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“Regular relevant information can help build rapport with the local community.�

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Some practices have built up a loyal customer base from years’ operating in the same area, however new practices need to establish a presence within the community. In both cases, healthcare providers should be looking at effective ways to market their business to their local audience.

When creating letterbox advertising, be clear and concise when outlining the health benefits you can reap from using your practice. Also don’t forget you’re the local health professional, so let your local residents know how accessible you are and the time they can save utilising a local service.

It may not seem necessary for doctors and health care operators to market their services, but just like any other business they need to find ways to keep customers coming back and to stay ahead of the competition.

Back up your key message with a strong call to action. Offer a local resident discount or even a family offer to connect with local residents and also show value in your services. By adding a time frame to your offer you are also able to measure your campaign’s effectiveness, though a potential increase in calls or visits through that period.

Most people know they should visit the dentist every year, however most people also need a little persuasion to get them to go back. The same applies for regular check-ups at the local GP, we all know flu shots are available particularly during winter but to find a reminder in the mail can often prompt consumers into action. Regular relevant information in the letterbox can also help build a rapport with local residence.

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TOP 5 TIPS FOR HEALTHCARE: 1. Create a Call to Action. 2. Identify a key message. 3. Be clean and simple. 4. Timing is everything. 5. Connect with your audience.

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