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Zillion Holding it down on both sides of the Ohio is not all thats on Zillions mind. With connects over seas the world is on his mind.

J Rich WOOOW, Off the plane and in the studio J Rich blessed the camera man with these photos....and the assisant and the wardrobe guy and.........

Sly Still On Call it what you want just dont call it collect. Hip Hop soul with a mix of R&B gives the cat a nice sound. Sly Still On coming through people.

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The Beat TI vs. DEA and ATF

TI isint fighting his self anymore because he’s got a new challenger, the Fuzz. And they got him in the corner right now.

Gangsta Police

Officer Gaines her seems to be the insporation behind Denzel Washington’s charcter in the movi training Day.

Locality TV

Jermaine oneal big time on groupie websites, Busta get took bt the commision, 50 cent takes over MTV cribs and more.

Show you how to do this son

The first of a three part series about taking your music to the next level.

Free Our People

Given shout out’s to some of our talented people that are havin a disagreement wit the FUZZ right now.

Rapper T.I. who earned Best Album of the Year was arrested at the parking lot of an Atlanta shopping center on Saturday, October 13 by agents of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), for undoubtedly, possessing illegal guns. An undercover agent from ATF contacted T.I. who reportedly tried to buy three machine guns and two silencers through a bodyguard. Upon searched at his College Park house, more firearms were discovered, problem is, they are unregistered. The bodyguard testified that he purchased around 9 weapons for T.I. and one for an unnamed person because the rapper whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr., was a convicted felon and therefore, unable to get down to the business himself. Acting as a confidential witness, the bodyguard was told by ATF to call T.I. who immediately agreed to meet at the parking lot. Describing the process Vanessa McLemore, a Special Agent in Charge of ATF’s Atlanta Division said, “This investigation developed very quickly. We learned only this Wednesday that the cooperating witness was allegedly buying the machine guns for Harris.” There is only one supermax prison in the United States federal system. The federal supermax prison is currently ADX Florence in Florence, Colorado. State supermax prisons include Pelican Bay in California and Tamms in Illinois. Notable inmates Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso, underboss of the Lucchese crime family. Larry Hoover, leader of the Gangster Disciples Nation based in Chicago. Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano, of the Gambino crime family. Theodore Kaczynski, the “Unabomber”.


What do you want us to say here? the most famous gangsta in the rap community. You know the deal with him.

Police Police by Day Gangsta by KNIGHT

Sigel faced trial on charges of attempted murder in connection with an earlier incident. The trial ended in a hung jury, with Sigel slated to be re-tried in January of 2005. He pleaded guilty, however, to an unlawful weapons charge arising from the police chase. On March 17, 2007 Lil Kim was found guilty of conspiracy and perjury for lying to a grand jury about her manager being in Hot 97 radio station when a shooting involving the entourage of Capone and Norega happened. This was despite video tape evidence showing all three being there. Thast a gangsta ass chick right there. C-Miller is on house arrest pending a trial for second-degree murder of a 16 year old, Steven Thomas, who was shot in the chest during a Jan. 12, 2002, brawl at a now-closed club in Harvey, Louisiana. Facing 25 to life Corey Miller continues to try to appeal his case.

After a strange altercation with a man at a stop light one day, the life of Los Angeles police officer David gains would come to an abrupt end. David Gaines was killed by a fellow police officer after chasing the undercover officer in his car and flashing his pistol and firing a round. Police discovered that Kevin Gaines drove an expensive Mercedes Benz, wore $5,000 suits, $1,000 Versace shirts, and lived his off-duty life in the fast lane of L.A. and Las Vegas nightclubs, a lifestyle he obviously didn’t maintain on his $55,000-per-year policeman’s salary. Gaines had many credit cards with expenses like the $952 he had dropped just the month before for lunch at Monty’s Steakhouse in Westwood, a favorite hangout for black gangster rappers. Even more significant was the identity of the person who owned the Hollywood Hills home mansion where he lived: Sharitha Knight, the estranged wife of the jailed gangsta-rap Don Suge Knight, who founded Death Row Records. In the course of investigating the road-rage incident, Police discovered that the S.U.V. Gaines was driving, a green Mitsubishi Montero, was also registered to Sharitha Knight.

Look familiar

This photo of frank Matthews was made popular by Biggie Smalls when he used it as a theme for a picture inside the life after death album. Frank Lucas wasn’t the only frank from New York that handled his Business. This frank moved massive amounts of coke and heroin in the seventies. The difference with Matthews was when he got locked up he posted bail and bounced. In 1973 he posted 325,000 dollars in bail and has never been seen since.

Foxy Brown’s Manager on BET’s American Gangster Bet’s series American Gangster will be airing a show this season highlighting artist foxy browns manager Chaz Williams. Williams runs the New York based Black Hand Entertainment, a marketing company responsible for the Black Gangsta soundtrack in 1999. Considered to be one of the most prevalent bank robbers in the northeast region of the country, Williams ran wild throughout the 70s and early 80s. After serving 15 years Williams came out to work with some major artist within the industry. Right now he is reportedly working with Foxy Brown on her imprint Black Rose Entertainment

Be on the lookout for 50 cent taking over an episode of MTV cribs soon. Get some never seen before footage when 50 and unit take over a whole episode. Taking you on a tour of his Farmington, CT mansion should take about that long. 17 acre’s 19 bedrooms and 19 bedrooms will do that to a show.Be on the lookout for the Gucci pool table and in house strip club too. The traditional wedding outfit is back, I Guess. Apparently rihanna was kicked out of her cousins wedding because she was showing a little too much knocker. Her cousins wedding guest didn’t seem to like to view the side of the lovely ladies boobery.

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Further More......... In the book “Notorious C.O.P.” by Derrick Parker, one chapter focuses on a crew from Bed-Stuy named, “The Commission.” They were known to rob rappers of their bling and sell the diamonds to a celebrity jeweler for meltdown. Rapper Busta Rhymes was once robbed by “The Commission.” The crew robbed Busta of $100,000 dollars worth of bling. “The Commission” still operate and are suspected in the recent robbery of a athlete who got into an altercation with a Fabolous crew member. When “Sports Illustrated” did a article on athlete Jermaine O’Neal earning $15.2 million in salary and endorsements and collecting expensive cars : A Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, a BMW and a Land Rover. This information was posted on every groupie website on the Internet. The “Foundation Room” is the most exclusive club in the world. This club is located in several cities. The most popular location is located on the 43rd floor of “Mandalay Bay” in Las Vegas. You can only gain entry by private elevator and your name has to be on the “VIP” list. The ultimate luxury is the open-air balcony with a breathtaking view of the Las Vegas strip.

Sitting down at table with D money one of Zillions homies we both laugh as Zillion gets harrased by the bouncer. Seems he’s smacking the strippers ass to hard with the dollar bill. Later we had this conversation

So what you been up to man, making some music I’m sure. Z :I been in the cut you know, cooking up some shit with my fam Young Real and Young Sears, some of the hottest producers in the game. I just released the king of Indiana mix tape a few months ago. All original music though no mix tape beats on their man. I got some other things in the oven to you just have to wait in that though. So no slackin Hugh? Z: Nahh I’m still going hard, don’t worry about that man I’m just chillin right now. I can pump this music till these lames blue in the face if I want.


Define yourself for us , who is Z? Z: I’m the King, I’m the Champ, I’m the truth, and I’m Tyson in his prime. The thing is that I’m here to stay.

I hear a lot of questions surrounding you and your career address that for me.

Z: It’s still ghetto glory, still team zillion. I hear the talk what’s zillion doing, what’s he been through, all the wild shit I done, but I over stand that shit I’m a real nig*a. A lot of cats just hating because I’m still here, I’m still hungry and I’m still eating!

Looks like you coming back hard, I got to give it up to you.

Z: Yeah man I’m what the games been missing, I took a break I had to get some things together, make some moves. Had to get some things right within my crew but now I’m back. Now it’s time to show these nigg*s I’m the truth.

Feature So what do you like better being in the studio or being on stage? I real can’t compare the two highs, I mean when I am in the studio it’s my time to vent. I get in there and just go at it. When I get on the stage its different, it turns more into a show, I got to focus on different shit. I will leave you with this last question, where do you see your music career in 5 years? Can’t really say that’s the future, if I could predict that shit I be rich. Nahh but hopefully I’m doing my thing I really don’t see why I wouldn’t be. Doing shows making music touring, having a deal I see all that but who knows. Locality Magazine


Sound Check

Local Music Report RuffSide Playaz


Rating: Local

Reppin J-City in Southern Indiana Ruffside still bringing heat for 07! From the mad production put down by AK and the lryical content of Bake Ruffside has always been a nice package. This Maxi has us ready for the whole album. From past experience we have always known Ruffside to step up to the plate..Let’s see how they follow this one up!



Rating: Local Classic

roduction is the key element in a lot of hot songs. Whether you have a dance song, a slow song, or a riding in the car song, production is crucial. Not just the beats that you have though, the actual sound of the music. But when you get a song that has both of those qualities you add in a little lyrical content, then u mix that with a dash of talent: bingo you got the recipe. Throughout this king of Indiana CD, which by the way is a mix tape you find these ingredients sprinkled everywhere. Added to the mix are some things that were not really expected. The songs like rock with you and cut tonight somehow find their place alongside songs like King of Indiana. It’s this mix that gives the record some balance and also some range. So be on the lookout for more from the self proclaimed King of Indiana in the future. Wanna be the King you gotta wear the crown!

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Rating: Local Heat

These Boyz are showing that money ain’t a thing! With the big single “The Boss” Feat Rick Ross, Cash Crop is making some serious noise in the streets. Every person in the group is coming with their own style and passion for the game and it makes them Defiantly one of the strongest up and coming groups KY has to offer.


Rating: Local Classic

Louisville KY’s Big Dre has always stood solid on his own personal projects. The Auto Biography really gives the fans a insight on who Big Dre really is.The production side is great with the many different producers on the record he really selected the right tracks to bring out his lyrical ability. Big Dre has always held it down and continues with his sophomore album.

Part One Standing out in music is what its all about these days right? you want to set yourself apart from all others so you can get your shine on. so how is that done, what do you as an artist need to do to get to the front of the pack? Well in this 3 part series K Bone from has some advice In today’s music industry you have to stand out from the competition to be successful. The majority of producers and artists today are viewed upon as being an amateur or average, and the remaining few are seen as above average or potentially above average. At one point there was a phase in the music industry where talent played 100% in defining the success of the artist or producer. Today that only makes up half. The remaining variables range from money, marketing, and a wide variety of inventory selection. So how do you stick your neck above the rest? Let’s look at the first remaining variable mentioned above…. MONEY. The amount you invest into your work defines the out come of your project(s). Rather, it be money or time. If you invest little money and/or little time into your work, expect little or no

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return. I’ve seen producers invest little money into their production software or hardware and come out on top by investing more into their sound archive and more time in perfecting the structure of the song. On another note, I’ve seen producers invest little money into their production software or hardware, sound archives, and little time into the structure of the song. The outcome was what you would expect.So the point here is that an investment in time and money is key. VERY IMPORTANT! Once you have your equipment, software and sounds right your ready to go to work.There is really no benefit in quality when producing with hardware over software or vise versa. Once again the quality comes from the investment you make in buying high quality equipment and sounds, or investing time into tweaking sounds to

sound as high quality as possible.In my experience, one of the major benefits of using hardware is I get the physical touch and feel of twisting knobs and sliding faders. This puts me in a more comfort zone withthe equipment I work with. The more comfortable you are when you work, the more likely you’ll create from your best of abilities. On the flip side, the major benefit I have experienced from producing on the software side is less time and easier editing. I don’t have to worry about dumping each track into my computer once a production track is complete. It’s already there! Also, when editing I don’t have to worry about flipping through menu’s to find the editing tool Im looking for. It’s just point and click.So as you can see there are benefits in both worlds. Use what you’re comfortable with. When it comes to production I recommend that a producer’s main equipment (Master workstation) be capable of handling 24bit sound quality.Although everything will eventually be mixed down to 16bit, working with a 24bit workstation gives you more head room to work with and in my opinion more body after dithering down to 16bit if tweaked and mixed correctly in 24bit. Finally, after you have completed producing your instrumental, you want to make sure that every sound sits in its own place within the mix. Not to far apart and not too close is the key. The editing process will be covered in part 2. Stay tuned!

I have been modeling for about 3 years now with various things such as magazine layouts in FHM Dec 06, Black Mens March 07, and The Source Aug 07. Ive done many music videos such as Lil Scrappy “Money In The Bank, Jim Jones “Emotionless”, Freeky Zeeky “ Haterz”, and Fabolous “Return Of The Hustle. I have hosted Rap City with Snoop Dogg and also worked on the set of B.E.T ‘s 2007 New Years Eve countdown with Big Tgger. I am currently hosting my own online tv show with my co host Valerie. Check out www. In Jan for our first show. Its a weekly show about new releases in the hip hop world form movies to music. I did my first independent film in april called “One Word” due out in the Tribeca Film Festival next year so look out for that.

In my spare time

I like that part nn the first Godfather movie when Vito Says, “Im gonna makem an offer he can’t refuse” that was tight. Yeah Dubz I got a offer u cant refuse, put me in the Magazine or.....

Favroite Movie Scene

Spare time what is that? did you read the Bio Dubz? Between the acting, modeling, and videos what can i do. Spare time is an unusal thing. you know I do like to play playtstation Though. Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition.

Sly-Still-On Sly Still On the other part of the heart of the ghetto what’s up? Ain’t nothing to it FAM just taken it easy. Heart of the ghetto that song nice man you sound real good on that. Yeah it comes with practice though, that doesn’t happen overnight. I have been at this for years and still waiting on a break. I like your sound what is your definition of that sound. It’s like ghetto soul, but it’s not you can’t call it just that it’s more. I guess its hood soul; it’s the sound of the hoods soul. All of the emotions that I sing with come from my life in the hood, the struggles and the pain. I’m putting some words with it and expressing myself. Feel at, feel at, what’s up with you and the zillion movement I know you’re not on the label but you and him make good music. We been making music together for a while the Heart of the ghetto song of course, Lonely at the top, come home with me, and some more to I can’t get of the top. Plus some more shit going down next year with the two of us, we turning the game on its side with this shit. I can’t speak too much on it because it’s still in the works but when the time comes you will know.

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Stook: It’s Ya Boyyyy!!!!! Stookaveli!!! 56 Council...Still going strong and got heat to last us til he comes home Stook is the Heat To The Street And They Still Talkin but as he would say “Do Somethin”

Daddy-O A.K.A. The Mouth Of The Ghetto!!! BlockMade Records!!!!! Lettin you know he can still make it rain Daddy-O is the hustla’s ambition when it comes to the tracks Respresentin SouthWick Daddy-O still holds it down and you can find him Shakin For TY!!!!!!

13th Street Cracc Music in the building!!!! Kid White still cookin it up serving them with that raw uncut!!! The stove is still on and the Kid still pumpin’!!!! Don’t slip on Kid White he ain’t done yet!!!!!


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