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Do you know Emmingen ab Egg? Have you been to Ruda Slaska before? At LEIBER you could make your own personal impression of how Germany’s much-renowned medium-sized and familiy-owned industry actually works. Company founder Valentin Leiber started producing the pressing machines for spaetzle pasta in the postwar years. Nowadays the company is also growing in the aerospace industry, where super-stable feet for aircraft seats are manufactured in Emmingen. LEIBER products also include hybridforged driveshafts or brake disc chambers which are being fitted to various series across the automobile industry in order to reduce weight and fuel consumption. The new HGV air bellows support in bionic design, which are manufactured using the patented super-hard Aluxtrem alloy, also do this: they are 50% lighter than those made of steel. The fact that Daimler has been acquired as a customer was a “knighthood” for Rolf Leiber. In-house development with a focus on

In-depth knowledge, light parts

future customer requirements is the first recipe for success, control over the production process is the second. Rolf Leiber purposely went down another route compared with many forging works in both cases: “Outsourcing of almost everything - that means you can be replaced at will in the competition”. In the Emminger works they are now successfully following a completely different path along the value-adding

The lightweight construction specialists from LEIBER are more than just an interchangeable link in the value chain.

chain in lightweight construction. This starts as early as predevelopment, which one can specifically take to possible reference customers. The LEIBER Group safeguards the policy with which one can achieve unique


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of the primary products - alloys