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The Lake News MAY 2014 - ISSUE 245

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Richlands Medical Centre PHONE: 3879 6230

Dr Angela Bowman Dr Edward Kwok MBBS (QLD), FRACGP

MBBS (QLD), FRACGP, DCH (Diploma of Child Health)

Welcome to our new female doctor Dr Jill Cameron and a registered nurse Natalie to work with us

3376 1904

3/52 Jijaws St, Sumner Park

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Forest Lake Social Golf Club donates club fines

Principal Dentist

Dr Lam Q Tran BDSc (QLD)


Dr David Roebuck BDSc (QLD) Dr Aman Sharma BDS Dr Jacob Song G.Dip.Dent (QLD)

Specialist Orthodontist Dr Laura Barbagallo

BDSc Hon (UQ); MDSc Hon (Orth) (Sydney); MOrth RCDed

General & Laser Dentistry - latest Most Advanced Technology

Full mouth Reconstruction Veneers, Crowns, Bridges White Cosmetic filings Zoom Whitening Gum Recontouring

• Family Dentistry • Laser Assisted Gum Treatment • Implant Dentistry • TMJ Treatment • Root Canal Therapy • Dentures • Mouth Guards • Nitrous Oxide Sedation • Wistom Teeth Oral Surgery

We use laser, digital x-rays, and intra-oral camera

Our team looks forward to caring for you and your family

Approved Veterans Affairs Provider

255 Forest Lake Boulevard, Forest Lake


Dr Cuong Luu MBBS (QLD), FRACGP Dr Pushpa Kahawita MBBS, FRACGP, DRANZCOG . General Health . Women’s Health . Children’s Health . Immunisation

. Minor Surgery . Skin Check . Annual Health Check . Work Cover

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At every golf day during the year, the appointed sheriff at Forest Lake Social Golf Club makes it his business to lay fines on all players for misdemeanours performed voluntarily or not. Varying from abusing ones golf clubs, inappropriate behaviour, failing to score correctly, to bad behaviour, inappropriate clothing, not wearing club shirts, and anything else than can be made up to constitute a fine (minimum of a gold coin). The sad thing is the players are encouraged to “dob” in the playing partners. No one is excluded from the sheriffs collection tin. The good from all the tongue-in-cheek accusations and fines, is that the collection is again donated to a very worthwhile cause – the Perinatal Research Centre at the Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital. The collection last year was $335 and was presented this year by the club secretary Pat Ayling to Professor Paul Colditz. Pat was warmly greeted and the cheque most gratefully received as every dollar goes towards the continuing research; in this instance, the amount donated is half the cost of an MRI scan. This year, the sheriff is committed to raising twice the amount for this worthy cause and is certainly already on his way to achieving the total.

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Gentle Bowen moves relax and reduce stress in the very first session!

PHONE 3278 9459 OR TEXT ‘free bowen’ TO 0414 965 535

Personally Speaking

By Susannah Friis with Susannah Friis

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s a good time to reflect on mothering and the role of mothers in our society and communities. Sadly, for many the relationship with their mother is not an easy or pleasant one. I’ve been fortunate to have had a steady, loving, supportive relationship with mine, and because of this, my heart breaks for those who don’t. I was chatting about mothers with some friends the other day, and out of the conversation came a recognition for the need for mothering types of relationships, for all of us but more so if our relationship with our mother is not the best. In the street I spent my teenage years, I had a few mothers. They were women who offered a different perspective than my own mother, and who were a little removed emotionally from me. Because they weren’t as emotionally invested in me as my own mother, they could perhaps see things from another angle and give unique insight. I will always be thankful for those who took an interest in me as a growing young woman and for the time they spent listening to me and my teenage angst, most of which was unwarranted, mind you! During the conversation with my friends, I said the words “we need to embrace universal motherhood”. We all chuckled at the slightly ‘hippy’ turn of phrase but it’s true, we need to be ‘mothering’ one another. Let’s get a definition of what it means to ‘mother’ someone. According to my trusty dictionary it means to look after, care for, take care of, nurse, protect, tend, raise, rear, pamper, coddle, cosset, fuss over. So, really, mothering shouldn’t just be left to mothers, or even women. Mothering should be what we all do for everyone. As adults, we don’t need ‘mothering’ all the time but there are times we need to be looked after, taken care of, or fussed over. In our friendships, we need to be looking for opportunities to show care and nurture our friends. Mothering others means we give them attention, we listen, we take note of when they need some extra care and pampering. It was interesting to note that the antonym for ‘mothering’ is neglect. And when you think about it, when we neglect something, we give it no attention at all, no care or interest. This Mother’s Day, why not take some time to appreciate those ‘mothers’ who fill the need in your life for that little bit of TLC. And while you’re appreciating them, take a look around for those people in your life who might need some mothering themselves, after all, we do need to ‘embrace universal motherhood’!

Letters to the Editor and feedback are always welcome. Email Susannah at or leave a comment on her blog at


Jenros Framers

Dr. Christopher T.C. Ho BDSc (Hons), MDSc (Qld), FRACDS (Orth)

e Framer Your Local Pictur

* Orthodontics for Adults & Children * * No Referral Required * * Coloured/Clear Braces, Invisalign * * Flexible Payment Plans * * Evening Appointments *

All art work, photos and needlework. Jenny Stedman 146 Bagnall St Ellen Grove

Forest Fair Shopping Centre Cnr Forest Lake Blvd & Woogaroo Street

Ph: 3372 1775

FOREST LAKE Tel. 3278 7137

Forest Lake Lawyers Peace of Mind Specialising in: • Family Law • Conveyancing • Wills & Estates  • Business Law First Consultation Free Call 3278 9559  or email Experience Counts

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Hello Readers There has been considerable conversation amongst the community about the shift of Year 7 into secondary school from the commencement of 2015. A number of families I have spoken to are concerned that the secondary environment is not appropriate for children in Year 7 who are only 11 or 12 years old. Parents do not want to see their children lost amongst large numbers of older students. Where schools do not have effective programs in place for a smooth transition for students into secondary, parents have every right to express their concern.

e g e l l o C l a v i n r Ca ay M Sat 17 noon 12 m to 6p

A place for INNOVATION St John’s is a collaborative, online, interconnected learning community. Our teachers motivate their students to use new technologies, to source real time information and to create and publish their work. They are being well prepared for a rapidly changing future.

For more information email or phone 07 3372 0176

Queensland is one of the last states to move Year 7 into the secondary environment and the shift will bring the schooling structure in our state into line with New South Wales and Victoria that have educated Year 7 students within the high school setting for decades. St John’s Anglican College is somewhat unique in Queensland in that we have always had Year 7 within the secondary environment and was established with programs in place in Upper Primary and in Middle School to ensure a smooth and successful transition. St John’s students are guided towards working with greater independence while still in primary classes. They are able to access lessons and information from class websites set up by their teachers and can review their lessons and assessment tasks via remote means. Many of their learning activities utilise Web 2.0 tools and students can save their digital creations on the class website, leave comments, questions and blogs and therefore interact with their learning community online as well as face to face. The teachers also regularly utilise a strategy called ‘the flipped classroom’ which describes a reversal of traditional teaching methods. Instead of the teacher providing the students with all the content information they require and then setting homework based on that information, the Upper primary teachers flip this model and set homework that requires students to read information and watch videos from the class website. Valuable class time is then used for higher order thinking and problem solving. Students and their teachers are able to engage in deep discussions, analysing and evaluating the information they have gained. This ‘flipped’ model shifts the focus from passive to active learning, really engages the students and prepares them for more advanced learning experiences. St John’s next Open Day for Kindergarten to Year 12 is Saturday, 3 May 9 am to 12 noon. It would be wonderful to welcome you to the College so that you can learn more about our Year 7 transition program. Kind regards Suzanne Bain Head, St John’s Anglican College Kindy to Year 6 07 3372 0888 Years 7 to 12 07 3372 0111

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Your Teeth Your Smile



By Dr Paul Holliday

Do you snore? Is your life at risk? Snoring is the result of the airway being constricted by the soft tissues of the mouth and throat falling backwards during sleep. When this happens, the brain tries to reflexively maintain the full air flow needed by the body and so forces air through the constricted airway space faster, causing vibration of the tissues and therefore that snoring noise. Snoring is a social problem for your partner and family. It can occur in both children and adults. It can also be an indicator of more sinister medical problems. The danger is that if the blockage becomes total then the brain is starved of oxygen and to survive, forces you to jolt awake and gasp a breath of air. This can happen many times in a night and is called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). This often leads to increased blood pressure and may cause heart problems or stroke. You most certainly will be grumpy at times and feel lethargic during the day. When OSA is left untreated it can lead to a decreased life expectancy (along with the increased medical problems). If your child suffers from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea then they may have growth and development problems especially with their teeth, jaws and mouth or nose. Sometimes this lack of enough air every night can make children irritable and have difficulty concentrating in school. It is something you should get looked at as soon as you see them having difficulty breathing. There have been some studies that show a child’s IQ improves when the sleep breathing problem has been solved.

What can be done?

The first action to take is to see us for a consultation to diagnose the severity and possibly refer you to one of the local sleep assessment clinics. The important thing is to see what kind of apnoea you or your child has as there are several types. The sleep assessment involves being monitored while you are asleep to see how many episodes of apnoea and what kind of apnoea is present. The treatment may involve CPAP (which means continuous positive airway pressure). This is a machine that forces air into your airway. Many people find this uncomfortable and do not wear the CPAP every night. If you are suitable for a simple oral appliance, we will advise the best type for you. If there is no Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and the only problem is snoring there are several types of oral appliances that will help with that so you (or more importantly your family) can sleep easier. At Lakedental we are now using the latest Somnodent MAS appliance that is proving successful and is being well accepted.

Taking CARE of #1 -

You & Your Family

At Lakedental you will be looked after by dedicated dentists and staff using the latest technologies available. Dr Holliday and Lakedental have been taking care of Forest Lake and surrounding suburbs residents since 1999.





We Specialise in

Comprehensive general dental care. Simple to complex cosmetic cases. Orthodontic crowding problems. Zoom whitening in 1 visit or at home. TMJ jaw joint problems

We Use

Safe digital X-rays White cosmetic fillings Air abrasion technology Sedation gas Personal headphone music or video glasses

Call Us at 3879 8999 Did you know? Dr Nelson Lee is marrying his lovely fiancĂŠ this month.


so a consultation appointment can be arranged for you. Lakedental - Professional Suites, First Floor Forest Lake Shopping Centre Located directly under the clock tower

Call today 07 3879 8999

Lake Dental Professional Suites Located directly underneath the Clock Tower

Call today 3879 8999

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Jazz Hip Hop Ballet Tap Acrobatics Contemporary Creative Movement Baby Ballerinas Musical Theatre C.S.T.D. Examinations Eisteddfod & Social Classes


Commonwealth Society of Dance C.S.T.D Syllabus A structured & complete training system from beginner to diploma level in Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap & Contemporary Dance via the C.S.T.D. Dance syllabus. C.S.T.D. Examinations are recognized by Education Queensland for inclusion in the Queensland Grade 12 Certificate. It is not compulsory for students to sit C.S.T.D Examinations, however it is encouraged.

Allstars employ fully qualified teaching staff. Local studio: 25 High Street, Forest Lake - cafĂŠ and waiting area for parents on site.

Locally Owned & Run For 16 Years

Allstars have arrived! Dancing in the USA!



Dancing on t he Intrepid ! YORK NEW in NYC Red Steps - NEW YORK!

DISNEY DANCERS! PHONE 0419 766 164 Page 6 - May 2014 - The Lake News


e y River Stag e n is D n w o t Down WWW.ALLSTARSPA.COM.AU

mmm ... M&M Wor ld


Hours of hard work is much appreciated PHONE: 3278 8834 FOREST LAKE PRACTICE: Shop 2, 255 Forest Lake Boulevard Grand Boulevard Shopping Centre

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for Invisalign Consultation All Healthfunds, BUPA, MBF, Medibank Private, HCF, HBA, QUTH, Manchester Unity, Defence Health. Conditions apply, contact surgery and cite magazine for more details. New patients ONLY. Must mention The Lake News when booking. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Members of the Forest Lake Crochet group have been hard at work again producing blankets to donate wherever there is need. Over 20 blankets, as well as an assortment of booties and clothing, were recently donated to the Department of Communities Child Safety and Disability Services for children entering foster care. The items were gratefully received by a representative from the Department, Kerri-anne Handley. The crochet group were pleased to include in the donation items passed on to group organiser, Sue Gibbon, by the Giving with Love group. Members are also excited by the recent involvement of Excellence in Care, who placed a box for wool donations outside Forest Lake Woolworths and another outside Spotlight at Orion Shopping Centre, Springfield. The crochet group was then invited to conduct workshops inside the store, which were so successful that the store managers have asked for them to be a regular fixture. “We are just so thankful for the community support we have received so far,” said Sue. “Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the group would get this big this fast!” If you’re interested in joining the group, or have some wool to donate, Sue can be contacted on 3279 9561.

Treatments Offered

All General and Preventative Dentistry Orthodontics - Invisalign (Invisible Braces) Dental Implants Take home & advance ZOOM Teeth Whitening Oral Surgery - Wisdom teeth removal Crown and Bridge/Part & Full Dentures I.V. (Sleep Dentistry) & Gas Sedation (Happy Gas) 1 Visit Root Canal Therapy

Did your child get the Medicare teen dental voucher in the last few years? Then they are eligible for the new Medicare bulk billing scheme. The Children Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), which entitles your child to $1000 worth of dental treatment over 2 years.

We fully Bulk Bill treatment done under CDBS, call us today for more information Principal Dentist Dr Jim Chuang

Associate Dentists Dr Thao Pham BDSc Qld UQ BDSc (Hons) Qld UQ Dr Henry Wong BDSc Qld UQ Hygienist/Therapist Dr Theo Murphy BDSc Qld UQ (hons) Miss Vivian Huang BOH Qld UQ

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It won’t always be this low

Get our seriously competitive two year fixed home loan rate. We’re always here to help. No matter what you need, your experienced BOQ Manager will personally make sure you’re well looked after which is important when it comes to your home loan. Pop into BOQ Forest Lake and say hi to Owner-Managers David Armstrong and Simon Armstrong. Call them on 07 3000 4580 or email or Interest rates quoted are indicative only, and are subject to change without notice. Fixed interest rates may vary between application and drawdown of the loan. Bank of Queensland Limited ABN 32 009 656 740 (Australian Credit Licence 244616) (BOQ). Terms and conditions available at any BOQ branch. Other fees and charges (including valuation fees) are payable. BOQ’s standard credit assessment criteria applies. The comparison rate is calculated on the basis of a loan of $150, 000 for a term of 25 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Information current as at 18/10/13.

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Locals raise their cups to fight cancer

Forest Lake resident Dianne de Lange will raise her cup and tip the balance in the fight against cancer this month when she celebrates Cancer Council’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. This year’s event is fast approaching, with all Queenslanders invited to pop the kettle on this May 22 to celebrate. Ms de Lange has participated for the past two years and said she was inspired to get involved after loved ones were touched by the disease. “I lost my sister to cancer, and many members here at my retirement village have been affected by it – there probably isn’t one person in the world who hasn’t been touched by cancer in some way,” she said. “Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is a great excuse to get everyone together, have a laugh and a chat, and enjoy some delicious food – all while raising money for a great cause.” With the help of Terraces Retirement Village Social Club, Ms de Lange’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea will be held on Friday May 23 at the Village Leisure Centre. More than 80 people are expected to attend. “As President of the Social Committee, I really enjoy planning the event. We have a raffle and lucky door and lucky seat prizes – we all just generally have a great time,” she said. “All the Terraces Village residents pitch in to make the day a success, and our on-site café prepare and supply the delicious food for the event – it’s a real team effort.” Tickets are $10 and must be purchased in advance. To purchase a ticket contact Dianne de Lange on 3271 1852. Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift said every cup counts in the fight against cancer. “Cancer Council Queensland has been making a real difference in the lives of Queenslanders affected by cancer, thanks to the wonderful support of people like Dianne and their communities,” she said. “Joining Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is an easy, fun and delicious way that we can work together for a cancer free future.” All Queenslanders are invited to join the party and celebrate the 21st year of Cancer Council’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. The official Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea date is Thursday, May 22 but events can be held anytime throughout May or June. Visit or call the Fundraising Hotline on 1300 65 65 85 for more information.

Education with the consistency of long day care

Building Futures Montessori



3723 7777

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BOQ Forest Lake can help, staff and customers who are in the market for Equipment Finance, get there faster. With no financial statements required (subject to qualifying criteria*) and competitive rates you’ll be on the road in no time. Pop into BOQ Forest Lake and say hi to Owner-Managers David Armstrong and Simon Armstrong. Call them on 07 3000 4580 or email or Equipment Finance is provided by BOQ Equipment Finance Limited ABN 78 008 492 582 (BOQEF). BOQEF is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of Queensland Limited ABN 32 009 656 740 (BOQ). BOQ does not guarantee or otherwise support the obligations or performance of BOQEF or the products it offers. Full terms and conditions available at any BOQ branch. Fees and charges are payable. BOQEF’s standard credit assessment criteria apply.

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Krista selected for Kokoda Youth team

Abel & David Wan Dental Practice Dr Abel Wan B.D.Sc (Hons) Qld Dr David Wan B.OralH GradDipDent Established since 1993 with over 20 years experience

We provide Gentle, Caring & Quality oral healthcare at affordable prices

Evening & Saturday appointments available

Having participated in the Kokoda Challenge for the last two years with her school, Forest Lake local, 17 year old Krista is excited to this year be selected for the Kokoda Youth Program and be heading to Papua New Guinea. With only ten teenagers accepted into the program from Brisbane, Krista needed to apply and then undergo an extensive interview before being selected for the coveted position. Wanting to understand more about what our troops went through, Krista participated in the Kokoda Challenge with her school team in 2012 and 2013 with the goal of becoming part of the Youth Program and eventually to complete the Kokoda Trail as an adult. In preparation for the gruelling event, participants must adhere to a strict training regime; missing more than one session results in being disqualified from the program. In the twenty weeks leading up to the Challenge, Krista will train every Wednesday afternoon with physical drills up and down the steps of Kangaroo Point Cliffs. Every Sunday will consist of a hike ranging from 12km (full PNG backpack kit) to 49km hikes, one being an overnight hike. On top of these, there is a group training camp, bonding sessions and learning about the soldiers of Kokoda legends, what they did, what they stood for, and how they survived. They are also expected to do small assignments on these things and present them orally to the group. Training will begin on 4th May with a fitness assessment and continue until July with the participants training for the Kokoda Challenge at the Gold Coast. Once completed, training will continue with the full backpacks that they will take to Papua New Guinea, weighing approximately 13-15kg in preparation for the trip to Papua New Guinea in September to hike the real Kokoda Trail. Once they return from Papua New Guinea, those in the program will then participate in helping a number of charities and non-profit organisations until May 2015. If you are interested in donating to the Kokoda Youth Program Challenge, simply follow the link and prompts We look forward to hearing from Krista once she returns from the trip to Papua New Guinea in September and wish her the very best of luck ~ Ed.

• General, Preventive & Cosmetic Dentistry • Root Canal Therapy • Crowns, Bridges & Veneers • Removal of Wisdom Teeth • Zoom Teeth Whitening • Bulk Bill Child Dental Benefits Schedule

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Shop 12 Forest Fair Shopping Centre Cnr of Forest Lake Blvd & Woogaroo St, Forest Lake



PHYSIOTHERAPY FOR: • Back & neck pain • Sporting injuries • Headaches

Kinesio Practitioner JIM EUSTACE & BROOKE EVANS

PHONE: 3278

• Experienced physiotherapists using   hands on Manual Therapy Techniques  • 10 yrs as AFL physio to Brisbane Lions • 6 yrs as NBL physio to Brisbane Bullets


FOREST FAIR SHOPPING CENTRE Corner Forest Lake Boulevard & Woogaroo Street Forest Lake


Forest Fair Shopping Ctre Forest Lake : 3278 7511

Shops 4/5 Forest Fair, 120 Woogaroo Street

Park Village Shopping Ctre Middle Park : 3376 1355

Shops 25/26 Park Village, 92 Horizon Drive

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Please give a few hours to help a million people Red Shield Appeal Doorknock Weekend 24 – 25 May The Salvation Army is asking members of the public to give a few hours to help collect for the annual Red Shield Appeal Doorknock Weekend which will take place on the weekend of 24-25 May. Salvation Army spokesperson, Major Bruce Harmer, says it is only through the generosity of the Australian people that The Salvation Army is able to continue to support people in need. “By giving a few hours of your time on the Red Shield Appeal Doorknock weekend, you will be helping us to help over one million people in need,” Major Harmer said. The national goal for the Red Shield Appeal Doorknock this year is $10 million, which forms part of The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal which aims to raise $80 million across Australia. “Without the generous support of Australians in every suburb and town across the country, The Salvation Army could not reach this goal...the funds of which go directly to support Salvation Army programs and social services.” With Australia going through a major economic transition and many individuals and families facing an uncertain future, The Salvation Army expects many more people will be in need of basic assistance with issues such as food stress. “Many people who have been well off in the past are now genuinely worried about their future,” Major Harmer said. “The Salvation Army is in a unique position to assist individuals and families who fall on hard times, whether it be with their immediate needs such as food assistance through to working with people over the longer term with financial counselling; drug, alcohol and gambling rehabilitation services; as well as skills development and job placement just to name a few.” To join with Salvation Army Lake Community Church and volunteer, contact the church office on 3714 0777. You can also register your interest by sending an email to To donate to the Red Shield Appeal directly please call 13 SALVOS (13 72 58), visit, or in person at any Westpac Bank branch.

Your Free Invitation . . .

P 3271 4900 | 6, 209 Garden Rd, Richlands Q 4077 |

. . . to an exclusive information packed event! What

Whether you’re looking to invest, or already own investment properties – Knowledge is Power – and you can never have enough. Join us for an information evening like no other!

With Leading Industry Guest Speakers:


13th of May 2014 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm


Forest Lake Hotel, 245 Forest Lake Blvd, Forest Lake


If you’re interested in attending this FREE event, please contact Courtney Pearson, MTR Property Group, P: 3271 4900 E: OR register on our website homepage NOW!

Landlord Information Evening

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Inspirational lady will always be remembered

Dance Programs For Little People BALLET CLASSES Fairy Ballet

Saturday: 9.00 - 9.30am (3yrs) Pre-Primary Ballet

Ruth Frith’s daughter, Helen Searle OAM (left) and Ruth Frith’s great granddaughter, Nicole Rye (right) with Cr Angela Owen-Taylor at Ruth Frith Place. Centenarian and the world’s oldest competing athlete, Ruth Frith OAM passed away with dignity and peacefully at home earlier this year, aged 104 years six months and five days. Ruth Frith OAM (nee Pursehouse) was born on 23 August 1909 in Goulburn New South Wales, was married to Ray Frith OAM (deceased 2001) and had two daughters Rosalie and Helen. Councillor Angela Owen-Taylor said, “Ruth was a very special member of our community and we recognise her contribution not only to our local community but also on the international athletics stage. “Ruth was an inspiration to us all by demonstrating and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. “In 2009, Ruth Frith OAM was awarded the Lord Mayor’s Australia Day Sports Award in recognition of her achievements representing the City of Brisbane. Ruth also was the recipient of the Queen’s Coronation Medal.” Currently a process is underway within Brisbane City Council to have a park in Parkinson, which recently had seniors fitness equipment installed (a Queensland first in a public park), dedicated to recognise Ruth’s significant contribution to sport and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Ruth officially celebrated her 104th birthday in the same park in August last year, at a special event organised by Cr Angela Owen-Taylor, with her daughter (dual Olympian and Triple Commonwealth Games Medallist) Helen Searle OAM, her friends, residents of the Carrington Retirement Community and documentary producers Margie Brown and Mandy Lake. Ruth is acknowledged as the World’s Oldest Competing Athlete and starred in the Flick Chicks documentary on the 100+ Club which aired on the ABC on 1 July 2012.

Saturday: 9.30 - 10.15am (4-5yrs)

Primary Ballet

Saturday: 10.15 - 11.00am (6-7yrs)

JAZZ & TAP CLASSES Little Ones Jazz & Tap

Tuesday: 3.45 - 4.30pm (3-6yrs) Saturday 10.15 - 11.00am (4-7yrs) Little Ones Jazz

Wednesday: 4.00 - 4.45pm (3-6yrs) Saturday 9.30 - 10.15am (3-6yrs)

0422 232 237


3161 2829

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Complete Mobile



DOG GROOMING SERVICE Hydrobaths • Clipping • Grooming Paul McKie D.O.T.A. • 

PH: 3376 7184 MOB: 0409 270 283

Member of Dog Obedience Training Association ( D.O.T.A.)

Go to to help, by adopting a koala today.

Your Local Family VET We look after ALL your pets needs

vaccinations, health checks, flea, heartworm, desexing, surgery and acupuncture.

Open Monday to Saturday

Small Clinic Big Heart!

CIVIC CENTRE VETERINARY SURGERY Shop 11, Civic Centre Shopping Centre, Corsair Avenue INALA


3372 7699

Watch out for ShopADocket Specials

Veterinary News by Dr Ian Gorrie BVSc

Urinary Calculi – bladder stones Urinary calculi are aggregations of various crystals that form in the bladder and urethra. They may be in the form of large single stones or multiple small stones like sand or gravel. The stones may cause a partial or a complete obstruction to the outflow of urine, making your pet strain trying to pass urine. A complete obstruction is an emergency which happens most frequently in male cats. They can also cause trauma to the lining of the bladder or urethra due to their rough surface resulting in production of bloody urine and severe discomfort when urine is passed. Infection is often present which makes your pet sick as well. How are they diagnosed? Some bladder stones can be palpated through the abdominal wall, however, not all are found this way. Most bladder stones are visible on x-ray or ultrasound. Stones not visible this way may require a contrast to be placed in the bladder before taking an x-ray. Small stones and crystals can be collected in a urine sample and diagnosed by microscope examination. How are they treated? There are two ways to remove bladder stones. The fastest is via surgery. The bladder is opened and the offending bladder stones are removed and/or the urethra is flushed if smaller stones have lodged there. Surgery is indicated immediately if there is an outflow obstruction from the bladder. Some stones can be dissolved, though this may take many weeks or months of treatment. How are they prevented? There are many causes of bladder stone formation. When the stones or crystals are removed and identified, a management program is started. This will be a combination of diet and medication and will involve regular checks of the urine.

Brisbane 2 Ipswich Challenge Bike Ride Cancelled for 2014 Ipswich Hospital Foundation and Bernie Ripoll would like to inform the community that regretfully, the Brisbane 2 Ipswich Challenge Bike Ride will be postponed until 2015. The Brisbane 2 Ipswich Challenge was planned for Sunday, 18 May 2014. Ipswich Hospital Foundation events coordinator Ashton Cooper said the two organisations have made this decision after much discussion surrounding ongoing construction and roadwork’s which affect the bikeways from Brisbane to Ipswich. “The decision to cancel the event has not been made lightly and it is the intention of both groups to ensure a seamless and spectacular event be produced in 2015. “We thank those people who had already registered to participate in Brisbane to Ipswich Challenge and I will be in contact shortly to arrange a refund.” Page 14 - May 2014 - The Lake News

Take the dog for a walk this month

Did you know that by just walking your dog you could help thousands of dogs? The RSPCA Million Paws Walk, on Sunday May 18, is your chance to help stop animal cruelty, and improve the lives of dogs like Cooper, a two-year-old Beagle-cross who is also one of the 2014 Million Paws Walk ‘hero dogs’. A call to the RSPCA from a concerned member of the public helped save the life of Cooper (pictured below), who was slowly being strangled by a nylon rope caught dangerously around his throat. The team at the RSPCA Animal Hospital treated Cooper’s horrific wound. The nylon rope had been around Cooper’s neck for so long that it was no longer visible, having become embedded up to 2.5cm deep in his skin folds. The rope had also become embedded in the underlying tissue and had been cutting into Cooper’s flesh so deeply and for such a long time that some of his flesh had died and begun to rot. The veterinary team treated Cooper’s wounds and after some rest and recuperation, he made a full recovery and was adopted three months after being rescued. Cooper is just one of over 18,000 dogs that pass through RSPCA shelters in Queensland every year. The Million Paws Walk is dedicated to raising much-needed funds to help these dogs get their second chance in life. All the money raised by walking and fundraising enables the RSPCA to continue their critical work in caring for dogs that have been lost, surrendered, abandoned or seized by RSPCA Inspectors. “The RSPCA’s annual operating costs are $39 million in Queensland and we receive less than one percent of that figure in Government funding. So every cent raised helps,” said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty. “The funds raised through Million Paws Walk also help fund education in the hope of preventing cruelty and neglect from being inflicted on dogs like Cooper. Not all cruelty is intentional. Sometimes it is simply ignorance and that’s why our Inspectors’ primary is often education. We need Receivepurpose a to make all people understand that animals suffer justFREE like us. They feel pain, they get hungry and they also get lonely. If we can spread this message, to young people in particular, then hopefully DELUXE CAR WAH they will learn empathy. By being kind to animals they will learn to show compassion and sensitivity to humans as well,” said with and anymake service Mr Beatty. Visit to register a difference in an animal’s life today.

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The Lake News - May 2014 - Page 15

Forest Lake

Probus Club Update by Marge Breitenbach

∙ Custom Frames ∙ Mirrors ∙ Photos ∙ Original Artwork ∙ Limited Edition Prints ∙ Prints & Posters ∙ Certificates ∙ Memorabilia ∙ Jerseys ∙ Medals ∙ Needleworks ∙ Tapestries ∙ Objects ∙ Corporate Work ∙ Hanging Service ∙ Restoration Service



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Forest Lake Podiatry Clinic A Modern, Unique Approach to the Health & Appearance of Your Feet • Pain relief • Children’s Podiatry • Ingrown toenail surgery • Flat feet and fallen arches • Sports injuries • General foot care • Therapeutic treatments • Ultimate pedicures Murray E. Paton • Orthotic therapy (laboratory) BSc. BAppSc. (Pod) (Dist) MSc. (HONS)

No referral required. Covered by most private health funds.

FOR AN APPOINTMENT CALL 3279 9266 Suite F8 Forest Lake Village Page 16 - May 2014 - The Lake News

It was their sayonara event organised by these two amazing women viz. Lyn and Val who for the past two years have been responsible for organising Probus trips and activities. Their last event was a boat trip around Sovereign and Hope Island on the Gold Coast aboard the Rum Runner. Our host was Brian and our skipper Tony. Both men displayed a comprehensive knowledge of the area as we were entertained with anecdotes. Even skippy took an early nap in the shade of one of the trees. His family are a nuisance on the local golf course! After disembarking, members headed off to lunch at Cafe 21 at Sanctuary Cove and later some indulged in shopping. On the return journey aboard our coach, outgoing President Alan expressed the entire Club’s gratitude and appreciation for all their hard work and interesting trips. They certainly expanded our knowledge and we learnt about prawn farming, donkeys, and Brisbane’s infrastructure to name a few. Then, on top of that, there were sumptuous and delicious food and, of course, wine tasting. Thank you Lyn and Val, and may you now enjoy some personal ‘me’ time as we give you back to your partners! The April speaker was Dawn Muir, a keen ornithologist. She presented a slide show of Birds of Queensland and in particular those found in our backyards in this region. References to their habitat, relevant information and where she had actually seen them, allowed members to confirm some visitors to their own backyards. The Rainbow Bee-eaters found in Fig Tree Pocket originate from Papua New Guinea and pay us a visit only during our summer before they return home. They actually set up their electronic beams for guidance. An interesting fact about Kingfishers is that they are part of a research project where scientists are trying to find out how birds can see into water! The speaker informed us that even in the bird world there are those lazy ones who are late and slow to awaken in the mornings. These are the Fig birds. The Little Egret was decimated at one stage because their plume feathers were in great demand for ladies’ hats. They are observed at our Lake. There was so much more to learn but unfortunately time, as usual, was a disappointing constraint. Kevin passed the vote of thanks. Probus is a Club for those retired and semi-retired who are young at heart and who also believe in Carpe Diem (seize the day, make the most of time). We meet every second Tuesday of the month at 10am at the Forest Lake Hotel. More details page 35 of this publication.

We all retire - but Probus does it better. For graffiti removal phone Charles on 0411 959 994 Leave a message clearly indicating the location.

An initiative of the Forest Lake Community Forum Inc.

Forest Lake grandmother rides to conquer cancer Most people ride bikes as a kid, some continue to ride throughout their whole lives. For local mother of four and grandmother of three, Lorrie Patrick, not having ridden a bike since she was thirteen is not going to stop her from participating in this years Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer. A Forest Lake local for the last ten years, Lorrie will be riding the two day course that winds through scenic Queensland in August. Encouraged by her team members, one of which is her son who is travelling from Singapore to participate with her, 58 year old Lorrie is training hard with early morning and afternoon rides, preparing for the gruelling 200 kilometre route. In order to raise enough money to participate, a fundraiser night will be held this month on Wednesday, 14 May at Tran Tran Vietnamese Restaurant at 200 Grand, Forest Lake, from 5-9pm. Fifty percent of the $30 ticket cost will go to the cause, with local businesses asked to support by donating money or goods to raffle on the night. As well as raffles, there will be speeches and Councillor Angela Owen-Taylor will be in attendance to offer her support to Lorrie and the team. “It is the biggest challenge and commitment I and the team have undertaken, other than marriage and children and grandchildren, of course,” said Lorrie. “My team and I are thoroughly enjoying it and we’re not sure once this is over what we will do next. “I would thoroughly recommend for anybody to have a go,” she said. “You meet so many lovely people and you realise that the support from both family, friends and community is still alive and well.” Go to, click on Brisbane, donate button and type in Lorrie Patrick if you would like to donate directly to Lorrie, and follow the prompts. To buy tickets or donate to the fundraiser dinner, send an email to




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The Lake News - May 2014 - Page 17

Join our Dietflex weight loss program! Our member weight loss to date is over 160kg

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76 Andaman St, Jamboree Heights - Page 18 - May 2014 - The Lake News


Music lovers are in for a treat


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Music at the Hub is a quality, casual, relaxed ‘night out’ to enjoy talented musicians and performers from Brisbane and further afield. The genre includes styles of Folk, Blues, Jazz, easy listening and soft Rock depending on the artists. This month on Saturday 17 May, music lovers will have two great acts to enjoy, folk duo Rebecca Wright & Donald McKay and Swing Garden. Donald McKay’s traditional and original songs from his native Scotland are beautifully complemented by Rebecca Wright’s insightful Australian originals and thoughtful selection of contemporary gems. Family band, Swing Garden (pictured), brings together soft jazz and swing, with Pete playing resonator guitar, while daughters Ashlyn and Isobelle play electric bass and Celtic harp, and ukulele respectively. Held at the Centenary Community Hub at 171 Dandenong Road, Mt Ommaney, the evening begins at 6.30pm, with performances starting at 7pm. Entry cost is $10 per person (cash only) with children under 14 free. Light meals, cheese and nibble platters, snacks, soft drinks, water and tea and coffee will be available at reasonable prices. Patrons are welcome to bring alcoholic drinks, as well as glasses. Plese note, the sale of food and soft drinks helps to keep the entry price low, so no soft drink or food are allowed to be brought in. Bookings are recommended and can be made by phoning 0499 999 772 or by sending an email to to secure a table. The Lake News - May 2014 - Page 19

Page 20 - May 2014 - The Lake News

Plenty on offer at the Ipswich Show

Get ready to have fun at the 141st Ipswich Show to be held on 16th, 17th and 18th May at the Ipswich Showgrounds, 81 Warwick Road, Ipswich. There will be something for everyone with free events on the Wednesday and Thursday in a warm up to the Show. Wednesday 14th May - Dog Competition – Battery World Ipswich Main Arena. No entry fee and free parking on-site. Thursday 15th May - Horse Jumping Competition – Battery World Ipswich Main Arena. No entry fee and free parking on-site. Special events will be on the following days: Friday 16th May - Official Opening; live musical performances (main arena); spectacular FMX Kaos Motocross demonstrations; camel racing; The Bushwacker Bonanza Lumberjack Show; Ipswich Furniture Court Jet Car; fireworks. Saturday 17th May - Demolition Derby; Ipswich Furniture Court Jet Car; camel racing; The Bushwacker Bonanza Lumberjack Show; fireworks. Sunday 18th May - Battery World Ipswich Monster Trucks; fireworks; camel racing; Woodchop Competition. All day, every day events at the Show: • Animal Nursery & Farmyard Friends; • Young Talent on Show; • Dreamtime Reptiles & Wild Rangers Wildlife Encounters; • Roving Entertainment such as Memphis Moovers, Cleo the Clown and Fiesta Tropicale Trio; • New Hope Group Community Stage includes live music performances; • Lifestyle Stage in the Exhibits Pavilion which includes fashion parades, Meat Magic demonstrations and more. • Trade Stands; • Exhibits Pavilion includes art, craft, photography, horticulture, farm produce, pigeons, poultry, caged birds, schoolwork and much more. • Food Court with an array of food from all over the globe; • Showbags and Sideshow Alley. So why would you miss this fantastic array of entertainment and activities all for an entry price starting from $7 for Primary School Students through to $14 per adult (pre-sell prices only). Tickets are now available online* via (*small booking fee applies) or tickets will also be available at the gate on the day ($9 for Primary School Students through to $17 for adults). For more information contact the show office on 3281 1577 or head to the website


201A4Y 16 to




Pre-paid tickets now available online at au or at participating newsagencies around Ipswich, Raceview Chemist, Riverlink Centre Management, local Coffee Club outlets and the Ipswich Show Office. Free shuttle bus to and from Ipswich Train Station and Bremer High School

The Lake News - May 2014 - Page 21

Don’t let back pain rob you of your life’s best any more!

Finally, the truth about BACK PAIN! Do You Have Any of the Following Conditions? • L ower Back Pain or Stiffness • M uscle spasm or strains • B ulging lumbar discs • N umbness or soreness in your legs • S hooting hip or thigh pain • S ciatica Having back and leg pain can bring life to a standstill. You might not be able to play golf, work, pick up the grandkids or even sit in the car for a 30-minute drive. It’s almost impossible for anyone around you to understand how you feel. You can’t remember the last time you even had a restful night’s sleep.

Is back pain keeping you from enjoying what you love to do?

You’ve got too many dreams left undone to let back pain slow you down. Too many special moments waiting to be experienced with the kids or the grandkids?

Life is too short to let pain slow you down. Pain is your body’s warning sign telling you something is wrong. Sure, you can numb the pain if you take enough anti-inflammatories, narcotics or other pain pill. But if you mask the pain, it can prevent your back from healing – maybe even damage it further (anti-inflammatories work at a cellular level preventing healing). Many of the pain medications available are quite addictive and can have devastating side effects like heart attacks and catastrophic gastric haemorrhage or kidney failure. Page 22 - May 2014 - The Lake News

Could This Be The Solution To Your Back Pain? We are Drs Michael and Keith Charlton, of Forest Lake Chiropractic. Over the past 15 years since our doors opened, literally thousands of people with back pain have left the office pain free. We are one of two health centres in Queensland trained and equipped for Clinical Biomechanics of Posture protocols for diagnosis and care of spinal disorders, a new and best researched diagnosis and treatment approach using special equipment onsite. Chiropractic has been around for over a hundred years, and has been used to help everyone from tiny babies to the elderly. Even top sports stars and entertainers … like Tiger Woods, Tony Robbins, Joe Montana, Lance Armstrong, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mel Gibson receive chiropractic care. These professional athletes have the money to hire any kind of doctor they want, yet they choose to have a chiropractor on their team. Here’s what some of the top medical researchers had to say about chiropractic … “ Ma n ipu lation [chiropractic adjustments], with or without exercise, improved symptoms more than medical care did after both 3 and 12 months.” - British Medical Journal “Chiropractor’s manipulation of the spine was more helpful than any of the following: traction, massage, biofeedback, acupuncture, injection of steroids into the spine and back corsets, and ultrasound.” - Stanley Bigos, MD, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery This means in just a matter of days or weeks you could be back on the golf course, enjoying your love life, being able to pick up the grand-children or travelling again. So many people have said “... if only I’d found you sooner ...” that, for only $37 you can find out whether this amazing treatment can help.

Have a professional evaluation of your spine for only $37!

What does this offer include? Just call and here’s what you’ll get … an indepth consultation about your health and well-being where we will listen … really listen … to the details of your case. A complete nerve, muscle and spine examination and with thorough CBP analysis of your x-rays (bulk billed, if taken) so we can start mapping out your plan to better health. You’ll get to see everything firsthand and find out whether this amazing treatment will be your back pain solution: it has been for so many others. Modern evidence based Chiropractic very well could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Find peace and comfort in knowing your back is healed without drugs or surgery.

WHY NOT make May 2014 your time to get your back pain sorted out once and for all? Call today and we can get started with your consultation, exam and x-rays (where needed) as soon as there’s an opening in the schedule. Our office is Forest Lake Chiropractic and you can find us upstairs at Forest Lake Shopping Centre. Tell the receptionist you’d like to come in for the Back Pain Evaluation, and bring in this ad to qualify. Dr Michael Charlton BHSci(Chiro)MClinChiro(Distinction)

Dr Keith Charlton

DC MPhil MPainMed PhD (c)

PS How long can your body handle taking pills? Finding the problem and fixing it has got to be your top priority! We may be able to help you live a happy healthy life once more!

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PAWsome puppy parents needed

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Milton Dick Councillor for Richlands Ward Inala Library, Civic Centre, Corsair Avenue, Inala.

Phone: 3407 1211

Assistance Dogs Australia’s newest puppy recruit Brandy, may look cute and cuddly, but in two years’ time she will change the life of someone with a physical disability. Pups like Brandy will open the door to a new independence for their future clients, but to do this they need your help. That’s why Assistance Dogs Australia is sniffing out puppy raisers and sitters in Brisbane to be “puppy parents” to the litter of seven puppies Labrador mum Dee Dee gave birth to recently. “Raising a puppy lets you give back to the community with the added bonus of the pitter-pattering of puppy paws,” said Assistance Dogs Australia’s Senior Trainer, Cherie Bekker. “Puppy raisers and sitters will teach these pups to undertake tasks that are difficult or even impossible for people with physical disabilities to achieve. They’ll teach them to pick up all sorts of objects such as mobile phones and keys and make sure they are able to alert bark when required. “You can also take the pups to the shops, cafes, on public transport and even to the cinema as it is all these experiences that will help them become an Assistance Dog.” The pups will be helped in their quest to be Assistance Dogs by experienced Senior Trainer Cherie who will be there with raisers and sitters every step of the way during training, providing them with instruction and support for the 14 months the puppies spend on their “L” plates before returning to the National Training Centre in Heathcote, Sydney for Advanced Training. “The best part of being a puppy raiser or sitter is helping to change someone’s life by training a fantastic Assistance Dog,” Brisbane Puppy Raiser Joanna Zietek said. “To see the impact that Brandy will make to someone with a physical disability one day is priceless.” Assistance Dogs Australia is a charity that trains Labradors and Golden Retrievers to give freedom and independence to people with physical disabilities. Assistance Dogs do everyday tasks for their recipients that people with physical disabilities find difficult, if not impossible, to achieve, like opening and closing doors, pressing the button at the traffic lights, retrieving dropped items and even getting the phone. Each dog takes two years to train and is worth an investment of $27,000 but are placed with recipients free of charge. For further information about how you can help please call Assistance Dogs Australia on 1800 688 364 or view their website at

Brisbane West

COUNSELLING CARING & CONFIDENTIAL HELP WITH PROBLEMS RELATING TO: • Relationship issues • Anxiety • Depression • Separation/divorce • Personal issues • Low self-confidence/esteem • Abuse • Grief & Loss • Addiction ANNELIE HUGHES BEd MCouns QMACA PH:

3278 9625 or 0409 789 625

Help us deliver the finest health care to the furthest corners of Australia Please donate today > Mail to 12 Casuarina Street, Brisbane Airport QLD 4007 > Call us on 1300 669 569 > Visit our website

The Lake News - May 2014 - Page 23

Kiwanis Club of Brisbane and UNICEF partner to deliver life saving vaccinations It’s hard to believe that in this modern day and age, one baby dies from neonatal tetanus every nine minutes. That’s 60,000 innocent lives lost to this preventable disease every year. With a fatality rate of almost 100 per cent in areas lacking treatment facilities, once contracted, tetanus is almost always deadly for newborns. Through an initiative of Kiwanis, the Mothers Day Project is raising funds to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) by providing vaccinations to 61 million women in 25 countries. The Kiwanis Club of Brisbane is supporting the project by urging local community members to give. Anita Lennox, President Kiwanis Club Brisbane, says the project is life changing. “To help raise money towards the elimination of MNT, Kiwanis established the ‘Mothers Day Project’ in 2012. “The premise behind the ‘Mothers Day Project’ is to allow people to give the ‘gift of life’ on Mothers Day by purchasing a vaccination package on behalf of their mother, sister, wife or loved one. “In 2012, in its inaugural year, we raised over $7,000 by contributing through the www.mothersdayproject. site. In 2014, we are aiming to raise in excess of $50,000. This will allow over 25,000 mothers and their

unborn babies to be protected from MNT.” Kiwanis, a global community based organisation that works towards positive change, is partnering with UNICEF to raise $110 million and deliver the required vaccinations to eliminate MNT from the world. More than 61 million mothers and their future babies must be immunised. This requires vaccines, syringes, safe storage, transportation, thousands of skilled staff and more. It only costs approximately $2.00 to purchase the three life changing vaccinations required to protect a mother and her future babies from this terrible disease. “It sounds like the problem is too big, but in this case it really isn’t. There is already a proven action plan in place and the results are measurable. All we need are the funds to keep going. “It can be hard to find something meaningful to give on Mothers Day. But such a small amount of money will directly save and protect another mother and her babies from this excruciating disease. “Contributors receive a letter and certificate that they can give their loved one and I think both the giver and receiver will feel a sense of pride that they have done something to help another mum and her baby who so desperately need it.”

Heritage Credit Cards

Put the things you love on your credit card. Be approved for a new credit card in May or June and we will customise it with your image for free.

Talk to us today. hbs3537 Approved new credit card applicants only. Fees, charges and conditions apply. Personalised card fee normally $15 will be refunded to you upon approval. Visit to upload your own image before 31 JULY 2014 to be eligible. Image rules, terms and conditions apply. Heritage Bank Limited. ABN 32 087 652 024. AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 240984.

Page 24 - May 2014 - The Lake News


News from the 19th Hole Forest Lake Social Golf Club Update On Sunday 23rd March, twenty two players turned out at St Lucia Golf Club for the game. The course was in good condition with the greens recently sanded and a bit uneven. Nonetheless, all enjoyed the days golf. Winners on the day were: A Grade by Peter Cuttance Alan Corless, runner up was Pat Ayling. B Grade winner was Steve Donnell, runner up Bob Brose. C Grade winner was Carolyn runner Murray ForestNottingham, Lake Social Golf Clubup Update Diaz. Longest drive winners, B Grade Colin Brooke, C Grade Don Mitchell. Nearest the pin winners were Alan Corless and Don Pickwick. Approach shot winner Atul Bhardwaj. Sunday the 13th April, the game was at River Lakes Golf Club (aka Magnetic Waters). An excellent turn out with 27 players who collectively lost 122 golf balls – one nameless player lost 11 balls. The course was in good condition and the greens were true. Winners on the day were: A Grade Josh Wilson, runner up was Dan McKay, B Grade winner was Darryl Gore, runner up Steve Donnell, C Grade winner was Dani Dvornicich, runner up Graham Frew. Longest drive winners A Grade Gil Vargas, B Grade Colin Brooke, no winner in C Grade. Nearest the pin winners were Steve Donnell and Josh Wilson. Approach shot won by Andrew Baker. Congratulations to all the winners. Our next games are on the 18th May at Gailes Golf Club, first round of the club championships, tee time 8.00am and on the 1st June at Gainsborough at 8.04am. The Forest Lake Social Golf Club is proudly sponsored by the Heritage Community Bank Branch at Forest Lake and the Jindalee Golf Club.

Anthony Shorten


STATE MEMBER FOR ALGESTER In my last couple of columns I have talked about the Great Results funding which every school in the area has received. It is important, I believe, that residents are aware what this significant investment in our schools mean for their children or grandchildren. As an example, Forest Lake State School received a significant investment of $293,146 by the Government, which is on top of their normal school budget. What does this mean for families that have children at Forest Lake State School? The strategy has been agreed to: • provide additional human resources; • target teachers and teacher aides to support Prep to Year 2; • utilise a range of multi modal approaches to support modern innovative teaching practices. There has been a lot of discussion around the state’s debt and how it should be dealt with. The Treasurer recently launched the interactive people’s Budget Website Tool which is continuing the conversation with Queenslander’s on the choices we face to secure our future and pay down the $80 billion in debt accumulated over the last 10 years. There are a lot of programs and projects we all would like to see delivered, but the question is “How do we pay for them?” The people’s Budget Tool allows resident’s the opportunity to provide detailed feedback on exactly what their priorities for the state are and to make their own choices as to how they would reduce the state’s debt. I urge residents to go online at www.strongchoices.qld. to have your say.

Forest Lake RSL Sub-branch Update by Peter Foley By the time you are reading this edition of The Lake News, ANZAC Day will have come and gone. For any RSL Sub-branch this is the biggest event of the year. It takes a huge amount of organisation and planning in the month leading up to it and unfortunately it is all over in an hour or so. The Forest Lake RSL Sub-branch has been staging its parade and commemorative service for well over ten years now and would not have been able to do so without the support of many people, both members, and members of other associations and businesses in the Forest Lake Community. The two high schools have always been invaluable because they provide the music at the service. The junior schools, Girl Guides and so on who march with the veterans prove that ANZAC Day is alive and well. We have had financial support from Malouf Pharmacy and the Forest Lake Shopping Centre. The Rotary Club of Forest Lake and the Lions Club help us by providing manpower to run stalls, drive our bus and look after the car park. This year we saw the end of our long association with 230 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC). However, it also saw the beginning of an association with 219 Squadron and also with the new Naval Cadet group starting up in the area. Next year we will see more uniforms from these two groups. Although we, the Forest Lake RSL Sub-branch, run the ANZAC Day activities in this area, it is as much the community’s day as ours. Also, a large thank you must go to those people who support our Sub-branch by purchasing badges and memorabilia from our stalls. The profit generated from these sales enable us to celebrate ANZAC Day. Thank you one and all. Don’t forget we need members urgently. Contact our Membership Officer, Kevin Dinsdale, on 0451 177 535. The Lake News - May 2014 - Page 25

+ 0 Club


Monthly Update

by Maureen S.

Hope all had a great Easter break. On board our reliable Concorde coach we recently travelled to Highfields Pioneer Village in the beautiful City of Toowoomba. Morning tea was at Highfields, so only a comfort stop on the way up was required. On arrival, we were greeted and made to feel very welcome by the lovely volunteer staff who guided us to a room where we were given an insight into the people who inhabited this area in those times. Once the talk was over, it was time for morning tea of fresh damper and billy tea, and after leaving Forest Lake at 7.45am we were all looking forward to it. Morning tea over we divided into two groups, one went to the Heritage Chapel, the other to the Ambulance museum and the volunteers gave a talk about the village and how most of the items on display were donated or loaned. The historical Gore Railway Station is now a resident of Highfields Pioneer Village. There is B.J.Palmer boot Repair - don’t see things like that these days. Another large collection is of vintage cars and tractors as well as antique radios and electrical appliances all in working order. After walking around the village at our leisure seeing other interesting buildings such the Southern Cross Museum and Toy Shop, we all settled down for a lunch of beef stew, which everyone loved, also damper, to soak up the gravy from the stew. Desert was fruit salad and ice cream all washed down with more billy tea. With another successful day over we settled back on the Coach for the relaxing trip back to Forest Lake. Forest Lake 50+ Club meet on the third Friday of the month at the Queensland Lions Soccer Club, Pine Road, Richlands at 10.30am and new members are always welcome. For more information on the club and its activities, please contact Kay (Treasurer) on 3278 9406 or Les (Activities Officer) on 3279 9449 or mob 0466 377 618, or email Date claimers for the next three meetings May 16th, June 20th and July 18th.

The Lake News Now available on-line Stay connected and interact from any device, anywhere Live links to advertisers and community groups. If you know someone who has moved from the area, let them know that they can still keep up to date. Issues are uploaded soon after letterbox delivery Like us on facebook to be notified of current publication upload or email to be put on the email notification list.

Follow the link at building better communities through communication Page 26 - May 2014 - The Lake News

Parkinson Ward Multicultural & Dragonboat Festival

Forest Lake Parklands, Forest Lake Boulevard

Sunday 1st June ~ 9am to 2pm • 9am - Citizenship Ceremony hosted by Rotary Club of Forest Lake • 10am - Official Opening of Festival • Dragonboat Challenge Races • Multicultural Performances, Food and Display Stalls • Parking at St John’s College, College Avenue, Forest Lake For more information contact Parkinson Ward Office on 3131 7022.

This Event is proudly supported by Brisbane City Council and organised by the Hakka Association of Queensland Inc with additional support from the Rotary Club of Forest Lake Inc and Brisbane River Dragons.

The Lake News - May 2014 - Page 27

Forest Lake National Seniors By Julie Baldwin Branch Update A friendly welcoming awaits ladies and gentleman in the 50 something age group residing in Forest Lake and its surrounding suburbs. May’s meeting is Wednesday 14th May at Settlers Village, 41 High Street, Forest Lake, 9.30am sign in for a 10am start. Parking available at Salvation Army and on High Street. Congratulations to the winners of the Spirit of the Lake awards for 2014. May’s Branch Meeting includes a celebration for Mother’s Day and a great entertainer. It will be a wonderful morning guaranteed. Did you know we have Coffee and Chat mornings the first Wednesday of the month 9.30am start? We alternate between The Coffee Club and Diamantes monthly. The get together is a nice chance to have a catch up and enjoy your morning tea in good company. Contact Ros 3372 9432 if you would like to come along. The latest addition to our Branch is the formation of The Theatre Goers Group. We look forward to attending Tuesday Movie Mornings and Saturday Night Plays at handy locations nearby. A very big event for May is our Zone 101 Conference to be held on 29th at Lions Soccer Club, Richlands. This will be attended by a representative group of members from the 15 Branches within our Zone and a large number of our own branch members. A very interesting Agenda for the day. Our very young branch is proud to host this extremely important event on the National Seniors Calendar. We will get the latest news from Canberra from Michael O’Neill as well as other entertaining speakers and a top class entertainer. We especially thank our sponsors, Ingenia (Settlers) and the Brisbane City Council, for their wonderful support. Due to popular demand from members, special guest speaker at April’s meeting was Da-en Preston. Once again Da-en’s clear demonstration of life saving techniques and use of specialised equipment provided members with a very good understanding of how best they can react in the event of a real life emergency. Da-en has a very good rapport with we citizens in the 50 something age group and is passionate about this subject. The April lunch outing was just a short drive to the Blue Fin Club in Inala and was very well attended. There is something for everyone on the Club’s extensive menu. This is a first time visit by our Branch. Thursday 20th May we have a wonderful trip planned to visit a beautiful historical homestead at Cambooya. This tour includes morning tea and lunch. Another great opportunity to take a step back in time and see a working property as well. We do have a couple of seats available if you would like to join us. Contact Julie 3278 7274 for more details. For further information about our Branch please contact either Julie 3278 7274 or Ros 3372 9432.


Annastacia Palaszczuk MP STATE MEMBER FOR INAL A

Last week saw the entire Forest Lake community commemorate ANZAC Day; a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the protection of our country. Whether you marched in a parade, attended a dawn service, or just paused for a moment to reflect, you are ensuring that the legacy of ANZAC Day lives on. I am also aware that many ex-servicemen and women – some more recent veterans than others – call Forest Lake home, and I wish to again thank each of you for your service to the nation’s security and prosperity. I am also pleased to announce that nominations are now open for the 2014 Queensland Day Awards. It is a fantastic chance to honour those who volunteer and help our local community. The deadline for nominations is close of business on Friday May 16, so I urge you to start considering worthy contenders now. If you require a nomination form or have questions, please feel free to contact my office on 3372 3207.

Page 28 - May 2014 - The Lake News

Special service to honour mothers

Remembrance S ervice


In a commitment to provide care to people who have suffered the loss of a mother, sister, aunt or daughter, Centenary Memorial Gardens will hold a Mothers Day Remembrance service on Friday May 9. Now in it’s thirteenth year, the special service is open to anyone in the community who has lost a female family member, even people who may have used a different cemetery or crematorium are welcome. This years service will include guest speaker Lisa Grosskopf. Lisa is a popular funeral celebrant who has assisted many of the families who have come to Centenary Memorial Gardens. Lisa will also be singing on the evening and presenting a photo tribute to women. “We can’t change the profound sadness a family feels at the loss of a mother but our services provide an opportunity to remember her and draw close to her in a non- threatening environment surrounded by others experiencing a similar loss,” said Peter Ship, Manager, Centenary Memorial Gardens. “Each year we try and present a service that is different but meaningful, just a casual relaxed atmosphere where people can take the time to remember their loved ones. “One year we planted 150 trees on the evening to create the Garden of Angels, another year we presented everyone with a pack of home-made cupcakes. Sometimes we hand out flowers that the family can place on their loved ones grave. “We have even been known to have spectacular fireworks displays, all as a part of honouring Mothers and celebrating their lives.” The special Mothers Day Remembrance service will be held in the Federation Chapel at Centenary Memorial Gardens on May 9 starting at 6.30pm. Guests are asked to RSVP before May 6 by calling Centenary Memorial Gardens on 3271 1222.

Federation Chapel Centenary Memorial Gardens

RSVP: 6th May 2014 PH: 3271 1222

Centenary Memorial Gardens The Lake News - May 2014 - Page 29

Family Focus with Mark Mackay

Mark Mackay is the Baptist pastor at Forest Lake and teaches at Malyon College.

Please don’t ignore kids in need. Act now and donate at

ACT 0468 5x2(73mm) [P].indd 1

Page 30 - May 2014 - The Lake News


“Discipline is not a dirty word!” That’s the advice an older man gave me when we had our first child. He went on to tell me, “Remember Mark, your first job is to be her dad, not her friend.” My initial reaction was, “But I want to be her friend.” He went on to explain to me that while it’s good for me to want to be a friend to my kids, my first priority is to be their parent – to discipline, to guide, to nurture and to lead. I think it’s fair to say that most parents want to be friends with their kids but the model we are often given in the media today is that the best way for this to occur is to “let our kids find full self-expression” and not discipline them. If a child doesn’t want to do something, go somewhere, behave appropriately, let them. However, the problem of not appropriately disciplining our children is that we set them up to think they are the centre of the world – it them comes as an enormous shock to find this isn’t the case when they enter the wider world. While we need to encourage, affirm and honour our kids, we also need to teach them the virtue of self-discipline. Studies have shown that, on average when kids have good boundaries and discipline, they achieve better results at school, have better social skills, gain better selfdiscipline and respect others. The other potential aspect, I believe, is that parents become empowered to be exactly that – parents! We want our kids to respect us – the Biblical commandment is for children to “honour your father and mother.” (Exodus 4:31 PM 20:12) That comes as parents honour one another, back one another up and show respect for ourselves by not accepting disrespect. The wonderful thing about healthy discipline is that the results become a legacy. The way I know that is that the older man who gave me the advice at the start of this article was my dad, who was once given the same advice by his father. My dad and I are mates but that mateship grew out of him being first and foremost, “Dad.” If you were not modelled good parenting, you can be the generation that makes the change! Get along to a parenting seminar that will be run later this year, read some material on parenting, decide to change one thing in your home and build from there.

From the desk of Angela Owen-Taylor Parkinson Ward Councillor

ANZAC Day Congratulations to the Forest Lake RSL Sub Branch for yet another memorable ANZAC Day tribute to the men and women who have served and sacrificed for the freedom we enjoy in this country. I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all those members of the Defence Services who are currently serving. It was wonderful to see so many in the community coming out to pay tribute. As many residents will have noticed on ANZAC Day we have a new addition to the Amphitheatre – shade sails above the seating area. This will enable more opportunities for this venue to be utilised in a more weather resistant manner. This space is able to be booked and more information is available through my Ward Office. We will see the Amphitheatre and the Sails Stage activated on 1 June for the annual Parkinson Ward Multicultural and Dragonboat Festival, commencing at 9am with a Citizenship Ceremony hosted by Rotary Club of Forest Lake Inc, the Official Festival Opening at 10am followed by performances, dragonboat races and multicultural food stalls until 2pm. Please come and join in a truly wonderful multicultural experience in our local community. Active School Travel The portable speed warning sign has been recently located on Grand Avenue to alert drivers when they are exceeding the speed limit and advising them to slow down. It is important, particularly around our local schools, that drivers exercise caution to ensure the safety of local children. Active School Travel has been implemented at all State Primary Schools within Parkinson Ward and given that many children are walking and riding to school I urge all drivers to be vigilant. I encourage all local families to endeavour to promote walking, cycling and carpooling to help reduce cars around our schools. Parents and carers collecting and dropping children off at schools are also reminded that parking for any period of time in the drop off zones is not permitted. Similarly, drivers are reminded that disabled parking zones require a permit and Council Officers will be conducting enforcement in respect of people parking in these carparks without an approved permit. Mothers Day I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our local Mothers a very happy Mother’s Day; you all make a valuable contribution to our community building the foundations for our future generations.



at Forest Lake’s Only REAL 24hr Fitness Centre n e N O W! Register Onli sit

e or vi Scan QR Cod tn Fi ke La more details Forest t the club for apply, contac * ter ms and con


Forest Lake



Cnr Forest Lake Blvd & High St (Opposite High School)

Group Fitness – Personal Training – Swimming Pool – Aqua Aerobics – Childminding – Friendly Staff The Lake News - May 2014 - Page 31



For honest advice at an honest price in your home Contact

Dave Johnson B. Comm C.A. (S.A.)

0434 519 413 346rush@


Palaszczuk MP Member for Inala

PO Box 75 Inala 4077

Phone: 3372 3207 inala @

Forest Lake Property Sales & Property Management

3372 1111

STOP WINKING IN THE DARK “Doing business without

advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” Stueart Henderson Britt


book online now or phone 3201 1880

RNERFINANCE O C E C N A FI N C E C O R N E R COR N E C N N A A N I IN F RCORNER E COR C N COR N E A E Johnson N I CDave with F NFINANCE R ORNEANCE CORNER F C NCtheE AWhilst pension should INbe available as a safety net, the government wants us ER Falways N OourRown to retirement. That much is clear from a number of incentives that accompany Cfund B.Com C.A.

superannuation. However, just when you think you are doing your best to comply with the government’s objective, it comes along and tinkers with some of the rules again, normally to one’s disadvantage. In recent weeks, many people earning somewhat more than the average wage, $300,000 to be precise, would have received letters from the ATO telling them to pay their 15% Division 291 tax, an initiative introduced by the previous federal government and which applies for the first time in the 2012-13 financial year. The rationale for the tax appears to be that high income earners have a particular incentive to invest in superannuation when its tax on income derived from concessional contributions (for example, compulsory employer or salary sacrificed superannuation) is only 15%, as compared to a top marginal tax rate of 46.5% including Medicare levy. The maximum compulsory contribution payable by an employer is capped, but there may be an incentive to salary sacrifice so that the total contributions reach the maximum $25,000 level. The Division 291 tax is paid as follows: 1. Calculate your taxable income which may have been reduced by salary sacrificed superannuation. 2. Add back any salary sacrificed superannuation shown on your PAYG Summary, plus the compulsory superannuation paid by the employer. 3. If the combined sum of 1 and 2 exceeds $300,000, Division 291 tax applies. The tax payable is based on the lower of: 1. The amount calculated at 3 above less $300,000; or 2. The total of 2 above. Thus, if one’s taxable income was $290,000 and the total concessional contributions $20,000 the revenue base for Division 291 would be $10,000. If taxable income was $310,000 the revenue base would be $20,000. 15% tax would apply in both instances. Whether the tax is $1,500 or $3,000 in the above instances, it is still a nasty shock to receive in the mail. There are some who would say: “Big deal, those people can afford to pay that tax”. However, if the purpose was to reduce the gap between 46.5% personal tax and 15% superannuation tax it should be noted that even on incomes from $37,000 upwards the marginal tax rate with Medicare levy is 34%. That is 19% above the superannuation tax...what’s that saying “with the stroke of a pen”? When will they leave superannuation alone?

a message from the desk of



Dave is a Chartered Accountant with a keen interest inFOR personal OXLEY finance issues. Mother’s Day 11 May Mother’s Day is just two weekends away and it is a great opportunity for families to come together to recognise the significant contribution mothers make to our lives. There will be plenty of activity in the local parks and recreational areas as well as local community groups hosting events to raise money for charitable organisations. Look out for details of Mother’s Day Stalls and other activities leading up to Sunday 11 May in school newsletters and around your community. National Reconciliation Week - Let’s Walk the Talk May 27 – June 3 National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is celebrated across Australia to commemorate two significant milestones in Australian history. May 27th marks the anniversary of the 1967 referendum which saw over 90% of Australians vote to give the Commonwealth the power to make laws for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and recognise them in the national census. June 3rd marks the anniversary of the 1992 High Court Mabo decision which legally recognised that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a special relationship to the land that existed prior to colonalisation and still exists today. The decision marked the way for land rights called Native Titles. NRW is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared history, culture and achievements. It is easy for schools and community groups to get involved by attending or hosting an event providing an opportunity for everyone to ‘walk the talk’. For more information about events in your local area or to register your own event, please visit:

Page 32 - May 2014 - The Lake News

Forest Lake Lions Club update

by Alex Eramudugolla

Fundraise for the Leukaemia Foundation - Sunday 18th May ‘Walk With the Lions’ community charity walk to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland is seeking your support. Create history by joining your local Lions Club for our first fundraising walk around our picturesque lake. In addition you will be helping so many leukaemia patients and their families. Families like those of Katelyn Marks. When Katelyn Marks (pictured) was diagnosed with leukaemia at age five, her family had to leave their home in Biloela and relocate to Brisbane where she started treatment. The Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland provided Katelyn and her family with free support services throughout her treatment, including free accommodation at one of the Foundation’s villages in Brisbane. Your support can be further extended by getting your friends, neighbours and relatives to sponsor you for the walk. Already some walkers have raised over $500 through sponsorship. For online registration visit If you prefer to register using manual forms, registration and sponsorship forms are available, please call 0422 008 359. There will also be a registration desk at the Forest Lake Shopping Centre from Saturday 10th to Saturday 17th May. The registration fees are as follows: Early bird: Individual $15; Family $30; Children (under 18) $10. On the Day: Individual $25; Family $40; Children (under 18) $10. Our local business community, Councillors and Members of Parliament stand behind this worthy project through their sponsorship as well as contributing prizes to a grand raffle which will be drawn on the day. All proceeds go to the Leukaemia Foundation. Bring the whole family, your visitors, friends and neighbours for this great morning. You don’t have to walk the whole distance, but have fun and help our little friends like five year old Katelyn Marks. Register! Fundraise! Walk! Show that you care.

The Lake News - May 2014 - Page 33

Forest Lake Friendship Group If you’re new to Forest Lake, or just want to extend your social network, this is a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends and enjoy some friendly conversation. 6th May:

Coffee at DC’s Forest Lake 10.30am

13th May:

Coffee at DC’s Forest Lake 10.30am

20th May:

Dinner at 2-Fish, Forest Lake 6.30pm RSVP by 19th May Ph: 0409 789 625

27th May:

Coffee at DC’s Forest Lake 10.30am

3rd June:

Coffee at Coffee Club Forest Lake 10.30am RSVP by 2nd June Ph: 0409 789 625

ALL WELCOME Phone Annelie on 0409 789 625

Forest Lake Area

Garden Group

by John Prout As we approach Mother’s Day, all the children, regardless of their age, are planning where to take Mum, Nana or Grandma to lunch for her special day of the year. Select somewhere nice as all Mums deserve the best treatment. Even breakfast in bed is enjoyable in some cases but it’s a problem when orange juice is spilt on the sheets thereby giving Mum more work. This day is our opportunity to express our gratitude to our Mums. Children love to show the cards they have made at school which becomes a treasured keepsake for Mum. One of the popular flowers to give Mum is the chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum grandiflorum). Most chrysanthemums are upright plants with lobed leaves that can be aromatic. The many showy flower heads, carried at the tips of strong stems, begin to bloom as the days shorten. Maybe this flower is sought after on Mother’s Day as the spelling ends with “mum”. On our recent bus trip we travelled to the Broadwater in the Rum Cruiser on the Gold Coast, and spent the afternoon exploring the secrets Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens. This is truly a hidden treasure. If you have the opportunity to visit, then it is recommended. Our next bus trip will be on Saturday 19 July as we visit northern NSW and the Gold Coast Hinterland. The flyer will be available at this month’s meeting. Recently our member, Linda Hore, opened her garden for members and friends to visit. When a member has an ‘open garden’, it gives us the opportunity to see what is growing successfully in our local area as well as a chance for a chat over a cuppa. Thanks Linda for an enjoyable afternoon.


9:00AM BCC Immunisation Clinic (2nd & 4th Monday) 3403 8888 9:30AM Happy House Playgroup No 1 3279 9111 3:30PM Fitness and Dance Belinda 0419 796 393 / 3273 6367 6:00PM Moon Lee Tae Kwan Do Wayne 0419 713 907 7:15PM F’Lake Toastmasters (1st & 3rd Monday) Grant 0415 699 032 7:30PM ALP Board Meeting (4th Mon, Feb-Dec) Chas 3278 9805

TUES 9:15AM Balancing gentle exercise to music for seniors 3879 4020 11:30AM Indoor Bowls (Cost $4.50) Jean 3372 6894 6:00PM Moon Lee Tae Kwan Do Wayne 0419 713 907 7:30PM F’Lake Area Garden Group (2nd Tues, Feb-Nov) John 3288 3131 WED

9:30AM Happy House Playgroup No 2 3279 9111 6:30PM BFIT 4 LIFE (Dance, cheer & fitness) Melanie 0415 651 290 7:30PM Lions Club Business Meeting (2nd Wed) Heather 3278 9817

THUR 3:30PM Fitness and Dance Belinda 0419 796 393 / 3273 6367 FRI


9:00AM 11:00AM 12NOON 7:30PM 7:30PM

F’Lake Crafters Group Lyndsay 3372 4938 Grace 3371 1179 Robyn 3372 9883 Annastacia Palaszczuk MP Appointments 3372 3207 / 3279 9111 Ladies Fellowship Luncheon Lorelle 0422 294 431 Southwest Brisbane Motoring Club (4th Friday) 3802 1902 Assembly of God Youth Activities (3rd Friday) Chad 0413 428 630

10AM Tiny Tutus Pre School Ballett Open for Bookings

SUN 10:00AM Freedom Christian Centre Contact Chad 0413 428 630 1:00PM Everlasting Gospel Church Ps Jose 0452 568 187

Page 34 - May 2014 - The Lake News

Linda Hore, Jill Lowe and Pat Parlane at the open garden. Talking about ‘open gardens’ – we are pleased to announce that two of our members gardens will be opened in September as part of the Australian Open Garden Programme. Full details will be released as the openings draw nearer. At our May meeting we have Michael Dent as our guest speaker. Michael is well versed with the aloe plants (often referred to as Aloe Vera) and his home is also part of the Australian Open Garden Programme. Michael will have some aloes for sale. I hope you can attend the meeting and share an evening of gardening with us.

We are not fanatical gardeners, just friendly enthusiasts. Join us! Next meeting Tuesday May 13th, 2014. Forest Lake Community House, Alpine Place

For more information call John Prout on 3288 3131

Clubs & Groups

Sport & Fitness

50 Plus Club Les 0466 377 618 or Kay 3278 9406 Meets 3rd Friday of the Month

Hobbies, Arts & Craft

AFL, Forest Lake Junior Annette 0401 109 679 Balancing Gentle Exercise to Music Jenny 3879 4020

Australian Air League - Forest Lake Squadron Christina Parker 3279 4247 Tim Huntley 0422 230 589

Baseball Clubs, Western Districts - The Bulldogs Laurie 0421 137 406

AIR Ph: 3371 7494, Pett 3378 2361 Meets 1st Friday of month Mona

Basketball Club, West Brisbane Falcons 0450 105 252

Community Events Association Forest Lake Linda 0402 061 907

Brisbane Bhakti Yoga Centre Anil 3879 1906 or 0403 936 076

Community House Association Jake 3372 9886

Cycling Group, Forest Lake Connect Group for Home Businesses Reg 0412 155 295 Meets first Thursday of the month Futsal Club, Forest Lake Phone Susannah 3201 1880 Jodie 0407 760 654 Forest Lake Forum Golf Club, Forest Lake Social Linda Paton 0402 061 907 Peter 3278 8060 Forest Lake One Community Ltd Indoor Bowls Ron 3879 4912 Mary 3376 3085 Friends of the Park Little Athletics, Forest Lake Lorraine 3879 6210 Friendship Group, Forest Lake Netball Club, The Lakers Annelie 0409 789 625 Garden Group, F’Lake Area John 3288 3131 PCYC, Inala Girl Guides - Forest Lake 3372 2222 Lisa 0412 767 708 Rowing Club, Centenary (Youth) Labor Party, F’Lake Branch Simon 0414 711 331 Charles 0411 959 994 Michael 0401 567 279 Ladies Fellowship, F’Lake Lorelle 0422 294 431 Rugby League, Forest Lake Junior Sarah (Secretary) 0438 010 827 Liberal Party, F’Lake Branch Steve 0402 893 105 Rugby Union Club, Lakes Wasps 0407 790 497 Lions Club of Forest Lake President: Sebastian Rendic 0433 698 445 Softball, Raiders Motoring Club - Southwest Brisbane Sandie 0402 485 795 Ross 5548 6003 Swimming, Lake’s Swim Club Dianna Remington 0400 015 539 Mums In Touch, Forest Lake Jane 3879 6934 National Service Association Western Cougars Gridiron Club Brisbane West Branch 0450 430 953 Peter 3372 5848 National Seniors - Forest Lake Branch Julie 3278 7274 or Ros 3372 9432

Government Representatives

Obedience Dog Club of Brisbane 0411 017 454 Pallara Morning Tea Group Meets last Saturday of the month at Pallara S.S. Phone Ruth 0422 533 208 Probus Club of Forest Lake President Joan 3372 9923 Membership Officer Kevin 0408 933 561 Rana Frog Group 3372 4926 Referral Network, Forest Lake Gaye 3879 9003 Richlands, Inala and Suburbs History Group Angela 3372 2358 Rotary Club Brian 3271 6987 RSL Sub-Branch, Forest Lake Meets 3rd Tue Ph Peter 0412 357 756 or George 0488 220 002 Scout Group 3870 7000 Southwest Progress Association Michael 0433 456 150 Trefoil Guild - Centenary Janet 3376 1889 Young Women’s Program Angie 3271 5554

Federal Member Bernie Ripoll MLA (Oxley) 1800 640 839 / 3879 6440 State Members Annastacia Palaszczuk MP (Inala) 3372 3207 Anthony Shorten MP (Algester) 3278 9257 Brisbane City Council: Cr Milton Dick (Richlands) 3407 1211 Cr Angela Owen-Taylor (Parkinson) 3131 7022




Beer & Wine Makers Guild, Western Suburb Amateur Tony on 3379 1048 Crafters Group Lynsay 3372 4938 or Grace 33721179 Crochet Group Sue 3279 9561 Lake Lovers of Literature Elli 3879 6326 Model Boat Club Graham 3278 7654 Painters Fellowship Audrey 3372 9469 Photography Club, Forest Lake Peter 3372 2835 U3A

Education Forest Lake State High School 3714 2333 Forest Lake State School 3714 1222 Grand Avenue State School 3372 0555 P&C Pallara State School 3723 6333 Serviceton South State School 3714 0222 St John’s Anglican College Yrs Kindy-6 3372 0888 Yrs 7-12 3372 0111

Health Alcoholics Anonymous Ph: 3255 9162 or visit Al-Anon for friends & family of alcoholics Ph: 3854 0331 or visit Asperger Services Australia West Brisbane Region Support Group Phone Jane 3278 3082 Australian Pituitary Foundation Ph 3376 2083 Australian Breast Feeding Assoc Tammy 0417 548 856 Emotions Anonymous(EA) A mental health, non profit volunteer group Graham or Lynn 3372 9773 Meals on Wheels Kylie 3372 5276 Multiple Birth Assoc - Ipswich Sue 0410 181 215 Playgroup Australia 1800 171 882

Churches Anglican Church of Aust St Hugh’s Inala 3372 1216 FLake service 3372 3999 A.O.G. Church Pastor Chad Lake 0413 428 630 Baptist Church, Forest Lake FLSS PAC 9.30am and 6pm Pastor Mark Mackay 0403 772 990 Email: Church of the Nazarene Inala - 3372 2192 Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints - Forest Lake Meets every Sunday at 9.00am Ph 3372 5330 or 0411 600 264


Cornerstone Bible Church Meets every Sunday at 9.30am at Forest Lake S.H.S Ph 3136 3386 Elevate Church (AOG) Meets every Sunday at 9.30am at Grand Ave School. Ph 0407 177 117 Elim Gospel Church 8 Julie Rd, Ellen Grove (Carole Park) Ps Peter Collard 3892 2291/3273 5246 Forest Lake Oasis 3879 6934 or 0404 821 322 Friendship House Church 0413 470 461 or www.churchoncall. com Great Hope Baptist Church Pastor Sims - Inala 1800 889 787 Hosanna Church Brisbane (Multi-cultural Baptist) Ph 3879 6862 Meet at 10am on Sundays at Richlands East State School Pallara Christian Church (Presbyterian Reformed Church of Aust.) Pastor Trevor Marshall 3712 0575 Salvation Army Lake Community Church 3714 0777 or Korean Service 12noon Sundays St Mark’s Catholic Church Inala 3372 5658 Uniting Church - Forest Lake Meets at St John’s Anglican College Primary Campus Chapel 9.30am Rev Russell Reynoldson 0429 472 567 3372 2299 Westside Multicultural Baptist Church Every Sun @10.30am Ps Lyndon Sison 0403 135 540

Local JP Contacts JP (Qualified)

David Armstrong Bank of Qld, 3000 4580 Margaret Chittick 0428 641 332 Linda Clarke Creekwood 3714 9464 or 0408 320 325 Reg Connelly Heathwood 3879 9397 or 0403 167 121 Robyn Fleming 3278 9559 (wk) Mr E G Harper Homestead Village 3372 9242 Allan & Tania McLaughlin 3372 9408 Kathleen Maree Neehouse Pallara 3372 7152 Christine Nelson 3278 3485 Mandy Nicholls Homestead Village 3372 8723 Boyd Porter 3372 9314 Margy Smith Creekwood 3278 7825 or 0417 198 295 Kathleen Wooler 3879 1652

Commissioner of Declaration

Len Beesley Hillbrook Village, 3279 9249 Kev Brennan 0414 263 514 Rodney Brydon 3879 0685 (A/H) Jack Dunning 3372 9886 Craige Gravestein College Park 3278 8672 Neil Meurant Green Tree Pocket 3879 8393 or 0417 778 102 Colleen Nicholson 3372 8828

Info Page Local Contacts Info Page Local Contacts

Contacts Info Page Local Contacts

Groups & organisations listed are not for profit and run by volunteers. Lake News - May 2014 - Page 35 If your group would like their contact information listed, please send your request toThe

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award winning salon ~ established 12yrs ~ medical grade microdermabrasion infusion therapy ~ IPL ~ Spray tanning ~ Cosmetic physician

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Ph 3800 4194 Fax 3402 3097

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PH: 3806 2992 MOB: 0411 181 169

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3879 9003 or 0412 656 031

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Carpet, Tile & Grout

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The Lakes

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PHONE 3879 1501 OR 0437 706 920



SALES & REPAIR Service - Sales - Repairs Maintenance - Backup - Recovery Students & Pensioners Discount


PH: 3470 1578

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. New House Plans . Extensions & Renovations

0410 611 493 OR 3278 9795

ELECTRICAL Domestic • Commercial • Industrial



Ph: 3271




Pool Fencing

• Weldmesh • Gates • Colour Bond • Chainwire • Glass Pool Fencing

24 Mining St. Bundamba

PH: 3282 6553

All work done by fully qualified DRESSMAKER CALL DENISE

0439 778 466


PJ’s Gardening Services √ Fully insured √ No job too small

Lic No. 96

Established since 1958

0407 671 896

General Home Maintenance Garden & Lawn Care Driveway & Gutter Cleaning Painting & Tiling mall oo S For works valued to $3300 b TQuality o J Pensioner Discounts Service No


Television Electric P/L

Mon-Fri 7am-5pm


√ Full garden maintenance & yard cleanups

√ Mini landscaping makeovers

Call us & FREE UP YOUR WEEKEND Phone Peter on 0435 892 197


Honest Reliable


CALL KATE 3879 6353 OR 0414 295 448



Phone Peter 0418 850 716 or 3879 8515

4 Full garden maintenance 4 New gardens and make-overs 4 Mowing (inc ride on work) 4 Rubbish removal 4 Handyman service 4 Fully insured 4 Forest Lake resident Pantone 1365CVC

Pantone 343CVC

The four news magazines of Local News Publications cover 30 suburbs south of the Brisbane CBD, allowing you to target the local area best suited to you and your business. If you’re looking to increase your local sales, then with a combined distribution of over 44,000, and the potential readership of at least 100,000, these news magazines will provided you with a proven medium. Centenary News

Circulation of approximately 11,000 homes and businesses in the suburbs of Mount Ommaney, Westlake, Riverhills, Jamboree Heights, Middle Park, Jindalee, Sinnamon Park, Seventeen Mile Rocks, Windermere and Edenbrooke.

The Lake News

Circulation of approximately 11,000 homes and businesses in the suburbs of Forest Lake, Ellen Grove, Doolandella, Heathwood, and Forestdale.

The Local News Circulation of approximately 11,500 homes and businesses in the suburbs of Chelmer, Graceville, Oxley Tennyson, Sherwood, Corinda and sections of Indooroopilly. the greater

Pantone 032CVC

Springfield Times

Call Call Kevor orGay Gay Kev Mob:0417 762 083 Mobile 019 619 555 3372819 2040 Freeor1800 989

Deadline Date for next edition is Call Ph Graeme 443 343 Kev1800 or Gay or 0417019 786619 386 555 local Kwik Kerb819 Operator Free 1800 989 Friday 16YourMobile May.

Circulation of approximately 11,000 homes and businesses in the suburbs of Springfield Lakes, Springfield, Brookwater, Augustine Heights, Camira and Gailes. 3201 1880 Find us on Facebook

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Trades & Services LOCKSMITH




0401 31 05 05

your our ultimate locksmith service 24 HOURS / 7 DAYS Lockouts & Repairs Deadlocks & Window Locks Automotive & Commercial Security upgrades to insurance standards Restricted Keys & Locks Combination changes


Termite Management program Chemical Barriers - Bait Boxes TICKS & FLEA CONTROL COCKROACHES SILVERFISH, ANTS & SPIDER CONTROL All done to Australian Standards Pre-purchase Building & Timber Pest Inspections and Annual Inspections. Very Competitive Rates. Locally Owned & Operated.


PH : 3201 4474 MB : 0427 022 070

Family owned local business 23 years experience


“WE COME TO YOU” * Pensioner discounts Any lock, * Free quotes & advice Any where, * 24 Hours 7 days Any time * Cheap service calls


Michael 0404 037 349

3278 7062



• Plumbing • Gasfitting • Burst Pipes • Hot water units

Melissa 0410 557 475

QBSA Lic No 046007 Forest Lake Resident

Conveniently located in Forest Lake.


Nail Technician FROM FROM FROM

Manicures $15 Pedicures $20 Gel Polish $15

Solander Cct 0450 711 565 Forest Lake Qualified Technician

The Experts Underground QBSA Licence No.1089736

SERVICES AVAILABLE: Blocked Drains Cleared New Sewerage & Stormwater Installations or Replacements CCTV Drain Camera Inspections with Locator for accurate fault finding & pin pointing of blockages including depth readings


Local Area

All types of Painting & Decorating first class work guaranteed!


ABN 45 043 267 877 S General S Roofing S Hot

QSBA Lic. No. 1053315


& Guttering

Water Units

S Drainage S Burst

Pipes & Blocked Drains

ROOFING & GUTTERING Leaky Roof? Broken Tiles? Need Maintenance? Want to add value to your home? Free Roof Checks! Your Local Roofing Experts √ Roof Restorations - Heat Reflective Paint √ Re-Capping, Re-Pointing - Be Storm Safe √ Leaks, Repairs - Big and Small

Ph: 3160 4980

Honest, Reliable, Professional Family Owned Since 1999


CALL Jim: 0428 313 830

Office 3818 6446

Family Business - 28 years experience

Lakeside Plumbing & Gas Covering all your Plumbing & Gas Requirements Hot water specialists


For a fast & reliable service

Scott 0449 738 020

0417 005 299 GOLD CARD 070543

Page 38 - May 2014 - The Lake News

FREE QUOTE FULLY INSURED We guarantee to turn up to every QUOTE ON TIME E


ph: 3278 9411 mob: 0412 876 183

Big & Tall ... Short & Small ... We Do Them All!

Professional Tree Services

P:0413 926 747 OR 3122 4259 E : W :


SecurityDoors & Screens SPECIALISTS IN MADE TO MEASURE Hinged & Sliding Doors Security Screens & Insect Screens


See-through Stainless Steel

Phone: 3386

0555 LICENCE # 1159762



Tree Pruning & Removal Palm Cleaning Land Clearing Stump Grinding Firewood & Mulch Sales 24 hour Storm Damage


(can access openings as narrow as 700mm wide)

with experienced operator Rainwater Tanks supplied &/or installed All general plumbing & drainage maintenance & repairs


QBSA Lic 1007052


Flooding problems solved Super Mini Excavator

QBSA 1187623


Phone Matthew on 0423 830 853

(recordings to DVD &/or USB)


Gerry O’Neill


D&G TILES all types of tiling bathroom renovation porcelain exterior large area stick down phone 0408 786 489 john QSBA Lic#: 1089051

Professional Tuition by Qualified Caring Teachers

• English • Mathematics (including Years 11 & 12)

CALL 1300 KIP MCG NOW for a FREE Assessment

GUITAR TUITION Redbank Plains School of Guitar

• Tuition by trained Classical Guitarist • All styles • All ages • Beginner to Advanced • Trinity & A.M.E.B. exam prep Ph: 3814 2116

Book your advertising space today

Ph: 3201 1880

$1,000 FREE Marketing with every Exclusive Listing FREE SIGNAGE FREE PHOTOGRAPHY FREE INTERNET ADVERTISING Property Signboards

A3 Window Card

Glossy A4 Brochures

Advertising on

☎ 1800 99 00 11

Email for enquiries: Shop 35, Forest Lake Shopping Centre, 235 Forest Lake Blvd, Forest Lake PO Box 4292, Forest Lake, Qld 4078 | Fax: (07) 3372 0444


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Your Health, Your Life, Your Chemist! Shop 52, Inala Town Centre, 156 Inala Avenue, INALA PH :

3879 6977

OPENING HOURS : Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri 8am-6pm : Thur 8am-7pm : Sat 8:30am-4pm : Sun 9.30am-1.30pm



SAVE $2.51

CENOVIS Ecinacea, Garlic, Zinc & Vitamin C


SAVE $25

CENOVIS Olive Leaf 3000mg 60 Capsules

Value Pack 125 Tablets



Taken on a daily basis to reduce the chance of getting a cold sore and to help reduce the severity of any that may appear.


Assists In Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis

SAVE $2.51

SAVE $2.26

Women’s or Men’s Multivitamin 120’s





600mg 120 Tablets

1 Litre

30 Tablets


CALTRATE Calcium Supplement

Ego Aqium Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser

CENOVIS Cold Sore Complex

5F0F RRP %

Kill9s % 99.9erms

SAVE $4.96

Olive leaf may help protect against virus, bacterial and fungal invaders.

E SAVTO UP . 9 6


Sale ends Thursday 15th of May 2014 or whilst stocks last

Meds Check or Diabetes Meds Check

- Are you taking 5 or more prescription medications? - Do you feel unsure about which medications you should be taking? - Have there been any recent changes to your medications? - Do any of your medications make you feel unwell? - Have you recently been discharged from hospital? - Would you like to gain a better understanding of your medications? If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, you may be eligible for a FREE MedsCheck or Diabetes MedsCheck consultation at Your Chemist Inala. Ask our friendly staff members for more details and be more confident with your medications today!


Your Chemist Acacia Ridge Shop 2 Acacia Market Place Shopping Village 1150 Beaudesert Road, Acacia Ridge Ph. 3277 2460 Mon-Fri : 8am-6pm Sat: 8.30am-4pm | Sun: 9.30am-2pm



- Sends you an SMS reminder when your repeat scripts are due. - Sends another SMS reminder when you need to visit your doctor for a new script. Your Chemist Carseldine Shops 17-18 Clock Corner Shopping Centre 521 Beams Road, Carseldine Ph. 3263 7977 Mon-Fri: 8.30am-6pm Sat: 8.30am-1pm | Sun: 9am-2pm

Your Chemist Hillcrest Shop 6-7 Middle Road Shopping Village Cnr. Middle & Coronation Roads, Hillcrest Ph. 3806 9499 Mon-Fri : 8.30am-6.30pm Sat: 8.30am-4pm | Sun: 9am-4pm

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