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Azalea Festival ROSWELL BEER FESTIVAL Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017









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Regional Italian on Canton St in the heart of Roswell’s Historic District


Tue – Sun | 11:30-2:30pm

Enjoy homemade pastas, pizzas, light salads, & traditional Italian entrees.

2 courses - $16

private Events We have several rooms & packages to easily plan your perfect event!


From the


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Hot. Cold. Warm. Snow.


The last six weeks have given us our typical schizo weather in Roswell. We had snow in January, followed by 70-degree weather for a few days, and now the days are fluctuating from 30 to 65 degrees. The Southern groundhog did not see his shadow, which makes me very happy Spring will arrive in six weeks. Soon it will be here to stay! This issue of Roswell Magazine highlights the Roswell Azalea Festival (p53-54), Roswell Beer Festival (p45), Dahlonega Arts Festival (p 54) and Roswell’s Heritage Days (p46). The Easter Bunny will be hiding eggs for the children in the dark at East Roswell Park on March 25th (p37). First Baptist Church Roswell shows us how to do good inside and outside our community (p16); and the Fulton Science Academy shines in academic awards and achievements after only a few short years here in North Fulton (p11). Even though we experience Lent in these next two months, Roswell is a haven for gluttons with a whiskey dinner (p 18), Beer Festival (p45) and celebrations of Saint Patrick’s Day at one of the four local Craft Breweries (p14). And, our readers must stop by Tutto Kitchen and Bar for delicious Italian food right off Canton Street, downtown (p26). Roswell Magazine is published 6X per year—please continue to send us your events, updates, articles and images which showcase the best of Roswell and view all of our past issues and articles on MYROSWELLMAGAZINE.COM The next issue will publish in May/ June. Live locally! Warm Regards,

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PR Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017




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Photo by George Miko

HEALTHY EATING FOR KIDS Peach & the Porkchop offers more than 20 different farm fresh items on their children’s menu.


By Debbie Rosen

The trend of adults eating a healthy diet has never been more popular, but encouraging children to eat a nutritious, balanced diet is just as important, if not more so, for a number of reasons. Learning to enjoy a variety of foods that supply different vitamins and minerals when children are young is the key to building a lifetime of healthy habits. In addition, a varied diet filled with healthy foods will help children become more energized, motivated and support their ability to learn. Because children are growing and developing, they have particular nutritional requirements. Even teens are still growing, often in ways that are not visible. Giving children nutritionally dense food options is important for proper overall growth and development for children of all ages. When a child eats a variety of “clean” salads, meat, fish and vegetables that are free of hormones, pesticides and steroids, they are obtaining a wide range of nutrition dense foods that are the building blocks for mental and physical health.

As parents, we are the most important influencers on our children and can do many things to help them develop healthy eating habits at a young age. To encourage kids to eat a wide variety of foods, first and foremost, offering them a selection of as many foods as possible is key. This is one of the reasons that we offer more than 20 different, farm fresh items on our Children’s Menu at Peach & The Porkchop, from Salads and Steaks to Pizza, Shrimp and Salmon. We want to provide healthy options for every child’s personal tastes. We also make a point of telling our young customers that most of the produce they are eating is grown at local farms in their own community. This really strikes a cord with young people, not only thinking that it is “cool” that what they are eating was grown just a couple of miles down the road, but that local farmers actually grew these fruits and vegetables for them to enjoy! By offering a plethora of wholesome foods to young children, we are teaching them the benefits of healthy eating, so they will seek out healthy foods on their own as teens and adults.


Yes, it’s that simple...and delicious!

800 mayfield rd : milton : 30009 770 817 01 61 :

Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017


Pre-K Through High School


Excellence. Innovation. Character. Serving Advanced and Gifted Students “STEAM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) Small Class Sizes •Well-Rounded Educational Program Strong Academics•Performing Arts Courses Athletic Opportunities•Clubs and Extracurricular Activities Internationally Recognized Academic Teams Competitive Tuition Rates •Family-Oriented Environment Global Perspective, International Field Trips International Educational Opportunities College Enrichment, Readiness, Preparation Courses Character Education•Foreign Language beginning at Pre-K Alpharetta Campus•(678) 366-2555••


We sat down with Principal Kenan Sener of the

Fulton Science Academy to learn how they’ve become such a “stand-out” school in such a short time here in North Fulton County. BY REGINA BARKLEY


Brake lights illuminate Roswell on a brisk spring morning as commuters head into work. But many cars are making a stop before they reach their final destination at a location that more and more people are learning about every day. Fulton Science Academy Private School. Since becoming a private school nearly six years ago, Fulton Science Academy is blazing an impressive path. The school, which serves advanced and gifted students, opened the first phase of a new campus in the fall of 2015. Plans are underway to begin a second phase of construction in 2018 as enrollment continues to increase. In addition to winning a prestigious “Excellence in STEM Education” award by the Technology Association of Georgia, FSA was also named the “Best Private School” (K-12) and the “Best Private Primary School” in North Fulton/South Forsyth by Appen Media in November 2016. Without question, FSA’s brand is booming. Because of this, we wanted to learn more about this affordable private STEM school, which welcomes many students from Roswell. I took a moment to speak with the school’s principal, Kenan Sener, to discuss just a few reasons why FSA is quickly becoming a standout school in North Fulton. BARKLEY: First, I’d like to congratulate you on being named “The Best Private K-12 School” and the “Best Private Primary School” in North Fulton by Appen Media. Were you surprised by this honor? SENER: We were! I’ve learned many valuable lessons throughout my educational career, the most important being the value of hard

Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017

work and listening to those around me. As such, our administrative team focuses daily on creating a culture where our teachers enjoy coming to work and have the support they need to be successful and innovative in the classroom. We’ve found that when teachers are enthusiastic about their jobs and feel valued and supported, this creates a very positive trickle-down effect; students love coming to school as well! To peek into a classroom, a visitor would see that students here perceive learning to be a privilege, not a punishment. Add into that equation our incredible parent volunteers, and we feel so fortunate. The Appen Media Award, while not expected, is certainly appreciated. It has put a spring in everyone’s step! BARKLEY: Wonderful! I also heard that you won a prestigious” STEM Education Award” this fall. Care to discuss? SENER: I would love to. The Technology Association of Georgia hosts a statewide competition annually to recognize excellence in STEM education. This year, our school was recognized from more than 130 outstanding nominations. This is a huge honor for FSA because it speaks to the value of the education we offer. We want to set the standard for STEAM education nationally and internationally and this recognition is one step towards achieving that vision. For a school of our size and our scale, this may seem like an ambitious goal, but this is what we teach our students and what we practice in our lives as well. BARKLEY: From what I’ve heard, extracurricular academic teams are one factor that makes your school truly stand apart from others. Could you explain this? SENER: It would be my pleasure. Fulton Science Academy’s culture is one



CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11... where our students truly love learning and view coming to school as a privilege, not a punishment. In fact, we often smile because our kids enjoy being here so much that they crave additional opportunities to stay and explore hands-on learning. Joining one of our academic teams is a perfect way to do so. Last year, five of our teams represented Georgia in national and international events. One of our robotics teams won a Strategy and Innovation award at the North American Championships, and our Science Olympiad Team won 20th in the nation out of more than 7,000 teams and, in one category, our students won first place! Our students’ goal is to be one of the top five Science Olympiad Schools in the nation within the next several years. This year, we are enjoying a great winter; our Science Olympiad team just won first place in the regional competition, our Model UN teams are heading to New York to compete later this spring, and our all-female robotics team was just invited to compete in the United Kingdom this summer. It’s incredible! We also have very accomplished teams in Destination Imagination, Future City, Math Olympiad, Chess, and Technology Fair. These teams blend STEAM concepts and provide children with critical life skills; teamwork, presentation skills, organization, planning and grace under pressure. BARKLEY: Your enrollment is rising and I hear you have blueprints in the works to expand the campus and include a high school. What

are your ingredients for success? What makes your school different from other private schools? SENER: There is certainly no shortage of wonderful private schools in Atlanta that we respect greatly. We follow a STEAM curriculum with emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in a setting that serves advanced and gifted students. Yes, our students have access to lots of innovative technology. But they also embrace classes in art and music and relish outdoor time through PE and daily recess. They work hard, but they play hard, too. We believe that success starts with personal happiness and we love to see that many students often don’t even want to leave the school at the end of the day. BARKLEY: Anything else? SENER: I think our school is special because of the value we place on relationships and the sense of community we enjoy here. Everyone longs to be part of a group where they feel comfortable and accepted. At FSA, there is no, “one size fits all” mentality. Each child is different. Each teacher is different. Each subject is different. We ask ourselves daily how we can combine these forces to provide the best educational experience for each individual child. If something works well, we model it for others. If something doesn’t, we take immediate action to remedy it. In other words, we call ourselves a


small school with a big heart. BARKLEY: Do all of your students plan to go into STEM-related careers? SENER: No…we have a very diverse student body and we love every child’s uniqueness. We know that our students will be leaders of the future taking important roles in society. Some may choose to work in STEM fields, but we realize that many others will be wonderful journalists, lawyers, economists, professors, and will choose other careers to lead the way for others. We’ve always told our students that if you love what you do, work never feels like work. We encourage students to follow their passion and look for careers to fulfill them. From that vision, with hard work and personal discipline, success will follow. The past has proven this to be true; I believe the future will prove it truer, still. Fulton Science Academy Private School (FSAPS) has fostered a “yearn to learn” culture where students embrace an innovative, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) curriculum. Our extracurricular programs are widely recognized; FSAPS proudly represented the state of Georgia in five national and international academic competitions in 2016. Currently, FSAPS has 455 students in Pre-K through high school. The student body is diverse and reflects award-winning academic teams, competitive athletes, personal entrepreneurs, professional working actors, and award-winning critical thinkers. Built upon core values of excellence, innovation, and character, FSAPS has engineered a school of tomorrow, today.•

Indoor/Outdoor Venue for Rental

Workshops, Retreats, Weddings, Family Reunions and Special Events! AMENITIES: BEAUTIFUL HOME, ART BARN, HIKING, FISHING, TENNIS, BASKETBALL, CAMPING

Contact us to schedule a tour of our facilities and grounds 770-479-6961 Proceeds from donations and facility rentals benefit the Art of Living Coalition (Van-GO), an army of artists taking art, music and prayer to nursing homes, special needs and other community groups. Please Support Our Partners:;;;;;;;

ARTOFLIVINGMINISTRIES.ORG•1600 Howell Bridge Road, Ball Ground, GA 30107•770-479-6961






Join your neighbors on Saint Patrick’s Day for tours and tastings, food & music at Gate City Brewing Company in downtown Roswell. $25 gets you a tour, along with a souvenir pint glass and 6 complimentary beer samples, music by The Seven Sons and great food by Big C's Chicago Kitchen! Another great event benefitting the Child Development Association (CDA) Scholarship Fund, enabling the preschool children of low-income working families in our community to make a great start toward a bright future.” Speaking of craft breweries, Roswell is becoming a BOOM TOWN. We’ve got FOUR craft breweries open or about to open within our boundaries: GATE CITY BREWING COMPANY 43 Magnolia Street•(678) 404-0960 Gate City Brewing Company was founded in 2013. Gate City’s name derives from Atlanta, Georgia’s nickname, the “Gate City.” In the 1800s, prior to the Civil War, Atlanta was the center of commerce in the south. Once known as Terminus, Atlanta served as a hub for railroads heading north, to the port of Savannah, south, and ultimately west. Atlanta branded itself as the “Gate” to the South, hence the name “Gate City.” The logo—the phoenix rising—is a testament to the grit, perseverance and sheer will of the city and region alike. At Gate City they strive to brew beers that embody the very same independent spirit that inspired them to chase their dreams of opening Roswell’s first craft brewery. FROM THE EARTH BREWING COMPANY 1570 Holcomb Bridge Road• (404) 583-9519 Tim Stevens has designed, developed and opened multiple restaurants in the past 15 years. He is currently finalizing plans to open the first true Farm-To-Table Brewpub outside the Atlanta perimeter. Through relationships already formed with farmers from his past experience, this neighborhood gathering place will offer the fresh-


est product available. Their mission is to provide their guests with a world-class dining experience in a casual environment. Craft Beer, Cocktails and Farm-to-table cuisine, From the Earth Brewing Company will be open late Summer 2017. VARIANT BREWING Off Canton Street, downtown Roswell• Variant is in the early planning stages, with a mid 2017 opening date. Matt Curling, Variant’s owner and Brewmaster says the focus “…will be on variety rather than quantity so the smaller fermenters will allow us to explore some more experimental recipes.” The brewery will be located in Roswell very near to the Canton Street scene. They’ve acquired a 3,600 square feet building where most of the space will be dedicated to their brewhouse. Initially Variant will start with a 7-barrel system with a couple 7-barrel fermenters and brite tank as well as a couple 3.5-barrel fermenters and a brite tank. Curling continues, “Our goal is to push the limits of craft beer by modifying traditional recipes and experimenting with various adjuncts, unique grain bills, hop schedules and yeasts to create a wide variety of unique drinking experiences.” Find them on Facebook to follow the construction progress. ABBEY OF THE HOLY GOATS 4000 Northfield Way•(470) 282-1444 Abbey of the Holy Goats is a small-scale craft brewery. The first female-owned Brewery in Georgia, founder Kathy Davis decided either to start a goat farm in some remote wilderness or pursue her passion of producing her award-winning Belgian-style beers for the public. The brewery won out, and Abbey of the Holy Goats was born. The Abbey produces innovative Belgian-style beers designed for perfect food pairing. Davis said the name, Abbey of the Holy Goats, encompasses many of her interests in life. “The name comes from my interest in abbeys as far as living in them, and the beer styles, and the goats come from my love of goats. And, of course, it’s also a play on the words ‘holy ghost.’ The monastic lifestyle is still something that really interests me. No matter what religion you follow, it’s always a wonderful thing to endeavor towards.”•


Accepting applications for Kindergarten and First Grade through March 31st!

Queen of Angels CAtholiC sChool Christ-Centered Community • Academic Excellence • Nurturing Environment 11340 Woodstock Road Roswell, GA 30075 | 770.518.1804 ext.101 |




On a cool, overcast Saturday in February just a few days before Valentine’s Day, 350 adults, youth, and children from First Baptist Roswell gathered to show their love for this community. It was the first of what will become an annual event, Beyond Our Walls Service Day, where the congregation seeks to go beyond their own church and show their love and support for our community. With so many people, they divided up into six Service Areas: FBR on Campus, Assisted Living, Local Charities, City of Roswell, Roswell Public Schools, and Light Construction. There was so much excitement around this day that several of the volunteers were not church members but were people from the community who saw the event on FBR’s website and wanted to participate! With almost 100 people in their group, the Assisted Living Group was able to visit eight different homes, including Manor on the Square, Brookdale at Historic Roswell, Brookdale at Chambrel, Brookdale at Big Creek, Arbor Terrace, Elmcroft, Cottonwood Estates in Alpharetta, and Just People, a home for adults with developmental disabilities. They paired families up with senior adults to play bingo and decorate flower pots for the residents, a children’s choir sang at two of the homes, and a string quartet from the church played at Arbor Terrace. The children in this group had a blast playing bingo with the elderly, quickly discovering that those senior adults weren’t messing around when it came to bingo. The adults came back with plenty of stories of lives well lived, and stories from Just People that included smiling



faces and residents willing to share their winnings with others who hadn’t yet won bingo. Also with almost 100 people in their group, the Local Charities group was able to split up and work with five different charities. They cleaned windows, glass doors, tables, and the playground at the Child Development Association. They prepared for Proma-Palooza at the Foster Care Foundation, helped put out the Spring clothes, cleaned windows, and put out pine straw at the Drake Closet, cleaned the toys in the toy room and did yard work at the Drake House, and planted pansies, did several outside cleaning projects, and worked in the Thrift Shop at North Fulton Community Charities. The Light Construction group made up of about 30 people worked at a home for adults with developmental disabilities in Milton, built storage boxes for the Foster Care Foundation, tore down an old shed and built a new one at the Drake House, and did various projects at a house on Canton Street for a man who needed help. The City of Roswell group of about 30 put in three swings at Big Creek off of Oxbo Road, working hard to make sure everyone who takes the trail around the creek would be able to rest and enjoy the view. They also handed out water in Roswell Area Park. The Roswell Public School group of about 30 focused their energies on Roswell High School. They were actually led by a Roswell High Student who is a member of FBR. She and her parents worked together with the principal to find various projects needed to help make sure the high school is well cared for. This group was made up of teens and their parents, and they cleaned up the outdoor classroom, trimmed shrubs, raked

Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017

leaves, washed windows, spread mulch, did some landscaping around the school sign, and even did a much needed repair of several potholes! A member of the schoolboard even dropped by and was thrilled to find all the work these teens and their parents had done. The group that stayed at First Baptist stayed busy as well. The 55 of them made sleeping mats for the homeless out of plastic bags and filled shoeboxes with various items that would bring a smile to the girls at Wellspring Living, an organization that helps domestic sex trafficking victims and those at risk of being trafficked. The children made pinecone bird feeders for the girls at Wellspring Living. They packaged and delivered lunch to Roswell’s fire and police departments to say thank you for all that they do for our city. They made flowerpots for residents of nursing homes, and they made various items for the ministries at First Baptist, including activity bags for the Counseling Center’s Hope for Grieving Children Program and heating packs for the homebound. It was an exciting day, filled with hard work, good food, and great conversations. And at the end of the day, we walked away with new friendships, thankful hearts, and a few sore backs. We put in more than 1,000 hours of work into this community that we love so much. And as we showed our love for Roswell, we were reminded of just how wonderful this city is. We can’t wait until next year! If you’d like to join us, our second Beyond Our Walls Service Day will be February 10, 2018. We’d love to see you there!

First Baptist Roswell is a traditional church with a contemporary message and has been an essential part of the Roswell community since 1872. To learn more, visit FBROSWELL.



SPRING WHISKEY DINNER March 20th at Table & Main, 1028 Canton Street


On March 20, 6:30pm, Table & Main (1028 Canton Street) and American Spirit Works are joining forces to bring you a truly special dining experience. Table & Main is a simple, seasonal, and Southern restaurant and dining experience, offering a place for people to come and enjoy themselves at a cozy restored homestead on lively Canton Street in Roswell, Georgia. Diners enjoy quality dishes evocative of the South and home-style cooking like Chef Woody Back’s famous friend chicken that some patrons argue rivals grandma’s recipe. Table & Main proudly promotes itself as the place to get your bourbon on Canton Street with its well-stocked bourbon bar and beautiful patio where partakers can relax, surrender their troubles, and enjoy the hospitality and attention of the restaurant. ABOUT AMERICAN SPIRIT WORKS After becoming friends at The University of Georgia, Charlie Thompson and Jim Chasteen found they shared a common love for whiskey. From Scotch and Irish Whiskey to Bourbon and Rye, they spent a great deal of time enjoying the company of friends while searching for clarity in Aqua Vitae. These experiences led them to what seemed the only logical step creating their own whiskey (probably better to skip the details on how they did that, although fortunately, it included a lot of trial and error). From these modest beginnings, they created a recipe for a smooth drinking and versatile whiskey that they think will change people’s minds about what a whiskey can be. ASW is a non-distiller produced product made from their recipe in Charleston, South Carolina, that can stand on its own in a glass with a few rocks, can be used by a mixologist to cre-


ate a sophisticated and complex cocktail, or can be pulled straight out of the liquor cabinet to make a great mixed drink without a bunch of fuss. For $68 (includes tax and gratuity), guests will enjoy a cocktail reception with hors d’eouvres followed by a seated 3-course dinner carefully paired with American Spirit Works whiskeys. Main courses include executive chef Woody Back’s Sorghum Glazed Pork Belly (Fiddler Bourbon Whiskey), Seared Squab Breast & Confit Thighs (Resurgens Rye), and pastry chef Vivian Lee’s Dark Chocolate Banana Bread (paired with Armour & Oak). Joshua Anderson from American Spirit Works will join us to tell the story of the spirits, and chef Back will discuss the menu. The reception will begin at 6:30 p.m. with dinner to follow at 7 p.m. Tickets are limited and available for purchase at March 20th special menu: $68, includes tax/gratuity Reception American Spirit Southern Mule pickled shrimp | celery salad, cheddar benne seed cracker 1st course Fiddler Bourbon Whiskey sorghum glazed pork belly | Buckeye Creek grit cake, cracked green olive, Fiddler Rye poached prune relish 2nd course Resurgens Rye seared squab breast & confit thighs | minted Sea Island red peas, Carolina gold rice, lemon confit, fried caper 3rd course Armour & Oak dark chocolate banana bread | Armour & Oak poached pink lady apple, Asher Blue cheese, cocoa nib toffee•

Dust off those winter blues! Back To Your Roots Farm Fair Family Fun Day Presented by

April 2 12 - 4 PM Come celebrate Earth Day and get down in the dirt with us! See a mobile dairy, live farm animals, crafts and great music. Tickets: $10 public, Free for CNC Members.

770-992-2055 x238 • 9135 Willeo Rd., Roswell, Ga. 30075

The Roswell Farmers & Artisans Market opens back up starting April 15th, and it runs every Saturday morning, through October 31st -- in the shade of the oaks behind City Hall.

Roswell Farmers & Artisans Market


The mission of the Roswell Farmers & Artisans Market (RFAMA) is to be an advocate in building community around a local and sustainable food economy and provide a marketplace where citizens can purchase fresh, local farm, ranch and artisan foods direct from the producer and to encourage relationships within and surrounding the local food economy. Originally conceived in 2007 by then UGA Cooperative Extension Agent, Louise Estabrook, in a joint venture between Roswell Recreation and Parks and Fulton County, the Roswell Farmers & Artisan Market started with just 8 vendors. In the beginning; however, the market was called the “Riverside Farmers Market”, because the first location was a dirt parking area in Roswell’s Riverside Park. Excitement always followed the ritual ringing of the cowbell signifying the start of the market. The market quickly outgrew the parking facilities and moved to a sunny parking lot behind Roswell City Hall. In 2011, the Market was voted the #1 Medium-Size Market in America by Farmland Trust. A year later, Ms. Estabrook became ANR Agent in Chero-

Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017

kee County and a Roswell resident and former vendor, Michael McLane became President of RFAMA and Market Manager. In 2011, the Market was voted the #1 Medium-Size Market in America by Farmland Trust. In response to feedback from Roswell citizens and founding vendors some changes were made for the better. A volunteer organization was formed (RFAMA) to increase local participation in the market. The City of Roswell became the primary partner, and the name was changed to the Roswell Farmers and Artisans Market. The market season was extended by six weeks, and the venue was moved to an area shaded by majestic oaks behind City Hall. In response to feedback from Roswell citizens and founding vendors, a few changes were made. A volunteer organization was formed (RFAMA) to increase local participation in the market, the City of Roswell became the primary partner, the name was changed to the Roswell Farmers and Artisans Market, the market season was extended by six weeks, and the venue was moved to an area shaded by majestic oaks behind City Hall. In 2016, RFAMA expanded staffing by bringing new Market Manager, Taylor Fridrich and Assistant/Marketing Manager, Jazmin Trammell. We are excited about the coming year and hope you are too!


Sharing. Caring. Massage.


Johns Creek 678.624.9091 770.740.0654 East Cobb 770.973.6385 Open 7 Days a Week | Extended Hours | GA Licensed Therapists You can Feel the Difference! Call or Book Online! Clip It…Book It…Love It!

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Session includes time for consultation and dressing. - Franchise opportunities available. Call 248.360-2157



City Wins Award from Georgia Trend Magazine and the Georgia Municipal Association

Live, Work, Play


The City of Roswell received the 2017 Live, Work, Play City Award in the Large City category presented by the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA), in conjunction with Georgia Trend Magazine, during GMA’s annual Mayors’ Day Conference in Atlanta. Contest judges praised Roswell for its success in advancing job creation, housing offerings and recreational amenities. Judges for the 2017 Live, Work, Play Cities Award represented Georgia Power’s office of Community & Economic Impact, the Department of Community Affairs, and the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

Four guys walk into Sun Records.... only this isn't just any four guys. It's December 4, 1956. Discover the story at the Georgia Ensemble Theatre on April 8th.

Million Dollar Quartet


Georgia Ensemble Theatre presents Million Dollar Quartet, a co-production with Atlanta Lyric Theatre April 8 from 8pm to 10pm at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center, 950 Forest Street in downtown Roswell.

In addition to winning the award, Roswell was featured in the February 2017 issue of Georgia Trend, and highlighted in the GMA’s monthly newspaper, Georgia’s Cities.

Million Dollar Quartet is a favorite musical portraying the legendary jam session with Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis at Sun Records.

Roswell Mayor Jere Wood said it was an honor to receive the award from GMA. “What makes Roswell special is the people of Roswell, the institutions, the churches, the schools, the non-profits and the clubs. That’s what makes Roswell special.”

Four guys walk into Sun Records.... only this isn't just any four guys. It's December 4, 1956.

“Officials in Roswell have demonstrated advanced problem-solving, exceptional management and teamwork to increase the overall quality of life for all residents.” said GMA Executive Director Lamar Norton. Based in Atlanta, GMA is a voluntary, non-profit organization that provides legislative advocacy, research, training, employee benefit and technical consulting services to its 521 member cities.

Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017

Early rock 'n roll stars Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash, along with newcomer Jerry Lee Lewis find themselves in the legendary Memphis recording studio. This musical, based on the electrifying true story, finds these icons in the greatest jam session of all time, and now it will explode onto the Georgia Ensemble Theatre stage. Featuring a score of rock hits including "Blue Suede Shoes," "That's All Right," "Great Balls of Fire," "Walk the Line," "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On," "Hound Dog," and many more! For tickets and more information, visit


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Slow and Steady Decreases Risk of Feet Impact Damage


By Dr. Brian S. Harley

It’s great to set running goals, but when off the bat you want to run a marathon (26.2-miles) — it’s wiser to take a few steps back.

flatfoot, have osteoporosis or a foot deformity.

Foot stress fractures are one of the most common conditions foot and ankle surgeons treat. This is especially true with first-time marathoners. With more experienced runners increasingly comparing their personal best with their running buddies, as well as the growing popularity of marathons, there has been an increase in repetitive stress injuries, including stress fractures of the foot.

If left untreated, stress fractures can eventually lead to a complete break of the bone. To ensure adequate healing, early diagnosis and treatment are important.

The issue arises when first-time marathoners enter a race with little or improper long-distance training. Inexperience along with repetitive impact on the feet can create enough stress to cause hairline fractures. Likewise, when runners quickly increase their mileage, they can be more susceptible to a stress fracture. To avoid injury, increase your running mileage by about 10 percent weekly. If you are training, make sure to rest between runs, this can help reduce the risk for a fracture. And to minimize stress injuries, wear supportive athletic shoes and slowly build your activity levels according to your abilities. Proper footwear is also important if you suffer from

Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017

Signs of a stress fracture include: pain of the area, swelling, redness and even bruising.

If you suspect a break, follow the RICE protocol — rest, ice, compression and elevation. And if pain and swelling last longer than a few days, make an appointment for an X-ray and diagnosis. Treatment can include rest and immobilization with casting of the foot. To stabilize a stress fracture that progressed into a full fracture, surgery may also be required. If you suspect you have a foot injury or fracture, it is best to contact a foot specialist for a complete evaluation. Dr. Brian S. Harley is a board-certified reconstructive foot and ankle surgeon at Alpharetta Foot and Ankle Specialists, with locations in Alpharetta and Cumming. The practice is affiliated with Northside Hospital. For more information, visit or call 770-667-4410.



Restaurant Profile:


By Jordana Klein


White tablecloth Italian dining meets a chic and modernized cuisine in historic Roswell at Tutto Kitchen & Bar. This staple spot right in your backyard has managed to revamp the charm of local Italian by introducing an elegant twist on your must-have meal. Tutto introduces a rustic yet charming atmosphere on Alpharetta St. and invites neighbors, families and gatherings alike to take a bite of Roswell’s newest fare. Indulge in any of the homemade recipes or bite into a savoury small dish that’s just bursting with flavor. Sip on the latest creation from behind the posh, white bar that invites the entire community to cheers to this crafty atmosphere, truly unlike any other local spot. “We’re carving our niche because of the food, ambiance and service,” Steve Walters, the General Manager said. “Our one of a kind cocktails meet the traditional and house drinks while our fine, Italian wines are just not seen everywhere you’ll go.” Compliments of the bartender are the flavorful Drinkable Vinegars - a seasonal classic that’s bringing a fresh and organic take on that classic libation. With options like the Glasgow Lemonade, complete with lemon-basil honey vinegar, Aultmore 12 yr.


Single Malt Scotch, crushed ice, Fever Tree Tonic and Disaronno, you just cannot fathom the flavor that engulfs this cocktail. Ordering the Beef Short Rib Ragu shall tingle those taste buds at the commencement of the evening. This freshly- prepped app pairs well with the Grilled Octopus that’s raved about around the city. Indulge in any of the homemade recipes with a quality ensured to satisfy -- every single meal. Serving the community will be a speciality staff and Gustavo Mancilla, the in-house executive chef, preparing the standard of Italian you should expect from this local spot. The speciality White Truffle Risotto with fresh peas, prosciutto and figs will be unmatched elsewhere. Serving up Veal Scallopine with asparagus, mushrooms and portobello portions, the Lasagna “Twelve Layer” with four cheeses, and Seared Diver Scallop just bursting with flavor, any of the menu meals satisfy through every last taste. Reserve a table for two or invite the immediate family, Tutto Kitchen & Bar services every occasion for an upscale yet community-take on an intimate, Italian scene. As Miriam Chang, Owner and CEO relates, this Roswell restaurant has style and elegance yet remains friendly and inviting for both lunch and dinner, every day of the week. Chang said, “We have managed to create a space that is hip and chic while retaining the old world Italian charm.”•


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By Claire Murphy

Hearts for Honduras, a fundraiser benefitting Lunches for Learning was held February 18th at Historic Roswell Founders Hall. After three years, this event has become a community staple, connecting Roswell to a poverty-stricken area on the pacific side of Honduras.

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The aim of the organization is to alleviate poverty by encouraging children to become literate. Nearly 70% of families helped live on less than two dollars per day. Food is limited – and children often drop out of school to work as early as 1st grade. Lunches for Learning provides food for children in the schools. Cobb/Cherokee North Fulton/Forsyth

Sandy Springs

770.627.4670 770.475.8700 770.559.3264

The first event was held in 2014, after Chris and Tracy Archer, owners of Founders Hall, offered to host the event free of charge. A host committee comprised of Roswell residents planned and executed a flawless benefit focused on having fun, while raising money for a worthy cause. “The stark reality of poverty is difficult to process for many of us in the US. We view this benefit as a celebration that the program is working despite knowing we’re only alleviating a small part of the problem,” says Theo Keyserling, Hearts for Honduras event co-founder. This year the event featured a bourbon tasting and hand rolled cigars by Truly Cigars. Truly Cigars was also a large financial contributor. CEO of Truly Cigars and Businessman Kurt Wilson says, “I was approached by Terry Taylor of Lunches for Learning; and I said, ‘What can I do to help?’ I feel blessed to be involved with ‘Hearts for Honduras’.” 2017 Chair for the event was Roswell resident, Steve Stroud, who has personally visited Honduras. “The level of poverty in Honduras is overwhelming. It feels great to be involved with an organization helping these children. When I was asked to chair this years’ event, it was a no brainer,” said Stroud. In addition to Truly Cigars, Osteria Mattone, Maserati of Atlanta and TechniPower were major contributors to event’s success. “Corporate global citizens like Jeff McCoy (CEO, TechniPower), Kurt Wilson (CEO, Truly Cigars), and Ryan Pernice (Osteria Mattone) give so much locally but their giving extends beyond Roswell, as well,” stated Stroud. The group anticipates hosting another event next year and is in the process of the chair selection. Event proceeds feed about 200 children for the entire school year. For more information on Hearts for Honduras, please visit their website at




“Hearts for Honduras” at Roswell Founders Hall, February 18th

Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017



RENOVATE TO RESALE What Really Pays Off? By Tracy Coles , The Hernandez Group, Keller Williams Roswell


In the hot Roswell housing market, home remodeling projects can be an excellent investment—helping to optimize your home’s selling price and substantially increasing its resale value when you seek an appraisal for a home equity line of credit or a new mortgage. When considering where to sink your dollars for the best return, keep in mind that your city and neighborhood should have an impact on prioritizing home enhancements and budgeting for these projects. For a short list of home upgrades that tend to provide the best pay off in any market, take a look at the most popular home improvements: 1. Basic maintenance: From a buyer’s perspective, it’s often hard to get past structural damage such as a leaking roof and the realization that a home is not fully functionally due to problems with plumbing, an air conditioner that doesn’t work, and broken appliances. In general, people want to know that they don’t have to put additional cash into a home just so that it’s in working order. 2. Exterior improvements: In terms of maximizing your home’s value, perhaps no other enhancement weighs as heavily as the curb appeal factor. Pruning overgrown greenery and keeping your lawn healthy will also pay off in terms of boosting your property’s value. Replacing damaged siding and a new garage or front door can have big impact. 3. Kitchen upgrade: An attractive and updated kitchen is a major selling point for potential buyers. In many cases, you’ll receive the best increase in value with a minor remodel rather than a complete redesign. 4. Minor bathroom remodel: Like kitchens, updated bathrooms are important to buyers. But as with your kitchen, you’ll get the most bang for your buck if you are careful to not overspend on materials or features that other homes in the neighborhood don’t offer or are rarely used 5. Repainting: We’d remiss if we neglected to mention that a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to beautify the rooms in your home. Painting the exterior of your home is also a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal without shelling out major bucks.


REAL ESTATE MARKET UPDATE Courtesy of Hernandez Group/Keller Williams Realty•

11287 Bowen Rd N/A 1,300,000 5015 Riverside Park Dr Riverside Park 1,173,500 170 Ansley Way Lakeside at Ansley 1,100,000 1270 Canton St Historic Roswell 950,000 12902 Etris Walk Crabapple Oaks 875,000 1005 Oak Lane Oak Lane 825,000 220 Chason Wood Horseshoe Bend 675,000 220 Hardscrabble Rd Summit at Hardsrabble 635,000 1020 Taimen Dr Taimen on the River 595,000 825 Aronson Lake Ct Wynfield Estates 577,500 625 Garden Wilde Pl Edenwilde 560,000 10390 Shallowford R Shallowford Park 540,000 3095 Roxburgh Dr Willow Springs 527,000 2900 Laurel Green Ct Willow Springs 520,000 210 Wicklawn Way Sentinel on the River 512,600 12170 Mountain Laurel Brookfield Country 82,000 785 Falling Rocks Ct River Falls 471,400 140 Old Alabama Pl Old Alabama Pl 464,125 1860 Settingdown Dr Foxhall 460,000 265 Putting Green Ln Greenway C. C. Estates460,000 10520 Woodstock Rd N/A 443,000 1350 Roswell Manor CirRoswell Manor 437,500 990 Azalea Dr Inverness 430,000 4326 Halifax Terrace Chatsworth 430,000 10905 Shallowford Rd Lake Charles Estates 426,000 1578 Sandpoint Dr East Spring Lake 425,000 850 Gable Gate Turn Gables 415,000 4159 Westchester Xing Westchester 410,000 2250 Steeplechase Ln Horseshoe Bend 409,750 1250 Northcliff Tr Northcliff 395,000 91 Hillcrest Dr N/A 372,000 2850 Roxburgh Dr Willow Springs 365,000 650 Saddle Creek Cir Saddle Creek 360,000 2070 Pearwood Path Studdiford 352,000 550 Chamber Woods DrCrabapple Woods 346,900 214 Oak St Mountain Park 338,000 4139 Edinburgh Trl Loch Highland 336,000 850 Lake Overlook Martins Landing 330,000 460 Saddle Horn Cir Saddle Creek 325,000 4186 Riverhill Ct NE Westchester 315,900 9930 La View Cir Pine Valley 295,000 210 Overlook Ct Spring Ridge 289,000 550 Tyson Ln Tysons Corner 286,000 6060 Pattingham Dr Camden Ridge 279,800 2475 Ashton Dr Crabapple Walk 273,000 805 Crab Orchard Dr Barrington Farms 262,000 130 Jade Cove Dr Pine Valley 260,000 1075 Barrington La Ct Roswell Glen 255,000 680 Singing Hills Ct Liberty Square 228,000 485 Ramsdale Dr Tollwood 221,400 675 Waterbrook Terra Martins Landing 203,500 4548 Shallowford Rd Mountain Creek 201,750 1300 Worthington H DrLiberty Square 194,900 300 Hembree Forest Hembree Forest 142,000

64 209 27 36 349 245 15 176 125 147 92 147 94 5 337 138 312 86 37 5 75 14 105 31 8 3 56 2 85 84 0 94 2 27 4 15 5 28 1 110 72 64 5 28 10 17 3 69 12 98 5 2 6 80•

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Moving Families to the Beach











5 Bd | 5/1 Ba | 3,850 Sq Ft | $6,700,000

3 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,768 Sq Ft | $739,000





Homesite Available | $610,000

HWY 98

4 Bd | 4/1 Ba | 4,503 Sq Ft | $3,950,000









Gulf of Mexico





If you or your clients are interested in Florida beach property, Janet Murphy is the 30A Expert. Broker Referrals Appreciated.


This advertisement is not an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy, to residents of any state or province in which registration and other legal requirements have not been fulfilled. This advertisement is not intended to solicit properties currently listed by other real estate brokerages. All advertised square footages should be verified by the buyer.. Obtain the Property Report required by Federal law and read it before

signing anything. No federal agency has judged the merits of value, if any, of these properties.

Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017



Here is where business meets opportunity. 770.576.4471

Banking products are provided by Synovus Bank, Member FDIC. Divisions of Synovus Bank operate under multiple trade names across the Southeast.

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Just Breathe By Ahoo Sarab, Owner Korsi Yoga,


Meditation. Many people are talking about it, but when you try it at home, you can’t make sense of it. So how and why do you cultivate a regular meditation practice? First, to begin to meditate, you only need one thing: willingness to try. You don’t need a special cushion. You don’t need to be religious; and you don’t have to completely clear your mind of all thoughts. Meditation can be done anywhere when you have ten minutes to yourself. This could be while waiting in the carpool line, while washing dishes, or even sitting in your car in the parking lot at the office! There are many different types and varieties of meditation. To name a few, there are guided meditations, sound, breathing, and full body scan meditations. It’s fun to explore the different techniques to see which works best for you. Enjoy the process.

Start with five minutes of a breath based focus. Set a timer. Close your eyes. And, just begin. As you inhale, mentally say to yourself, “I am inhaling.” As you exhale, mentally say, “I am exhaling.” If you get lost in wandering thoughts, And again. Just like training a puppy, you guide yourself back each time, with kindness and compassion. Just keep going! Over time, your your mind settles into meditation much more quickly. With just eight weeks of regular practice, you can dramatically increase gray matter in your brain, increase memory and focus, decrease anxiety and stress. And, even though the stressors of life never completely go away, meditation will help you to deal better with them. By raising self-awareness and calming your mind, you are better equipped to tackle the tough times. Korsi Yoga is offering free meditation sits each Tuesday night from 7:15 – 7:45 with meditation coach, Ahoo Sarab. Try a class with us and see what it’s about.


Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt March 25 at the

East Roswell Recreation Center


The City presents the annual “Flashlight Egg Hunt” at the East Roswell Recreation Center, 9000 Fouts Road on March 25th from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Come out for an adventure and hunt for Easter eggs in the dark with nothing but flashlights! Be sure to keep an eye out for one of the golden eggs to redeem for a basket of prizes. Light refreshments will be served before the event begins. And

don’t forget your cameras, since the bunny is sure to make an appearance. This is a family event, so everyone must register to attend and all children must be accompanied by a registered adult. Children under 1 are free. There will be an area for children ages 4 and under to hunt separately. Register for This Event Online at in the Parks & Recreation section. Residents pay $12 per child and $4 per adult. Non-residents are $18 per child and $6 per adult.

Same Experience, Better Location: Check out your new

FRENCH CONNECTION in Roswell! Ohlala! Same Alliance Francaise d’Atlanta-Roswell (AFA-Roswell), better location? Je dis oui! Your French connection has officially moved and has started offering language classes in its new location. Vraiment? AFA-Roswell has found just the perfect place to call home, we could not be more excited. The Alliance Francaise promotes and develops French language in the US and in 133 countries throughout the world. A member supported non-profit organization, AFA is the French-American cultural center serving the Atlanta community as the premier provider of French language and culture since 1912. Parlez-vous français? Non? Not a problem. AFA-Roswell offers a variety of courses for all ages and levels (group, private or corporate classes), including classes for 1 to 2 year olds in our Bébé Alliance program. Mais oui ! Teenagers can gather at Club Ado on Friday nights or join us for one of our teen movie nights. AFA-Roswell also hosts social events like Dîner en Français, wine and cheese tastings, exhibits, lectures and family events. Incroyable! Like to travel? Pack your bags and let AFA take you on fabulous trips to France and francophone countries with the Club Med. Bon voyage! Come and join the French connection in Roswell to LEARN French, LIVE French and LOVE French.

Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017


By Claire Murphy The Roswell Cycling Festival returns for a 16th year, April 22 – 30th.


A Week of Cycling Fun

The Roswell Cycling Festival returns for a 16th year, April 22 – 30th. Roswell Bicycles, which has supported the event each year, has expanded its support as a presenting sponsor for the full week of activities. Hennessy Jaguar - Land Rover North Point will return as a presenting sponsor. “Bike Roswell! has done a great job in managing the Roswell Cycling Festival. With events being held throughout the city for a full week, from mountain bike and family rides to a film festival, this year’s festival is a great way to celebrate National Bike Month,” said Roswell Mayor Jere Wood, who inspired a local bicycle club in 2002 to host the inaugural event. Mayor Wood will lead hundreds of recreational cyclists in the Roswell Bicycles-Scott Mayor’s Ride, now in its 13th year, beginning at 7:30 a.m. on April 30th. This event takes place at Roswell Area Park and offers ride options for people of all ages and abilities with 6, 18, 42 or 64 mile routes. Beginning in 2002 as the Historic Roswell Criterium, the Roswell Cycling Festival has grown to include a variety of activities for the entire family. The 2017 event will begin with mountain bike events


at Big Creek Park and road bike rides from Roswell Bicycles and Riverside Park. New in 2016 was a race loop, or mini criterium, for children six years of age and older after completion of the Kids’ Bicycle Safety Rodeo. The loop route will allow parents to cheer for their children at the start and stay in place to observe the finish. A Craft Beer Tasting was added in 2015 and returns to various restaurants in Historic Roswell, as well as Gate City Brewing. Presented by Roswell Bicycles, the Festival will continue to benefit Bike Roswell, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization promoting safe cycling in the city. The start/finish line for all criterium events will be located at 1085 Canton Street in Historic Roswell. Sanctioned by USA Cycling, the criterium events offer close to $6,000 in prize money for elite and professional cyclists. The Roswell Cycling Festival has entertained more than 70,000 spectators since it began in 2002. The races have attracted more than 9,000 junior and adult cyclists. In those 15 years, the popular Kids Bicycle Safety Rodeo, hosted by the Historic Roswell Kiwanis, has positively impacted 1,700 children. These children have been given an opportunity to complete a free bicycle skills and safety clinic, followed by participation in age-specific races on the same course as the professional cyclists.•

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Call (404) 435-6367 and ask for Ann-Marie TODAY! Strength matters. Stay strong. If you are not currently strong, start getting stronger NOW.

Stronger Muscles-Stronger Brains


By Ann-Marie Giglio, Founder & C.E.O. CoreMatters

People who exercise probably know they are doing something good for their brain. After exercise, they feel good or happier or calmer. They think more clearly. Runners talk about the “runner’s high”. Most of those brain results come from cardiovascular exercise— raising your heart rate and keeping it raised for some length of time. Working your heart muscle. This does release specific “feel-good” chemicals in the brain, as well as get your brain fed and watered by oxygen and nutrient-carrying/waste-removing blood. But did you know that by gradually increasing muscle strength, you can also improve cognitive function? The Centre for Healthy Brian Ageing at the University of Sydney in Australia recently studied 100 older adults (ages 55+) living with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). These patients were

Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017

chosen because 80% of patients diagnosed with MCI develop Alzheimer’s disease after approximately 6 years. The patients were divided into 4 groups: resistance training, seated stretching, computer-based cognitive training (“brain games”), and a placebo. The computer-based and placebo groups showed zero improvement. However, the resistance group showed a proportional relation between improvement in brain function and improvement in muscle strength. They worked only twice a week for 6 months, and demonstrated measurable changes in attention, planning and organizing. According to the study’s lead author, Dr. Yorgi Mavros, “What we found is that the improvement in cognitive function was related to their muscle strength gains. The stronger people became, the greater the benefit for their brain.” In a nutshell: Strength matters. Stay strong. If you are not currently strong, start getting stronger NOW. CoreMatters is a private strength studio. If you’d like to get started, give us a call at (404) 435-6367 and schedule your free consultation--today.







1920 Tavern 4 Season Wings Adele’s on Canton Alessio’s Restaurant Amalfi Ristorante American Gra-Frutti Anchors Seafood Anna Lee’s Appletree Deli Aqua Blue Asian Kitchen Athens Greek Rest Atlanta Bread Co Banjara Indian Barberitos Bella Italia Big Pie In The Sky The Big Ketch Bistro VG Borocco Restaurant Brookwood Grill Carlisle’s Pizza Tavern Ceviche Taqueria Chaplins Chicago’s Restaurant Coldbrews Sports Bar Counter Craft Kitchen & Brew Davinci’s Diesel Pizza & Pub Douceur de France Dreamland Bar-B Que El Jinete Mexican El Porton Mexican El Zarape Etris Kitchen & Bar Fickle Pickle Flying Biscuit Cafe Foundation Social Ety Grand Champion BBQ Greenwoods HOLA! Taqueria & Bar Hooligans Houck’s Grille Hugo’s Oyster Bar Ibiza Tapas & Grill India Chef Restaurant Ippolito’s

(770) 998-3114 (678) 534-5018 (770) 594-0655 (770) 640-8099 (770) 645-9983 (770) 587-5874 (678) 242-8962 (770) 998-0086 (770) 475-2001 (770) 643-8886 (770) 587-5678 (770) 552-8599 (770) 650-0069 (678) 691-6521 (678) 460-7373 (770) 640-8000 (770) 993-5577 (770) 993-5749 (770) 993-1156 (404) 474-1332 (770) 587-0102 (770) 594-8118 (678) 461-4025 (770) 642-6981 (770) 993-7464 (678) 639-7297 (678) 461-9661 (770) 594-8118 (770) 649-0555 (770) 641-1080 (770) 650-1173 (678) 352-7999 (770) 650-0850 678) 393-0100 (770) 998-6553 (770) 545-8650 (770) 650-9838 (770) 594-9522 (770) 641-8877 (770) 587-4227 (770) 992-5383 (470) 242-5661 (678) 367-2841 (770) 993-8000 (770) 993-5922 (770) 772-4422 (770) 817-0661 (770) 992-0781

American $$$ American $ Cajun/Creole $$ Pizza, Italian $$ Italian $$ Gluten-Free $$ Seafood $$ Café $$ Deli $ Seafood, Sushi $$ Asian Fusion $ Greek $ Bakeries, Deli $ Indian $ Tex-Mex $ Italian $$ Pizza $ Seafood $$ French $$$ Multi-Nat’l $$ American $$ Pizza $ Mexican $$ American $ American $$ Sports Bar $$ Burgers $$ Italian $$ Pizza $$ American $$ French $$ BBQ $$ Mexican $ Mexican $$ Mexican $$ Steakhouse $$ Southern $ Breakfast $ American $$ BBQ $$ Southern $$ Mexican, Bar $$ Sports Bars $$ American $$ Seafood $$ Mediterranean $$ Indian $$ Italian $$

948 Canton St 1580 Holcomb Bridge Rd 1169 Canton St 640 W Crossville Rd 292 S Atlanta St 1007 Mansell Rd 900 Mansell Rd 425 Market Place 11706 Alpharetta Hwy 1564 Holcomb Bridge Rd 2300 Holb Bridge Rd. 10753 Alpharetta Hwy 640 Crossville Road 10745 Alpharetta Hwy 10779 Alpharetta Hwy 880 Marietta Hwy 1010 Mansell Rd 1105 Canton St. 70 W Crossville Rd 555 S. Atlanta St 880 Holcomb Bridge Rd 1132 Canton St 963 Canton St 555 S Atlanta St 4401 Shallowford Rd 880 Holcomb Bridge Rd 850 Mansell Rd 550 W Crossville Rd 2500 Old Alabama Rd 994 Alpharetta St 1173 Alpharetta St 10730 Alpharetta Hwy 4681 Woodstock Rd 11190 Alpharetta Hwy 880 Atlanta St 12020 Etris Rd 1085 Canton St 10779 Alpharetta Hwy 1570 Holcomb Bridge Rd. 4401 Shallowford Rd 1087 Green St 688 Holcomb Bridge Rd 8440 Holcomb Bridge Rd 10930 Crabapple Rd 10360 Alpharetta St 11235 Alpharetta Hwy 720 Holcomb Bridge Rd 2270 Holcomb Bridge Rd




d Roa le ssvil Cro W.

d Woo



online code: ROSMAG2017

w d/H Roa

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Please come in and check us out. Beer, Wine and Full Liquor Bar Available. Large covered patio for your enjoyment.


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1003 Canton Street Roswell 770-587-4244

(Additional locations: Buckhead & Vinings)






The most “Tasteful” gift you will give this year! Over 50 different oils & Vinegars to choose from “Grab and Go” gifts ready to give

Your refreshed Holiday Inn Express is here. We’ve added signature showers and curved rods, choice of pillows, crisp, fresh, white linens and more. Of course, Your refresome shed Holidthings ay Inn Exprhaven’t ess is here. changed: We’ve added signature showers and curved rods. A choice of pillows. Crisp, fresh, white linens and more. Of Free courshigh-speed e, some things haveinternet n’t changed – yaccess ou can still •enFree joy all thhot e thingbreakfast s you’ve come to lovCenter•Business e: • Fitness center • IHG Rewards Club • • Free high speePool d Internet access • Fitness center • Business center Swimming • IHG Rewards Club • Swimming Pool • Free hot breakfast Everything at Holiday Inn Express is designed so you In fact everything at Holiday Inn Express is designed so that you can relax. Becrelax. ause we kAll now ayou ll you rreally eally needneed on the roon ad is the a placeroad to be yois ursa That’s to be can what Holiday Inn Express was built for. Now, that’s smart. yourself. That’s what Holiday Inn Express was built for. ®

Holiday Inn Express Alpharetta

Holiday Inn Express Alpharetta w.hiex.c•om /alpharetta 12505 Innovation Way, Alpharetta GAww30004 678.339.0505 ©2010 InterContinental Hotel Group. All rights reserved. Most hotels are independently owned and/or operated. Stay You™ is a registered trademark of Six Continents Hotels, Inc.

2010 InterContinental Hotel Group. All rights reserved. Most hotels are independently owned and/or operated. Stay You is a registered trademark of Six Continents Hotels, Inc.

Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017


12505 Cingular Way, Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 678-339-0505


Restaurant Guide, p2 RESTAURANT GUIDE

RESTAURANT ADDRESS Johnny’s Pizza 550 W Crossville Rd Keegan’s Public House 4401 Shallowford Rd Little Alley Steak 955 Canton St LongHorn Steakhouse 900 Mansell Road Lucia’s Italian 4705 Woodstock Rd Lucky’s Burgers/Brew 1144 Alpharetta St Manuel’s Tavern 625 West Crossville Rd Mac McGee’s Irish Pub 936 Canton St Mellow Mushroom 935 Woodstock Rd Melting Pot 1055 Mansell Rd Mill Kitchen & Bar 590 Mimosa Boulevard Milton’s Cuisine 800 Mayfield Rd Mom’s Table 1207 Canton St Monterrey Mexican 2300 Holcomb Bridge Rd NOCA 1170 Canton St Nosh Table & Tap 11255 Woodstock Rd 500 Oak Street Cafe 45 Oak St Oli + Ve 1003 Canton St Olive Garden Italian 905 Holcomb Bridge Rd Osteria Mattone 1095 Canton St OTP Tap & Grill 1475 Holcomb Bridge Rd Outback Steakhouse 655 Crossville Rd. Pastis Restaurant 928 Canton St Peach & The Porkchop 12040 Etris Rd Peachtree Diner 915 Holcomb Bridge Rd Pearl Raw Bar 959 Canton Street Pho & Com Asian Grill 915 Woodstock Rd Plum Café 1055 Canton St Provinos Italian 1255 Grimes Bridge Rd Public House 605 Atlanta St Pure Tauqeria 1143 Alpharetta St Rice Thai Cuisine 1104 Canton St Roswell Farmers Mkt 555 Atlanta St S Roswell Tap 1090 Alpharetta St Roux On Canton 946 Canton St Salt Factory 952 Canton St Slope’s BBQ of Roswell 34 E Crossville Rd Spiced Right Ribhouse 635 Atlanta St Stax Burger Bar 690 Holcomb Bridge Rd Stoney River 10524 Alpharetta Hwy Sugar Shack In Back 1085 Canton St Swallow + Hollow 1072 Green St Table & Main 1028 Canton St. Taco Mac 685 W Crossville Rd Taqueria Tsunami 1570 Holcomb Bridge Rd Tara Humata 12050 Etris Rd Tokyo Bay Buffet 925 Holcomb Bridge Rd. Tutto Kitchen and Bar 942 Alpharetta St Vin 25 25 Plum Tree St VUU Asian Bistro 880 Woodstock Rd Zoës Kitchen 1105 Woodstock Rd



(678) 878-4242 (770) 640-1100 (770) 998-0440 (770) 642-8588 (678) 646-1000 (770) 518-5695 (770) 643-1330 (470) 231-4724 (770) 645-8383 (770) 518-4100 770-817-9345 770-817-0161 (770) 552-7515 (770) 650-0430 (770) 992-8866 (770) 641-8282 (770) 594-1300 (770) 587-4244 (770) 642-0395 (678) 878-3378 (678) 585-0067 (770) 998-5630 (770) 640-3870 (770) 696-5409 (770) 993-0299 (678) 461-6788 (770) 992-7266 (770) 518-7586 (770) 993-5839 (770) 640-554 (770) 817-7873 (770) 640-0788 (770) 702-0109 (770) 992-9206 (770) 993-0007 (770) 998-4850 (770) 518-7000 (678) 352-9633 (770) 992-2229 (678) 461-7900 (770) 650-9838 (678) 352-1975 (678) 869-5178 (678) 795-0080 (770) 993-1530 (770) 998-5590 (678) 52-9937 (678) 878-2525 (770) 628-0411 (770) 650-0288 (770) 645-1193



pizza $ Irish, Pubs $$ Steakhouse $$$$ Steakhouse $$ Italian $$ Burgers $$ American $$ Irish, Pubs $$ Pizza $$ Fondue $$$ Southern $$$ Southern $$$ Home Cooking $ Mexican $$ American, Bar $$$ Gastropubs $$ American $$ oil/vinegars $ Italian $$ Italian $$$ American $$ Steakhouse $$ French $$ Southern $$ Diner $$ Seafood $$$$ Vietnamese $ Sandwiches $$ Italian $$ American $$ Tex-Mexican $$ Thai $$ Farmer’s Mkt $ American $$ Cajun, Creole $$ American, Bar $$ BBQ $ BBQ $$ Burgers $$ Steakhouse $$$ Café, Bakery $ BBQ $$ Southern $$$ Mexican, Bar $$ Asian Fusion $$ Mexican $$ Japanese $$ Italian $$ Wine Bar $$ Asian Fusion $$ Mediterranean $$

Seven Seas Pool Care

We are your local, certified expert in the pool care industry. We have the experience and knowledge to keep your pool sparkling clean and safe year round. There are no contracts and estimates are always FREE!


test & balance chemistry/chemicals filter cleaning salt water systems debris removal tile cleaning pool openings

1/2 OFF First Cleaning

repairs algae prevention

$50 Weekly Cleanings

equipment maintenance


Update Your Home! EXPAND • ADD ON • REMODEL




Quality Craftsmanship since 1986 (678) 534-6266 • Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017

! E L B


Licensed & Insured 43



5th Annual

ROSWELL BEER FESTIVAL March 25•downtown Roswell


By Claire Murphy varieties you have never heard of. IPAs, Stouts, Porters, Ales, The Roswell Beer Festival was created and Hefeweizens, Belgian Quads, and even a few Sours to choose managed by The STAR House Foundafrom if you’d like. New this year are casks! tion, a Roswell-based 501(c)3 organization. Food STAR House serves over 300 at-risk youth in Great They surveyed last year’s attendees and listened. This year they Roswell. will have more food variety. They are working hard at bringing This is the 5th year of our Beer Fest. Have a beer for the children! Join the whole city on March 25th in downtown Roswell to raise money for this fantastic local charity. The organizers express gratitude saying, “We could not do this without the generous support from our sponsors.” Ticket sales completely cover the cost of the event, so every single penny we raise in sponsorships goes straight to the programs for the children!

the best of Roswell’s food and restaurants to this event. Killer Bands There will two local bands lined up to play. Whether you like a little bluegrass, a little rock, or a little in between, they have it covered. They are also bringing in a professional sound system to rock you out! Learn More. Buy Tickets. Volunteer. Sponsor.

Over 300 Beers The festival will offer all of your favorite beers plus many

Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017



Join the good friends at Barrington Hall this Spring for the annual treat, “Tea with Beatrix Potter, from 1pm to 3pm on April 15th.


“Tea with Beatrix Potter” Barrington Hall, April 15th

This springtime tradition features beloved children’s author Beatrix Potter, portrayed by Atlanta actress Holly Stevenson, as she brings to life her friends Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck, Tom Kitten and other characters through captivating storytelling and puppet mastery. Scattered throughout the formal garden will be tables featuring Beatrix Potter’s tea settings. Photo opportunities abound in this colorful setting. Call 770-640-3855 to register for this class. The fees are $10 per person.


Be certain to stop by the Roswell Cultural Arts Center between April 4th and May 30th to view the Roswell Photographic Society Exhibit. The Roswell Photographic Society will showcase their 14th Annual Heritage Exhibit in the lobby of the Roswell Cultural Arts Center as part of Roswell’s annual Heritage Days celebrations.

Roswell Photographic Society Exhibit

The exhibit will showcase the people, places and events that show how Roswellians honor the past and present to help preserve our history. Monetary awards and ribbons will be awarded. This is a juried photo exhibit presents many different perspectives of Roswell. For more information go to

Celebrate Heritage Days in Roswell by visiting the local photographers’ exhibit showcasing the present and the past of Roswell. Photo: Roswell City Hall



apparel • footwear • jewelry • home decor


1116 Canton Street • Roswell, GA 30075 • •


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NEW GOLF MEMEBRS RECEIVE OVER $500 IN SAVINGS Already an exceptional private club value, Crooked Creek offers an 18-hole championship golf course, outstanding practice facilities, beautiful clubhouse with an enjoyable dining experience with great member events catering to the whole family. Plus, as a member of Crooked Creek Club you have full privileges at Milton Country Club offering dining, golf, tennis, swimming, and fitness. Now, every new golf member will receive valuable coupons good for discounts on food and golf through the year. For further details about membership and how you can save over $500 on food and golf through the year contact Philip Herterick , Membership Sales Director 770.475.2300 ext 119



Golf in Roswell COUNTRY CLUB OF ROSWELL 2500 Club Springs Drive•770-475-7800• The 18-hole course is a private golf course that opened in 1973. Designed by Randy Nicholls, Country Club of Roswell measures 6570 yards from the longest tees and has a slope rating of 133 and a 71 USGA rating. BROOKFIELD COUNTRY CLUB 100 Willow Run•770-992-9230• Best known for its magnificent 18-hole Mike Riley designed golf course, Brookfield Country with its undulating greens and rolling fairways create a challenge for the expert player as well as being fun for the beginner. Designed in 1972, Brookfield has played host to many major amateur events in Georgia as well as hosting the LPGA during the 1970′s and 1980′s. Brookfield’s Professional Golf Staff headed by PGA Professional, Tim Crandall, strives to give the ultimate in service.  “We are honored that our membership has selected us and believe it our mission to create an atmosphere of uncompromising service to help them reconnect with their families.” Brookfield Country Club Golf is among the best within Atlanta, Georgia. THE GEORGIA GOLF CENTER 345 Cox Rd.•770-992-4233• The Georgia Golf Center, since 199, has been the premier golf learning and practice center in the metro Atlanta area.  They offer 50 permanent tee stations, a well-manicured grass tee area, short game practice area with bunker and putting green, state-of-the-art golf instruction with video and Trackman,  and expert club fitting with PING, Mizuno, Titleist, Callaway, Cobra and Henry-Griffiths fitting systems. HORSESHOE BEND COUNTRY CLUB 2100 Steeple Chase Ln• 770-992-2310• The golf course was originally designed by Joe Lee in 1974 but has recently undergone a major transformation under the direction of Bob Cupp. With four holes along the historic Chattahoochee River and over 2 miles of scenic river frontage, the natural beauty throughout the course has been enhanced with lakes, streams and dramatic water features. Lush hardwoods line the rolling hills and fairways. The redesign features: new greens, tees, bunkers, cart paths, and state of the art irrigation system. The new bunkers utilize the patented Better Billy Bunker Method. This enhanced construction technology will keep our beautiful white sand pristine and well drained – same as at Augusta National. A new putting green and driving range were added to the practice facilities that also include an engaging short game area.




The 11th Annual UGA HEROs Golf Tournament will take place on Monday April 17th, 2017 at the Country Club of Roswell (2500 Club Springs Drive, Roswell, GA 30076). The tournament format is an 18-hole scramble with a shotgun start at 10:00AM and registration opening at 9:00AM. HEROs strives to improve the quality of life for the 12,000 children in Georgia affected by HIV/AIDS by raising money to support the programs offered by H.E.R.O. for Children, Inc., spreading awareness about the growing problem of pediatric AIDS, and combating the stigma of this disease. Registration is $150/individual or $500/a team of four players, but prices will increase February 24th. Your registration includes tournament entry, lunch, a gift bag, use of golf carts, and access to the driving range and putting green. Visit golf-registration for more information. Registration will be open until April 17th. They still have various opportunities for local businesses to sponsor our tournament. If interested or have any questions regarding the tournament or our organization, please contact our Corporate Relations Chairs: Madison Henson & Sofia Arango by email corporate@

SETTINDOWN CREEK GOLF CLUB 5500 Settindown Drive•770-640-4620• This 18-hole course is a private golf course that opened in 1988. Designed by Bob Cupp, the Course measures 7332 yards from the longest tees and has a slope rating of With more than 2,000 students in the organization an150 and a 76 USGA rating. SCGC was recently named nually, their vision for the future is to not only continue th Georgia’s “Best in State” by Golf Digest, ranked 84 among to grow in members and donations, but also to increase “America’s 100 Best Modern Courses” by GolfWeek and awareness of their cause across the state of Georgia. named the fourth toughest course in the area by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017 49


Design Updates on a Budget



GO AHEAD AND PAINT IT I am constantly changing and updating my home and love to find fun, unexpected ways to do this without breaking the bank. Painting is one of the least expensive ways to make a big impact and give your space some “punch.” You don’t have to paint everything; but do paint something unexpected like the pantry or behind your bookshelves for some color that makes you happy. I love to find a flea market piece and paint it something bright and bold. This is a great way to incorporate a color that may be too much on the wall but you can still enjoy in the room. MIX AND MATCH I always tell my clients it doesn’t have to match- it just needs to work. This means we shouldn’t be afraid to mix styles, patterns, and eras. If you do this right, you will get a current and fresh look. Take your grandmother’s favorite chest and pair it will a modern clean lined lamp or mid century modern mirror. Throw in some unique accessories, and enjoy. This is such an easy way to give your home interest, character and feeling like the style is all your own. LOVE IT What’s your favorite color? Artwork? Funky piece of furniture? Whatever the case may be, don’t be afraid to use it in your space--and love it. I hear all the time, “I’m not sure if this works in my new house or goes with the style of the home.” Or, “Hmmm… what do you think?” If you love something by all means use it! You can make most anything work if you have the right pieces to work with it. When you view the


finished room, you will smile and say, “I’m glad I did that!” Your home should feel collected, not decorated…It’s your special place. Tell your story. FOREVER HOME If you have some vintage furniture or a unique piece you picked up at the flea market, spend a little money making it fantastic. A beautiful upholstery grade fabric can give your piece new life that you will enjoy for years to come. Spend the money on items that you can use and enjoy wherever you may live; and save money on accessories that you can change out more frequently. I love pillows and switch mine out all the time—I have to admit I have a closet full of them; and it’s such an easy way to change the look of your home in about 5 minutes. Rachel Greathouse lives in Milton with her husband and children. Because of her belief that personality can be showcased through good design, Rachel works closely with her clients to create inspiring and functional spaces. Her approach to design is fun and friendly. In keeping with Atlanta’s postmodern style, she loves to re-purpose unique pieces, as well as combine old with new for a fresh look. Rachel has been featured in HGTV magazine, chosen as one of Atlanta’s Top 15 designers, on TLC’s “Four Houses” TV show and recently did a Whirlpool commercial with her family. 404-310-6205••



Raisin’s Ranch PA R T I E S

Birthday Parities•Scout Activities•Photo Shoots Groups Events•Licensed Petting Zoo • Summer Camps


r a i s i n s r a n c h .c o m

Brian Eilering

We are creative and fun, and will do whatever it takes to make your special event and visit amazing!

Buyer Specialist,The Sanders Team Keller Williams Realty Partners CALL OR TEXT: 678-978-8472 BRIAN@GOSANDERSTEAM.COM

17955 Birmingham Hwy. Milton GA 30004•770.617.1521

Historic Downtown Roswell’s newest addition. Located on the corner of Elizabeth Way and Alpharetta Street.





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MONDAY: $5 local draft beer, 20% off appetizers TUESDAY: 20% off all wine bottles over $50+ WEDNESDAY: $5 Gate City drafts, 20% off appetizers THURSDAY: $15 wine flights (Sommelier Selection of 3)

CATERING for Social, Holiday, Corporate Events!


LegalShield Independent Associate

View Full Menu at 942 ALPHARETTA ST., ROSWELL • 678-878-2525 Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017




The Awakening A By Luca Gianturco, Owner Scottsdale Farms Garden Center & Landscape Co.

As your garden awakens in the spring, what a pleasure it is to see trees and shrubs produce colorful flowers. When deciding which plants to add to your property, consider a variety of trees and shrubs to add interest and color at different times of the season. If you like unusual plants, the sky is the limit for unique conifers. Various types emerge with new needles that are gold, red, blue, cream or green. Conifers come in all shapes and sizes and can serve as a spectacular focal point in the landscape. Most are evergreen, providing year-round interest.

Red twig dogwood shrubs have stems that are a nice shade of red all the way to the ground. These colorful shrubs are most beautiful when the leaves have dropped in the winter and the red stems can be fully appreciated. In the spring, nice white flowers emerge. If you like flowering cherry trees, and your space allows it, Okame, Yoshino and Kwanzan cherry trees have graceful flowers and always bring a smile to one’s face. As a bonus, their tree trunks develop attractive horizontal markings. Flowering cherry trees prefer alkaline soil and will benefit from adding a handful of lime to the planting hole at the time of installation. 52

Another unusual plant to consider is the Harry Lauder Walking Stick. It was named after a crusty English actor who appeared on stage a bit tipsy and needed the assistance of his contorted cane to stay upright. This unique shrub has twisted and gnarled branches with pendulous yellow catskins that add color to an early spring day. The contorted branches provide wonderful texture when added to cut flower arrangements. An old-fashioned favorite is Forsythia, sometimes called Yellow Bells. The Lynwood variety produces abundant bright yellow flowers before the leaves emerge. A Forsythia in full bloom is breathtaking and noticeable from quite a distance. The cut branches make dramatic floral centerpieces with their bright yellow flowers. Enjoying the show of flowering trees and shrubs in your landscape warms the soul and creates a sense of well-being. Stop by your favorite garden center, order a latte, and stroll the grounds while deciding which plants might best enhance your property. Enjoy your spring. Luca Gianturco, Owner Scottsdale Farms Garden Center & Landscape Co.•





Presented by


H rd ANNUAL Chestatee Artists, Inc. DA

May 20 & 21

Quality Arts & Crafts, Fine Wine & Live Jazz

moDeRn SPiRit. Southern Soul.

• • • Join us the historic downtown square of Dahlonega, as we present this new and exciting festival in the heart of the APRIL Enjoy 1 - 30,the2017 North Georgia mountains. visual arts, performing arts and a wine garden for tasting local and regional wines. PLANT SALES HIGH TEA RIVER RUN THE AZALEA INVITATIONAL ART EXHIBITION MUSICAL PERFORMANCES BICYCLE RIDES & RACE CELEBRATIONS ART GALLERIES GARDEN FAIRE GHOST TOURS HISTORIC HOUSE MUSEUMS CHATTAHOOCHEE NATURE CENTER FARMERS & ARTISANS For more information go to... MARKET COMEDY NIGHT RECEPTIONS AZALEA FESTIVAL GALA ALL THINGS AZALEA, AND MORE!

LIKE us and Share on Facebook: Dahlonega Arts & Wine Festival






Azalea Festival

The 3rd Annual Roswell Azalea Festival takes place throughout the entire month of April.

Did you know more native azaleas are found growing naturally in Georgia than any other state? April may bring showers, but it also brings the Roswell Azalea Festival, a whole month dedicated to all things azalea. This is the third year of the Roswell Azalea Festival, and it promises to be chock-full of blooming fun. Everything from high teas to art exhibits and (of course) plant sales will be going on throughout the city.

The Chattahoochee Nature Center (CNC) of Roswell is to be honored for 40 years of environmental education and community service as part of the festival.

One way to get your native azalea fix is to be very selective at your local garden store. The CNC will have its annual Spring Native Plant Sale at the end of March/ early April. Hundreds of species of native plants – including plenty of azaleas – will be for sale along with plenty of Master Gardeners and horticultural-


ists who can help select the perfect plants for the garden. Plenty of healthy veggies will also be for sale. The Roswell Azalea Festival runs the entire month of April throughout Roswell. For events and information, visit www. The Azalea Festival Gala on April 30th begins with a reception on the patio overlooking Vickery Creek, and a performance by the Briefcase Brigade. This group of business men, in sunglasses carrying briefcases, is known for the entertaining line dance they perform annually in the Christmas Parade down Peachtree to raise money for Children’s Healthcare. They are not trained in professional dance, but they sure put on a great performance! Most of all, they have fun while adding a lot of enjoyment for those watching (think Bruno Mars). A silent auction adds to the fun and guests will move indoors to enjoy dinner, dancing, lively conversations and the highlight of honoring Chattahoochee Nature Center for 40 years of environmental education and community service.•



Hot Tennis Tips For All Players BY AMY PAZAHANICK, Agape Tennis Academy


ONE Be unpredictable! I do not care how good your crosscourt forehand is, if you hit it there every single time, your opponent will eventually start to catch on. If you love your lob shot, then hitting a drop shot on occasion will make your lob that much more effective. If you love your forehand topspin, hitting a forehand drive every so often, will make the top spin more of a surprise. TWO While you are busy trying to be unpredictable, notice your opponent’s predictable patterns. Let’s face it; it is simply human nature to be predictable. Just as it happens in life, it almost always happens on the tennis court, look for and notice your opponent’s patterns. Once you notice them, anticipate early and get your opponent to hit shots they are more uncomfortable with. THREE When you have the lead by a large margin, make sure you continue to play to win. This is the time when you are the most susceptible to “over relaxing” and sometimes start hoping your opponent will just give the match away. This is least likely to happen for your opponent, because now he or she has little to lose (since they are so close to losing anyway), thus they tend to relax and start playing better tennis. When you are on top, stay on top. FOUR You have to be relaxed! I have never heard anyone say, “Bob

Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017

played great today, he looked so tight”. Quite the opposite, it’s more like, “Jill looked effortless today, she played so confident and loose.” To get your muscles to do what they need to do, they need to be loose! FIVE Use varying degrees of aggression when you play. Know when to be offensive, neutral, and defensive. SIX At the end of every point you play, notice and ask yourself, “What just worked or what just did not work?” This sounds so simple, but how many times, do we repeat things that do not work, and don’t do the things that work when we play? The more awareness you place on noticing this, the better you will play. SEVEN All the strategy on the planet will not do you any good if you do not have the proper execution skills. Make sure you spend time working on your technique so you are prepared to execute your excellent strategy. EIGHT Focus on what you can control: you. Amy Pazahanick is the former Director of Tennis at White Columns Country Club in Milton and the Founder of Agape AcadAMY•


Historic Roswell Business Association (HRBA)

New 2017 Board of Directors


The Historic Roswell Business Association (HRBA) proudly announces the 2017 HRBA Board of Directors. The six new Board Members were elected by a vote of the membership at the most recent General Body Meeting and will serve a two-year term.

Each new board member represents one of the five zones within Roswell’s Historic District:

Together, the 2017 HRBA Board of Directors unanimously selected Rand Cabus as Board Chairman. Owner of Mojo Vinyl, Cabus served as a non-voting “memberat-large” of the HRBA’s 2015-16 Board of Directors and successfully spearheaded the development and launch of the HRBA’s mobile-friendly website, EXPLOREROSWELL. COM.

The Square – Kelley Davis, Harry Norman Realtors

2017 HRBA Board of Directors Canton Street – Ann-Marie Giglio, Core Matters

Board Chairman – Rand Cabus, Mojo Vinyl. For more information on the HRBA, visit

Oak Street – Donna McDonald, Muse & Co. Fine Art The River – Gretchen Griffin, Roswell Yoga Life*

Webb Street – Shanon Schneider, Synergy Fine Art

2017 Board Chairman RAND CABUS, Mojo Vinyl

Since its launch, the website has helped to promote the growth, development and economic prosperity of the Historic Roswell community, and serves as a gateway to which all of Historic District business websites can be linked. "The HRBA made tremendous strides in getting our organization in order during 2015-16. We were able to achieve goals handed to us directly by the membership, most significantly the creation of a website - EXPLOREROSWELL.COM - to drive visibility for the Historic District. I'm excited for the new Board and Chairman to continue advocating on behalf of our members in 2017!" said HRBA’s former Board Chairman, Ryan Pernice.



P E T ’ S

“ H O M E



H O M E ! ”

Serving North Fulton since 1998



640 Dorris Road, Milton GA 30004 • (770) 754-1700 •

•Driveways •Patios and Outdoor Living •Walk-ways •Pool Surround/Deck •Concrete Stained Flooring

Roswell Concrete

5055 Ellis Point , Roswell GA 30076•db a r kl ey99@ a ol . c om• 770. 778. 0874 Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017


SLEEP! Atlanta Hotel 9995 Old Dogwood Rd. 770.650.6444 refrigerator, microwave, free wifi, cable, continental breakfast and parking Baymont Inn & Suites 1500 Market Blvd. 770.992.7200 refrigerator, microwave, free wifi, cable, continental breakfast and parking, outdoor poor, mini-gym Best Western Plus 907 Holcomb Bridge Rd. 770.992.5599 pool, whirlpool, fitness center, complimentary deluxe breakfast, 2000 sq ft meeting space Comfort Suites 3000 Mansell Rd. 770.645.6060, meeting space, wifi, airport shuttle, all suites, fitness, pool, refrigerators, microwaves, comp hot breakfast Doubletree by Hilton 1075 Holcomb Bridge Rd. 770.992.9600 172 guest rooms, 24 suites, complimentary shuttle, meeting space, fitness center, weddings, restaurant Holiday Inn Roswell 909 Holcomb Bridge Rd. 770.817.1414, wifi, business center, outdoor pool, fitness center, restaurant, full service Holiday Inn Express 2950 Mansell Rd. 770.552.0006 heated indoor pool, jacuzzi, laundry, free hot breakfast, wifi, airport shuttle, meeting space Intown Suites 1175 Hembree Rd. 770.410.9094 extended stay, weekly, efficiencies, maid service, full kitchenettes La Quinta Inn 575 Old Holcomb Bridge Rd. 770.552.0200 pool, coffee makers, hair dryers, irons, complimentary continental breakfast Ramada Limited Suites 3020 Mansell Rd. 678.461.7300 luxury suites, efficiencies, indoor pool, free continental breakfast, kitchenettes fully equipped Studio 6 9955 Old Dogwood Rd. 770.992.9449 extended stay, cable, housekeeping, fully equipped kitchenettes


Great American Cover-Up Quilt Show


The 35th Great American Cover-Up Quilt Show will be March 10th-19th, 2017 at Bulloch Hall. The Quilt Show is a tradition in North Fulton County and across Georgia. This display of lovely quilts in an historic home provides a warmth and ambiance not found in larger venues. There will be a special exhibit created by Elizabeth Barton of Athens, Georgia, with a “Meet & Greet” on Sunday, March 19th from 2pm to 4pm. To enter the show, please visit for complete instructions and an application. Be sure to follow the instructions when submitting your entry. Mail completed applications to: Meg Latimer 115 Jones Bridge Woods Place Alpharetta, GA 30022 The sponsoring guild is the Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild• The Quilt Guild meets the 1st Thursday of each month at 9:30AM at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and the 3rd Thursday of each month at a member’s home for a stitch-in. Contact: President-Marie Wood 770-569-2803 They are giving away a 2017 Raffle Quilt: "Shakespeare in the Park" Raffle Tickets are 6 for $15 at show•

What’s Your 1° of Change? FREE Spring Self-Cleaning & Purification Class! Saturday, March 18 10 AM – 12 PM and 1 PM – 3 PM SEATING LIMITED! Call to register. Clearer. Brighter. Lighter.

Join us for a fun, informative class about the benefits of purification and why it’s so important to do this in the spring. You’ll learn why we need to purify, overview the benefits of detoxification and acupuncture, get a simple eating plan and supplement regimen to follow, and discuss strategies to maintain changes for long-term success that may include: • Losing weight, maintaining a healthy BMI • Addressing allergies, indigestion, gut issues • Improving sleep quality, boosting energy and libido • Reducing headaches, body pain, anxiety, depression, stress • And so much more!

295 W. Crossville Road, Suite 810, Roswell, GA 30075 (770) 518-1785 Well-Being Through Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Nutrition & Chinese Medical Massage

Spring Self-Cleaning: Do You Need to Purify? By Melissa Mulvaney, MAE, DiplAc, LAc


Our bodies’ ability to keep us well in an age of convenience, fast food, and pollution is a wonder. As part of its metabolic processes, your body naturally produces ammonia and carbon dioxide. In a perfect world, the liver, lymphatic system, kidneys, lungs, intestines, blood, and skin filter and expel these toxins without a problem. But, what happens when your food, water and air are not the cleanest? There are over 80,000 chemicals registered for use in the United States that are in pesticides, personal care products, and household cleaners. The CDC reports that hundreds of these chemicals are now present inside our bodies. Research has shown that many of these chemicals can disrupt our immune, endocrine, nervous, and reproductive systems. When overloaded with toxic chemical exposure, the body becomes inefficient, and toxins can build up, creating an unhealthy burden that can have wide-reaching effects. As a board-certified and licensed acupuncturist, my patients come to me for all-natural, effective treatments for many health con-

ditions. The best results always come when patients take my diet advice to heart. I tell them that “acupuncture works on the energy of your body, which is only as good as the food you eat, the water you drink and the air you breathe.” Purification, combined with acupuncture, can help remove toxins that can contribute to allergies, fatigue, insomnia, indigestion, food cravings, weight gain, reduced mental clarity, joint discomfort, low libido, and more. In addition to how what we put into our bodies affects us physically and mentally, Chinese medicine considers how our bodies interact and reflect the energy of each season of the year. Spring is almost here. It’s staying lighter longer, the birds are singing, and the sap in flowers and trees is rising. By working with this rising energy, patients achieve greater success with their diet changes and purification efforts than when they try to cleanse in the fall and winter when our bodies are meant to reconsolidate and rest. In my office, I offer a purification program only through spring and summer using whole, organic, and unprocessed food and whole food supplements. It’s a structured, easy-to-use plan designed to cleanse and nourish your whole body. Plus, it can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the program ends. Spring into wellness this year! Call us for a complimentary consultation today, or join us at our office on March 18 for our FREE class on acupuncture and purification. Seating is limited. To register for this special event, visit or call (770) 518-1785.


MARCH 3/1•Registration Opens for Spring


Break Camp Kingfisher, 10 AM. Five Day Session begins March 3 for ages K-7th grade,

Gate City Brewing, 5 PM - 10 PM. 43 Magnolia Street, Gate City Brewing, Live music and, food truck, prizes. Child Development Association,, Sleeping Beauty, 7 PM, Roswell Dance Theatre, 950 Forrest St,

Spotlight Artist: The Photography of Greg Ferguson, Cultural Arts Center, 950 Forest Street, Event runs until March 31.

Oscar & Felix Dinner Theater, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM, $15 general seating, $30 reserved seat, Acting Up, 814 Mimosa Blvd., 678.871.1766

3/3•Three Artists’ Show, Visual Arts

Dinner en Francais at Roswell Provisions 7pm,

Center, All Day, 10495 Woodstock Road, 770.641.3705

3/4•Diggery Digger’s Dino Show performed by The Story Ship,, 770.641.1260.

Club Ado at Alliance Francias at 7pm, Trail Hike, 3 PM - 4 PM, Chattahoochee Nature Center, March 4-5, March 11-12, March 18-19, March 25-26, Included with General Admission and Free to CNC Members,

3/11•2nd Annual MacFestivus and ½ K, a Family Friendly Event, Noon - 6 PM, MacMcGees, 936 Canton Street.

Roswell Dance Starz presents “Tribute: A Dancer’s Celebration of Art, LIterature, Music, Film and Stage” Spring Concert, 1 PM - 2:30 PM, Cultural Arts Center, 770.641.3987 or

3/12•Environmental Science Merit Badge, Noon - 5 PM, Chattahoochee Nature Center, $35, Wetland Restoration Project, 1 PM - 4 PM, Ages 5 - Adult. Chattahoochee Nature Center, Spotlight Artist: The Photography of Greg Ferguson, Cultural Arts Center, 3PM - 5PM, Meet the Artist950 Forest S, Event runs until March 31. Roswellgov. com. 770.594.6232

3/18•Waterdrop Dash 5-K and Festival, 7 AM, Chattahoochee Nature Center,

Acupuncture & Spring Purification, Free, 10 am - 12 pm and 1 - 3 pm, Remedy Healing Arts, Sleeping Beauty, 10 AM, 2 PM, and 6 PM, Roswell Dance Theatre, 950 Forrest Street, Spring Cleaning at Old Roswell Cemetery, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, Hosted by the Roswell Historical Society, Contact Janet Johnson at to volunteer.

Atlanta Dance Theater Spring Concert, 2 PM - 5 PM, 7:30PM - 9:30 PM. Cultural Arts Ctr. Roswell Beer Festival, 2 PM - 6 PM, Roswell Town Square, Craft Beers, Food and Live Music,

3/27•New Pottery Class for Kids, Ages 8-12, 4 PM. Runs through May 15. Art and Beyond Studio, 8560 Holcomb Bridge Road, Suite 102. 3/29•Annual Health and WEllness Expo, 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM, Adult Recreation Center, 830 Grimes Bridge Road. 770.641.3950 3/31•Spring Native Plant Sale,

CNC Members Only, 4 PM - 7 PM. Chattahoochee Nature Center, Teen Movie night at Alliance Francias, “Les Choristes”, 7pm,,


Summer Camp Sneak Peek, 10 AM 11 AM, Atlanta Junior Rowing Association,

Exhibition, Event Runs through April 30. 9 AM - 5 PM M-F and 8:30 AM - Noon on Saturday. Bank of North Georgia, 10446 Alpharetta Street,

3/19•35th Annual Great American Cover-UP Quilt Show at Bulloch Hall, 10 AM - 4 PM, Star Lab, 1 PM - 2 PM, Included with General Admission and Free to CNC Members, Oscar & Felix Dinner Theater, 4 PM, $15 general seating, $30 reserved seat, Acting Up, 814 Mimosa Blvd., 678.871.1766

3/23•The Nature Club:

3/14•Pee-Wee Naturalists Spring

The Nature Club Dine and Discover, 7 PM - 9 PM, Chattahoochee Center,, 770.992.2055

3/17•CDA’s St. Paddy’s Day at

Family Open House at Alliance Francais @2-4pm,,

Oscar & Felix Dinner Theater, 5:30 PM, $15 general seating, $30 reserved seat, Acting Up, 814 Mimosa Blvd., 678.871.1766

3/13•Homeschool Science Monday, Your Forecast is… Weather!, 2 PM - 3 PM, General Admission and Free to CNC Members, Series, 9:45 AM - 11 AM, Ages 3-4, $60 General Public, $45 CNC Members, Chattahoochee Nature Center,

3/25•Flashlight Egg Hunt, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM, East Roswell Recreation Center, 9000 Fouts Rd.

Atlanta’s Old Growth Forest with Kathryn Kolb, 7 PM - 9 PM. Chattahoochee Nature Center,

3/25•Club Ado at Alliance Francias at 7pm,


4/1•Azalea Festival Invitational Art

Leita Thompson Memorial Park Trail, Event Runs through April 30. 1200 Woodstock Rd, What Plants Talk About - Weekday Film Showing, Event runs through April 30, Chattahoochee Nature Center, Included with General Admission and Free to CNC Members, Comedy Fest at Gate City Brewery, 43 Magnolia St, Roswell The Art of Dr. Seuss, Event runs through April 30. Ann Jackson Gallery, 932 Canton Street, Roswell Fine Arts Alliance Exhibit at Chattahoochee Nature Center. Event runs through April 30. 9135 Willeo Road, 770.992.2055, Roswell Ghost Tour, Event runs until•

CALENDAR District in Roswell,

Art Exhibit featuring artists from “My Art Studio & Gallery”, Event runs until April 27. Roswell Visitors Center, 617 Atlanta Street, 770.640.3253

4/7-8•Spring Native Plant Sale, 10 AM - 5 PM. Chattahoochee Nature Center,

Southern Trilogy Roswell’s Historic House Museums, 10 AM - 3 PM, Event runs until April 30. Barrington Hall, Bulloch Hall and Archibald Smith Plantation,

by Laughing Matters, Family Stage Adventure Series at Georgia Ensemble Theatre,

High Tea: A Taste of Ireland, 4 PM - 6 PM, Barrington Hall, 770.640.3855 Trail Hike, 3 PM - 4 PM, Chattahoochee Nature Center, April 1-2, April 8-9, April 15-16, April 22-23, April 22-29. Included with General Admission and Free to CNC Members, Spring Native Plant Sale, 10 AM - 5 PM. Chattahoochee Nature Center,

4/2•Back to Your Roots Farm Fair, Noon - 4PM, Chattahoochee Nature Center,

Sounds of the Spirit - Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ, United Methodist Church, 3 PM - 8 PM, 770.594.0512,

4/3•Roswell Photographic Soci-

4/8•Acting Out Improv performed

A Taste for Art-Silent Auction, Wine and Tapas Tasting, 7 PM - 9:30 PM,

4/10•Homeschool Science Monday, Wonderful Wetlands, 2 PM - 3 PM, Included with General Admission and Free to CNC Members, Joe Gransden Big Band Series at Georgia Ensemble Theatre, 8 PM - 11 PM,

4/11•Pee-Wee Naturalists Spring

Series, 9:45 AM - 11 AM, Ages 3-4, $60 General Public, $45 CNC Members, Chattahoochee Nature Center, The IF Project by Kathlyn Horan, Part of the Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers, Roswell Cultural Arts Center,

Hall, 1 PM - 3 PM, 770.640.3855 or 4/20•Alive in Roswell, 5 PM - 10 PM. Canton Street and the Historic Roswell Square,

4/22•Run the River to Benefit

Homestretch, 5K, 10K, Walk, Fun Run, Essential Oils & Acupressure, Free class, 1 - 3 pm, Remedy Healing Arts, ArtAround Roswell Grand Opening, Roswell City Hall, Roswell Cycling Festival, Event runs thru April 30, Theatre for Young Audiences, James and the Giant Peach, Georgia Ensemble Theatre,, 770.641.1260. Roswell Farmers & Artisans Market, 8 AM - Noon, Roswell City Hall,

4/22 - 24•Simon Kenevan One Man Show, more information tbd,

4/27•The Nature Club Dine and Discover, 7 PM - 9 PM, Chattahoochee Center,, 770.992.2055 x237

ety Exhibition, Event runs until April 30, Roswell Cultural Arts Center, 950 Forrest Street,

Meet Me in St. Louis Auditions, 5 PM - 9 PM, Acting UP, Roswell United Methodist Church,

Spring Break Camp at Camp Kingfisher, 9 AM - 4 PM, Event runs until April 7. Chattahoochee Nature Center,

The Civil War in the Western Theater - an Adult Class, April 11, 18, 25 at Barrington Hall, 770.640.3855, wbrowning@

3/29 •Roswell Farmers & Artisans Market, 8 AM - Noon, Roswell City Hall,

4•Artists in the Wild at Chattahoochee Nature Center, Event runs until April 25,

4/13•Meet the Artists Reception, 6 PM - 8 PM, Roswell Visitors Center, 770.640.3253

Roswell Historical Society’s Theatre Night, 5:30PM, Million Dollar Quartet by Georgia Ensemble Theatre and Atlanta Lyric Theatre,

Roswell Garden Club presents: Landscaping for Spring Color with Walter Reeves, 11 AM, Roswell Visitors Bureau,

Speaker and Tasting at Alliance Francias, 7pm,,

Kiwanis Spg Classic,

Roswell Photographic Society Exhibit, 9 AM - 5 PM, Cultural Arts Center, Event runs through May,

4/5•WineDown Wednesday, a

benefit for the Roswell Garden Club, 5 PM - 9 PM, gallery43, 43 Park Square Court, 470.321.3227,

4/6•Million Dollar Quartet,

Georgia Ensemble Theatre, Event runs through April 23,, 770.641.1260.

4/7•First Friday Art Walk, Art Roswell Magazine •March/April 2017

4/14•Easter Egg Hunt at Smith

Plantation Home, 935 Alpharetta Street, 10 AM. $5 per person, children bring their own basket,

4/15•Roswell Farmers & Artisans

Market, 8 AM - Noon, Roswell City Hall, Painting on a Gold Leaf and Collage Surface, 10 AM - 2 PM, Cost for Workshop: $75 general public / $65 CNC Members, Chattahoochee Nature Center, Tea with Beatrix Potter at Barrington

Sunset Sips Kick-off at Chattahoochee Nature Center, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM,

Big Creek Enduro MTB Race, Big Creek Park, Roswell-Alpharetta Mountain Bike Organization (RAMBO). Garden Faire at Bulloch Hall, 9 AM - 4 PM,

4/29-30•Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 5.0, 4/30•Hennessy Jaguar Land Rover Historic Roswell Criterium, Bike Roswell! 2017 Mayor’s Ride, 7:30 AM - 1 PM,



April 29.

CHURCHES and HOUSES OF WORSHIP Roswell Baptist Church Fellowship Bible Church Northside Church Journey Christian Crosspointe Community World Harvest Roswell Community Roswell Presbyterian Saint David’s Episcopal Bridge to Grace First Baptist Church of Roswell Christ United Methodist Zion Missionary Baptist Lebanon Baptist Church Roswell United Methodist North River Baptist Temple Kehillat Chaim Temple Beth Tikvah Congregation Beth Hallel Tikvat David Messianic St Andrew Catholic Northbrook UMC Atlanta Street Baptist Northminster Prespyterian St. Peter Chanel Catholic Roswell Church of Christ Roswell Community Masjid Cross of Life Lutheran Tapestry Community Pleasant Hill MBC St. Peter’s Place Anglican Northview Church of Christ St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Eagle’s Nest Church First Church of Christ, Scientist Church of the Savior Roswell Assembly Northside Church of Christ

ADVERTISERS Alliance Francaise p37 Alpharetta Foot & Ankle p24 Art of Living Studios p13 Azalea Festival p53 Bank of North Georgia p34 The Big Ketch p7 Blue Ox Trains p47 Boleman Contractors bolemancontractors p43 Brian Eilering-Keller Williams p51 Chattahoochee Nature Center p19 Childrens Development Association p20 Choices To You p28 Community of Hope p13 CoreMatters p39 Crabapple Beds & Bones p57 Crooked Creek Golf Club p48 Dahlonega Arts Festival p54 Down Home Derby p20 Expedia Cruise Centers p35 First Baptist Church Roswell p16 Front Door Communities p27 Fulton Science Academy p10 Goulding Hall p27 Hernandez Group-Keller Williams p31 Holiday Inn Express Alpharetta p41 Image Maids p28 Janet Murphy Real Estate janetmurphyrealestate p32-33 Johnny's Pizza Roswell p41 Korsi Yoga p36 LaVida Massage Alpharetta p22 LegalShield - Ron Cowan p51 Life University p44 Maid Right p34 Milton Country Club p48 Milton's Cuisine & Cocktails p9 Northside Hospital Forsyth p24 Oli & Ve p41 Osteria Mattone p5 Peach & the Porkchop inside cover Planet Fitness back cover Queen of Angels Catholic School p15 Raisin’s Ranch Pony Parties p51 Remedy Healing Arts p59 Roswell Beer Festival p56 Roswell Concrete p57 Roswell Convention & Visitors Center p54 Roswell Dance Theatre inside back Scooter's Coffee p47 Seven Seas Pool Care p43 Southern Style p47 Tokyo Bay Buffet p3 Tolbert Yilmaz School of Dance inside back Tutto Kitchen & Bar p51


Sleeping Beauty

Presented by the Roswell Dance Theatre Pre-Professional Division at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center Friday, March 17 at 7pm Saturday, March 18 at 10am, 1pm and 6pm

For tickets visit Join us for this magical performance! For information, call Tolbert Yilmaz School of Dance 770.998.0259 Photo by Richard Calmes


the world judges. we don’t. $I0 a month.

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Roswell Magazine March/April 2017  

Roswell Magazine is a high-quality, glossy, Local Life Publication featuring the good people of Roswell, Georgia in zip codes 30075 and 3007...

Roswell Magazine March/April 2017  

Roswell Magazine is a high-quality, glossy, Local Life Publication featuring the good people of Roswell, Georgia in zip codes 30075 and 3007...