here’s what science says about abnormal neck curves and posture. • The further forward the head goes over the shoulders, the higher the incidence of headaches (Cephalalgia 2006;26(3):314).

• Headache patients show significantly s t r a i g ht e n e d c e r v ic a l c u r ve configurations (Headache 1993;33:90-5). • Reversal of the neck curve leads to total spinal malalignment, rounding of the shoulders, headache, neck pain, scapular pain and possibly even low back pain (Orthop Traumatol


Our practice is fully equipped for structural rehabilitation. We follow proven published protocols to correct abnormal spinal curves and get consistent results (JMPT. 2003;26(3): 1998;47:1169-71). 139-51). Pain is your body’s way of • A bnor ma l ne ck c u r ves c au se telling you something is wrong. increased tissuestress which provides Finding the problem and fixing it has the basis for degenerative joint disease got to be top priority! Call today … (Clin Biomech 2001;16:276-84).

• A neck curve is a protective window against neck pain, whilst less curve is a risk factor for neck pain and a flat neck is a risk factor for chronic neck pain (Spine 2004;29(22):2485-92). • The odds that a patient with neck pain has a straight or reversed neck curve are 18 times greater than patients without neck pain (JMPT 2005;28(3);187-93).

Phone: 3372 9944 Call anytime between the hours of 7am and 6pm Monday through Friday or 8am to 11am Saturdays. Tell our friendly receptionist you’d like to come in for the Headache Evaluation. Drs Keith and Michael Charlton FOREST LAKE CHIROPRACTIC upstairs at Forest Lake Shopping Centre Forest Lake Boulevarde.

Community House kitchen re-vamped PHONE: 3278 8834 FOREST LAKE PRACTICE: Shop 2, 255 Forest Lake Boulevard Grand Boulevard Shopping Centre

TOOWONG PRACTICE: Shop 3, 39 Sherwood Rd. Phone: 3371 5441

Charles Strunk (left) and Heritage Bank, Forest Lake Community Branch Manager, Mark Newman inspect the new kitchen renovations.

The Community House is the proud owner of a newly refurbished kitchen thanks to a grant received from Heritage Bank, Forest Lake Community Branch. After almost twenty years, the kitchen was looking a bit tired and out of date. A submission was made to Heritage Community Bank for funding and after consideration, an amount of $4500 was allocated for the refurbishment. This is the second grant that Forest Lake Community House has received from the Heritage Bank, Forest Lake Community Branch. The Community House kitchen now sports new bench tops, sink, taps, cupboard doors and includes the installation of a wall cupboard shelf system, which will allow hall hirers useable additional space when catering for their function. Residents who have lived in Forest Lake for some years might remember the formation of the Community Bank when a small group of passionate residents formed a group known as FLOC (Forest Lake One Community) approach Heritage Bank and asked if a community bank could be established locally. The Forest Lake Community House Management Committee would like to thank FLOC and the Heritage Bank, Forest Lake Community Branch for their vision and commitment to the local community.

Same great music club, different location

After three years in the Community Hub in Inala, the Community Music Club has outgrown its premises and changed it’s name. Now called ‘Dekades’, the club has moved to larger premises at the Centenary Hub at Mt Ommaney, with members meeting every Thursday night. Recently, members have thoroughly enjoyed playing at the Seventeen Mile Rocks ten year anniversary and at the 50th anniversary of the Serviceston State Primary School and show what can be achieved with a little work. The group is always after new musos and especially singers to build up the group for the oncoming events. If you are interested in being a part of this group, practice sessions are Thursday nights from 7pm to 11pm. Just ring the coordinator Jo Keating on 3372 4465 or 0438 249 590.


for all Preventative Dentistry

(full examinations, scale/clean, fluoride treatment, digital x-rays, intra-oral photographs) All Healthfunds, BUPA, MBF, Medibank Private, HCF, HBA, QUTH, Manchester Unity, Defence Health. Conditions apply, contact surgery & cite magazine for more details. New patients ONLY. Must mention The Lake News when booking. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Treatments Offered All General & Preventative Dentistry Orthodontics - Invisalign (Invisible Braces) Dental Implants Take home & advance ZOOM Teeth Whitening Oral Surgery - Wisdom teeth removal Crown & Bridge / Part & Full Dentures I.V. and Gas Sedation (happy gas) 1 Visit Root Canal Therapy We bulk bill medicare care teen dental vouchers

Needle Free and Painless Injections (INJEX)

Principal Dentist Dr Jim Chuang BDSc (Hons) Qld UQ

Hygienist/Therapist Miss Vivian Huang

Associate Dentists Dr Jason Huang BDSc Qld UQ Dr Thao Pham BDSc Qld UQ Dr Henry Wong BDSc. Qld UQ


OPEN 6 DAYS AND EVENINGS The Lake News - October 2013 - Page 7

It won’t always be this low

. Right now, get our low fixed rate home loan for two years. . And don’t pay the first year’s $395 annual package fee . *

Pop into BOQ Forest Lake and say hi to Owner-Managers David Armstrong and Simon Armstrong. Call them on 07 3000 4580 or email or Bank of Queensland Limited ABN 32 009 656 740 (Australian Credit Licence 244616) (BOQ). Terms and conditions available at any BOQ branch. Other fees and charges (including valuation fees) are payable. BOQ’s standard credit assessment criteria applies. Information current as at 23/08/13. #To qualify for the Home Loan Privileges Package (HLPP), you must take out and maintain a Packaged Fixed Rate Home Loan and approved transaction account. All applications must meet approval guidelines on all products to qualify for the HLPP. At the end of the fixed rate period, the interest rate will convert to the applicable standard variable home loan rate (currently 6.01% but subject to change without notice) minus the applicable HLPP discount rate (0.50% for loans over $150,000, 0.85% for loans over $250,000, 0.90% for loans over $1,000,000). Benefits cannot be taken in conjunction with or in addition to any other packages, negotiated interest rates or special offers. *Annual Fee Offer: Annual package fee is payable after the first year. Offer available only for individual applicants who have been unconditionally approved a HL or Line of Credit as part of a new HLPP between 10/06/13 and 30/09/13, and settled by 31/01/14. ^The comparison rate is calculated on the basis of a loan of $150, 000 for a term of 25 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

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Scouts in action donate PHYSIOTHERAPY much appreciated wool FOREST LAKE SPORTS INJURY & REHABILITATION CENTRE PHYSIOTHERAPY FOR: • Back & neck pain • Sporting injuries • Headaches

Kinesio Practitioner JIM EUSTACE & BROOKE EVANS

PHONE: 3278

• Experienced physiotherapists using   hands on Manual Therapy Techniques  • 10 yrs as AFL physio to Brisbane Lions • 6 yrs as NBL physio to Brisbane Bullets

Crochet group members Hilary and Colleen gladly accept the donated wool from the Goodna Cub Scouts. Members of the newly formed crochet group recently gathered at Settlers for a special presentation of wool from Goodna Scouts Group. When Scout Group Leader, Bernice, heard about the crochet group her mother in law was involved with in Forest Lake, she saw an opportunity for the Scouts to help. Thirteen Cub Scouts brought in over 80 balls of wool to donate to the group which then gives the completed blankets to those in need. It was the perfect week for the presentation as the Scouts participated in their annual Scouts in Action Week, with the theme this year of Scouting in the Community. The Cub Scouts were delighted to present their big bag of donated wool and also spend time with members of the group by serving them morning tea on the day.

Don’t miss the Great Strides walk this month!

Don’t miss the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) fundraiser 4.4km walk to be held on 27th October. Join LJ Hooker Forest Lake and Browns Plains and other supporters in the Great Strides 2013 Walkathon to raise funds to directly help CF families. CF is Australia’s most common life threatening genetic condition – and there is no cure. A child with CF is born every four days, yet many people have never heard of it or do not know what the condition really is. It is a degenerative, chronic illness that primarily affects the lungs and digestive systems. CFQ assists local families and individuals affected by this dreadful disease with practical and emotional support. Take strides towards conquering CF today. Join Great Strides’ 4.4km km route (2 laps around the lake), registration opens at 8.30am and the walk to begin at 9.30am Cnr Forest Lake Boulevard and the Esplanade, Forest Lake (LJ Hooker Forest Lake Office). Bring the whole family for a sausage sizzle and special visitors! Find out more at event/greatstrides-qld or ask Lisa Moore at LJ Hooker Forest Lake on 3877 4000.


FOREST FAIR SHOPPING CENTRE Corner Forest Lake Boulevard & Woogaroo Street Forest Lake

Abel & David Wan Dental Practice Dr Abel Wan B.D.Sc (Hons) Qld Dr David Wan B.OralH GradDipDent Established since 1993 with over 20 years experience

We provide Gentle, Caring & Quality oral healthcare at affordable prices

Evening & Saturday appointments available

• General, Preventive & Cosmetic Dentistry • Root Canal Therapy • Crowns, Bridges & Veneers • Removal of Wisdom Teeth • Zoom Teeth Whitening • Bulk Bill Teen Dental Vouchers

PHONE: 3278


Shop 12 Forest Fair Shopping Centre Cnr of Forest Lake Blvd & Woogaroo St, Forest Lake

Richlands Medical Centre PHONE: 3271 1178

Dr Angela Bowman Dr Edward Kwok

MBBS (QLD), FRACGP, DCH (Diploma of Child Health)


Welcome to our new female doctor Dr Jill Cameron and a registered nurse Natalie to work with us

. General Health . Children’s Health . Women’s Health . Men’s Health


. Minor Skin Surgery . Immunisation . Work Cover . Pre employment

SHOP 8, RICHLANDS PLAZA 511 Archerfield Road, Richlands

The Lake News - October 2013 - Page 9

Pop into BOQ Forest Lake and say hi to Owner Managers David Armstrong and Simon Armstrong. Call them on 07 3000 4580 or email or Product issued by Bank of Queensland Limited ABN 32 009 656 740 (BOQ). The current terms and conditions for this product are available at any BOQ branch. Before making a decision, you should consider whether or not this product is appropriate for you. The material in this ad may contain general advice. This material has been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider the appropriateness of any advice before acting on it. You should obtain and consider the relevant terms and conditions before making any decision about whether to acquire or continue to hold this product.*Bonus interest offer available only to new, personal customers who open a WebSavings Account速 from 01/11/2012. Minimum account balance of $2,000 applies. Offer not available to existing customers whether or not they hold a WebSavings Account速. Balances greater than $5,000,000 subject to approval. After 4 months from account open date, the interest rate will revert to the standard WebSavings Account速 rate. Interest rates are effective 13/08/2013. Interest rates are variable and subject to change without notice. All information current as at 13/08/2013.

Page 10 - October 2013 - The Lake News

No more excuses of not enough time Forest Lake Fitness, Forest Lake’s largest privately owned fitness centre, is proud of its heritage as an innovator in the fitness industry and has quickly grown into a well known and respected brand. Servicing the local community for over ten years, Forest Lake Fitness is moving forward into the future and are excited to announce that from November the well loved centre will have 24/7 access available to it’s members. “We want to keep offering our fantastic services for another 20 years or even more!” said owner/manager Joe Bland. “We listen to our members and look to always ensure their fitness experience is everything they need and want it to be. “Unlike other 24 hour gyms, great service, friendliness and assistance remains our number one priority. Over the past 12 months, we’ve noticed our member’s work commitments have increased due to employer demands. This means they haven’t been able to keep up with their fitness as much as they would’ve liked. “There are countless reasons to be going 24/7 but to put it into one sentence - we’re doing it for the people.” In conjunction with the club going 24/7, Forest Lake Fitness will also launch its online, hassle free ‘Join Now’ webpage. All you need to do will be to simply visit www., select the membership option that best suits you, fill in the required details and away you go. By joining online you will also save on selected membership options – getting fit has never been easier! To celebrate the 24/7 launch, Forest Lake Fitness will be offering special promotions during the month of November to kick off their new endeavour. Keep an eye out in the next issue of The Lake News for more details. For more up to date details on Forest Lake Fitness going 24/7 simply visit and click the link through to their facebook page, call 3279 9450, or pop down to the club and speak to one of their friendly reception staff at Cnr Forest Lake Boulevard and High Street, Forest Lake.

Jenros Framers e Framer Your Local Pictur

All art work, photos and needlework. Jenny Stedman 146 Bagnall St Ellen Grove

Ph: 3372 1775 Brisbane West

COUNSELLING CARING & CONFIDENTIAL HELP WITH PROBLEMS RELATING TO: • Relationship issues • Anxiety • Depression • Separation/divorce • Personal issues • Low self-confidence/esteem • Abuse • Grief & Loss • Addiction ANNELIE HUGHES BEd MCouns QMACA PH:

3278 9625 or 0409 789 625





Cnr Forest Lake Blvd & High St (Opposite High School)

Childminding - Personal Training - Fully Equipped Gym - Group Fitness Classes - Friendly, Helpful Staff The Lake News - October 2013 - Page 11


% pa


. .

Page 12 - October 2013 - The Lake News

% pa . .

The Heritage Bank 2013 Park & Garden Competition

A SMALL DEDICATED TEAM OF WOMEN WORKING FOR YOU The garden competition has been a joint venture between the Heritage Bank, Forest Lake branch and Forest Lake Area Garden Group and the Friends of the Parks. Entrants have worked in their gardens throughout the year preparing for judging which took place on September 20, with the winners announced at the Presentation Day held at Community House on Saturday September 28. And the winners are: Cottage: First Place, Denis and Jenny White; Runner-up, Tracy Bucks Residential: First Place, Wayne Howard; Runner-up, Anita Simonis Native/Waterwise: First Place, Ian and Sue MacGregor; Runner-up, Carl and Kylie Eckermann Park Area: First Place, Dirk and Maureen Scalongwe; Runner-up, Jeff and Denise Foster Retirement Village Community: Highly Commended, Settlers Village Pocket: First Place, Miles and Mavis Farmer; Runner-up, Settlers Village Balcony: First Place, Diane Maloney; Runner-up, Shirley Searle Champion Richlands Ward: John Wilmot Champion Parkinson Ward: Denis and Jenny White All gardens listed below are open on October 5/6. Best Maintained Park Area: 8 Blue Lake Court; 19 Tolmer Crescent; 39 Alexandrina Circuit; Roundabout Leichhardt Circuit. Best Residential Garden (over 400sq. metres): 20 Ascot Avenue; 63 Renoir Crescent; 8 Collingrove Place; 26 Stringybark Place, Heathwood. Best Native/Water Wise Garden: 22 Jubilee Avenue; 7 Stringybark Place. Best Cottage Style Garden: 8 St. Ives Circuit; 21 Leichhardt Circuit. Retirement Village Gardens: Community Garden, 41 High Street (Settlers); Balcony/Patio Garden, 41 High Street (Settlers), 41 High Street (Settlers); Pocket Garden, 62/50 Coriander Place, (The Terraces); 41 High Street (Settlers). Organisers would like to take this opportunity to thank the valued sponsors for making this event a great success: Heritage Bank Forest Lake, Settlers Lifestyle, The Terraces, Nu Grow Landscaping Supplies, Brisbane City Councillors and the local State Members. Also sincere thanks is extended to the valued supporters for their generous support and contributions: The Lake News; Spring Fields Garden Centre; Roses by Donelle; Brilliant Prints; Ray White Forest Lake; and Seasol.

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Family Focus with Mark Mackay

Mark Mackay is the Baptist pastor at Forest Lake and teaches at Malyon College. Recently, our church was joined by a congregation of people from the Congo. One of the greatest gifts they have brought to us is their diversity of expression in our services. It has been a great new relationship for us and for them and I have been inspired by the way both congregations have embraced differences. So often, people are threatened by those who are different. It becomes a real problem when that turns into racism. There has been a lot of debate in our community in recent times about “boat people” – an important issue that needs serious thought and discussion. However, one of the sad outcomes of this debate has been the “dehumanising” of refugees by people in some quarters. While, no doubt, we need to protect our boarders as a nation and there should be due process for those who want to enter Australia, we should not forget that they are people after all. This became evident to me when I heard a young person express his feelings about the “boat people.” What he said was nothing short of racist! Where did he learn such an attitude – home, TV, friends? Someone once said, “Racism isn’t born, folks, it’s taught. I have a two-year-old son. You know what he hates? Naps! End of list.” So, it falls to us to bequeath to our children a healthy attitude towards other races. Some see the solution in telling children that there are “no differences.” I don’t agree. There are clearly differences between people – different skin colour, different accents, etc. The key is not to ignore the differences but to teach our kids to embrace diversity. If we retain a siege mentality that our culture is better than any other, we miss out on the vast variety and beauty of humanity. We should give our kids diverse experiences and show them that, though other cultures may be different and other people may look different to us, they are just as valuable and just as important. Drawing on the Biblical truth that all people are made in God’s image, Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality...I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.” At our church, we have a simple motto that guides what we do, “Every person is important to God.” It may seem a simple statement (and perhaps even simplistic) but if you apply it in each sphere of life, it is transformation. If you apply it to the realm of race, then racism becomes a ridiculous position. Our community is becoming increasingly multicultural and ethnically diverse. Our responsibility is to teach the next generation that different races and cultures are not to be feared but to be valued. We can show our kids that different cultures are not a threat to ours. We can show them that being multicultural doesn’t mean that we lose ours – it just means that we treat other people as we would like to be treated. Imagine the effect on our society if a whole generation gets that point of view!

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by Maureen S.

Education with the consistency of long day care

Building Futures Montessori



Our Club would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Cr Milton Dick and the Brisbane City Councils Lord Mayors Suburban Initiative Fund for their great donation of $275 towards our 20 year celebrations. Also to the Queensland Government for their generous donation of $4 415 as a grant from the Gambling Community Fund. The grant will be spent on much needed equipment for the club. Fifty-three eager day trippers Cruised down Brisbane River for this months’ outing, with morning tea and lunch on board. We boarded the boat at South Bank, after travelling from Forest Lake on board the trusty Concorde Coach. After morning tea, we sat talked and watched the river go by with a commentary from the host. We were told of landmarks along the shoreline, such as the original Naval stores, Botanic Gardens and some great Real Estate, some we knew and some were unfamiliar. It was a very interesting tour. We cruised up as far as the mouth of the river then turned and on the return run we were served an assortment of fresh sandwiches for lunch. Back on shore about 22 people ventured a ride on the Wheel of Brisbane before we climbed on board the coach and headed for home, after another successful days outing. Forest Lake 50+ Club meet at Queensland Lions Club, Pine Road, Richlands at 10.30am on the third Friday of each month, and new members are always welcome. For more information on the Club and its activities, please contact Kay (Treasurer) on 3278 9406 or Les (Activities Officer) on 3279 9449 or Mob 0466 377 618 or email at Date claimers for the next two general meetings are Oct 18th, Nov 15th 2013, there is no meeting in Dec 2013. First meeting of new year is Jan 17th 2014.

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Relationship enhancement short course “ Gottman Seven Principles Program”

If a couple’s relationship is strong, this class will provide you with tools and insights to make your relationship even better. If a couple has a distressed relationship, this class can provide a road map for repair. $250.00 per couple – Centenary Suburbs - venue to be advised A) 9am-5pm x 2 full days : i) Consecutive Saturdays 12th &19th October; or ii) Weekend intensive 16th & 17th November. B) 7pm-9pm x 1 evening per week for 6 weeks. (October 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, November 6th & 20th). SEE WEBSITE FOR FURTHER DETAILS e:

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advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” Stueart Henderson Britt


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Page 16 - October 2013 - The Lake News

Yes, spring is in the air, however we could do with some rain. Most of our tanks are now close to or empty (at time of writing). Regardless of the weather, there are many open gardens friendship days and festivals that our members have visited in the past month and not forgetting our trip to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt. Coot-tha. Many thanks to Jenny and Denis White for conducting the tour that was a very informative and much was learnt about local plants. Did you know that these gardens are the second most popular tourist destination in south-east Queensland after Southbank? Talking about visiting gardens, our next bus trip on the Wednesday 30 October 2013 will be to Boonah. We will be visiting five magnificent gardens (two are included in the Australian Open Garden programme, as they local Boonah Garden Club is promoting ‘Boonah at her Best’. If you have not received a flyer or would like further information, contact Heather (phone 379 212) or John (phone 3288 3131). Apart for the five gardens there will be stalls and displays from a local nursery, the Lavender Lady, a wine tasting and many more. Don’t miss out on this trip! The Heritage Bank 2013 Park & Garden Competition is over for another year with winners announced last weekend. Congratulations to all the winners and you can visit these parks and gardens on the weekend 5 & 6 October’13. Thanks to all the entrants who participated as the effort you put into your garden is very much appreciated by the public and, naturally, assists in making Forest Lake a wonderful suburb. Do you have problems from bush turkeys? Seems some residents have recently been visited by at least one bush turkey. It is the male that is destroying gardens and lawns as his scratching will leave a garden or lawn in ruin. They appear to like the ‘new garden’ you have finished making as the soil is fresh. The big question seems to be ‘how can we stop him?’ Unfortunately there is no easy answer as bush turkeys are a protected species under current government laws. Chicken wire placed over the area will assist in many cases. I would be interested to hear if you have a logical and lawful solution to this problem. Last month we had Alexia Loader from the Cordyline Society showing us the many, many varieties of the Cordyline. I never knew there are so many different types of this wonderful leaf plant. At our next meeting we have Belinda Stuart discussing landscaping and garden tips. Hope to see you there and share a cuppa after the meeting.

We are not fanatical gardeners, just friendly enthusiasts. Join us! Next meeting Tuesday October 8th, 2013. Forest Lake Community House, Alpine Place

For more information call John Prout on 3288 3131

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See page 27 for a list of groups and activities in Forest Lake.

Advanced Beauty

with Thea Soons Advanced Skin Care Clinic

I’ve always been curious as to how much practical experience cosmetic injectors have access to, whether it be on a refresher course basis, or a new product launch. Well, I can tell you that my curiosity is now fully satisfied! As you know, we have the wonderful Dr Andrew Molloy on board to administer our cosmetic injectables. It was at Andrew’s request that I was his model for both a refresher course, and new product launch, held in Sydney on 30th and 31st August. Unbelievable! Just unbelievable! The course was over two full days and boy, not only was the workload high, but both the attendees and their work were minutely scrutinised. No stone was left unturned. Training was conducted using Phi callipers (everything in the universe is based on the proportion 1 to 1.618- often called the Phi or Divine/Golden proportion).This universal system of balance and harmony is the only reliable, methodical, mathematical and logical approach to facial assessment and enhancement. The callipers were used to maximise each individual models beauty by bringing the proportions of their features as close to Phi as possible within the divine proportion for that individual face, using the existing blueprint of their facial anatomy! No model got the same lips and cheek bones. Each injector worked towards the ideal facial contour, harmonious proportions and balanced facial curves. The closer a face is to Phi proportion the more attractive they are considered. Both Andrew and I returned exhausted (yes, being a model is exhausting!) yet fully charged and ready to put the new techniques and products into practice. We are a clinic that focuses on complete facial aesthetics so, are my features aesthetically balanced? Are they in keeping with my age? Do I look more refreshed and feel better in myself? Well, opposite is a picture of myself two days prior to the injectables. Below is a link to a picture of myself 10 days post injectables – I will leave you to be the judge. If you are considering injectables or topping up what you currently have, then we would love to give you a free, no obligation consultation.

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Veterinary News by Dr Ian Gorrie BVSc

Care of your new kitten Owning a cat can be an extremely rewarding experience, but it also carries with it responsibility. Good preventative health care is essential to ensure your kitten enjoys the best health. The following health care points will get your kitten off to the best possible start. Vaccinations Kittens need to be vaccinated minimally against Feline Enteritis, a Parvo Virus infection, and Cat Flu, a Calicivirus or Herpesvirus infection. A course of these vaccinations needs to be given to build up immunity and ensure year long protection. These should be given at 6-8 weeks, 10-12 weeks and 14-16 weeks, then annually for the rest of their lives. The exact timing of these vaccinations depends on the kitten’s age at the first vaccination. Kittens are not fully protected from exposure to these viruses until two weeks after their 14-16 week vaccination. Chlamydia, Feline Luekaemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus are other viral disease’s we will consider vaccinating for. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus vaccinations need to be considered for outside cats – this virus is transmitted by fighting with infected cats. Intestinal Worms and Heartworm Kittens can become infected with worms before they are born and later through their mother’s milk. Worming should be administered routinely every two weeks until 12 weeks of age, and then monthly until six months. After this, cats should be wormed for intestinal worms every one to three months for life, depending on their lifestyle. Roaming outside, hunting and flea infestations are factors which influence what routine we will follow. Faecal tests at a young age or routinely as adults are a good way or understanding exactly what is happening with worm exposure. Heartworm is a worm that is transmitted by mosquitoes and affects the heart and lungs. Cats have a 1-2% chance of becoming infected, and if infected, can die suddenly. Prevention should be started between six and 12 weeks of age and must be continued for life. Flea Control Flea infestation on kittens can lead to major health problems such as anaemia and dermatitis. Monthly spotons like Advantage or Advocate, are very effective and safe to use on kittens. Your vet will discuss your individual situation to find the best product for you and your kitten. Diet Diet is extremely important during the growing months of a cat’s life. It is essential that they are fed only a good quality kitten diet. Diets like Eukanuba and IAMS are fully balanced, economical, highly digestible premium quality food, and have a range to suit all life stages of your cat as it matures. Desexing We strongly recommend that all cats, male or female, be desexed at approximately five to six months of age. By desexing your cat, you will prevent unwanted pregnancies in females and many health and behavioural problems in males.

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FOREST LAKE’S FIRST CALENDAR FOR CHARITY 2014 Calendar A little bit of fun!

Forest Lake Shopping Centre’s 100 Faces of Forest Lake annual community art project has returned for a fourth year. This time we will all have the opportunity to enjoy the art in our own homes and, in doing so, we’ll be supporting Radio Lollipop. Images from the 100 Faces artwork have been combined with Forest Lake landscapes to create a calendar that is a truly wonderful celebration of our local people and the things that make Forest Lake great. “People have loved the artwork each time we’ve created it,” explained Forest Lake Shopping Centre Marketing Manager Ms Linda Loosley. “It was so popular when it was displayed earlier this year it gave us the idea to turn it into a calendar which will be available for purchase from retailers for $10.00 from late October. This year’s 100 Faces artwork is still on display on our website -”

s from the sale All proceed

io Lollipop r go to Rad of this calenda


“All proceeds from the sale of the calendars will go to Radio Lollipop,” Ms Loosley added. “It’s our way of giving back to this wonderful charity.” Radio Lollipop was launched as a one-off service in the UK in 1979 to add some fun to a child’s stay in hospital and to brighten the road to recovery. Today, Radio Lollipop provides care, comfort, play and entertainment to children in hospital around the world, including children visiting the Mater Children’s hospital in South Brisbane as well hospitals in Logan and on the Gold Coast.

Photo courtesy of


MARCH2014 Su




2 9

































A little bit of fun!

Radio Lollipop Director Ms Sandra Ursino said receiving support such as this “is better than you can imagine”.

www.forestlakeshopp ingce

“It is enormously rare; most people don’t know who we are unless they have had a sick child in hospital,” Ms Ursino explained. “We don’t spend money on advertising and we are entirely run by volunteers so all money received goes directly to the children. It allows us to deliver a radio service in the evenings which is supported by a one-on-one program of play.” “I encourage everyone to visit the centre and buy at least one calendar in support of Radio Lollipop,” Ms Loosley added. “With Christmas just around the corner, the calendars will make great stocking fillers too.”

TARGET WOOLWORTHS COLES ALDI Forest Lake Boulevard, Forest Lake Ph 3278 8999 Page 20 - October 2013 - The Lake News

A little bit of fun!




During September, the Joey Scouts visited the RSPCA Animal Shelter and saw all different kinds of animals that the RSPCA takes care of. This month we welcomed Rosie, who has just turned six, to the mob. Happy Birthday Rosie and welcome to Scouting! We also welcomed two Adult Support Members, Mikayla and Michelle, who will be helping Tania with our growing Joey Mob. Term three drew to a close with a bang – literally. The Cub Pack participated in its annual Science Spectacular. For the first time we invited another pack to join us. The Cubs divided into Sixes (groups) and completed a round-robin of activities. Highlights included learning about tectonic plates by simulating an earthquake, putting the theory of ‘thrust’ into action with balloon rocket races, testing out the viscosity of goopy slime and making vinegar bomb lava lamps. These practical activities put the theory we had studied for the last two weeks into action. All Cubs who participated achieved their Science (level one) badges. Still to come is our ‘Five Senses’ activity night and end of term awards night. A big wolf-pack howl goes out to Charlie and Connor who have both achieved their Gold Boomerangs. And with that, they have also finished their Grey Wolf Awards, which is the highest award for Cub Scouts. As well as the Gold Boomerang, Charlie and Conner have both completed the Cub Scout Leaderships course, at least four achievement badges across a variety of areas and four outdoor activities including a camp and a hike. The Scouts this month took part in a joint-troop camp at Rock Creek, Landsborough. We caught the train from Richlands to Roma Street Station where we met scouts from Robertson and Salisbury Troops. Then we all boarded the express train to Landsborough. Once there, the scouts hiked 2km to the camp site where we found our camping equipment which had been driven up by other leaders. The weekend was the first camp for Samuel, who joined the troop last month. The Scouts had practice erecting Queenslander Ridge Tents and making cooking fires. Some took the opportunity to work on their badges. Meanwhile, our Venturers have been meeting with Venturers from the Sherwood Unit. Tamika is fitting in well to her new role as unit chairperson and driving the unit to achieve their Venturer Award. At the Group level, we are very excited to welcome Nathan Young who has volunteered take on the role of Group Leader. Over the next few months he’ll be undergoing training for his new role and getting around visiting all the sections as he settles in to the job. Coming up in October we have our annual group camp at Baden Powell Park, Samford, which will coincide with the Jamboree of the Air on the weekend of 19-20 October. The Group provides fun and adventurous activities for young people (both boys and girls) from ages six to 17. We rely on the support of our local community and we are currently looking for extra leaders to help grow the group. For information about any of the Group’s activities or to enquire about joining, please contact Geoff Hunt on 0414 460 402.

The Lake News - October 2013 - Page 21

Forest Lake National Seniors By Julie Baldwin Branch Update Next meeting to be held at Settlers Village 41 High St, Forest Lake is Wednesday 9 October 2013. Parking is available on High Street and the Salvation Army Car Park on High Street. Come along ladies and gentlemen for a relaxing chat over morning tea. Sign in is 9.30am. Meeting opens at 10am. Forest Lake Branch provides National Seniors members in Forest Lake and surrounding suburbs with an opportunity to get together to meet new people, enjoy social outings and also to have their say and be informed on important issues that affect over 50s. With over 200,000 members Australia wide, National Seniors advocates at the federal, state and local levels of government to protect and enhance our rights. At the recent Federal Election, 47% of all eligible electors were aged over 50. Check out our website www. Over 100 members and special guests celebrated Seniors Week in August and everyone enjoyed a terrific couple of hours feasting on a lovely spread for lunch followed by entertainment from the Babbling Trillbillys. Joy and Janet’s one hour show encapsulated a positive attitude towards ageing in a lively, musical revue combining familiar songs with quirky, sometimes a little outrageous, comedy. Thanks to our hardworking committee and volunteers for their wonderful efforts

with setting up, preparing the tables and looking after everyone. What great fun it was. Our grateful thanks to the Queensland Government through Council of the Ageing for their contribution to this special event. Several of our members attended the Big Cake Bake at Settlers Village. MP Bernie Ripoll and his staff organised and baked for this event to raise funds for Australian Red Cross. Many of the ladies who attended baked delicious cakes and slices which were enjoyed by all at morning tea. The morning was a great success raising over $1000 for the Red Cross. The AGM held in September was very well attended. The Committee and an additional two members were elected for the next twelve months. Many stayed on for brunch and it was a great sociable gathering. National Seniors Forest Lake Sewing and Craft group meet every second Monday commencing 10am at Settlers. Coming up on our calendar for members and friends is our trip this month to Historic Ormiston House, birthplace of the Australian Sugar Industry. An entertainer is booked for our enjoyment at the October meeting. Come along for a look and see and meet some friendly people. For further information about our Branch please contact either Julie 3278 7274 or Ros 3372 9432.

Tranquility combines with natural beauty and carefully manicured grounds at Brisbane’s Premium Cemetery and Crematorium

Centenary Memorial Gardens

Cnr Wacol Station & Wolston Roads, Sumner Ph 3271 1222

“Uncrowded and beautiful, a magnificent setting for memories, how pleased we are that my wife’s memorial is at Centenary Memorial Gardens” Gayle P.

ARBOR LAWN BURIAL SITES Located near the entrance at the high section of the grounds these sites provide a shaded resting place for your loved one and the opportunity to plant their favourite flowers in the garden that surrounds each tree. Centenary Memorial Gardens staff assist each family when the time comes to design the bronze plaque, we then arrange for the manufacture and placement of all memorial plaques. Arbor sites will cater for up to three placements and can also be used to place ashes after a cremation. ~ email: Centenary Memorial Gardens is a fresh flowers only cemetery Page 22 - October 2013 - The Lake News

Hello Readers Globalization is flattening the world and challenging companies, countries and individuals as never before, as Tom Friedman points out in his 2005 book, The World is Flat. Societies need citizens who are smarter, more creative, and more capable of leading, managing, collaborating and networking with productive people around the world. In the future, people won’t think twice about working with someone at a distance on a collaborative project. Being able to collaborate effectively requires a range of skills including listening, evaluation of ideas and suggestions, problem solving, articulation and communication of ideas, reflection and learning from others. The St John’s newly developed Future Thinkers Program is an extension program which provides students with the opportunity to better understand the elements of creative and critical thinking, and to practice and enhance their own creative and critical thinking skills whilst collaborating both locally and globally. The course work for the Future Thinkers Program is set in the context of some important global challenges that affect us all, and to which we have no clear “correct” solutions, for example: the risk and spread of serious infectious diseases in epidemics in modern societies, the implications of increasing human population on global resources, energy, environment and climate, and the challenges that the development of robotics in our everyday lives will impact the future in which we live. Possible solutions to global issues such as these are hotly debated, and give the perfect setting to practice recognising and evaluating facts, ideas, opinions and arguments. Special emphasis is put on understanding and extracting the arguments in different kinds of discourses, analysing the arguments and discerning whether the reasoning is correct. Students work on topics and concepts that they are engaged with and develop actual “plans of actions” for problems and innovations that they have identified. The Future Thinkers Program is offered, by invitation, to students in Years 9 and 10. If you would like the opportunity to find out more or if you would like your child considered for this program please contact St John’s , enquiries@sjac. or by phone 07 3372 0176. The foundation of St John’s educational philosophy is personalised, future focused education that leads to exceptional student achievement.


Oct Wed 23& Secondary Primary s Campuse m 9am-11a

For more information email or phone 07 3372 0176

Kind regards Glenn Johnson Acting Head of College St John’s Anglican College Kindy to Year 6 07 3372 0888 Years 7 to 12 07 3372 0111

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For honest advice at an honest price in your home Contact

RNERFINANCE O C E C N A FI N C E C O R N E R COR N E C N N A A N I IN F RCORNER E COR C N COR N E A E Johnson N I CDave with F NFINANCE R R N E NCE COR N E R F O C E NC AFrom an economics perspective, there Aare several principles that should be present within FI N ER an system. Without becoming too technical, these include the concepts of equity ORtaxN Cincome B.Com C.A.

and fairness, progressive rather than regressive, efficiency with regard to collection, nondistortionary in terms of decision-making, simplicity etc. Unfortunately, achieving one of these may come at the expense of a compromise on another principle. In the case of the, now means tested, private health insurance rebate, the concept of equity Dave Johnson is traded off “at the margin” for the principle of simplicity, although one sometimes might B. Comm C.A. (S.A.) question whether there is anything that is simple about the tax system! Let’s look at an example. Chris and Andrea both work and have relatively simple tax affairs. Chris earns $95,000 per year and Andrea earns $82,000, a total of $177,000. They sponsor a child anfieldlp @ M.DICK ad:45mmWx65mmH 20/01/10 12 through an international agency and each claim a tax deductible donation of $450. For the sake of simplicity there are no other deductible expenses. They are in a private health fund which costs $4,000 but they currently pay $2,800 over the year claiming the 30% government rebate. All is fine until they lodge their tax return for next year through e-Tax and discover an additional charge of $200 each as a private health insurance rebate adjustment. What happened? Councillor for Richlands Ward For 2013-14 a couple with an income for Medicare levy surcharge purposes (not always the same as taxable income) between $176,000 and $204,000 is only entitled to a private health Inala Library, insurance rebate of 20%. Up to $272,000 it reduces to 10% and thereafter it is zero. Civic Centre, In the above case, Chris and Andrea’s relevant combined income is $176,100. They have Corsair Avenue, Inala. been claiming a 30% rebate through their monthly contributions of $1,200 but in actual fact it should have been only $800 when calculated at 20%...resulting in an adjustment of $200 each. Unlike many rebates which are phased out gradually, this one, along with the Medicare levy surcharge, are what can be regarded as “sudden death” rebates – go $1 over and you are “slugged”. Of course, one can’t always predict taxable income in advance but it at least pays to be aware of these thresholds. I bet Chris and Andrea, and the charity of their choice, are Phone: 3407 1211 wishing they had donated another $100!

0434 519 413

Milton Dick

Dave is a Chartered Accountant with a keen interest in personal finance issues.

Forest Lake Page 24 - October 2013 - The Lake News

Forest Lake

Probus Club Update by Marge Breitenbach

Forest Lake Lions Club by Alex Eramudugolla, VP Public Relations, Forest Lake Lions Club.


he August speakers were Ian Hart and Ken Howitson who were marketing the new retirement village for seniors, Kingsford Terrace at Corinda. T h e G r e e n a n d G o l d Tr i p p r o v e d t o b e v e r y interesting as well as educational. At Norwell & Holden, near Beenleigh, we collected our guide for the day, viz. James Herbst. The first stop was the Albert River Community Zone where at one of the properties, we tasted and purchased very large and exceptionally sweet strawberries. With his keen sense of humour, James related some true incidents about fishing for mullet in the Albert River. If mullet is scared they will jump. He related one occasion where this was done deliberately scaring the fish so they would jump into the boat and the record haul was 153 fish in a few hours! To substantiate this incident it was even recorded on video! The tour continued throughout the Northern Gold Coast area. As the sugar cane fields were passed, our guide explained the entire cane process from planting, harvesting and milling. James also gave a brief overview of the history of cultivating sugar cane in Queensland. Morning Tea, provided by some Probians, was enjoyed at Cabbage Tree Point. It was then off to the Gold Coast Tiger Prawn Farm. The founder of this establishment, known worldwide, is Noel Herbst, an uncle of our guide. All Probians were enthralled with the in depth knowledge of our guide who explained comprehensively and with clarity what is required to farm prawns. This particular farm has been awarded more Gold Medals than any other. Clean water is vital and thus a mechanical filtration plant recycles water throughout the farm. There is access to some water on the Logan river. If water is too salty, prawns do not moult and they need to do that to grow. Forty million prawns are produced each year. A vast amount of power is also required. It certainly is a state of the art farm. Pregnant females are checked nightly as well as microscopic check of prawn eggs. Each prawn tank houses one million babies. There are six larvae stages alone, then juvenile and then the final stage. Five times per day, a specially formulated diet is given to those in the ponds. Correct volume of feed and water control is vital for health and success. After six months, prawns are ready for harvest and ponds are then drained. Then of course there are the “natural” enemies with which to contend like pelicans, other birds and even eels. There is a remedy for each one without the use of physical harm. There was so much more information given that it would take pages! Lunch was enjoyed at Harrigans Irish Pub at Calypso Bay where Probians gazed mistily at all the beautiful moored yachts, choosing their favourite. Seniors, if you are retired or semi-retired come and join us and you too can learn and enjoy simultaneously. Contact us see page 27 of this publication. Retirement - everybody’s doing it - but Probus does it better.

Father’s Day at The Lodge On Father’s Day, several members of our Lions Club visited the Lodge to meet with the resident fathers to wish them a happy Father’s Day. There were about fifty of our senior citizens who were delighted to meet with the Lions and have a chat and a yarn. Some of them were waiting for their children and grandchildren to visit them and our visit cheered them up further. Lions presented them with small gifts which they accepted gracefully. Partnership to protect children from measles Lions Clubs worldwide have committed to raise US$30 million for immunisation of children against measles and rubella. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UK and US governments and private corporations have pledged to match the Lions contribution with a goal of raising US$260 million by 2017 to tackle this highly infectious decease which kills more than 150,000 a year mainly children under the age of five years. This killer virus can be prevented with a safe and inexpensive treatment, the measlesrubella vaccine. The Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisation (GAVI) has a target to immunise some 700 million children in 49 countries by 2020. Hopefully by then the virus will follow to the history books just like the smallpox virus. Lions are proud supporters of GAVI. A helping hand for our community work Our ute, which is now several years old, is the workhorse of our club. It has been used for most of our community work and it is a major resource used in our fundraising activities. All funds raised of course are directed towards community work and donations to other community organisations seeking financial support for their work. Lately our ute has been in a bad state of repair and it was difficult for us to foot the bill with our limited finances. When Lion Steve Bryan approached local panel repair shop Crawford Crash Repairs they immediately volunteered to do the repairs free of charge. Now the old ute looks as good as new and will serve us for some years more. A big thank you to Crawford Crash Repairs for their generous support. The Lake News - October 2013 - Page 25

From the desk of

Angela Owen-Taylor

Parkinson Ward Councillor

Congratulations to Grand Avenue State School for a well organised Fete; another fantastic community event held in our local community on 15 September. The hard work of so many volunteers goes into our local events and without their efforts these events would not succeed and benefit local children. Coming up once again is LJ Hooker’s annual Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk on Sunday 27 October at the Lake. This is a great local event and I encourage all local residents to get behind this fundraising activity. If you have welcomed or will welcome a baby this year, do not forget to request a registration form from my office for my annual Baby’s First Christmas event in December. We celebrate this special milestone with a commemorative certificate as well as presenting your special child with a unique medallion. This year’s event will be held at 9am on Saturday 7 December at the Unidus Community Centre, Sherbrooke Rd Willawong. Following Baby’s First Christmas will be a Christmas 4 Kids event for children of all ages at the same location. The revamp of the Phillip Place Dog Off Leash Area was re-opened to the public on 20 September following a facility upgrade. I am pleased I have been able to ensure this facility is being kept at a high standard for residents and our four legged friends. In October across the globe, many communities go pink in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I encourage you to get in touch with the charity of your choice about their Pink Ribbon celebrations. Across the months of April and May, Brisbane City Council sought community feedback and input on its Draft Brisbane Vision 2031. The review of Council’s long-term community plan for our City has considered significant changes to our City in recent years, and now a refreshed Brisbane Vision has now been released. Brisbane in 2031 will continue to be a safe, vibrant, green and prosperous City. Brisbane will be valued for its friendly, energetic and optimistic character and subtropical outdoor lifestyle. Our City will be respected for its strong international relationships, boundless innovation and growing economic prosperity. This is the vision for our city. To find out more, contact and search ‘Brisbane Vision’ or contact my office for a fact sheet. To keep up with the latest Parkinson Ward news, sign up to my ENewsletter at

Queensland Security Rangers

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“Protecting Our Community Since 1998” Page 26 - October 2013 - The Lake News

News from the 19th Hole Forest Lake Social Golf Club Update Our third round of the club championships was played on Sunday 25th August at Windaroo Golf Club. Twenty four players turned out on a sunny spring morning. The course was in good condition and had recovered well from the flooding in the previous year with fast by Peter Cuttance greens that had many players recording extra puts. Social Golf Club Update Winners on the dayForest were. ALake Grade winner Kyle Fairweather, runner up was Gil Vargas. B Grade winner Steve Donnell, runner up was Bob Brose. C Grade winner was Dani Dvornicich, runner up was Steve McKay. Nearest the pin winners were Kyle Fairweather and Dani Dvornicich. Approach shot won by Bob Brose. Longest drive winners, A Grade Mick Morley, B Grade Colin Brooke, C Grade Jean O’Brien. No winner of the eagle nest. On Sunday 15th September, our game was at the Carbrook Golf Club with 22 players in attendance. Even though our Tee time was at 6.30am there was still an amount of early morning fog causing some difficulty with balls flying into the unknown. The fog quickly burned off for a warm sunny day. The course was in reasonable condition with work being carried out. The greens certainly got faster as the day warmed up. Winners on the day were. A Grade Andrew Baker, runner up was Alan Coreless. B Grade Bob Brose, runner was Colin Brooke. C Grade Steve McKay, runner up was Murray Diaz Longest drive winners were A Grade Dan McKay, B Grade Colin Brooke and C Grade Peter Cuttance. Nearest the pin Dan McKay and the winner of the approach shot was Andrew Baker. Congratulations to all the winners. Our next games are 6th October at River Lakes Golf Club, tee time 7.00am and the fourth round of the club championships will be held on the 27th October at St Lucia Golf Club, tee time 6.12am. “Q: You made a 12 on a par-3? How in the world did you manage that? A: I chipped in from the fringe.” Raffle results of the Forest Lake Social Golf Club are: 1st Michelle Forward, 2nd Atul Bhardwaj, 3rd Stephanie Corless and 4th Colin Brooke The Forest Lake Social Golf Club is proudly sponsored by Flexiforce Staffing Solutions and the Heritage Community Bank at Forest Lake.


Phone (07) 3879 6440 Fax (07) 3879 6441 Email

PO Box 4042 Forest Lake Qld 4078

Clubs & Groups

Sport & Fitness

50 Plus Club Les 0466 377 618 or Kay 3278 9406 Meets 3rd Friday of the Month

Hobbies, Arts & Craft

AFL, Forest Lake Junior Graham 0422 973 104 Balancing Gentle Exercise to Music Jenny 3879 4020

Australian Air League - Forest Lake Squadron Christina Parker 3279 4247 Tim Huntley 0422 230 589

Baseball Clubs, Western Districts - The Bulldogs Laurie 0421 137 406

AIR Ph: 3371 7494, Pett 3378 2361 Meets 1st Friday of month Mona

Basketball Club, West Brisbane Falcons 0450 105 252

Community Events Ass, F’Lake Linda 0402 061 907

Brisbane Bhakti Yoga Centre Anil 3879 1906 or 0403 936 076

Community House Association Jake 3372 9886 Forest Lake Forum Linda Paton 0402 061 907

Cycling Group, Forest Lake Reg 0412 155 295

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Rugby Union Club, Lakes Wasps John Miller 0407 679 007 Softball, Raiders Sandie 0402 485 795

National Service Association Brisbane West Branch Peter 3372 5848

Swimming, Lake’s Swim Club Dianna Remington 0400 015 539 National Seniors - Forest Lake Branch Julie 3278 7274 or Ros 3372 9432 Western Cougars Gridiron Club Obedience Dog Club of Brisbane 0450 430 953 0411 017 454 Pallara Morning Tea Group Meets last Saturday of the month at Government Representatives Pallara S.S. Phone Ruth 0422 533 208 Probus Club of Forest Lake President Alan 3879 8183 Membership Officer Kevin 0408 933 561 Rana Frog Group 3372 4926 Referral Network, Forest Lake Gaye 3879 9003

Rotary Club Brian 3271 6987 RSL Sub-Branch, Forest Lake Meets 3rd Tue Ph Peter 0412 357 756 or George 0488 220 002

Toastmasters, Forest Lake Grant 0415 699 032 Trefoil Guild - Centenary Janet 3376 1889 Women of Light Mavis 0418 745 179 Young Women’s Program Angie 3271 5554 Youth Nite Mavis 0418 745 179

Federal Member Bernie Ripoll MLA (Oxley) 1800 640 839 / 3879 6440 State Members Annastacia Palaszczuk MP (Inala) 3372 3207 Anthony Shorten MP (Algester) 3278 9257

Richlands, Inala and Suburbs History Group Angela 3372 2358

Southwest Progress Association Michael 0433 456 150

Book Lovers Gathering Ilona 0413 470 461 Crafters Group Lynsay 3372 4938 or Grace 33721179 Lake Lover’s of Literature Elli 3879 6326 Model Boat Club Graham 3278 7654 Painters Fellowship Audrey 3372 9469 Photography Club, Forest Lake Peter 3372 2835 U3A

Golf Club, Forest Lake Social Peter 3278 8060

Friendship Group, Forest Lake Annelie 0409 789 625

Scout Group 3870 7000

Beer & Wine Makers Guild, Western Suburb Amateur Tony on 3379 1048

Brisbane City Council: Cr Milton Dick (Richlands) 3407 1211 Cr Angela Owen-Taylor (Parkinson) 3131 7022





Anglican Church of Aust St Hugh’s Inala 3372 1216 FLake service 3372 3999 A.O.G. Church Pastor Chad Lake 0413 428 630 Baptist Church, Forest Lake FLSS PAC 9.30am and 6pm Pastor Mark Mackay 0403 772 990 Email: Church of the Nazarene Inala - 3372 2192 Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints - Forest Lake Meets every Sunday at 1.00pm Ph 3372 5330 or 0411 600 264 Elevate Church (AOG) Meets every Sunday at 9.30am at Grand Ave School. Ph 0407 177 117 Forest Lake Oasis 3879 6934 or 0404 821 322

Education Forest Lake State High School 3714 2333 Forest Lake State School 3714 1222 Grand Avenue State School 3372 0555 P&C Pallara State School 3723 6333 Serviceton South State School 3714 0222 St John’s Anglican College Yrs Kindy-6 3372 0888 Yrs 7-12 3372 0111

Health Alcoholics Anonymous Ph: 3255 9162 or visit Al-Anon for friends & family of alcoholics Ph: 3854 0331 or visit Asperger Services Australia West Brisbane Region Support Group Phone Jane 3278 3082 Australian Pituitary Foundation Ph 3376 2083 Australian Breast Feeding Assoc Tammy 0417 548 856 Inala GROW Group A mental health, non profit volunteer group Graham 3879 1978 Lynn 3879 9765 Meals on Wheels Alison 3372 5276 Multiple Birth Assoc - Ipswich Sue 0410 181 215 Playgroup Australia 1800 171 882

... IF YOU’RE HAVING a sign-on day, a fundraiser or special event ... IF SOMEONE HAS achieved something special or reached a milestone ... IF YOU’VE RECEIVED grants or sponsorships CONTACT THE LAKE NEWS

3201 1880

or email:

Friendship House Church 0413 470 461 or Great Hope Baptist Church Pastor Sims - Inala 1800 889 787 Hosanna Church Brisbane (Multi-cultural Baptist) Ph 3879 6862 Meet at 10am on Sundays at Richlands East State School Pallara Christian Church (Presbyterian Reformed Church of Aust.) Pastor Trevor Marshall 3712 0575

Info Page Local Contacts Info Page Local Contacts

Contacts Info Page Local Contacts

Salvation Army Lake Community Church 3714 0777 or Korean Service 12noon Sundays St Mark’s Catholic Church Inala 3372 5658 Uniting Church - Forest Lake Meets at St John’s Anglican College Primary Campus Chapel 9.30am Rev Russell Reynoldson 0429 472 567 3372 2299 Westside Multicultural Baptist Church Every Sun @10.30am Ps Lyndon Sison 0403 135 540

Local JP Contacts JP (Qualified) David Armstrong Bank of Qld, 3372 4855 Margaret Chittick 3372 8581 Linda Clarke Creekwood 3714 9464 or 0408 320 325 Reg Connelly Heathwood 3879 9397 or 0403 167 121 Robyn Fleming 3278 9559 (wk) Mr E G Harper Homestead Village 3372 9242 Allan & Tania McLaughlin 3372 9408 Kathleen Maree Neehouse Pallara 3372 7152 Christine Nelson 3278 3485 Mandy Nicholls Homestead Village 3372 8723 Boyd Porter 3372 9314 Margy Smith Creekwood 3278 7825 or 0417 198 295 Kathleen Wooler 3879 1652 Commissioner of Declaration Len Beesley Hillbrook Village, 3279 9249 Kev Brennan 0414 263 514 Rodney Brydon 3879 0685 (A/H) Jack Dunning 3372 9886 Craige Gravestein College Park 3278 8672 Neil Meurant Green Tree Pocket 3879 8393 or 0417 778 102 Colleen Nicholson 3372 8828

Groups & organisations listed are not for profit and run by volunteers. Lake News - October 2013 - Page 27 If your group would like their contact information listed, please send your requestThe to

Forest Lake

Friendship Group 1st October: Coffee at Shingle Inn Mt Ommaney 10.30am RSVP by 30th Sept 0409 789 625 8th October: Coffee at DC’s Forest Lake 10.30am 15th October: Dinner at Tran Tran Forest Lake 6.30pm RSVP by 14th Oct 0409 789 625 22nd Oct:

Coffee at DC’s Forest Lake 10.30am

29th October: Lunch at 2-Fish Forest Lake 12noon RSVP by 28th Oct 0409 789 625 5th November: Coffee at Coffee Club, Forest Lake 10.30am RSVP by 4th Nov 0409 789 625 ALL WELCOME If you’re new to Forest Lake, or just want to extend your social network, this is a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends and enjoy some friendly conversation. For more information or enquiries please contact Annelie on 0409 789 625.


9:00AM BCC Immunisation Clinic (2nd & 4th Monday) 3403 8888 9:30AM Happy House Playgroup No 1 3279 9111 3:30PM Fitness and Dance Belinda 0419 796 393 / 3273 6367 6:00PM Moon Lee Tae Kwan Do Wayne 0419 713 907 7:15PM F’Lake Toastmasters (1st & 3rd Monday) Grant 0415 699 032 7:30PM ALP Board Meeting (4th Mon, Feb-Dec) Chas 3278 9805

TUES 9:15AM Balancing gentle exercise to music for seniors 3879 4020 11:30AM Indoor Bowls (Cost $4.50) Jean 3372 6894 6:00PM Moon Lee Tae Kwan Do Wayne 0419 713 907 7:00PM Assembly of God (1st & 3rd Tuesday) Ps Chad 0413 428 630 7:30PM F’Lake Area Garden Group (2nd Tues, Feb-Nov) John 3288 3131 WED

9:30AM Happy House Playgroup No 2 3372 2336 7:30PM Lions Club Business Meeting (2nd Wed) Heather 3278 9817

THUR 9:30AM Happy House Playgroup No 3 3279 9111 3:30PM Fitness and Dance Belinda 0419 796 393 / 3273 6367 FRI


9:00AM 11:00AM 12NOON 6:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM

F’Lake Crafters Group Lyndsay 3372 4938 Grace 3371 1179 Robyn 3372 9883 Annastacia Palaszczuk MP Appointments 3372 3207 / 3279 9111 Ladies Fellowship Luncheon Lorelle 0422 294 431 Yoga (1st, 2nd and 4th Friday) Jayish 0412 278 808 Southwest Brisbane Motoring Club (4th Friday) 3802 1902 Assembly of God Youth Activities (3rd Friday) Chad 0413 428 630 Open for Bookings

SUN 10:00AM Assembly of God Ps. Chad 0413 428 630 6:00PM Assembly of God (1st Sunday) Ps Chad 0413 428 630

Page 28 - October 2013 - The Lake News


Anthony Shorten


STATE MEMBER FOR ALGESTER 30-year Electricity Strategy Residents and businesses are being encouraged to speak up on the future of the State’s Electricity. Residents are now able to access and provide feedback on the Newman Government’s 30-year Electricity Strategy discussion paper released as part of the current Six Month Action Plan. This is a chance for consumers to make sure they have their say in shaping the final 30-year Electricity Strategy. The discussion paper is available at, with submissions closing on 6 December 2013. Labour Day Reminder A quick reminder that from this year, the Labour Day public holiday will be held in October. Labour Day is Monday 7 October and school will recommence on Tuesday 8 October. Grand Avenue SS Spring Fair Congratulations to Grand Avenue State School students, staff and P&C on a fantastic Spring Fair. While I was unable to attend, I have heard fantastic feedback from the community and I applaud everyone for their effort. I look forward to next year’s fete. Big Book of Grants Residents and businesses are invited to collect a copy of the Big Book of Queensland Grants from the Algester Electorate Office. The book outlines all available Grants from each Ministerial Department and also includes useful information for those wishing to apply for the Grants. As always, I am happy to provide a letter of support for anyone wishing to apply. Carer’s Week & National Children’s Week This year, Carer’s week is celebrated from the 13th – 19th of October. This year the theme is ‘Be Care Aware – support and celebrate Australia’s carers’. This special week is all about encouraging people to get to know more about Australia’s 2.6 million unpaid family carers; who they are, what they do and how they can be supported. Children’s Week is an annual event celebrated in Australia during the fourth week in October. This year, Children’s Week falls between the 19th and 27th. The theme of Children’s week is ‘A Caring World Shares’. Children’s Week celebrates the right of children to enjoy childhood. It is also a time for children to demonstrate their talents, skills and abilities.


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• Short & long term tenancies available • Modern corporate quality office sizes range from 12m to 35m • Fully furnished, CCTV & Alarm security, onsite IT, PBX phone system • Located at 17 Mile Rocks with quick access to CBD, Centenary & Logan highways or 3123 6646 for more info


D&G TILES all types of tiling bathroom renovation porcelain exterior large area stick down phone 0408 786 489 john QSBA Lic#: 1089051


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call 0466 103 338

Professional Tuition by Qualified Caring Teachers

• English • Mathematics (including Years 11 & 12)


3879 2899 or 0457 928 999 UPHOLSTERY



PHONE: 3206 9985 MOBILE: 0401 418 848


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NO Lock in* Co n t r ac t s MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES:

. 2 x 30 minutes

personal training sessions with our Y trainers Over 40+ group fitness classes including Yoga and Pilates Ongoing advice from experienced trainers


Workout with frie nds





HAPPY MUM’S CLUB Monday to Friday 9.30am-10.30am

Includes up to 5 x Group Personal Training sessions with child minding per week. Unlimited gym access and group fitness classes.

b r i ng o u t t h ero e h r e p u s r u o y n i c h i ld


The ‘Happy Mum’s Club’ provides mums with an opportunity to participate in a diverse range of workouts focussed on improving fitness levels, reducing body fat and increasing energy all in a fun and social atmosphere. All this while the kids are safe and secure with qualified staff. PRESENT THIS ADVERT FOR A FREE 7 DAY TRIAL Conditions Appy, Contact the YMCA for details

We build strong PEOPLE strong FAMILIES strong COMMUNITIES

Y- W E S T PH : 3 376 4 2 6 6

76 Andaman Street, Jamboree Heights -

The Lake News, October 2013