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Share the Joy By David Duncan


omeone recently gave us a FREE cruise and we have just returned from the west Caribbean with stops in Labadel Beach in Haiti and Falmouth, Jamaica! I recommend cruising to anyone who desires a restful vacation with plenty of options to experience adventure and FOOD!!! :)

As soon as we got to our stateroom, I went on a hunt to locate a very special item. Shirley kept quizzing me as to what was wrong? And what did you forget? when---all of a sudden---I found it!!! MY LIFEJACKET!!! :) The next thing Shirley asked was very selfish: “And where is mine???” I responded with a quick: “Baby, I sure am gonna miss you!!!” LOL. (There was only one per cabin!!!) As soon as we began floating adrift from the Florida shore, something amazing happened. It was like an INSTANT hunger pain of mammoth order! So, we went about searching for all the food venues on board the ship. I will simply say that it was way beyond our wildest expectations and I have refused to weigh since getting home! :) I did find one Bible verse that gave me a lot of comfort: “all the fat is the Lord’s!!!” Leviticus 3:16 :) Yes…I am giving it all to Him!!! :) Following the food fiesta, I found that I needed a snooze siesta and we returned to our stateroom. We were rudely greeted by 2 armed Security guards who inquired as to why we tripped the alarms. I pointed to Shirley and she pointed to me! It was not pleasant. Finally, they surmised that the blind man in the room was trying to turn on the lights and “accidentally” mashed every alarm button in the room. Oops!!! By that time, I was so tired of the bright lights in my face and the constant interrogations of their trick questions that I confessed to crimes that I had not even committed!!! :) Oddly enough, they ended up coming THREE times to our room just to “ask” if we were doing ok, with a long stare all across the room! They did abscond my steamer claiming that I did not need it to heat the waffles as I told them. Oh, well!

She confessed her sin and all of my sin!

Please pray for our nice room attendant, Mikhail. I called him and asked him to come quickly to help me. I pointed to my clothes closet and told him that someone was in there hiding. She opened the door slowly and then jumped like a scared kitty cat! You see, I had placed a pair of fake legs in the back with the clothes covering the top of the prosthetics. He then calmly asked me, “Do you have any other detachable parts?” LOL. He cried when we left. Shirley said it was tears of joy. :)

We made friends with our Dining Room Head Waiter but we could not understand one single word that he said. It was like he had marbles in his mouth when he would talk! He was extremely nice so we tried to accommodate his speech defect. He was from India. His name was Yogi. I always asked him where BooBoo was. He started calling me BooBoo! :) One night, he went on and on about a special dish. He begged me to try it so I said ok. I ate it and it was delicious. Afterwards, I asked an American waiter what that dish was. It was Escargot or snails. I have been moving really slow ever since!!! LOL. The best part of the cruise was the FREE bed roller-coaster ride on the last night coming back to Florida. We both woke up in the middle of the night and the bed was rocking back and forth. We were going through a terrible storm. The water was splashing up to the second floor of the state rooms. We called Mikhail and he blocked our number. I started humming “Nearer My God To Thee”. Shirley got up and went to the potty and even the potty was rocking and reeling. I yelled for her to fasten her seatbelt! I could hear Shirley praying out loud like it was camp meeting! She confessed her sin and all of my sin! God must have heard her because we made it through the storm!!! :) The trip was a once in a lifetime experience! Haiti was incredibly beautiful and Jamaica with the friendly people was fantastic! I learned Creole and have been talking to Shirley in my native Jamaican tongue. Neigh Neigh means no and Shirley has been getting that a lot!!! :) Neigh Eee means yes. I am saving that for a special occasion!!! :) Happy Easter and don’t forget to travel back to the Cross and thank God for dying for you and forgiving all your sins! Share the joy of the Resurrection and new life with all of those around you! Jesus lives and He’s got a job for you!!! “Go Tell”!!! David E. Duncan Find me on Facebook


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Local Church Connection April - June 2019  

Local Church Connection April - June 2019