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Local in Season is a website with a mission of providing New Englanders with the resources & knowledge to choose and use local foods. Through our various contributors we provide content dedicated to seasonal cooking, eating, growing and purchasing. Started in September 2009 by Patrick Kent and Jon Ross-Wiley, Local In Season has grown substantially, and our voice and footprint throughout New England is growing among the food elite. Internationally known chefs, Ming Tsai, Jody Adams, Tony Maws, and Mary Dumont have sat down to the table with Local In Season, and have been featured on the site. Through our relationships with local bloggers, and our Twitter following, we promote and empower New England consumers and local purveyors. For some, local food is about community. For others it’s about conservation, sustainability, or even health. All are great reasons to eat locally, but at Local In Season, it's about the food. Local food that is in season is better quality, and with a little knowledge, the meals you make will simply taste better. REACH: Local In Season works with several local freelance writers and bloggers to produce content. And this spider network of food influencers cross promotes us on their blogs and through various social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. This makes our site and network the perfect venue to feature locally produced or grown products to a niche audience of food enthusiasts, home cooks, and chefs. QUICK FACTS: *Twitter: 1,400+ followers (including many of New Englands finest chefs, restaurants, and farms) *In our first year of being online, Local In Season has been visited 17,000+ times (nearly 40,000 page views) *While Local In Season focuses mainly on the New England region, we have loyal visitors from all 50 states as well as over 1,000 visitors from outside the United States.

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LIS Advertsing Rates  
LIS Advertsing Rates  

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