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A Gainesville Dining Favorite


Medicaid Myths Did you know that Medicaid may pay for your loved one’s long-term care, even if he or she has money? If you didn’t, you’re not alone. Myths about Medicaid abound. A few of the most common myths are listed to the right. All too often, people are given wrong information about Medicaid from wellmeaning friends, co-workers, family members, and even people who work in hospitals and nursing homes. As a result, many give away their assets or put all their money into certain types of annuities, actions that may disqualify them from receiving Medicaid benefits for months or even years. That’s why it’s important to get the facts. When it comes to navigating the complexities of Medicaid qualification, trust the experienced elder law attorneys at Kimbrough Law. We work with Medicaid every day and can help you separate myth from fact. Just give us a call!

MYTHS ABOUT MEDICAID: MYTH: I have to give away everything I own to get Medicaid. MYTH: If I give away assets to family or friends, I won’t qualify for Medicaid. MYTH: If I don’t sell or give away my home, the nursing home will end up taking it. MYTH: Medicaid rules that applied to my neighbor will also apply to me.

Medicaid Tip: If a loved one may need long-term care in the next 3 – 5 years, now is the time to start planning. The earlier you start, the more options you’ll have.


Ph: (706) 850-6910 500 Jesse Jewell Parkway, Suite 200 | Gainesville, GA 30501 1077 Baxter Street, Suite 700 | Athens, GA 30606











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Hello again! Fall is around the corner to be followed by the crisp, cool air and the changing colors of the leaves in the weeks to come. Gainesville has much to offer the local residents and newcomers to the area. Fall is a perfect time to fall in love with one of the North Georgia’s hidden treasures - Gainesville! This issue is filled with information and stories about people you know or might like to know. Places to go, eat, play, pray and more are found in every issue of Gainesville Magazine. As a new player in the publishing field for Hall County we hope that you will embrace the magazine making it an integral part of your community as we grow. We are “your” community magazine - after all. We would like to announce the promotion of one of our own. Please help us congratulate Anna Shadburn to her new position as Managing Editor of Gainesville Magazine! When you see her around town let her know about editorial ideas that you would like to see in future editions. We at LLP have total confidence in Anna’s ability to be a tremendous help with the editorial contributions that are necessary to make this magazine happen every issue. Our cover story features one of our favorite restaurants in the area and the people that make it run so smoothly every day. Scott’s Downtown is a gem right on the Square in the Historic Downtown District that you cannot miss! They will celebrate their 10 year anniversary in business in December. Serving the area with love, attention to detail, and excellence in fine food dining - this is a dinner date you need to make. Find out more about Scott Dixon, his lovely wife Kay Dixon, and their newest Executive Chef - Peter Brandes. Enjoy the inspiring article about Ken Duncan and his journey to a new you. Read our regular features by contributing writers, our own Gainesville native - Jim Harris, and Atlanta Designer - Melissa Galt. Do not miss our special sections with Event Calendars and Listings of what is happening in Gainesville and close by neighborhoods. Remember to live, work, shop, eat, play and pray locally!

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SCOTT’S DOWNTOWN 131 Bradford Street, Gainesville

Photographs by Leanne Masten - Staff Photographer Leanne Masten Photography,

EXCELLENCE in Every Element


Scott Dixon BY J. ARNWINE

Making a Culinary Difference in Gainesville for 10 Years


Fine dining has become synonymous with thinking of tables draped in the finest of linens, silverware, fine china and crystal dotted across the table with low lighting emitting an elegant ambiance. Scott’s Downtown and the Loft @ Scott’s has been satisfying the fine people of Hall County and neighboring communities for many years, becoming a mainstay of culinary masterpieces to tantalize your taste buds.

Located in the heart of downtown and ran by Award-Winning Chef and owner Scott Dixon, along with his wife Kay Dixon. Kay makes it appear effortless as she expertly handles all the catering and event activity for the Loft at Scott’s. Both Scott and Kay, will make you feel at home and treat you like family as soon as you enter the building. Unpretentious and welcoming as they provide the elegance of a fine dining experience every time you visit. The restaurant is housed in an established, brick building in the heart of Gainesville’s historic downtown square. Right in the middle of the history of the area you find yourself in the company of a superior Chef that creates new standards for food excellence! From the beef entrees featuring juicy, mouth watering USDA Prime steaks to the fresh fish and succulent seafood bounties, you will certainly find a main course that suits your palate. All the menu items are of the freshest and finest quality from around the region. An extensive wine list featuring over 150 different bottles of wine. Beer and a wide

selection of liquors can be presented with each and every meal that will compliment your food choices. And do not forget to ask about dessert offerings or dessert drinks, that is, if you have any room left. The wait staff are some of the best in the industry, anticipating your every need without being overwhelming. Trained specifically to think about a patron’s wishes by remembering that each dining experience should be upscale-casual, fine dining. Knowing that each patron will be receiving the same in excellence when it comes to overall service through their entire meal experience. Scott and Kay believe that treating everyone like a neighbor that has come to visit their home and taking care of them to the very best of your ability, will keep them coming back, time after time. Caring about what you do and how you do it - creates a warm environment where friends will want to gather! Scott and Kay put their hearts and souls into everything they do associated with the restaurant. The love that they have for their business is evident in every thoughtful detail. From the copper framed glass doors that greet your entry, to the sleek, black table cloths that adorn each table, and to the foot soldiers/wait staff that are their to serve you in your culinary journey, attention to detail is delivered. Yes, delivering excellence in every element is such a true testament to what they’re all about. Taking time out for the community is very important to both Scott and Kay. They like to stay involved and contribute to many of the local charities and organizations supporting good works throughout the community. In the midst of all that, they continue to work on innovative ways to keep their restaurant current while maintaining the individuality and consistency that makes a patron fall in love with their experience at Scott’s Downtown in the first place. Scott likes to say, “We offer Atlanta quality with the charm of Gainesville”! Keeping true to his word, presenting consistency while adding new flavor that makes each experience something special! We had the opportunity to sit down with Scott Dixon and ask him a few questions about his business, family and life in general. Here is what he had to say: (continued...)



Gainesville Magazine (GM): What drew you to the world of food and fine cuisine? Scott Dixon (SD): I started working in the restaurant business when I was 13 years old, bussing tables at the Old Hickory House in Atlanta. That started it all. As I progressed up the ladder in position and type of restaurant, I realized that I really liked the excitement of the industry. I have worked in every position that there is to work in the business over my career, from the Back of the House – Dishwasher, prep cook, fry cook, raw bar, sauté, grill, Assistant Kitchen Manager, Kitchen Manager, Executive Chef, to the Front of the House – busboy, server, back waiter, front waiter, bar back, bar tender, Assistant Manager, General Manager and finally - Owner. GM: What and who inspires you most? SD: I am going to have to say my Mom inspires me the most. As a single parent, she worked so hard to progress in her profession of executive assistant to CEO level executives and she provided for my sister and I in a way that still astonishes me today. We were not rich by any means. We were comfortably middle-class, but we never wanted for anything. I really have no idea how she did it. Mostly, I think that her children were her life and she was very selfless. She never did for herself, we always came first. Of course we never really knew this as we were coming along but looking back I am so impressed and thankful for everything my Mom did and sacrificed for my sister and I.

She is an amazing woman and continues to do for others to this day, even as she battles stage four COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and is on full time oxygen. She is the first one to lend a hand or help those less fortunate. She is and always has been an inspiring woman. GM: What would have been your second career choice? SD: I think if I had not stuck to this industry, I would have run away and become a ship’s captain. At least that is what the romantic side of me says. GM: What’s one thing you’d like to be remembered for? SD: I think most importantly I want to be remembered by how I made people around me feel. People will forget what you said or did, but they won’t forget how you made them feel! GM: If you were told you can take 5 things with you to a remote and deserted island, what would they be? SD: First and foremost - a boat, fishing equipment, a steel knife, flint, and water. GM: How do you come up with new dishes? What are your favorite dishes that you have created? SD: Creation is fun and many times happens by accident. Often times I will taste something and say oh, you know what would be good with that?! Tastes and smells may trigger a memory or



just inspire something new. A couple of my favorites would be my Alaskan Halibut with a rustic tomato and artichoke broth, and my Prime Ribeye with my signature steak butter. GM: Where did you start out and what one lesson stuck with you more than others? SD: I started in the restaurant business as a 13 year old kid bussing tables at The Old Hickory House in Sandy Springs. From there as with so many of us, I bounced around to different restaurants doing different jobs, until eventually, I had worked every position there was to work in a restaurant with the exception of baker. A Baker I am not. I have worked for so many different restaurateurs both successful and not, and I have learned from them all. I learned either what to do or what not to do, or what I thought I could do better.

GM:.What gives you real joy and happiness? SD: Many things to be certain! Family first and foremost. Next looking back at the successful business I have built and the wonderful people who love what I do, but the number one thing has to be - sailing on the open ocean with full sails on blue water and the sound of the water rushing over the hull, while I am at the helm! That is my true joy!!

GM: How do you deal with stress in the restaurant business? SD: Stress? What Stress? As an owner-operator this must be one of the most stressful jobs around, if you truly care about what you produce and how you take care of your guests. I literally lose sleep if I or a member of the team have given disservice to a guest. My thought is that these people come to me and chose me to provide them with an experience. That experience may be as simple as a Tuesday night dinner or celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary. Either way, I want it to be perfect! So consequently with that - comes some stress. Couple that with rising food costs and an absolutely atrocious labor market, and you have a recipe for stress. How do I cope? Most of the time very well. My vice is the water. I go to my boat and sometimes just sit there looking out over the lake, or on the occasions when I can get out of town, staring out over the ocean. GM: What is your favorite wine, beer or drink? What is your favorite food or meal? SD: My favorite beer is Amstel Light, my favorite drink is Scotch Whisky, and I love most wines. Favorite food or meal - two answers: a perfectly, slow roasted Prime Rib of beef, and number two, I love Pizza, that is my guilty pleasure! GM: What was one of the hardest things you have had to deal with in business? How did you overcome it? SD: One of the toughest things I have had to deal with was the recession in 2009. As with a lot of businesses, the economy took a toll on us and I had to make some tough decisions to make sure that we were going to still be around in 2010. I cut expenses, worked more myself and really managed the details. Keep in mind, I am the restaurant guy that went to business school, not culinary school. That is why I am still in business today. Hard work and managing my business.

GM: How do you handle a disruptive customer? (If you are lucky you don't have any of these. Any service type business runs into this occasionally and how you handle it can make all the difference.) SD: I have told my staff this basically - “The customer is not always right but they are always the customer�. With that said, one of the great things about being a sole proprietor, the buck



2017 Diner's Choice Award (9th year in a row) by 2017 Certificate of Excellence (5th year in a row) by

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Live Music Saturdays

stops here and I have only myself to answer to, and that is a great thing when it comes to a rude or disruptive customer. The wait staff and I are here to graciously serve you and deserve the same courtesy. GM: What morsel of wisdom would you like to pass along to the future generations of Chefs in this new millennium? SD: The best advice I can give anyone that thinks they want to be a chef or a restaurateur is to work in as many different places as you can to get exposed to different cuisines and different ways of doing things. To cook, cook, and cook! And if you want to own a restaurant - make sure that you have a VERY solid, understanding of basic business and marketing, otherwise, the chances of failure for an already very risky industry skyrocket! A recent addition to the already stellar team and staff of Scott’s Downtown is their new Executive Chef - Peter Brandes. People in Gainesville will recognize the name, as he was previously at the Chattahoochee Country Club. Chef Peter joins Scott Dixon in the kitchen to help take the restaurant to the next level. He has over 30 years experience in food and beverage and his resume reads like a Who’s Who of the Culinary world. He started out with Steak & Ale in Sandy Springs, then Culinary Institute of America, three years in Europe, Sous Chef with the Ritz Carlton Hotels, several local businesses and golf clubs. He worked at Country Club of the South and other independent restaurants. Chef Peter brings his vast knowledge and collected experience to give a new, fresh perspective for both the dining room and the catering side of the restaurant. This gives Scott the opportunity to take more of an overseer role in the kitchen, still being there every night while allowing Peter to shine with his multitude of new ideas. On a personal note, Peter is married with three children, two grand kids and two cats. December will mark the 10th Anniversary of Scott’s Downtown, continuing their personal mission of excellence! Award winning Chef and restaurateur, Scott Dixon is a fortunate man to be able to do the thing he loves and get paid for it! He has helped to revive the downtown area of Gainesville and has a staff that has become extended family and compliments what he has built over the years. He will continue to feed the community in a way that will expand his reach to food fans everywhere! The people of Gainesville and surrounding neighborhoods are fortunate to have Scott, Kay, Peter and their staff caring for our appetites and adding to our culinary adventures!! Chef / Owner - Scott Dixon Catering & Events Manager / Owner - Kay Dixon Executive Chef - Peter Brandes




Do I Need A




Every January, gyms and health clubs across the country are filled with the New Year’s Resolution crowd. You are probably familiar with the drill. This is the year I am really going to do it, lose pounds and get healthy. Many have several years’ experience at these attempts. But, by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, the gyms are pretty much back to their usual members. What happened to the new people?

I didn’t really have any accountability. Sound at all familiar? So, for the next year, you decide to try something different, getting a trainer. But, where do you start? How do I know if I really need a trainer or just someone to tell me what to do? How do I select the right trainer? What should I expect from the relationship? What results should I expect? What will it cost?

DO I NEED A TRAINER? If you’ve had a positive result from self-training before, know how to stay safe with exercises, have the knowledge If you surveyed those people that dropped off in the first of which movements are right for you, and the discipline to hold yourself accountable for your fitness, you may six weeks of the new year, you’d find a lot of answers in common. I didn’t see results, I didn’t know what to do, or be good to go on your own. Start at a conservative pace, what to eat, and it was easy to drop by the wayside because pay attention to what your body tells you and get advice 16


Pictured Right: Trainer Marian Harris with her cleint at Pulse45

from a qualified expert, if you need it. Above all, don’t just randomly trust something you find online. If you don’t check off all of these boxes, you are likely better off to get a professional partner in the equation. HOW DO I CHOOSE THE RIGHT TRAINER? This can certainly be a bit tricky. First, most people have no idea what the differences are between various certifications, and there’s really no reason you would know. Some, like ACSM, NASM and ACE are tougher courses, with more challenging tests, so they require a great comprehension of the necessary skills. Others can be completed online in hours, so no real in depth knowledge is required. Certification is a great place to start your search, but that is only one of several considerations. Check out the trainer’s website, social media sites and sources like yelp, google and the Better Business Bureau. Check out their profiles on lead referral services like Angie’s List and Thumbtack. Read the reviews and ratings from clients. From those, you should get a good idea of what type client this trainer does best with, as well as their training style. Do they have numerous success stories from people with a similar journey to your own? Do they have experience and education in nutrition? Proper eating is a huge part of the healthy equation. In the case of a franchised, multiple location operation,

are the success stories all from the location you’d be attending, or sort of a “greatest hits”, so to speak, from all of their locations? Other locations across the country are staffed with different folks than who you would be working with in your local operation. The best training is customized for each individual, as every client brings different conditions to the equation. Any trainer that will offer you a package without first completing an assessment of your fitness, special circumstances, medical history, balance, flexibility, etc., is asking you to adapt to their offering, not creating the right package specifically for you. What is contained in a workout varies drastically between clients, as does the needed frequency, duration and number of sessions. WHAT COMES WITH THE RELATIONSHIP? Most trainers can give you a great in person workout. Ask if they provide you with exercise routines for the days you don’t see them. If you’re left on your own, you’re pretty much right back where you started. Do they have the skillset to help you learn and implement the correct nutritional habits? Can they teach you how to shop, food prep and order a healthy meal in a restaurant? Do they have expertise dealing with any special considerations you may have, as in health issues, injuries, medical conditions, etc. If you have heart, joint, skeletal or medical concerns, those can


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be major issues to put in the hands of someone who doesn’t have specific experience working with similar clients.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! GHOST WALK ON THE SQUARE This Halloween the History Center partners with Main Street to bring you the haunted history of downtown Gainesville! This special tour will travel around downtown with stories from Gainesville’s past, with stops to grab some food and drinks! Tours are every 20 minutes, beginning at 6 p.m., nine tours per night, 30 guests per tour. Admission is $10 for non-members, Members $8; 6 - 9 p.m. on the Square in downtown Gainesville; October 26th - HOWL-O-WEEN ON THE SQUARE Have a HOWL of a time at this year's Howl O Ween on the Square, Saturday, October 29 from 6p-9pm. We will have pet costume contests, prizes, pup crawl with discounts at restaurants around the Square, vendors and a concert at 8pm featuring the Retro Rock Its! It's going to be a GRRRRRRReat time! For more information call 770-297-1141 or Face Book at Downtown Gainesville! THE (HAUNTED) DARK ROWS The Dark Rows is an outdoor haunted attraction open on Friday and Saturday nights in October, presented by Uncle Shuck's Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch. This new and improved Haunted Maze is a nighttime adventure through the corn, lit only by the clear blue glow of the moon. It's a scary good time... Tickets $15-22. Learn more: WARBINGTON FARMS Locally owned for over 35 years. Great wholesome fun for the whole family enjoying the "Hey" Ride, Farm Fun Park, Petting Zoo, tire yard, tunnel slide, corn crib, fresh picked strawberries, pumpkins, or other downhome fun on the farm activities. (770) 889-1515, 5555 Crow Road, Cumming, HELL’S GATES 329 Harmony Church Rd, Dawsonville- Hell’s Gates is an adult’s only outdoor reality drama. You are not just watching, but you are actually a part of the whole experience, placed in a group that will enter an outdoor trail that carries you through nine different scenes of shocking reality. There will be live actors, video effects, fires, explosions, gunfire, and life and death decisions through a near hour-long experience.

Most prospective clients will tend to factor convenience into your consideration process, and that could compromise results. For example, many new trainers will offer to train you in your home, which certainly makes things easier. However, unless you have a full, in-home gym, you will be limited in equipment and exercise options, which can limit your progress. Also, if a trainer has plenty of availability at peak times, you may want to ask yourself why a top level trainer would have those openings. Imagine if you walked into a restaurant on a Saturday evening and only one or two other tables were occupied, would you question your choice? WHAT SHOULD IT COST? There is no one size fits all answer, but experience and track record should be your primary considerations over price. Often, the higher rate trainer may be the best use of your resources. You’ll find that trainers with the highest rates are often in highest demand, and may have a waiting list for clients, where lower rate trainers may be struggling to attract clients. Why? Simply, results. Spending a few thousand dollars over a few months and getting the results you desire is a much better return on investment than spending less over the same period and not seeing the results. Your health and fitness are too important to make choices by price over value, results and performance. Plus, with the higher rate trainer, you will likely learn a lot of the skills you’ll need to continue with your healthy lifestyle. A higher rate, in and of itself, doesn’t guarantee that a specific trainer is the right fit for you, but one who has a philosophy and training style that you feel comfortable with will give you the best odds of success. Article written by Jim Harris. Jim is a Master Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist, President of Max Results LLC in Gainesville, Founder of Pulse45, and a Member of the Men’s Health Advisory Council| Master Trainer, President of Max Results Training, LLC in Gainesville, GA.

TRICK OR TREAT on the TRAIL Oct. 28, 3pm. FREE! Trick-or-treating, petting zoo, bounce house, games, candy and fun! Don’t forget to bring a canned food item for the Georgia Mountain Food Bank! Located at Midtown Greenway on Grove Street directly behind the Public Safety and Fire Complex. 18

JOHN NICHOLSON 678-943-8083

2490 Limestone Pkwy #907892 Gainesville, GA 30501


Eagle Ranch Founder

From Humble Beginnings to

Miracles Eddie Staub

Still at Work




any longtime Gainesville residents will remember the headlines in 1983, when a young man from Alabama had just 120 days to raise the money for his dream to start a home for struggling boys.

Eddie Staub captured the hearts and imagination of an entire North Georgia community after moving there from Alabama with little money, experience, or local ties to the area— only a vision and the strong belief that he had been called to a life of helping children. Eddie Staub, Eagle Ranch Founder and Executive Director

When Eagle Ranch opened on April 13, 1985, CNN called it “The Miracle on Chestnut Mountain.” Even today, the transformation and hope experienced by hundreds of boys and girls and their family members each year remain a testament to God’s faithfulness and provision.

A Trustworthy Organization Eagle Ranch has been debt-free since inception, thanks to the ongoing support of the surrounding community and careful stewardship. Since Eagle Ranch takes no state or government funding, its annual budget is funded solely through contributions from individuals, corporations, churches foundations, and civic clubs. Over 80 percent of each donation goes directly to services for children and their families, and Eagle Ranch has received Charity Navigator’s highest rating of 4 stars.

How Gainesville Can Help Whether you’re looking to find a meaningful opportunity to serve, a solid investment to establish a legacy, or you know a family who could benefit from Eagle Ranch’s services, there are many ways to become involved. Eagle Ranch conducts group and individual tours, provides speakers for groups and has numerous ways to give and serve. Located in south Hall, it is convenient to Gainesville and has strong ties in the community.

A Mission to Make Life Better Eagle Ranch’s mission is simple: to help make life better for children and their families, while positively impacting communities for the glory of God. Families turn to Eagle Ranch for a variety of crisis situations, such as trouble in school, behavioral issues, anxiety, defiance, a death in the family and much more. Through an integrated approach built on Christian principles, the Ranch provides a home, education, counseling and spiritual development for children, keeping their families actively involved. The 310-acre campus includes 10 homes serving nearly 70 children, a SACS-accredited school for grades 6-9, and a variety of recreational activities. The goal is for families to experience renewal. Eagle Ranch helps children discover their individual purpose and identity, helps improve communication and relationships among family members, and provides tools and support for a continued journey to a more promising future.

If you would like more information, please contact Kelly Greer, Eagle Ranch’s Director of Development, at or 770.967.8500. 5500 Union Church Road • Flowery Branch • GA 30542 p: 770.967.8500 • f: 770.967.3757



By Anna Shadburn

The Madman

and the Poet

Folklore...or the man himself? Images by Brian Ingram Photography 22



Nate Currin


As I rush to my first musician interview, I wonder about the man I’m about to meet. Having listened to a few of his songs in doing research, I was more curious to meet the man behind the music, to relate to him, in hopes of sharing his story/point of view/or at the very least his local roots. We meet at a local Starbucks. After scheduling the meeting, I immediately wondered if we should have gone someplace else. Somewhere more true to Gainesville, where Nate Currin calls home but rarely gets to put his feet up. However, as I walk in, I realize it’s perfect. A lazy Monday afternoon, quiet except for the sounds of a humming espresso machine and the smell of fresh brewed coffee. This puts me at ease, as this is one of my most favorite smells in the world. He sits in the chair in the corner, with his back to the wall, with black coffee and a laptop, which surely holds emails, song lyrics and projects he might be working on. His smile is friendly; and I notice his t-shirt, a Neil Young image he explains was, “a great songwriter.” Admiration, inspiration, songwriting and storytelling play major roles of influence in Nate’s life and career. After discussing his past, I learn he has been involved with music for ten years. He had left a well-respected, and most likely, well-paying job behind to pursue music fulltime. In 2007, he played at local shows around Gainesville and North Georgia, including Saint Ives Coffeehouse on Green Street, downtown’s Rhythm and Blues, and Crimson Moon Café in Dahlonega. This led to weekly shows in Atlanta to gain more exposure. In 2009, in collaboration with friends from Los Angeles and Atlanta, he signed with a record label and created his first album, Goodnight California.

Despite mixed reviews, the album gained radio play and a sold-out release party at the Hard Rock Café in Atlanta. This first album helped him transition to become a wellknown artist and perform with a fuller band, most of which were friends. This band included Simon Peek, on bass and electric guitar, who continues to play with Nate today. His second album, The Pilgrim led him back to his roots. He had moved to San Francisco at the end of 2011, to recharge and focus on life. It was here, in his downtime, he felt pulled back to this album, The Pilgrim. In just 6-7 months he wrote more than 20 songs he later condensed to 18. The roots of The Pilgrim stemmed back to his childhood. Having grown up with a father that was a Baptist preacher, Nate was required to read one of the oldest books in the English language, The Pilgrim’s Progress, a 1678 Christian allegory written by John Bunyan. This novel, like many others in the songwriter’s life, had a profound impact on him. He began to realize that even in the darkest times of his life, he had a deep faith in God he continued to return to. This faith influenced his songwriting and led him to create an album which was more storytelling and less traditional. A theme that would carry over to his future work. With these songs fresh in mind, he came back to Georgia to record them in Athens, at Domus Sound, with the help of producers Paul Reeves and Simon Illa and several local musicians. With a release party held at Vinyl in Atlanta, this album, in part thanks to a release tour, publicist, and booking agent, reached a whole new level of publicity for Nate. It appealed to a larger demographic of people, but also had the undertones of literature and religion. These religious undertones spoke to his history and life experience. When I asked Nate about his tattoos, he modestly replied he knew some might not see traditional religion in his appearance. He explained his tattoos are


simply an authentic expression of who he is. Interestingly, he adds a new one with each tour, creating the patchwork of inked art on his arms and body today. His personal experiences and storyteller’s heart paved way for his most recent album, The Madman and the Poet. This album came together with solo shows in 2013 and a second collaboration with Simon Illa in early 2014; and this collaboration led to his third official album, You and I are Ghosts, which went to #13 on iTunes. Nate was nominated for several awards at the International Music Awards and walked away with both Folk Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year. Despite only seven tracks, this album has some of the artist’s favorite songs, most of which are still requested by avid fans at his concerts. Nate spent the rest of 2014 touring as a solo artist. The bulk of this Tour was “completely organic” and a true “grassroots effort.” In 2015, Nate came full circle opening for Jars of Clay, which he had listened to as a young kid in the mid-90s. He met a few members of the band, opened for them in Atlanta and was invited back to play for them later the same

year in New York. Working alongside Matt Odmark, The Madman and the Poet album was produced. This album communicates the duplexity of a doubtful, skeptical, dark rock n’ roll bent competing with his more acoustic, intimate, faithful and hopeful personality. With this album he felt comfortable allowing his faith to shine, while admittingly showing the very real struggle between

believing in something and trusting in what grace may look like in an individual’s life. When asked about the album’s title and underlying theme of this work, Nate explained his storytelling and the title stem from mainly from his life experiences. He added, at age 20, he backpacked across Europe with a goal to hike Cadair Idris, a mountain located in Gwynedd, Wales, off the

coast of the United Kingdom. He sought out this particular mountain because of a local legend pertaining to King Arthur, which told of spending the night on top of the mountain and waking up as either a madman or a poet. Prior to his experience at the top of Mount Cadair Idris, Nate had never actually written lyrics for his songs, only melodies. Soon thereafter, he wrote his first full-length composition, and has now written over 450 songs in 15 years. Instead of trying to decide whether he was one way or the other, he used this newest album to express both sides of himself. The madman, ever-questioning, melancholic side, and the passionate, hopeful, poetic side. Ultimately sharing the both sides of his soul is a big hit with fans, who crave authenticity and real stories. He lived three-and-a half years of the last decade entirely on the road, and recently completed an extensive tour to support The Madman and the Poet. I asked Nate about his “troubadour” lifestyle. He said living in an RV, with no TV, no real kitchen, no heat in the winter, and only his terrier mix Max to keep him company had its pros and cons. He insists it is the fans who make all of the daily hassles and struggles “absolutely worth it.” I asked for clarification, so he shared a


story with me which made me tear up. One night in St. Petersburg, Florida at the conclusion of a show promoting The Madman and the Poet, he noticed a man and woman were locked in on his performance and appeared to be trying to get the most out of their experience with each other. He noticed they were crying and kissing as the concert continued. As soon as the show ended this intriguing couple asked Nate if they could share their story with him. The couple had discovered Nate the day his album debuted, which happened to be the same day the gentleman got the troubling news he had terminal cancer. This show, this concert, was to be the couple’s last outing together. After discovering Nate, they had singled out one song on the album that really spoke to them and their life together, “A Ship with No Sea,” but Nate hadn’t played that song that night. After hearing their story, he got right back up on stage and played the song just for them. Nate realized, “Even in the tougher moments, when I might ask myself if it was all worth it, I’d remember this particular couple and remind myself my work often becomes an important, personal part of other people’s lives.” His gift of story-telling and songwriting gives him the opportunity to impact the lives of others in a way he would never have been able to otherwise. He took this story with him and went on to tour in 40 states and 70 different cities. He was nominated for an Independent Music Award for American Artist of the Year. He again won Songwriter of the Year at the International Music Awards. Achieving a measure of success, he has relocated to Clearwater, Florida to be closer to his family, although he assures me he still considers the city of Gainesville to be home. After driving over a million miles and seeing the countryside with his dog Max, he admits he is ready for some “downtime.” While traveling is “in his blood,” he finds it necessary now to recharge and perhaps settle his soul for a bit, until the road calls again. AS





Pictured (L to R): Marketplace Tri-Chairs Leslie Miller, Caroline Nix and Maggie Griffin

26th Annual



Marketplace, an annual festive holiday shop- items; and much more. Gifts will be priced in all ranges from small, inexpensive gifts to unique, one-of-a-kind ping event presented by premier sponsors items. The Medical Center Auxiliary and WilMarketplace is an annual friend and fundraising event of lis Investment Counsel, will take place The Medical Center Auxiliary, which benefits healthcare November 2 – 4 at the Gainesville Civic services of Northeast Georgia Medical Center. This year’s Center. All proceeds from Marketplace 2017 chairpersons – Maggie Griffin, Caroline Nix and Leslie – lead a planning committee of more than 30 volbenefit Safe Kids Gainesville/Hall County, Miller unteers including Auxiliary president LeeAnn LoCicero. which works to prevent accidental childMore than 130 volunteers will serve during Marketplace hood injury – the leading killer of children weekend. ages 14 and younger in the U.S. “This is a truly is a wonderful event where attendees have the opportunity to shop with merchants they wouldn’t

Marketplace Preview Party is Thursday, November 2, 6:30 normally have access to, all while raising money and show– 9:30 p.m. Tickets for Preview Party are $50 per person and will be available for purchase on Monday, October 2 at Preview Party attendees will enjoy heavy hors d’oeuvres; silent and live auctions; return admission to Marketplace; and the chance to shop before Marketplace opens to the public.

General admission is open 9:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Friday, November 3, and 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Saturday, November 4. Tickets are $5, and children 12 and younger are admitted free. Complimentary valet parking and a parking shuttle will be available. The event will feature more than 80 merchants from five states, selling unique gift items such as art; books; jewelry and other ladies’ accessories; home accessories; women’s, men’s and children’s clothing; gourmet food; Christmas

ing support for a great cause. It is definitely a win for all involved,” says tri-chair Leslie Miller.

For more information or to purchase tickets, call 770-2191830 or visit Created in 1992, Safe Kids Gainesville/Hall County is one of 30 coalitions in Georgia dedicated to the prevention of accidental injuries, a leading killer of children 14 and younger. Through a local coalition made up of 130 members representing more than 30 community agencies, Safe Kids provides safety equipment and education in injury areas such as child passenger safety, water safety, fire safety, wheeled sports safety and more, reaching more than 50,000 children, family members, teacher and caregivers annually. For more information, please call 770-2198095 or follow us on Facebook.





Opioid Addiction: Not Just a Young Person’s Problem

By William H. (Kim) Kimbrough, Jr., J.D., LL.M.


When you think about the kind of person who becomes addicted to pills, who comes to mind? If your first thought is a tattooed and pierced young person buying oxycontin on a dark street corner, you’re not alone. You might be surprised to learn that older Americans are using narcotic pain pills in surprisingly high numbers. Many are even becoming addicted. In my elder care law practice, we’re seeing a growing number of cases involving seniors who are addicted to opioids. In many cases, their drug dependence started with a legitimate prescription from a doctor. The numbers tell the story. Almost one-third of all Medicare patients — nearly 12 million people — were prescribed opioid painkillers by their physicians in 2015.

That same year, 2.7 million Americans over age 50 abused painkillers, meaning they took them for reasons or in amounts beyond what their doctors prescribed. The hospitalization rate due to opioid abuse has quintupled for those 65 and older in the past two decades. Opioid addiction is not just a young person’s problem. That data shows that seniors are more likely to be prescribed opioids than any other population. No one should be surprised. Based on the way physicians prescribe opioids, dependence can set in quickly—after just a few days. Nearly 14,000 people over age 45 died from an opioid overdose in 2015 — 42 percent of all such deaths in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The actual number of deaths is likely much higher because a death due to an opioid overdose is often attributed to something else like a heart attack, stroke, or fall.


The situation we’re facing today started in 1995 when the Federal Drug Administration approved OxyContin. Since then, pharmaceutical companies have been marketing opioids aggressively to physicians who prescribe OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet and other opioid painkillers to older patients suffering from chronic conditions. In 2009, the American Geriatric Society encouraged physicians to use opioids to treat moderate to severe pain in older patients, citing evidence that seniors were less susceptible to addiction. By 2012, addiction rates and the number of overdose deaths had soared, even though the American Geriatric Society eventually revised their position on opioid use. CDC guidelines recommending that doctors drug-test their patients before and during opioid therapy have done little to discourage doctors from overprescribing these drugs. A 2016 survey by the nonprofit National Safety

Council found that 99 percent of physicians prescribe opioids beyond the dosage limit of three days recommended by the CDC. As people age, they can become more at risk for dependence or overdoses. Older adults are more likely to have serious pain. Kidney and liver function slows with age, increasing the time drugs remain in the system. Memory loss can make more difficult to manage opioid medication well. It’s a problem families don’t talk about because there’s still this idea that drug addiction is a moral failing instead of a chronic medical condition which requires treatment. By the time families come to see us about their concerns about an elderly loved one, an opioid addiction is often one of several issues that need to be addressed. Fortunately, we’re able to steer families to the right kind of help. For more information about Kimbrough Law, call (706) 850-6910 or visit



Inspiration Can Be Found All Around Us!

One Journey of Change


When you first meet Kenneth Duncan or Ken as he likes to be called, you will not believe that he has gone through quite a transformation over the past year and recently ran the 2017 Peachtree Road Race. An amazing feat for someone who only a year earlier was battling many obstacles that would stop most people in their tracks.

He admitted he had not been physically active a while, nor had he been properly nourishing his body. The persistent thought of not living long enough to spend much time with his children or grandchildren added to his depression; but deep down he knew he could change all of this for the better. He started a Google search which led him to several personal trainers and eventually selected Max Results Training in Gainesville. He made a beginning by starting a fitness routine with personal trainer, Jim Harris.

His transformation is an inspiration to others. Ken had been physically fit in his 20’s by staying active. He had plenty of available and natural energy. Life moved on; and he felt his physical health begin to deteriorate. Taking care of family and building a career placed his own personal health on the back burner. He learned to live with these gradual changes, until he was diagnosed with depression.

This was the start of a new beginning for Ken. After going through an all-points assessment with Jim, a plan was put together personally tailored to Ken’s needs and goals. Ken wanted to lose 74 pounds, be a role-model for his sons, and run the 2017 Peachtree Road Race. He could already envision a better body with less pain in his knees and reduced blood pressure, all things that would improve his new way to a life and good health.

Ken was placed on depression medication by his physician although the battle he was facing often felt daunting and hopeless. The disease was a struggle; and the blow it delivered to his physical health was unexpected. He knew he had to do something - to make a change - to get his physical self back in the saddle of health.

Initially, Ken began with one on-one-personal training to establish an improved strength base to benefit more from circuit training, which was the next step in his program. Once he achieved enough strength and conditioning, he was able to safely approach his sessions with higher intensity levels. Ken could realize the heart rate threshold



needed to keep his body burning excess body fat, even for hours after his sessions ended. In a few short months there was a substantial drop in pounds and inches, as well as adding up to 100% to his strength in many exercises. At this point, Ken migrated to the Pulse45 program provided at Max Results Training and continued to work hard, enjoying amazing results. We wanted more insight to Ken’s personal journey, so we asked a few questions and if any advice our readers might learn from his experience: What has been your biggest transformation since starting his new fitness regime? Ken thought about this for a moment and then replied, “I would have to say my perception of others and of life in general has been completely transformed by my experience.

Of course, anyone would be more positive when they feel and look healthier. There is a lot of truth to that piece of it; but it goes so much deeper than that. Because I had to dig deep and work really hard for something, I began to understand more about myself and others around me. Witnessing others like me improve their health and life was a big motivator, as well. I began to realize how much we all have in common and then to see others in a totally different light. I see so much good in the people around me now. I admit I never had felt like this in the past. I wish I could express the extent of the love I have in my heart.� Today, depression has become a mainstream health topic, as many of us know someone or read about a celebrity who has battled this condition. Ken is frank about his journey, genuine and forthright with his advice for others on how to handle it. (continued...)


Family Owned & Operated Upholstery Shop

BMB Designs is YOUR full-service upholstery shop. We offer a full range of residential and commercial services designed with you, our customer, in mind. Have a boat or recreational vehicle? No problem. Our upholstery team can take care of those too. BMB Designs


Ken states calmly, “It’s a funny thing. You can be without trouble for weeks and then something will trigger a bout with it. I would love to say that you can conquer it by getting into better physical condition and making improvements to your diet, but the truth is it wasn’t that simple for me. Depression is a daily battle I must stay on top of daily, as is exercise, eating healthy, and taking care my 15 year old. For anyone who suffers from depression it is important to learn our triggers. What triggers me to go to those dark places? And then, we must analyze each and every trigger, for the particular ‘weapon’ each uses.” “Whether it be insecurity, fear, loneliness or another negative emotion, we can then pinpoint a specific area of our thoughts we can work on. From there it is a matter of how to improve these weaknesses within ourselves. Many of the these triggers get better naturally through the course of improving our self-image; and gratefully, I have reached a place where my improved, healthy well-being is commonplace. This can be good or bad. Good that we have a place of confidence to draw from, but bad because familiarity can breed complacency. Today, actually, I am battling it more than I have in quite some time; but I have confidence by the end of the day, I will have gotten ahead of it. I would say, we have to accept depression as part of who we are. We must just keep battling through the tough times because the good times are worth it. In order to wage this battle, we need to be at our best physically, because it is all connected.” When first starting on this journey to a healthier you, did you think you would get there this quickly? Ken had his answer ready, “Well, I guess I was naïve. I really did envision getting here this quickly. Of course, I had been partially down this road before but had never finished the journey.”

Your complete news, information and recreation guide to Lake Lanier

Print edition available at nearly 300 locations around the lake

Available online at

Now that you have come so far, reached your goals and completed the Peachtree Road Race, how do you maintain this healthier lifestyle without losing your motivation? Ken explained this is not difficult for him because he knows maintaining his resolve is key to his success. He said his clarity of thought and purpose is based on how good he feels emotionally and physically. Accomplishing goals has


increased his self-confidence. The top four things you do to keep on track? Ken responded: “First, fitness is more than a workout routine or a diet plan. Fitness is a way of life. Second, reaching out for help is not weakness. It’s wise! Third, it doesn’t matter how many times we slip on our journeys, we merely need to keep getting up. As long as we keep trying we are eventually going to reach our destination. And fourth, community (friends) are key. It’s important to have people around us who are also fitness-minded to encourage us to stay on track.” Ken advises others that in order to help them stay on track with their own personal fitness and health routine, the most important thing is finding a like-minded group of people who are on the same path. These friends help get and stick with daily routines, so it becomes a way of life.” Article written by staff writer of Gainesville Magazine. Additional information provided by Max Results Training: maxresultstraining. com and Kenneth Duncan: Photos provided by Max Results Training and Ken Duncan.



Passive Income Streams



While you may have a full slate of projects and clients in real time, you have the opportunity to add passive income streams to your design practice. In fact, you may just need to turn on ads if you already have a quality blog with traffic or are already leveraging the power of YouTube to get your genius to market. Passive income streams means that you set these up and other than monitoring, they don’t require any effort on your part to get the money in the door. Some setup is simple, some is more complex. You select what works for you. Many like to refer to passive income streams as making money in your sleep! #1 Passive Income Streams: Blog Advertising Blog advertising is going to be a lot more effective if you already have a blog set up and you are blogging regularly. Blogging is a lot of work and I don’t recommend it if you truly don’t enjoy writing, sourcing cool images, and using strategic plugins to maximize SEO for each post. That being said, if you have an existing blog, you are consistent in publishing quality blog content, and you’ve got some traffic (you can grow it), blog advertising is a great passive income stream for you to consider. What makes this easy is there are actually several quality

ad resources that you can apply to your blog that will look relatively classy (as classy as digital ads can look) and be relevant to your readers. One of my favorite examples is, they are using Taboola as their ad source at the bottom of each post, keeping their right side bar stripped bar except for a tag index. Another way to position ads is in the right hand column. The blog In My Own Style features and Consumer Reports, as well as ads at the top of the page. This is actually a helpful page for you to take a peek at advertising details. #2 Passive Income Streams: Consumer Teaching While there is a ton of free information out there for consumers including all manner of design guides, you can create design and decorating training and inspired teachings for fee. Whether you create this passive income stream per room, per design layer, per element (fabric, wood, stone, glass etc.), per style, per season, or per budget, there are endless ways to create the teachings and offer them for sale. You can use video, webinars, slideshows, PDF, info-graphic, any style of content. You can even make it a subscription service so that by the close of a year, the subscriber has moved through every main room in their home with your valuable tips and training that was created once and then sold multiple times,




delivered one piece at a time to avoid overwhelming the consumer. If you include a personal component, like a quick consult, it isn’t truly a passive income stream but could be an convenient add-on that tips buyers into purchasing. You could also make that an add-on, so you have a passive income stream and the option of making it less so. #3 Passive Income Streams: Tip Videos with Ads HGTV is admittedly very popular, and that can help inspire you to launch your own YouTube only design channel with quick tips and even full blown makeovers and project behind the scenes. This passive income stream is all about the quality (and personality) of your original video content that attracts viewers. And when you say yes to YouTube ads, they will populate on each video and you’ll have a chance to earn revenue for those who click through and purchase.

a reputation for impeccable elegance and her licensed product fits that perfectly. She is building her brand by sharing these seasonal “shops,” and promoting her licensed product passively. Her process for creating these shops is not passive, but expertly curated. Once she completes this, her “shop” remains on view for three months garnering purchases and brand style exposure.

If you don’t have licensed product, you can still create this with recommended goods that allow an affiliate link (see #5 below.) The affiliate link is embedded behind the image you display and only seen on the click through. As noted below, There was an issue recently with Gooyou must disclose the use of affiliate gle, who owns YouTube, and the ads links to be in compliance. that were appearing on inappropriate content. Google apologized and is #5 Passive Income Stream: Affilitaking steps to correct this action. ate Marketing with Amazon (and The same applies in the reverse, if others) you don’t feel that the ads you are This passive income stream is simple getting are appropriate, you can flag to set up and can yield big dividends. Google on it and see what kind of You must disclose that the links are response you get. affiliate and that you may get compensated in order to be FTC compli#4 Passive Income Streams: Deant. sign Style Guide with Licensed Product You can either link to images or to One of my absolute favorite examples text and your affiliate link is tracked is Atlanta Designer Suzanne Kasler (cookied) and any sales that come and her seasonal “shops.” Suzanne through that are credited to you. For hand picks both interior decorating example, many years ago, one of the elements and high fashion that is big bloggers (not in design) had an afbeautifully displayed on her website. filiate link on a book he recommendEach click through either takes you ed on Amazon. One of his readers directly to one of Suzanne’s licensed clicked through and over the course brands (gorgeous, of course) or to an of the next few hours ran down a few item she has recommended. She has rabbit holes on Amazon (it happens)

and bought an entire dining room suite, table and 8 chairs. The blogger got the affiliate commission for that purchase of a couple of thousand dollars, well beyond the price of the book he’d attached the affiliate link to. A simple Google search on interior design affiliates will reveal a wealth of opportunity on design product and you can affiliate directly with Amazon which does a lot more than just books.






Happy Fall,Y’all By Kayla Johnson

Summer is on its way out; and Autumn is here. It’s my favorite time of the year. The weather is finally cooling down. The leaves are changing; and there’s that distinct, cool, crisp smell in the air. Festivals, corn mazes, and pumpkins - this is the season for outdoor enjoyment in our local community. If you are like me and want to hit all the best events our area has to offer, keep reading...We’ve highlighted the ones you won’t want to miss!

Fall Festivals You Won’t Want to Miss:

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival WHERE: Lake Lanier Olympic Venue 3105 Clarks Bridge Rd., Gainesville, 30506 WHEN: Saturday, September 9th ABOUT: Biggest Hong Kong cultural event of the year. Thousands of people gather to race, cheer and enjoy the food from all around the world.

Hoschton Fall Festival WHERE: Downtown Hoschton WHEN: September 22nd, 3PMto 10PM September 23rd, 9AM to 10PM September 24th, 11AM to 5PM ABOUT: With over 150 vendor booths and live concerts for three nights, the Hoschton Fall Festival is sure to have something for everyone in the family to enjoy!

Mule Camp Market WHERE: Gainesville Square

WHEN: October 6th-7th, 10AM – 7PM October 8th, 12PM – 5PM ABOUT: The Mule Camp Market is the largest annual event hosted in Hall County. The festival features arts and crafts from vendors all over the country, with live music, great food and tons of activities for the kids to enjoy.


Georgia Apple Festival


Dragon Boat Festival Gainesville, Georgia

WHERE Ellijay Lions Club Fairgrounds 1729 South Main Street, Ellijay, 30540 WHEN October 14th-15th, October 21st–22nd ABOUT: Over 300 vendors and additional events like a classic auto show and 5K road race the Georgia Apple Festival is sure to be fun for the whole family!

Buford Corn Maze WHERE 4470 Bennett Road, Buford, GA 30519 WHEN September 2nd through November 12th

Buford Corn Maze Buford, Georgia

ABOUT: Combo tickets for the Corn Maze and Haunted Forest are $25 ($15 a piece separately) + includes access to Kid’s CORNer play area.

12th Annual Corn Maze at Jaemore Farms WHERE 5340 Cornelia Hwy Alto, GA 30510 WHEN Saturday, September 9th throuigh Sunday, November 5th ABOUT: All Access Passes are $14 and include unlimited corn maze, hayrides, pumpkin train, petting zoo, farm slides, skeeball, duck races plus five shots per person at the apple cannon.



Tick or Treat on the Trail WHERE: Midtown Greenway WHEN: October 28th at 3PM ABOUT: Free admission, trick or treating, petting zoo, face-painting and more. Recommended for children 12 and under.

14th Annual Mother and Son Dance Halloween Party WHERE: Gainesville Civic Center WHEN: October 24th, 6PM

Georgia National Fair Perry, Georgia

ABOUT: Tickets for Gainesville residents are $50 per couple (+17.50 for additional sibling). Non-city residents are $60 per couple (+21 for additional sibling). Themed music; costume contest, prizes and food will be catered.

Ghost Walk on the Square! WHERE: Gainesville Square

WHEN: October 26th, 6PM - 9PM

Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds Hiawassee, Georgia

WHAT: Tickets are $10 for non-members and $8 for members. Main Street and the History Center partner to present a special downtown tour of Gainesville’s haunted history. Every 20 minutes and includes a stop to get food and drinks.

Howl-O-Ween WHERE: Gainesville Square

WHEN: October 28th,at 5PM ABOUT: PUP crawl wristbands give you discounts at many downtown businesses. Bring your furry friend. All proceeds go to the Hall County Animal Shelter Adoption Program.


Connection Renewed Eagle Ranch believes connection is best achieved when we disconnect. Children come to live at Eagle Ranch without cell phones or other electronic devices that may interfere with their healing from struggles. We encourage outdoor recreation and relational activities that help boys and girls express their feelings and communicate in a healthier way. The result? A child who feels more confident in friendships, family interactions and life beyond the screen.

E a g l E R a n c h . o R g BULLI Schedule for 2017-2018

(Contributed by Virginia Hale) Brenau University Learning and Leisure Institute, {BULLI} offers four quarters of interesting, relevant and fun classes for those interested in lifelong learning, along with organized activities including hiking, book discussions, poetry reading and writing. FALL: Registration Aug. 24 in Gainesville, & Aug. 22 in Braselton. The six week fall BULLI term begins Oct. 2, 2017 - week of Nov. 10, 2017. WINTER: Registration Nov. 16 in Gainesville, & Nov. 14 in Braselton. Winter term begins Jan. 8, 2018 - the week of Feb. 16. SPRING: Registration Feb. 22, 2018 in Gainesville, & Feb. 20 in Braselton. Spring term begins March 26, 2018 the week of May 4.

SUMMER: Registration May 3, 2018 in Gainesville, & May 1 in Braselton. Summer term begins June 4, 2018 - July 13, 2018;

Atlanta Botanical Garden of Gainesville Events 2017 Wine in the Woodlands

“Music From Plants,” Scott Douglas September 30th, 11AM-NOON “Jeffini the Great” October 28th, 11AM -NOON

Concerts in the Garden

September 30th, (Call for times) Keb Mo Taj Mahal

Woodland Ramble Arts & Crafts October 7th 9AM- 3PM

August 31st, 6-9PM Music by Andrew Birdsail and light bites provided by 2 Dog Restaurant

Goblins in the Garden

September 28th, 6-9PM Music by April Rooks and light bites provided by Scott’s Downtown

Hall County Giant Book Sale Saturday, Sept. 16th, 10AM-5PM Sunday, Sept. 17th, 1PM-4PM

October 26th, 6-9PM Music by John Amoroso, light bites provided by Chef Kern’s

Friends of Hall County Libraries Tales for a Dark & Stormy Night Friday, Oct. 20th, 7:30PM - 10PM

Children's Performances

“Butterflies” by Cathy Kaemmerlen August 26th, 11AM-NOON

October 22st, 10AM- 4PM

If you have an event that you would like to see listed in future calendars, please send your information to Managing Editor - Anna Shadburn at email



The breakthroughs we make today make more tomorrows for you. Breakthroughs like heart stents that open clogged arteries, then disappear. Imaging technologies that provide more information using less radiation. Plus, some of the fastest heart attack response times in the nation. With so many ways to enhance, extend and save lives, it’s no wonder we’ve been named Georgia’s #1 heart hospital, 12 years and counting. We do it all to create more tomorrows for you.

Request an appointment online at or call 770-282-8455.

G E O R G I A’ S # 1 H E A R T H O S P I TA L , 1 2 Y E A R S A N D C O U N T I N G .

Gainesville Magazine-Sept/Oct 2017  

Gainesville Magazine is a full-size, glossy, local, lifestyle publication covering the good people, places and things to do in Gainesville,...