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ells us whats up with the new album and the KY USA movement.

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Table of Contents The Beat We got jigga man haters, P Diddy keeps slapping people, and Ja Rule and Irv Gotti give their top five they would like to bang. Take a look at the beat.

Fee-Fee The beautiful and sexy FeeFee stopped through and gave you a treat for you to look at.

KY Stallionz A sizzling girl with a sizzling hot attitude Ms. KY Stallionz

Yungin Tells us whats up with the new album and the KY USA movement.

Fonz Explains why the hustle is so important to him and GrindHouse Music.

Former Brooklyn Drug Dealer says Jay-Z is not real The black Calvin Klein has a lil beef the Jigga Man. The cat who spent years in prison has now made good with real estate deals, his own record label, and tour manager for Akon. He holds a half beef with Jay-Z because Jay promised the hook ups but didn’t deliver. Check what he had to say about Hov: “In the 80’s, Jay wasn’t trying to be a drug dealer he was tryna be a rapper but in order for him to transcend himself into this hell of a dude, he had to take characters from the 80’s like myself…. To me Jay‘s a white boy on the inside , no offense to any white boys but to me he’s white boy on the inside and I’m waiting for time to tell what he’s gonna do with the outside of himself ,” Klein continued. ” I’m surprised he should have done himself a favor and pout me on his team . How you gon let Akon pull me in , official Konvict. Akon provided the chance and an opportunity for guys like myself , Jay could have done that out the gate but he didn’t.” Did anyone really believe all Jay-Z raps is real? Rappers is largely like cartoon characters from the beginning - or a nitro wrestler - living fake fantasy lifestyles through video. Like Ice-T said “Yo if you think I’m really a cop killer thats like thinking David Bowie is really an Astronaut.”

Of course here at Locality we keep our ear to the street. hittin you wit all the news and information you need to stay up on it........... This is The Beat

Top Rappers/Actors 1. Tupac Shakur

One of the greatest rappers and also one of the best actors. The best actor and rapper period.

2. Will Smith

This guy was a rapper? I know what your saying he was though. Cant front on his acting career though.

3. Ice Cube

Even though he has went kinda family friendly with all the PG-13 movies no one can forget his role as Dough Boy in Boyz N The Hood.


His role on Law and Order earns him the number four spot. We cant forget about New Jack City either.

The Associated Press reports that four eyewitnesses support Gerard Rechnitzer, who alleges that Combs assaulted him and his girlfriend at a post-Oscar party on Feb. 25, 2007 outside Teddy’s at the Roosevelt Hotel.

Jury Duty Is Next for Young Jeezy? Young Jeezy is proud to be an official registered voter. As we reported yesterday, Jeezy was holding a voters registration drive, in which he too registered to vote. He told sources that felt like he was signing for a new car, but he didn’t need a co-signer this time. I guess we can now expect Jeezy to also be served with jury duty notices in the upcoming months and years.

Kanye West vs Jay-Z Face Off? Both Kanye West and Jay-Z release singles this month off their forthcoming albums, which sources say both are scheduled to drop in December. Jay-Z released his single “Jockin”, produced by Kanye, followed by another single “Swagger Like Us”, featuring Lil Wayne and T.I., also produced by Kanye. Kanye West releases his single “Love Lockdown” next week, off his album, the follow up to Graduation, which was not scheduled to be release this year, but things have changed. Lets see what happened? After a long lay off due to contract problem with his former mentor Camron, Julez Santanna is finally free. Now signed directly to Def jam We should be hearing from Julez in no time at all.

Locality: What type of projects

Interview by: B Boy Contributing writer

The Villes own native son the Yungin has been putting in work for some years now. With a major radio release under his belt and so many shows he cant count he is ready to take it to the streets. With his upcoming solo release later this year titled STREET LIFE he is feeling very confident about that. His grind is tight and with more skills in the studio than the average person Locality is feeling like he might be right.

are you working on now? Yungin: I got a solo album in the makings right now. It should be out later this year. Its called street life and in there I’m keeping it all the way gutta. You want some real street music pick this one up. Locality: What do you see in the future for you? Yungin: Music point blank, it might not be rapping but it will be in the music industry. Rapping is not my only skill man. I make beats, produce, and other things too. So I’m good which ever way I decide to do it. Locality: What do you see yourself accomplishing with the rap game? Yungin: I’m going to do what ever I want, I’m hot and that’s not just an ego talking. Like I said if don’t like how one thing is going I will just switch it up and do something else. What ever I decide to do it will be my choice. Locality: what do you see happening with the Louisville music scene in the future? Yungin: We have a problem here in the city, haters. If we

come together and get our shit right then we will be the next to blow. But until then no telling whats gonna happen. Locality: How do you think the rap game is different now, whats some of the differences you see? Yungin: A lot, its just to many cats out here lying about shit, they stunt’n on CD’s talking about shit that they ain’t got or shit they ain’t did. Locality: So how did you get into the rap game? Yungin: I always loved music, since I was young but I probably started rapping when I was about 14. L o c a l i t y : How would you best describe your sound? Yungin: I think I got a strong raspy style. Very blunt, don’t sugar coat at all. I give you a look into the dark side of life. I’m not gonna be making the nice love songs you hear on the radio.

Contact Information Management: (502) 345-1488 Or

Written by: B Mack Contributing Writer

Midwest rapper FONZ is gearing up for the release of his solo debut and looks to make the project a hometown affair. FONZ, who is generally accepted as the “hardest working rapper in Louisville” due to his explosive stage presence and legendary mixtape hustle, has sold 18,980 copies of his Putting My Pen 2 Tha Pad mixtape, which he promoted with a music video for the song “Take A Ride With Me”. Filmed in Louisville’s west end, the video features B96.5 FM (WGZB) mix show host and frequent BET Rap City guest, DJ Q, and has been the highest-rated independent MySpace video in the state for over a year. “That video was basically an experiment for a friend trying to get into music video production,” explains FONZ. “It wasn’t the best video in the world, but it was better than any-

thing around here, plus it was free.” After giving away most copies of Putting My Pen 2 Tha Pad Vol. 1, FONZ began charging for Vol. 2 and his passion quickly turned into a full-time job. “I was looking to make about twenty thousand dollars a year selling mixtapes” says FONZ who recently co-founded an entertainment company, GrindHouse Music, with his new management team. “Last year changed all that. That’s when I started having days when I’d come home with $1500 working out of the trunk.” Released a year ago, Putting My Pen 2 Tha Pad Vol. 3 is still moving about 150-200 units a week due to his underground hit “Sub Zero” and a collaboration (“Welcome To Tha Ville”) with fellow “hood star” Hurricane that gained extensive radio play. “I didn’t even need a cover for Vol. 3 because I sell 85% of my CDs at performances,” says FONZ. “People see how I get down and I sell them a CD.” This practice, however, has not come without pitfalls. “Some dude tried to sell me my own mixtape,” laughs FONZ. “He was running around impersonating me, so I kinda had to rough him up.”

FONZ has tapped several established producers to work on his debut, including Louis Keyz (who made the beat for the album’s blazing radio single “A New Way 2 Eat”), and Atlanta producers Tigga Bounce (“Hush Hush”) and Aquarius Minded (“Old School Drop”). “I was performing “Sub Zero” at Club Miami in the ATL when I met Aquarius,” says FONZ. “I had never actually met a female producer, let alone one that brings heat the way Aqua Woman does. People gonna see she’s something special after they hear the record.” While FONZ intends to record most of the album in Atlanta, the disc will feature plenty of hometown cooking. “I was down [in Atlanta] hanging with YV (Zone 4/Interscope) and GoodFella (Universal) at Polo Da Don’s studio before they left for the BET Awards,” offers FONZ. “Seeing a studio full of people from Louisville making things happen really motivated me. I’m ready now. I got my blinders on. I’m trying to work with everybody from Louisville... B. Simms, Black from Playa, D.

Fresh, Nova... everybody that’s hot right now.” FONZ’s selftitled major label debut is expected to hit stores early 2009. Contact Information Management: (502) 424-0540 Or

Table of Contents The Beat We got Jigga man haters, P Diddy keeps slapping people. Take a look at The beat.

KY Stallionz

A sizzling girl with a sizzling hot attitude Ms. KY Stallionz


The beautiful and sexy Fee-Fee stopped through and gave you a treat for you to look at.


Explains why the hustle is so important to him and GrindHouse Music


Tells us whats up with the new album and the KY USA Movement.

Y ungin T

ells us whats up with the new album and the KY USA

F onz E

xplains why the hustle is so important to GRINDHOUSE Music.

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