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What better gift on Mother’s Day than the gift of life? The Kiwanis Club of Brisbane is one of 8,600 Kiwanis Clubs throughout the world who have pledged to raise and donate $110,000,000 to UNICEF to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus worldwide by 2015. “The Eliminate Project” will save and protect more than 61,000,000 lives when complete and in doing so will reach the poorest, most neglected mothers and babies in the world.

Servicing the r Keep youunning western suburbs r vehicle ndition since 1983 o c in top range of with our ance services! mainten

. Servicing . Tune Ups . Air-conditioning . Mechanical repairs . Brakes/Clutch . Fuel system - EFI . Cooling system . Exhaust . Suspension . L.P. Gas 3/52 Jijaws St, Sumner Park

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Anita Lennox is the Vice President of the Kiwanis Club of Brisbane, lives in Jindalee and has just been elected as the 2013/2014 President of the Kiwanis Club. She was one of the first members to gift a life saving Mother’s Day present to her “Granny” who lives on the Gold Coast. A $2.00 donation to the Eliminate Project as a Mother’s Day gift will purchase three vaccinations for a mother, enough to protect her and her future children from the ravages of Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus. Donations can be made on line, www.mothersdayproject. and all donations over $2.00 are fully tax deductable. Each donor will receive a personalised certificate, a personalised letter explaining how their gift will save lives, a pamphlet explaining Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus and a tax deductable receipt for all donations over $2.00 Working with the Kiwanis Club of Brisbane on Mother’s Day, is your chance to change the world.



Indooroopilly Ph 3720 0011 Your Local Independent Monthly Magazine - May 2013

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Personally Speaking

By Susannah Friis with Susannah Friis

I have been thinking lately about how important it is to buy and shop locally. You might have noticed that ‘local’ is pretty important to us! Wherever possible, I try to purchase either in one of our publication areas or in the area where we live ourselves. And I do so, even if it means it’s a little bit more expensive, or they have to order it in. To me, shopping locally is thinking long term, instead of short term. Short term thinking is all about ‘me’ - I want it now, at a cheap price regardless of who owns the company, how many people they have laid off or cut back the hours of, or whether the money you are handing over will go offshore. Long term thinking is all about the community and supporting our neighbour. It’s about understanding and caring where our dollar goes. It’s about supporting the local shop owner so he can then employ local teenagers who might otherwise find ‘other’ things to do with their time. It’s also about thinking longterm for our local economy. If we don’t support these independent products, services and stores, soon they won’t be there as an option at all. And we are naive if we think the big chain stores are going to keep their prices down once the small local competition is gone. Prices will skyrocket, and we will have no option but to pay them. I don’t want to do that! And I really don’t want to do that knowing that I was one of the ones who helped create that situation. Shopping locally is also about building relationships. If I’m going to shop regularly in a local store, it’s much more likely that I’ll forge a friendship with the staff of that store. And what happens when we are friendly with staff? They are accommodating and friendly right back, particularly as you are showing loyalty and helping them stay in business. The owner also knows that there is a greater chance he/she will see you in the street, or in the school carpark so will be motivated to give you even greater service! And to those of us in business in the local area - take care of your customers who faithfully come and spend their hard earned dollars with you. Treat them nicely! It’s amazing to me how many business owners don’t treat their patrons with respect or any sign that they are grateful that person is shopping there. It’s a two way street isn’t it? As consumers, we need to give the local business owner a chance, before we decide to take our custom outside the area. And as business owners, we need to value and appreciate those who do make the choice to shop locally and support the independent businesses in the area. If as business owners, we keep in mind how we like to be treated as a customer, we may just find there is more synergy between the two, which can only be good for our communities and those of us who live in them.

Letters to the Editor and feedback are always welcome, email Susannah at or leave a comment on her blog at

ORTHODONTIST Dr. Christopher T.C. Ho BDSc (Hons), MDSc (Qld), FRACDS (Orth)

* Orthodontics for Adults & Children * * No Referral Required * * Coloured/Clear Braces, Invisalign * * Flexible Payment Plans * * Evening Appointments *

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anxiety management program

The Anxiety Management Program is a 6-week series of group sessions designed to help individuals to self-manage their anxiety as well as develop peer-to-peer support networks within their community. SESSION TOPICS : 7 th May What are Anxiety Disorders & Their Causes

Coaching For Life

with Dr Kate Lemerle PhD MAPS Dr Kate Lemerle has over 25 years experience in the health industry and is a Coaching Psychologist with Chrysalis Wellness Services

For most of us, sleep is something we take for granted. We look forward to it as a reward for hard work, time out from our ever-increasingly busy lives. In fact, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping...but we still know so little about it. There are two main theories for why we sleep. One theory suggests that during wakefulness, the brain depletes its stores of certain chemicals such as proteins and cholesterol. Increased production of these and other “macromolecules” have been found during sleep, suggesting that shutting down allows the brain to restock essential energy reserves.

14 th May Relaxation, Mindfulness, Imagery Desensitization & Coping with Panic 21th May Identifying & Managing Thoughts 28 th May Taming Runaway Emotions 4 th June Communicating More Effectively 11th June Positivity: Simple Exercises to Boost Wellbeing Time: 6.00 PM – 7.30 PM Cost: $165 – that’s $27.50 per session* * Medicare rebate of $21.65 can be claimed with a GP Mental Health Care Plan


Counselling & Life Coaching Adults, Couples & Families • Medicare Rebates (with Mental Health Care Plan)

Dr Kate Lemerle

BSc(Psych) MAppSci, PhD Member of: - Australian Psych Society - International Positive Psychology Association - International Coaching Professionals Association

• Bulk Billing for Centrelink Card Holders • After-Hours & Saturday Appointments • Online 24/7 Booking

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3818 2639 E:

Page 4 - May 2013 - The Centenary News

Another theory put forward more recently, points to memory processing being a critical activity during sleep. We know that the brain is constantly dealing with vast amounts of incoming information. Frequent common experiences – such as driving the car, reading, or trying to solve an ongoing problem – result in strengthened connections between neurones in the brain. That is, memory is formed when there are stronger synapses (the gaps between neurones). The theory is that by shutting down our capacity to keep taking in new stimuli, the brain gives itself time to sort out those experiences that are meaningful and important, and “prune” those that won’t be needed in the future. The next more common question is how much sleep do we really need? During sleep, our brains go through four roughly 90-minute cycles of electrical activity, each cycle is repeated five to six times. Stage 1 is the “on-ramp” to sleep, a gradual lengthening of brain waves lasting 5-15 minutes. Stage 2 restores fatigued muscles and replenishes alertness, and is often disturbed with a feeling of falling or jerking muscles. Stage 3, lasting about 60 minutes, is “slow-wave sleep” and is associated with restoring levels of particular chemicals in the body such as growth hormones that repair bone tissue, and prolactin that regulates the immune system. Disturbances to this stage of sleep can have serious health consequences. The deepest sleep is found at Stage 4 (REM or rapid eye movement sleep), which is dreaming sleep. Disturbances of this level of sleep affects alertness, concentration, judgement, and problem-solving. Alarmingly, a recent review of 15 studies of over 470,000 people across eight countries found that “short sleepers” – those regularly getting less than five hours sleep per night – significantly increased their risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer. Whilst there is still much to be learned about the brain and sleep, there are some simple take-homes messages: firstly, aim to get at least eight hours sleep every night; secondly, if you have to sacrifice this, aim for “power naps” targeted at Stage 2 sleep for as little as three minutes to refresh the brain. Focused relaxation techniques can help induce this level of sleep.

First term fun for local Girl Guides Jamboree Heights Girl Guides have had a marvellous first term doing a wide range of fun activities, including Easter Games, a campfire night and a visit to Durack Fire and Rescue. The girls enjoyed the Easter games night which involved egg painting and decorating, Easter basket decorating, bubble blowing, a variety outdoor games and of course an egg hunt before enjoying cooking and eating scrumptious desserts in the campfire such as chocolate bananas and oranges. Ranger Guides showed leadership and teamwork in running their first campfire gathering. They led the group in singing and kept everything well organised and running smoothly.

Guides and Leaders were welcomed by the wonderful staff at Durack Fire and Rescue for a station tour. Girls were able to see what a fire station is like, look at fire safety equipment as well as the equipment used to fight fires and rescue people. They were especially excited to have a go of the fire hose and were surprised at how powerful they are. Thanks to the staff at Durack Fire and Rescue for sharing their knowledge with the Guides. If you are a school age girl and would like to join in and have some fun like this, why not come and try Jamboree Heights Girl Guides? Contact District Leader, Lisa Abell on 0432 928 091.

Free Hearing Checks

Australian Hearing •

Sherwood • Mt Ommaney • Kenmore • Indooroopilly • Forest Lake • Inala

Australian Hearing is offering hearing checks to pensioners.

PH: 131 797 ( 07) 3278 6766

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Veterinary News

Puppy Preschool Tuesday nights @ 7pm

by Dr Scott Snellgrove BVSc (Qld)

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3376 5633 to Fri : 8am - 6pm PET SHOP Mon Sat : 8.30am - 4pm OPEN 7 DAYS Sun : 10am - 3pm


For All Your Pet & Vet Needs Puppy Preschool, Expert Advice, Quality Petfood & Accessories



All Vet Services & Puppy Preschool Dr Michael Hinds BVSc Dr Tim McNamara BVSc Dr Claire Micklethwaite BVSc come in and meet our practice manager “Louie”

Monday to Friday : 8am - 7pm Saturday : 8am - 4pm


3376 4144

Shop 14, Village Fair Shopping Centre, Horizon Drive, Middle Park

As we move into the colder months, it’s usually the older pets that feel it more and some may become much less active as the chill sets in. There can be a number of reasons for this. The key is to know which specific problems are restricting their activity as some may be quite treatable or at least can be vastly improved. The obvious one is arthritis. In many cases, a combination of a simple oral mobility supplement, a cartilage protectant injection and a painkiller syrup will help greatly. There are painkillers licensed for daily use in older cats, so it is wise to check for other pre-existing liver or kidney disease first via a simple blood/urine check. There are also treatable conditions which may mimic senility in pets such as underactive thyroid (usually dogs) or over active thyroids (usually cats) and successful treatment will improve both quality and quantity of years for your pet. Another common geriatric condition in dogs is cognitive dysfunction. In humans, this typically involves permanent loss of functional nerve cells, in dogs, more frequently, it’s due to inadequate blood flow to the brain. This can often be partly reversed and greatly improved via a safe drug like Vivitonin. Ginkgo biloba has also been used for centuries for much the same purpose. The vet may want to rule out genuine brain lesions or tumours first. Heart murmurs and reduced cardiac function also increase with age and improving the heart’s function medically will have knock on benefits for the brain and kidney in turn. We use drugs to increase heart efficiency and also reduce its load. These have both immediate and longer term prevention benefits. In terms of diet, there are some life stage requirements specific to old age. Teeth may deteriorate partly due to wear but mostly it’s due to preventable tartar and gum disease. It is essential to keep old dogs and cats chewing. I see many old dogs with worn but still very clean teeth while many 3-4 year old pets have rotten tartar crusted teeth and sore gums - usually due to inadequate chewing of softer or biscuit only diets. If your pet wont chew, it may be due to pre-existing problems such as “odontoclastic” lesions in cats or loose teeth in dogs, so these may need checking first. Regular chewing (versus swallowing) has an additional benefit of increasing blood flow to the brain! Lastly, old pets may be prone to blindness or deafness but surprisingly these are far less debilitating for most pets than humans and may often go unrecognized. It is important to realize these are present, however, so lifestyle adjustments can be made.


For non-life threatening calls please check individual listings under Ambulance, Fire Station, Police Service in the White Pages™


POISONS 13 11 26



LIFELINE 13 11 14

DRUG ARM 1300 656 800






1800 333 000

( WOMEN ) 1800 811 811 ( MEN ) 1800 600 636


13 62 62

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1800 551 800

1800 010 120



Men’s Shed 100 Inc is now mobile!

Servicing ALL

carpet cleaning - the company you trust to assist in creating a HEALTHIER and SAFER environment • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning • Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing • Carpet Repairs • Flood Restoration, Pest Control & Leather Care • Please ask for a FREE QUOTE

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Spot Cleaner

Shed 100’s Max Wickenden (left) and Rodney Metcalfe inspecting the new trailers. Which comes first, the Shed or the Men? In the burgeoning Men’s Shed movement across Australia, such is the dilemma for start-up shed groups. Invariably kicking off in a ‘virtual shed’ mode, groups can form and operate from one or more temporary venues until a physical shed can be developed. Men’s Shed 100 Inc. (or simply Shed 100) is just such a group, formed locally to serve men in the Centenary suburbs and South-West Brisbane corridor. Operating as a going concern since January last year, Shed 100 has an active program of activities including monthly evening meetings with guest speakers and weekly events at various venues in the Centenary suburbs. Other current activities include wood and metal working, photography and providing community support. While the search for a permanent home for Shed 100 goes on, the group’s innovative solution to its interim virtual shed mode has been to develop a mobile shed! A mobile shed consists of two custom-made trailers and portable gazebos – dubbed the Men’s Shed 100 Trailer Project. The trailers carry a suite of tools, work benches and materials, enabling the shed to come to any venue where the men with tools are needed. The trailer project has come to fruition with the group recently having taken delivery of the new trailers. With the advent of the new mobile shed, Men’s Shed 100 is keen to increase its membership to better serve the needs of men in the area. By encouraging one another and working together, many men find themselves using a wide variety of workshop tools for the first time and engaging in work of real benefit. Shed 100 also welcomes men who may wish to work on personal projects or engage in other non-physical pursuits. For more information and details, please feel free to send an email to or phone 3376 1389.

Need a tradesman? See pages 14-15 for our Trades and Services section and support a local.


CALL NOW 1300 664 843


Forest Fair Shopping Ctre Forest Lake : 3278 7511

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Jindalee Child Care Centre EXCEEDING National Quality Standards Looking around the Chatterbox Child Development and Care Centre at Jindalee, it’s easy to see why it is one childcare centre that is exceeding all expectations. The recently refurbished centre features state-of-the-art facilities, a huge outdoor play area designed by a landscape architect featuring natural surroundings, large open spaces for exploration and discovery, as well as friendly, welcoming staff. And now, the feather in the cap, the centre has received the highest level possible of EXCEEDING under the Government’s new rating system, the National Quality Standards. This is another major achievement for this family-owned and operated organisation that has been servicing the community for more than 22 years. Centre owner Rachel Walsh said this was an exceptional effort by an exceptional team. “It is our aim to provide the very best care for children, both emotionally and educationally. Our staff are carefully handpicked early childhood professionals who care and nurture each child as an individual until they are ready to begin school.” “The requirements to receive the Exceeding rating are very rigorous and to receive this rating is a testament to the great work of the staff who are so passionate about the children.” Ms Walsh said their organisation is underpinned by the ethos of truly caring for their employees, children and families. “The Chatterbox difference is that every child and parent is known by each educator within the centre. We encourage all of our families to be a part of the centre and offer a transparent and welcoming environment.” Jindalee Centre Manager Maree Rohan said her team was proud of their philosophy of providing children with the very best in learning outcomes. “Our philosophy is to build on the children’s strengths, competencies and curiosities by assisting them to develop life skills such as decision making, communication and team work, and by fostering the connection between home, the centre and the community.” Chatterbox Child Development and Care Centres operate under the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which is the first National Early Childhood Curriculum across Australia. They offer a Queensland Government approved Kindergarten, with a four-year qualified Early Childhood teacher, ensuring children are fully prepared for school. The Kindergarten curriculum is based on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines whilst encompassing the EYLF. The centre provides all meals, nappies and sunscreen and is flexible for families, operating from 7am to 6pm 52 weeks a year. At Chatterbox the service will certainly exceed your expectations.

Free Enrolment This limited offer entitles you to free enrolment for your children at Jindalee Chatterbox. Normally valued at up to $85*. To receive free enrolment simply hand this voucher to a staff member when you visit us.

Ph 3279 3133 110 Burrendah Road Jindalee *Offer available until 30 June 2013, New enrolments only.

Page 8 - May 2013 - The Centenary News

Centenary Suburbs Historical Society update

by Vice President Lynda Young

The Centenary Suburbs Historical Society has published three books on our local area. These books are available to interested people by either accessing our website at, collecting a copy at Councillor Matthew Bourke’s office at Mt Ommaney shops or by phoning 3376 7430. When River Was Roadway This book focuses on the 19th century settlement of Seventeen Mile Rocks suburb, Jindalee, Mt.Ommaney and parts of Sinnamon Park. It includes a detailed description of the pioneer community, including the countries of origin of settlers, key aspects of lifestyle including modes of transport, the establishment and the history of community institutions (such as school, churches and the Orange Lodge). The book also includes a history of the pioneers’ farming activities including the changing pattern of land ownership, changing sizes of land holdings and changing land usage over time. Approximately two-thirds of the book consists of profiles of pioneer families, including their land holdings, their community involvement, and family details including genealogical charts. Pastoralists of Brisbane Town’s Fringe This soft cover book comprises 103 A4 pages. It describes the 19th century pastoral activities and provides maps showing where the pastoral holdings were located in relation to current landmarks. Key features of the lifestyle of the individuals and families associated with Wolston Estate in the 19th century are described. Biographical and genealogical details are provided about Dr. Stephen Simpson, John Mansel Ommanney, Matthew Goggs and descendants, and the Hammond family. One chapter examines 19th century local sources of sandstone including Jeays’s Quarry, in the context of exploring possible sources of sandstone used in the building of Wolston House. Thomas Boyland - an adaptive man Thomas Boyland was a young carpenter and farmer’s son from northern Ireland who emigrated to Australia in 1841. The book, in describing Thomas Boyland’s activities, focuses on the first phase in opening up the current Centenary Suburbs, Sinnamon Park and Seventeen Mile Rocks areas to European settlement. It describes two major activities in and near this area during the 1850s: pastoralism and the river trade. Thomas was one of the very early pioneers of the river trade between Brisbane and Ipswich. The book provides an overview of the river trade between Brisbane and Ipswich from the late 1840’s until 1875, the navigational issues at Seventeen Mile Rocks and how they were addressed, as well as a detailed description and analysis of Thomas’s role in the river trade.

a message from the desk of

Tarnya SmithMP

State Member for Mt Ommaney

ANZAC Day 98 years ago, thousands of brave young men went ashore on a foreign beach in a far distant land. In a display of courage, determination and mateship, these Australians and New Zealanders created a legend which, when retold today, evokes pride and passion in a new generation of Australians. The ANZAC spirit of courage under fire, selflessness and unwavering loyalty, tenacity and mateship was forged in the battles at Gallipoli. The legend of our Anzacs has transcended time to become a symbol of what we value as Australians. On Anzac Day, we stop to remember and reflect on the sacrifice of men and women who serve and served our nation in times of war and peace. Today we see the faces of living heroes; not just veterans of war, but those who proudly wore our uniform and served in times of peace. We honour them and the families who supported them. Buy Local I’m urging local residents to support our region’s small business community and shop locally. The Newman Government has launched a ‘buy locally’ campaign to help boost sales and support jobs in the area. I and my staff will continue to buy local and I’m calling on residents to get behind this campaign and show their support for our community. Every dollar spent at one of our local small businesses stays local, and has a direct benefit to our entire region.The Newman Government is unashamedly pro-small business and the benefits of shopping locally cannot be underestimated.One dollar spent at a local business returns five times that amount through employee wages, rates and the purchase of materials and supplies. The Centenary News - May 2013 - Page 9




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SUMNER PARK 2/18 Spine Street 3279 2588 Page 10 - May 2013 - The Centenary News

Local action group hosts Bat Night Local group, Centenary and District Environment Action Inc, Wolston and Centenary Catchments Inc, joined forces with the Australasian Bat Society Inc to host a Bat Night as part of Bat Month in March. With Louise Saunders of Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland Inc presenting information for the evening, members were enthralled by the sight of departing bats silhouetted against the yellow and orange evening sky over the Mount Ommaney Bushland Reserve. Louise told about the fascinating upside-down world of bats, and how important the Flying-foxes are for pollinating the native Eucalypts upon which Koalas depend, as do the Eucalypt plantations which are an important industry. Several types of the tiny micro bats eat their weight in pest insects every night, great mozzie controllers. Louise dispelled several myths about bats and the diseases they sometimes carry. For more on this look at the BCRQ website Unfortunately, many bats are struggling with their habitat being destroyed with the clearing of trees. If displaced Flying-foxes move to town, where there are trees and fruit, they are often not welcome neighbours. They disturb the people at night and the people disturb the bats during the day, so both lose sleep. Hazards Flying-foxes face include fruit netting, barbed wire fences and Cocos Palms. Louise’s take-home message was that if you find an injured bat, do not touch it, call

by Shealagh Walker

the Bat Rescue Line at once and a qualified person will come out: 0488 228 134. If you touch the bat, there is the possibility that you might get a bat-carried disease, but there is the certainty that the bat will have to be destroyed to check if this is so. An excellent, entertaining evening was had by all at the Bat Night but there was a serious side to it and everyone learned something about bats. The night finished with a sumptuous supper where members chattered almost as much as the Flying-foxes.

Centenary RSL Sub-branch update

This issue of the Centenary News is timely as it enables us to remind our by Alan Worthington local community of the importance of ANZAC Day on the 25th April. The fact that ANZAC Day is growing in importance to the general community is reflected in the growing numbers at the Mt Ommaney service. The huge roll up of school age children in particular, reflects well on the local schools and the associated teaching staff. Involvement of the RSL with our youth is one of the objects of the league. One example of this involvement is the Youth Development programme which provides grants to year 10 and 11 students. These grants are of $2,500 0r $5,000 dollars. Applications open immediately after ANZAC day and remain open until 11th November. Two applicants from the Centenary Suburbs received grants last year. So if you have a son or daughter in that age group, some encouragement could see good results. Youth will also be heavily involved with the ANZAC Day service this year with a Catafalque party being provided by Air Force Cadets from the Corinda Squadron. There will also be involvement again by the Centenary State High School Symphonic Band and Speakers from the Girl Guides and Scouts. Parking will be available under Big W at the Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre. As always, the Centenary Suburbs RSL Sub Brach can be contacted at 3279 5024 Email: or by dropping in to the office under the Jindalee bowls Club Mon-Wed-Fri mornings.

The Centenary News - May 2013 - Page 11

Info Page Local Contacts Info Page Local Contact

Info Page Local Contacts Info Page Clubs & Groups

Sport & Fitness

Bushcare Groups:

Edenbrooke: Felicity 3375 3968 Horizon Drive: John 3279 2146 Jindalee: Noel & Claire 3376 1412 Westlake-Riverhills: Gary 0427 681 612 Wolston Creek: Julie 3715 6434

Centenary & District Environment Action Inc. (CDEA) Shealagh Walker 3376 1287 or Warner Dakin 3376 7724

Centenary Chamber of Commerce Beau Jones 0412 629 151

Scout Group, West Centenary Qld Scout Centre Ph: 3870 7000

Sinnamon Park Residents Assoc Trevor 3376 1432

Social Group - Weekenders

Society for Growing Australian Plants St Vincent de Paul Socity Sumner Park 3279 1030 Sustainable Jamboree Trefoil Guild - Centenary

Janet 3376 1889

Centenary Evening VIEW Club

Toastmasters, Centenary

Di 3202 9759

Centenary Flexible Support Services Cheryl 3376 3181

Mon & Wed frail aged, Tue & Thur young people with a disability

Centenary Genealogy Group Sue 3376 8156

Centenary Suburbs RSL Sub-Branch 3279 5024 Chapel Hill Day VIEW Club

Education Centenary State High School 3373 4555

Good News Lutheran Primary Middle Park 3376 4211

Jamboree Heights Primary

3725 5666

Inner Wheel Club of Bne West

Sue 3376 8990

3717 6888

Jamboree Residents Assoc Inc


President Mr Wayne Williams 3279 0744

Alcoholics Anonymous

Ph 3255 9162 Afterlife Discussions 0431 856 556

Kiwanis Club of Brisbane 1st & 3rd Tues 3715 6540

Catholic Church

Jindalee & Darra 3375 1013

Centenary Baptist

Brisbane Water Ski Club Jindalee Middle Park 33729901 Simon Reynolds 0405 655 786 Centenary Presbyterian Jamboree Heights 3305 0336 Bowls Clubs: Jindalee 3376 1240 Centenary Uniting 3279 2171 City Church@Jindalee Darra Cementco 3375 4307 Evangelical Presbyterian Church Darra Ph: 3122 1150

iSEE Church

17 Mile Rocks, 1300 775 501

Centenary Table Tennis Club

MetroWest Community Church

Cricket Club, Wolston Park

Spanish/English 3278 8309

Rhonda 0400 634 853

Centenary/Riverhills 3279 2850

Cameron 3279 1300

Seventh Day Adventist, F’Lake

Centenary Ellen 3376 9545

Good News Lutheran Middle Park 3373 4440 Cycling, Centenary Bikeways Group 0417 073 181 King James Bible 32792805 Hockey South West United Women’s Salvation Army Netball Club, Jindalee

Jacqui Williams 0414 759 063

Samoan Christian Fellowship, Centenary 3312 9067 St Catherine's Anglican Ministry Middle Park 3376 4052

Rowing Club, Centenary (Youth) Vineyard Christian Fellowship Simon 0414 711 331 Brisbane West Sumner Park

Jindalee Primary 3725 5777 Middle Park Primary 3712 9888 Michael 0401 567 279 Miraa House 3376 7966 Mt Ommaney Special School Rugby League:

Pett 3378 2361


3162 1427

Girl Guides

Historical Society, Centenary Suburbs 3376 1615 (BH) Independent Speakers Club

Falcons 0450 105 252

Cr Matthew Bourke (Jamboree) 3407 7000

Western Suburbs Poker Club

Wolston & Centenary Catchments

Jamboree Heights Lisa Cole 0432 928 091 Jindalee Judi 3376 4100

Basketball West Brisbane

Brisbane City Council

Ph 3253 1300

Nick 3178 9816

Community Garden - Rocks Community Garden


Tarnya Smith MP (Mt Ommaney) 3279 5137

Ingrid 0423 770 284 Cent Canoe & Kayaking Club Mick 0402 643 465 Peter 0412 194 717 UFO Research Qld Inc Sheryl 3376 1780 Centenary Physical Culture Club Tracey Scott 3376 7689 Western Suburbs Carers Support Group Katrina 3376 0185 Matthew 0403 890 763

Bev 3279 2819

3288-9735-ah 0411 647 035-bh

Couples & Singles 35+ 3191 2105 Western Districts - The Bulldogs Laurie 0421 137 406

Ngaire 3375 7268 a/h

Cent Community Connections

AFL - Jindalee 3279 2470 Archery, Centenary Archers

State Member

Centenary Football Club, Randy 3271 1530

Rugby Union:

Kenmore Centenary Rugby Club 3388 6954 or 0402 891 614

0403 586 296 or

Westside Church of Christ

Jamboree Hts 3279 1570

Hobbies, Arts & Craft Centenary Drum Circle

Tribal Drumming

Bach Society of Qld

Meals On Wheels Jindalee

Sinnamon Park Ladies Asperger’s Services Australia West Badminton & Volleyball Social Group Michelle Brisbane Region Support Group

Men’s Shed 100 Inc

Aust. Breastfeeding Assoc

Soccer Clubs: Centenary Stormers: Cross Stitch Club

National Seniors Australia (Centenary) Elaine 3376 1986 NightWriters: (Writing Group)

Centenary Recovery Group St Catherine’s United: Kelvin Hirini 0417 275 485

Lions Club, Jindalee

Irene 3372 9886 / 0407 880 756

Jane 3278 3082

3279 1974

Membership enquiries 3376 1389

Rev Tania 0401 690 127

Meet 2nd & 4th Wednesday at Mt Ommaney Library at 6pm Gillian 0421 604 378

Posties: (Mums support group) Meet each Mon @ Mt Ommaney Library 9.30am - 11.30am Phone 0413 724 714

Tammy 0417 548 856

or text 0411 480 701

Alan 0407 038 565

Swim Clubs:

Crohns & Colitis Assoc of Aust Jamboree Heights 0417 738 793 1800 138 029

Jindalee 3376 1002

Australian Pituitary Foundation Tennis Junior Club, Jindalee Ph 3376 2083

Brisbane Multiple Birth Assoc, Westside

Leanne 0411 700 206

Water Polo, Jindalee

Westside Triathlon Club

0403 197 721 Centenary Len Simpson 3376 6410 Office 3279 1974 Jindalee Neville 3376 1824 Government Representatives Mt Ommaney Bill 3378 3170 TOUGHLOVE Parent Support

Probus Clubs:

Centenary Meals on Wheels

Rotary Clubs:

3354 2533 Bernie Ripoll MLA (Oxley) Ph: 3879 6440 or Fax: 3879 6441 Young Widows & Widowers Support Group of Brisbane Ellen 3376 9545

Centenary Peter 3376 4200 Jindalee Don 3376 4545 Sumner Park Rob 3278 3455

Federal Member

Groups & organisations listed are not for profit and run by volunteers.

Elizabeth Hood 3273 1787

Centenary Quilters

Yvonne 3715 8980 Lesley 3379 2777

Chris 3217 0976

Local JP Contacts Margaret Bruce 3376 4062 Fiona Burr 0421 222 154 Roy Case 3279 6332 Kee-Huat Chan 3376 6872 King Chiam 3376 7276 Dr Peter Ellis 0421 089 996 Susan Eyles 0405 465 050 Carol Harris 3376 8886 Jeff Haywood 3376 4470 Lucky Kossinna 0433 811 957 Tony Mortensen 3376 7862 Mala Nair 3279 4556 Stuart O’Donoghue 3376 5472 Mike Ridge 3376 6830 Grahame Tainton 3279 0185 Tony Trigg 0418 766 527

Page 12 - May 2013group - Thewould Centenary News If your like their contact information listed please send your request to


Centenary National Seniors SENIORS

by Elaine

May already! It’s amazing how time flies when you are at National Seniors and having lots of fun. Our Centenary Club was formed 23 years ago so we celebrated with a huge cake. Our General Meeting will be at the Jindalee Bowls Club on May 7th, commencing at 9.30am. We welcome new Members, enjoy a cuppa, a short meeting followed by a guest speaker. This month, the Editor of our Centenary News publication, Susannah Friis, will be speaking on her recent trip to Thailand. Our ‘Bring and Buy’ sale last meeting was a huge success. It’s amazing how we all love to find a bargain treasure to take home. We welcome everybody to our Steady Steps exercise classes held at Middle Park Uniting Church Hall every Monday Morning at 9am, also our ‘Zumba Gold’ classes for the more energetic person are held at the same venue each Wednesday at 9.15am, not forgetting our Members’ MahJong classes held at Mt Ommaney Library on 2nd and 9th May at 10am. Our Explorer Trip to Parliament House was one not to miss out on. All Members (including us) were well behaved in session and afterwards we enjoyed refreshments in the Premiers Hall, so you see that a small ‘Go Card’ can lead you to all the sights of Brisbane. Our next Coach Trip is to the Beaudesert Museum with a guided tour. Coach and lunch are also inclusive in the very reasonable price. Did you know that we arrange a three day (all inclusive) holiday coach trip each year? This year, the trip in June will be to Stanthorpe and the surrounding landscapes. We can also arrange a fishing trip for the men, so you see we have a bucket full of goodies for everyone! For more details, ring me on 3376 1986.

If you belong to National Seniors, this is for you

National Seniors Zone 101, Brisbane South Region is holding its annual conference on 16th May 2013 at Brothers League Club, Willey Street, Ipswich. It will also be a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the formation of the Ipswich Branch. The day long activities will include the official opening by Paul Pisasale, Mayor of Ipswich, Guest speakers: Michael O’Neill (CEO NSA), Bronwyn Bishop (Shadow Minister for Seniors) and an ALP politician, with time for questions. Also speaking will be Chairman of the Queensland Policy Advisory Group, Vera Somerwil, and Chairman of Zone 101, Marjorie Green, Registration is$10 which includes lunch and morning and afternoon tea - where could you get a better deal? To facilitate booking and catering please register by 1st May to: The Secretary, National Seniors Ipswich Branch, PO Box 517, Booval, Qld, 4304. Please make cheques payable to National Seniors Ipswich Branch.

Jindalee Probus Club Local community policing officer Snr. Constable Ben Harm will be the guest speaker at the next meeting of the Probus Club of Jindalee on Tuesday 14th May. The club meets at the Jindalee Golf Club, starting with morning tea at 10.05 am. If you are newly retired or semiretired and wish to share the fun, friendship and fellowship of Probus, or want more information, ring Neville on 3376 1824. Sumner Park Rotary Club Meets every Wednesday evening at McLeod Country Golf Club, Gertrude McLeod Crescent, Mt Ommaney at 5.30pm (light refreshments available). For more information about the club phone Fin Lawson on 3376 5241. Jindalee Rotary Club Meets every Tuesday night at McLeod Country Golf Club, Gertrude McLeod Crescent, Mt Ommaney for a 6.30pm dinner. For more information phone Secretary Lindsay Elwood on 3279 2011. Rotary Club of Brisbane Centenary The Rotary Club of Brisbane Centenary meets every Wednesday morning at Solitude Solutions, 5 Wills Court Mt Ommaney. The meeting commences at 6.45am and finishes at 7.45am with a continental breakfast on offer. Prospective members and guests are invited to arrive at 6.30am for fellowship and introductions. Please contact Ben Phillips on 0438 673 715 if you would like to go along. Probus Club of Centenary Suburbs The club meets at the Jindalee Bowls Club on the fourth Tuesday of each month with morning tea at 10 am. A guest speaker delivers a presentation on an interesting topic and a light lunch is then served. Members also enjoy a monthly outing and special interest group activities. Visitors and guests are always welcome. Anyone who may be interested should contact the secretary Len on 3376 6410 or the membership officer Jenny on 3376 5871 for further details. Chapel Hill VIEW Club Chapel Hill View Club meets over lunch on the first Tuesday of the month at Mount Ommaney Hotel/Apartments. The May meeting is Tuesday 7 May at 10.45 am for 11.30am. Members enjoy good company, support and friendliness from fellow members and a very pleasant lunch as the commitment to providing educational support and opportunities for disadvantaged children is discussed. Last year VIEW members raised more than a million dollars and supported more than 985 disadvantaged children through The Smith Family’s Learning for Life Program. For further information about our VIEW Club or to book for the May meeting and luncheon please telephone Bev on 3279 2819 by 6pm Friday prior to the meeting. The luncheon cost is $32.00. Guests are always very welcome. Centenary Evening VIEW Club Centenary Evening VIEW Club members and their guests are looking forward to listening to their next guest speaker when they meet at the Mount Ommaney Hotel/Apartments on Monday,13 May. Laurel Collins, Community Relations Officer at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, will speak about the research on cancer, infectious diseases, mental health and other complex disorders which is done at their new facility at Herston. This building will increase capacity to over 100 scientists committed to improving the health of all Australians. If you would like to hear Laurel Collins speak, or if you would just enjoy having dinner with some new company, you are welcome to visit the club. Bookings are essential and intending guests should contact Di 3202 9759 or Helen 3279 4416 before midday on Friday, 10 May. The cost of the dinner is $35. The Centenary News - May 2013 - Page 13

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Currently with four news magazines, Local News Publications covers 30 suburbs south of the Brisbane CBD, allowing you to target the local area best suited to you and your business. If you’re looking to increase your local sales, then with a combined distribution of over 44,000 and potential readership of at least 100,000, these news magazines will provide you with a proven medium. Centenary News Circulation of approximately 11,000 homes and businesses in the suburbs of Sumner Park, Mt Ommaney, Westlake, Riverhills, Jamboree Heights, Jindalee, Middle Park, Sinnamon Park, Seventeen Mile Rocks, Windermere & Edenbrooke. The Lake News Circulation of approximately 11,000 homes and businesses in Forest Lake, Ellen Grove, Doolandella, Heathwood and Forestdale. The Local News Circulation of over 11,500 homes and businesses in the suburbs of Chelmer, Graceville, Tennyson, Sherwood, Corinda, Oxley, and now including sections of Indooroopilly. The Greater Springfield Times Circulation of 11,000 homes and businesses in the suburbs of Springfield Lakes, Springfield, Brookwater, Augustine Heights, Camira, Gailes, Bellbird Park and sections of Redbank Plains. With new homes being built every month, circulation continues to increase.


3201 1880

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$7.95 PER WEE K


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We build strong PEOPLE strong FAMILIES strong COMMUNITIES

Y- W E S T PH : 3 376 4 2 6 6

76 Andaman Street, Jamboree Heights - Page 16 - May 2013 - The Centenary News

* C O N D I T I O N S A P P LY


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