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Mediakit 2011: Global Business Magazine

World Business Goes Green

At HANNOVER MESSE the world of industry faces global challenges. The Global Business Magazine is a program and theme guide through one of the world‘s most important management meetings in 2011. M AG








Global Business Magazine: Reaching global players at international business events

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The Global Business Magazine of Hannover Messe is distributed in major business conferences. It contains contributions of the top speakers of HANNOVER MESSE 2011 as well as international market reports. The magazine provides an indepth knowledge of current discussions on economic recovery, “Green” challenges and innovations as well as international trade development.

The Global Business Magazine is the official magazine of Global Business & Markets of the HANNOVER MESSE. The magazine accompanies all important international events and is also available in the press centre of the HANNOVER MESSE. Moreover the magazine will be distributed to selected customers and partners.

The Target Groups


 Exhibitors and visitors with interest in international

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More proficient as Even in China, China, the work key factor, igniting Favored indusLONG-TERM macro the bench of the world, a rapid development need to innovate and micro management APPROACH tries policies and Xinzhong Street has is of the service a strong positive positively moving become a crucial processes, in- FOCUSING ON 68 sector, with as innecessity in order up the production dustry clustering A SECURE vestment commitment of yet many 100027 Beijing, to and the creation value chain. Here openings to be stay competitive, in cities like China of fa- INVESTMENT ENVIRONME filled. The growing as well, new sourcserving as powerful vorable hot spots Hangzhou, Taicang Fon: +86 10 6551-2969 NT expo- innovation for many industries sure of Chinese and Tangshan engine. Hard are companies to are just the beginning. In the formerly outstanding examples. Fax: +86 10 6551-1169 innovation interna- of 42 centralized state Seeing the city which the likes of Chi- As usually of na, regional of sprouting science Hangzhou develop registration@t in China, all these and local governments a Green city concept points are are and vastly expanding increasingly taking opportunity as well as challenge measures and polisteps to fine tune . HANNOVER MESSE and their own development need to be addressed 2010 GLOBAL BUSINESS MAGAZINE carefully. With strategies, crethe right approach Hall 27, Stand GLOBAL BUSINESS and positive thinkA32 MAGAZINE


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nce From “Why China” Export Fina to “Why China Trade and now”


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In China the need to innovate has become a crucia l necessity in order to stay competitive.


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Global Business & Markets is the fo-

reign trade platform par excellence at HANNOVER MESSE, as it brings together know-how and services for exploring new markets in other countries and offers unrivalled opportunities for networking at an international level.

(Dr. Wolfram von Fritsch Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Messe )

Strategies & Services  Financing recovery  Management of trade risks  Post-crisis global sourcing concepts  SME: cooperations  Going international via trade fairs Partner Country France „Innovation for sustainable growth“  energy sector, sustainable mobility and energy efficiency

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