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February is here and that means we are deep into the heart of the Pocono winter. This year I decided to embrace winter rather than wish for it to be gone! I’m forcing myself to get outside and enjoy the season with my family, because it would be so easy to lock myself in and stare out the window praying for the days to grow longer… ever so slowly but surely. My girls are at the age where they LOVE to be outside in the snow, so I’m taking lessons from them. And, I have to say this is the best winter I can remember in such a long time! We have been skiing, sledding, exploring all that the Poconos has to offer in the chilly months. I have had uncontrollable fits of laughter while being tossed from a sled. I am working muscles I forgot I had while helping my daughter snowboard, and I am remembering how peaceful the world is while covered in snow. And after a long day out in the cold, there is no more comforting feeling than walking into a restaurant that is warm and smells like heaven on a plate. For me, winter is a time for quiet and for reconnecting with the people and places I love. Yes, life is still busy, but we are cooped up together for much longer periods of time… and I’m using that time to rekindle my appreciation for the simple things again. There is so much to do in this month that is known for love, and of course we have it all in our pages. If you need some more ideas for Pocono winter fun go to www.flairmag.com. Enjoy the rest of winter! And remember to keep it LOCAL!

Ali A little LOVE for Local Flair:

“Dear Ali,

I just got your latest Flair issue. It is really a lovely magazine. I especially like the Holiday local shop guide... what a nice idea. My sister and I took it with us yesterday to do some holiday gift shopping. We tried Marco Antonio’s in Stroudsburg after seeing it in your magazine... YUM! You really bring a nice slice of civilization to the Pocono area. Thanks again... see you in the spring.”

-Laura Bacon


The mission of Local Flair magazine is to celebrate excellence in community businesses, services, and efforts by appealing to the tastes, sensibilities, and curiosities of its readers and advertisers alike. To this end, Local Flair strives to balance informative and inspirational editorial content with relevant and enlightening advertisement. –Ali Schratt, publisher

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Pocono Community Theater The Spirit of Independence on a Digital Mission The non-profit Pocono Community Theater keeps the independent creative spirit alive. And that spirit is on a digital mission. The digital age is rendering PCT’s projectors obsolete. The theater needs to purchase three digital projectors that cost $75,000 each. PCT showcases emerging and established local artists, features a variety of films, offers educational programs, and hosts live stage events. It also relies upon donations.


PCT needs dedicated people willing to distribute flyers, discuss the benefits of becoming a member with our patrons, help with special events and fundraisers, assist in the cafe, help with community outreach programs, and more! Volunteers receive a pass for free movies and small popcorn and drinks. Contact Courtney@PoconoCommunityTheater.org or call 570-421-6684.

You can support the spirit of independence in a variety of tax-deductible ways:

Name a Seat

This program is designed to give patrons an opportunity to purchase a seat in any of the three theaters. Your support of the theater will be displayed forever on the seat of your choice with a personalized brass nameplate—a perfect way to show your support of the theater or to honor a loved one. Each seat if $500 for non-members and $360 for members ($50 installment payments accepted).


Annual memberships range from $30 and up and include discounted admission for all movies at all times. Enjoy free admission on your birthday, 10% off all art purchases and MORE! Check out becoming a Mogul, Studio Head, or Corporate/ Business Member.


Local Flair

A Historical Gem

Pocono Community Theater originally opened in 1884 as The Academy of Music, a vaudeville theater and opera house. In 1913, it converted to a movie theater, the first in Monroe County to show moving pictures! In 1930, after a devastating fire, it was restored and rebuilt. In 1996, the theater was renovated with the current vision of an independent cultural center for the area. 88 South Courtland Street East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 www.poconocommunitytheater.org

Local Flair



Known as the Poconos’ coolest winter event, Crystal Cabin Fever continues to shine as a popular activity at a time when people are looking to cure their own cabin fever. “We were the only ‘winter’ we had last year,” joked Mark Crouthamel, who is a renowned ice carver and also owner of Sculpted Ice Works, where Crystal Cabin Fever takes place. Let’s hope another mild winter doesn’t keep skiers away from the slopes, but if it does, Mark brings the winter indoors. Mark developed the idea for Crystal Cabin Fever seven years ago when his brother’s business slowed down, and Mark had an abundance of ice to spare. “We came up with this event, and it was a hit right away,” Mark said. Each February, Crystal Cabin Fever features an interesting theme, and ice sculptures evolve from that theme. Mark and his talented staff brainstorm about what appeals to people of all ages and what is functional. It’s also important Crystal Cabin Fever is fun, interesting and educational. The topics span a variety of interests from the Wild West to the African Safari. This year focuses on Dinosaurs, and Mark, his staff and other professionals are creating awe-inspiring sculptures in the form of these pre-historic giants. By Allison Mowatt

“With Dinosaurs, we’re pushing the envelope even further,” said Mark. “We’re pulling out all the stops and utilizing our artistic license.” Some highlights include a frozen cave man encased in ice and a façade of a cabin representing the first Crystal Cabin Fever. Crystal Cabin Fever boasts spectacular ice carving displays carved from 100 tons of ice, and the event will feature a 50 foot dinosaur ice slide, a prehistoric ice throne for people to sit on and have photos taken, over 20 themed ice sculptures of all sizes and types, ice carving competitions and shows on the weekends featuring professional ice carvers from around the region, daily live ice carvings, a wood sculptor, a glass blower, a petting zoo and pony rides on the weekends, bonfires, hot cocoa, wine tastings by Antler Ridge Winery, and light BBQ style fare. Even the “bar”where the wine tasting takes place will be made of ice. The ice slide is impressive, and people of all ages love it. Mark suggests people wear snow pants on the slide to protect their bodies from the cold and have a faster momentum. Some new elements include an additional ice slide, an expanded exhibition space, off-site parking about a half mile away, shuttle service and a renovated gift shop. Take a trip back in time to the pre-historic ice age. During Crystal Cabin Fever, people are invited to tour the Sculpted Ice Works Factory and Museum, which is open year round, and learn how ice was used before refrigeration and see how ice sculptures are made today. 6

“With Dinosaurs, we’re pushing the envelope even further. We’re pulling out all the stops and utilizing our artistic license.” 12

Local Flair

Crystal Cabin Fever runs from February 8th through the 24th and is open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sculpted Ice Works is located in Lakeville in the Lake Region of the Pocono Mountains. For more information and a full event schedule, call (570) 226-6246, visit www. sculptediceworks.com, or find Sculpted Ice Works on Facebook.

Local Flair




Portrait of

Tradition By Karen Tetor

“A portrait is, indeed, timeless. The subject never ages.” In an era where digital photographs splatter the canvases of our computer screens, Jackie Jasper skillfully plies oil paint on canvas to produce portraits that endure for generations. This labor-intensive craft allows her to complete only six portraits per year in her Buck Hill studio. Jackie refuses to release her portraits until she is confident it is the best she has to offer. Her art is a labor of love. “It’s hard for me to part with the painting,” Jasper confesses. Although portrait painters do not get to keep their portraits, Jasper can visit some of her work. Her recently unveiled portrait of the Senate Agricultural Committee Chairman, Senator Tom Harkin, is on view in the Russell Building of the U.S. Senate. Dr. Muriel A. Howard is displayed at Buffalo State University. Her portrait of John Cardinal O’Conner hangs in the Cardinal’s residence at Saint Patrick’s in the New York Archdiocese—in a collection along side paintings several centuries old.


Local Flair

While corporate, political and educational institutions frequently commission honorary portraits, many of Jasper’s commissions come from prominent families across America. “Portraits are a strong tradition in the South, often of the entire family,” she says. “In the North, parents typically tend to focus on their children.” Jackie is currently working on a painting of the 21-year-old son of a Park Avenue, NY family. Jasper had painted the other brother when he was 21. “For subjects who don’t have the time or inclination to sit for a portrait, I take a series of digital photos to develop the pose. Most importantly, I prepare a color study from live sittings recording the subject’s face and hair colors and any other colors important to the final painting,” says Jasper. “I then use the color study together with the digital photos as reference for the ultimate painting.” (continued)

During one sitting, a little boy in Birmingham sprang from his seat and positioned himself behind the easel. Jasper paused and asked the boy, “Where are you going?” The child exclaimed, “I want to watch!” Jasper’s first client, comedienne Roseanne Barr could not accommodate a scheduled live sitting, so Jasper was able to use the Barr family Christmas card photo as reference. Jackie began her career as a fashion illustrator in New York City. Her work appeared in national and international publications such as International Artist, Veranda, Art Direction, Town & Country, and the New York Times. As clients such as Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys and Ann Taylor transitioned from illustration to photography, Jasper transitioned to portraiture. But as she left the fashion world, she took something with her: a husband. “Alex had the ad agency that handled the Barneys account. I asked him out!” she laughs. Alex has now joined her in working from home. Twenty-five years ago, Alex asked Jackie to paint her self-portrait as a gift to him. And often Jasper notices her husband pausing to admire the 35-year-old woman in the portrait. “A portrait is, indeed, timeless,” she notes. “The subject never ages.” 6

Jacqueline Jasper’s Spring Portrait Workshop at Skytop Skytop Lodge, PA Sun. April 7th to Fri. April 12th 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. All levels welcome! For information & reservations, call Skytop Lodge, 800.345.7758 To speak with Jacqueline Jasper call 570-350-3724

Local Flair



From the Mouths of Babes

What is Love?

“Love is when a relationship has hearts that come together.” Burl Galucci, age 10 “Love is caring; it’s when you really, really like someone more than when you don’t like them.” Kendra England, age 5 “Love to me is like… getting married. It’s great to have!” Cole Price, age 7 “Love is hugs and kisses. Like when Daddy kisses Mommy hello and goodbye everyday.” Lilly Mazza, age 6 “Love is kissing your mother.” Emmett Galucci, age 3

“Hugs and kisses.” Macy Martin, age 3

“Love is unconditional.” Gracie Price, age 9

“Love is taking care of another person, or a pet. You make sure they are OK, and you take care of them.” Jack Mazza, age 8

“Love is when you give her a ring and then you get married. Then you just hug and kiss all the time.” Maeva Mazza, age 3

“When you have someone who is your favorite and you just love them so much.” Mikenna Price, age 7

“You give somebody what they like when you love them.” Jake Franzo, age 5 “Love is a family that cares for each other.” Mildred Grace Galucci, age 7

“That you are always in my heart.” Joey Franzo, age 6


Local Flair

Local Flair



Auction Gallery

Going Once… Going Twice… Sold! By Roseanne Bottone

The youngest of eight kids, Eric Hockman was a scrappy adventurer. At nine years old he began riding around town hanging off the back of a garbage truck in search of treasure. The garbage men schooled him in what to look for. “I made my first big score when I was 10,” he recalls. “I found a cache of letters written by a soldier during the Civil War to family members whose descendants still lived in our town.” Eric earned $200 from that sale – a fortune to a young boy back in the ‘70s – and promptly invested in his baseball card collection. Eric was hooked. “I was always a collector, saver and horse trader as far back as I can remember,” he recalls. Researching collectibles, buying and selling, and counseling clients became his life. Eric says, “Persian rugs and Samurai swords funded my college education.” For the past 15 years, Eric has been the owner and auctioneer of the Pocono Auction Gallery. He bought his building and renovated it to put down roots in the Pocono Summit community. “I’m on the map. This is who I am and where I am,” he declares.

Auctions are held twice a month, and Eric can handle a diverse array of items. “We are licensed Federal fire arms dealers,” he states. “I know the subject of guns is a sensitive one right now, so it’s important for people to know they have access to professionals that can handle these transactions, including background checks, properly.” Recently he’s auctioned Lionel trains, a sterling silver Victorian scissor collection, midcentury furniture, coins, real estate, artwork and jewelry. The Auction experience is family oriented. There’s no fee to participate, no minimum bids and no reserve. Everyone is welcome. Eric’s life partner, Carey Laucius, is his 24/7 sidekick. “I couldn’t do it without her!” he insists. Carey is a chef by trade and cooks for the auction guests. “The food is freshly prepared and the desserts baked from scratch.” The auction is not a stuffy event – it’s a fun and educational evening out! “You choose your doctor or dentist carefully because they affect your health. I hope people will choose me as their auctioneer because my work can

“Every time an item passes my gavel I am 100% satisfied that I’ve done the very best job possible for my clients.” The Auction business is a service. “Every day I make house calls and do appraisals. People call me when they want to sell something or liquidate an estate when a loved one passes,” he says. “There’s something of value in every house.” He counsels people on what to do with their items and proudly claims, “I am the best at what I do! I’ve invested my entire professional life, time and education to get to this level.” He helps his clients uncover what is unique or valuable about their possessions. “We auctioned off George Washington campaign buttons that someone swept up off their attic floor,” he recalls. Detailed research revealed they were the real deal! “Can you imagine such a thrilling find?”


Local Flair

Owner & Auctioneer Eric Hockman leads an auction at Pocono Auction Gallery

make a big difference in their financial well-being,” Eric says. He is committed to achieving quality results. “I sleep at night,” he explains, “because every time an item passes my gavel I am 100% satisfied that I’ve done the very best job possible for my clients.” Going once… going twice… sold! 6 Pocono Auction Gallery is located in Pocono Summit. For more info, call 570839-1234 or visit www.auctionzip.com and enter ID #5252.

Local Flair



Marco Antonio’s

Bring your own bottle of choice wine to pair with the Spanish and Portuguese Cuisine. Enjoy your Paella or Fra Diablo in a cozy restaurant on Main Street in Stroudsburg.

LOVE nooks Fumé Asian Grill

Whether Sushi or Curry, Hibachi or stir-fry, count on the freshest ingredients for a healthy and memorable meal. The ambiance matches the authentic Asian cuisine.

Louie’s Prime

A traditional New York Style Steakhouse nestled by idyllic Lake Harmony. The warmth of the fireplace and rich, warm woods serves up the rustic elegance of this fine dining experience.

Sand Spring Modern Cuisine

Chef/owner Mark Reinhardt, a graduate of Hyde Park’s CIA, is committed to creative fresh food with his innovative artistry. Comfortable, modern atmosphere with a menu to suit everyone.

Stone Bar

For 14 years, chef/owner Andrew Moore’s landmark restaurant has been his passion. River stone bar, warm dark woods, Tiffany lamps, and fireplaces compliment the distinctive American cuisine—always served with a creative twist.


Local Flair


• • • •

Wine & Women Guys Night Out Wine & Women Guys Night Out

Wed, Feb. 13th Wed, Feb. 27th Wed, Mar. 13th Wed, Mar. 27th

Every Thursday TAsTe oF ITALy Open Sunday thru Thursday 4 – 9:30 p.m. Friday & Saturday 4 – 10:30 p.m. Closed on Mondays

www.dinelakeharmonypa.com Lite & Early Menu Available Specially priced small plates at the bar from 4-6 PM Tues.-Fri.

134 Lake Harmony Rd., Lake Harmony, PA 18624

570.722.3990 For Reservations Local Flair




In the mood for something indulgent this Valentine’s Day? Check out these tempting desserts!




3 1. A Hot Fudge Cake Sundae at Big Daddy’s Family Restaurant 2. Strawberry Cheesecake at Louie’s Prime 3. Tiramisu at The Stone Bar Inn 4. A Chocolate Milkshake at Louie’s Prime 5. Chocolate Soufflé at Sand Spring Modern Cuisine


Local Flair

A p r i l 11 - 21

Head over to Facebook.com/PoconoMountainsRestaurantWeek and ‘Like’ us for a chance to win great local gift certificates!

Local Flair




oun): inet (n b a C use o e h Medicin-to spot in your the-counter

The go ariety of over- nd pains, v a ining a aches, aches ny noses. ta n o c head nd run find r a , fo s s ie ir x rg eli lle nough to oughs, a fevers, c you’re lucky e , possibly if c , a d p e (An eezers!) aining s ® any rem ® , Q-tips , or tw ID -A BAND

Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are those you buy without a prescription from your doctor. These medications can help you feel better by treating or preventing health problems, including constipation, cold and flu, and nausea. As with any medication, relief is sometimes accompanied by unpleasant effects, also known as adverse effects. These adverse effects include side effects, food and drug interactions, drugdrug interactions, and allergic reactions. Before you take any OTC medicine, or any medication at all, take a moment to weigh the potential benefits and risks first. For example, pain relievers have been in our lives for so long that we depend on them without stopping to think about their differences and possible side effects. While some OTC medications are for allergies, it is possible to be allergic to the actual OTC medicine. Many of these drugs contain similar active ingredients, so if you find yourself with symptoms such as hives, trouble breathing, or throwing up, go to the emergency room immediately!

Reading the Label

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require all OTC medications to have a Drug Facts label. The OTC labeling rule applies to more than 100,000 OTC drug products. This label provides basic information about a medication’s ingredients, instructions for use, and important safety cautions and interactions. This information helps you to select the correct medication and use it properly and safely. The Drug Facts label is only required for OTC drugs, and it is not used for dietary supplements, such as vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies. It’s important to realize if a drug has an active ingredient, it can have side effects and interfere with normal body functions. Did you know that ginkgo biloba and garlic supplements can put you at risk for increased bleeding? Many people also don’t realize the herbal drug Saint-John’s-wort, used by some to self-treat depression, can decrease the effectiveness of oral contraceptives. Remember, just because you buy these medicines in the store doesn’t mean they don’t have the potential to be dangerous. Be vigilant about reading labels, storing out of the reach of kids and pets, and never exceeding the recommended daily doses or length of use, especially if you have a medical condition or you’re on other drugs. If you have any questions, talk to your doctor or pharmacist … he or she will be more than happy to help!

Pocono Medical Center.org/Spirit


Local Flair

Here’s a list of some of the most commonly used OTC medicines and the adverse effects you may experience: Acetaminophen (Tylenol®)

Use: Best for headaches, fever, pain, minor sprains and aches; lasts for 4 to 6 hours. Side effects: Consult your doctor or pharmacist first if you have a pre-existing liver condition or drink alcohol regularly. Caution: Easy to inadvertently exceed recommended dosage by taking two or more medicines that contain acetaminophen (such as Tylenol Plus, Nyquil, Benadryl Allergy/Cold, or prescriptions like Vicodin® or Percocet®).

Ibuprofen (Advil®, Motrin®)

Use: A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), best for menstrual cramps, fever, headaches, sprains, and swelling and joint pain linked to osteoarthritis. Effects last for 4 to 6 hours. Side effects: Can cause gas, bloating, stomach pain, heartburn, dizziness, and constipation. Prolonged use can cause ulcers, elevated blood pressure, kidney and liver damage, and in rare cases, stroke or heart attack. Caution: If you have pre-existing heart or kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, ulcers, or bleeding problems, and/or take diuretics, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Diphenhydramine (Benadryl®)

Use: Antihistamine used to prevent/reduce hay fever and other allergy symptoms. Caution: Drowsiness, dryness of the eyes, mouth or nose, and memory loss and disorientation may occur, especially in the elderly.

Loratadine (Claritin®)

Use: Antihistamine used to relieve hay fever and other allergy symptoms. Caution: May cause sleepiness, fast heart rate. May lose effectiveness over time. Claritin-D includes an additional active ingredient, pseudoephedrine sulfate, which may cause insomnia or restlessness.

Dextromethorphan (NyQuil® Cough)

Use: cough suppressant. Caution: Can cause drowsiness, especially when mixed with sleeping medications and alcohol.

Ranitidine (Zantac®)

Use: Acid reducer, treats ulcers and gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD). Caution: Long-term acid suppressor use can lead to poor absorption of some forms of calcium. May lose effectiveness over time.

Aspirin (Bayer®, St. Joseph, Bufferin®, Ecotrin®)

Use: Best for fever, pain, and inflammation. Evidence shows taking low doses (80 mg) daily can help to prevent heart attack and stroke. Side effects: May cause stomach pain, heartburn, dizziness, and constipation. Prolonged use can cause ulcers, kidney and liver damage. Caution: If you have diabetes, a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia, or preexisting liver or stomach conditions, or if you are taking corticosteroids (such as prednisone) or blood pressure medication, consult your doctor or pharmacist before ­­ taking this drug.

Naproxen (Aleve®)

Use: Best for pain, fever, inflammation, joint pain linked to osteoarthritis, and preventing mouth pain if taken before dental work. Lasts for 8 to 12 hours, good drug for all day relief. Side effects: May cause stomach pain, heartburn, dizziness, and constipation. Prolonged use may cause ulcers, elevated blood pressure, kidney and liver damage, and, in rare cases, heart attack and stroke. Aleve has same side effects as Advil or Motrin (see above: ibuprofen). Caution: Take with food to lower risk of gastrointestinal problems, but not with milk, which increases acid production in the stomach and can worsen stomach irritation.

READ MORE! www.flairmag.com/spirit

Local Flair


one love, one day, one place



reathtaking scenery xceptional hospitality



Amy Hughes



3000+ lush acres | 237 Guest Rooms | Golf | Spa | And So Much More!


Local Flair

“Love is life, and if you miss love, you miss life” - Leo Buscaglia

local flair wedding spring 2013 Photo by Jill Nobles of Smile Peace Love Photography | www.Smile-Peace-Love.com


“A ceremony held at dusk in the Horizon Ballroom with views of the expansive property; candles glowing warmly and lights dimly lit; and fireplaces in every room further adding to the cozy and elegant atmosphere.�


Local Flair

Written by Allison Mowatt Photos by Frankie Carli Productions

At The Inn at Pocono Manor Tina and Andrew Lein had the Christmas wedding they always wanted. The couple said “I Do” in a gorgeous wintery setting on December 1, 2012 at The Inn at Pocono Manor.

For Andrew, the experience was just as memorable. “The Inn was a home away from home. By the end of the weekend, we felt like we knew the entire staff.”

For Tina and Andrew, both 26, they couldn’t imagine their wedding any other way. The Bucks County residents met playing pool on Christmas night in 2007 at the New Britain Inn. “It’s ironic because we didn’t feel like going out that night, but were dragged there by our friends,” said Tina. It must have been fate, because they discovered they had mutual friends in common that night and ended up playing pool together.

The wedding was a magical Christmas themed party. Tina’s colors were deep red and gold. Christmas trees large and small adorned the rooms and fireplaces in every room further added to the cozy, elegant atmosphere.

Andrew knew Tina was “the one” right away, while she needed more time. After dating awhile, he bought Tina a ring but she remained cautious. “I told him I wasn’t ready and asked him to hold on to it.” Three months later, Tina knew it was time and shared her revelations with Andrew. A big surprise lit up their world when Tina found out she was pregnant. Andrew proposed on June 21, 2008. He took great care knowing his future bride was pregnant. He presented Tina with flowers and packed a picnic complete with her favorite slippers, a blanket and sparkling cider. They agreed on a long engagement due to the surprise pregnancy and career plans. Tina and Andrew are now the proud parents of identical twin four year-old girls who were the flower girls in the wedding. They wanted to marry in the Pocono Mountains, and when they visited The Inn, they knew it was the place. “It was already decorated for the holidays—it was beautiful, warm and homey,” said Tina. Wedding Coordinator Amy Hughes made everything run smoothly for them, and the couple made an entire weekend out of the celebration. They began with the rehearsal dinner and stayed overnight in the bridal suite. Tina stayed with her daughter, mother and grandmother. The following day, the women were pampered at the on-site Spa and also had a luncheon delivered.

The ceremony was held at dusk in the Horizon Ballroom with views of the expansive property. Candles glowed warmly, and dimly lit lights added fairytale mystique to the room. “I nearly lost it when my daughters walked down the aisle,” said Andrew. The reception in the Terrace Room also holds many poignant memories for the couple. During the last song, the guests made a circle and joined hands. The newlyweds danced in the middle to one of their favorite songs “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers.

“The Inn was a home away from home. By the end of the weekend, we felt like we knew the entire staff.” “The wedding was the perfect way to begin the month of December—with a big Christmas wedding celebration,” said Tina. The Leins live in Silverdale, Pennsylvania where she works as a Registered Nurse and he in banking. 6 The Inn at Pocono Manor is on the National Registry of Historic Places and has been welcoming guests since 1902. The four season resort is located on One Manor Drive in Pocono Manor. For more information, call 800-233-8150 or visit www.poconomanor.com.

Local Flair



friendship blossoms into love A Union Celebrated at The Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake Resort Written by Allison Mowatt | Photos by Brynne Torres It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but for Amy and Rick Matlock, a friendship beginning in sixth grade eventually led to sweet promises of a lifetime as a couple. Amy and her family moved to Hope, New Jersey, where Rick already lived. She met him soon after starting school, and he was instantly smitten. “He asked me to be his girlfriend my second day of school,” said Amy. At the time, they decided to be friends and remained close over the years. They even went to prom together as friends. In college they drifted apart but rekindled their friendship through a mutual friend. “I asked our friend how Rick was doing, and then Rick and I met for dinner to catch up,” said Amy. It was like they never lost touch, and the rest is history. After dating for a couple of years, Rick popped the question in the form of a chocolate candy heart. Amy was shocked but knew her answer was yes. They came across The Lodge while researching reception locations. “When we visited The Lodge, my husband Rick looked at me and said ‘This is where we’re having the reception,’” said Amy. They were married on August 31, 2012 at St. Matthews Church in East Stroudsburg. Following the ceremony, family, friends and loved ones joined the couple in celebration at The Lodge. “The weather was perfect, and the setting was so tranquil,” Amy said. “It set the mood for the entire day. It was the perfect reception. Much of this is credited to The Lodge’s Event Coordinator Alisha Fisher. She helped the entire process run smoothly.” The reception featured a rustic, vintage theme. After an outdoor cocktail hour, the couple and their 150


Local Flair

guests enjoyed the reception indoors. A particularly moving moment was when their favorite song “Let’s Build a Home” was sung at their wedding as a surprise from Amy’s maid of honor. A delicious wedding cake provided by the on-site bakery topped off an already sweet day. “The cake was delicious,” said Amy. “It was a three tiered white cake with cannoli filling, butter cream frosting and lavender decorations.” Amy got her first taste of this decadent cake when Rick “shoved” it in her face. “We promised each other we wouldn’t do that, and Rick did it anyway,” Amy laughed.

“When we visited The Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake, my husband Rick looked at me and said ‘This is where we’re having the reception!’” Following the reception, everyone went to the fire pit, which is at a designated location on the resort property. The bonfire allowed the celebration to continue after the party. In addition, close family and friends stayed overnight in the cabins on the premises while the couple relaxed in the Honeymoon Suite. In the morning, the couple and their guests enjoyed a special Ever After Breakfast. The couple, both 27, lives in Hillsdale, Pennsylvania where Amy works as a Speech Language Therapist, and Rick as a Manager at Dream Ranch, a whitetail deer farm. 6

Local Flair


deena miller productions


A New York Band with a Local Address By Karen Tetor Photos by Stroudsmoor Photo Studio

When Deena Miller is belting out the classic Motown hit “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” her hand is gripping the mic and every nerve is feeling the pulse of the room. As a seasoned performer, Deena steps center stage, and the explosive dynamics on the dance floor flow from her professional craftsmanship and vigilance. After 20 years in New York, Deena Miller Productions has set up headquarters in the Pocono Mountains. “A top New York wedding band has arrived,” announces Deena. “And you can afford us because we live here.” Wedding budgets spark fierce competition for vendors; Deena’s services thrive because of what those dollars deliver. “You aren’t hiring ‘a band,’” explains Deena. “I am like a baseball team manager who selects the appropriate players to create the sound you want.” Whether you love The Beatles, Sinatra, Latin music, Motown or Lady Gaga, Deena designs a band from her cadre of top professional musicians. Whether you want a small jazz trio or 10+ members with a full brass section, Deena will customize the sound. With 20 years of experience, over 2,000 weddings to her credit, and over 3,000 songs in the playlist, Deena guarantees to get every able-bodied guest up on the dance floor.

Deena: Performed with such greats as Donna Summer, Nora Jones and Billy Joel; Meatloaf’s featured star vocalist Deena’s grandfather, Bill Miller: Patriarch of the grand

Las Vegas stage shows; owned Rivieria Night Club in Fort Lee, NJ – luring such stars as Tony Martin, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Sammy Davis, Jr., Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra; entertainment director of the Las Vegas Sahara, Flamingo, International, and Dunes; created signature shows featuring Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, Barbara Streisand, Dean Martin, Sony & Cher, Tom Jones, and Elvis

Deena’s father, Jimmy Miller: Legendary music producer; produced string of Rolling Stones’ most successful works: Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main Street and Goat’s Head Soup; drummer for such hits as “Can’t Always Get What You Want”; produced hundreds of albums for such bands as Blind Faith, Traffic, Steve Winwood and Motorhead


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A vision of independence launched Deena’s move to the Pocono Mountains. The 2001 release of her debut album A Thousand Words entrenched her love of writing, performing, and recording her own music. The problem was time. Freeing herself from agents and traffic, she solidified her own production company, headed west on Route 80, and carved out private time while managing her thriving business. “When you call me for a booking, you aren’t simply talking to an agent. You are talking with me” she says. And Deena is a demon for detail. “I even make sure the band members’ silk ties match the bride’s color scheme!” What do people remember most about a wedding reception? Deena’s response is “The fun, energy, dancing, and the spark in every guest’s eye. A live band spices up the WOW factor.” To see Deena and her musicians in action, check YouTube, where you can find montages of unedited, live video clips. “The musicians I hire have performed with some of the biggest names in the business: John Mayer, James Taylor, Donna Summer, Norah Jones, Tyler Perry.” Deena cautions clients not to shy away from fear of big prices. “Call me. Let’s discuss your vision and budget so I may help you provide you and your guests the gift of LIVE music.” 6


a New York band with a local address. | www.DeenaMillerProductions.com



Stories, Traditions, and Beliefs

A Celebrant Brings them all to the Wedding By Karen Tetor

As a professional Life-Cycle Celebrant, Lois Heckman insists that the most important part of a wedding eludes most bridal magazines. “Without the ceremony, nothing else matters,” insists Heckman. “Magazines focus upon the dress, the hair and the food. I help a couple create a ceremony that tells the couple’s personal story and journey and expresses the love and values they share.” “People should realize they have choices when it comes to ceremonies,” Heckman says. A graduate of the Celebrant Foundation and Institute and with a degree in religious philosophy from Temple University, Heckman draws upon the couple’s cultural, spiritual, and experiential backgrounds to a mark milestone in life. A Jewish bride and Hindu groom sought out the Saylorsburg celebrant to help design a wedding ceremony to incorporate their rich traditions. Heckman combined the Hindu tradition of lighting a sacred fire to evoke the god Agni to bear witness to the ceremony and the Jewish bride’s circling the groom seven times, as she represents the surrounding light of the household. “Too often, a secular couple, or a couple of mixed faith, or those no longer affiliated with a denomination do not realize the rich opportunity they have to create a meaningful ceremony,” explains Heckman. Thirty-five years ago, the mayor of Stroudsburg joined Heckman and her husband in marriage. “I remember walking out of the Stroudsburg Municipal Building and thinking, ‘That was my wedding?’” In 2005, she began her role as a Celebrant who offers that meaning. Her ceremonies typically incorporate traditional elements such as the exchanging rings and vows, yet celebrate marriage in an intensely creative way. Heckman’s deep background in religion and culture aids her incorporating a couple’s beliefs and interests into the ceremony. A theatrical couple said their vows upon a local theater’s stage, while the bridal party basked them in footlights of lit candles. A couple deeply rooted in nature wanted to proclaim their commitment by a river. Friends and family who thought they were attending an annual picnic by the river were pleasantly shocked when the afternoon’s festivities transformed into a wedding


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ceremony. At the conclusion, each guest selected a pebble from a basket, blessed the stone with a wish for the couple, and tossed it into the river. Today’s couples are not always “traditional,” and neither are their rituals explains Heckman. One couple placed a necklace around the bride’s daughter’s neck. “If there are children involved in this union, it’s important for them to know that love is infinite. How they are loved will not change,” explains Heckman. Devoted to marriage equality, she assures couples that their circumstances are never a deterrent to their celebration of commitment.

“I help a couple create a ceremony that tells the couple’s personal story and journey and expresses the love and values they share.” “So many couples cherish their cultural attachments and spiritual beliefs, but do not necessarily adhere to religious tradition,” says Heckman. The spectacular natural setting of Skytop Lodge set the stage for one couple who invoked the four directions. They offered blessings to each direction: earth to the North, for sustenance, fertility, and security; air to the East, for openness and communications; sun to the South for fire, energy and passion; and water to the West, for emotion and joy. About 75% of Heckman’s ceremonies take place in such traditional wedding settings as Skytop Lodge, Stroudsmoor, Mountain Springs Lake, and Shawnee Inn. For those who want a very personal private setting, Heckman offers her own home and grounds, called “Harmony Garden.” 6 Lois Heckman is a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant™ officiating weddings, funerals, memorials and other milestones in the Pocono Mountains. She can be reached through her website: LoisHeckman.com

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Sink into the

history of the

Top photo: A tub at Fernwood Hotel Left photo: Standing R to L: Wally Hoffman (Birchwood), Morris B Wilkins (Cove Haven), Jim Moore (Honeymoon Hideaway). Seated R to L: Charles A Poalillo (Penn Hills), Edmund A Strickland Sr. (Strickland’s Mt Inn),Mr. Rossi (Pocono Gardens), Paul Asure (Memory Town). Taken in the 1960s

The Honeymoon Area of the Pocono Mountains For decades, the Pocono Mountains have been synonymous with the words “honeymoon” and “heart-shaped tubs.” Many people probably still remember when the Pocono Mountains began getting a lot of attention as a popular honeymoon spot. Visitors living only a drive away would flock to the area from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Indiana and Ohio. “They saw the Pocono honeymoon resorts as a cruise ship on land,” said Tom Wilkins, whose father, Morris B. Wilkins, introduced the first heart-shaped tub in the Pocono Mountains in 1963. He was also the founder and President/COO of what is now known as the Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts. These iconic tubs symbolized romance and luxury for couples looking to retreat to a scenic and quiet getaway without having to travel far. Probably some of the most well-known honeymoon resorts from this era were Cove Haven, Pocono Palace and Paradise Stream. All of these resorts are still up and running. In 1958, Morris and his business partner, Harold O’Brien, purchased Cove Have. Since he introduced the first “Sweetheart Tub” at Cove Haven, it has since been copied by many other resorts worldwide


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and jumpstarted the heart-shaped tub phenomena throughout the area. In 1971, Life Magazine even featured the heart-shaped tub at Cove Haven, which helped solidify the Pocono Mountains as “The Honeymoon Capital of the World.” Honest Phil is Cove Haven’s own Chief eXcitement Officer (CXO). He has held this position for 40 years and has first-hand knowledge of what it was like when these renowned tubs were introduced. He shares some company folklore: “Morris and his

“These iconic tubs symbolized romance and luxury for couples looking to retreat to a scenic and quiet getaway without having to travel far.” partner “Obie” knew they wanted to have whirlpool bathtubs in every suite. The first whirlpool they purchased was a common circle. When Wilkins and Obie were carrying the prototype down a flight of stairs, they ran into a corner. (Continued on Page 37)

(From Page 36) In order to make the turn, they needed to distort the shape a bit. When they finally got the bath through, they realized it reflected a heart shape‌perfect for a couples resort.� During the late 1980s, several venerable Pocono honeymoon resorts shut their doors, which led to the decline of the honeymoon business locally. In addition, vacationers discovered Disneyworld and the islands as attractive honeymoon spots and began traveling further. Other popular resorts from the heyday of the honeymoon era were The Summit Resort and Penn Hills, which are now closed. 6

Where Are Some of These Tubs Today? Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

Owned by Starwood Hotels Cove Haven Resort on 194 Lakeview Drive in Lakeville, Pocono Palace Resort on Route 209 in Marshalls Creek and Paradise Stream Resort on Route 940 in Mount Pocono. These three all-inclusive couples-only resorts are no longer just for honeymooners, but for anyone looking for a romantic getaway. Combined, the three resorts have a total of 386 in-room pools and 652 in-room whirlpool baths (heart-shaped and otherwise!). For more information, visit covepoconoresorts.com or call 1-800-432-9932.

Mt. Haven Country Resort

This resort is tucked away in the woods off Log Tavern Road near Milford and is run by the Filone family, who opened Mt. Haven in 1973. Five cottages still feature the heart-shaped Jacuzzis. For more information, call (570) 296-8502, or 800553-1530 or visit mthavenresorts.com.

Fernwood Hotel & Convention Center

Couples still come to Fernwood to relax and reconnect in one of the Dream Suites, which all feature a heart-shaped oversized whirlpool, in-room sauna and king size bed. Fernwood Hotel & Convention Center is located on Route 209 in Bushkill. For more info visit fernwoodhotel.com or call (570) 588-9500, Extension 0.

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for the Bride

for the Bride

Items above available at Josephine’s Fleur-de-lis in Downtown Stroudsburg


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Valentine’s Day Rocks All items pictured here above available at James Diamond Jewelry in the heart of Mount Pocono www.jamesdiamondjewelry.com 570-839-8384


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Mattioli Recognition Ceremony

December 21, 2012

The Downtown Stroudsburg community acknowledged the Mattioli Family by recognizing Dr. Rose Mattioli on Friday, December 21st at 4 PM in Courthouse Square. The ceremony involved hanging a wreath to honor Dr. Rose Mattioli and her late husband Dr. Joseph Mattioli for their charitable contributions to Downtown Stroudsburg. Attendees gathered for fellowship at following the ceremony at Backstreet Studio in the Newberry Building.


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Sterling silver charms from $25

Rt 611 • Bartonsville, PA 18321 570.629.3388 www.american-candle.com

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Fundraiser Fashion Show at Pocono Community Theater

All of the stars were out on December 6th in support of Pocono Community Theatre. The Fundraiser Fashion Show was great! The fabulous models set the stage for LaBella Boutique (American Candle), D1124 Boutique, I Do Bridal Creations and Today’s Boutique Trends. The fashion show was organized by Bridget Williams of The Shoppes on Main in Stroudsburg. Photos by Kerry Grandusky.


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585 Main Street Stroudsburg, PA 570.421.7950




Casual Comfort for Him. 585 Main Street Stroudsburg, PA 18360 570.421.7950

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Canned Food Drive

Please consider bringing a charitable non-perishable food item to help support the Salvation Army of Monroe County

Sponsored By:

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parting shot

“Eagles AND people thrive when the land and waters they depend upon are clean.� - Virginia Kennedy, Outreach and Development Manager Delaware River Highlands Conservancy

Photos by Stephen Davis

Every winter up to 150-200 bald eagles migrate to this region. They are seeking a reliable food source and undisturbed habitat so they can survive the cold winter months. When the lakes, rivers and reservoirs north of our region freeze over, the eagles head this way, where open water on the Delaware and Hudson Rivers and the associated tributaries and reservoirs provide a source of fish. Some bald eagles will fly nearly 900 miles from their breeding ground to winter in this region. The Delaware Highlands Conservancy is an accredited land trust dedicated to conserving the natural heritage and quality of life in the Upper Delaware River region in partnership with the region’s landowners and communities. They have recently merged with the Eagle Institute. For more information on the Eagles in our area and on The Delaware River Highlands other initiatives, go to www.delawarehighlands.org


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Profile for Local Flair Magazine

Follow Your Heart 2013  

The February/March issue of Local Flair, premiere lifestyle magazine of the Pocono Mountains region of Pennsylvania.

Follow Your Heart 2013  

The February/March issue of Local Flair, premiere lifestyle magazine of the Pocono Mountains region of Pennsylvania.