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Spring | Summer 18


a thought

from the fashion director


was blowing bubbles and writing with sidewalk chalk with a couple of my nephews when a thought came to mind: “I bet there’s not a soul that wouldn’t be happy in this moment. There’s no way someone could hate sidewalk chalk and bubbles. No way.” I’m the “cool aunt” of my family—no kids, no husband, still running around with the kiddos. During a family gathering, it’s not unusual to see me in the yard with every guest under four-feet tall. It’s probably because I’m the loud-laughing, fun-loving baby of my siblings, and kids are drawn to my “never grow up” mentality. Whatever it may be, there I am, every time, allowing them to mess up my hair, or prioritizing leggings over my Easter dress to ensure that I get the best head start in a game of tag. This time, I looked through the falling bubbles to the hill down the road, where I used to ride my bike and sled 20 years ago. I hadn’t thought about that in years. In that moment, I realized that I get so caught up in “adulty important” things, that I forget the significance of simplicity. I have forgotten how good it feels to breathe deeply. I’ve forgotten that the Good Book says not to worry for tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry for itself. I’ve forgotten the way that “Danny’s Song” by Loggins & Messina makes me feel. I’ve forgotten to cherish the way the first two minutes feels when I slide into clean sheets. I’ve forgotten the way home smells, or how my mama’s home cooking turns every face into a smile. I’ve forgotten how good it feels to have a day with absolutely nothing planned; or, how it feels to lay in the sun, even when I have a to-do pile on my desk. Looking at my nephews without a care in the world, and remembering the feeling of sliding down that hill, I decided that simple Calli was my favorite Calli, and I vowed to feel life fully again. I vowed to be present.

4 Local Fashion Link

While creating this first issue of Local Fashion Link Magazine, I made sure to take time out of every shoot to sit and talk to models, photographers, our hair and makeup teams, designers and everyone between about something not fashion or work related. We talked about their lives, their history, or something that made them smile. I also stopped in the middle of a beautiful photo coming together to thank the Big Guy upstairs for letting me see the beauty of the moment. Kansas City has a small hometown feel, so I always tell the team that above everything else we’re doing, we are forming relationships with people. Because our advertisers aren’t just advertisers—they’re neighbors. And our sponsors aren’t just sponsors—they’re partners. Those relationships are what this city thrives on. This issue gives you a look into the Kansas City fashion community; and, I hope it gives you all the feels my team was aiming for. I hope you find yourself bringing it out again and again this year for inspiration or resources for your favorite looks. I hope the spring and summer seasons bring you out into the city that we love. I hope they are filled with simple moments of happy—moments that you really feel. I hope you take time away from your thoughts and your desk to roam your favorite place, to hear your happy song, or to appreciate the sun on your face and the smells of home. Kansas Citians—neighbors —we love you, and we love that you are on this journey with us. Welcome to volume one, issue one of our next chapter. We’ll see you out and about this season! For the love of fashion,




Play hard. Brunch harder.

J O I N U S I N B R O O K S I D E F O R happy hour 4 -7 W E E K D AY S A N D 9 - C L O S E F R I D AY S A N D S AT U R D AY S , A N D brunch 10 -2 S AT U R D AY S A N D S U N D AY S .

B R O O K S I D E 6 3 24 B R O O K S I D E P L A Z A R E D D O O R G R I L L .C O M

Spring | Summer 18


after dark R

ock inspired fashion lends its layers for warm days and cool nights in our city—and we love it! We’ve pulled our favorites for you to mix and match, and grab from your closet over and over! No matter the venue, your after dark style should be easy, and chic. Rock on!

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hISTORY Punk style of the 1970s set the mold for all rock inspired looks—and by the 1980s, the after dark headbangers held their own fashion niche. When the 1990s grunge movement emerged, fashion moved right along with the music, and we’re so glad it did.

Spring | Summer 18


TRENdS The Local Fashion Link team loves 1990s trends, so we’re all about the resurgence of grunge vibes. Mixing punk, a bit of goth and grunge is the perfect combination for a night out, after dark.

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SpRINg/ SUMmER The warm seasons call for bare shoulders and sheer tops, but the season of sun doesn’t only have to be about pastels and bold pops of color. Rock chic style is perfect after sunset.

PHOTOS: Ryan Swartzlander MODELS: Amela Husic, Ciara Barton, Joyce Hurley, Lacey Lee; Voices& HAIR & MAKEUP: Monica Marie Martinez, Josie Boyd, Terin Sexton; KC’s Bombshell Beauty Crew GARMENTS: Re-Runs Apparel CONCEPT & STYLING: Calli Green Spring | Summer 18



estival & concert season is in full swing, so we want to be sure that you have the perfect mix of fun and unique styles hanging in your closet. Get through the warmer days with these skirts, dresses and shorts, and pair them with jackets for the cooler evenings. We’ve got your back, and we’re here to make sure you’re the best lookin’ soul mama in the audience!



Spring | Summer 18 11

hip hop concert

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Spring | Summer 18 13


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PHOTOS: Tiffany Cody, Smash Glam MODELS: Abigail Schif, Exposure Model and Talent Agency, Inc; Rachel Stang, Voices&, Bella Donna Fernandez, Victoria Givorkov, Sanay Alexander, Bre Bennett HAIR & MAKEUP: Aisha Simon, Smash Glam; Monica Marie Martinez, Nichole Hobbs; Josie Boyd, Terin Sexton, KC’s Bombshell Beauty Crew GARMENTS: Re-Runs Apparel CONCEPT & STYLING: Calli Green

Spring | Summer 18 15


Sheri’s jewelry collection, both vintage pieces and assemblage designs, can be purchased at: jennywrenvintage.com

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ou dress like a gypsy.”

My husband, bless his heart, made this comment to me last year as we discussed my upcoming job interview with a KC tech company. “If you get this job,” he says, “you can’t dress like that anymore.” I decided to take the gypsy remark as a compliment; although I’m not 100% sure he meant it to be. He’s right, though. I love jewelry, lots and lots of jewelry. I prefer unstructured clothing, usually black. And I adore anything vintage and pre-loved. It should come as no surprise that I have been an antique dealer for over twenty years. Up until recently, my merchandise mix consisted of furniture and decor. An online estate auction changed that for me. Over 300 pieces of amazing Native American and Southwest style jewelry would be auctioned to the highest bidder. All my passions in one small box - my gyspy-ish style, my love of vintage goods, and my need to make a buck—Did I mention that I didn’t get that job? Opening that box was dreamy. Three distinct collections appear as I sort through the tangled contents. The most distinct pieces were the true Native American designs, inspired by Navaho, Zuni, and Hopi tribe silversmiths. Another group feels more Wild West inspired, with bolo ties and silver medallions. And the third pile is my favorite. The quirky pile—more hippie, more modern, more gypsy. Those three collections made styling the photo shoot a snap. The sense of nostalgia of the jewelry called for vintage lace and leather. The expressiveness of flowy tops in gauzy white cotton softened the look for an ethereal vibe. The ripped denim and flannel gave a rocker girl edge. Layering on bolo ties, popular with 1970s square dancers, make amazing chokers. Armfuls of bangles and rings on every finger are always a must. I’m not a fan of the word “eclectic” or “Boho”. Drill down further on those two words for a new definition—gypsy style. They’re cowgirls, warrior princesses, free spirits, trail blazers, and rockers. They are exotic, well traveled and multi-layered. And lucky for us, the style is ageless. Anyone here remember Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks? It makes me think, do I identify with this gypsy culture? The answer seems so obvious to me now. Maybe I don’t in the traditional sense of crystal balls and off-grid living, but how about my own version? Cowboy boots and peasant tops, check. Piles of jewelry, check. And although a road trip to Coachella is probably not going to make it onto my bucket list, I have found my own gypsy lifestyle. My wanderlust is neighborhood garage sales. Country auctions on Sunday speak to my wild heart. And my good vibes come from a great thrift store haul. Adventure awaits. Shine on! Spring | Summer 18 17


18 Local Fashion Link

LFL: Why did you start designing? TR: I started designing a short while ago (2.5 years) after I already went to school for law, and worked 10 years in the corporate world. I have always wanted to design clothes but never went forward with it in college--HUGE mistake! After much deliberation, and the need to do something that made me hapy, I decided to jump in with both feet-designing women’s wear. LFL:What inspires you? TR: Things that happen on a daily basis inspire me. I always carry a notebook with me, and when things interest me, I make sure to write them down and figure out how to incorporate that into my designs. LFL: Is there a “mark” that is recognizable to TR Brown? TR: I don’t have anything specific sewn into my pieces as a TRBROWN mark, but I do pride myself on the textured fabrics I use, and would love for that to turn into my “mark” someday. LFL: What was your inspiration behind this collection? TR:I wanted to create a very fun and flirty collection for women of all ages! The main inspiration comes from The Hamptons because the fashion there is always classy and very fun in the summer. LFL: Why Kansas City? TR: Kansas City has a great fashion community that supports emerging designers! trbrownfashion.com PHOTOS: No. 9 Photography, Jonny Hackett MODELS: Victoria Neutzler, Career Images; Noelle Manica, Voices& HAIR & MAKEUP: Terin Sexton, KC’s Bombshell Beauty Crew; Beauty by Natalie Christina GARMENTS & STYLING: Tiffany Brown Spring | Summer 18 19


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Spring | Summer 18 21

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Spring | Summer 18 23

PHOTOS: Eli Stack MODEL: Hailey Lauren Young HAIR & MAKEUP: Josie Boyd, Terin Sexton, KC’s Bombshell Beauty Crew GARMENTS & STYLING: April Madden

24 Local Fashion Link

LFL: What is your design history? April: I have a degree in Fashion Design, however, soon after graduation, I moved to NYC and worked for a costume design company. Then, continued in that line of work for 20 years. During that time, I also designed and created custom couture evening gowns and bridal gowns for clients. Moving to Kansas City, four years ago, gave me the opportunity to focus all of my attention on building my clothing line and brand. LFL: What inspires you? April: TEXTILES. I have an unhealthy obsession with fabric. It consumes most of my waking hours. Elaborate, expensive, luscious fabrics are my muse, and will always be. LFL: What is your inspiration behind this particular collection? April: Hello Spring 2018 is bright, fun and includes a Micro Collection called Hello Mod that reflects a 60s Mod silhouette, and of course fantastic textiles. LFL: Why Kansas City? April: My husband grew up in KCK. We visited often before we moved to KC—staying downtown and frequenting West 39th Street restaurants and shops, thus leading to my friendship with Donna Foulk, local celebrity and owner of Donna’s Dress Shop. We love Kansas City and Kansas City loves us back. LFL: When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a designer? April: I was born this way. My Grandmother, Aunt and Mother taught me to sew when I was 12, it was as if I always knew how to manipulate the fabric through the machine. Our family would go skiing after Christmas each year. I couldn’t wait to go to the shops with handmade leather goods because they would sell giant bags of scraps for $5! I would beg my mom for a bag, then once home again all of our Barbies got new suede, leather and shearling ensembles—whether my sisters liked it or not. LFL: When did you land your first job and what was the most valuable thing you learned from that experience? April: While in design school I worked for a designer, Peggy Hoyle, she was incredible in her own right, however her family history was the stuff of legends and Hollywood glam. She encouraged me to follow my own inner voice, and I would stack that against any other advice. Believe in yourself or no one else will.

LFL: What did you wear to your first interview? April: I don’t remember the first interview, but to a later one I wore a 1970s Vintage Grey Wool tailored jacket and coordinating A-Line mid-length skirt with black patent knee boots, a light blue silk scarf around my neck and of course my giant Vintage Ox Blood leather Portfolio. I changed the buttons on the jacket to more expensive decorative antique buttons. It was a good look, I would absolutely still wear it today, however it was cut from my closet years ago. LFL: What was the biggest rookie mistake you made when just starting out? April: I don’t believe in mistakes. With every mistake is an opportunity to do something greater. Every time I cut a garment out wrong, (and believe me it still happens) I have to find a solution. I use vintage and expensive fabric, so starting fresh isn’t an option. Each time the end result is much better than my initial design. LFL: How is working in the fashion industry different today than from when you started? April: Fast Fashion has tolled a steady death knoll for many indie designers for many years. My grandmother was a second generation American, her grandparents had immigrated from France. She had been taught to choose the best you could possibly afford, then take care of it. I have always followed the same mantra. Now more and more people are rediscovering the beauty of a well made garment. They may not know what a French seam is, or that hand-cut bias binding takes three times the amount of skill and labor than just a plain old seam with a serged edge (they don’t know what a serged edge is either) however, they can see that the piece fits better, the fabric is superior and even better, they get to meet the designer and hear the story behind the piece. LFL: What was your biggest fear when starting your line? (We know April Madden, and we don’t think she has ANY fear—she eats it for breakfast!) April: Fear is Fuel. Fear is thinking no one will buy your pieces. Fuel is listening to what your clients like best, and expanding on those. Fear is listening to those that aren’t “your people.” Fuel is perfecting your look to your target market. LFL: How do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes? April: Special, exotic, unique. But most of all, comfortable in their own skin—so they can be powerful, kind and beautiful, inside and out. I want my pieces to be loved and enjoyed—to be the “go to” look, and of course I want those pieces to have many sisters with an interlocking “AM” stitched into them hanging in that same closet. aprilmaddenstudio.com

Spring | Summer 18 25

Spring + Summer Looks That Every Man Needs

The perfect plaid


en, if you are looking for an easy way to find warm weather style, look no further! We’ve found your tops. shorts, accesories and everything in between. The best part is that they’re right down the road—at ULAH!

Shore worthy shorts

Top: The Normal Brand Left: Nifty Genius Right: Life After Denim

26 Local Fashion Link

Bold prints


ULAH helps men dress for life. Located in Woodside Village at 4707 Rainbow Blvd, Westwood, KS 66205 Monday - Saturday: 10am 8pm Sunday: Noon - 6pm 913-777-8734

Top: Nifty Genius Bottom: The Normal Brand


Spring | Summer 18 27


PHOTOS: No. 9 Photography, Jonny Hackett MODELS: Amber Botros, Stoney Nicole HAIR & MAKEUP: Terin Sexton, KC’s Bombshell Beauty Crew; Beauty by Natalie Christina GARMENTS: Re-Runs Apparel & Fashion Drector’s closet CONCEPT & STYLING: Calli Green

28 Local Fashion Link







6 3


ll women should feel powerful and beautiful in what they wear, even if your 9 to 5 that calls for a dress code. Have no fear, we’ve put together some of our favorite need-to-have girl power pieces, and they are boardroom certified.


THE EASY, COLLARED SHIRT We know you have too many tops that you have to iron, so grab one in a fabric blend like polyester or spandex. This will make mornings a breeze, and looks great! We pulled this top from a vintage collection, but modern works too! TROUSER Head out of the house 2 in aPLAIN comfortable well-fitting style, in a neutral

color. This timeless piece can be mixed and matched with almost anything. We pulled a vintage trouser for this look, but a modern trouser can be found on any shopping trip.


HEELED SANDAL If these are approved in your dress code, you should definitely own a pair. A nuetral color shoe, with such a simple style is perfect for everyday.


This piece can be 4 JACKET/BLAZER worn as a cape, or as intended, and is an often

needed piece in the boardroom. We pulled a vintage white jacket, but you should find a simple style that you absolutely love, and shell out some cash on this investment piece. To be unfortgetable, one 5 ACCESORIZE must wear accesories. This could mean a

statement necklace, or a great bag. A dress code everyday can get mundane, so add somehing that gives your look flair!

PRINTS Trends will come and go, so 6 thisFUN is something you can purchase at a lower

price. We added a printed crop pant to this look, but you can add a fun trendy print to any piece of your ensemble.

CLASSIC PUMP Strappy or not, a plain 7 pump is a must. Find your favorite, and splurge a

little, shoes are one of the most important things you own. A supportive pump is a must for comfort.

Spring | Summer 18 29


LFL: What is Smash Glam? SG: We specialize in supporting professionals and businesses with image branding. These services include: corporate makeup training, headshots and website photography. We also love to help clients celebrate life with boutique weddings, senior portraits and girls day out experiences. LFL: What outreach initiatives does Smash Glam lead? SG: Our biggest outreach project is our Personal Branding Bootcamp for Teens. We will be holding our third annual bootcamp this August. We have a heart for helping the next generation recognize and reach their greatest potential. Our bootcamp allows us to impart some of the things we’ve learned along the way regarding simple, but important concepts such as: goal setting, and controlling how individuals present themselves to the world. We also do this in smaller settings by speaking to small groups of ladies, both in-studio and at schools. LFL:Why was moving to Troost an important change of address for Smash Glam? SG: Moving to Troost was an imperative move for Smash Glam. Our clientele work and live approximately 10-15 minutes in each direction from our new location. Additionally, it was important to us to make this move because of the history of Troost and the opportunity to be a part of the changing narrative on Troost. Small businesses are moving back into the neighborhood, and we are excited to be part of that change!

30 Local Fashion Link

LFL: How does supporting Smash Glam and buying services help to support your outreach initiatives? SG: Support is vital for us to continue the work that we’re doing in the community, as the bootcamp has been funded mostly by Smash Glam and generous donations from our community. We provide breakfast and lunch as well as awesome items for our participants during their sessions throughout the day. LFL: Why Kansas City? SG: Tiffany grew up in Topeka, Kansas, and we started working in that area first. At that time, Topeka could not support a fashion based business like us. Kansas City opened its arms to us quickly, and we have loved the experience ever since. In the recent years, our business has picked up significantly in Topeka, with business branding services. We opened a second satellite office there, and we are grateful to be able to be a part of the changing narrative in Topeka as well. Smash Glam also provides custom hair, makeup and photography for fashion and editorial purposes.

getSmashGlammed.com (816) 266-4324 Instagram: SmashGlam Reviews: Facebook.com/getSmashGlammed

PHOTOS: Jaraza Dawn PHOTO ASSIST: Jacob Louisius HAIR: Rodneka Cody MAKEUP: Aisha Bullocks, Smash Glam GARMENTS: Re-Runs Vintage Apparel CONCEPT & STYLING: Calli Green Spring | Summer 18 31

32 Local Fashion Link