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Dear Local’s loyal customers. We’re living in eventful times. Paradox happens all around us. Behalf a freedom, we’re using underwear as outerwear, sweater as harem pants, vice versa! For this issue we focus on shape, shade, and role. We re-define the goods, without looking the labels, colors, and names. We’ve tried to re-put them, and taa daa this become in to something undefined. Something called fashion.. Fashion is undefined, is yours to mean it. Dream it. Choose it. Live it. Make the best from it.


Dwimayu Budinastiti Editor in Chief





What do you do?

What do you do?

What do you do?

I am Brand Relation at which means I’m maintaining all joined brands at

New Yorker in-progress, fine arts student that does photography on the side

I am an Economics student and a part-time model.

What’s your favorite beauty product? They’re gonna be Benefit and Make Up Forever! I love all about nude and natural beauty

What’s current trend that would you never be caught wearing? Actually I don’t like wearing something against my style, such as horse bag, neon color, spikey and studded stuff!

If you were to get a tattoo today, what would you get? I wanna get my father’s and my mother’s name, but if I had to choose I prefer not to get tattoo because I’m afraid of the pain itself

If you could have dinner with any (local) celebrity who would you choose? There would be three then! Wingky Wiriawan, Christian Sugiono, and Darius Sinathrya

What is website currently inspiring you? , thisissen.tumblr. com , and Instagram (does that count haha)

If you could go on vacation right now, where would you go? The southern part of New Zealand

Who’s your current favorite model? Tao Okamoto and David Gandy

What’s your most desiring camera? Mamiya RZ67 Pro

What do you love by being New Yorker? Able to “nongkrong” at beautiful parks and museums and able to go to the diner at AM hours

What’s the most prominent color in your wardrobe? Probably beige and turquoise blue

The most helpful (apple) application that we should use… Flipboard!

How often you wash your hair? Every day! That’s probably why my hair grows so fast

Where do you study? What’s major that you take? Why? I’m studying Economics at the University of Washington in Seattle. I really like it because I find studying interrelations between societies is fascinating.

What’s your favorite lipstick? L’Oreal’s rebel red




What do you do?

What do you do?

Freelance Fashion Stylist/Model also Fashion and Food Hunter lol

I’m not really sure.

What’s the most fascinating accessorize that you own? Where did you find it? Hmmm I have tons but, maybe my statement ring cuff look alike gloves by Topshop

Where’s the best place to eat in Jakarta? Tell me your favorite dish there! Union, duck confit and pork belly also espresso martini ;p

What’s the best beauty tip anyone has ever given to you? “Secape-capenya pulang malem tetap harus terbasuh air” hahaha and it works

When’s your first kiss?

Tell me about your hardest broken heart moment! I dont think it’ll fit on this page. I think the hardest broken heart moment for me would be the classic case of the star-crossed lovers. (Hint: Romeo and Juliet)

Do you go to gym oftenly? Where is it?

What’s your favorite (running) shoe? I dont really run.. I have one running shoe though, it’s Nike, and.. Well I don’t know the type. It’s the one made for running I guess (all hail captain obvious)

Current trend that so not you is I’m not so sure actually.... I can tell you a trend that I love though, snapbacks! (It’s a trend right.. I mean I’m sure it’s a trend somewhere... LOL)

Not as often as I like though! I have a membership at Celebrity Fitness, the one at Lotte Mall Bintaro. But I’d rather go do some Muay Thai.

The unhealthiest dish that you love the most …. It would have to be... Anything from Burger King! Or McDonalds or KFC or Fatburger or Hotshots or Wendy’s. I love fast food!

Hmmm it’s too much info yeah but I did it on 5th grade of elementary school lol xp






M O D E L W I S N U G E N U / P AT R I

Lorenzo : Pants Navy Blue Kotone Rp215,2 Patricia : Sleeveless Back Cotton White SOLO Rp365,000 / Skirt Je Genu : Pants Brown Kotone Rp215,20






200 / Wooly Coat Army Tosavica Rp272,300 Jersey Grey SOLO Rp325,000 / Eleanor House of Jealouxy Rp380,000 00 Cape Coat Black Tosavica Rp272,300

Genu Quilted Jumper With Zipper Argyle Oxford Rp429,000 Georgia Black Pants Jukka Rp499,000 Patricia Black Knit Pants Jukka Rp320,000 Assymetrical Goddes Top Nikicio Rp279,300

Left : Pants Brown Kotone Rp215,200 / Cape Coat Black Tosavica Rp272,300 Right : Cardigan Gray SIN Rp143,400 / Holy House of Jealouxy Rp280,000

Lorenzo Lady Tottunova THTC Rp280,000 Pants Navy Blue Kotone Rp215,200 Genu Lenny Kravitz THTC Rp280,000 Chino Short Stripe Kotone Rp175,200

Kay Dress ASK Rp409,500 Gold Shoes Argyle Oxford Rp485.000

Black Knit Pants Jukka Rp320,000 / Assymetrical Goddes Top Nikicio Rp279,300

Anvil Beige Amble Rp454,300 / Pants Green Kotone Rp215,200 / Suede Shirt Mr & Mrs Rp250.000

Patricia Abstract Line Dress day and night Rp329,000 Lorenzo Sora Shirt Scissors Paper Rock Rp459,900

Alva Sweater Spotlight Rp350.000 / Mark Brown Amble Rp510,300 / Pants Navy Blue Kotone Rp215,200


You have quite a murky presence, what’s the story behind the name, House of Jealouxy?

House of Jealouxy Founder

Andi Yulianti

You have quite a murky presence, what’s the story behind the name, House of Jealouxy? Music had always been my inspiration. When I was trying to find a name for my brand I tried to remember which song I liked.. and House of Jealous Lovers by The Rapture came to my mind.. So I just tweaked it a bit becoming House of Jealouxy.. It’s easy to remember, That’s the highlight.

How did you get into jewelry making? It was pure coincidence! I was in between jobs and watched those DIY tutorial on Youtube. Made them initially for myself, but then my friends loved what I made and interested to buy them. So I started selling to my friends first and got a chance to sell in a store at Bandung. Then shortly I was also picked as one of Level One - Grand Indonesia jewelry designer and another five to open a shop under Abacus line.


I was inspired by Victorian era. I always fascinated by music, history and folklore. - House of Jealouxy Who is the jewelry-maker you most admire? Delfina Delettrez for my dark side and Lizzie Fortunato for my brighter side

What’s one thing you always bring with you while designing? Imagination

What fascinates you today? Food. Maybe because it’s fasting month!

What is the most unusual object that you diverted? Where do you source your materials? I got it from wherever I scoured in Indonesia. However with higher demand, they said I should go to China so there won’t be shortage in materials. Next collection if I have a chance.

Can you talk us through the process of making a necklace? It’s pretty simple. I buy beads which I like and try to make something nice. I don’t do drawing Maybe it’s because I don’t come from any designing school, so I just make it with the way I am.

How long does one necklace take? It depends. Some can be done in 30 minutes while others take 2 days to complete.

What excoriation feedback have you received from customers? All this time I think they have been very friendly. Maybe some comments at the pricing, but anyway I call myself as a jewelry-designer, so if they want to get a cheaper price they can always look at the mass market - brand.

When I first started in late 2009 I made necklace out of used t-shirts. I learned everything from Youtube. God bless the Internet!

If you could work in any material, what would it be? What materials will be in the next collection? Would love to explore leather. Materials for the next collection will have resin and acrylic!

Is music important when creating your collections? Yes. Yes. Yes. That’s a triple Yes.

How did the The Knights, The Witches, The Lovers come about? I was inspired by Victorian era. I always fascinated by music, history and folklore. So I made collection that is dark but romantic at the same time.


How do you decide on hair and make-up for The Knights, The Witches, The Lovers models? My team was full of imaginative and talented people. My photographer Hakim Satriyo came up with the idea to paint the face black so it would enhance the beauty of my collection and my stylist Rama Dauhan came with the ideas for the hair.

Who do you imagine is a typical customer for House of Jealouxy? They who love handmade product, appreciate, and buy it. Who loves the idea and the effort behind it. I have a very diverse range of customers since there is always something for everyone.

What is your favourite collection at the moment? My favorite collection is the latest one. The Knights, The Witches, and The Lovers. It’s been accepted very well by my client, media, and buyer. Still in a learning process to always hit it at the right spot. Impossible maybe but always have faith!

What has been the highlight so far? Latest collection has been offered by international buyers and reviewed by international online medias.

If you had to set the collection to a piece of music, what would it be? The Raveonettes for sure.

What are you excited about next? House of Jealouxy is one of the finalist for Cleo Fashion Award 2013 and now we are preparing our Spring/Summer 2014 for the show

Can you recommend a good vintage store for us? Mmm.. I cannot say that this as a store but I always love browsing things in Jalan Surabaya or Pasar Triwindu in Solo.

Day & Night Founder

Yelly Lumentu


How did Day and Night start? Day and Night started last year when I joined fashion bazaar with my Esmod colleagues

What inspires you to design clothes? Everything that shown simplicity, surrealism, and minimalism. That’s inspired me much

What was the first cloth you made? Basic pencil skirt for my first project at Esmod

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future? I would love to collaborate with Yohji yamamoto, Alber Elbaz, and Phoebe Philo.


Did you ever thought another name than Day and Night? 01

What’s next for Day and Night? Is there a five-year plan perhaps? Hmmm... Flagship store and a workshop studio for creating lots of Day and Night masterpiece. And join some of famous fashion stores outside Indonesia.

What is one collection you always wear to and never get sick of? I really in love with oversized black t-shirt and skinny black jeans

What has been the biggest challenge? Consistent to black and white! It’s tough for not being seduced with seasonal colors in Fashion!

How many black and white outfits do you own? Almost, I only have black and white.

Do you have any pre-design rituals? I will spend my day to do research and listening to the music to get the ‘design-mood’

How do you decide on hair and make-up for Fall/Winter 2013 models? Pony tail hair like always!

What is your favourite fabric to work with? Cotton

What is your workshop looks like? Currently I don’t have any workshop space but, I own 2 private tailors for Day and Night and an admin to manage online order

- Day & Night Our target market specifically for modern and workaholic women who love simplicity. Well simplicity doesn’t mean simple. We emphasize our design with simplicity and minimalism touch without putting too much colors and details. We believe that elegancy doesn’t have to come with so much items in one outlook.

What is your favourite piece from Fall/Winter 2013? Shirt skirt and fish tail top from Day and Night. But if you ask me my favorite collection for designer’s fall/winter 2013, definitely I would answer ACNE and J.W. Anderson

If you had to set the collection to a piece of music, what would it be?

We’ve seen a huge resurgence of ’90s fashion this season, has that influenced your designs?

The Knife – Kino and The XX - Sunset

What excites you about fashion for rainy days?

It is not giving a really big impact. I just thought, I’d clean it up. Make it strong and powerful design - a kind of contemporary minimalism.

Sweater and oversized jacket

Who is the quintessential Day and Night girl?


“ Consistent to black and white! It’s tough for not being seduced with seasonal colors in Fashion! “

Ivania caprio from love-aesthetic and Maria van nguyen from vanilla scented.

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