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apartment complex into a beautiful sanctuary. We have hundreds of volunteers helping us with building furniture, fences, and painting. It’s a great place for families to come together to support each other. It’s all just incredibly inspired. Q: What is your favorite part of your job? AS: Meeting the children and spending time with their families. It reminds [me] how every day is a gift. They’re incredible; their laughter and how they believe that all things are possible, how they’re not weighed down by their circumstances. It’s an incredible thing to witness. Q: What are some ways Miracles for Kids reaches out to the community? AS: We have several volunteer opportunities every month. We partner with community organizations, and clubs in eleven different elementary and high schools. We give the children the opportunity to meet the families. We do a number of fundraisers, golf and tennis tournaments, fishing tournaments, music festivals, and we partner with some organizations, spend time in the community, raise awareness, and have new conversations with people who might be interested in helping. Q: What future goals do you have for Miracles for Kids? AS: It’s very simple. We want to raise additional funds and increase our resources in order to meet the needs of families whom we cannot yet serve.

Giving Back: As a child, Autumn was on the receiving side of charity. Now, she’s been able to give back as a volunteer for over 25 years. Native Knowledge: Autumn lives in Orange County with her husband and three children.

Orange County July 2016  

Go/Do Edition

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