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Social Media friend or foe?

When a post or picture gets sent to Facebook or Twitter, the sender probably doesn’t think about how it might affect them tomorrow. The hard truth is, that what we send into cyberspace can be difficult to erase. A moment’s fun can cause a lot of sorrow, how many celebrities can vouch for that? There have been some recent news stories about people losing jobs, or not even getting an interview, based solely on what someone from the company has seen on social media pages. It would be easy to think this only applies to the younger community but that isn’t the case, it can affect any one of us who chooses to hit send. Many employers now use social media profiling to screen potential employees. Vetting a candidate's social media profiles can give employers an insight into their personality, character or work ethic. If you have not activated your privacy settings, your profile will be accessible to a potential employer and its content can be found through search engines like Google. This is true for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It may be unfair and discriminatory, but it happens, and even fairly innocuous material might be judged harshly by someone who doesn't know the person involved. What can you do? Become familiar with the settings. The good news is that you can, to a certain degree, clean up your social media site. Take an afternoon to go through each social media profile and delete any inappropriate photos or comments. There are some software products which can help, like Simple Wash, though these generally don't apply to photos. Does this mean we should stop using social media? Most experts say that this isn't necessary. In fact, a well-handled social media profile can be very beneficial. It allows people to connect with those in the same industry or trying to break into that industry. By engaging with other professionals you can show you’re both serious and knowledgeable.

Top Tips Only post personal information on one social media profile. Make sure main profile photos and cover photos are conservative. If something is even slightly questionable, do not post it publicly. Be careful what you 'like' or comment on. If the person posting has a public profile your comment will be visible too. Make your public image one you'd be happy to show to anyone, even your great granny. Don't accept friend requests from people you don't know, or if you must, put them on a 'restricted' list. Remember that privacy filters on social networking sites are subject to change and are not fail-safe. Check filters regularly. Keep your profile private! Social Media for business: Used correctly, what a hugely powerful tool! Just as potential employers may check a personal profile, people who are considering using a company may also look at the social media business site. It is a brilliant way to get the business name out there too; with each regular post you can reach a huge volume of people and by doing a post boost, although it carries a cost, it will increase the spread by thousands. Lots of businesses now employ staff just to deal with social media. This alone goes to show just how powerful it is. It’s certainly a way to get a company to jump to attention when you have little or no response from customer services - jumping onto their social media account works wonders and is usually very Effective! The saying ‘a business takes years to build but a day to demolish’ is rather apt with social media.


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Garden View Climbing the walls

If your garden is short on space, rammed with plants, or you simply have an unsightly vertical surface to cover, climbing plants can be used to great effect: from clothing frameworks such as pergolas and arches to hiding sheds and even neighbours! Whether it’s as fast growing as a Triffid, a dainty floral twiner, or an evergreen clinger, I’m certain there’s a climber out there for you, it’s just a case of meeting your perfect match. For those of you lucky enough to have a southfacing doorway, why not spoil yourself with the highly scented fragrance of Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides). •Not only is it evergreen, but it boasts the added benefit of a claret-red leaf colour in autumn. For those with a north-facing•entrance, how about a plant combo starting with an early flowering Clematis tolerant of shade, such as ‘Frances Rivis’, followed by the stunning pink flowers of Rosa ‘Zephirine Drouhin’, perfect in shade with the added bonus of being a thornless variety. If it’s a shady spot and a fast growing evergreen you require you really can’t beat Ivy, but I understand many people are not huge fans, so why not put in the extra effort and seek out a great alternative known as Pileostegia viburnoides. •It’s a bit of a mouthful but not only is it evergreen, it will provide white flowers in summer and like Ivy is a self clinger, but nowhere near as vigorous.

As well as the other common examples, such as Wisteria (only plant this in full sun and if you are prepared to tie it in and prune it twice annually), Honeysuckle and Pyracantha (great for deterring intruders due to its woody thorns), there is a whole range of other shrubs which can be grown against a wall or fence, not forgetting trees of course, such as the beautiful trained fruit trees we often see in Victorian walled gardens. Shrubs planted at around 30cm away from the base of the wall or fence can be manually tied in and make excellent wall cover, often with the added benefit of flowers. •Photinia ‘Red Robin’ for example, or Garrya elliptica make unusual evergreen wall coverings, and look great with a second flowering climber twining through. •Don’t forget the huge variety of annuals available which you can grow from seed, such as Sweet Peas, Morning Glory, or maybe try climbing French beans as an edible wall covering?

Do ensure that you provide sturdy wires for plants to travel up. •The best and most costJobs for April effective way is simply to fix vine eyes (spaced Sow new lawns or repair bare patches horizontally around 2m apart) to the fence or wall and vertically at 30cm intervals. •Then use a Protect fruit blossom from late frosts taught network of galvanised wires to provide support. •Be sure to tie climbers in horizontally Check any tree ties to make sure the tie is and not vertically as most people do … this way not cutting into the trunk. Loosen any that they will look great in your garden rather than are too tight to allow room to expand flopping over the fence and delighting your neighbour … now that really would drive me up Once the soil has warmed up, weed borders the garden wall! and apply a moisture-retaining mulch such 11 as composter bark Lee Bestall Until next time

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Egg Factor If we put aside any religious beliefs for this time of year and just look at it as a time of spring, rebirth and renewal following winter, then eggs and rabbits spring to mind as some of the most popular symbols of fertility. OK now for reality, if we ask a child what eggs and rabbits represent, invariably they will think of the chocolate kind. Approximately 90 million chocolate eggs will be sold this year, 10% of the total annual chocolate spend in the UK. If figures are correct this means that each child will receive 8.8 chocolate eggs fantastic figures for manufacturers and retailers.           

The majority of children consider chocolate eggs to be the most important part of Easter. Just over half of children will eat their first chocolate egg before Easter Sunday. The average time for children to start eating their chocolate eggs is 11am. A third of children will eat chocolate eggs as a replacement for breakfast. 1 in five children will be ill because of the amount of chocolate eaten. The UK’s first egg was produced in 1873 by Fry’s of Bristol. John Cadbury made his first Easter eggs in 1875. By 1892 they produced 19 different types, all in dark chocolate. They launched a milk chocolate egg in 1905. The famous crocodile finish came from a company in Germany designed to cover any imperfections in the chocolate. The tallest chocolate Easter egg was made in Italy and stood at 10.39m in height and weighed 7,200kg. It was taller than a giraffe and heavier than an elephant! The world’s most popular egg shaped chocolate is the Cadbury’s Cream Egg. An egg covered in diamonds was sold in 2007 for almost £9m.

On to the Easter holidays! To some a joy and maybe a fantastic holiday (check out page 18), while to others the dread of yet another school holiday and wondering what to do every day to keep the children occupied. Egg painting? Are you aware of the face you’ve just made while you think of the mess and arguments over which egg is the best?

Whatever you do, try and enjoy it and ideally make sure your children, nephews, nieces or grandchildren aren’t among the children who become ill because they’ve eaten too much chocolate. Or at least make sure you’re prepared for it - just in case.

K�� & C�


The Women In Business Network (WIBN) welcomes professional business women from all business sectors, full and part-time business owners and key decision makers to attend a monthly network meeting to help build a professional network, share business ideas, advice and exchange contacts. WIBN is a membership organisation with over 1500 members and over 90 groups, we allow one member within each professional category, per group, at our facilitated monthly meeting. We welcome visitors to attend a meeting to experience WIBN for themselves, with no obligation. To find out the location of WIBN

You will see demonstrated at a meeting of how WIBN can help your business with new opportunities, leads and referrals.

For more details visit

All our group meetings welcome new visitors! We are friendly and welcoming at WIBN and our meetings thrive when new businesses visit. Of course we expect visitors to try us first before they become members, so we invite them to visit a local meeting to see how The Women in Business Network can help them grow their business.

Our meetings are held between 12 midday and 2pm. Not only do the 1st and 3rd party referrals flow at each meeting but solid strategic alliances are also We hope to welcome you at a local meeting soon. The current meeting fee for visitors is £25 which includes a one course lunch and refreshments. (With the exception of our central London groups, where the visitor fee is £30.) + VAT where appropriate.

Come and visit one of our groups; locally we have, Hertfordshire - Bishop’s Stortford - Harlow - Hertford & Ware - Roysdon Essex - Great Dunmow - Braintree - Colchester - Harlow Chelmsford - Witham & Maldon Cambridgeshire - Cambridge North - Cambridge - Cambridge South For more groups visit our website

The English Cream Tea Company love all things Afternoon Tea Based. Actually we love everything relating to British Traditions, from picnics to Downton Abbey, nice manners to plump scones with clotted cream and jam! We’re not alone either. Even on the first day of business 3 years ago- we had enquires from 5 different countries. What?! That took us by surprise – but We Should have realised that the world over loves British etiquette. Add in a little Fuel in the form of the Royal Wedding, our Olympics and even Call The Midwife And you have American, Japanese, Chinese and more who yearn to partake in our best traditional customs. So, with that in mind, we thought we’d revive an old-school British Classic TEA DANCE. However, it turns out about half the UK population has never heard of a Tea Dance. What (again)?! Do they not watch old movies… have they never heard the oldies talk about these civilised and charming occasions? Sigh! Well,here’s a little Tea Dance basic for you:

Elbows off the Table!

NO - You do not dance around with a cup of tea in your hand! You do not turn up in jeans, trainers and a t-shirt. No pole dancing is involved either (sorry about that) YES - You dress with elegance. You enjoy some Champagne and most elegant and Delicious afternoon tea, interspersed with a little old-fashioned dancing between courses. We all aim (theoretically) to be on

Tea Dance

THE DATE: May Bank Holiday, 5th May from 2.45 for about 3 hours. THE VENUE: Beautiful Tudor venue: Pledgdon Barn CM22 6BJ. Set in beautiful countryside just outside Elsenham, Essex Tickets Available From or 01279 876661.

Can you be persuaded to join in? Oh go on! If this proves popular, we’ll put them on regularly. The Ticket includes a whole afternoon of lovely entertainment:

WHAT’S INCLUDED (What isn’t?!): A glass of Kir Royal (Champagne with blackcurrant liqueur) and Canapes on Arrival. Sit for afternoon Tea Masterclass of Manners (such fun) from TV etiquette expert William Hanson (which is fascinating and hilarious). The best Afternoon Tea around (really lovely:from dainty sandwiches, savouries and smoked salmon treats onto the warm plump scones, cakes, pastries, biscuits and even the delights of the Gateaux Trolley).... with unlimited Tea (of course!) Dancing led by the talented professional Vicky Wright from Shake & Shuffle with music by Denyse Donnell, singing on stage. No worries either if you have two left feet and have never learned to Waltz – it’s all about just having a go and joining in the fun. Champagne Bar open for the extra thirsty too!



Why? Why Live with your aches and pains? Hazel Williams is one of the few practitioners who specialises in both structural and cranial osteopathy to treat a wide range of patients from babies to the elderly, from the immobile to athletes. Her treatment can help with: back, neck, joint, arthritic and muscle pain, trapped nerves, sports injuries, headaches and migrane. She also incorporates acupuncture to aid pain relief and provides specially formulated pilate classes to help with rehabilitation. Her aim is simple... to give you continual relief from pain wherever possible. To claim your free assessment consultation* please call Hazel at her surgery on:

01279 813371

61 Blythwood Gardens, Stansted, Essex.

*Hazel Williams reserves the right to remove or change this offer at any time without prior notification.

Dealing with Back Pain Hazel Williams is a qualified osteopath, who has been practising structural and cranial osteopathy for over 17 years. She runs a successful practice in Stansted Mountfitchet and is highly regarded in her field. A naturally warm and caring person, her expertise and dedication in helping her patients is unrivaled. She takes the holistic wellbeing of her patients just as seriously as treating their immediate pain. Treating each client individually, working to a bespoke treatment plan, she uses her combination of skills and far-reaching knowledge to benefit all age ranges; from the more elderly person to the smallest of children and babies. Her aim is to achieve one clear objective; to give her patients an improved and pain-free quality of life through a balance of physical and emotional wellness.

DID YOU KNOW Approximately 9.6 work days are lost in the UK due to back pain. Back Pain is the second most common cause of long term sickness in the UK

BACK TO BUSINESS Regular visitors to Hazel’s practice are quite often people with work related injuries. Osteopathic treatment can usually help resolve these aches and pains earlier, reducing time off through ill health and thereby improving morale and productivity in the workplace. Some companies already benefit from using an osteopath as part of their care program for employees. And practising good posture at work can prevent some injuries occurring altogether. See the tips below. OSTEOPATHY is a hands on, drug free, non invasive approach to health and wellbeing. The therapy is a unique way of treatment that works the spine, joints and muscles. CRANIAL OSTEOPATHY is a very gentle type of treatment. It uses subtle manipulation to encourage the release of stresses through the body.

Typical unhealthy posture 1 Head tilted forward strains the neck causing pain 2 Compressed lower chest wall restricts breathing 3 Curved spine causing strain on lumber discs. 4 Compressed stomach and lower abdomen leading to poor digestion and restricted circulation. 5 Pelvis tilted backwards causing strain.

Unhealthy posture

Correct healthy posture 1 Head above shoulders and spine balanced. 2 Breathing no longer contricted. 3 Spinal column correctly aligned and relaxed. 4 Relaxed stomach aids digestion and circulation. 5 Pelvis straight thereby improving posture.

Healthy posture

zine aga M rk de two o l Ne ount C 0882 a c 4 c Lo s i 6 D 4 3 201 845 /LNM/ unt 0 l l o Ca e KM l disc cia uot & Q our spe y For

Call & Quote KM/LNM/2014 for extra special discount

Holidays and Travel provided by Not Just Travel Ltd,a trading division of Hays Travel Ltd. Agents for ATOL Holders. Members of ABTA - K9413


Every Monday (even bank holidays) 5.30pm or 7.30pm Stansted Day centre Chapel Hill, Stansted, Essex CM24 8AG Call Cara 07792 778 225 or 01279 87 39 61 Member experience: Stansted Day Centre manager Julie Beck, joined our Slimming World group in November 2013. She was apprehensive about joining but found it warm, and welcoming . She couldn’t believe how easy the plan was to follow and loved that you can eat unlimited amounts of food like pasta and potatoes. Julie was ecstatic after losing 9 pounds in her first week, four months on Julie has lost an amazing 4 stone 2 pounds! Before Julie joined the group, she had a photo taken at work and last week had a replacement taken, she burst into tears as she was so happy to see the difference her weight loss had made. Julie has now taken up dancing and feels much healthier and happier. Would you like a healthy, easy, satisfying way to lose weight with the support of a fantastic group, without feeling hungry or deprived? Why not visit our group, there will be a warm welcome. If you’d like a chat beforehand please call Cara on 07792778225 or 01279 873961.

S INCE 1984




01279 507 712


8.00am - 5.45pm


8.00am - 5.45pm

Wednesday 8.00am - 5.45pm Thursday

8.00am - 7.30pm


8.00am - 7.30pm


8.00am - 5.30pm


8.45am - 4.00pm


Marc Kisberger g

is b c KTrainer MarPersonal

Personal Trainer

I have been part of the fitness industry training for over 12 years. My training ethosindustry is simplefor over 12 years. I have been part of the fitness “Eat Right, Train Right, Right; My training ethos is simple “EatFeel Right, Train Right, Feel What What you put input is what out”! Right; you in is you whatget you get out”! Services Offered Services Offered Personal training sessions Personal training sessions Group training sessions Group training sessions Team building training (all ages) Team building training (all ages) I run a boot camp for Essex Boot Camp on Monday & Wednesday evening plus Saturday I run a session for Essex Boot Camp on morning Monday & At Harlow Town Park. Wednesday evenings plus Saturday mornings at Harlow Town Park. If you would like more information If you would like more information Call 07799 476 420 or email Call: 07799 476 420 or email:

Eat Eat Right Right Train Train Right Right Feel Right Feel Right

No w ! ar t Now StStart

Hypnosis Fact & Fiction

During a hypnotherapy session, the patient remains alert, but experiences a sense of deep relaxation as they focus on By Debbie Singh-Bhatti the hypnotist's voice suggesting ideas, concepts and lifestyle We’ve all seen them. Old horror movies where someone is put changes.•Hypnotherapy aims to re-programme patterns of behaviour within the mind, thus enabling irrational fears, into a hypnotic trance, adopts a zombie like state and performs all kinds of terrible acts they would never dream of in phobias, negative thoughts and suppressed emotions to be overcome. Amongst other things, it can be used to help normal life. This image of hypnosis might put some of us off, but in reality hypnotherapy (hypnosis used to promote healing people lose weight, overcome addictions, conquer stammers, improve sleep, deal with pain, and release or positive development) works very differently. repressed events from the past. Hypnotherapy is not about Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not a state of deep being made to do things, in fact it is the opposite - it is about sleep and patients cannot be made to do anything they would empowerment. not ordinarily do. Totally safe, patients stay in control and can In order for hypnosis to work, the patient must want to terminate the hypnotic state at any time. In fact, most people change some behaviour or habit and be highly motivated to can’t tell the difference between a hypnotised and ‘waking’ do so. The readiness and ability of patients to be hypnotised state. Different for everybody, a hypnotic trance may feel like varies considerably, and hypnotherapy generally requires daydreaming for some, whilst others may simply experience several sessions in order to achieve meaningful feelings of relaxation or lethargy. Weightlessness and a results.•However, the patient can learn the technique of selftingling sensation in fingers are other possibilities. hypnosis which can be practised at home, to reinforce the During hypnosis, the analytical left-hand side of the brain is usefulness of formal sessions with the therapist.•In fact, it is turned off, whilst the non-analytical right-hand side is made common for patients to be given a recording of their more alert. The conscious mind becomes suppressed, and the hypnotherapy session to listen to at home. It is generally sub-conscious mind more aware. In this altered state, positive accepted that all hypnosis is ultimately self-hypnosis and suggestions for change are accepted readily. As the that a hypnotist merely helps to facilitate the experience. subconscious mind is deeper-seated and more instinctive than the conscious mind, this is the part which has to change for a So, forget all those myths and remember that hypnosis could be your single most effective tool for change! person’s behaviour and physical state to alter.

Old Bikes!

Need to lose weight? Find dieting hard work?

If the answer is YES. HYPNOBAND

may be the answer you are looking for.

Any Condition Even Rusty Ones From 1940 - 1980 Ladies & Gents NO MOUNTAIN BIKES

Will Collect & Pay Cash Call 07815539779

Hypnoband is a proven weight loss system, Designed to Make substantial weight loss easily achievable. Call us now on 077 667 51242 for your FREE consultation Bishop’s Stortford & Dunmow

Take Five

Crossword Clues Across 1 Careless, offhand (6) 4 Stadium (5) 8 Excuse (5) 9 Ordinary, mediocre (7) 10 Resident of Birmingham (slang) (7) 11 Add (4) 12 Perch, squat (3) 14 Heroic (4) 15 Cereal, porridge (4) 18 Belongs to him (3) 21 Finishes (4) 23 Disclose, reveal (7) 25 Gym shoe (7) 26 Vapour, exhaust (5)

Down 1 Tetchy (6) 2 Ramp used in winter sport (3,4) 3 Unreasonable, unfair (idiom) (1,3,4) 4 Elderly (4)

6 7 13 16

Comfortable, relaxed (2,4) Raises arm in friendly fashion (5) Back and forth (2,3,3) Victory (7)

19 20 22 24

Frighten (5) Not as big, smaller (6) Play, production (5) 2.54cm (4)

How to play Sudoku Fill in the grid so that each row, coloumn and 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through to 9 with no repetition

See Website for Answers 23

6 egg yolks

200 grams caster sugar

280 grams mascarpone cheese 420 ml double cream

2 x 400 grams sponge fingers (usually 2 packs) 250 ml strong coffee

125 ml Coffee liquer or Masala wine. 1 tbsp cocoa for dusting

Square 9� Baking dish or container of a similar size.


Combine egg yolks and sugar in the top of a double boiler, over boiling water. (see below for substitute) Reduce heat to low, and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from the heat and whip yolks until thick and lemon colored.

Add mascarpone cheese to whipped yolks, beat until combined. In a separate bowl, whip cream to stiff peaks. Gently fold the whipped cream in the mascarpone mixture and set aside. Mix the cold espresso with the coffee liqueur or Masala wine

Dip the sponge fingers into the mixture just long enough to get them wet, do not soak them! Arrange the sponge fingers in the bottom of a 9 inch square baking dish (or container similarly sized) Spoon half the mascarpone cream filling over the sponge fingers. Repeat process with another layer of sponge fingers and cream.

Refrigerate 4 hours or overnight. Dust with cocoa before serving

Substitute double boiler: Instead of spending money on a double boiler that you'll only use once in awhile, use a Pyrex or a stainless steel bowl as your upper saucepan. First, select a large pot and fill it with 1 to 2 inches of water and place it over low to medium heat until the water begins to simmer. Choose a bowl that has a diameter larger than that of your pot and place it on top. Make sure that your bowl does not fall into the pot or touch the simmering water.


Free, no obliga�on consulta�ons


Our legal experts will look carefully at your situa�on and provide you bespoke advice completely free of charge.

Write a Will or create an Estate Plan for peace of mind and to provide for your family through the genera�ons

“It takes less than an hour to write your Will but the peace of mind lasts a life ĕme.”

Don’t put off the inevitable Talk to us and we can organise it all Thinking about your Will and how you would like your Estate to pass on death can be an uncomfortable thing to do, however it is a though�ul and responsible way to spare your family the emo�onal and financial burden of organising your Estate at the �me they can least cope.

Why do I need a Will? A Will is the only way to ensure your assets pass to those you wish to benefit. If you have no Will the laws of intestacy apply and the courts will decide where your assets go (intestacy or dying intestate means dying without a Will). Roughly 1 in 7 people die without making a Will, posing all sorts of problems for the people le� behind.

Did you know without a Will… If you are not married your partner will not receive anything. Ex-partners could make a claim on your Estate. Children from previous rela�onships may not receive anything. Children under 18 may be taken into care whilst the courts choose who look a�er them.

for you. We are a Will and Estate Planning Company based in the West Midlands with Consultants located Na�onally. From the simplest Will to the most complex Estate we can advise on planning you would really like, rather than leaving your loved ones guessing what you might have wanted.

What is Estate Planning? Whilst wri�ng a Will is be�er than no planning at all, in our experience the majority of clients would benefit from Estate Planning to deal with concerns such as: • Inheritance Tax • Long Term Care • Divorce and Bankruptcy • Business/Agricultural Assets

DON’T LOSE YOUR HOME AND SAVINGS TO THE COST OF LONG TERM CARE. Our simple strategies could ensure the protection of your property and investments should you need to consider full time care in the future. Call your local Right Will Adviser today to arrange a no obligation appointment in the comfort of your own home:

Robert Wallis 01371 23 80 40

Driving is a matter of life and death. So, shouldn’t your children be taught by experts? XPERRT is staffed exclusively by ex-emergency response professionals — from the police, ambulance, fire and rescue services — resolute in a campaign to stop a needless waste of young life. As professionals, we’re aware the risks young drivers run, and understand what needs to be addressed to reduce or eliminate the probabilities of an accident. We don’t offer traditional driving lessons. XPERRT deliver individually tailored training, incorporating defensive and advanced driving techniques, essential thinking skills and a risk management approach. This equips novice drivers with a defined set of attitudes, confidence and behaviour that will keep them safe on the roads. Call 0330 0500 999 today. Make an appointment — the benefits will be for life.

Recently, on a cold February day, we met up with some friends and their children on a beach. We ran amok, played tag, whooped, built a huge communal sandcastle and returned home cold, damp, sandy and happier than we’d been for quite a while. We’d given in to play and we felt much better for it. Our society tends to dismiss play for adults. At worst it’s seen as an unproductive, guilty pleasure. Adults are supposed to be serious and let’s face it, between work and ferrying children around to various activities there’s little time for play. When we do play, it often tends to be competitive (tennis, squash, golf), and this is particularly true for men. But research suggests that playing is just as important for adults as for children. It makes us happy, helps with problemsolving, improves our creativity and strengthens our relationships.

can benefit from play even if you The Power of Play You don’t have much spare time. The By Louise Addison

He’s reviewed over 6,000 “play histories,” case studies that explore the role of play in each person’s childhood and adulthood. He found that lack of play was as important as other factors in predicting criminal behaviour among murderers in Texas prisons. He also found that playing together helped couples connect on an emotional level, and that play could even help strangers to bond and also act as a healing tool.

If you don’t think you know how to play, write your own ‘play history’ down on paper. What did you do as a child that excited you? Did you engage in those activities alone or with others? Did you play with trains? Did you draw? Did you build dens? How might you recreate that today?

Surround yourself with playful people. We wouldn’t have had such fun on the beach that day if our friends had been po-faced and serious. The fact that we were all up for running around and playing was important. The best playful people are children. Spend time with And play means different things to different people. My friend Rita knits and them and experience the magic of play through their eyes. crochets for pleasure, I write, walk my dog and take photographs, my husband Finally, any time you think play is a water-skis, and our neighbour restores waste of time; remind yourself that it old mopeds. offers some serious benefits for both you and those around you. But what is play? How do we define it? Brown calls play a “state of being,” “purposeless, fun and pleasurable.” For the most part, the focus is on the actual experience, not on accomplishing a goal.

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research suggests we only need a little bit of daily play to boost our productivity and happiness.






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Wright Cars offer a free vehicle collection service to take the stress away from you if you have trouble getting to and from the garage. They offer free vehicle collection from Henham, Elsenham, Stansted, Bishop’s Stortford, Great Dunmow, Saffron Walden and surrounding areas.

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Did you know having your car regularly serviced will not only help to keep it reliable and safe; it will also help to make it more fuel efficient? Recent changes in European Legislation introducing Block Exemption in 2003 mean so they can service your vehicle no matter what age and still keep your manufactures warranty. The range of servicing options means that they are able to offer you a range of services from the basic oil and filter change, though to a minor service, a full service and a manufacturers spec service. Here is what just a few customers have to say. "Great service and a professional job done by Wright Cars, will certainly use them again and I would highly recommend them, thanks Matt” “Brilliant service, it’s so easy having the car collected from home, massive savings too now I don’t have to use the main dealership. Thank you Matt.”

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