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“ C ommunicating your key benefits or unique features may be the difference when competing against rival schools.�

Go to top of the class

Be different

Parents want to give their kids the best opportunity to develop to their full potential and often there are multiple childcare centers and schooling options available. So how do you stand out?

Include key benefits and features about your school. Do you offer something unique that may be of interest such as Spanish language classes or a comprehensive after school program? Invite interested parties to attend open days for more information.

Parents will conduct their own research to determine which school is the best fit for their kids. So what’s most important for a school is to know exactly what Mum and Dad want for their children’s education. Local surveys and first-hand feedback are the best way to engage parents and understand what their looking for in a school. Using these insights, schools then need to build a communication plan that makes their unique proposition clear and relevant. To attract and entice new families it’s also about sending the right message at the right time – This might sound tricky, and even costly, but it can be easier and cheaper than you think.

Also consider looking beyond your immediate local community in your advertising. Consider targeting areas near-by or along public transport lines where your school or childcare center offers better facilities or opportunities? One of the best ways to reach people in your local area is via their letterbox. And at LDN we can offer a one-stopshop for flyer design, print and letterbox distribution.

Design Print Distribution

TOP 5 TIPS FOR CHILDCARE & SCHOOLS: 1. Be top of mind 2. Stand out! 3. Connect with your audience. 4. Create a Call to Action. 5. Look beyond.

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