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Fall Planting/Landscape

Calendar of Events Restaurant Guide Real Estate Market Update

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WELCOME TO MILTON: Whitetail Bicycles

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CRABAPPLE FEST milton literary festival



Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death because often there are no symptoms until it has spread. The good news is a lung cancer screening can help detect it early when there are more treatment options. Northside Hospital Cancer Institute offers a low dose CT screening if you’re 55 – 77 years old and a current or previous smoker. It’s quick and easy and could save your life. For information call 404-531-4444 or visit northside.com/lung

Where the Extraordinary Happens Every Day

Big School Opportunities, Small School Feel Challenging STEM Programs

20+ AP Classes

86 Student Clubs and Service Organizations

75 Yearly Arts Performances and 14 Art Studios

18 Varsity Sports and 13 Intramurals

8:1 Faculty: Student Ratio

Success Beyond Woodward

Global Connections

Travel Abroad Experiences in 23 Countries

100% Acceptance to Colleges and Universities

At Woodward Academy, students of all learning styles come together from every religious, ethnic, and cultural background, making our school a microcosm of the world. Discover the Woodward Difference at woodward.edu.

Open Houses Main Campus Pre-K to 12, College Park Sunday, Oct. 23 2 to 5 p.m.

Woodward North Pre-K to 6, Johns Creek Sunday, Nov. 13 2 to 4 p.m.








Autumn 2016





Your Body

on Massage Common side effects include: • Sleep Like a Baby • Get Ahead at Work • More Energy • Improved Mood • Less Stress • Pain Relief • A Healthier You!

More Energy

East Cobb - 770.973.6385 LaVidaMassageMariettaGA.com

Alpharetta - 770.740.0654 LaVidaMassageAlpharettaGA.com Johns Creek - 678.624.9091 LaVidaMassageJohnsCreekGA.com

Open 7 Days a Week | Extended Hours GA Licensed Therapists You Can Feel the Difference! Clip It…Book It…Love It!

Call or Book Online!

One Hour Custom Massage Session



One Hour Custom One Hour Custom Couples Massage Session Signature Facial Session

Reg. $69.95



Reg. $139.90



Reg. $69.95

New Clients with Coupon

New Clients with Coupon

New Clients with Coupon

1.30.16 Coupon Exp: 108.31.16

1.30.16 Coupon Exp: 108.31.16

1.30.16 Coupon Exp: 108.31.16

Session includes time for consultations and dressing.

Franchise opportunities available. Call 248.360.6157

hello. WE CAN’T BEAT FALL IN MILTON. ROLLING HILLS, WINDING ROADS, PASTURES AND WOODED AREAS--THE COLORS OF THE SEASON JUMP OUT AT US AT EVERY TURN. Milton is loaded with activities in September, October and November. Crabapple Fest kicks off on October 1st--- the city’s biggest (and arguably the area’s best!) outdoor artist festival from 10am to 5pm is loaded with activities, food, fun, shopping and unique experiences for you, your friends and families. Milton’s second annual “Milton Literary Festival” will be on November 11th and 12th. Learn more on page 26. Our regular, reader-favorite features are included, of course: local restaurant guide (p16), real estate market update (p24), houses of worship (p30), and our calendar of events (p28). And help us welcome a new local business to Milton/Crabapple: Whitetail Bicycles! Read more about them and their combined bicycle/coffee shop at “5 points” on page 29. Please let us know your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and corrections! We are local, too, and we want to make Milton Magazine YOUR magazine. So, we want to hear from you. Live locally, Warm Regards,


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Providing the

BEST in FARM and EQUINE Insurance.

CALL FOR COMPETITIVE QUOTES TODAY Equine Liability Coverage On and Off Premises

Mistie Townsend Agent

cell 352.438.7934 office 678.566.3732 facebook.com/mistie.townsend mtownsend@gordonreiss.com






FALL IS HERE, which means crisp air, changing leaves, football and festivals! Bring your neighbors and friends to the Crabapple Community Association’s and the City of Milton’s largest festival,CRABAPPLE FEST 2016!

If you are an artist or antiques dealer who would like to join as vendor? Contact Crabapple Community Association at crabapplecommunity@gmail.com. Jewelry vendors spot have already been filled.

Crabapple Fest 2016 brings antique vendors, local artists and merchants from all over the southeast with unique wares to downtown Crabapple. There will also be loads of children’s rides and games, great local food, and even a huge television screen so no one misses college football!

If your community group would like to have a booth, you would like to be a sponsor, volunteer, or need more information, please contact Courtney Spriggs at (678) 242-2533 or courtney.spriggs@cityofmiltonga.us.

This year the event falls on October 1st, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in historic downtown Crabapple. This massive destination festival featuring local arts and antiques is a “must do” attraction for everyone in North Georgia. Spend the day exploring Downtown Crabapple, shopping for one-of-a-kind items, and enjoying all Milton has to offer.

To talk about the festival, ask questions or spread the word, use #crabapplefest on Facebook and Twitter. DIRECTIONS Parking is free. Shuttles will be available all day from Crabapple Crossing Elementary School, Milton High School and Crabapple Baptist Church. Click here for directions to Crabapple Fest, located in the heart of downtown Milton at 12650 Crabapple Road.






AFTER THE LONG, HOT SUMMER what a pleasure it is to enjoy the cool crisp Fall temperatures along with beautiful hues of red, orange and gold. Fall is a great time to install your trees, shrubs and perennials since the cooler weather allows new plants to establish more easily plus the water requirements are less. In the fall, plants direct energy to growing strong roots resulting in plants that will better withstand a potential heat wave next summer. Your local garden center should be able to provide you with a wide selection of plants for the season, along with advice on how to install and care for them. It is gratifying to install your own plants and watch them grow and thrive, but for those of you who would prefer to have others do it for you, your local garden center can provide this service. With crisp weather and blue fall skies, it’s a fun time of the year to be outdoors with your family. A trip to certain garden

centers can be a great time not only to look at plants, but also to enjoy browsing around the pumpkin patch and watching the large trees change colors. Aside from orange jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins big and small, smooth or bumpy, are grown in a variety of shapes and colors, such as blue, white, striped, buckskin, pink, green or black. After selecting your pumpkins and fall decorations at the nursery, stay and relax on a hay ride, see the farm animals and enjoy some of your favorite Fall food, drinks and music. As fun as the fall season is, we eagerly anticipate the next season, which is our favorite of all, our beloved Christmas season. More about this magical time of year in the next issue. Luca Gianturco Owner, Scottsdale Farms Garden Center


SOME MEN still fear the doctor

By Dr. Daniel Shasha Northside Hospital Cancer Institute•Radiation Oncology Program Medical Director


Importance of regular check-ups and screenings CHANCES ARE YOU know a man who refuses to see a doctor. Most men don’t make an appointment until they’re sick, often skipping preventive care. But the consequences of ignoring their health could be very harmful. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, affecting one out of every six men, and is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in American men, according to the American Cancer Society. Prostate cancer is increasingly common as men age and is more often found in younger African Americans and in men with family history of prostate cancer. As a result, prostate cancer screening is especially important for men who have urinary symptoms, who are African American, or who have a family member with prostate cancer. When it comes to screening, just one blood draw takes care of many of your important screenings, including, the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) measurement which is a very sensitive screening tool to detect prostate cancer. Blood sugar and cholesterol can be checked with the same single tube of blood at the same time, too. A rectal exam at your checkup may also help identify prostate abnormalities. Identifying Treatment Options

Every case of prostate cancer is different and treatment recommendations will vary depending upon patients’ age and health, stage of their disease, success rates and side effects of each treatment, and patient preferences. Seeing both a radiation oncologist and urologist will best ensure that all treatment options are comprehensively discussed by experts in their fields. Because prostate cancer is generally slow growing it is very important that patients take as much time as needed to see all both specialists and to learn as much as possible about all options so that they can make the decision best for them and their loved ones. The good news is that early detection and more effective treatments with radiation therapy or surgery have resulted in more cures and fewer side-effects. Early detection with PSA testing more frequently discovers cancers early when they are very small and slow growing, for whom active-surveillance without treatment is frequently recommended. For those who require treatment, new sophisticated precision radiation treatments offer patients the ability to be cured with minimal or no effects on urination with some of the highest chances of preserving sexual function. Other options including robotic prostatectomy, freezing with cryosurgery, and heating with focal ultrasound treatments also will be discussed by our team of experts. To determine your risks for developing prostate cancer and to learn more about your treatment options, call 404-531-4444 or visit www.northside.com/cancerinstitute.



La Casa Authentic Italian Grill

Alpharetta’s “BEST Italian Restaurant” LOCATED IN A QUAINT HISTORIC HOME

•Extensive Wine List •Corporate & Social Events •Private Dining •Seafood Specialties

•Intimate Dining Space •Full-Service Catering •New Daily Specials •Heated Outdoor Patio

L AC A S A I TA L I A N G R I L L . C O M La Casa offers a taste and experience of Italy in a wonderful historic house that has been transformed into three intimate comfortable dining rooms with a heated outdoor patio. Pasquale, a native of Naples, Italy serves the finest and freshest foods. He has created the prefect combination of Authentic Italian recipes and artfully prepared seafood meals with passion.






LL BI l UR alcoho /2016 YO tuity, 7/31 FF , gra ires O axes . exp % udes t upon 10 excl esent co

authentic Mexican cuisine



Welcome to our Family!

Blue Agave shares a passion for our land and our roots. This is why we bring you the best Mexican cuisine of our region, always using the freshest ingredients so you can experience all the flavor of our land. Come visit and explore our wide range of gourmet dishes and specialty drinks. B L U E A G A V E G R I L L • 12 0 5 0 E t r i s R d . , R o s w e l l • 7 7 0 . 5 5 9 . 12 2 3 • b l u e a g a v e g r i l l . n e t


StorkWatch.Org A Unique Birth Education Experience

ART Infused w/ the Lord BY JORDANA KLEIN

PREPARED CHILDBIRTH WORKSHOPS By Cathy Thomspon At Our Beautiful Location or Your Home Call for more information 706-299-0046


Leave the cleaning to us. Be there when it matters.

ART OF LIVING STUDIOS CONTINUE to change lives, one paint stroke, pottery piece and jewelry creation at a time. Created with the Lord’s power to heal in mind, Patricia Reeves, founder of Art of Living Studios, comprehends the immense influence that the arts have on one’s immune system. Reeves yearned for a physical plan for her healing when she found the Lord calling her to the arts. Art of Living Studios is a culmination of the arts and an equipping center for artists and individuals to find that sense of community they may be lacking while glorifying God in the process. By pouring unconditional love to individuals that need a place to belong, Reeves and her team of four other resident artists offer sessions titled “Create with the Creator,” which take place in the shelter of her own home. Although the Lord led Reeves to found this organization in 1994, the studio is a non-profit as opposed to a religious organization; visitors and workers of all denominations participate. The Community of Hope, a main sponsor for the studio, offers 250 acres of outdoor grounds of fishing, camping and hiking areas where groups can come together to “facilitate God’s glory through the arts and nature,” Reeves said. Although separate ministries, they have the same mission in mind, which is to provide an atmosphere where one’s diagnosis is left outside the door. The studio and the outdoor spaces facilitate worshipping while working, Reeves said. With donations and the support of the community, Art of Living Studios also funds “Van Go” vehicles. With this mobile ministry, the studios can cater to nursing homes and “serve soul food through the arts,” the mission of the organization. Primarily serving Cherokee County, the studio focuses on their own neighborhood and allow others to use the facility as a model to expand. The majority of their work is geared towards small groups by invitation only, but they will travel for teaching purposes. The mindset behind Art of Living Studios enables visitors to find out how to participate in their own recovery and relax in a soothing environment where anyone can benefit from a therapeutic, glorifying relationship with the Lord and the arts. JK

2499 Palm Street Suite 300 Canton Ga 30115


271 North Main Street Alpharetta GA 30009





through Nature and the Arts!

Day Workshops for Individuals and Groups Indoor/Outdoor Retreat Venue

ENJOY Fine Arts, Art & Music Programs, Hiking, Fishing, Camping


with GOD, all things are possible. Come join us at the Art of Living Studios and “CREATE with the CREATOR.” Bring the child inside of you and play in Nature and the Arts for an hour, two hours, a day, or a weekend! Contact us to schedule a tour of our facilities and grounds and/or to register for one of our outstanding programs.








12635 Crabapple 678-585-4628 42 Milton Ave Road 404-919-8875 Abhiruchi Indian Cuisine5530 Windward Pkwy 678-393-1110 Alpine Bakery & Trattoria12315 Crabapple Rd 770-410-9883 Amma Kitchen 390 Cumming St 770-475-7776 Bella Luna 15639 Birmingham Hwy 770-777-5875 Brooklyn Joe’s 13065 Hwy 9 N 770-754-0202 Burger Fi 5475 Windward Pkwy 770-817-4656 Cabernet 5575 Windward Pkwy 770-777-5955 Café Efendi 488 North Main St 770-360-8014 CANS Taqueria 12635 Crabapple Rd 770-663-0908 Casa Nuova Italian 5670 Hwy 9 N 770-475-9100 Chili’s 5035 Windward Pkwy 770-619-1818 Dos Margaritas Crabapple Kroger Shopping Center Eggs Up Grill 270 Rucker Rd 678-878-2251 El Azteca 13800 Hwy 9 N 678-867-9950 El Don Bar & Grill 6320 Atlanta Hwy 678-404-5473 El Porton 4902 Atlanta Hwy 678-393-8888 Grand Champion BBQ 12635 Crabapple Rd 770-993-4227 Hop Alley Brew Pub 25 South Main St 770-696-2097 Hudson Grille 865 N Main St 770-777-4127 Humble Pie Pizza Co 869 N Main St 678-867-6773 Indigo 12635 Crabapple Road 770-616-4142 I Love NY Pizza 980 Birmingham Rd 770-442-9699 Ippolito’s 12850 Hwy 9 678-624-1908 La Casa Italian Grill 37 Old Roswell St 770-609-6311 Mambo Jambo Café 5310 Windward Pkwy 770-667-0097 Midway Meal House 5150 Atlanta Hwy 770-442-3738 Milton’s Cuisine & Coctails800 Mayfield Rd 770-817-0161 Mittie’s Café & Tea Rom62 N Main Street 770-772-0850 Nothing Bundt Cakes 5230 Windward Pkwy 678-366-1445 Olde Blinde Dog Irish Pb12650 Crabapple Rd 678-624-1090 Ramano’s Macaroni Grll5045 Windward Pkwy 770-360-6302 Roaster’s 12850 Hwy 9 770-753-0055 Ru Sans Milton 13085 Alpha Hwy 770-346-9020 SmokeJack BBQ 29 South Main St 770-410-7611 South Main Kitchen 9 South Main St 678-691-4622 The Corner Deli 10 Roswell St 678-566-0576 Tin Roof Kitchen 52 North Main St 770-360-9395 Tokyo Sushi 980 Birmingham Rd 678-240-0602 Tuscany Italian 281 S Main St 770-346-8080 Twisted Taco 5815 Windward Pkwy 770-777-9199 Union 14275 Providence Rd 770-569-7767 Vinny’s on Windward 5355 Windward Pkwy 770-772-4644 Vito’s Italian Bistro 980 Birmingham Rd 770-442-9119 Volcano Asian Bistro 5316 Windward Pkwy 678-366-9668 Wild Wing Café 5530 Windward Pkwy 678-990-9464 Z Pizza 5315 Windward Pkwy 678-205-4471 Zola’s Italian Bistro 2955 Bethany Bd Rd 770-360-5777



850barpizza.com 2bwhole.net abhiruchius.com alpinebakeryandtrattoria.com ammakitchen.net scottsdalefarms.com


Italian $$ Gluten-free$$ Indian $$ French $$ Indian $ American $ American $$ burgerfi.com American $ cabernetsteakhouse.com Steak $$$ cafeefendi.com Turkish $$ canstaqueria.com Mexican $$ casanuovarestaurant.net Italian $$ chilis.com American $$ Mexican $ eggsupgrill.com Breakfast $ aztecamex.com Mexican $$ Mexican $$ elportonmexicanrestaurant.com Mexican $ gcbbq.net BBQ $$ hopalleybrew.com Pub $$ hudsongrille.com American $$ humblepiepizzaco.net Pizza $$ facebook.com/indigo-restaurant-crabapple/Italian $$ nypizzamilton.com Pizza $ ippolitos.net Italian $$ lacasaitaliangrill.com Italian $$ mambojambocafe.com Mexican $$ midwaymealhouse.com American $ miltonscuisine.com American $$$ American $$ nothingbundtcakes.com bakery $ oldeblinddog.com Pub $$ macaronigrill.com Italian $$ roastersfresh.com American $$ rusans.com Sushi $$ smokejackbbq.com BBQ $$ southmainkitchen.com American $$ American $ tinroofkitchen.com Gluten-free$$ Thai $$ Italian $$ twistedtaco.com Mexican $$ theunionrestaurant.com American $$ sedgwickrestaurantgroup.com American $$$ Italian $$ volcanobistro.com Asian $$ wildwingcafe.com American $$ zpizza.com Gluten-free$$ zolaitalian.com Italian $$



Ruth's Chris Reveals History


RUTH CHRIS...YOU MAY KNOW HER by name, or feel the name may ring a bell. Perhaps you have ventured to her restaurant, Ruth’s Chris, and have fond memories of your tender steak, savory potatoes and hearty vegetables. The Alpharetta location established their franchise in 1986 and moved to this current location in the early 2000s.

By hosting their second annual Open House in August, the staff at Ruth’s Chris invited 250 guests to tour the space, envision the options for future events, and indulge in a lunch buffet and open bar along with local vendor stations. Friends, regular visitors, and businesses attended the afternoon and experienced the versatility of the space.

Shannon Penn, general manager of the Ruth’s Chris on Haynes Bridge in Alpharetta, plans to keep Ruth’s values alive and even displays a framed portrait of Ruth at a young age in her horse stables over the exquisite areas of the Paddock Room. Each room of the location derive from an equestrian theme, and the decor of the restaurant relates back to this idea, as horses were one of Ruth’s passions.

Whether a teen desires a sweet gathering with her closest friends or a newly-engaged couple plans to celebrate, the space resembles that of a functional hotel. Upstairs, the corporate support team’s offices can be found, with everyone from Human Resources to Public Relations personnel working together. Also found upstairs is a large ballroom, which can accommodate up to 150 guests, or 60 on either side of the retractable wall. Chefs work behind the scenes to prepare a meal to match the evening while the available portable bars, buffets and dance floors fit each reception area to prom venue . Downstairs, the Coach, Paddock, Hunt, Carriage and Wine Cellar Room, containing over 9,000 bottles, function as areas for weeknight dinners to corporate meetings, with projectors available at any time.

“We still hold ourselves to that standard of treating all guests and employees with her respect and values in mind, and we love what she stood for,” Penn said. All of the original owners of the franchise knew Ruth personally and had the mindset of upholding the same values from the founding in 1965 in mind from the start. To this day, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse produces endless options for its guests, whether it be in the variety of their food or the flexibility of their space. Each space has its own personality, and the restaurant can accommodate everything from large functions in their upstairs ballroom to parties of 15 visitors for a corporate evening.

The rustic atmosphere of Ruth’s Chris enables the team to produce this Open House to reconnect with their guests before the rush of the holiday season. “It was a great excuse to throw a party and a big thank-you to our current and future guests,” Penn said.


The FISH GURU- Kathleen , Kathleen’s Catch/Crabapple


A general rule of thumb is 10 minutes per inch of thickness at the thickest part of the fish at 425 degrees whether in the oven, on the stove top or on the grill. There are some exceptions but simply test with a fork to see if the fish flakes in the middle. And keep in mind that it cooks a bit more on the way to the table. Another reason people don’t buy fish is that they don’t know good fish from bad. The first rule is if you can smell the seafood department when you enter the grocery store, STAY AWAY. If you are buying whole fish, make sure it has clear eyes, red gills and tight skin that bounces back when you touch it. If you are buying fish that is already cut, ask the fishmonger if you can smell it – it should smell like seawater – clean and briny. If he doesn’t want to hold it up for you to smell, he might have something to hide. Get to know your fishmonger and let them help you become an educated buyer. A good fishmonger should be able to tell you everything you need to know about your fish and how to cook it. Find someone whose name is on the door and whose reputation is at stake.


IS THERE ANYTHING MORE intimidating at the grocery store than the seafood counter? As a passionate fishmonger having sold fish to hundreds of shoppers, I can tell you that the number one reason people don’t buy fish is that they do not know how to cook it. Unless you lived at the coast, you probably did not grow up eating fish other than frozen fish sticks. Don’t worry! Fresh fish is one of the easiest meals to prepare.





Are you Intimidated by Fish?


fresh fish markets

Your neighborhood seafood market!

Bringing you the freshest, most responsibly sourced seafood selections, recipes and cooking tips. Johns Creek

9810 Medlock Bridge Rd.

678.957.9792 Milton

12660 Crabapple Rd.




WHERE TO GOLF? GOLF CLUB OF GEORGIA • 1 Golf Club Dr., 30005 golfclubofgeorgia.com•Two Arthur Hills-designed courses, Lakeside and Creekside are distinctly different from each other offering the golfer enormous architectural, aesthetic and strategic variety. In 1999, Golf Digest honored Lakeside’s par-5, 607 yard 11th hole as one of “America’s Best 99 Golf Holes.”

CROOKED CREEK GOLF CLUB• 3430 Highway 9 N, 30004• thecrookedcreekclub.com• Crooked Creek Club’s course offers a par 72 Michael Riley design that plays nearly 7000 yards from the back tee. Featuring undulating greens, demanding tee shots, and challenging approach shots, it is regarded by many to be the premier Championship golf course in Greater Atlanta. TROPHY CLUB OF ATLANTA• 15135 Hopewell Rd., 30004 americangolf.com/trophy-club-atlanta Carved out of heavily wooded terrain in order to create a challenging yet playable course, they now offer Champion Bermuda greens. Nominated as Golf Digest’s “Best New Public Course” when opened in 1992, it was designed by DJ DeVictor and ABC-TV Golf Analyst Steve Melnyk. MILTON COUNTRY CLUB• 1785 Dinsmore Rd,

30004•miltoncountryclub.com• Although the par 70 Willard Byrd design tips out at 6100 yards, this course will test the patience of any golfer. This risk-reward course gives you the choice to shape a fairway wood to a narrow fairway or go for the gusto and let it rip. It boasts narrow tee shots and pure rolling stamp sized greens.

October 22nd from 11:30 - 2:30 pm

ECHELON GOLF CLUB• 501 Founders Dr., 30004 echelonliving.com•A broad-shouldered beautiful and formidable test designed by famed golf course architect Rees Jones, this course wanders over 600 acres of rolling hills, providing striking elevation changes and panoramic views, most notably on the back nine.



2nd Annual

Fall Festival & Side Walk Sale North Point Village Shopping Center FAMILY FUN!


house Dr., 30004 •whitecolumnscountryclub.com This Tom Fazio designed golf course has consistently been rated one of the area’s top courses, guarded by towering pine trees and featuring large greens. Golfers will find deep bunkers and countless elevation changes as the course layout gradually increases in challenge and splendor building to a crescendo over the last final five holes.

ATLANTA NATIONAL GOLF CLUB• 350 Tournament Players Dr., 30004•atlantanationalgolfclub. com•Building on a legacy of greatness, this course was crafted by renowned father and son team Pete and P.B. Dye. The 6942 yard, par-72 course meanders across 240 acres of natural hardwoods, babbling brooks and rolling hills, perfect for the golfers who demand challenge, playability, beauty and fairness. MANOR GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB• 15951 Manor

Club Dr., 30004 manorgcc.com•Home to the only Tom Watson championship golf course in Georgia with 18 masterfully designed and memorable holes winding throughout hardwoods and towering pines, quiet lakes and streams. Seeped in the tradition of golf’s birthplace, Scotland, this course is 7300 North Point Parkway, Alpharetta GA 30022 extraordinary, boasting impeccable course conditioning and breathtaking vistas. 20 LOCALLIFEPUBLISHING.COM Register Early To Win Gift Certificates and Prizes From: Chicos, Versona, Learning Express, Lane Bryant, Vitamin Shoppe, New Balance, Relax the Back, Ink Stationary & Gifts, Treasures Formals, LOFT, Jos. A Banks, Talbot’s, SOMA, Swurfer and an iPAD Mini!!


BECAUSE SOMETIMES IT IS DIFFICULT TO COMMIT We want to make it easy for you to try our Club. $185 per month! •Golf access at the Creek after 1pm on Weekdays, Weekends, Holidays •Unlimited use of driving range and practice facility •Invitation to all Crooked Creek Club dining events and social activities PLUS •Golf access at Milton Country Club anytime Weekdays, Weekends and Holidays •Access to dining, tennis, pool and fitness at Milton Country Club •Invitation to all Milton Country Club dining and social events Membership is for six months and is limited to new prospective members of Crooked Creek Club only! Membership may be converted anytime during the six month trial. Or, upon completion of the trial period the member may resign or elect to become a full member of Crooked Creek Club. Initiation fee at time of conversion.

Contact us for a tour:

PHILIP HERTERICK MEMBERSHIP SALES DIRECTOR 770.475.2300 X119 Philip.Herterick@AlpharettaACC.com

3430 Highway 9 North, Milton GA 30004 thecrookedcreekclub.com


Lymphatic System By Eileen Wrobleski, ND, CNC, HHP Your refreshed Holiday Inn Express is here. We’ve added signature showers and curved rods, choice of pillows, crisp, fresh, white linens and more. Of course, Your refresome shed Holidthings ay Inn Exprhaven’t ess is here. changed: We’ve added signature showers and curved rods. A choice of pillows. Crisp, fresh, white linens and more. Of Free breakfast courshigh-speed e, some things haveinternet n’t changed – yaccess ou can still •enFree joy all thhot e thing s you’ve come to lovCenter•Business e: • Fitness center • IHG Rewards Club • • Free high speePool d Internet access • Fitness center • Business center Swimming • I HG Rewards Club • Swimming Pool • Free hot breakfast Everything at Holiday Inn Express is designed so you In fact everything at Holiday Inn Express is designed so that you can relax. Becrelax. ause we kAll now ayou ll you rreally eally needneed on the roon ad is the a placeroad to be yois ursa elf.place That’s to be can what Holiday Inn Express was built for. Now, that’s smart. yourself. That’s what Holiday Inn Express was built for. ®

Holiday Inn Express Alpharetta

Holiday Inn Express Alpharetta w.hiex.c•om /alpharetta 12505 Innovation Way, Alpharetta GAww30004 678.339.0505 www.hiex.com/alpharetta


12505 Cingular Way, Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 678-339-0505

©2010 InterContinental Hotel Group. All rights reserved. Most hotels are independently owned and/or operated. Stay You™ is a registered trademark of Six Continents Hotels, Inc.



2010 InterContinental Hotel Group. All rights reserved. Most hotels are independently owned and/or operated. Stay You is a registered trademark of Six Continents Hotels, Inc.

Founder, Abundant Life Wellness THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM makes up 70 percent of the immune system and is directly related to the rate at which the body heals and repairs. It is your primary defense against bacteria, viruses, fungus and other pathogens, as it carries away toxins and cellular debris through an extensive network of vessels and collection sites, called lymph nodes. The lymphatic system contains more than 600 lymph nodes. In men, the inguinal nodes in the crease of the groin are the primary channel for release of accumulated lymph from the prostate. In women, the axillary nodes, located in the armpit, are the primary channel for releasing accumulated lymph and toxins from the breasts. The body contains about 50 percent more lymphatic fluid than blood, and the lymphatic system is closely associated with the circulatory system, as it returns filtered blood plasma to the bloodstream. Unlike the circulatory system, which has a pump—the heart--to circulate blood, the lymphatic system has no pumping mechanism to keep lymph fluid circulating throughout the body. Blockages in lymph can occur from normal life stressors, such as illness, injuries, unhealthy diet, tight fitting clothes (including bras), lack of exercise, surgery and exposure to heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals.



15 Min. Valvoline Oil Change Special w/ FREE Seasonal Check-up

$24.95 For faster service, please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Most cars/light trucks. Includes up to 5 qts. Of motor oil and new oil filter. Tax/Disposal Fee extra. Cannot combine with other offers. Limited Time only.

15 Min. Valvoline

Full Synthetic Change AUTO TIREOil & SERVICE LLC.



For faster service, please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Most cars/light trucks. Includes up to 5 qts. Of motor oil and new oil filter. Tax/Disposal Fee extra. Cannot combine with other offers. Limited Time only.

2875 Bethany Bend, Milton•678.566.6627

An impaired lymphatic system can result in colds, fibromyalgia, eczema, acne, insomnia, chronic pain, edema, fibrocystic and tender breasts, cellulite, enlarged prostate, cancer, sinus issues, swollen lymph nodes, allergies and headaches. The good news is that lymphatic health can be restored even in cases of severe impairment. Exercise of any kind stimulates the lymphatic system, and rebounding exercise in particular is especially helpful for moving lymph. Grapefruit and other citrus essential oils have a positive effect on stimulating the lymphatic system, as does dry-skin brushing. Manual lymphatic massage, and electro-sound, instrument-assisted lymphatic drainage therapy also help release stagnant lymph fluid so it can flow to elimination channels, restoring optimal lymphatic system function.


The body is self-healing, when given proper nutrition and care. At Abundant Life Wellness, we work with you to address the underlying cause of your health issue, not just the symptoms. •Holistic Wellness for Adults and Children •Acute and Chronic Care •Homeopathic, Herbal and Nutritional Therapies •Zyto Bioenergetics Assessment •Lymphatic Drainage Therapy •Ionic Footbath •Migun Thermal Massage Bed •Broad-Spectrum Infrared Sauna •Detox Packages Eileen M. Wrobleski •Advanced Relaxation Therapy Room Naturopath •Thermography for Early Detection Certified Nutritional Counselor


Get Pre-Approved!

REAL ESTATE MARKET UPDATE Price Address Subd/Complex Closing Date $1,990,000 $1,482,160 $1,303,000 $1,200,000 $1,002,090 $985,947 $977,500 $945,000 $925,000 $900,000 $895,000 $880,000 $855,000 $847,252 $820,000 $795,000 $785,000 $758,200 $750,000 $749,776 $742,500 $730,000 $697,000 $685,000 $675,000 $673,900 $663,943 $655,670 $652,250 $646,355 $620,000 $615,000 $610,000 $600,000 $583,500 $572,000 $567,270 $560,000 $540,000 $493,600 $471,500 $457,000 $450,000 $430,000 $415,000 $392,800 $392,000 $360,000 $356,000 $287,000

13825 Brittle Road 1970 Bethany Way 3257 Watsons Bend 420 Tournament Players Drive 1016 Summit View Lane 125 TOLHOUSE Court 13585 Hopewell Road 138 Triple Crown Circle 640 Greenview Terrace 115 Cooper Sandy Pointe 183 Golf Link View 760 Barberry Drive 15725 Canterbury Chase 118 Hipworth Way 687 Glenover Drive 201 Affirmed Court 942 N Brookshade Parkway 585 Bienville Court 3570 Hawthorne Lane 1815 Horsham Trail 347 Champions View Drive 17280 Barberry Road 200 Davis Glen Court 13183 Hopewell Road 415 N Fields Pass 2153 McFarlin Lane 10030 Peaks Parkway 4030 Hopewell Springs Drive 430 S Burgess Trail 550 Killian Lane 2715 Cogburn Lane 615 Watboro Hill Drive 13855 Oakmeade Trace 14725 Freemanville Road 115 Providence Plantation Drive 13785 Belleterre Drive 295 Blackrock Trace 13830 Bethany Oaks Pointe 12632 Lecoma Trace 3380 Wolf Willow Close 3340 Wood Branch Drive 560 Stonebrook Farms Drive 16065 Henderson Road 1120 Krobot Way 3060 Birchdale Drive 12562 Waterside Drive 15230 Sandpoint Trace 1150 S Bethany Creek Drive 16225 Hopewell Road 16140 Henderson Road

Summit View Farms 6/29/2016 None 6/9/2016 The Manor 8/8/2016 Atlanta National 8/1/2016 The Manor 6/20/2016 KINGSLEY ESTATES 7/21/2016 Horse Farm 7/7/2016 Triple Crown 6/23/2016 Crooked Creek 6/8/2016 Lake at Cooper Sandy 8/12/2016 White Columns 6/20/2016 The Hermitage 8/3/2016 Canterbury on the Lak 6/30/2016 Lake Haven 5/27/2016 White Columns 7/29/2016 Triple Crown 6/3/2016 Brookshade 7/28/2016 The Oaks At Crabapple8/17/2016 Hawthorne MAnor 5/27/2016 Hampshires 7/22/2016 Champions View 6/23/2016 Blue Valley 6/6/2016 Richmond Glen 8/17/2016 None-3.69 Acres 6/24/2016 North Fields 6/8/2016 Braeburn 6/13/2016 Northpoint Forest 5/27/2016 ManorView 6/20/2016 Holcombes Farm 6/2/2016 Killian Manor 7/29/2016 Cogburn Estates 7/1/2016 Oak Ridge On The Green6/10/2016 Bellemeade Farms 6/28/2016 None 7/29/2016 Providence Plantation 7/1/2016 Belleterre 8/5/2016 Reddstone 5/31/2016 Bethany Oaks 6/30/2016 Crabapple Crossroads 7/8/2016 Crooked Creek 7/29/2016 Lake Laurel 7/21/2016 Stonebrook Farms 7/6/2016 None 6/15/2016 Milton Preserve 6/24/2016 Oakmont At Crabapple7/15/2016 Waterside 6/23/2016 Bentgrass Farms 6/24/2016 Bethany Creek 7/21/2016 none 8/19/2016 Henderson Heights 6/30/2016

GOOD NEWS! Over the past 12-months home prices are up in Milton; however, inventories are low--which often leads to multiple-offer situations. The mortgage pre-approval process is beneficial, if not crucial, for both buyers and sellers in today’s market, especially when negotiating multiple offers. According to Chuck Walden, Sr. Loan Consultant with Silverton Mortgage in Atlanta, “With today’s volatile lending environment, it’s important for home buyers to get full loan approval, which clearly defines all contingencies that pertain to each unique home buyer’s scenario prior to spending any time looking at new homes with an agent.” A preapproval letter is critically different from a mere prequalification in that the latter can be issued simply based on information a prospective buyer verbally conveys to the lender.” Preapproval allows the lender to review the buyers credit, verify income and assets, and in most cases the file is reviewed by an underwriter.” For a seller, a buyer who presents an offer with a preapproval letter can be more confident that the buyer will make it to closing. And closing makes everyone involved Happy!

Chuck Walden, Sr. Loan Consultant, Silverton Mortgage 678-75-8076 ChuckWalden@silvertonmortgage.com NMLS 148160•GRMA 25041

RUTH SWANSON, Vice President JDA Realty Services, Inc. 5605 Truman Mountain Road Gainesville, GA 30506 direct - 678-414-3078 office - 770-641-1151 GARealEstateRuth@aol.com www.JDARealty.com JDA Realty..."Some have branches... We have roots!"


FLEA’VE ME ALONE! BY KEVEN ALPHA Kennel Master Crabapple Beds & Bones


AS SUMMER WINDS down and the cooler temperatures of Fall slide in, be sure to stay vigilant with your pet’s health. Truthfully, warm temperatures can remain into November here in Milton, so now is NOT the time to go slack on flea prevention. I often year, “I have NEVER had a flea problem!” However, “Never say never.” It will get us every time. The fact is you have always had fleas in your environment, but they have never become a problem. If you have squirrels and other wildlife living around your house, then you have fleas. Hopefully this article will give some insight on where these pests come from how they live and the best ways to assure that you have a flea free rest of the year. Here are a few flea facts. One flea found on you or your pet only represents one percent of the problem. The other ninety-nine percent are the eggs and larvae that are developing in and around your home. One adult flea can lay between twenty and fifty eggs per day, or up to one thousand eggs in a month, WOW!! This creates a difficult task to conquer the army of fleas that may be heading your way. Fleas like cooler moist places. The same types of areas your pet likes when outdoors in the summer. Tall grass, pine straw beds and mulched areas, places under your decks where cool dirt can be found. These areas are where the fleas will generally lay those

SINCE 1998

thousand eggs per month. If you have 20 adult fleas on your pet or in your environment that means up to twenty thousand new fleas could be coming. Boy these guys are prolific aren’t they!! The most common flea is the cat flea which infests dogs and cats. In our Georgia climate we rarely get the freezing temperatures we need for extended periods to kill the flea, eggs and larvae which can lay dormant for months. Keeping your pet on the modern topicals and systemic products is a great start in battling the fleas. Your pet must stay on these products year-round to avoid an, “Oh No,” period. Missing just a few weeks or months in the fall can set you up for the summer you do not want. Also using granular products such as Dursban in beds around home and other areas previously mentioned can really help control and destroy the life cycle of the flea. Always read labels carefully to ensure that what you put out is safe for you and your pet. There are also many supplements that people swear by, like brewers yeast and garlic, that may aid in the fight against these external parasites. Always check with your veterinarian before using any supplement. Hopefully this will aid in your having a flea free rest of 2016 so you don’t get caught saying FLEAve me alone. KA

Your Pet’s “Home Away from Home” • 2.5 Acres in Nature Walking Trails • Individual and Group Playtimes • State of the Art Kennels • Indoor/Outdoor Play Areas • Air Purification System • Owners on Site • Private Rooms for Cats

6 4 0 D o r r i s R o a d , M i l t o n G A 3 0 0 0 4 • 7 7 0 - 7 5 4 - 1 7 0 0 • bedsandbones.net


Indie Artist Jacques Johnson


Discusses His TV Show, Prince and Free Spirit

JACQUES JOHNSON (pronounced: jhock Johnson) attended Crabapple Crossing, Northwestern middle and graduated from Milton High. He is a 19-year-old college student, who owns his own entertainment company, has toured with major artists, and has just landed a TV show about making hip hop as a clean image suburban teen. Johnson has been making big moves independently with his provoking and original melodic sound of music. He recently opened for Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash Block Party, and inked his own television show, WHO IS JACQUES JOHNSON. Along with JTB Productions and Digiglobal Media, this show is set to be a huge success. He is passionate about reaching and inspiring his fans through his incredible singles which nourish the soul, fills the spirit, and keeps the body alive for the love of music Jacques Johnson’s TV show will feature his indie movement and his camp members who are interesting in their own way. We will get a taste of Rich Kids Hollywood meets hip hop. Not only is Jacques Johnson interesting, but his entire North Georgia suburban squad, Brialise, Zach, Nick, Kayla, Bryan, Kia, Quincy and various colorful promoters, security, and consultants will all be household favorites. He named his first ground breaking indie project New Jerusalem. Jacques Johnson’s sophomore indie album is on the way. It’s called Free Spirit and we can only imagine the uniqueness and real music that awaits us and the craze this show will create. Jacques Johnson states he named his upcoming album Free Spirit because of his connection with his deceased sister. When asked about Prince, Jacques expressed his devastation for the passing of the legendary Musician, not only because his father had made him a fan, but he had a special attachment after having received a parcel from his camp last year. When Jacques released his independent freshman album, “New Jerusalem”, his incredible talent became so evident that everyone recognized him as a particular type of artist. Even, the press nicknamed him “any genre” because the album gave a little something for everyone. jacquesjohnson.com


BETTER TOGETHER, the City of Milton’s volunteer citizen committee, brought to the community in 2015 the first annual Milton Literary Festival. By all accounts, this first effort was very successful hosting some 25 authors. Plans are now essentially set for the second annual festival scheduled for November 11 and 12, 2016. A special “Words and Wine” festival kick-off event will be held at Wilbur & Rudy’s Farmtable featuring Cassandra King, wellknown author and the wife of the late Pat Conroy. There will be a $15 fee for those who choose to participate in the wine tasting. All other events for the entire festival will be free. The festival will move into full gear on Saturday, November 12, when best-selling author Lynn Cullen opens the festival as the keynote speaker. Afterwards, some 27 well-known area authors will be participating in panels on fiction, non-fiction, suspense, workshops and other sessions during the day. A children’s book trail will be one of the unique highlights of the festival. Families will enjoy reading Lola Schaefer’s delightful “Because of an Acorn” as they walk through the woods next to the Milton Library towards a magnificent oak tree. Watch for more information about the trail which will open in the fall as a preview to the festival. There will also be a “Box Lunch with the Chef” event hosted by three cookbook authors where attendees will have the opportunity to feast on good food and good stories. A first of its kind “Book Club Hookup” is being planned for the afternoon. Here, area authors and book clubs are encouraged to register and participate in a lively afternoon of conversation and book love. Book clubs will have the opportunity to get know new authors and be able to arrange book club visits. It is anticipated that over 30 book clubs will be participating in this activity. All festival activities on November 12 will be held at the Alpharetta Municipal Center (12624 Broadwell Road, Alpharetta, GA) and at the new Milton Library (855 Mayfield Road, Milton, GA). For more information, visit the festival’s website at www.miltonliteraryfestival.com. If there are questions, please contact Milton’s Community Builder Wayne Boston at 678-242-2512 or wayne.boston@cityofmiltonga. us.


Caring therapy in the heart of Crabapple. Psychotherapy for individuals, couples, adolescents, children and families. Life and parenting coaching. Court-ordered drug and alcohol evaluations. Customized, compassionate, effective and supportive counseling for the entire family in Milton/Alpharetta/Roswell and neighboring communities.


Kim Kirkup, MA, NCC, LPC 11 years local counseling experience Milton resident for over 20 years

12590 Broadwell Rd., Alpharetta GA 30004 • 404-805-0095 • info@miltontherapist.com

Raisin’s Ranch PONY


Group Events•Scout Activities•Photo Shoots•Birthday Parties Licensed Petting Zoo • Boarding Stable • Special Event Facility find us on facebook for our FALL events!

Photo by Zebra Gallerie We are creative and fun, and will do whatever it takes to make your special event and visit amazing! 17955 Birmingham Hwy. Milton GA 30004•770.617.1521

Grey Manor Farm Convenient Location and Premium Care Grand Opening Sept. 1st

• Relaxed, adult atmosphere w/ an emphasis on quality of care catering to the competitive rider and the pleasure rider • Beautiful, newly renovated arena • 8-stall cedar show quality barn • Indoor and outdoor wash rack • Round pen • Owner on-site • References available • Multiple, cultivated pastures • Access to trails

AFFORDABLE RATES Adrienne Briant, Owner/Operator • 678.313.0167 1740 REDD ROAD, MILTON GA 30004






Happy Labor Day. City Hall Closed.


Remember 9/11 special event at Milton’s Cuisine and Cocktails. miltonscuisine.com “Patriot Day Chowdown!”


Better Together Meeting, 6:30 PM. Bethwell Community Center, 2695 Hopewell Road, cityofmiltonga.us, 678.242.2500.


¨Stop the Bleed¨, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM. "Stop the Bleed" is a nationwide campaign to empower individuals to act quickly and save lives. City Hall, Room 107-E, Council Chambers, cityofmiltonga. us, 678.242.2500.


Crabapple Fest, 10 AM - 5 PM. in historic downtown Crabapple, the City of Milton and Crabapple Community Association (CCA) bring you Crabapple Fest, a massive destination festival featuring local arts and antiques. Courtney Spriggs at (678) 242-2533 or courtney.spriggs@ cityofmiltonga.us.


PRIDE Teen Driving Safety Class, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM. For more information call 800-342-9819 or 678-413-4281 or please visit our Web site at www.ridesafegeorgia.org.


Milton Disability Awareness Committee Meeting, 7 PM. City Hall, Room 107-A, Executive Conference Room, cityofmiltonga.us, 678.242.2500.


Carvin´ in Crabapple, 2 PM - 5 PM. BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin) and meet us at Broadwell Pavilion (12615 Broadwell Road). 678-242-2533 or by e-mail at courtney.spriggs@cityofmiltonga. us.


Car Seat Safety Check, 10 AM - 4 PM. City Hall (13000 Deerfield Parkway, Suite 107F). To schedule an appointment, please call 678-242-2527 or email pdinfo@cityofmiltonga.us.


Fall Mini-Shoots All info & booking online at www.BlencoeAndCo.com

on the City of Milton at three local coffee shops: Courtney Spriggs at Courtney. spriggs@cityofmiltonga.us. City Hall Closed for Holiday


Bulky Trash Amnesty Day, 8 AM - Noon. Roswell Public Works, 1810 Hembree Road. 678.242.2509. Milton Literary Festival, 10 AM - 4 PM. Crabapple Government Center, 12624 Broadwell Road. ; Milton Public Library, 855 Mayfield Rd. miltonliteraryfestival.weebly.com.


Better Together Meeting, 6:30 PM. Bethwell Community Center, 2695 Hopewell Road, cityofmiltonga.us, 678.242.2500.

11/24 - 25

City Hall Closed for Thanksgiving Day.


Milton Tree Lighting, 6 PM. Highway 9 at Webb Road.


Santa Portraits In-Studio 12-4pm All info & booking online at BlencoeAndCo.com


Veteran´s Day Coffee, 7 AM - 9 AM. We invite all veterans for a cup of coffee



By Jordana Klein

Whitetail Bicycles Bringing Caffeine and Cycling to Crabapple

AN EARLY MORNING CYCLING session begins with proper rest, preparation, hydration and equipment. But, how about an extra boost of caffeine? Wouldn’t you enjoy a nice cup of joe before heading out for hours of riding? Whitetail Bicycles takes care of not only your equipment, but also with your coffee fix. Located in downtown Crabapple in a 116 year old house, Whitetail Bicycles offers a highly upscale and next-generation version of your typical bicycle shop. No more bikes stacked to the ceiling with employees who know minimal information about the products in stock. At Whitetail, store owner Shaune Huysamen ensures a vibe that is completely organized and unique among other shops. And, by selling coffee right inside the shop, cyclists can enjoy two of their favorite items all in one. “We are a speciality shop,” Huysamen said. “I visited the manufacturers and researched the products because we did not want to be mainstream. Selling American bikes is almost unheard of.” Whitetail sells Parlee and Seven brands, which are produced about forty-five minutes from each other in the Boston area, along with Cannondale bikes. “To meet the person who built the bikes we sell is pretty awesome,” Huysamen said. He also discussed the extreme craftsmanship of the bikes sold in his shop. With a mission to get as many people on the road on bikes

and to bring bicycle awareness to locals in Alpharetta and Milton, Whitetail can ensure a flawless experience once inside. With three current employees who know the ins-and-outs of cycling, visitors should expect to receive one on one time with an employee, as opposed to being bombarded by subpar salespeople, according to Huysamen. Each bike inside is fully customizable, and customers can find their perfect bike with the exact fit they desire. From, a hybrid bike to an $18,000 fully-customized bike, Whitetail can produce it all; and Huysamen says each customer will be treated the same, no matter the size of their purchase. Whitetail Bicycles sees 80% of its customers from within one mile of their store, which has allowed them to easily assimilate into the Crabapple community. They plan to stay solely local and have even been involved with Old Blind Dog Cycling Club right around the corner, a group that rides every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6:45pm, free of charge, along with other weekly, public events. Whitetail supports this community and also plans to create a racing team next year, sponsor cycling events, and even organize its own events. With the personable employees and fresh, small batch coffee available made-to-order from twice-weekly deliveries from Portland, OR., your first time venturing to Whitetail Bicycles will create a lasting impression and leave each customer feeling even more involved in the Crabapple cycling community than before. Learn more at facebook.com/whitetailbicycles or whitetailcycles.com. JK



HOUSES OF WORSHIP Alpharetta Church of God•churchofgod.cc Alpharetta First United Methodist•afumc.org Alpharetta Presbyterian Church •alpharettapres.com Atlanta Chinese Christian Church North • acccn.org Bethany Baptist Church • hightowerbaptist.org Big Creek Church • bigcreekchurch.com Birmingham United Methodist•birminghamumc.org Bridgeway Baptist Church•bridgeway.net Calvary Chapel•calvaryalpharetta.com Chabad Of North Fulton•chabadnf.org Child Evangelism Fellowshi cefcanada.org Christ The Shepherd Lutheran Church LCMS•cts.org Clear Springs Baptist Church•sbcga.com Community Of Chris cofchrist.org Congregation Gesher L’Torah•gltorah.org Countyline Baptist Church•clbchurch.com Crabapple First Baptist Church•crabapplefbc.org Elam Ministries•elam.com Faith Life Ministries•faithlifeministries.net First Baptist Church of Alpharetta• fbca.com Grace North Atlanta • gracenorthatlanta.org Habakkuk Christian Mins•habakkukchristianministries.com Hanuman Mandir•srihanuman.org Hopewell Baptist Church•hopewellbaptistchurch.org Inner Quest • innerquestchurch.org Islamic Center Of North Fulton•icnf.org Johns Creek Baptist Church•jcbc.org Keepin’ it Real•keepinitreallighthouse.com Kingdom Ambassadors International Center Living Truth Church•livingtruthchurch.net Messiah Lutheran Church•messiahlutheran.ws Methodist Hour International•methodisthour.com Midway Community Church•midwaycommunitychurch.org Midway United Methodist Church•midwayumc.org Morning Star Chapel•morningstarchapel.org Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church•mountpisgah.org Mt Pisgah Christian School•experiencepisgah.or New Millennium Church •newmillenniumchurch.net North Gate Church Of Atlanta•antiochchurch.life North Point Community Church•northpoint.org Olive Branch Tabernacle Of Faith•obtoffaith.com Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church•poplutheranchurch.com Restoration Church of God•restorationnchurchna.org Saehan English Ministry•saehanem.org Spirit Of God Christian Church•spiritofgodcc.org St Aidan’s Episcopal Church•staidans.org St Brigid Catholic Church•saintbrigid.org St James United Methodist Churc stjamesumc.org St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Churc sta.org Stonecreek Church•stonecreekchurch.org Union Hill Church•unionhillalpharetta.com Vision Baptist Church•visionbaptist.com

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Get our 3-Bed, 2-Bath, 4-Door, V-6 discount.

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Put auto and home together for hundreds in savings. When you have a State Farm car and a State Farm home, get ready to drive around with a big, money-saving State Farm smile. GET TO A BETTER STATE. CALL ME TODAY. ®


State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, IL

Profile for Local Life Publishing

Milton Magazine Fall 2016  

Milton Magazine is a local, lifestyle magazine featuring the events, businesses and good people of Milton, Georgia in zip code 30004.

Milton Magazine Fall 2016  

Milton Magazine is a local, lifestyle magazine featuring the events, businesses and good people of Milton, Georgia in zip code 30004.