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“ P romote your point of difference to stand out from your competitors and get the travel bug biting.�

We all love holidays!

Be the holiday expert

Australians love travel and whether it’s an image of a sunset on a tropical island or a cabin situated on snowy mountain tops, there is a good chance we will stop for a moment to imagine ourselves there.

The travel industry has many seasonal patterns that create opportunities for agencies to promote these peak periods and travel knowledge in their marketing strategies. Timing your advertising to coincide with popular festivals or landmark days in the calendar is also an effective method for enticing customers to make an enquiry. For example, promote Gallipoli in Turkey leading up to ANZAC Day or a major sporting event such as The Ashes at Lords in England. Use these events as a launching pad to promote your travel and tourism offers, and change the content of your advertising regularly to stay up to date with popular destinations and events.

The positive association to travel means that most advertising from the travel industry will generally be well received. But how do you separate yourself and stand out against your competitors?

Make the unattainable, attainable. Most people think travel is much more expensive than what it is. So when creating advertising showcase a number of travel package deals and highlight key features to entice interest. Promote your niche services or point of difference. If your agency specialises in tours make sure you emphasise this. It will help differentiate you from your competition.

At LDN, we can help to create an enticing flyer design to get any travel bug biting, and organise a targeted distribution to your local audience.

Design Print Distribution

TOP 5 TIPS FOR TOURISM: 1. Find a point of difference. 2. Stand out! 3. Connect with your audience. 4. Timing is everything. 5. Check-in with prospects regularly.

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