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What a Cheek!

From: Brandon Parkey 1 Chilham Close, Winsford. CW7 1LS

The large notice by the High Street road works WRONG CW&C - the government provided virtually all the investment, plus a small top up from the Council!

m i a l C ed” l i c n West & Chester Council Couy “Invest d - Cheshire suggested in large banners (as in r e o f h y T Wins reall thecentre photo above) displayed in the town, that they have in y was ent! providedof the £22 million being m e n in Winsford on the High Mon Gover Street spent improvements and the new Academy in Grange Lane. fromFACT: £19.6 million of this money was a grant provided by the coalition government. This grant enabled the Academy to go ahead with their new building. Brandon Parkey and Winsford Lib Dems believe another government department, the Highways Agency have also contributed government money towards the High Street road improvement costs. Which would suggest Cheshire West Council’s investment in Winsford, is about a tenth of what they are claiming credit for.

Knights Grange Play Area 3 Years and Still Waiting !

The above photo of the Lib Dem team, led by Brandon Parkey, at Knights Grange Play Area was taken three years ago, at the time the team complained to Cheshire West Council (CWAC) about the state of the play area, which they own. Brandon explained: ‘In the three years since then nothing has been done to improve the play equipment at Knights Grange’.

Income tax cut for over 400,000 in Cheshire Over 400,000 people in Cheshire have benefited from an income tax cut which will be worth £600 a year from this April, and £700 from next April as announced in the recent budget, “At the election we promised a fairer tax system, putting more money back in people’s pockets”, said local campaigner Bob Barton. “And that’s just what we’ve done, helping the lowest earners keep more of their income by taking them out of paying income tax altogether “These income tax cuts mean local taxpayers will have an extra £240 million in take home pay. That can give a real boost to our local economy.

Adding: ‘Just compare the state of this CWAC Council owned play area, with those owned and maintained by Winsford Town Council. When the Lib Dems ran Winsford Town Council, they instigated a successful rolling programme to refurbish and repair all the town’s play areas up to a decent standard.’ Brandon Parkey has demanded, yet again, that CWAC bring the Knights Grange Play Area up to a similar standard to that of other play areas in Winsford, and give local children the play area they deserve.

Local Lib Dems Gain Winsford Council Stronger Economy Seat on a Big Swing Fairer Society Brandon Parkey - On Your Side

In a record 20% swing, Winsford Lib Dems gained a Town Council seat in the Over ward.

New Lib Dem Councillor Charlie Parkinson, came from third place to beat both Winsford Lib Dem Labour and Conservative candidates, winning more than 50% of the vote. Charlie Parkinson

Winsford Neighbourhood Plan You Deserve Better

Your Labour & Conservative Councillors Want To Build Here! Free School Dinners for Infants

Winsford Flashes - Under Threat? The new localism Act introduced by the Coalition Government was designed to give local people a greater say in their Town’s future. You will be asked to vote on the plan proposed by Winsford Town council next year. Winsford Liberal Democrats approve of many of the proposals in the plan. But we cannot support some of the sites selected to build the 3,500 new houses Winsford has to provide over the next fifteen years. The selected sites are mostly greenfield sites. Many of the brownfield site within the Winsford boundary were considered unsuitable, but no reasons were given as to why they were unsuitable. The Liberal Democrats are against building on the St Chad’s Conservation area, around the Winsford Flashes and on greenfield sites off Swanlow lane and Darnhall School Lane. Local Lib Dem Brandon Parkey commented: “We have fifteen years to build the 3500 homes required. So there is no need to rush headlong into giving developers the go ahead now, to build in areas, we as a community might regret later.“

Labour Leaders Struggle On Since losing office in 2010 the Labour top brass, have like everyone else have had to cope with job losses and essential cuts in services to try and get the public finances back under control. So how have they managed ? You decide. Between 2012 and 2013 Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has declared additional earnings of a whopping £1.3 million pounds. Alistair Darling the last Chancellor of the Exchequer has scraped along with an additional £263,000 pounds additional earnings to go with his MP’s pay. Whilst Jack Straw former Foreign Secretary only managed a measly £183,000 in addition to his salary of around £65,000 for being an MP. You wonder where they find the time to do all this extra work and be a full time MP. Jack Straw claims to spend 60 to 70 hours per week on constituency work as an MP and 30 to 40 hours per week on other paid work. So that’s between 90 and 110 hours work per week- every week. “Cripes“ as Boris would say, that’s a fifteen hour day, seven days per week. You almost begin to feel sorry for them. Don’t you?

Liberal Democrats in government are introducing policies to make a real differe nce to Winsford people an d their families. As recently announce d, from next September we will be providing free hot school dinners for al l infant classes in th e first three years of sc hool. This will save parent s around £500 per ye ar for each child.

Brunner Guildhall’s Future? Photo Copyright Peter Turner

Winsford’s Brunner Guildhall is one of the town’s most known and loved buildings, a survivor of the old town centre, most of which was destroyed in the 1960’s redevelopment. Lately the Guildhall has been rather neglected, but Brandon Parkey and local Liberal Democrats believe that this part of Winsford’s heritage should be brought back to it’s former glory and play a full part in the life of the town. As part of that, local Lib Dem Councillors have proposed that Winsford Town Council (who own the Guildhall) should relocate there, rather than as at present rent office accommodation in Wyvern House from Cheshire West Council. Please let us know what you think.

Can Brandon Parkey Help You!

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If you have a problem, an idea, or a grouse, please contact Brandon Parkey at: 1 Chilham Close, Winsford. CW7 1LS Tel: 01606 863575.

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Published by, for and on behalf of B Parkey and Winsford Liberal Democrats, 16 Pheasant Way, Winsford, Cheshire. Printed by Mid Cheshire Messenger, 16 Pheasant Way, Winsford, Cheshire.

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What a Cheek!