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Meet Alison Conran & her family of stitching friends

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19 Ted the Sea Turtle by Nina Leipold

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December 2018

Home for the Holidays

The perfect home for the holidays? The one where everyone gathers. You Dream. We Build.

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Publisher's Letter



Issue #20 season of change

oe and I have a big announcement. It’s not the new baby, but we did have one of them. For a variety of reasons, the magazine will shift to a quarterly for 2019 and in between printed versions we will be putting out digital-exclusive magazines on the off months. Why? This is the big question. There are a few reasons, and inquiring minds want to know. For starters, the decision to change the production schedule has nothing really to do with you, dear reader. At least, we know that not many of your have asked for an extension of the production schedule. We know you have enjoyed reading the physical version of the magazine each month and that our effort to keep the percentages of content you read high and the page count manageable has led to engaged readers. Rather, the need for the change is threefold: logistics, partnerships and personal. Of note, this will also allow us time to rectify some logistical issues that have caused delays in delivery. You may have noticed; we did! We thought it would be easy enough to handle this while publishing the magazines monthly, but this multi-dimensional issue appears to have been exacerbated by the rigors of five monthly magazines (that’s the total we do right now, yours and four others). When Joe believed he solved the problem, something else would crop up. We have linked this to three issues and one small contributor (timeliness of submissions, Meredith has really helped us improve) will be corrected by quarterlies with earlier due dates. That coupled with many people wanting to see what a quarterly might be like, with an increased focus on digital, led us

to consider the shift. Finally, on the personal front, some health issues in Joe’s family has led to him feeling like he has not given everyone the attention they deserve. As a small team, this does have an impact. The people behind the scenes stepped up like you could not believe. They are awesome and they have been extra awesome. Joe cannot help but feel that asking everyone to do so much over a prolonged period of time is not fair, so the adjustment in production will ease this burden for these temporary issues. Our team is more excited than ever for the direction we are headed. We look forward to increasing the quality of the quarterly pieces and also trying to grow the digitals that will come out in off months. Readership for the digital pieces has been extremely high and we ask and suggest you be sure to update your information. If you are not sure, you can email to make sure your preferred contact info is on the distribution. What is more, the digital service we use allows for “on-demand” printing for those that may wish to have a physical copy, although sadly it will not be free! If you too are excited about this change, or even if you don’t care for it, I’d love to hear your reaction. Our primary focus is to deliver the best magazines we can for you, our readers, creating the best experience for all stakeholders. Sincerely,

Ande Nehila



December 2018

Next month in

Health & Wellness Let’s get started by heading in the right direction! Tell us about your favorite workouts, healthy recipes and ways to prevent illness during flu season. We wish you all a happy and healthy new year!

Participate in the Lake We always welcome your Recipes Boats, Planes, Cars, & Trains Pet Stories Artist Info Random Acts of Kindness Business Recommendations Charities & Causes Poetry Photos Important Dates and Suggestions!

Share your recommendations Tell us your favorite: 1. Book from last year 2. Quick Lunch Spot 3. Fitness Studio 4. Health Tip 5. Antique/Resale Store

Timeless Interiors offered to sponsor the Resident Recommended section by giving a $100 gift certificate, and other great prizes are awaiting participants! See page 57 for this month’s winners. And don't forget to suggest any other "highly recommended" businesses!

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Resident Recommended favorite ornament

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get win a great prize! the local lowdown Share your opinion,

Local businesses sponsor the Resident Recommended section by giving prizes for your recommendations. Each month, one or more respondents will be selected at random to receive the prize! See page 8 for the questions and page 57 for this month’s winners.

ded R



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Pics! Visit any of your recommended businesses from The Lake - this month or previous months - and take a photo, a selfie, family, food, fun, or other picture. Email it to us for a chance to win a prize!



December 2018

t Reco

Find this star throughout the magazine.

Discover more Resident Recommendations!

Anna Kendrick said her favorites were Baby’s First Christmas from 1979, 1980, 2007, and 2011. Mary Gnisci’s favorites are all of her memory ornaments. Lynne Rose Sinclair has a small feather angel ornament that she made with her mom over 40 years ago. Stephen Robillard has a white dove tree topper that is his favorite ornament. “For several years when I was younger, I made many homemade ornaments with my mother for the church ladies guild holiday sale. My mom lost many of hers in a flood, but I have all of mine. Our tree is decorated with all of those fun, unique homemade ornaments. Back then I gave my childhood best girl friends one of each of our special ornaments, and they still have them on their trees as well. My favorite ornament is a small feather angel I made with my mom over 40 years ago.” - Lynne Rose Sinclair

“The gift of quality time with family.” - Mary Gnisci

Mary Gnisci loves the gift of quality time with family. Joni Kulick’s most thoughtful gift she has received is her five year old son giving her peace and quiet! Lynne Rose Sinclair loves giving the gift of donating to veterans or homeless shelters and each family member writing a letter to each other with their Christmas present. Anna Kendrick received a necklace with an image etched of her and her father. Stephen Robillard’s most thoughtful gift were some replacement slippers from her son’s gal pal for her holey ones that she noticed on a visit.

favorite favorite stocking stuffer charity

“Lottery tickets!” - Tina Kelsey Guido Waking up Christmas morning means one of many things: stocking time! Stephen Robillard enjoys stuffing theirs with little toys under $1. Tina Kelsey Guido’s favorite is lottery tickets! Anna Kendrick also likes money in the form of car wash gift cards. Mary Gnisci enjoys fun and comfy socks in her Christmas sock. Lynne Rose Sinclair will stuff stockings with M&Ms, but when her son was younger, it was the LifeSaver Christmas Book.

This time of the year is a time of giving and we wanted to know what charity you support. Darby Bowden and her family’s favorite is Samaritan’s Purse. The kids love taking the shoebox to the store, filling it up, and thinking about how happy the children will be. Tina Kelsey Guido supports Cure PSP because her father has PSP, which is a rare neurological condition. Mary Gnisci loves to shop at God’s Good Thrift Store. Bluffton/Jasper Volunteers in Medicine is the charity Anna Kendrick supports. Stephen Robillard supports the Boy Scouts and Lynne Rose Sinclair supports Make - A - Wish Foundation. Lynne’s family has been involved with the organization since 2006, including being wish grantors and Board members.

favorite food tradition

highly recommended

“Baking gingerbread men.” - Joni Kulick Mary Gnisci’s favorite food tradition for the holidays is chocolate-cranberry cheesecake. Joni Kulick loves to bake gingerbread men. Tina Kelsey Guido has a great recipe for cranberry red wine sangria. Lynne Rose Sinclair’s favorite is lots of appetizer foods while watching Elf. Stephen Robillard has a tradition of Patitza or povitica. Anna Kendrick has not one, but two food traditions for the holidays! Her family eats crab legs on Christmas Eve and prime rib on Christmas night.

We have some wonderful highly recommended businesses this month. First, Lynne Rose Sinclair recommends Ace Hardware for their outstanding customer service. Mary Gnisci is second recommending Julius Alterations, Kitties Crossing, and Superior Cleaners. Woodsman’s Wife Florist Lizzy Lancaster (who is the Bluffton general store florist) is Anna Kendrick's recommendation. Stephen Robillard wanted to recommend Quality Hardscapes and Porchmasters. Lastly, Alison Conran highly recommends Corner Perk.

Be sure to submit your recommendations (see page 8) for the next issue of The Lake to be entered to win cool stuff! Also, thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions for this issue. THE LAKE

December 2018



A Meet



December 2018

Laurel (left) & Alison (right)

Alison Conran Family: Alison & Greg Conran, plus Alison's huge sewing club family!


hen Hampton Lake resident Alison Conran moved to Hampton Lake in 2016 with her husband Greg, it’s likely she didn’t know she would have the opportunity to grow a community of friends who were as passionate about sewing as she was. After experiencing culture, family and community all around the world, it seems like Alison has successfully created her own community right here. Originally from the United Kingdom, Alison trained as a Nursery Nurse and spent several years working as a private nanny. She also trained with the Leonard Cheshire Foundation, caring for physically disabled adults, and taught in a Montessori Nursery School in Dubai, where the Sheik of Dubai’s daughter attended! Having previously vacationed in Hilton Head, they returned in 2002 with their children, and in 2016 they moved to South Carolina. Greg enjoyed the scenery and photography opportunities of Hampton Lake, and Alison wanted to be very near to the coast, which is why they decided to retire here. In 2014, they worked with Shoreline Construction to construct their dream home, incorporating a large sewing room for Alison and a photography studio for Greg! Alison’s passion for sewing started as a young child, learning from her mum. At around the age of 13, she was sewing clothes for her Barbies, and

All photos courtesy Greg Conran Photography

quickly realized she possessed some of the perfectionism that her mum showed. She would rather spend a few hours unpicking stitches to make the final piece just right rather than have it not be perfect! Creating with the different fabrics and colors available is what inspires Alison, and she most enjoys using machine embroidery, making children’s clothing and teaching. She’s visited Australia several times and finds a lot of inspiration from Aboriginal Art because of the unique designs, colors and most importantly, the stories behind the pictures. While she might have inherited her love of sewing from her mother, it seems that her children have now followed in her footsteps: she says that her son FaceTimed her recently from Australia for a step by step guide on how to sew on his Scout Leader badges! Building A Community – Sew Excited! A chance meeting with Laurel Simon, who was looking for someone to look after her two cats, turned into a project of love. Laurel suggested that Alison start a sewing group. At the time, Alison doubted there would be much interest, but was presently surprised. After posting a few feelers out on Next Door in December 2016, she had ten replies in an hour! She says several of the ladies were not even living in the area but wanted to make sure they were included! The group met for the first time in January 2017 with 17 members and as of publication now have 50. They’ve grown so large, in

There has also been a huge interest in a fact, that they have a waiting list! Laurel has been instrumental in helping Alison with the quilting sub group, and they will have their group, setting up a Facebook page, online first meet up for that in December. There contact list and a resource guide for the group, were so many people interested that they had to book a room at Hampton Lake among other things. They’ve After Amenities! even progressed to a monthly The group meets once a month Newsletter, which started experiencing culture, in each other’s homes for a general going out in October! family and community meeting, and the various sub The group is quite all around the world, groups meet in addition to that. diverse, ranging from it seems like Alison has They are also participating in complete beginners to the very experienced. They successfully created her charity projects, and their first group charity project was set up by are open to and encourage own community one of their members. For this project all skills and abilities. The right here. a group of ladies worked with CAPA biggest demand for classes were (Childhood Abuse Prevention Association) in for beginners, however, so in May 2017 Beaufort, making pajamas and pillowcases. Alison started offering classes in her home. In addition, Sew Excited likes to plan “It has been amazing to teach, share my passion and watch the excitement of ladies group trips. So far they have had two, one who have never sewn before create something to the Hilton Head Quilt Show and a day in completely new. So our group’s name “Sew Savannah at the quilt store, where the group Excitedâ€? is very appropriate,â€? says Alison. had lunch and bought a lot of fabric! They Alongside Alison, there is a small group of also have already held a Social Evening in ladies who offer classes as well, and Alison October to introduce new members, complete with food, wine, a brief presentation on the says she couldn’t do it without their support! last year to date, a sewing quiz and even prizes Some of the classes offered have been: made by Alison! - Pillowcases Alison is looking forward to the future of - Aprons Sew Excited, as she enjoys the camaraderie - Button holes and common interests she shares with a great - Zippered cosmetic bags group of ladies. The group has offered the - Bibs and burp cloths chance for many to build lasting friendships. - Messenger bags (taught by a member) Alison and Sew Excited are hopeful and - How to hem pants and dresses committed to achieving a lot together in the - Placemats and bias binding coming years! đ&#x;Œ‘ THE LAKE

December 2018


Employee Spotlight

Keeping Hampton Lake

H E A LT H Y Fitness Director Kevin Felton helps keep Hampton Lakers healthy and active

Story by Hampton Lake Resident Reporter Tina Guido Kelsey Photography by Hampton Lake Photographer Greg Conran



December 2018


nly 30 more seconds, team!” barks Kevin. That’s a LONG time when you are holding a plank position, or doing a tough exercise maneuver, for multiple repetitions. However, Kevin has a charming way of coaxing and encouraging everyone to challenge themselves to their best abilities. A former collegiate football player for Iowa Westland, Kevin was planning a career as a ‘strength and conditioning coach’ for a professional sports team upon graduation. However, Kevin’s professional football dreams came to an end when he broke his arm. His experience working with physical therapists and personal trainers encouraged him to pursue a career in personal training. He claims that his “career chose him!” He was hopeful that his experiences dealing with his physical injuries would enable him to help others improve their physical selves and help them become healthier and happier. He returned to his home state of Georgia to complete his education. Kevin has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Georgia Southern University and a Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine from Armstrong Atlantic State University. He worked in a multitude of settings including cardiac rehab, corporate wellness, sports training, and as a personal trainer in his clients’ homes. Ironically, Kevin accepted his position as Fitness Director at Hampton Lake without ever even visiting the community! He claimed he had a good feeling about Hampton Lake, and was looking forward to working with folks who came from different walks of life, from different parts of the world, and were relocating at various stages of their lives. The challenges of working with people with such a wide variety of physical abilities and personal goals was intriguing to Kevin. He’s a few months away from reaching his one-year anniversary at Hampton Lake, and – to the hope of the regulars at the gym – he’ll be here for many years to come! His first few weeks at Hampton Lake were a challenge. Although most of the residents were welcoming and very open, there was a lot of apprehension about his desire to incorporate new regimes and new programs. Some Hampton Lakers were initially concerned about his ‘coaching‘ attitude and thought he was intimidating. However, his enthusiastic and passionate attitude about making improvements, and the fact that he truly had everyone’s best interests at heart, quickly won over the regulars who frequent the gym! In Kevin’s role as Fitness Director, he is responsible for the dayto-day management of the gym, the fitness equipment maintenance scheduling and upgrades, as well as making sure the physical facility

maintains standards. All of this must be done, of course, within a tight budget! He organizes and schedules almost 30 classes per week, and personally teaches ten himself. Fitness classes range from “Butt & Gut” to Yoga, and lots of variety in between. Classes use various fitness equipment, such as the ballet barre, exercise balls, Bosu platforms, exercise bands, steps, weights, kettlebell and more! Kevin’s hope is to expand the fitness programming outside of the limitations of the gym itself. Water aerobics, during the pool season, is one example. Other options may include beach yoga, and other outdoor fitness programs. Kevin always welcome ideas and suggestions from Hampton Lakers! When Kevin is not working at Hampton Lake’s gym he trains with a trainer 4x per week! (Seriously?) He likes to continually learn from other personal trainers, and experience fitness instruction from the “other side of the fence”. He can then incorporate his own training experiences and apply them to create new programs, new repetitions, and new routines for the classes that he offers. His classes are never the same! He also likes to implement these new challenges for his personal training sessions as well. You would never guess that Kevin is a gourmand. He loves to cook, and boasts a serious outdoor kitchen with seven (SEVEN!) grills. On Friday nights, he starts preparing and marinating meat. It’s an all evening affair. On Saturday, he continues to smoke his protein(s) to prepare for a major feast that he plans for the evening. He enjoys inviting family and friends to join him for an amazing meal that he spends many, many hours preparing! Kevin sees his future as remaining committed to the fitness environment. He constantly encourages his clients to pursue focusing on their health, diet, and physical well-being, and to try to avoid relying on medicine to cure conditions that can be addressed by their own abilities. He also realizes that medical intervention may be necessary, but tries to use personal training and nutrition changes as a first effort. When explaining to my fitness classmates that I was writing an article on Kevin, one of the regular attendees of Kevin’s classes, a feisty redhead named Donna, said, “when describing Kevin, you MUST use the word ‘EVIL’! He makes us work really hard, and he really challenges us with all the exercises that he makes us do every session!” However, almost as soon she made this comment she was already signing up for the next several classes to come back for more of his exercise “abuse”! We appreciate Kevin’s commitment to keeping us healthy!

"...his enthusiastic and passionate attitude about making improvements, and the fact that he truly had everyone’s best interests at heart, quickly won over the regulars who frequent the gym!

For Hampton Lakers who have a recommendation for someone who helps make this a special place to live, who works behind the scenes, and/or makes a difference in the lives of folks who call Hampton Lake “ home”, please feel free to share your experiences, your story, or recommend them for a future feature article. If you’ d like to write a “resident reporter” article, we welcome you to contribute your story to our editors for review! You can either email Tina Kelsey, Hampton Lake resident reporter at tina@, or email Nosoco Community Content Coordinator for ‘The Lake’, Meredith Lakhani at THE LAKE

December 2018


Southern Stories



December 2018 Illustration ŠVivian Hansen de los Rios /

Glass Fish, Brass Fish You can't have Christmas without it. Apparently. written and illustrated by Vivian Hansen de los RĂ­os

was the fortunate recipient of glass fish. We a special treasure. In fact, nearly 25 years later, I still were spending one unusual Christmas at my have two of those glass fish beads in my jewelry box. My aunt was the unfortunate recipient of the aunt's house with our large extended family and their tangle of children. At one point in brass fish. Despite her best efforts, she had not won the frenzy of destroying paper to open our gifts, I over the affection of her mother-in-law in the early gave up attempting to slowly read my entire name years of her marriage. But as it was Christmas and at least one gift felt obligatory, and just started ripping at the in-law chose a gift for her first gift that I saw addressed "Given to me by my the as a bit of a "Merry Christmas, to "R-" (the first letter of my guess": a gaudy necklace with middle name). As it happens, great aunt, it was one Icheap beads and a huge, ugly my dad's name also starts with brass fish pendant. The holidays an "R," and I immediately asked of those unexpected yet don't always bring out the "nice" my grandfather in confusion to people, I suppose. My aunt felt explain what I'd opened. much appreciated gifts, in the sting of the obvious snub, but "Looks like some type of ball siblings rallied and turned it bearings," he said slowly. That despite how unusual it her into a joke instead (you laugh or didn't help me understand things you cry, right?). any better. He finally held it up sounds on paper." Every year since then, they and asked around the room. I find intentionally terrible gifts stood there, waiting impatiently to find the root of the confusion as the other kids to give each other: a very poorly painted vintage were massacring the carefully wrapped boxes, until clown doll, a velvet clock depicting religious figures someone finally realized what had happened. They decorated in fiber optic lights, a still-life painting laughed and told me that I needed to read my whole of household cleaning products, a bizarre ceramic figurine of a little boy sitting on a toilet, and other name before opening things. I jumped back under the tree and was thankfully such nonsense. The worse, the better. They are handed a gift by my older brother, who could read dubbed "brass fish," and are gleefully exchanged each faster than me. I flung the paper away and found year with much groaning and eye rolling. In fact, a beautiful little clear box full of shimmering green the tradition has gained such notoriety that other and blue beads in the shape of fish. The bead set was members of the family and some friends are involved quirkily called "Fish Fetish" and included some cord too, many of them scouring thrift shops throughout to make bracelets and necklaces with. Given to me the year to find the most by my great aunt, it was one of those unexpected perfectly awful gifts to give. Vivian Hansen de los Rios, yet much appreciated gifts, despite how unusual it The worst (best) ones are a Mississippi native, is an sounds on paper. (Really, though. When I returned usually awarded with tears to school after the holidays, we were asked to write of laughter from everyone author/illustrator who runs a about something we got for Christmas. I wrote that witnessing it being opened. creative studio alongside her Glass fish, brass fish, it husband, Costa Rican artist I got a "Fish Fetish." I wonder sometimes if that really is the thought that school teacher still prays for me.) Alejo Porras de los Rios. Enjoy There really was something magic about the way counts. I'm just thankful more "Southern Stories" and the beads glittered, and I kept them hidden away as for the glass fish in my life.

lots of other fun and beautiful original artworks and stories on their art blog at www.


December 2018




December 2018

special feature



Many winning homes are not open to the public and will never be on the tour of homes. Their addresses are not made available though you will see a photo (sometimes a photo spread) in promotional materials and/ or the yearly Lowcountry Home magazine. These homes have been imagined by a homesite owner who works closely with their preferred builder that builds their dream home. Other times architects, local each other, whether it be based on the project or those from up north, a project manager, budget or the size of the company doing the or some other talented professionals may work in comparison to their counterparts. work to execute your vision of the perfect Craftsmanship, demonstrated construction retirement destination or getaway. Following excellence and use of materials are the main construction (or remodeling), the home is criteria for judging the homes. The home entered for consideration through the local builders association attempts to provide an Home Builders Association, an entry fee is award in each available category, but will paid, and the home is then judged. If the stars align, your home may be not do so when they consider the quality of acknowledged. Many homes within the submissions does not meet the the criteria. Homes are sometimes full-time residences community have received LightHouse and at other times rental, investment, or awards over the years, and your neighbor vacation properties. A scorecard system is may have even built one. As evidenced by the used and following the release of the winners’ categories, it’s not always the most expensive job that wins, rather, there are information, all applicants are invited different categories to ensure that to review their scoring at the "If the stars Home Builders Association. align, your home may the best quality jobs win based on their contemporaries. The history of the awards, be acknowledged. level of competition, quality Many homes within the Like the Academy Awards of organization and integrity community have received that Dan mentioned, some builders will even wait on of the awards make the LightHouse awards completing a project with LightHouse Awards amongst over the years, and your the most coveted in the neighbor may have even the approval of their client to give them a better opportunity industry. Since the Lowcountry built one." to win during next year’s award is known for beautiful homes, season. You only have one opportunity to competition is fierce each year. Those interested in home building and make a first impression, as they say, but the remodeling are sure to get a good start by judges won’t let lipstick trick them! The level of competition is so fierce considering award winners in categories like New Home, Kitchen and Bath as well as from year to year that honorable mentions Remodel. Due to the length of time many and other such designations are quite of these projects takes, the best builders will meaningful. If you have a great builder sometimes skip a year between applications. and the stars align, your home could win Interested parties should go to www.hhahba. a LightHouse Award too! You will have to be sure to pencil in the Parade of Homes com to review this year and past winners. Each spring, area residents, their friends, this spring to see other winners and visit and those interested in the Lowcountry are also the area’s model homes for inspiration. Get invited to the Lowcountry Home & Garden your Pinterest boards ready for when you’ll Show hosted by the local Home Builder need that inevitable remodel or you decide Association. An area facility, often the local to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom! You can find all the information about recreation center, is made over showcasing a variety of builders and subcontractors. For a this year’s LightHouse winners as well small fee, participants can buy a ticket to the as the previous few at www.hhahba. Parade of Homes Tour. The tour normally com and navigating to the “Events” tab. features many LightHouse winning homes We also recommend checking out their “Community Resources” tab for great tips and builders. People sometimes ask, could my home win a on hiring remodelers and more. LightHouse Award? Maybe!

Lighthouse Awards E

ACH FALL THE LOCAL BUILDING industry gathers together to learn who will take away coveted “LightHouse” awards. Now in its 19th year, the event took place in November presented by Hilton Head Area Home Builders Association with BB&T Home Mortgage serving as title sponsor. First held in 1999, chairman Dan Monroe calls it the “Academy Awards for our local building industry.” Along with awards for home construction and remodeling, this year included architecture, marketing, and other notable categories. For perspective, the construction cost of this year’s remodeled or newly built home entries ranged from $100,000 to $6.4 million. Twelve judges were welcomed to the area in mid-September to physically judge the construction quality of each home entered! Builders, remodelers, architects and other industry professionals from Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina were this year’s judging professionals. Split into four teams, the judges spent two full days visiting entries from Hilton Head Island to Habersham. Additional judges, all construction and real estate sales and marketing professionals, were later enlisted to judge the LightHouse Awards program’s newly added Sales & Marketing awards categories. In many instances, the separation between runner-up and winner was a fraction of a point. All members of the Home Builders Association, including building industry professionals, subcontractors, and suppliers, who participated in the design and construction of each of the competing homes, were also recognized at the gala. Builders may spend over a year working on a project that, through the judging process, may land them a LightHouse Award or runner-up acknowledgment based on the smallest detail. A sizeable committee and numerous sponsors are responsible each year for the awards along with the judges who come from out of the area to ensure the integrity of the process. Category designations are created to ensure that like homes are judges against


December 2018


Special Feature

A Local Children's Story:

Ted the Sea Turtle by Nina Leipold


ed the sea turtle loves swimming in the waters around Hilton Head Island with his friends Stu the dolphin, Puff Puff the Pufferfish, Sammy the Sand Dollar, and the Mermaid of Hilton Head. One day when Ted was swimming with his friends he noticed plastic toys floating in the water; a lot of plastic toys. “What is all of this?” Ted asked. “These are plastic beach toys,” said the Mermaid of Hilton Head. “The children who played with them left them on the beach because they didn’t want them anymore. Then the tide came in and pushed them into our ocean home. This is a problem because plastic stays in the ocean forever and it makes sea turtles, like you, and other sea life sick.” This news made Ted feel sad. “What can we do to fix this problem?” he asked as the two collected all of the beach toys. “I think I know someone who can help! Follow me!” said the mermaid. Ted scooped up the beach toys he collected and followed his mermaid friend to see if she could help. They swam for days and the water kept getting colder and colder until they reached the North Pole. “Where are we?” Ted asked, his serrated beak chattering. “We are in Santa Claus’ home!” The mermaid replied. “I know him from when we saved the coral together. He’s my friend. I think he can help!” Then, the two friends swam over to an iceberg to find Santa Claus preparing the presents for Christmas. “Hello Santa!” they said. Santa turned around. “Well hello there! If it isn’t my friend, the



Mermaid of Hilton Head. And who might this be?” “Santa, meet Ted the turtle. He has a question to ask you,” the mermaid said. Ted looked over at Santa who had a worried look on his face as he looked at the presents he was preparing for Christmas. “Do you have enough presents for all of the children around the world this year?” Ted asked. Santa bowed his head sadly, “Unfortunately this year we fell a little bit short. There will be quite a few kids who won’t get any presents this Christmas.” “I think I can help!” Ted replied excitedly. “We have collected a lot of abandoned plastic beach toys. If they stay in the ocean my family and I and the other sea life will get sick. Maybe you could use them? They are perfectly good toys.” Santa thought that was a great idea. He took the toys that they collected and put them in his bag of presents. He knew these would make the children so happy on Christmas Day. Santa thanked them and

flew away in his sleigh. Ted the sea turtle and the Mermaid of Hilton Head were so happy that all the children around the world would get a present and all the sea life would get a clean, healthy ocean this year for Christmas.

December 2018 Illustration by Alejo Porras 2018. |

Nina Leipold is a children's author and illustrator in Hilton Head Island, also known as Mermaid Nina and the Mermaid of Hilton Head®. Through her writing, Leipold hopes to ignite an internal flame in her readers that will inspire them to protect and conserve nature as she herself has done for years. Check out her books series at

Laura C. Knobel, MD LLC Personal, Professional, Patient-Centered Care, right here, in the Lowcountry!

Effective & Affordable! We are excited to announce that our new practice is open. Our practice will be different from the norm. We are using an alternative type of health care delivery called “Direct Primary Care”. It is a way to take the insurance companies and the federal government out of the patient-physician relationship. First, and foremost, it is NOT a form of insurance and it is NOT a concierge practice. In a Direct Primary Care Practice, the patient pays a low monthly fee, of $50 or Less, for the services offered by the physician in her office. As we are not billing insurances or Medicare, there are no co-payments or deductibles required, and we determine what services are included, not the insurance company. Our in-office blood work is included, as are certain vaccines. We can spend more time with you, the patient, as we have eliminated the hassles of dealing with the insurance companies. We can still order your medications, lab and radiology studies as well as connect you to the specialists you see when you need them.

A Direct Primary Care Practice

Now accepting new patients and families! 29 Plantation Park Drive, Suite 202 Bluffton, SC 29910

843-836-2200 (phone) 843-757-2202 (fax) (web) (email)

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Call now for your FREE in-home consultation! Budget Blinds of Hilton Head Island 880 Fording Island Rd #8 • Bluffton

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December 2018


Kids' Korner Sylvia's Bookshop Written by Robert Burleigh Illustrated by Katy Wu Book review by Linda Burton


s I sit at a small table in a little coffee their minds and shared the words swirling around shop in Charleston, sipping my coconut inside their head. latte, listening to the music and casual If you’ve read any of my reviews, you know one conversations around me, my anxiety and of my favorite places to spend time is in a bookstore, restlessness are pushed far back into the corners of the more vintage the better. I can usually find one my mind. Add a bookshop and literary discussion in any city I visit, almost as if it calls to me, guiding to my current surroundings and I don’t think I’d me through the streets to its doors. Once inside, I go home. I’m at ease for the first time in a long feel like I’m sitting with an old friend, one who is time. These are the moments when the windows sharing hundreds of stories with me. in my crowded head begin to open and all the So when I came across the picture book Sylvia’s suffocating chaos that inhabits it is pushed out Bookshop, written by Robert Burleigh and colorfully with each exhale, allowing ideas to illustrated by Katy Wu, I felt like I was have space to move about my brain, "What it must reading a book written just for me. swirling and searching for a way to Told by the bookshop itself, it tells the have been like to story of Sylvia Beach, the remarkable attach themselves to paper, forming sentences, paragraphs, then stories. enter the doors American woman who opened the When I get focused on writing, I can original Shakespeare and Company of that cozy feel my thoughts expanding, pushing bookshop in Paris in 1919. She had a out the everyday clutter that shrinks my love of books and writing as I do, and as bookshop in creativity. I read the story, I could picture myself Paris..." My relationship with books has sitting in an overstuffed chair in that allowed me to become a better writer. I have a tiny, book-filled shop, completely absorbed in a quote by Robert Frost that hangs in my office book, my journal, or conversation with one of the which reads, “To learn to write is to have ideas.” many intellectual writers who frequented the shop, And where do we get ideas? From books, and writers such as Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, F. conversations about books, of course. I love deep Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein. I imagined discussions about stories, ones that fuel passions myself observing them fervently composing, and open minds. Recently, I re-read The arguing, debating and discussing their works. Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. What it must have been like to enter the doors of How I envied not only their letter writing that cozy bookshop in Paris, way into the early (which I feel is a lost art), but their literary morning hours, engaging in literary discussions discussions about the books each member or intensely writing. We need more bookshops chose to read. I wanted to jump into the like Sylvia’s, beckoning us inside, encouraging us pages of the story and become a part of their to open the windows of our cluttered minds. We conversations, their arguments, laughter, need to make time for books, for writing, and for even tears. By gathering together to discuss deep conversations about literature. If I could open books, written by amazing authors, they a bookshop such as that, it would be a dream come expanded their minds and found solace in words. true. Getting the chance to share my passion for This is the person I most want to be. The books and writing with those who visit my shop. fervent writer and reader, who escapes into a world Maybe someday I will, and if I do, I hope of literature. I want to read and debate stories you’ll join me for a coconut latte, and some great written by authors who, like me, have uncluttered conversation (and don’t forget your pen and paper).

Kids' Korner sponsored by Cross Schools

At Cross Schools, we inspire future leaders to grow spiritually and academically by intentionally designing opportunities for inquisitive learning and active service all for the glory of God.

An indep endent Christian school serving 12 months through 8th grade

m aking m om ents

Hi gh Sc hool open i n g i n 2020! Limited enrollment available

495 Buckwalter Parkway, Bluffton, SC 29910 • (843) 706-2000 •

From the hearth



By Terri Guarente This delicious holiday classic goes perfectly with a cup of tea or coffee, a good book, a crackling fire, and a twinkling Christmas tree. Wrap it up in plastic wrap with a big red bow, and you've got a great gift too!

ingredients 1 C oil

directions Mix all ingredients together.

Yield: 3 Loaves

Bake at 350 for 1 hour in ungreased loaf pan. Stick a knife stright into the center; if it comes out cleanly, it's ready. Some ovens may require an extra 10 minutes or so.

Optional: 1 to 2 cups of nuts/raisins/ chocolate chips (I use all three)

3 eggs 3 C sugar 3.5 C flour 2 tsp baking soda 1.5 tsp salt 1 tsp of nutmeg 1 tsp cinnamon 2 C of pumpkin ž C of water


December 2018





"Making gingerbread houses. I usually try to put icing on people without them noticing. I've even gotten candy stuck to my husband's arm with the icing before!" - Meredith Lakhani / The Lake Magazine Content Coordinator

"Every Christmas Eve as long as I can remember, my family snuggled up with some hot cocoa and watched Jim Henson's A Muppet Christmas Carol. I'm convinced it's the most genuine and heartfelt film version of that story! This year will be different now that I've moved away from my family and started my own. But you can be sure that my husband, my baby, and I will be cuddled up on Christmas Eve, singing "Bless Us All" with Kermit - I mean, Cratchit!" - Vivian Hansen / The Lake Magazine Designer Vivian pa inted a Muppet ch card with aracters!

"Making a big pot of Wedding Soup. It reminds me of family Christmases past with loved ones." - Carlie Sohayda / The Lake Magazine Editor

"Decorating the Christmas tree is a favorite tradition. We have lots of kid friendly ornaments and a special paper mache star!" - Joe Nehila / The Lake Magazine Managing Editor



December 2018

Letters to the Editor

Hampton Lakers Make Waves in Major Pickleball Tournaments

Hampton Lake’s very own stalwart pickleballers Nina Hon and John Landsberg won every match en route to a gold medal recently (Oct 28) at the Special Pops Pickleball Tournament at The Landings Club in Savannah. The duo played in the tough 50 & under Division. Hon and Landsberg have been playing together for about a year and even erased an 8-1 deficit in one match for a victory. They won the championship by a 15-5 margin in the final game.

- John Landsberg

We want to hear from you!


Locally Owned & d! Operate


... for unique holiday gift ideas!


Featuring A Large Selection Of FLEXSTEEL Bedroom Furniture.

Recliners • Sofas • Sleepers • Sectionals Home Office • Bedroom • Dining EXCLUSIVE Limited Time Offer

PURCHASE of $500 or more


www. 1263-B May River Rd

Old Town Bluffton, South Carolina 29910 843.757.8185


Total purchase value must exceed $500 or more for offer to be valid. For one time use only and can’t be used with any other offer or discount. This offer must be presented to sales associate prior to time of sale.

EXPIRES September 30, 2018 (Lake)

Moss Creek Village Furniture


Mon - Sat 10 - 6 • Sun 1 - 5 1569 Fording Island Rd (HWY 278) THE LAKE

December 2018


Nature Feature

Birds Prey of

Why Birds Matter by Daniel J. Prohaska, MA, CFRE Director of Development, The Avian Conservation Center


outh Carolina is fortunate to be sensitivity, dependence on a wide range of positioned as an important destination habitats, and niche in the environment as apex for commerce, tourism, and vibrant local predators, birds of prey provide critical insight communities. The same distinctions which into a growing number of environmental issues, set us apart for economic development also reflecting the health of our ecosystem and how contribute to the rich biodiversity and natural well we are managing our natural resources as a whole. resources of the region. "The Center’s Avian Today nearly 12% of South Carolina’s coastal Medical Clinic currently all birds worldwide are at environment, specifically, treats more than 700 risk of becoming extinct is among the most unique injured birds of prey and in the next 100 years – 50 habitats on earth. Renowned shorebirds each year, times the historic rate. It naturalists including Sprunt, releasing the majority back would only follow that birds Chamberlain, and Audubon into their natural habitat." warrant our full attention and are prominently linked to conservation efforts. The Avian Conservation South Carolina’s natural history heritage. The study of wild birds, and birds of prey Center was founded by Charleston native Jim in particular, has played an integral role in past, Elliott in 1991 to foster medical, educational, present and future culture of our state. Because research, and conservation initiatives aimed at of their broad distribution, environmental preserving wild birds for future generations.



December 2018

How Can I Help an Injured Bird?

I Today the Center is the most comprehensive facility of its kind in the nation combining science, education, research, medical care, captive breeding and oiled bird treatment. It encompasses three primary operating divisions including The Center for Birds of Prey (its public facility), the Avian Medical Clinic, and the South Carolina Oiled Bird Treatment Facility. World renowned naturalist Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and the Wilds, has said of the Center, “I have traveled worldwide and seen countless centers and this is the absolute best of its kind I have ever seen anywhere.” The Center’s Avian Medical Clinic currently treats more than 700 injured birds of prey and shorebirds each year, releasing the majority back into their natural habitat. Refined medical procedures and protocols, and time-proven systems for transporting, receiving, and admitting injured birds are in place. The medical functions of the Center operate on a 365-day/24-hour basis. Injured birds are admitted from a continually widening geographical area, including beyond South Carolina borders. If you are interested in learning more about how you can participate in this work, we invite you to consider joining us on Sunday, December 16th from 11 am to 2 pm for a training workshop for those interested in participating in the Avian Medical Clinic's Transport Volunteer program. During this workshop, you will learn the basic techniques for capturing and transporting injured wild birds from the field to the Avian Medical Clinic. We invite all who are interested in supporting the Center as an Injured Bird Transport Volunteer, even if you have attended a training session in the past. To

RSVP for this event or to receive more information about the requirements for being a Transport Volunteer, please send an email to Important application materials will be emailed in advance of the orientation. Thanks to a generous grant from the Henry and Sylvia Yaschik Foundation earlier this year, the Center has received seed money to initiate a Strategic Captive Breeding initiative that will achieve two goals: (1) propagate priority species in the Center’s resident collection and (2) import new breeding pairs of species representing vital conservation and education opportunities. As a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization, the Center relies on donations from corporations, foundations, and individuals to achieve its mission. Over the years past support from the Center’s community of donors have helped achieve important milestones in avian science and conservation. Your philanthropic support can play a meaningful role in the continued growth and investment in the Center’s work. With your help, wildlife will be protected, lives will be changed, worldviews will be shaped, new scientific insight will be gained, and a sustainable future will be within reach. Beyond the valuable contributions to avian science the Center provides, there is a more subtle outcome that is perhaps the most profound. Through this shared work, we are defining and fostering a value system, an underlying ethic that will literally determine what of the natural world we will preserve and what will be irrevocably lost. Ultimately, we will be remembered by what we leave for future generations. It is this legacy that we must preserve and share; one that will endure for the benefit of our children, our grandchildren, and all of those who follow.

f you are concerned about the health or safety of a wild bird of prey or shorebird, please call the Avian Medical Clinic at (843) 971-7474 and press option #1 for the Injured Bird Line. You can also send an email to We are available to assist with injured birds from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day of the week. If you need assistance after 5:00 p.m., please leave a message and we will contact you first thing the following morning. Always leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Do not handle the bird unless you are confident you can do so without injuring yourself or injuring the bird further. Injured raptors require specialized treatment and care from a federally-licensed, experienced practitioner. It is illegal to possess any migratory bird without state and federal permits. However, your temporary assistance is allowed in helping an injured bird reach proper care and doing so ensures its best chance for recovery and return to its natural environment. If the bird is contained, do not offer food or water to the bird. The bird may not be strong enough to process solid food, even if it appears hungry; feeding could harm or even be fatal to the bird. Having food in its system may also preclude certain medical procedures that the bird may need. Keep the bird in a quiet, warm, dark location away from noise, activity, or interaction with pets or other people. Doing so will minimize the bird’s stress. The Center’s statewide network of volunteer transporters will help get the bird to the Avian Medical Clinic in Awendaw, South Carolina. Due to the volume of patients requiring care at the Center, presenters and transporters may not receive regular updates on the bird’s condition; no news is typically good news. When any case is resolved, the presenter is always notified of the outcome.


December 2018


Charity spotlight


Southern Coast Heart Ball en and women from all over the Lowcountry and the Coastal Empire have gathered together to create a magical experience for a very worthwhile cause. The 2019 Heart Ball will be held at the Westin Resort and Spa on Hilton Head Island on February 2, 2019. The Ball is the culmination of a year's worth of work to raise funds to fight heart disease and stroke. Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women (actually more women than men die from heart disease every year), and it's the number one cause of birth defects as well. This year's Heart Ball Chair is Catherine Donaldson, a local Realtor whose husband Brad died suddenly from a massive heart attack in September 2016, leaving her and their five children at the young age of fifty.

M Catherine Donaldson

Lillyanna Cochran

Maggie Maine & Family



December 2018

"We're committed to doing our part to help ourselves and our neighbors

live healthier lives." Catherine and her children know that they wanted to get involved in a bigger way to help spread awareness of the life saving mission of the American Heart Association, and decided that the opportunity to Chair the Heart Ball was the prefect avenue to share their story The Open Your Heart Chairs this year are Jeff and Renae Maine, the parents of last year's honoree, Maggie Maine, who has survived multiple heart defects with grace and charm. This family has fought fiercely to give their daughter a chance to live a normal healthy life, and they are firmly committed to helping fund the AHA research that can make it

happen for Maggie. The AHA is also pleased to announce that Audi Hilton Head will be this year's legacy sponsor for the fifth year in a row. “We are proud supporters of the American Heart Association, and we encourage the community to rally together so we can beat heart disease and stroke," says Warner Peacock of Peacock Automotive. Hilton Head Regional Healthcare is our local Life Is Why sponsor, and many small and larger businesses and families have signed on to sponsorships as well. The entire "village" that is our home is determined to put an end to heart disease and stroke. The American




people trained in CPR.




hospitals participate in AHA’s Get With The Guidelines Improvement Programs.

26,584 6,294


# Funded



million in South Carolina and Georgia.

Heart Association actually spends more money on research and education in our area than we raise at the Ball, but we're committed to doing our part to help ourselves and our neighbors live healthier lives. Our Honoree and Survivor this year is little Lillyanna Cochran. She has a congenital heart defect known as Ventricular septal defect (VSD), which is a hole in the wall that separates the heart's lower chambers. Her mother Kayla knows that

cents of every dollar we raise is spent on research, education and community outreach.


Lillyanna will need surgeries soon to repair the defect, but as she tells her daughter, she has a special heart and she'll be able to do so much more when that special heart gets fixed. We welcome everyone from the Lowcountry and the Coastal Empire to join us in our lifesaving mission, by enjoying a great night of food, drink, silent and live auctions, and until-they-close-us-down dancing on February 2nd.

13,935 $ kids participate in Jump Rope For Heart in schools across across Colleton, Jasper, Beaufort, and Hampton counties.


South Carolina and Georgia residents died from heart disease in 2016, and another South Carolina and Georgia residents died from stroke.


South Carolina hospital was selected as a Strategically Focused Research Network to research stroke disparities among African Americans.



VOLUNTEERS advocating for healthier communities.

Heart Check food items available.

$ $$ $ $ $$


Tickets can be purchased from for $225 per person. Contact Carla Raines, Development Director, at 843.540.6338 to find out about sponsorship opportunities, or to make an Open Your Heart donation.


Thursdays 1pm-6pm (or dusk) Calhoun St., Historic Bluffton

"Visit our Newly Opened Hilton Head Bakery!"

“Fresh. Local. sustainable.”

Saturdays 9:00 - 12:00 (Year Round, Rain or Shine) Located in Heritage Park on Ribaut Road by the Naval Hospital.

“locally grown microgreens” 843-415-5782

“Certified Organic Tortillas with no Preservatives”

Visit these fine vendors online to bring a little bit of the market home.

of the

Fish Month

Lake Update



December 2018

Rob Bennett Fish of the month belongs to Mr. Rob Bennett. He fished the Captain’s Cup Tournament with member Jack Horowitz and came in 2nd place! This was the largest fish caught during the tournament weighing in over 4 lbs. Congrats Mr. Bennett!

Captain’s Cup Tournament Results It was a terrific tournament at Hampton Lake. Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to everyone who participated, and especially our sponsors, without whom this event would not be possible! 1st: Gary Meagher & Steve Farress w/ 21.044 lb. 2nd: Jack Horowitz & Rob Bennett w/ 20.131 lb. 3rd: Lee Steinberg & Barry Descaro w/ 15.688 lb. Biggest: Jack Horowitz and Rob Bennett w/ 4.394 lb. Saturday Culls: Jack Horowitz & Rob Bennett w/ 14 Sunday Culls: Gary Meagher and Steve Farress w/ 4

Kids' Kraft Color Wheel Sugar Cookies by Carlie Sohayda

What’s more fun than learning and enjoying sweets at the same time? Not much, if you ask me. This activity is a great way for kids to learn about the color wheel and sample a tasty treat to boot! For this lesson, we will learn the three primary colors are red, blue and yellow, and by mixing those colors together, we can create the whole rainbow.

First, you’ll need some sugar cookies. I’ve included my favorite recipe below. Next you’ll need some frosting. I used premade, but you can make your own. You’ll need red, blue and yellow food coloring. Then, I start by letting the kids add one or two drops to the frosting to create the primary colors (red, blue and yellow).

Next, we’ll add those colors together two at a time to create secondary colors. Red plus yellow equals Orange. Yellow plus blue equals green, and blue plus red equals purple. You can take it one step further here and let the kiddos experiment with mixing additional colors and creating their own unique shades!

simple sugar cookies ingredients 1 C Brown Sugar 1 Stick Butter ½ C White Sugar 1 tsp Vanilla Extract 1 tsp Almond Extract 2 Tbs Oil 2 Eggs 4 C Flour (plus extra for rolling out)

directions 1. Mix butter with sugars. 2. Add eggs, extracts, and oil to mixture. 3. Slowly add flour. 4. Chill for 2 hours, or overnight. 5. Roll out and cut out cookies.

6. Bake on parchment paper lined cookie sheets for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. 7. Allow cookies to cool and frost with your favorite frosting. Add sprinkles if desired.


December 2018


local eats...

Wedding Special Hank’s Uptown Classic Menu A$45 Per Person Menu For Only

$19.95 Per Person* Lowcountry She Crab Soup Assorted International Cheeses Grilled Marinated Vegetables

(Including Portabello Mushrooms, Asparagus, Artichokes, and Seasonal Farmers Vegetables)

Table-side Vidalia Onion Dip with Grilled Baguettes Seasonal Fruit Arrangement

Hank’s Carolina Crab Cakes with Three Citrus Remoulade Sauce Hank’s House-Fried Chicken Fingers with Homemade Honey Mustard Charleston Crab Dip with Crackers Granny Smith Apple Bread Pudding with bourbon hard Sauce Choice of any appetizer in Lieu of Wedding Cake


Call Chef Hank at 803-238-5252 33


December 2018 local!





*Ridgeland Location Only

SUPERMARKET 843 815 8113 I



(843) 757-7427 COME AND ENJOY THE BEST BUTTS IN BLUFFTON 11 State of Mind St., Bluffton, South Carolina


December 2018


Community CHRISTMAS BIRD COUNT MEETING Tuesday, December 4 An organizational meeting in the Lakeview Room at 10:30 a.m. to plan and prepare for the December 15 Christmas Bird Count. The meeting will feature a presentation by speaker Bob Speare, Master Naturalist and Instructor for the Audubon Society. In addition, the group will review the past year and discuss the bluebird program. Please RSVP for the meeting by emailing Gary Shepherd at

ARMADILLO MEETING Thursday, December 13 Gentlemen of Hampton Lake: Please join us for our monthly breakfast gathering. This month’s guest host is Hank Spangler and there isn’t a speaker. Instead, we’ll have plenty of time to catch up with neighbors, enjoy a wonderful Backwater Bill’s breakfast and discuss future plans for our monthly gatherings. So please join us with a hearty appetite and fresh ideas for 2019! Contact Kirby to reserve your spot.

DECORATE A GINGERBREAD HOUSE Wednesday, December 5 6:00-8:00 p.m. Spend a winter’s eve decorating your own gingerbread house (ARB approval not needed!), visiting with Santa, and enjoying holiday crafts. Be sure to bring your wish list and your camera! Cost per house is $30 (there is a $5 sibling discount for each additional house per family), and our elves provide the gingerbread houses, delicious decorating supplies, and lots of fun! Reservations with Kirby.

TRIVIA NIGHT Thursday, December 13 6:30-8:30 p.m. Put on your thinking caps and head to the Lakeview Room for lots of fun! A live DJ will direct the games, and you’ll play for prizes while enjoying snacks and treats. Reservations required with Kirby.

ANNUAL HOLIDAY SALE AT THE TACKLE BOX Friday, December 7 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Saturday, December 8 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m It’s the most wonderful sale of the year! Enjoy tasting some of our gourmet items and sweet treats along with complimentary beverages. Drawings at check-out for discounts, prizes and more! HO HO HO! SANTA BRUNCH Sunday, December 9. 11:00 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. A fabulous selection of traditional brunch favorites will be featured on the buffet, highlighted with a chef-carved Brown Sugar Glazed Ham with Pineapple Relish. Children will enjoy a holiday craft and a gift from Santa, whose sleigh will arrive at 12:30 p.m.! Kids should bring their Christmas lists, and parents are encouraged to bring their cameras. Reservations required with Kirby. Please specify which seating you would like.




December 2018

HOLIDAY COOKIE EXCHANGE Friday, December 14 at 5:00 p.m. Share the holiday fun with friends and neighbors! Bake 3 dozen of your favorite holiday cookie recipe to share with the group, and you’ll go home with 3 dozen assorted cookies baked fresh by your friends! Emaill by December 12 if you plan to participate. CHRISTMAS BOAT PARADE Saturday, December 15 from 3-4:30 p.m. Monty Jett will emcee the 11th Annual Christmas Boat Parade on the Lakeside Lawn and Docks. Christmas music will be in the air, and the Tower Bar will be open. All boat owners are encouraged to enter their boat in the parade! To enter a boat, please contact Catherine. HOLIDAY GOLF CART PARADE Saturday, December 15 Members are organizing our first golf cart parade prior to the Boat Parade. It starts at Crystal Lake at 1:30pm and ends at 2:30pm at the Amenity Village. All golf cart owners are encouraged to participate. Holiday/Winter themed decorations are encouraged. If you don't have a golf cart, come to the Lakeside Amenities, or line the route to cheer everyone one. Carts sign-up with Kara Hounam, khounam@hotmail. com by Tues. Dec. 11th.

HOLIDAY DINNER Saturday, December 15. 5:00-7:30 p.m. A great way to kick off the holidays, our popular Holiday Dinner will feature Cabernet Braised Beef Short Ribs, Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Apples, Maple-Mustard Glazed Salmon, Garden Salad Bar and delicious festive side dishes. Reservations are required with Kirby HOLIDAY WINE SALE Wednesday, December 19 Join us to browse and sample wines that are available for purchase. Enjoy a selection of cheeses and fruit while you discuss featured bottles with Lowcountry wine representatives. In the Lakeview Room from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS Thursday, December 20. 5:30-7:00 p.m. This monthly happy hour is always a fun way to catch up with your neighbors and meet new ones. It includes complimentary snacks with Backwater Bill’s Member Charge Bar* (dinner service not available). Reservations with Catherine if this is your first time to attend.

RESERVATIONS Dinner Reserve online until 2:30 PM the day of at On the Member Tab, select Dining Reservations. After 2:30, please call Backwater Bill’s: 843-836-7475 Member Events Contact Kirby

DIRECTORY Rachael Malo Director of Fun 843-836-7457 Catherine Guscio Member Relations Director 843-836-7463 Kirby Garbarini Club Concierge 843-836-7480 Jordan Williams Outdoor Activities 843-836-7458

Welcome to the Lake a warm welcome to our newest residents

New to town? Check out the Resident Recommended section, where other Lake residents give their best tips and suggestions for life in the lowcountry!

Jack and Paula Price from Bluffton, SC Kurt and Jill Stevenson from Bluffton, SC Roy and Amy Ellis from Bluffton, SC

Leon and Melba Hildenbrandt from Hilton Head Island, SC Bobby DiCicco and Penny Diamond from Bluffton, SC Keith and Sharon Fallon from Bluffton, SC Ken and Jennifer Smith from Bluffton, SC Michael Mancuso and Beth Donovan from Canton, MI Calvin and Virginia Richardson from Corning, NY Mandy Olson from Bluffton, SC Richard and Catherine Rothbard from Bluffton, SC Get connected! See the Community Calendar for a list of monthly happenings for Lake Residents. For regional events, see the Around Town calendar near the back!



LI V E TH E LAKE LIFE K. Hovnanian® Homes offers new single family homes within Hampton Lake starting from the $300s. Our beautifully designed homes, ranging from 1,647 - 3,234 square feet, offer exceptional features, such as luxurious owner’s suites with large walk-in closets, open kitchens with spacious islands, great rooms ideal for entertaining, elegant accents and more!

Let us help you find your new K. Hovnanian® dream home today! • 843-706-7674 All prices are subject to change and subject to availability. Any photographs used are for illustrative purposes only. Photographs or renderings of people do not depict or indicate any preference regarding race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, familial status, or national origin. Renderings used herein reflect artists’ conceptions and are for illustrative purposes only. Stated dimensions, square footage and acreage are approximate and should not be used as a representation of any home’s or homesite’s precise or actual size, location or orientation. There is no guarantee that any particular homesite or home will be available. Not all features and options are available in all homes. Unless otherwise expressly stated, homes do not come with hardscape, landscape, or other decorator items. We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. The builder of K. Hovnanian® Homes at Hampton Lake is K. Hovnanian® at Hampton Lake, LLC., a South Carolina Limited Liability Company. See a Sales Consultant for full details. ©2018 K. Hovnanian® Companies, LLC.

Hampton Lake

Real Estate Snapshot

Active Homesites 1 Fording Court 202 Fording Trace 2 Balsam Bay Court 7 Driftwood Court W 22 Balsam Bay Court 129 Flatwater Drive 4 Harborage Court 3 Driftwood Court W 20 Sweet Marsh Court 52 Hampton Lake Crossing 160 Flatwater Drive 164 Flatwater Drive 1 Reflection Point 1 Grassy Cove Court 339 Lake Point Circle 476 Flatwater Drive 74 Hampton Lake Drive 2 Reflection Point 460 Flatwater Drive 54 Anchor Cove Court 8 Fish Dancer Court 644 Flatwater Drive 14 Anchor Bay Court 640 Flatwater Drive 120 Flatwater Drive 628 Flatwater Drive 596 Flatwater Drive 240 Hampton Lake Drive 504 Flatwater Drive 236 Hampton Lake Drive

Active homes Wooded Wooded Wooded Wooded Wooded Wooded Wooded Wooded Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake

$50,000 $85,000 $99,000 $109,000 $109,500 $109,900 $119,500 $140,000 $189,000 $205,000 $212,900 $212,900 $214,900 $217,900 $219,000 $219,900 $229,000 $229,900 $229,900 $234,900 $239,900 $239,900 $245,900 $249,900 $250,000 $259,000 $265,000 $274,900 $279,000 $299,999

under contract Homesites 462 Lake Bluff Drive 8 Sugarberry Lane 480 Flatwater Drive 612 Flatwater Drive

Wooded Wooded Lake Lake

$115,000 $153,900 $214,900 $264,900

504 Hampton Lake Drive 65 Fording Court 101 Fording Bend 15 Foxpath Lane 6 Sweet Pond Court 54 Foxpath Lane 59 Fording Court 48 Fording Court 33 Green Trail Court 253 Hampton Lake Drive 141 Flatwater Drive 351 Lake Bluff Drive 149 Flatwater Drive 119 Hampton Lake Crossing 446 Lake Bluff Drive 11 Driftwood Court W 4 Balsam Bay Court 39 Sweet Marsh Court 23 Blue Trail Court 13 Mooring Line Court 24 Sweet Marsh Court 21 Anchor Cove Court 440 Hampton Lake Drive 5 Waterview Court 44 Mooring Line Place 47 Waterview Court 50 Anchor Cove Court 18 Hampton Lake Crossing 20 Driftwood Court 519 Lake Bluff Drive 512 Flatwater Drive 248 Hampton Lake Drive 524 Flatwater Drive 69 Hampton Lake Drive 516 Flatwater Drive 7 Reflection Point 596 Flatwater Drive 24 Palmetto Cove court

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$385,900 $416,900 $425,000 $434,990 $439,000 $443,990 $449,000 $459,900 $537,500 $568,555 $585,588 $585,900 $586,618 $599,900 $599,900 $624,500 $629,000 $629,900 $644,900 $659,900 $664,960 $674,900 $685,000 $689,000 $695,000 $740,700 $749,900 $789,900 $799,000 $829,900 $839,000 $839,900 $849,900 $859,000 $899,900 $949,900 $975,000 $1,495,000

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$389,990 $449,900 $513,791 $528,419 $799,000 $414,990

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$417,384 $434,990 $699,990

under contract homes

Happy Holidays!

506 Hampton Lake Drive 206 Castaway Drive 146 Quarter Casting Circle 144 Quarter Casting Circle 472 Hampton Lake Drive 234 Hampton Lake Drive

sold homes 143 Quarter Casting Circle 46 Foxpath Lane 31 Mooring Line Court

Information was current as of 15 November 2018 and curated from ŠMLS of Hilton Head Island. The information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. This is not intended to solicit property that is currently on the market. THE LAKE

December 2018


Dishing dirt

Larry Ruocco's

CITRUS TREES On September 26th, I spotted a post by Larry Ruocco on Next Door that caught my eye. Larry had posted an inquiry about the status of several citrus trees he had found homes for with various neighbors in 2016. This piqued my interest and I watched for responses. Then I contacted Larry to find out the whole story...



December 2018

The tale of how Larry and Lynn Ruocco came to own enough citrus trees to start a small grove is heartwarming and hilarious. It is a story of rescue, friendship and a little NJ persuasion. Back in 2016 Larry purchased 2 citrus fruits from the Hardeeville Wal-Mart. Having recently relocated from New Jersey, Larry was intrigued with the idea of growing fruit without the hassle of frost and harsh winters. What is better than 2 citrus trees? 3 Citrus Trees! With much effort, Larry convinced Lynn they should purchase another tree. Larry’s friend, and HL resident, Jack Horowitz, agreed to accompany him to WalMart to purchase one more tree. Off they went in Lynn’s Chevy Sonic. Upon arriving at Wal-Mart they found that the manager of the Nursery section was gun in hand (price gun silly!) in the process of marking down all the citrus trees for clearance. Larry felt that they needed to be rescued! Jack encouraged Larry to “make him an offer he can’t refuse” – we call that Jersey persuasion. A short time and much effort later, Larry, Jack and 27 trees were heading back to HL in the Sonic. Larry’s face still lights up when he tells about the ride home. He

laughingly recalls not being able to see anything at all in his rear view mirror but Jack’s face poking out among the trees! Realizing that keeping all 27 trees was unrealistic and not likely to fly with Lynn, Larry arranged homes for several of the trees with enthusiastic neighbors. Fast forward 2 years and many of the trees and alive and doing well. Several neighbors responded with tales of fruits harvested and frost this past winter (frost in SC? Really?). I spent a delightful afternoon getting to know Larry and Lynn and seeing their many citrus trees. I picked a grapefruit to enjoy at home. I left with 2 New Jersey tomatoes that I immediately turned into a delicious marina sauce. For a Jersey Girl it was a little like being home again!

Hampton Lake resident Deb Legiadre is the gardening guru for The Lake! If you’re interested in having your garden featured, please email us at info@hamptonlake. community and we’ll let her know.


December 2018


Tail Tale Sponsored by Harbor Light Insurance & Wealth Advisors

From Rags to Riches: The Tail Tale of

Bonnie Dupont

There’s an old adage that you “can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. I am here to tell you that is simply not true. Who am I? I’m Bonnie Dupont, the adored daughter of Renelle and Noel Dupont, currently residing in Hampton Lake. My story is not unlike those of other dogs who have been fortunate enough to find a fur-ever home, however my chances were a lot slimmer.



December 2018

In 2016, I was found roaming the streets to take me away from the shelter, which is why of Savannah by the dog patrol. I can’t quite I stayed there for so long. I say you can never remember how I got there, but the humans who bark too much, so we’ll just agree to disagree! At the end of the three months, the shelter took me in said that I was in bad shape. My fur was matted and I was underweight, and if staff was acting differently towards me. They I recall correctly, I really didn’t feel well. I was seemed sad, and the ones I was close with even scared when they picked me up, but they gave had tears in their eyes. It perplexed me. What me food and brought me to the veterinarian for could I do to make them happy again? I barked and barked, but they were still medical care, so I thought I was They were so sad. That is, until this lady came safe. Unfortunately, those humans interested in meeting in to see me! It turns out she was couldn’t keep me, so they took me me that they couldn’t with the Coastal Pet Rescue, and to the shelter. It was nice to have wait until Saturday, the staff members had called them and begged them to save me, a cot to sleep on and a few toys, as well as being fed meals on a regular so my foster mom so I wouldn’t lose my chance at schedule, but I learned a scary agreed to let them finding a fur-ever home! I found term there: kill shelter. From what come meet me at out later that it was my last day to be adopted, and I shudder to I understand, some of the dogs the house! think what would have happened there wouldn’t ever leave or find a loving home. Instead they would be sent to dog if the staff hadn’t cared enough to make that call! heaven. That makes me really sad. So I was out of harm’s way, but I still wasn’t I was there for three months., and I did my best to do my dog duty! When the other home. I had a wonderful foster home that let dogs barked, I barked. If someone walked by, I me stay with them for three more months. I barked! I had to let everyone know there was a enjoyed living in a home again with humans, person here, right? Some folks say I may have blankets, food and toys, but I would hear done my job a little too well, so no one wanted them talking about me, how hopefully I would

get adopted, and I knew that wasn’t my final destination. So my ears perked up when I heard my foster parent on the phone: we were going to the Coastal Pet Rescue Adoption Event! Surely I would meet my family there! Then came the big surprise! Renelle and Noel had seen my picture online, and they couldn’t wait to meet me! So the Friday before the big event, as I’m lounging around getting my beauty rest, there’s a knock at the door. It was Renelle and Noel! They were so interested in meeting me that they couldn’t wait until Saturday, so my foster mom agreed to let them come meet me at the house! They loved me and I loved them, and next thing I knew, I was living with them in Hampton Lake! Now I enjoy all the perks of Hampton Lake with my parents. We get to go on walks in the beautiful area, and meet all types of friends, two and four-legged! My parents love me unconditionally, and have taught me so much! I now know three languages: dog language (of course), English and sign language! Before my parents, I really just only understood “no”. My dad says I’m so smart in fact, that he can sign to me “where is your friend?” and I’ll run to mom and get her attention and lead her to dad! I love playing these mentally stimulating games, it keeps me sharp! I always enjoy laying around and sleeping, but I make sure to sleep in the path of my parents, because I know they’ll give me a good pet before asking me to move. When I’m awake, I enjoy playing fetch or just running around, things I didn’t know you could do before! When I’m a good girl, my parents give me these green bones called “Chewys” and I love them, plus they make my breath smell good and my smile shine! It took a bit of finagling, but I managed to train my parents to feed me my favorite food,

dry food mixed with a bit of soft canned food. I felt a little bad for being so picky, but my parents don’t mind giving me the very best! I also get a spoonful of Greek yogurt every morning and night, and it really helps my tummy stay happy. I mentioned in the beginning that my chances were a lot slimmer, and you might wonder why? Well, at the time of writing this, I am 10 years old. That means my parents adopted me when I was about 8 years old. Sadly, most dogs my age don’t have much of a chance once they end up in the shelter. It seems that most people want puppies or young dogs, or think that us older guys and gals are too set in our ways. I’m here to tell you, that’s not always true! With love and understanding, us older dogs can really surprise you, and we’ll show you the same unconditional love you show us. Plus, most of us already know not to go potty in the house!

If you’re thinking about rescuing a dog, please consider my older friends when you look. Most of them have had a rough hand dealt to them, and many of them are in the shelter through no fault of their own. It makes my heart hurt to know they might not get the same outcome I did. I know it was only through the kindness of the shelter workers, my foster mom and Renelle and Noel that I landed in such a great spot. I hope that happens for all of my friends too! Now, it was great meeting all of you, but I just heard the kitchen timer go off, so it’s time to go get my humans and bring them to the kitchen! Until next time! If you would like more information on Coastal Pet Rescue, please visit www.

Tail Tale sponsored by Harbor Light Insurance & Wealth Advisors, LLC


December 2018


Trusted Home Services with the






December 2018

HHA Home Builders Association

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December 2018

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Seeking : Writing & Photograph y Intern

This intern should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment, and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of publishing. Email with resume if interested.

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One of the most captivating dancerich musicals ever!

Inspired by the Academy Award-winning film and featuring the music of Gershwin, this Tony Awardwinning musical is the romantic story of a young American soldier, a beautiful French girl and a dreamy European city, each yearning for a new beginning.

Timeless Musical Numbers Include: “I Got Rhythm” • “But Not For Me” • “‘S Wonderful” “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” • And More... Polly Baird & Christopher Rice | Photography by Tr Media World

subscriptions Gift of Theater give the

Gift a Theater Series Subscription!

Enjoy award-winning live entertainment all year long.

Share the excitement of Arts Center with the theater goer in your life!




1 Theater Series Preview Performance Ticket for each of our 4 shows.

1 Theater Series Ticket for each of our 4 shows.

4 Theater Series Tickets reedemable for and show/ combination.

$ $

DEC 5 – 30

FEB 12 – MAR 3

MAY 1 – JUNE 2

JUNE 26 – AUG 4



$ $



$ $




THE LAKE December 2018 14 SHELTER COVE LN • ARTSHHI.COM • 843.842.ARTS 2787 48

Special Feature

Hampton Lake Artists and the

SHELL ART TRAIL by Larry Hughes

If you have been in the Lowcountry for any amount of time you know oysters, particularly at this time of year with oyster roasts every weekend, are part of the history and culture of the region. Some say their importance goes back thousands of years. Now they are about to achieve prominence in a whole new modern way. And there is a Hampton Lake connection to all the excitement. Three Hampton Lake artists created a special work of art for a unique Bluffton public art installation called the Shell Art Trail. The trail features 21 four-foot-tall sculptured shells placed around the town. It is a community project of the Lowcountry Oyster Trail. The purpose is simple: Giant Oysters Equal Giant Smiles. Each shell is sponsored by a local business



December 2018

who was then matched up with a regional artist or art group. All artists were given four different themes from which to choose their design: Bluffton history and culture, oysters and their habitat, marine ecosystem and ecology, and outdoor activity and adventure. The Hampton Lake trio – Linda Meacham, Lynn Oberg, and Larry Hughes – spent several weeks working together to create front and back scenes of the marine ecosystem on their unique “canvas,” which was sponsored by the Lowcountry Oyster Trail. Lynn is chair of the Art Club within the Hampton Lake Women’s Group. When Larry reached out to the club for volunteers she called Linda and asked her if she wanted to “work on something completely different.”

After the three discussed the possibilities they decided to do something that would showcase not only the beauty of the Lowcountry but also serve to remind residents and visitors of the importance of being good stewards of that beauty and precious marine resource. A favorite local mantra referring to Bluffton’s special, some say eccentric or quirky, nature is “Bluffton is a state of mind.” And for years at the town’s annual strategic planning process the Number One priority was “Protect the May River.” With those guiding thoughts in mind the Hampton Lake trio started making some sketches to incorporate those guiding thoughts. The fiberglass resin shells were created in a factory in Nebraska by Icon Poly, Inc. The shells were then shipped by special trailer and arrived in Bluffton in midSeptember already primed. The goal was to have them painted and ready to show at one of Bluffton’s biggest events in mid-October. The shell got a base coat of paint in Larry’s garage and then moved to Lynn’s living room where all the detail and fine art work was done over a two-week period. For Lynn Oberg, a former resident of Pittsburgh who moved to Hampton Lake about four years ago, her background in community theatre costume and set design proved very useful. “Hearing about a shell sculpture 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall is one thing, but seeing it with that convex ridged shell back and concave cup-like front is a whole different thing. It was an interesting challenge,” she said. She began laying in the landscape design for the “state of mind” back of the shell. Larry Hughes, a Lake resident since 2013, moved to the area from Vermont in 1999. He came up with the idea for the Shell Art

"Our trail is a wonderful way to showcase the diversity of our regional artist community and focus attention on our special marine ecosystem.”

Trail after hearing about a similar initiative for oyster bed restoration in Mobile Bay, AL. “Our Trail is a wonderful way to showcase the diversity of our regional artist community and focus attention on our special marine ecosystem,” he explained. “Visitors and residents alike can download a digital trail guide map from the website that provides shell locations and sponsor information.” He tackled the front of the shell which features various May River critters and reminds all to “Protect Our May River.” Linda Meacham moved to Hampton Lake in 2015 from Monroe, NY. Like her partners she is basically a self-taught artist. She can remember at a young age being first interested in paintby-numbers. Today she enjoys Decorative Painting and working with colored pencils and acrylics. Her interest in detail work is evidenced in the lifelike shells and fiddler crabs on the base and the stunning egret shown in flight as part of the landscape scene. For each of the three artists the opportunity to work together as a group was a first. “I really enjoyed the collaborative process,” Lynn said. “Turning the blank shell into a tribute to this special place we call home was a real delight. And the comments our shell has already gotten are so rewarding.”

MORE INFO Many of the shells were unveiled to the public at the Historic Bluffton Arts and Seafood Festival in October. Since then they have been placed at businesses in Old Town, Buckwalter Park, Belfair Towne Village, and Johnston Way. The Hampton Lake creation has been seen at the Tiger Bass Race, the Taste of Waddell, area oyster roasts, and the Arts and Seafood Festival. “It’s kind of a free agent and will keep moving around,” Hughes says. “We hope it’s special message will resonate with all who see it.”

To experience the Shell Art Trail you can download a map of various locations from their website. Become a “Trailblazer” and take “Shell-fies.” Post the photos to social media and tag @ lowcountryoystertrail and use #heARTofBluffton or #SeeShellsinBluffton. You could win a special prize, according to the organizers. For more information, go to www.lowcountryoystertrail. org/shell-art-trail/. THE LAKE

December 2018


Lowcountry History

Harry Cram: An Original Bluffton Eccentric by Kelly Logan Graham

he Lowcountry has had its share of colorful characters who live on in our lore and legends. One such figure was Henry Sergeant Cram, who was known to most of his friends as Harry. Born in New York City in 1907, Harry was the son of John Sergeant Cram, a wealthy and successful lawyer at New York’s Tammany Hall. Not long after his birth the Crams made their way to South Carolina via ship. Years before, in the late 1800s, John had purchased a 5000 acre peninsula of land between the Chechessee and Colleton Rivers in the South Carolina Lowcountry. The




December 2018

land that became Harry’s new home was known as Foot Point Plantation. As a young man, Harry traveled extensively through Europe and around the world. He was long listed on the New York Social Register, and was considered to be a “bon vivant”. Eventually, Harry would inherit the beloved Foot Point Plantation from his father’s estate, and Harry would spend much time raising a family in Bluffton as a gentleman farmer, where he bred and raised cattle on his land at Victoria Bluff. Early on, young Harry had learned horsemanship, gun handling and safety. His father, John owned

Harry Cram learned to love horsemanship and firearms as a young boy

"In the 1930’s, Harry entered Savannah’s DeSoto Hilton ballroom, through a window - while riding his horse."

Dunheath Castle in Scotland, where Harry spent time perfecting his skills pheasant hunting. These avocations were to become a part of his life in the southern Lowcountry. Indeed, his love of horses lasted his entire life, and he was an avid polo player. The annual horse race between Mr. Cram and Roy Rainey, down the unpaved Burnt Church Road in Bluffton, was a popular local event that drew large crowds. In the 1930’s, Harry entered Savannah’s DeSoto Hilton ballroom, through a window while riding his horse. The story is that a lady accompanied him into the ballroom, also riding a horse. It should be noted that Harry credited his fourth wife, Lucy, with saving him from an early death by extolling the dangers of drinking liquor. Harry purchased Devil’s Elbow Island, which lies directly across the May River from Myrtle Island, in Bluffton. The Crams raised their young children in the lodge-style house that he built on the island, accessible only by boat. The house had an interior of rich, wood paneling and the main room was adorned with large, animal trophy heads. I was fortunate enough to visit the Island once, where we enjoyed a gracious luncheon, and I remember the large tusks of a particularly wild-looking boar’s head that hung menacingly over my head. It was in the house on Devil’s

Elbow Island, where an event took place in the 60s, that has become a Bluffton legend; still living on as testament to Harry’s shooting skills as well as his veracity. Two young Marine recruits, from nearby Parris Island had heard about Mr. Cram’s island, and they believed that he kept a large amount of cash on his person. They plotted to rob Harry, and they swam the width of the May River, at night, in wetsuits to gain access to the family home. Upon making their way across the river and into the house, the Marines crept into young son, Peter’s room, and awoke him at knife point. They then walked Peter down the hall toward his parent’s room at the end of the hall. When they reached the parent’s door and Peter knocked, Harry surely must have known that something was amiss. To the perpetrators’ shock, the bedroom door suddenly swung open wide and without hesitation, Harry discharged two rounds from his .38 caliber pistol. Each bullet found its mark between the eyes of the intruders. A third conspirator was later jailed for his knowledge and involvement in the failed plot. No other robbery attempts were ever made, as far as we know. In the September, 1993 issue of Esquire Magazine, a story about Harry tells of his youthful eccentric behavior: “At eightyfive, Harry Cram is the epitome of the gentlemen hunter, having

Harry Cram poses with a Lab on a friend’s May River dock spent a lifetime shooting grouse in Scotland, duck on Long Island and quail in South Carolina. A superb marksman, Harry is a fanatic about gun safety. But, he’s not above having a little fun now and then. People still talk about how, back in the 1930s, Harry would invite guests for Sunday lunch at noon and tell them to be sure to be on time. At the stroke of 12:00, he would climb a tree with a drink and a rifle and shoot the hood ornaments off the cars of latecomers. He could plink the three-pointed star off of a Mercedes without disturbing the ring around it- Esquire author’s note: Harry claims he never did that, although he adds, he “could have if he wanted to”.” In Bluffton, Harry Cram represents one of the examples of

people who brought worldly class, sophistication, zeal and bravado to Bluffton. Indeed Harry Cram is part of our collective culture and our unique brand of eccentricity. Author’s note: some references from The Cram Sourcebook, a family genealogy,1996 by Michael Cram. All photos courtesy of the BHPS Caldwell Archives.

Kelly Logan Graham is Executive Director of the Bluffton Historical Preservation Society, which owns and operates the Heyward House Museum, which is the official Welcome Center for the Town of Bluffton. Call 843757-6293 or visit


December 2018


Business Listings

farmer's market vendors =Bluffton

=Port Royal

Adam's Farm and Garden (912) 756-7179 642 River Bend Rd, Richmond Hill, GA

Calibogue Catering (843) 301.2501 Spanish Wells Club: 1 Brams Point Road, Hilton Head Island

Carolina Plantation Rice (843) 393-1812 P.O. Box 505, Darlington, SC

Castra Rota (843)737-6055 P.O. Box: 288 Brunson , SC 29911

Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse (843) 608-9118 2457 Ashley River Rd, Charleston

Gruber Family CSA Farm 843-563-1159 265 Old Bell Road, St. George, SC

Herbalicious Microgreens (843) 252-9178 2255 Plantation Drive, Beaufort

Keegan- Fillion Farm 1475 Keegan Drive, Walterboro, SC

Rio Bertolini’s (843) 588-5088

Sweet Leaf

business sponsor listings Hampton Lake Resident-Owned Businesses Listed in BLUE

ADVENTURE Homann’s Africa Mark & Maria Homann (646) 472-5877

AUTOMOTIVE DEALER Mike Reichenbach Chevrolet (877) 846-8391

Savannah Mitsubishi Mike Turner (912) 225-5600

BOAT and fishing supplies, SALES AND SERVICES Coastal Carolina Sailing School and Day Cruises (843) 505-8767

Freedom Boat Club Gayle Schaffner (888) 781-7363

Hilton Head Boathouse (843) 681-2628

Paddle Boats Scott Noble (843) 757-4792


Optim Healthcare

(843) 368-4464


Estate/Wealth management + Advisory services


CoastalStates Wealth Management of Raymond James Sponsors of Charity Spotlight! (843) 836-3320

EXTERMINATORS Hilton Head Exterminators Sponsor of Business Spotlight! (843) 681-2590 Island Pest Control 843-681-5188

Old South Exterminators (843) 726-3436

FLOORING Abbey Floor Fashion Ron Timblin (843) 837-3900

FRAMING/ GALLERIES Four Corners Fine Art and Framing (843) 757-8185

FURNITURE & INTERIORS Budget Blinds Bob & Kate Engler (843) 837-4060

Moss Creek Village Furniture (843) 837-4000

(843) 415-5782 // 60 Prince Ct., Hardeeville, SC

Porch Outfitters Dave Justini (843) 987-0893

Teak and Table

Tuten Farms


(843) 837-8088

(803) 842-4863 5050 Altman Road, Hampton, SC

Two Smart Cookies (912) 353-2253 6512 White Bluff Road, Savannah

Beyond Exceptional Dentistry (912) 234-8282

ELECTRICIAN Mock Electric Dustin Mock (843) 717-2688

ENTERTAINMENT Arts Center of Coastal Carolina (843) 686-3945


Roasting Room


December 2018

(843) 384 6585

Timeless Interiors

GIFTS Aunt Laurie’s Laurie Brown 843-415-8230

Healthcare Dr. Laura Knobel Direct primary care physician (843)836-2200

Arthur Rutenberg Homes Blue Ocean Luxury Homes, LLC Deb & Doug Durrant

Hilton Head Custom Homes Laura Lyons Karrh (843) 920-4643

Kendrick Custom Homes (843) 683-9351 kendrickconstructio

Largo-CR Homes Craig Rymal - (843) 815-6622

Logan Homes Mike Story (843) 384-5752

HOME CARE Gentle Hands Home Health Hattie Hicklen

HOME SERVICEs Mr Soft Wash's Power Shower LLC Steve Dimaria (843) 422-7882

HVAC Northpoint Heating and Air (843) 757-6247 Superior Heating & Air Dave Miller (800) 828-2665 www.Superior.AC

INSURANCE/WEALTH ADVISORS Harbor Light Insurance & Wealth Advisors, LLC 843-837-3737 harborlightinsuranceandwealthadvis Sponsors of Tail Tale!

INTERIOR DESIGN Decorating Den Interiors Saudah Muhammad (843) 422-2034



Golis Family Jewelers

Palmetto Pediatrics of the Lowcountry

(843) 815-4367 GolisFamilyJewelers

Eric Peltz (843) 706-3206

The Cracked Egg (843) 645-2349

The Sugaree (843) 290-8585



Cherry Point Nursery / O'S Landscaping LLC

Quality Hardscapes, Porch Masters Inc., & New Wave Pools

(843) 338-0370

(843) 706-2202

Twisted European Bakery

Mr. Outdoors, LLC Laurent Nora (843) 540-2061

Year Round Pool Company (843) 837-7665





Hampton Lake Real Estate

Joe Nehila: (843) 882-7801

Chris England (866) 875-LAKE

MASSAGE THERAPY Lowcountry Therapeutic Massage


Caroline Coleman (843) 338-7882 // caroline@


Metal Fabrication/ Roofing supplies 4M Metals Chad and Tricia Michael (843) 208-2433

MOVERS College Hunks Hauling Junk John Brown (843) 816-7179 locations/sc/hilton-head/

MUSEUMS Morris Center for Lowcountry Heritage 843-284-9227

NONPROFITS Hilton Head Area Home Builder Association Sponsor of Trusted Home Services! (843) 681-9240

OUTDOOR LIGHTING NiteLites Outdoor Lighting Robbie Eastland (843) 593-9672

PAINTERS CertaPro (843) 757-7121

At the Helm

RESTAURANTS & Catering Alvin Ord’s (843) 757-1300

Bluffton BBQ Ted Huffman (843) 757-7427

(843) 757-0033 N-Hance Wood Refinishing Andrew Ambler (843) 715-8420

SALONS Jocelyn’s Nexx Faze Salon & Spa Jocelyn Corwin (843) 705-2050

SCHOOLS Cross Schools Sponsor of Kids' Korner! 495 Buckwalter Parkway (843) 706-2000

SCREEN PRINTING & EMBROIDERY Big D’s Royal Tees (843) 987-1517

El Super Internacional (843) 815-8113

Farm (843) 707-2041 www.farmbluffton.coms

Hank's Lowcountry She Crab Soup and Hank's Catering (803) 238-5252

HogsHead Kitchen and Wine Bar (843) 837-4647

Sprout Momma (843) 683-0827 21 Cardinal Rd. Suite 105, Hilton Head Island

Stooges Cafe (843) 706-6178

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December 2018

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Congrats, Mark & Anna Kendrick!

23 Driftwood Ave


December 2018


In Case You Missed It Veterans Day 5K

Taste Of Waddell, 11th Edition

Bob Dylan & His Band

November 3 Runners took to the streets of Mitchelville Freedom Park early on November 3 for Operation R&R. After the race, participants enjoyed food and drinks provided. Operation R&R is a non profit organization that allows military men and woman that chance to reconnect with their families after a deployment by visiting Hilton Head Island.

November 4 The Friends of Waddell, the Hilton Head Island Sportsfishing Club, the Bluffton Marine Rescue Squadron, and Glidden Professional Paint Stores presented the 11th Annual Taste of Waddell. Supporters enjoyed a raffle and silent auction while sampling splendid seafood from a local restaurant. There was even live bluegrass music and the South Carolina Aquarium’s “Good Catch” sustainable seafood program.

November 6 Concert goers went to Johnny Mercer Theatre to enjoy an evening with Bob Dylan and his band. The legendary singer and songwriter rocked the house with his classics and newer hits. Everyone left singing into the night!

Whale Branch ROTC Students Awarded

Out of the Darkness Walk

29th Annual Taste of the Season


November 11 Hilton Head and Bluffton came together to raise money for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). The walk took participants through Oyster Factory Park. Out of the Darkness walk raised over $38,000 this year alone to go toward research, education programs, advocacy, and supporting survivors of suicide.

November 16 Locals were invited to USCB Hilton Head Island Hospitality Management Campus to sample some yummy epicurean food from area restaurants. Between bites, there was a chance to win some holiday gifts in the silent auction and chat with chamber members, chamber staff, business associates, and friends.

a recap of all the local happenings of November

On November 10, the ROTC students at Whale Branch Early College High School received an award from the Lowcountry Foundation for Wounded Military Heroes (LFWMH). The award was presented in gratitude for the students’ work with LFWMH helping to honor wounded veterans. At the event were the ROTC students as well as military veterans and their families. Principal Lise Dickson and Senior Marine Instructor Major Marvin D. Goodwin accepted the award on behalf of the students. After the ceremony, attendees celebrated with a traditional cake-cutting ceremony in honor of the United States Marine Corps birthday. Way to go students!



December 2018

Hunt, Fish and Shoot for the Boys & Girls Club of Jasper County November 8 During this fundraiser, no hunting, fishing, or shooting actually occurred! Many gathered for a night of celebrating to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Jasper County. Live music accompanied the live auction and raffles of shotguns, hunts, art, fishing charters, and many more exciting items.

Annual Auldbrass Plantation Tours November 9-11 Annual tours of Auldbrass Plantation were held mid-month. The Beaufort Country Open Land Trust hosted the walking tour. This plantation is a Frank Lloyd Wright design and has been previously off limits to the public eye except for for a limited time every two years. As of this year, tours will be offered every year!

Volunteers in Medicine Hilton Head Island's Circle of Caring Gala

South Carolina Ballet Presents: Nutcracker

November 17 Supporters came out to Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island for this sold out event! This Gala was the biggest Volunteers in Medicine has had to date. If you didn’t have the chance to attend, you still had the chance to take part in bidding on wonderful items in the silent auction via their mobile app.

November 24 The South Carolina Ballet came to Savannah to perform the classic Nutcracker. Young and old came out to Johnny Mercer Theatre to be transported to another realm with nutcrackers, snow, and mice galore!

Gourmet Gala and Elegant Evening benefiting Hilton Head Heroes November 9 Community members gathered for an elegant evening to raise money for Hilton Head Heroes. The evening was seronated by The John Brackett Trio, and food including dessert was provided by Executive Chef Jim McLain and Pastry Chef Marco Delgado. Those that attended enjoyed the wonderful items in the silent auction. This was Hilton Head Heroes biggest fundraiser of the year!

Oyster Shell Bagging November 10 All were asked to come out to Trask Boat Landing in Bluffton last month to help building a healthy foundation for our oysters! Volunteers showed up to bag recycled oyster shells that will be used in an early summer project. CCA Bluffton and Bluffton Rotary hosted the event.

Chorale Legend Kicks Off 2018-2019 Season November A powerful body of 30 to 40 voices, Mary Green Chorale is s local group that has been singing in the Lowcountry since 2012. They opened the 2018-2019 season with a performance at Holy Family Catholic Church on November 6. Voices sung in harmony to celebrate two eras. The first half of the concert, the Chorale was joined by soprano Laura Sutton Floyd and baritone Kyle Hancock to present Ralph Vaughan Williams’ cantata Dona Nobis Pacem. The latter half of the season premier concert was in tribute to Leonard Bernstein. The Mary Green Chorale was joined by strings and percussion, pianist Gerald Anderson and organist Linda Hamilton during selections from Mass, West Side Story, Candide, and Fancy Free.

Don’t Miss It! University of South Carolina Beaufort Lunch with Authors Series - January 15 Come out to Sea Pines Country Club to hear author Lisa Patton talk all about her writing. This bestselling author is brought to the Lowcountry by University of South Carolina Beaufort. Lunch is provided with your reservation.


December 2018


business spotlight Sponsored by Hilton Head Exterminators

Gentle Hands Home Healthcare


attie Hicklen started Gentle Home Health Care just working six months ago, but her passion is obvious.


Hattie’s journey began with being an organ donor. She was donating blood, then plasma. Her passion was realized when her mom was hospitalized and saw how people were taking care of her. That was the day that Hattie signed up to be a bone marrow donor. Her mom had cancer and the doctor stated her bone marrow was impacted. Hattie couldn't save her mom but she vowed to save someone else if she could. She is now on the donor list for bone marrow to help save someone if she can. Mrs. Hicklen says she has always wanted to save lives or help someone live a better and easier life if possible. It was after all of her experiences with her mom and life that she started working at her first assisted living home. She loved it! Working with the elderly so much, it really felt like she had found her calling. Of course, Hattie had good days and bad days just like any other job, but her patients gave her life. When she was working on the Alzheimer's wing, that's when she knew there was so much more to life. Hattie had really found her passion. After working at the assisted living home, she also worked at a retirement home and enjoyed it. She had started


December 2018

part time doing Home Health Care for an agency. It was when she was working with (young the agency that she realized that disabilities she loved home care better than adults and children), Alzheimer's working at a facility because Hattie residents, and persons living with had more one on one time with the dementia with various tasks. She residents or clients. She was allowed can provide companionship, help more time to take her time and not with household chores, meals, be in a rush. She was really able to transportation, bathing, catheter get to know them and give them care, and the use of a Hoyer. This is more care. Hattie enjoys helping and currently a part time venture until taking care of others and this line of work "Hattie enjoys helping and taking allows her to do just that. Just putting a care of others and this line of work smile on someone’s allows her to do just that. Just face makes her day. After all of her putting a smile on someone’s face time in facilities makes her day." and with an agency, Hattie decided to go to school Gentle Hands Home Health Care to learn everything needed for can build its clientele base. Once and about the field. She felt this that happens, Hattie plans to make education would help her to give the business part time, full time, more efficient care. She said, “Hands and live in (24-hour care) all shifts. on is good, but this line of work One thing that Hattie prides herself also requires the education.” She in her work through Gentle Hands attended Technical College of the is being able to give the residents a Lowcountry to earn her Certified choice to stay in their homes where Nursing Assistant, or CNA. After things are familiar to them. Where her degree, she decided that she they are comfortable and have all would open her own business for their things at their fingertips. She home health care. It took a while for also is able to help them keep their Hattie to come up with a name, and dignity and respect, while enjoying she had three choices to choose from, their independence and staying but Gentle Hands just seemed so healthy. When asked about what makes compassionate, caring, and loving. Gentle Hands Home Health Gentle Hands Home Health Care Care serves the elderly, people with different, Mrs. Hicklen says she is a

very friendly and compassionate person. She is a great listener. The company appreciates all jobs that it receives: small jobs as well as big. They can complete short shifts or long shifts on short notice or scheduled. They operate under the understanding that life can change in a blink of an eye and Gentle Hands Home Health Care wants to be there for all your needs. Hattie Hicklen is licensed in South Carolina as well as Georgia. Hattie’s role models are her family. Her dad, all of her sisters, and even a niece own their own businesses. Her brother is also a role model for his ability to think it, make moves, and accomplish big things. The entire family aspires to move on and work harder. Hattie’s kids inspire her to be a role model. It is her hope that she inspires her kids to know that

no matter what happens or even if you are up against all odds, with determination, an open mind, and hard work you are able to accomplish anything. Hattie lives in Savannah with her wife, Tammy, and sons, Christopher and Andre. Tammy is a manager at KBRS in Hardeeville while Christopher is a freshman at Windsor Forest where he is on the football team. Andre is a senior at Woodville Tompkins Technical & Career High School and is dual enrolled at Savannah Technical College. He also works at Olive Garden. Their blended family also includes three more sons, two daughters, two grandsons, and one granddaughter. Hattie is originally from Savannah, but moved at an early age. She has lived in several areas in Georgia and South Carolina. Her dad is from Hilton Head

Business Spotlight sponsored by Hilton Head Exterminators

and her mom is from Daufuskie Island. She made the move back to the area in 2009 to get a new start. She is a member of Agape Empowerment Ministries, where she attends church regularly and serves on the Food Service Ministries. Before making the leap to the health field, Hattie worked in security most of her life. She used to work for a security company that deployed her to Louisiana and Alabama for the oil spill. She has worked security at Gulfstream, a military base, two correctional facilities, and even Hampton Lake! Hattie enjoys spending time with family and that consists of the many things they like and enjoy doing. She also enjoys picnics in the

parks, movies, and dinner. For more information on Gentle Hands Home Health Care, visit www.gentlehands. life or email Hattie at hattie@ You can also reach Hattie at 912-409-0333.


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Craig & Cheryl Rymal, Owners

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December 2018

A Closer Look at the 2018

Tiger Bass Race To the Hampton Lake Community, Donors, Race Sponsors and the 2018 Tiger Bass Race and Walk Participants: Thank you, thank you, thank you! There are not enough adequate words to express our heartfelt appreciation and thanks for all that the Hampton Lake Community contributed to making the 2018 Hampton Lake Tiger Bass Race/Walk Event the most successful Event that we have ever conducted. On Saturday October 27, 2018, Hampton Lake conducted the 11th Annual Tiger Bass Race/Walk Event. Race day saw over 600 participants in the 5K, 10K or One Mile race for the younger members of the community. Together with many residents who cheered the race participants on with their whistles, bells, and music stations and the many residents who shared in the gala After Party that included food, music, sponsor tables, amusement games for the young children, prizes and much more, over 1,000 people gathered in our wonderful community. The Annual Event was established in 2008, when some of the early pioneers of Hampton Lake decided to conduct a 5K in order to have the residents come together for a social event. What started out as a group of 40 racers/walkers has now developed into a premier running event in the Lowcountry and a Bluffton "happening." continued >

All photos courtesy Greg Conran Photography

"We are happy to announce that the 2018 Tiger Bass Race/Walk Event surpassed all of our expectations."

Five years ago, the race committee established the Hampton Lake Tiger Bass Race Charitable Fund (HLTBRCF) as the organization which solicits funds, manages the Race/Walk Event and allocates the distribution of the race proceeds. HLTBRCF operates under the umbrella of The Community Foundation of the Lowcountry (CFLC), the largest and premier charitable organization of the Lowcountry. In 2018, CFLC was instrumental in guiding the HLTBRCF in creating the grant application process whereby any established 501-c3 Tax Exempt charitable organization can apply for a grant to assist in their mission. We are happy to announce that the 2018 Tiger Bass Race/Walk Event surpassed all of our expectations. The HLTBRCF Committee has disbursed $31,100 to various charities within the Bluffton community. These charitable organizations are as follows: Bluffton Self Help, Inc. Bluffton Jasper County Volunteers in Medicine Boys and Girls Clubs of the Lowcountry Bluffton Unit The Public Library Foundation of Beaufort County Second Helpings Hospice Care of the Lowcountry Family Promise of Beaufort County St. Gregory the Great Catholic School May River High School - Athletic Program

Additionally, we contributed $10.00 from each race/walk participant fee to the Michael Mugrage Fund in memory of the Hampton Lake teenager who lost his battle with cancer earlier in the year.



December 2018

The HLTBRCF has been able to donate over $165,000 to local charities that serve the Bluffton community in the past ten years. It has also contributed back to our own community in purchasing American flags for the street light poles in Phase Three of Hampton Lake, a decorative bench which is located in front of Backwater Bills and the initial funding of the newly created Hampton Lake Fishing Club. Three years ago, the HLTBRCF created a 50/50 Raffle to help in the Event's funding process. This year's Event significantly surpassed prior campaigns. The 50/50 Raffle raised $3,036, 50% of which was paid to the three winners. And the good news is - all three winners are Hampton Lake residents. The HLTBRCF Committee is already active in seeking sponsors for the 2019 Race/Walk Event which will be conducted on Saturday October 26, 2019. We are also seeking additional residents to actively join and participate in this most worthy endeavor in helping the charitable organizations that serve the Bluffton community. We sincerely hope that you will once again be both a race/walk participant and financial supporter of the 2019 Event. The 2018 HLTBRCF Committee

"The HLTBRCF has been able to donate over $165,000 to local charities that serve the Bluffton community in the past ten years."

Michael Beckwith (2018 Chair) John J. Mc Andris (2019 Chair) Peter T. Bromley Anna Kendrick Nancy Russo Ed Pristas Lisa Pristas Dave Streppa Catherine Guscio

All photos courtesy Greg Conran Photography THE LAKE

December 2018


Reflections in the Lake

a December to remember



December 2018

Send us your photos! THE LAKE

January 2018




December 2018

After Thought: Local Ponderings

The Gift of the Holiday story and art by Gillian Horsley-Heintz


SPS, Fedex and UPS are She takes out her list and starts taking things overwhelmed by all the Amazon out and checking off names. Christmas day and the Johnson family are boxes they are to deliver within the deadline. Other stores are jostling ready to open gifts at last. For days, packages for position as they tempt online browsers to have been delivered and placed under the tree. succumb to their wares. Free shipping is no Ready, the retriever, has had to be restrained longer “free” shipping, in that you first have from opening some of them himself. Mum is to pay a subscription or buy a certain value at the ready, her mimosa next to her, pen and of goods. It is now, indeed, free shipping. paper at hand to write down the recipient, the This frees up the avid shopper to delight in a gift and the giver so each person can hand write plethora of spending and shipping to family a proper note of thanks. Dad, the photographer, who, in the past, have been overlooked. Yes, all has his Bloody Mary and is in charge of trash the men can get light up Santa ties and the girls bag clean up. Margaret, the eldest, reads out the name on the tag and the name will receive musical hair barrettes of the sender and little Joe gets to depicting elves. " is deliver the parcel across the room. Each of the eight days of Hanukkah presents an irresistible family and The expectation is enormous. Margaret picks up a large package opportunity for a different gift to arrive each day. What a mitzvah. Our it’s the gift of addressed to The Johnson Family. As shopper is scouring for ecumenical their love that she lifts it, it starts to glow and the tinny sound of “We wish you a merry and all inclusive bargains. To her counts." Christmas” emanates from within. delight she finds an apron with Ready starts a barking concert as she “Love, Peace and Hanukkah Grease” in one store and one with “My Angle is I’m a announces in surprise that ”It’s from Auntie Christmas Angel“ in another. Then Etsy comes Esther.” The family groans and Dad gets his through with one with the seven principles of phone ready to record the opening to send to Comedy Central. Kwanzaa on it. Perfect. The family opens their gifts from Great Meanwhile, because his grandson Chuck (on whom he relies for all things “tech”) is not Uncle Charlie. They stare perplexed at the back from Duke yet, Charlie Sr is unable to identical packages of golf balls. Joe hopefully shop online. He loves his extended family, but asks Dad if there is a big surprise for each of has never been much of a shopper. He strolls them of a set of golf clubs and lessons? Mum looks at the gifts remaining under the outside, and contemplates the marsh, waiting for inspiration. He hears his favorite sound – tree. She turns to dad and remarks that judging that lovely clink as the driver hits a clean shot, by the wrapping, she can tell which ones are from his sister and to have his phone prepared and he knows just the right gift for everyone. It’s time for Mellie to make her annual trek for another comedy photo shoot. Little Joe rips to the basement and rummage through the tubs his package and exposes the same Pet Rock to see what treasures can be unearthed. Thank he’s received every birthday and Christmas goodness she is smart enough to recycle all the for the last three years. Mum opens hers and gift wrap. It’s is an excellent practice and with a says, “I thought Mellie had stopped selling bit of ironing, one can hardly tell that the paper Tupperware ten years ago?” She records Dad has been used before. She wishes she could do as he triumphantly opens “The Ultimate Men’s that fancy ribbon tying thing that the Grayco Hair Product pack – shampoo, conditioner demonstration showed the other day, but she’s and gel” and holds it aloft so Mum can snap never been very crafty in an artistic way. She it next to his bald head. In astonishment, surveys the treasure of gifts not given, of gifts they watch Margaret open a very pretty pink received and of gifts stored away for a rainy day. sweater, which looks about the right size. As she

starts to try it on, Mum says to mind the label. Margaret looks at it and says, “Who on earth is Shirley Jones and why is her label sewn into my sweater?” At dusk, replete with wonderful food and friendship and family love, wrapped up in blankets, they sit with Ready on the beach and watch the moon rise. They smile and hug each other in the luminous moonlight reflected on the ocean. They agree that, like all other special family times, they would not want to change a single thing, because family is family and it’s the gift of their love that counts.

Artwork ©Gillian Horsley-Heintz. Used with permission. THE LAKE

December 2018


Around Town



December S






2 9 16 23 30

3 10 17 24 31

4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28

S 1 8 15 22 29

6 An Evening with Levi Lowrey Roasting Room



Music on Malphrus presents ZOË Lewis 6 PM // The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Lowcountry

Toy Drive for Bluffton Self Help // 10 AM

Palmetto Bluff Buffalo Run 10K, 30K, 50K Palmetto Bluff Bluffton

19 Responsible Oystering in the Lowcountry 3 PM // Coastal Discovery Museum

Come run with us! December 24th Hilton Head Hospital 25 Hospital Center Blvd Hilton Head Island



December 2018

An American in Paris Arts Center of Coastal Carolina


15 #NotJustYourOffice Holiday Party The Beach House Resort

South Carolina Congressional Cup Harbour Town


Bluffton Coffee and Chocolate Fest // 12:00 PM On the green next to Gigi’s Boutique on Calhoun Street


& Jan 3

The Tom Peeples Discovery Lab Open for the Holidays! Coastal Discovery Museum

31 18th Annual Polar Bear Swim Harbour Town Pool

Fireside Collective December 29 at Roasting Room


January S


6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28

T 1 8 15 22 29

W 2 9 16 23 30


T 3 10 17 24 31

F 4 11 18 25

S 5 12 19 26

The Palmetto Plant Eaters Club Meeting 6:30 PM // Bluffton’s Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Lowcountry

4 Lowcountry Raptors Coastal Discovery Museum



XXIV ANNUAL WINTER CLASSIC Hosted by the HHI Carolina Shag Club Sonesta Resort Hilton Head

Swan Lake 7:30 PM // Savannah Civic Center

Blues411 Concert Series: Peter Karp Band 8 PM // Roasting Room





Daufuskie Island Marathon and Ultra Daufuskie Island

Steve Quick Presentation on South Carolina Farmer Coastal Discovery Museum

The LAVON STEVENS Ensemble 8 PM // The Jazz Corner

Casino Royal Fundraiser benefiting USCB Center for the Arts 7 PM // USCB Center for the Arts

Lean Ensemble Theater presents A Doll's House, Part 2 HHPS Main Street Theatre


Hilton Head Snow Day Shelter Cove Community Park

Tea is for Teddy 5:30 PM // Colleton Museum & Farmers Market

Golden Oyster Awards

BALLET MEMPHIS January 18, 8 PM at The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina

Celebrating local individuals and businesses! January 12, 4:30 PM at Seaquins Ballroom: 1300 Fording Island Rd, Bluffton THE LAKE

December 2018


Mak e e v er y room a w ork of art. C ar p et

Ti le


Hard wood


A rea Ru gs

1555 Fording Island Road, Suite A, Moss Creek Village, Hilton Head

Tel: 843 837-3900 •



December 2018

Tile shown is 10 x 14 Avondale / Castle Rock with Glass Horizon’s Arctic Blend Mosaic Accent. Photo Courtesy of Dal-Tile Distribution, Inc

It’s Time To Improve Your Quality of Life!



843-681-2628 • MON - FRI. 8AM-5PM • SAT 9AM-2PM


December 2018



Seasonal Cocktail Minty Grinch

Roasting Room Concert Calendar

Nonprofits, Events, Community Partners and more!

Seasonal Cocktail:

Minty Grinch

Warm up the your holidays with this tasty cocktail inspired by the flavors of the season. by Randy Niemann

Ingredients: 2 oz. vodka 1/4 oz. creme de menthe A splash of lime juice Top with: Ginger Beer, Â Candy Cane, Mint, Lime

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN MYTH OR FACT? We lose brain cells as we age and cannot grow new ones. MYTH! Neuroplasticity is our brain’s ability to reorganize neural pathways. Brain imaging shows that, through input via our senses, the brain restructures. HOW? Brains physically react and adapt in response to challenge. Once structure changes, function adapts. “Neuroplasticity” is our brain’s ability to “learn.”

BRAIN BOOSTERS – WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: How the brain is built to learn

What is a healthy brain lifestyle

Techniques to sharpen focus

How worry affects the brain

How to become a ‘flexible thinker’


Relaxation ‘cooling’ techniques

How to increase Brain Reserve

Neurogenesis & neuroplasticity

Stress and your brain

Brain anatomy & memory

How your brain processes

Relaxation techniques

Diet + brain connection

TWO LOCATIONS TO CHOOSE FROM! Hilton Head Jan. 9 – Feb. 13 (Wed.) 10a - 12p St. Andrew By-the-Sea UMC 20 Pope Avenue

Bluffton Jan. 15 – Feb. 19 (Tues.) 10a - 12p St. Andrew’s Parish Hall 222 Pinckney Colony Rd.


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The Lake Vol 2- Issue 12  

The Lake | New Issue featuring - Gentle Hands Home Health Care, Meet Alison Conran + more!

The Lake Vol 2- Issue 12  

The Lake | New Issue featuring - Gentle Hands Home Health Care, Meet Alison Conran + more!