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t Religion and science are two contending sources of the creation stories by which we humans define ourselves, our moral codes, and the meaning of our existence. Since the beginning of the scientific revolution, religion and science have been engaged in a competition to be the exclusive purveyors and interpreters of the reigning creation story of modern life. Each of these establishments has allowed the more dogmatic extremists within its ranks to define its story in terms that emphasize the contrast between its own position and that of the contending party. In keeping with the win-lose dynamic of Empire, the struggle for power between the two competing establishments has trumped the search for truth. This leaves the rest of us to choose between two partial stories or to live in divided allegiance between them. To guide our steps on the pathway back to life, we need a shared creation story for our time that honors the whole of the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of the species. Fortunately, there are individuals of significant standing within each of these establishments who are able to look beyond the dogma in search of a deeper convergence. Reaching out across institutional lines, they are joining forces to challenge the partial stories of their respective traditions and to construct and communicate a more complete and factually grounded contemporary story that draws on the accumulated knowledge and experience of the species.