Orange County October 2012

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Name: Joe “Rocco” Eyerman Company: Rocco’s Auto Tech Years in business: 32 years Q: You get to work on so many cool cars. What Is the most expensive car you have been involved with? Joe Eyerman: I work daily on a class of vehicles where a sticker price of $125,000 can be common place. But some of the so called “super cars” can hit $495,000 and up. Even with those kinds of prices owners still find that the factory has left off some features they want. Things like iPod chargers, Pandora inputs or Bluetooth connections sometimes were not originally designed into the car so they must be added or up fitted by us after the car is delivered. Q: Why is it called Rocco’s? JE: The company was recently renamed for my son “Rocco” Eyerman. For over three decades I have been working behind the scenes for local new car dealers, helping them outfit their clients’ cars with the features the factory left out. But over the past five years I have been working to build an awareness of our talents and services to the general public so local customers can now use our installation services directly. It was a good idea giving the company a catchier name, so clients have an easier time referring to the shop. Q: How can you change our car? What kind of products can you add? JE: There are two basic areas when it comes to customizing a car, rims, tires, window tint or maybe a catchy window sticker is one. DID YOU KNOW.... Joe’s former company was contracted with the L . A .P.D. to install the first ever cop car video systems. So you can literally thank Joe for all that great footage you’ve seen on “COPS”.

Those items are for other people to admire. Then you have the car’s interior and its many devices and electronics - they are for you. We have been outfitting cars with all the bells and whistles that technology has to offer since before the CD player was even invented. Twenty years ago, if you had a radio, an amp and a new pair of speakers, you had it all. Today your car is so much more of an extension of your lifestyle. We install iPod inputs for your music, Bluetooth systems for you phone and cameras and navigation systems for safer driving. Adding that last option you wish your car had is our specialty. Q: What do you drive? How have you modified it? JE: My wife drives our G55 Mercedes Benz Glendewagon. It is set up with Sirius Satellite Radio, turn-by-turn navigation and a built in car phone for added safety and convenience. It’s her favorite car ever. For those not familiar, it’s the boxy Mercedes as seen on “The Kardashians” or the pink one driven by Paris Hilton. I mostly drive our Mercedes Smart Car or the company truck Q: Is this a family business? JE:The company is manned by myself doing all the product design and installations personally. Our office manager is Shanna Timmer, who handles all the day to day tasks running the shop, writing estimates, syncing cell phones, and scheduling our clients’ needs for their vehicles. Annie, my wife, takes care of the accounting, customer relations and our three children, Julie, Lili and Rocco. I have been doing this since I was 14, working in my uncle Roger’s custom car shop. 2012 now puts me in my 33rd year installing; I’m actually just closing in on over 50,000 installations for my clients. Q: What surprises people most about what you do? JE: One thing most people don’t realize is that their car was actually designed two or three years before it was built. That’s why it can be very far behind on popular trends

like iPods or the latest in vehicle safety. Our company has been in a very unique niche for many years. New car dealers cannot modify the cars very much; they must use our company for add-ons their clients want. We use their factory parts and retrofit them into their cars just like the manufacturers would. That gives you the features you want and the reliability of the factory warranty. People are amazed that almost every job we perform requires the car to be plugged into our computers to update all the software and hardware we have added, that’s where the dealerships fall behind: they cannot keep up with the technology. We update our computers daily! Often we spend more time with the customers showing them how to use their new devices than the time it took to install it. Q: What is your favorite place to grab lunch locally? JE: On days I am lucky enough to take a few minutes for lunch, I get takeout from any one of the wonderful restaurants lining 17th Street here in Costa Mesa. My favorite is Pizza Bakery. I am a long time customer and they have the best Pizza in town.

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