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National Day of Prayer


riends of the National Day of Prayer,

Now is the time to really engage in praying more for our nation than we most probably ever have before! We all are aware of how much we need God in America, how far so many are from even acknowledging God in these days, and how it is just truly hard to believe the extremes of what is being accepted and/or proposed! We may think there is not much we can really do ourselves, but that is totally untrue! We can really pray!! We can cry out to God passionately, wholeheartedly, totally trusting Him, and believing in His miracle-working power to bring a great spiritual awakening throughout this land that God has blessed to be the greatest nation in the world because our founding fathers sought, and honored, Him! Have you been to our Macon Observance of the National Day of Prayer before? Since 1975, because of the approximately four or five godly gentlemen who started Here’s Life, Macon, we have had continually the annual NDP public events, a local monthly 2nd Wed. Prayer for Elected and Appointed Government Officials, and a local 4th Thursday Pastors Lunch. This May 2nd there will again be the two public events sponsored by Here’s Life for quite a few years! There is a NDP Prayer Breakfast, hosted by First Presbyterian Church, with tickets for $8 being sold at four public locations on the Events Flier in this issue of Church Connections. Your church may have a NDP Church Coordinator who has some tickets in hand for convenient buying. Tickets can be purchased until April 25th but should be bought early before space is sold out. Please buy a ticket if attending; but, if wanting to help meet expenses, rather than buy a ticket to throw off a more accurate caterer count, please mail a donation to National Day of Prayer or Here’s Life, Macon, P.O. Box 6275, Macon, GA 31208. A tax-deductible receipt will be mailed back to you. The second event of NDP is on the lunch hour, when many could make the effort to attend the free Midday Gathering in Rosa Parks Square noon-12:30. Try to be there by about 11:50-11:55 to not miss the only 30-minute program, with one special part being the Mayor presenting his NDP Proclamation. The free parking option at Mulberry United Methodist Church (any numbered spaces) can help accommodate a very large crowd in this spacious venue. Carpools are greatly encouraged to drop off passengers at Rosa Parks; driver go park at Mulberry; ride one of two Macedonia Church vans shuttles back to join their group; and then, after the program, board these shuttles for Mulberry parking to return for their group at Rosa Parks. Our goal is to fill Rosa Parks Square so reporters and the public in general see the demonstration of belief in prayer and realize that God IS our best hope, our only hope! Since 1988, when Congress unanimously passed the 1952 law of the land for a National Day of Prayer to be the first Thursday of May, we can mark our calendars and commit to powerfully demonstrate, with our presence at public events (all across America) the power of praying corporately together! On May 2nd we can fully implement this major national prayer initiative across America of the 2019 NDP Theme “Love One Another”! This Theme is a much-needed change of heart and mindset that can stop the bigotry; resentment; disunity; uncooperative spirits; selfish, sinful attitudes; and animosities we see abundantly on display! We must move forward with an accelerating commitment that will propel us to have the greatest National Day of Prayer in our history! Thursday, May 2, is now the ever-important day before us! It is the day we join together to talk with God about our country, doing so from every corner of our nation. Yes, it is our sincere goal to pray from every town, every city, every county in America! Get engaged now! Participate in a NDP gathering! Pray throughout the day with different loved ones, friends, co-workers, church members, on social media! Make NDP opportunities throughout the day May 2nd to pray yourself and with others. Then, at 7:30 p.m. watch on several outlets worldwide, steamed live online, and on Facebook the National Observance in Washington, D.C. Our local, Christian television station, WGNM, will air “Macon’s NDP Special” for viewing and recording. For time check cable listings, or Facebook WGNM-TV; and it will come soon to FB and YouTube. In recent months we have an even more clear reminder of how our nation is in dire need of a new, fresh touch of God. Sin is abounding in a glaring and chilling manner. We need to pray, and we need to pray now! Join us and share these priorities with people in your state, city, and town. Pastors and churches, share these priorities with your people! We must pray! Go to the national website for finding events for family and friends to attend across America, or tell them about this posting events option at We invite you to come to 2ND WED. PRAYER AT MACON-BIBB GOVERNMENT CENTER NOON TO 1 PM, ROOM 205! If you can’t stay for the whole time, come for whatever time you can! NOW is the Time to Pray for America, and pray for the THEME “LOVE ONE ANOTHER”! #Love1another Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd, President of the NDP Task Force and Margaret McCook, Chairman of Macon NDP Committee Like us on FB National Day of Prayer – Macon GA


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