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2019 Scholarship Award Ceremony

Laura Pesavento Silcon Valley Capital Club Find on page 10

Thank You to 2019 Scholarship Award Donors and Contributors From the San Jose Community and Schools

L to R Maria Contreras, Yulina Valencia, Tien Hyunh, Loc Nguyen, Leslie Tang, Mirella Fernandez, Julia Cruz, Guadalupe Rodriguez, Andy Barajs, Brian Baltazar Top raw Jamal Darbandi, Armando Lamas,Cesar Pascal, Rita Singh(LCMG), Hemant Desai(Founder LCH), Luis Munoz, Elvis Martinez, Jonny Khamis(City Council), Connie Alvarez(Friendship Hall), Rozel, Nova, Eliabeth and Corinne ( Team Tooth Fairy Cottage and Ticket 2 Smiles)

An Immense Thank You To Our 2019 Scholarship Sponsors


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Julia Cruz

Apollo High School

Doctor’s Andrew and Tracy Nguyen Donated To: Julia Cruz & Tien Huynh

“Two years ago I was about to be a student dropout. Right now I am actually going to college and double majoring in civil engineering and business.” - Julia Cruz

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Maria Contreras

Tien Huynh

Maria Contreras

Tien Huynh

William Overfelt High School

Oak Grove High School

Tooth Fairy Cottage Staff Donated To: Maria Contreras (408) 986-1798

Want to Buy Your First Home? “

Let Michael Help You Pre-Approve Your First Home ”

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Michael Ryan Mortage Broker

DRE License #01090891 NMLS #295351

#ExpressMyArt Brian Baltazar

“Discovering Vy Nguyen”

Loc Nguyen

Harwinder Singh on Behalf of the Parents “ Sardar Garib Singh, Sardarni Kulwinder Kaur” Donated To: Brian Baltazar

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James Lick High School

Parwinder Singh on Behalf of the Parents “ Sardar Garib Singh, Sardarni Kulwinder Donated To: Loc Nguyen

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Independence High School

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Graphic and Web Designer Chioma Lewis Contributors Nury Quinones (Translation)

2806 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95127


Zone-1 William Launder Land

518 10th Street San Jose, CA (Across from San Jose State University)

Wash Club

1080 McLaughlin Ave. San Jose, CA 95122 (McLaughlin and Story)

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Victoria Laundry

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Zone-3 PAL Laundromat

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Wash America

2759 Story Road San Jose, CA (Between Kollmer dr and Capitol

Wash America

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Lucky Laundromat

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July 2019

Andy Barajas

William C. Overfelt High School

“I hope to one day give back to the local heroes community.” - Andy Barajas

Ticke 2 Smiles Donated To: Andy Barajas

Guadalupe Rodriguez

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Yerba Buena High School

Luis Muñoz and Crystal Torres We appreciate Luis Munoz for his donation to Guadalupe Rodriguez. She is one step closer to pursuing a career in teaching. Scan the QR code to hear Guadalupe’s speech

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Yulina Valencia

William C. Overfelt High School Yulina thanked those in attendence who helped put the award ceremony together and those who donated to the students.

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2844 Road LunchStory Special M-Sat 11AM-2PM San Jose, Ca 95127

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Founder and Chairman Mr. Desai Family L-R Jagrut, Mr. Hemant Desai, Rita Singh, Mihir Desai, and Sumati Desai (Mother). Sumati Desai donated for Three Students in 2017. Mrs. Desai Traveled from India to celebrate 3rd Anniversry of Local Community Heroes

Scholarship Recipient Tes�monial

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Message from Founder and CEO Hemant Desai Local community Heroes is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) corporation registered in the State of California and recognized by the IRS in all the states. The purpose of the organization is to recognize, celebrate, uplift the students and inspiring teachers of the community by sharing their victories in the “Local Community Heroes-Héroes de la Comunidad” School Based Bi-lingual Community Publication reaching to all the community in the City of San Jose Silicon Valley. Local community Hero provides Scholarships to college-bound deserving students regardless of race, ethnicity or religion and has been doing so since 2016. We would like to provide internship for school and college students in Journalism, Web Design, Graphic Design, and Social Work in the community. Your financial help and support will be most recognized by the current and future citizens of the community.

Call (408) 660-3578 or Email: for Sponsorship Opportunity 1172 Murphy Avenue Suite 238, San Jose, CA 95131

Scholarship Application 2020

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also apply online at Mail To: Local Community Heroes 1172 Murphy Ave. Suite 238 San Jose, CA 95131

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4 x 9 inch Space to Sponsor This Application Sponsor this page for a small investment of $3000 or more/year and you will be seen by aspiring students and their parents throughout the year. This exclusive sponsorship is the perfect spot for branding your company realtor, car dealer, insurance, hospital, dental, urgent care or medical clinic. Also, you will be on the website with a link to your website. You will be seen by thousands of students and parents around the Santa Clara County. This will pay for internship for students of journalism, Graphics and Web Design and print this publication. You will be recognized by all the ethnicity as good corporate citizen who is interested in the community.

Silicon Valley Capital Club

Laura Pesavento

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Who are you and what do you do and little about the Silicon Valley Capital Club. My name is Laura, I’m a local San Jose resident, a native, lived here all my life. I also volunteer at the Silicon Valley Capital Club in their charity council arena. I run this charity council throuought the whole year.

¿Quién eres y háblanos un poco sobre qué haces en el Club de Capital de Silicon Valley? Mi nombre es Laura, soy residente local de San Jose, nativa, viví aquí toda mi vida. También soy voluntaria en el Silicon Valley Capital Club en el área de consejo de caridad. Dirijo este consejo de Obras Benéficas durante todo el año.

How did Silicon Valley Get interested in Charity? Capital club has been invested in giving back to the community since it’s inception. They are very focused on giving back to the santa clara county and in any way shape or form. whether it be monetary or in kind or basically letting them have certain opportunities up here at the club.

¿Cómo se interesó Silicon Valley en Obras Béneficas? Capital club ha invertido en retribuir a la comunidad desde su inicio. Están muy enfocados en contribuir al condado de santa clara y en cualquier manera. ya sea monetario o en especie, o básicamente dejándolos tener ciertas oportunidades aquí en el club.

What is the biggest Charity event CC has done, and how much was raised? I think by far historically the charity classic, which is the one that happens in November is probably the highest grossed charity event and it depends each year on what organization is involved, how deeply they are involved, their reach trhoughout the Santa clara county is. The sky is the limit.

¿Cuál es el mayor evento de Caridad que CC ha realizado y cuánto se recaudó? Historicamente, creo que es el Clásico de Caridad, que es el que ocurre en Noviembre, es probablemente el evento de caridad con mayor recaudación y el monto depende cada año de la organización que lo realiza, de qué tan involucrada esté y de su alcance, si logran involucrar a todo el condado de Santa Clara. El cielo es el limite.

What made you decide to take on as a Chair for Charity Foundation at CC? I believe in goving back to the community. I have a partner in business Mike D' Ambrosio who is also very interested in giving back, so we both together are spearheading the charity council in ideas and doing whatever we can to give back. We believe that if you give back, your life becomes so much more enriched by giving your time, your treasure and your wealth. What should readers expect from you in the future? Readers’s should expect that I’m going to be raising a lot more money. I think that now is the time Silicon Valley is taking note that we need to be more involved with non propfits and giving back and people are banding together to get involved and helping these organizations become bigger and thrive and get some funding and either going there and helping out or finding a donor an underwtiter for any event. Please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to be an advocate for whatever non proit you are supporting or to put you together with someone you can be a partner with to help your organization thrive.

¿Qué te hizo decidirte como Presidente de la Fundación de la Caridad en CC? Creo el deseo de dar a la comunidad. Tengo un socio de negocio, Mike D 'Ambrosio, él también está muy interesado en ayudar, por lo que los dos estamos encabezando el consejo de obras béneficas, brindando ideas y haciendo todo lo posible por contribuir. Creemos que si devuelves, tu vida se enriquece mucho más al dar tu tiempo, tu tesoro y tu riqueza. ¿Qué deben esperar los lectores de usted en el futuro? Los lectores deben esperar que voy a recaudar mucho más dinero. Creo que ahora es el momento en que Silicon Valley esta entendiendo que tenemos que involucrarnos más con las organizaciones sin fines de lugro y contribuir, las personas se están uniendo para participar y ayudar a estas organizaciones a crecer, prosperar y obtener cierta financiación, o encontrar un donante como patrocinador para cualquier evento. Por favor, siéntase libre de comunicarse conmigo. Me encantaría brindar el soporte o guía necesaria en cualquier organización sin fines de lucro a la que esté apoyando o de ponerlo en contacto con alguien con quien pueda colaborar para que su organización prospere.


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Leslie Tang

Mirella Fernandez

Mount Pleasant High School

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Donated: Mirella Fernandez Scan the QR code to hear Mirella’s speech William C. Overfelt High School



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