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“The first step is fundraising and getting sponsors. You then have to build a boat and then you have to build a team all while you keep yourself focused and in shape.” —Mike Buckley


EXPERT: Mike Buckley and Taylor Canfield CREDENTIALS: Professional Sailors Mike Buckley got his first taste of sailing as a child growing up on Cape Cod. “My mom found some little crappy boat that had a little sail. It was wooden and leaked and she used to push me off the beach in it with a rope tied onto a tree on shore. I used to go out there until the thing would half sink and then come back and try again.”

Photography Provided By: Matt Knighton courtesy of Stars + Stripes USA & Matthew Brush courtesy of MUSTO and Stars + Stripes USA


Sitting in that boat, Buckley could never have imagined the position he’d be sitting in today—preparing alongside partner and fellow sailing world champion, Taylor Canfield, to lead an all-American team to sail in America’s Cup in 2021. Between staying in shape, fundraising, building a team and building a boat, it’s an objective that’s all-consuming. Buckley and Canfield are currently knee-deep in the creation process of a 75-foot race boat that’s as

The Dream Team • Their dream crew member is Michael Phelps. They’d love for him to be a grinder and come sail with them. Unstoppable • Buckley cites taking a vet who lost his leg to sailing as one of the coolest moments of his life. When they met, he said he wouldn’t be able to sail without a leg, but he just competed in his first handicapped sailing event. A Rocky Start • Buckley jokes that when he and Canfield first sailed together 10 years ago, they vowed to never do it again, but after a few years they decided to give it another shot.

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technologically advanced as a modern-day aircraft and capable of reaching speeds between 50 and 60 mph. “We toured Virgin Orbit in Long Beach where they build rocket ships and there’s a lot of parallels between what they’re doing and what we’re doing. Their craft flies to space while ours flies above the water, but there are so many similarities,“ Buckley explains. As the country watches this first all-American entry in over 15 years to challenge for the Cup, it’s impressive to note the combination of work ethic, attitude and commitment to social change that has helped make them an inspiration to so many. “We have this incredible platform to inspire people, to teach kids what the American dream is and what hard work can get you. If you have a dream, it’s not gonna find you on the couch. You have to go out and do it. Take risks, work your butt off and good things usually happen.”



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