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Local Lights Stretch the Night with Hawaiian Lights



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Is Our Dollar Dying? If so, what’s that mean?


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DEPARTURES/LOCAL DESTINATIONS Wild at Heart The Experience of a Lifetime: Jordan presents Distant Heat Friends in Quiet Places A getaway not too far away


Home Grown Talent Patrick Vieira - Just Another Day at The Office Hawaiian Vodka Out-Smooths Mainland Competition Oahu’s only vodka distillery debuts unique island recipes with unmatched tastes


Two Wheel Motion A Ruckus in Honolulu


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Café Kaila Not Your Everyday Café


Earth Day Is For Everyone The University of Hawaii at Manoa works to build a community of sustainability


What Wood You Like? Hawaiian and Mainland Woodworkers Turn Out a Nineteenth Successful Show


Barhopping In Kailua (59) Food, Drinks, and Fun are a Car Ride Away



Read it Loud Famous Amos Cookie Master Battles Child Illiteracy with Corporations, Parental Pledge


Local Magazine Lights Up RumFire An Evening of Food, Music, and Celebration


What’s Under Your Street There’s More Than Meets the Eye Under the Streets of Waikiki

Ezekiel Lau Passion and love break all boundaries



Fever One Fever One of the Rock Steady Crew speaks with Local about his road to success



Two Guys Walk into a Bar Prometheus Brown and Bambu connect with youth and community leaders


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Party isle? Each Hawaiian island is distinctive for individuality and features. Kauai is often referred to as the “Garden Island” for it’s lush landscape and natural vegetation, Maui’s central flat topography of sugar cane fields yields the nickname “Valley Isle,” and Hawaii or “Big Island” is the largest of the five counties in which case the nickname is pretty self explanatory. Oahu claims “The Gathering Place” or more commonly the “party isle” for its buzzing nightlife, city amenities, and travel appeal. Visitors from around the world come to enjoy the ease of city life, with a backdrop of white sand beaches and services, but few take to time to explore beyond the lights of Waikiki. The local food, arts, and activities are popular focal points of Oahu commonly outshined by the party reputation. With so much more to offer though, it’s nice to take a minute and enjoy the beauty that is so easily shadowed by high-rise buildings and traffic sounds. Meeting with Zeke Lau showed how a traditional Hawaiian sport still gets under the skin of new generations. Restless to get in the water, he couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity to grab 

CFO Melody Giordano

his board, and paddle towards the break. He exuded laughter and energy once swimming, content with riding a wave and not necessarily with taking photos. Cyan Tuttle with her first visit to Hawaii noticed the “sun, sand…culture and hospitality.” A young girl with insight to the important features of this island, she embraced its true nature, and can’t wait to return to “replace oranges and apples with guava and lilikoi.” A humbling attitude is what connects this small community of surfers, business owners and residents alike who are not swayed by the smoke show of the Waikiki industry. This beautiful island breathes life into all whom live and visit here, bursting with people whose interests lie in a quality of life only nature and a strong sense of tradition can provide. I hope you enjoy this issue filled with community involvement, and people who explore beyond the realm of assumptions, and celebrate a natural Oahu.

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By Cheyanna Donaldson

The Only True Public Place Debates have raged over the centuries as to who owns the moon? Many have traveled there but no one has enough money to stake a claim. Future manned missions to the moon are planned but not yet underway. The moon remains, under the Outer Space Treaty, free to all nations to explore for peaceful purposes.

Walk Paths Because of the inconsistency by cyclists to use bike trails, the City of Honolulu is now turning its bike paths into walkways as the bike trail fills with more pedestrians every day. Cyclists will now be required to ride on the sidewalk or share the road.

What’s on Your Pizza?

Local lights

Stretch the Night with Hawaiian Lights So often we go out and seek the entertainment of big city lights, and miss the brightest light of the night; the moon. On March 29th, 2011, the moon proved to be the brightest since December 12, 2008, and we won’t see it this close in proximity again until November 14, 2016. Lucky for us, the full moon and the lunar perigee happened to fall on the same day to provide one giant spotlight. We love to absorb the warmth of the pukana la, but the mahina can shine bright enough to bring back the 80’s fad of nighttime shades. A short hike up the mountain, somewhere between Lanai look out and Halona Blowhole, was the perfect location to watch the moon rise and slowly build into the giant “supermoon” we experienced. Although the Sugar Moon of March is a rarity, the Strawberry Moon of June prepares to be equally as stimulating. When there’s nothing better to do, what’s better than watching the moon? The moon has amazing capabilities- like stretching the minutes of our days. But what else do we experience from the moon? Some 

By Cheyanna Donaldson

relate it to the human psyche and the rhythm of nature, but scientists insist there is no correlation. It’s an age-old question we can only speculate an answer for. The seeming irregularity of the moon compared to the consistency of the sun has fascinated people for centuries. The sun provides life, light, and heat but what is the moon’s purpose? Over 70% of Earth’s surface is composed of water, much like the human body, so if the moon’s gravitational pull can affect ocean tides, couldn’t it also affect us? Science experts have yet to confirm the affects of the moon on human behavior insisting that much of the intrigue of our superstitions comes from lunar phases. Erika Brady, a professor in the department of folk studies and anthropology at Western Kentucky University states that, “…these beliefs that cluster around the moon, they are also relevant to parts of human behavior that are unpredictable. It’s a way of imposing a categorical order on something that otherwise feels frighteningly out of control.” So whether the moon brings on fear or joy, it intrigues and provides entertainment for our unpredictable human natures. Take the time out of your night to do as the moon, and lengthen your minutes.

Brian Etheredge and Dan Fiske are challenging fine dining restaurants to “…not only buy local but support the local kids and adopt a school.” Both chefs on Maui established a pizza garden at Kihei Elementary school where students can grow fresh herbs and vegetables to enjoy on homemade pizzas later.

New Meaning to Silk Boxers The United States military is spending $2 million dollars on 25,000 pairs of sturdy silk “ballistic boxers” in order to protect the gentlemen’s genitals. These will help protect against disease and urinary infections as long as they are kept on. And if those don’t work, there’s always the metal cup protector option.

sticks&stones Think Before you Speak U.S. Senator John McCain wants the U.S. to send more support to Libya’s rebels saying the U.S. and other nations should recognize the opposition’s political leadership as the “legitimate voice of Libyan people.” The White House disagreed saying it was for the Libyan people to decide who their leaders are, proving again that Senator McCain doesn’t know what a true leader is.

More Ethics Violations Senator John Ensign, R-Nevada, conveniently resigned one day before having to answer questions regarding a $96,000 payment to his former senior aid Douglas Hampton and family, presumably to keep them from disclosing information concerning an affair with Cynthia Hampton.

Green Burning After Reading

Attack of the Man-Of-war What To Do If You Encounter These Water Stingers We’ve all heard of the infamous Man-of-War’s that frequent our Windward side beaches of Oahu. With no warning, a fun day of Frisbee and football throwing can become devastating with the arrival of these small yet fierce blue beings. The warning signs posted on Waimanalo beach echo something to the nature of the Jaws theme song. Quick, everyone out of the water, save yourselves! Size has no precedence over the severity of the sing these creatures produce. With a 2-inch float on average, and venom-filled tentacles that can extend up to165 feet, the chances of you swimming to safety quick enough are slim to none. Man-of-War’s travel in groups, working together as a colony of organisms, so where there’s one, there could be thousands. Unlike jellyfish, Man-of-Wars cannot swim. They are blown ashore in large numbers, typically in the summer months when the trade winds come in strong. A heavy current is another culprit to these stingers stay. Think again before you decide to play doctor with one that’s beached, they still deliver a sting when dead. Reaction to the sting tends to vary. Some run around the beach screaming, crying, tripping over beach wood making a spectacle of the incident. Some stand stunned, noticeably thinking, “did I just get stung,” followed by 10

By J.M.T

onlookers who simply laugh to themselves when nodding, “yep, you sure did.” Most believe vinegar or urine will suppress the stinging pain. Well they won’t. These two methods will actually make the pain worse. Swelling and redness is normal, and look to see if the coloring spreads outward from the sting. If hives start forming on other parts of the body, this could indicate an allergic reaction. This would be a good time to seek medical assistance, in some rare cases, they’ve been fatal. Professionals suggest to calmly, “calmly” being the focal point, remove the tentacles with a glove, stick, piece of paper, ID card, or anything of this nature, and rinse the infected area with salt water. Do not apply fresh water or any chemicals. This might cause the sting cells to fire, and is bad for someone that may be allergic to the toxins. A good remedy is to apply heat to the affected area. This will penetrate the skin and inactivate the toxins without increasing the sting. The best way to avoid crossing these creatures is to just stay out of the water. Man-of-Wars sporadically visit our shores, and don’t stay long. They don’t choose to be here, and probably want to leave just as much as you do. The next time you see warning signs posted on the beach, enjoy the water from land.

The CIA is using its burned classified papers to heat the water at CIA Headquarters. After confidential papers are shredded and burned, an onsite incinerator is used which then generates steam to heat the water. Now we know where all the hot air is going.

Cops Are People Too A Honolulu police officer was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving after running into a utility pole on Kona Street. Two Honolulu police officers just this year to be arrested for driving under the influence charges.

Pushing Back Native plants are finally getting a chance to recover on Big Island after the Nature Conservancy pushed out invasive pigs and mouflon sheep from the 1,200 acre lowland preserve. On a completely unrelated topic, luaus are on the rise with kalua pork in high demand.


sticks&stones Copper Just because it looks clean doesn’t mean it really is. Kitchens carry more germs and disease than any other room in the house, including your bathroom. Copper on the other hand, and its alloys, are known natural germ killers killing more than 99.9% of disease-causing bacteria. Turns out going green really means going copper.

Astronomic Humpbacks Travis Horton of New Zealand’s University of Canterbury has been researching humpback whales and suggests that the whales are actually skilled astronomers saying, “They’re orienting with something outside of themselves, not something internal,” speaking of their relatively straight paths of travel and the use of the sun, moon, and stars as navigational aides.

Malasadaquator Since the opening of Leonard’s Bakery on Kapahulu in 1952, approximately 160 million malasadas have been sold and eaten; enough to circle around the entire planet! That’s 15,000 malasadas sold every day.

Killing in the Name Of

delightful Descents

A World Worth Exploring Beyond Our Shores Above the surface or below, water surrounds our beautiful island, and it alone makes up a large majority of our entertainment. What happens below the surface may be a surprise and a delight, if you’re down for it. Whether you’re a first time explorer, or you’ve lost track of your number of dives, there is always something different to experience with each descent. On a typical dive you’re sure to see a wide variety of fish, some endemic to Hawaii and others here from neighboring locations, and of course lots and lots of honu. The creatures under the sea are just as curious about you as you are about them so don’t be frightened if they get too close; just watch out for the razor sharp teeth of eels and don’t go sticking your hands where they don’t belong. Respect for the ocean is key. You’re diving in something else’s domain, and admiring your surroundings while giving reverence to what lies below is as important as knowing your gear. Knowing the basic fundamentals is essential to each dive and the more you descend, 12

By Cheyanna Donaldson

the more you know. It’s the same with any activity- practice makes perfect, and if it’s not perfect it will be good enough. Obviously no one can control the outcome of a dive. Moana has a mind of its own, but with multiple sites spanning across the island, you’re sure to see the beauty of what lies beneath the surface. Each dive is going to offer something different, and night diving offers even more varieties of fish and underwater marine-life. Dropping off at Angler’s Reef with Island Divers Hawaii, we prepared for a night-diving extravaganza. Things lying dormant in the daytime come to life with the sun in shadows. Sharks, Spanish dancers, even monk seals are possible to see at night. Only 1,000 are thought to exist in the whole chain, and for thirty minutes we sat diligently watching one feed on yellow tangs and butterfly fish. Giant pugs up-close, they are the dogs of the ocean-world floating around checking every nook and cranny until they find something intriguing. We found them intriguing, and didn’t have to travel far for an eye-opening adventure.

A conspiracy to produce more Americans in an attempt to spread global democracy is being spread by pro-life abortion activists. Pro-life advocate Scott Roeder of Wichita, Kansas shot and killed Dr. George Tiller in the foyer of his church where he served as an usher. Roeder argued that he was chosen by God to save babies.

Animal Teams Indiana, New York, and West Virginia voter ballots still show the original Republican symbol of the eagle and the rooster of the Democratic Party. The donkey and elephant symbols are unofficial, but have been widely spread as their mascots by the media.





Dollar Dying? If so, what’s that mean?

By Crazy Fingers

A Dying Dollar… huh? Although creepy as it looks and sounds, it may be true. The United States dollar is under extreme pressure. Like a car without it’s driver, it has blindly taken the path to destruction. What if it wasn’t worth the paper it’s printed on... or not printed on? Think about that for a second. Imagine a world where prices are 10 times higher. A loaf of bread, costing $40, or a gallon of gasoline, costing $45. Your electric bill? You’d be lucky to keep it under $1000! All because we chose not to care who added zeros to their bank accounts. It’s a frightening thought, and you don’t have to look far back to see other countries that have succomb to that very fate. Useless money. Mexico and China have devalued their currencies so low, that a large majority of their citizens are considered poor, oppressed, and hungry, as the wealthy minority dictates and rules. Is our U.S. dollar on the same path? Would that be the end our wonderful country as we know it? I hope not, but history tends to repeat itself. Especially for those

that have grown complacent and forget how the US came to be. Continue. Dusting Off the U.S. Constitution It’s often said and remains true that history holds the answers to today’s problems. Funny that 235 years ago, our founding fathers and mothers, knew more about what we’re faced with today, than we do. Let’s not forget, they had just won the war for our independence. After the first 13 colonies were settled and now had value, the leaching British Monarchy decided to use their military to govern us from over seas. They bit off more than they could chew when their attempt to impose taxes failed. The red coat parasites had to resort to using force, depriving us of our god given liberties and rights. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. After the 13 colonies defeated these parasites, and adopted the Declaration of Independence, our constitution was born. With it, laws protecting our liberties and freedoms from future tyrants attacking from the outside or from within. 15

Gold is Money In 1775, the United States issued its first paper currency, the “Continental Dollar”. These were used between the thirteen colonies. They didn’t last long, due to over printing, british counterfeiting, and the fact they weren’t backed by any hard asset. They lost 8 times there value in just two years, and 99 percent of their value in just over 15 years. Learning from this painful lesson, President Washington and others, passed the coinage act of 1792, which established the U.S. Mint. It also instructed it’s citizens to use only copper, silver or gold coins as payment for debts. This was not a new idea. Precious metals have been used as money dating back 5,000 years or more. Banks at the time, still issued paper money, but it was redeemable for silver and gold coins. This system was solid, and showed success for over 170 years. In that period, there were only a few instances were convertibility was temporarily halted. One of those times during the Civil War, in 1861. Who Left the Hen House Open? On two attempts, the Bank of England failed to create a central U.S. bank, under their control. They wanted a monopoly on the issuance of US paper currency. Thanks to President Madison and later President Jackson their attempts failed. Third time is the charm, right? In 1913, during a holiday break, a handful of our trusted government representatives passed the “Federal Reserve Act”. This act, created a central bank for the entire country, and basically gave this privately owned bank, the power to print money as needed. Some believe the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies at the time, may have inflated the bubble that popped and led to the Great Depression in 1929. In response to the sudden rush to convert all their Federal Reserve issued dollars back into gold, in 1933 President Roosevelt, signed Executive Order 6102. This new law, signed only by the president, forced anyone with over $100 in gold coins to exchange it for the Federal Reserve’s paper dollars, and fixed the gold price at $35 a troy ounce. Over the next 30 years it was illegal to “hoard” gold and if caught, carried a fine of $10,000 or 10 years imprisonment. Government agents actually went door to door and bank to bank, confinscating people’s gold. After draining the smaller banks of their gold reserves, the federal reserve now held a monopoly on the issuance of out currency. Simply put, this private bank, incahoots with our president, robbed us of our gold, and forced us to accept only Federal Reserve paper money for payments of debt. At least those paper dollars were still backed by our gold, stolen from us and held at Fort Knox. The mere presence of the our gold reserves held from us, allowed the Federal Reserve’s dollar to earn “World Reserve Currency” status. Country’s around the globe could now trade U.S. dollars in for U.S. Gold. The Death Sentence Slam! President Nixon closed the gold window in 1971. This put an end to a gold backed dollar for good. Angry over U.S. policies on combatting inflation, the French government began trading their dollars back in for gold, all at once. Nixon’s advisors knew it would become obvious there wasn’t enough gold to cover the dollars. Forty years later, and here we are.

President Lincoln created the “Silver Certificate” also called the “Green Back” exchangeable for pure silver coins. The “Silver Certificate”, resembles what we call today, a “Federal Reserve Note”, but share only one similarity, their look.


Us Monetary Base - Money Supply

Print, print, print! It took a little over 200 years to expand the U.S. money supply to about 800 billion dollars. In only about 3 years, 2008 through 2011 we’ve trippled it, to appromixately 2.6 trillion dollars. Thank you Federal Reserve! “I remember when a soda was a nickel” Prices are rising fast. Just 12 years ago, in 1999 a gallon of gasoline, was about $1.30. Now it’s pushing $5. A one ounce pure gold coin was only $279, today that same coin is worth around $1550. One dollar in 1999 would equal $1.35 today. So here we are, almost 250 years later. Our debt total over 14 trillion and the Federal Reserve creating more and more dollars out of thin air without congressional restraints. The signs of stress are showing and our dollar’s status as “World’s Reserve Currency” is beginning to be questioned by other nations, who’d rather just use their currencies to buy oil instead of being forced to use our dollar. More recently, one of the largest global rating agencies, Standard and Poor’s, warned the United States that it would lower our debt rating, if immediate action wasn’t taken to get our fiscal house in order. This means our nation’s credit worthiness would be lowered. For a country with trillions of dollars in debt, that’s not good. The U.S. has to pay interest on debt, just like you or I do with our loans. Countries holding U.S. dollars would most likely dump them if either of these two things happen. In an attempt to stop this, Ben Bernanke, the federal reserve chairman, lowered the federal funds interest rate to zero. This is the rate of interest the Federal Reserve charges banks to borrow dollars. He’s kept it there for close to 3 years, while cheap dollars are flooding the world. That very policy has put us in a pickle. If he raises the rates, back to the average 5%, in attempt to fend off the coming inflation, we would have to pay 700 billion dollars just in interest payments on that huge amount of debt we owe the Fed, bankrupting the country. If he continues to leave the rate at almost zero, our dollar will eventually die, from hyper-inflation. We’re not alone and almost every developed nation, is doing this very same thing right now. It’s a race to hyper-inflate, or in other words, a race to the bottom. And even though our history has taught us, we choose to forgot, or ignore those lessons. What to do? Research “hyper-inflation”. Get familiar with it. You’ll find, many developed nations have had bouts with it. Argentina, Austria, Brazil, China, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Mexico, Philippines, Russia or Zimbabwe. Ask them about what hyper-inflation meant to their way of life. All of these countries increased their money supply so fast, they lost control. Eventually, they were forced to abandon their currency, when it became worthless. New currencies were ushered in, to start the process again, and the middle classes were wiped out, leaving only two classes, Rich and Poor. It may be happening again, right before your sleeping eyes. The US could easily be slipping into one of these hyper-inflation phases. It’s time that you start voting wisely and not by political party. Republicrats or Democraticans, they share the blame for allowing our dollar to die. Before voting, ask yourself, does this candidate vote according to our Constituion? Take time to research, not by listening to hearsay, but by asking questions. Then you have the right to vote. Our duty as Americans is to protect what was so bravely fought for, and look to the founder’s laws for answers. Make a start by following Article 1, Section 10 of the United States Constitution. “No state shall... make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts”. By doing this, we can start to take the power back! 17


Wild at Heart The Experience of a Lifetime: Jordan presents Distant Heat

Written and Photgraphed by Heather Fassio

I was sitting on the edge of a rock and laughed heartily when my Bedouin guide made this observation. The thought of me scurrying off like some oncedomesticated-pet-turned-wild was quite amusing and perhaps not too far from the truth…there was indeed something about Jordan that brought out the adventurer in me. I inhaled deeply and my eyes greedily took in the majestic beauty that would be my desert dwelling for the next few days. The Wadi Rum desert was stretched out before me, an ancient seabed of fine red sand with sheer sandstone and granite rock faces towering up to 1700 meters above the desert floor—natures’ skyscrapers that stoically watched the passage of time.

while at the same time was confronted with a sobering reality—because of political divides, Jordan is one of the few countries in the region that could actually host such an event. Geographically surrounded by countries that vacillate between reluctant tolerance of its neighbors, to flat out rejection, Jordan is unique in that it allows entry to citizens of all neighboring Arab countries, whereas travel is nonexistent or severely restricted between countries such as Israel, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon. But, never fear, with your American passport, you’re issued a 30-day tourist visa at your port of entry for $10 JD with fewer questions than it takes to order a latte from Starbucks.

I had come for Distant Heat, the annual Electronic Music Festival set amidst this dramatic landscape, a 48hr tribute to peace and stability in a region divided by politics, economics, war, and religion. The sixth year running, Distant Heat is a unique opportunity for party-goers from all over the Middle East to converge and put aside differences regardless of whether they happen to be Israeli, Palestinian, Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian, a local Bedouin, or a wealthy banker from Abu Dhabi or Dubai. It’s a party that most of the world doesn’t know exists, and much like Wadi Rum, nicknamed “Valley of the Moon” by the locals, there’s nothing else like it on the planet.

Amid this complicated world of borders, peace treaties, and political animosity, the rules for Distant Heat were simple, my personal favorites being: #1) No weapons of mass destruction, and #7) Be kind to camels. But this tongue-incheek simplicity belies the complicated culture that makes up Jordan, and is characteristic of the Middle East itself. Much like the physical beauty of the land, extremes and unpredictability will greet you around every corner and will challenge even the most seasoned traveler

I applauded the organizer’s decision to hold the festival in this amazing backdrop 18

Arrival The easiest way to get to Wadi Rum for Distant Heat is to fly directly into Aqaba and hop aboard one of the buses that have been chartered to shuttle partygoers

back and forth. With this option you can choose to stay in one of Aqaba’s swank 5 star resorts or head directly into the desert and establish a dusty base camp. There are two main pick-up and drop-off points for Distant Heat: Amman and Aqaba. Buses leave from Amman and go directly to Wadi Rum and offer ample opportunity during the 3 ½ hour trip to make friends with fellow revelers along the way. Additionally, buses leave from Aqaba and arrive in Wadi Rum in about an hour. Distant Heat consists of two main venues spanning two full days. The festival begins at night with the buses arriving from Amman and Aqaba between 10-11pm. The first night is spent at Diseh Camp (pronounced D.C.), one of a handful of established campsites located just outside the protected area of Wadi Rum. Nestled against two majestic rocks, Diseh Camp has all the essential components to host an event of this size: water, power, accommodations, a local Bedouin who’s willing to work with the organizers (and clean up the aftermath, which requires 2 dump trucks), and an area large enough to house a full-size stage with enough seizure-inducing lighting to make your mother worry sick. There’s also a VIP lounge, with two raised sections that provide a nice respite from the sand and dust below. Sip your cocktail from one of the faux white leather couches and you might think for a moment that you’re in a major metropolitan city until one of the powerful strobes from the stage exposes the rocks and sand dunes encircling the camp. The line up for the evening consisted of performances by both international and local DJs such as Rachel Star, Satoshi Tomiie, and Josh Gabriel (Gabriel & Dresden), who performed well into the morning light. The second day runs into the first with no stop in festivities. Partygoers board buses to Aqaba at 10am to recover poolside and seaside in the brand new resort complex of Tala Bay just a few kilometers from the Saudi border. If you’re not nursing a hangover or too sleep-deprived, jet skiing, water skiing, and snorkeling are at your disposal. The live DJs start up again in the early afternoon and the party kicks into full gear as the sun goes down, but this time the sun sets on the Red Sea instead of behind the red rocks of Wadi Rum.

Best Places to Post Your Photos on Facebook From Books @ Café: First Circle, Al-Rainbow Street A non-descript entry with a bookstore in front, head to the back and up the stairs to reveal a meandering hallway that leads to a large oblong bar. Skylights let in natural light during the day and there are two sections of the sidewall with life size silhouettes of people – if you look around you might recognize some of them as regular patrons or bar staff. 19

“A couple more days out here and you would be wild. I would approach you and you would run from me.”

Wild Jordan: First Circle

Advice for Women Travelers:

Architecturally appealing with great views of the city, here you can plan your next adventure to one of the national parks, get information direct from park guides, sample complex smoothie combinations (try the Apple Kiwi Smoothie: Apple and fresh mint blended with yogurt kiwi ice cream), and pick up souvenirs made by local artists and natural products at reasonable prices.

Yes, you can travel to the Middle East by yourself as a woman, but keep in mind these facts: • No, you don’t have to wear a headscarf. Many Muslim women don’t even sport it in Jordan. • Yes, you should dress modestly. Meaning, no tank tops, no shorts, skirts should be calf length, or longer, as should pants. Short sleeve shirts are fine, low cut shirts are not. Anything goes for shoes, but remember, you will be covered in a fine layer of dust everywhere you go, and sand in your stilettos is just not sexy. • Yes, you will be stared at. A woman traveling alone is still uncommon in the Middle East, so be mindful that you will be an oddity, but welcomed nonetheless. • Yes, traveling alone is safe, but use common sense, it’s never a good idea to walk around alone, at night, in a large city where you can’t speak the language. Additionally, because of Jordan’s relative stability, the number of people visiting and immigrating to the country has increased dramatically, as has the gap between the wealthy and the poor. • No, everyone does NOT speak English (especially taxi drivers), but you don’t have to know Arabic, although knowing even a little will go a long way. • Yes, bring a cell phone. Public telephones do exist, but I’ve never seen one that I’ve wanted to bring remotely close to my head. • No, they don’t hate Americans.

Danesi: First Circle, Al-Rainbow Street Don’t let the hallway size entry mislead you, Danesi is a converted house and heading downstairs reveals a quiet, blessedly air-conditioned interior, with great coffee and a nice outside garden where you can still catch the wifi signal. Diedre the Irish proprietor also ensures that popular international sporting events are broadcasted.

Broadway: Abdoun Circle Located in the posh part of West Amman, near the newest malls and the American Embassy, you can lament your passport issues to your friends back home while enjoying one of Broadway’s delicious ice cream shakes. You must purchase something to get a password to access the wifi, which is usually limited to an hour, but if you ask nicely, they’ll give you two or even three, which means there’s plenty of time to have two, or even three, shakes. 20



Friends in Quiet Places A getaway not too far away Written by Cheyanna Donaldson Photos by Roald Kern

So often we go searching where the grass isn’t always greener, though our Windward side may be an exception to that rule. Escape the high-rise and dull the lights- the stars shine brighter in the dark, close to North Shore, between Laie and Kahuku. Next to Malaekahana State Recreation Area is the peace and quiet needed for quality relaxation at Friends of Malaekahana. It lies amongst the trees and soft bellowing waves, perfect for learning to surf or just to play in. With a soft shore break and an ample sand bar, Friends of Malaekahana’s protected bay area takes the fear of surging tides and crashing barrels away with one of the most secluded beaches on Oahu. With “…Eco-cabins, beachfront hales and Li’l Grass shacks…” and of course 22

plenty of tent space, it’s deemed the “safest camping in the islands.” With no driving on campsites between 7am and 7pm, it provides an escape from modern conveniences. Of course there is a battery-charging station with Wi-Fi, as well as running showers and toilets, but you can choose the camping extravaganza you want with as little or as much technological advances available at your own disposal. The “Li’l Grass shacks” provide more comfort than needed for two people, and larger groups may rest easy as there is more than enough room for all group sizes, ages and camping comfort levels. If you’re looking for a place to play, relax and escape for a while. Friends of Malaekahana provides silent therapy in all forms for you to enjoy.



Home Grown Talent Photgrpaher Patrick Vieira - Just Another Day at The Office

By Jen T.

Shifting tides, unpredictable swells, and jagged reef are elements unseen from the safety of the shore, but heavily respected by those who enter the waters of Oahu. The dangers of the ocean are eminent forces that require a combination of knowledge, skill, and understanding from those that wish to capture its beauty. Passion for this art exceeds fear when a photographer’s drive is to get the “perfect shot.” These artists have the ability to catch a moment in time where the perfect wave takes form, and visual imagery is born in the form of a picture.




“Without aloha, we lose what is most special about Hawaii” -Patrick Vieira

Soft-spoken and shy, Patrick Vieira started surfing and body boarding pipeline at age 16. Born and raised here on Oahu, he is no stranger to the risks involved with this admirable sport. Like most adolescents, his dream of becoming a professional surfer ran it’s course, but his passion for the ocean led him to another love. Photography. Patrick tells me, “I feel alive when I’m in the water. I cannot describe to you what it feels like to ride a good wave, or to press the shutter at the right moment while dodging a surfer and the lip of a wave that could easily hurt you. I can tell you though, that the ocean can put a big smile on my face, and at the same moment put the most fear in my heart.” A man who knows the ocean, Patrick’s youth spent surfing has paid off in more ways than one. In addition to culminating a love for the ocean, his time spent in the water growing up prepared him for his professional career. Knowledgeable of his surroundings, Patrick is able to focus on the wave itself, and how he is going to get the right shot, at the right angle, at the right moment. There are no re-takes with the ocean, which makes this line of work appealing and challenging. Patrick elaborates, “In my opinion, lighting, point of view, and safety are key things to pay attention to when shooting. Although it’s not easy, I think it’s important to

come up with my own style and unique perspectives when in the water. I’m still working on it, and I have some ideas that I’m really excited about.” Out of the water, Patrick’s supportive family is just down the road. When asked what he likes to do with his spare time, he tells me, “My life pretty much revolves around the ocean, but when I’m not in the water, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family. It’s all the little things in life that mean the most to me. Watching a movie with my sister, going fishing, running, diving with either of my brothers, having lunch with mom, or listening to grandma’s stories over something she just cooked!” Patrick draws inspiration from fellow photographers Zak Noyle, Scott Aichner, Don King, and Todd Glaser to name a few. A unique perspective is what sets the standard for Patrick’s work. Taking time to appreciate the beauty of this Island will continually provide a backdrop for his stunning photography, and keep us wondering what is next to come. You can find Patrick’s photos for sale at For additional information, please contact



Hawaiian Vodka Out-Smooths Mainland Competition

Oahu’s only vodka distillery debuts unique island recipes with unmatched tastes By Linnea Shuster Photos by Roald Kern Spirit is a large part of the Aloha lifestyle. Various hallmarks of pau hana Fridays include ice-cold Primos, Longboard Lagers, and more Barefoot wines than you can shake a drink umbrella at. Yet Dave Flinstone, proprietor of Hawaiian Vodka, remains the only licensed vodka distiller on the island of Oahu. His debut products, regular and coconut-flavored vodka, may be just what the kama’aina need for more serious drinks. Flinstone grew up in Florida and lived on four different Hawaiian Islands before moving to the Caribbean to be a scuba instructor. It is here where he became fascinated with the rum distilling culture. Since returning to Oahu, he noticed the absence of local micro-distilleries, apart from a small handful of rum makers. Though it is widely known that rum is made from sugar, Flinstone informed me that the most necessary ingredient in vodka is also, well, sugar. The Hawaiian product potential was obvious. The sugar in Flinstone’s vodka is not the only connection to Hawaiian culture, however: unlike mainland and international distilleries which use sand or gravel to 28

filter their spirits, Flinstone imports crushed lava cinders from the Big Island, where he worked in construction. “I saw a lot of lava rock while working in construction... and though I’m not a chemist, I know the difference between before and after, and using cinders makes the vodka way smoother.” Smoother is right. While visiting Flinstone’s one-room distillery, I sampled both the unflavored and coconut-flavored vodkas. The former had the initial brashness of hard alcohol, but was immediately dispersed by an awesome smoothness that emanated from each sip (yes, it was smooth enough to sip). The coconut vodka was even better: from the initial alcoholic bite bloomed a bouquet imbued with a true coconut flavor reminiscent of baking sun and the beach. The Vodka has a most excellent taste for those who need to truly unwind. Dave Flinstone’s Hawaiian Vodka is in the process of being distributed to stores across the Hawaiian Islands. For mixed-drink fans, Flinstone recommends a splash of pineapple juice with his coconut-flavored vodka.





Fever One of The Rock Steady Crew Speaks with Local About His Road to Success Written by Juicy Photos by Brandon Tabiolo When you first meet Carter “Fever One” McGlasson, it’s hard to imagine that he has been in the hip-hop game for over 25 years. Inspired and moved by a battle in Seattle’s Central District when he was 10, it didn’t take long for Carter to get the “Fever” for dance. At the time, breaking was far from mainstream. With raw energy and originality, the art of breakin’ was relatable to Fever, and he quickly dove in for the challenge. In 1984, Fever won a B-Boy battle that earned him a spot with The Seattle Circuit Breakers and received his first sponsorship from Adidas and Swatch. Soon after, you could spot Fever at the Seattle Car Show, Children’s Orthopedic Hospital Telethons, and the eclectic Seattle Center’s Bumbershoot Festival with Africka Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Dance Force. In 1987 Fever received an opportunity to dance with the world renowned “Icey Ice” of the New York City Breakers. This marked his first time dancing with a professional B-Boy, and appeared with DJ Mixmaster Ice of U.T.F.O. (Untouchable Force Organization). Fever took his passion one step further when he relocated himself to the birthplace of hip-hop, the boogie down Bronx. At that moment, New York was the ideal place for Fever to be. With this move, he opened himself to mainstream opportunities unavailable to him in Seattle. He preformed at

the Centennial Anniversary of St. James Park in the Bronx, Funk Master Flex’s Birthday Bash at the Palladium with KRS-one, danced on the DJ Honda video Check The Mic, and performed at the 23rd annual Zulu Nation Anniversary. Fever also received the opportunity to dance with the GhettOrginal Productions Dance Company. A dance company that was formed by some heavy hitters in the hip-hop game including Magnificent Force, Rhythm Techniques, and the world famous Rock Steady Crew. Submerged in the hip-hop movement, he became a member of the Rock Steady Crew; one of the most legendary and respected crews of all time. This group was originally founded by Jo-Jo, and has produced some pretty ill second generation B-Boys including Crazy Legs, Prince Ken Swift, Baby Love, Buck 4, and Kuriaki, Doze. His style of dance is a graceful balance of knowledge and refinement only true veterans possess. Throughout the years, Fever has been able to bring his love and knowledge of hip-hop to a considerable number of people. He has spoken about the history of hip-hop to students at Yale, Princeton, Rutgers, and the University of Washington. I sat down with Fever to get a closer insight into the mind behind the dancer.



Who is your B-Boy connection to the 808? East3, who is a graffiti pioneer in Hawaii, is also a member of the Rock Steady Crew. I first met East at a Rock Steady Anniversary, and that same year I came out to HNL to kick it with him and meet other members of the crew who were based out of Hawaii. That’s when I met Style Len, Skillroy, Roro, and Dez. Ever since, I’ve been connected to the scene in Oahu in some way. Skillroy teaches at the Mililani YMCA and is always gracious enough to set up workshops for me out there to keep connected to the youth, and to help continue to pass on the true foundation of the dance, which is one of the inherent responsibilities of being part of the Rock Steady Crew. What do you think about the B-Boy scene here? It can definitely compete on a global level with a lot of fresh young talent coming out of Hawaii. But just as important as the new talent, is the talent that has been rooted here for decades. There are b-boys and b-girls that have been holding it down here since the early ‘80s and have passed down the culture and the spirit of the dance to the new generation. As I mentioned before, Skillroy has been b-boying since ‘83 and has been teaching and choreographing here for numerous years. Without b-boys like him, it would be more difficult for the scene to thrive as successfully as it has. Any advice for youth who want to purse a career in breaking? Do it for the love, not the money...haha. For real though, just like anything else, it takes passion, hunger, dedication, and commitment. But it also takes “Style, Finesse, and Class” as my mentor Lil’ Lep used to say. What would you be doing if you weren’t dancing? definitely would not be a 9-5 desk job! It would have to be something in the arts or with sports. When I was young, I was really into BMX and had the potential to take it to a higher level. My grandfather and great-grandfather were professional musicians and my mother was involved in dramatic arts, so I’ve always been exposed to the arts and have support from my family. What do you think of the recent explosion in the commercialization of “break dancing?” I think it’s great that breakin’ is getting it’s shine, but I don’t want to see it get compromised or be made a spectacle of like it was back in the ‘80s when the commercialization of b-boying misrepresented the true art form to the general public. Breakin’ is in the truest sense a dance. It’s not just about mindblowing acrobatic moves. There is music involved, and if you can’t dance to the rhythm of the music, you ain’t breakin’. Period.




Read it Loud

Famous Amos

Cookie Master Battles Child Illiteracy with Corporations, Parental Pledge By Linnea Shuster Wally Amos, founder of Famous Amos Cookies and Chip and Cookie, advocated teaching illiterate adults to read for over twenty years. Yet the United States’ adult illiteracy statistics stayed static, repeatedly averaging from 20 to 40 million illiterate adults a year. With his budding campaign aimed at eradicating child illiteracy, Amos expects those numbers to change for the better. Amos’ nonprofit organization Read it LOUD is committed to ending child illiteracy, and proposes a two-pronged approach involving individual parents and massive corporate sponsors to “reach like no other nonprofit has ever had.” When asked how many parents Amos wants to sign the Read it LOUD pledge to read to their children everyday by the September campaign launch, he answered, “five million.” A staggering figure to say the least, “I want this to be my life’s work after cookies,” Amos said as he described his campaign. In the five years since Read it LOUD’s conception, the nonprofit now boasts an immense marketing and distributing backbone of gargantuan sponsors including AT&T, a coalition with the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, and a pledge for parents to read for a minimum of ten minutes a

day to their children during their most formative years (between 0 and 6 years old). The pledge is corroborated by the Department of Education’s Commission on Reading’s statement that the practice of reading aloud is the “single most important activity for building knowledge required for eventual success” in a child’s development. (Quote from aspx) Amos, an award-winning businessman, proposes to turn reading into a product available through mass distribution with the help of Read it LOUD’s corporate affiliates, providing the example of receiving pledge reminders in your monthly cable, phone, or electric bills. Additionally, with worldwide distribution in mind, Amos is intending to contact Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to increase visibility and mobilize Read it LOUD to a global scale. “Knowledge is not power, access to knowledge is power,” explains Amos, “and knowledge is understanding that you are a powerful human being.” For more information on Wally Amos’ Read it LOUD campaign, and the top 10 reasons why you should read to your children, visit 35

Photo by Brandon Tabiolo



... surf is force

Ezekiel Lau Passion and Love Break All Boundaries

Written by Cheyanna Donaldson Photos by Brandon Tabiolo and Patrick Viera

A love of the ocean; passion and respect for it. That’s what you’ve got to have to be a true surfer- that and wicked talent. Practice makes perfect and even then, you still have things to improve on and obstacles to overcome. Ezekiel Lau –Zeke to friends and family- knows all too well the efforts it takes to surmount life’s biggest waves.

seemed to deteriorate more than just his muscles. Dry-docked during the Triple Crown, forced to wear a brace, Zeke had to get used to the idea of not surfing. “I went and watched of course- had to keep in check- be prepared when I would start training again.” But training was a long, grueling road, one much easier taken with ohana close by.

We know him today as #27 in Surfer’s Top 100 Young Surfers, but just three years ago, Zeke struggled with more than just crashing waves. Cervical Spondylosissounds as bad as it is- a deterioration of the joints in the neck putting pressure on nerve roots, causing sensory and motor disturbances. Zeke shared, “I couldn’t do anything. If I moved my head one way it would send shooting pain down my leg. Turn another way and pain would shoot across my arm.” Spondylosis

Being one of his largest sources of support and inspiration, Zeke’s family helped him keep the big picture in perspective. “No one remembers second place,” quotes Leonard Lau. “My dad always has little phrases and things to help me push on. You know I’d have days I didn’t want to get up or I’d just want to lay around all day, but they helped me remember that when you want something bad enough, you gotta work hard at it ya know?” 37



Photo by Patrick Viera

“Getting back into training- training my muscles, changing my diet- it was really hard at times but my love for the ocean, for water…surf is force.” Incorporating raw, healthy food into training is important. “I love the plate lunches- they’re a local favorite and hard to skip out on, but messing up training even just a can set me back a lot. Most of my friends are trying to up their weight for football and stuff. I’m trying to do the opposite.” Growing up active in all sports brought Zeke’s competitive nature out. “I grew up playing lots of sports…soccer, street ball, swimming, any water sports. I watched my dad and his friends in the water and surfing so I tried it and I loved it.” Frequenting Kewala Basin keeps Zeke focused on technique, but North shore can mean bigger waves. “You just gotta go for it. Surf is different everywhere you go, so most of the time you just have to give it everything you got- gain respect and then catch what you want.” “Sometimes it means you have to be picky. You can’t catch just anything. You gotta negotiate the crowd. Once I got back into the water, I would tape myself and go back and watch the film to critique my performance and see where I needed to improve.” Friends like Kazsano help Zeke record his performances after-school, still remembering to have fun while doing it. “Ya know if you really love it your love should drive you through it. Desire helps you progress.” Zeke’s quote brings out the passion that surfing brings to his life and his competitive desires for the tripled triumph over Haleiwa, Sunset, and Pipe. The Triple Crown is a facet to most surfers’ identification. “You’ve got to prove yourself.”

Photo by Brandon Tabiolo

At home, proof is needed in the books as well. “My parents really wanted me to stick with a traditional education and I do too. I didn’t want to give it up just because I loved to surf. It’s hard but keeping a positive balance of both is really important. Traveling is hard, and scheduling is harder, but Kamehameha has been really flexible, and my sponsors have been really supportive of me staying in school. It sucks sometimes to miss out on some things, but I pick the contests that are the most important.”


This positive balance has push-started Zeke from Menehune State Champ to King of Grom. A strong member of the first Kamehameha Surf team, Zeke and fellow members, consisting of four under the age of 16, four above the age line and four wahine, made the trek to Peru to compete for the International Surfing Associations 2011 World Junior Surfing Championship this past month. Zeke supports the Bushman short board and is sponsored by Volcom, Nixon, Body Glove, DaKine and Fitted. Amped and ready to show what Hawaii’s young surfers are bringing to the barrel gives this young surfer the edge needed to win in competition. But it’s not all work and surf. “Tonight is prom,” Zeke exclaims after a morning session. “Shoots, I gotta go get ready,” reminding us that while he may surf with the masters, and ride 15-footers in the Himalayas, there’s a time and a place for relaxing with friends and family, and keeping some things separate is crucial to surf success.



Photo by Patrick Viera



two wheel


By Ohama Photos by Roald Kern

Nothing on the road looks like a Ruckus. The very basic, no frills design keeps the urban cruiser looking rugged and simple. One of the most noticeable features of Honda’s simplistic design is its exoskeleton. The exposed tubular frame creates the perfect foundation for modifications that remain subtle and true to the Ruckus appeal. It became my mission to search out Hawaii’s most talented Ruckus customizing shop and capture their creativity. Wrench Werks. Hawaii’s #1 independent Volkswagen and Audi repair shop. This is where I found the most elaborate customized Ruckus I’d ever seen. The wide rear tire, custom exhaust, billet handlebars, I didn’t know where to begin. Shop owner Lance Lizares had arranged to have an entire fleet of one-of-a-kind bikes at the shop that day, and every time I turned my head another one would appear. Each one had it’s own personality and distinct theme. It was apparent to me that this 44

was more than a hobby for these guys; it was a disease. I spoke to Lance about the changes he had made and found that the only thing on this bike that remained stock was the forward-most part of the frame. Every piece of it had been touched. Every bolt had been replaced and every wire hidden. The low, stretched out stance and House of Kolor black paint gave a menacing vibe that commanded attention. Wrench Werks is in the process of manufacturing a line of aftermarket parts that will make it possible for anyone with a couple dollars to create their very own unique Ruckus. For those of you that are interested in catching the Ruckus disease, visit the shop at 812 ILANIWAI ST. HONOLULU HI 96813 for more information, or on the web at Keep in mind that you don’t need to be a millionaire, but you should for sure be a thousandaire before considering taking on this type of build. For everyone else, enjoy the pictures.

Engine: 190cc Big Bore Stroker Crank 28mm Stage 6 Carb A-13 Camshaft SS Valve Springs Ti-Retainers Aluminum Manifold Transmission: Gears Dr. Pulley Clutch Dr. Pulley Variator Chassis/Electrical/Misc Custom 1 Piece Rear Frame r-Pro Engine Mounting System ATR Billet Triple Tree V2 Monster Drag Bars Monster Kicker Bowlsla Billet Pegs Bowlsla Billet Gas Gas Cover

Monster Mid Frame Tie-Bar Monster Chinn Bone r-Pro Billet Inner & Outer Frame Caps r-Pro Billet Washers Stage 6 Controls Wheels/Suspension/Brakes: r-Pro 12” Fatty 5 Star Rear ATR Rear Hub 12” Daytona Front Wheel & Hub Custom ATR Rear Brake Disc Braking 190mm Front Wave Disc Brembo P32 Front Brake Caliper FOX Rear Shock Billet Master Cylinder & Levers Drag Specialties Micro Brake Lines Volx Racing “Formula Lugs” r-Pro Core Axis Shock Mount

Mahalo to Lance Lizares at Wrench Werks. Stop in and visit them at 812 Ilaniwai St., Honolulu They can be reached at (808) 593-0335


.com brings you


5 More Things


you Just can’t Live Without! #1 Boogie board lcd Tablet

This ain’t yo mommas Etch-a-sketch son! Remember the old days of writing things down? Yeah, well neither do we. That’s why we have the “Boogie Board” writing tablet. Scribble things down and erase them twice as fast! Write down your infamous honeydo-list, and honey you can delete it at a moment’s notice. This tablet is compact and lightweight; take it wherever for hours of doodling fun. $39.99




This could be the best invention, EVER. Who doesn’t love shooting blasts of harmless air onto someone who has NO idea where it came from? If only we could get 20 feet away from Donald Trump to blow that tuft of hair right of his head!! Now that sounds like fun. A canon armed with globes of air, this one is guaranteed to have your friends asking, “Where the heck did that come from?” A true added delight to any gathering, this product is a surefire way to keep you amused. $12.99


This is the world’s only swim mask with an integrated waterproof digital camera that works swimmingly in pools, lakes, or the ocean. Downloading images once you’ve gotten your land legs is simple - just plug the mask into your computer’s USB port. The built-in 16 MB memory can store up to 27 high resolution pictures or up to 52 seconds of video. A microSD card slot allows you to expand memory to up to 2GB for additional pictures or videos. $99.99

#4 Knife fridge magnet


You sure are proud of Junior’s artwork. The way he captured the sleek curves of the Mecha’s rocket pack - or the way she accurately represented the booster engines of an intergalactic assault ship. Truly badass drawings. So why not stick them to your fridge in the most badassest way with the most badassest magnets? You owe it to your kid to get a Knife Fridge Magnet or few, and stick them pictures up with extreme force. $9.99




This product is guaranteed to evoke the kid you. It is exactly what it says, a butterfly in a jar. However, you can keep this one FOREVER. Tap the lid a couple times for endless fluttering enjoyment. Plus don’t ever feel guilty for not opening this jar and letting this butterfly spread its wings. Trust us. This former caterpillar is happy just where it is. $19.99

From Sunburn to Suntan

Island Secret Burn-To-Brown Cooling Gel 47


PLUGGED IN Recent-ish Releases

By Justin Kalani Acohido

Homefront Ok well ya can’t always get it right so we’ll just go ahead and take a peek at one more title from the FPS world that I personally had set some high hopes for. The last time I felt the kind of disappointment that “Homefront” for PS3 and Xbox 360 (THQ, 03/15/11) delivered upon its release was when I thought that I had fallen in love after spending the night with a really hot stripper (who also happened to be a gamer!), and went on to assume that the feeling was mutual. Turns out she was a stripper... Description: Near future conflict taking place on freshly invaded domestic soil. This game wants to make you one of the ‘Wolverines’ from the classic film “Red Dawn” with a few pieces of modern flare to pin to that rebel uniform of yours. It offers a sweeping campaign storyline coupled with the promise of some seriously epic large-scale multiplayer action. Pros: Rad concept and storyline with engaging non-player character support, and disturbingly controversial imagery and cinematics. Cons: Booty low-resolution textures and character mapping mixed with controls more loose and sloppy than a (insert vulgarity) make for a real rookie beeotch. Opinion: I’ve played plenty of games in the past that failed to deliver 48

the goods. But you cannot, I repeat CANNOT, advertise your joint to be worthy of movie classic comparison without taking the time to spit-shine that shizz into such perfection that R. Lee Ermey himself would consider having the common courtesy to give it a reach-around!!! I so wanted to be the kid capping fools in my schoolyard who are trying to take over my damn country! Too bad I have to worry about constantly getting my foot caught in an invisible bear trap the whole time. Oh well you win some and you lose some. Try it out from Red Box if you really gotta know for yourself though. At least it’s only two bucks a day. But I guarantee that you can find equal amounts of self-loathing for the same price ordering from a value menu, drunk as hell at 2:00 a.m. after striking out at the club all night.

Dragon Age 2 Anyhow for all you Action/ RPG fans out there let’s take a look at “Dragon Age 2” for PS3 and Xbox 360. (Electronic Arts, 03/08/11) Description: Take the original P.C.-to-console port with its hours upon hours of leveling up to foe-crushing superiority and release a sequel of this quest-worthy title that improves on the setbacks associated with the first run. There’s no shame in expecting great things from the minds behind games like “Mass Effect” and “Knights of the Old Republic” now meow! Pros: Major tuning work done to improve and streamline the control system for adaptation to the console world. High-end voice work and soundtrack add to the tried and true Bioware adventuring experience. Cons:  Story line and combat system still leave something to be desired. Environmental textures could also use a “happy ending.” Opinion:  I don’t know about the cat, but I sure am enjoying it.

Bulletstorm If your looking for something different in a FPS which, surprisingly enough, happens to retain some redeeming qualities? Look no further than “Bulletstorm” for PS3 and Xbox 360. (Electronic Arts, 02/22/11) Description: Some of the dudes that brought you the popular “Gears of War” series, branch off and team up to fashion a gritty and creative new spin on the ever-so saturated FPS genre. Mix fun inventive weaponry with kill-chaining, sprinkle it with gratuitous gore and campy vulgar dialogue, then top it off with a rich story line and you just made yourself the blood bath sundae with extra nuts known as “Bulletstorm.” Pros: Hella tight gameplay and controls you’d expect from “Epic” gangstas. Gorgeous gaphics, and buckets o’ blood. Tickles at times. Cons:  Campaign story kinda comes up short in the end. Opinion:  Sweet-ass game no doubt. But if you’re like me and waiting for the “C.O.D.” killer to come out, then I suggest going for the rental on this one. It’s definitely worth the short-term investment before deciding on going all the way.



Two See or not Two See DVD Previews by Elita Kifer

True Grit


The Oscar nominated remake of True Grit has stellar casting and standout performances. 14-year-old Mattie Ross uses her sharp tongue and quick wit to convince Marshal “Rooster” Cogburn, to trek across Indian reservations to pursue her father’s killer, Tom Chaney. The quest is soon complicated by Texas Ranger LaBoeuf, who’s also hunting Chaney, and the unlikely trio soon begin to encounter danger and surprises to see if they have what it takes“true grit” -to bring Chaney to justice. This movie delivers! Excellent cast, excellent story, excellent movie – Excellent, excellent, excellent! Do yourself a true favor and see this movie! By Jessie Bristow

X-Men: First Class Release: June 3, 2011

Maybe Hollywood is running out of ideas, but this is the fifth film of the X-Men franchise. With no major Hollywood names carrying the film, only serious X-Men fans will inquire. Don’t be fooled, if director Mathew Vaughn keeps his style of Kick Ass, Layer Cake, or Snatch, the film is bound to be exceptionally entertaining. Enter theaters with low expectations and leave biting your tongue.

The Green Lantern Release: June 17, 2011

DC Comics takes a chance with Ryan Reynolds playing The Green Lantern, even though he already played Deadpool in Marvel’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Hollywood must be running out of actors). The film looks like it is going to live up to the comic, especially if director Martin Campbell keeps it compelling and action driven like his previous workings with Casino Royale.

Just Go With It

With the tagline “sometimes you need a girl to get a girl,” Plastic Surgeon Danny (Adam Sandler) has used the “married card” to avoid commitment with every woman he’s hooked up with, until he meets his dream girl -Palmer. When Palmer finds his wedding ring, Danny lies saying he’s divorcing. Danny bribes his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) and her kids to pose as his fake family, and is tricked into taking them on a vacation to Hawaii. Hmm… another Adam Sandler romantic comedy…to this one I’d say…”Just Go Without It!”

Bad Teacher

Release: June 24, 2011 Cameron Diaz gets laughs by playing a teacher who doesn’t really care about anything except personal gain. With real life ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake playing opposite her, I think it’s safe to say films made with couples have never produced well. Look at Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Gigli, or Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn in The Break-Up. The storyline is predictable, and musicians should stick to their own industry and leave the acting to…well actors.

Super 8

Release: June 10, 2011 The Spielberg produced, and J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, Armageddon) directed science fiction film has potential. Taking place during 1979 in a small Ohio town, a few neighborhood friends catch a train wreck on film. With the disappearance of military cargo, strange things such as disappearances and break-ins start to occur. Everyone watches while a mystery begins to tear the town apart.



For his wicked ways, a handsome NY high school student, Kyle, is transformed into a physically unattractive social misfit. To break the spell, Kyle must find true love-a task he believes to be impossible. Sent away to Brooklyn as a recluse, Kyle helps a drug addict in a desperate situation. He promises the addict protection in exchange for his daughter, Lindy, to live with him. Kyle’s journey of self- discovery, love, and compassion is a modern take on a timeless tale with more beastly than beautiful ratings, this classic was best left to Disney!



JUNE 2011 CALENDAR Saturday June 11th

Tuesday June 7th Green Drinks

The Republik Music Festival

Pacific Edge Magazine brings Ecominded awareness of green issues in the community up front and personal. Professionals provide a forum to talk about environmentalism and what we can do to stay green.

Steel Pulse, Matisyahu, Rebelution, The Dirty Heads, The Throwdowns @ Kaka’ako Beach Park Amphitheater

Every first Tuesday of the month @ Aloha Tower Marketplace 5:00 pm- 7:00 pm

VIP tickets include: front of stage access, free food from Wahoo’s Fish Taco, dedicated bar, dedicated porta potties, and expedited entry. VIP tickets are limited to 21+ only.

Doors open at 3:30pm. Show starts at 4:30pm.

(808) 566-2337

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Soul By The Pound New classic soul, funk and R&B every Wednesday night @ Thirtyninehotel (808) 599-2552

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The Repeat Danc-rock, French-house, nu-disco, & aussie-electro @ Manifest 10:00 pm, 21+ no cover 32 North Hotel Street

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Tina B, Jeff Clark, Dave Young Band, I Digress @ Hard Rock Café Waikiki 9:30 pm, 21+

4 sat

Every Wednesday in June Starbuck’s Hawaii’s Wildest Show Series Music, entertainment, keiki activities @ Honolulu Zoo Donations collected (808) 926-3191

A Rain or shine event

9 thu

Rick Rock’s Thirsty Thursdays Drink Specials, music, dancing @ Zanzabar (808) 924-3939

10 fri

Twilight Tours Evening tours at the Honolulu Zoo @ Honolulu Zoo 5:06 pm

11 sat

The Republik Music Festival with Steel Pulse, Matisyahu, Rebelution, The Dirty Heads, The Green, The Throwdowns Saturday and Sunday @ Kaka’ako Beach Park Amphitheater

FMs Supper Club Saturdays @ Apartment 3 6:00 pm- 2 am 1750 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu

12 sun

32nd Annual PanPacific Festival Parade in Waikiki @ Kalakaua Ave 5:00 pm (808) 926-8177

5 sun

Canoe Race Clement D. Pa’aina Regatta @ Keehi Lagoon

13 mon

Hawaiian Brian’s Monday Karaoke @ Hawaiian Brian’s 7:00 pm- 11:00 pm (808) 946-1343

6 mon

I Love M.O.M (Motown and soul music) @ Next Door 8:00 pm- 12:00 am 808-548-6398

14 tue

40 Days That Rock with Master Of Oz @ Hard Rock Café Waikiki 10:00 pm, 21+

7 tue

Green Drinks Honolulu Eco-minded awareness of green issues in the community @ Aloha Tower Marketplace 5:00 pm- 7:00 pm (808) 566-2337

15 wed

Hump Day Dance DJ 45 Revolver, Hip Hop, R&B @ Bar 35 9:00 pm-2:00 am (808) 537-3535

8 wed

DJ Jimmy Taco, Big Koa & K-Smooth Top 40 Hip Hop, R&B, Dance @ Dave & Busters 10 pm- 2 am

16 thu

Where We Live: Places of Hawaii Art exhibition @ Hawaii State Art Museum Doors open at 10:00 am 250 South Hotel Street

Oasis Music, dance, entertainment @ 808 Restaurant Row 10:00 pm, Admission $10 (808) 587-5838

Industry Day Lulu’s Waikiki Music by Johnny Helm @ Lulu’s Waikiki 7:00 am- close

First Friday 1st Friday of every month 5-9PM Live performances in front of the Hawaii State Art Museum at 250 S. Hotel Street. Call (808) 521-2903

Paradise XS @ Irish Rose

King Kamehameha Parade Starting at King & Richards, ending at Kapiolani Park 10:00 am- 3:00 pm

Weekends through June

June 17th, 18th, 24th and 25th

Hawaii’s 50th State Fair 2011 Celebrate 50 years of the Fun. Entertainment inlcudes Ostrich & Camel Races, E. K. Fernandez Shows European-Style Circus, Pets Overboard, Backyard Circus and Family Puppet Paraded.

Cherry Blossom Cabaret Presents…

Femme Capulet Troupe

Paradise XS will be performing June 3rd and 24th, 10pm-11pm.

Directed by Troy M. Apostol @ The ARTS at Marks Garage 1159 Nu’uanu Ave.

June Dates 3rd-4th-5th, 9th-10th-11th-12th, 17th-18th19th, 24th-25th-26th

7:30pm Sharp Doors Lock one minute after. $25 at door or $20 pre-sale online at

Aloha Stadium 99-500 Salt Lake Blvd Aiea, Oahu, Hawaii 96701

17 fri

18 sat

Big Boys and Hawaii MMA Expo @ Neal S. Blaisdell Center Expo Only-$12, Hawaii MMA Cage Fights-$35

Flavors of Oahu Outdoor festival of food, wine, and entertainment @ Honolulu Hale on South King Street (808) 532-2115 Friday - Sunday

25 sat

Big Boys and Hawaii MMA Expo @ Neal S. Blaisdell Center Expo Only-$12, Hawaii MMA Cage Fights-$35

Kahala Challenge 800-meter swim, 2.5-mile beach run, 2.5 mile oneman canoe @ Kailua Beach Park, Kailua Canoe Club 8:00 am

Once-A-Month-Punk House of Flys sponsors local punk rock marathon 10:00 pm- 4:00 am @ Waikiki Sandbox, 21+ 2260 Kuhio Ave

26 sun

Big Boys and Hawaii MMA Expo @ Neal S. Blaisdell Center Expo Only-$12, Hawaii MMA Cage Fights-$35

Father’s Day Brunch All-you-can-eat event @ Plumeria Beach House, Kahala Resort 11:30 am- 2:30 pm, $52 Adults, $26 Children (ages 4-7), $39 (ages 8-12)

Canoe Race Leeward Kai Father’s Day Regatta @ Nanakuli Beach Park

27 mon

Blue Scholars Release of “Cinemetropolis” Drops Today

19 sun

Femme Capulet Burlesque Troupe @ The ARTS at Marks Garage Admission $20 Tickets available

Canoe Race Waimanalo Beach Regatta @ Waimanalo Beach Park

Broke Ass Mondays Drink Specials @ Red Lion Waikiki 2424 Kalakaua Ave (808) 926-5466

20 mon

Live Music 6:30 pm Local Uprising, 9:00 pm Mango Season @Tiki’s Grill & Bar

28 tue

Happy Hour Food and Drink Specials @ Doraku Sushi 2233 Kalakaua Ave, Bldg B, 3rd Floor (808) 922-3323

21 tue

Open Mike Night @ Lulu’s 10:00 pm- 12:00 am

29 wed

Sports Bar Happy Hour @Giovanni Pastrami Free Pizza with any purchase 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm M-F (808) 923-2100

30 thu

$3 Drink Specials @ Lava Rock Lounge 11:00 am- 11:00 pm 2330 Kalakaua Ave (808) 921-9978

31 Fri

Ummmm There’s not 31 days in June, but if you insist, go ahead keep on reading, cause we love you :o)

22 wed

Open Mike Night @ Tiki’s Grill & Bar 6:00 pm

23 thu

Happy Hour Premiere Drink and Food Specials @ RumFire Waikiki 4:00 pm- 6:00 pm, 9:30 pm- 11:15 pm 2255 Kalakaua Ave

24 fri

Femme Capulet Burlesque Troupe @ The ARTS at Marks Garage Admission $20 Tickets available www.

38th Annual King Kamehameha Hula Competition @ Neal S. Blaisdell Center 6:00 pm

If you’ve got events you’d like to see listed in our next issue or are interested in finding out more information about how you can get involved in promotions please email us at 53


Café Kaila

Not Your Everyday Café

Written by Jeremy Neal and Photos by Roald Kern

It’s too often we see restaurants that fall into a pattern of settling for what’s easy; Low quality food, low quality service, and an overall low quality experience. Though it is very easy to do, especially for brunch places, it’s quite refreshing when you find that diamond in the rough that goes above and beyond to break away from that mold. I have recently stumbled upon a place that does just that. Café Kaila, nestled in the heart of Kaimuki in the Market City Shopping Center aims to please. When initially arriving, the line out the door is the first indication of its popularity. Though there sometimes is a wait, it is often made less significant by visits from the friendly staff offering up samples of their signature Belgian Malted Waffle. This waffle, simply put, is remarkable! Additionally, the waffle, as well as the pancakes and the cinnamon french toast can be ordered with multiple types of 54

fresh fruit. You can tell when you eat it, that the ingredients are fresh and made to order. The rest of the menu boasts the same qualities, with fresh vegetable omelets and scrambles, to weekend specials, like smoked salmon or crab cake eggs benedict. You won’t go thirsty either with the large array of “coffee shop style” drinks, or why not take in your own bottle of champagne and enjoy a mimosa with your breakfast! Whether you visit there for breakfast or lunch, you are pretty much guaranteed to leave satisfied. After visiting a few times, you feel more like family than just someone going out to breakfast. Owner Chrissie Castillo, takes a very hands on role in creating a warm pleasant atmosphere within her restaurant that leaves you wanting to come back again and again.

“Why wouldn’t you try our beans?” 55


Earth day is for everyone

The University of Hawaii at Manoa works to build a community of sustainability


Written and Photos by Sierra Williams

First held in the United States on April 22, 1970, Earth Day is a celebration geared to incite awareness and appreciation for the environment. Gaining international recognition in 1990, this year marks Earth Day’s 10th anniversary worldwide, and will be celebrated in more than 175 countries. 

A trail of plastic shopping bags extending from one end of the courtyard to the other to show how much trash a few trips to the store can make. “Landfill Louie,” was a life-size depiction of all the rubbish we create without thinking about what can be recycled first.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM)) did its part to shed light on not only the Earth, but also multiple issues relating directly to our ecological footprint in Hawaii. Hosted by UHM’s Environmental Center, the event“showcased, educated, and celebrated with the public the collective efforts of UH, and the extended communities in our growing movement toward a sustainable community for Hawaii and beyond.”  The event was held in the Sustainability Courtyard, and free to the public. Vendors promoted eco-friendly products, musicians offered live performances to set the earth-loving mood, and attendees snacked on local, organic greens and chocolate, all while learning about the most technologically advanced ways to create a better tomorrow. 

Cleaner forms of transportation were a strong focus at the event. Cycle Manoa helped attendees fix their bicycles, while Enterprise Rent-a-Car displayed their “We Cars” for student s to rent at $10/hr, potentially eliminating the need to purchase their own vehicle. Enterprise also showcased their electric “EVie” vehicles charged by solar panels on the roof, and are currently being used by the university’s Parking and Transportation Services.  With the leadership of passionate students from UHM, the Environmental Center educated the community, and celebrated the need for a more sustainable Hawaii.

LUXE LASHES w w w. l e a n n e k i r k . c o m



What wood you like?

Hawaiian and Mainland Woodworkers Turn Out a Nineteenth Successful Show By Linnea Schuster Photography by Roald Kern This year at the Academy Arts Center, the 19th annual statewide, juried woodworking exhibition, Hawaii’s Woodshow, featured a gorgeous array of Hawaiian woodworking from the traditional to the contemporary, encompassing dozens of types of wood, styles, and techniques. Established in 1989, the Hawaii Forest Industry Association (HFIA) aims to connect the community to environmental concerns surrounding dwindling koa forests and woodworking craftsmanship of Hawaii. The Woodshow initially began with a capped quota for koa pieces, but fortunately, “Koa has bounced back,” says Masako Schwalbenitz, furniture maker and assistant coordinator of the event. Now, any piece made of any Hawaiian wood, including Schwalbenitz’ own honorable-mention piece “Split Swirl End Table” made of robusta and saligna wood, may be selected for showing in the event. This year, as if to spite the revoked restriction, the Hawaii Woodshow featured several types of wood other than koa. Keith Maile, perhaps the most traditional style woodworker featured at the exhibition, crafted a traditional awa serving bowl with a ki’i scoop and matching support figures. For the serving bowl, Maile did not use koa, but kou, the standard wood used for bowl making by the ancient Hawaiians. “Koa gives food a bitter taste,” says Noah Baron of Nohea Gallery, “Maile also weaves his own sennet fibers, which in unheard of in today’s woodworking world.” Exemplifying cultural eons of artistic and technical methods, R.W. “Rollo” Scheurenbrand of O’ahu showed two acoustic guitars, and was presented with the Award of Excellence by Woodcraft Hawaii. The style and Hawaiian flavor 58

of the guitars seems to be thrumming up quite a national appeal: Taylor Swift performs with a gorgeous koa guitar of her own! The most inclusive piece of the Woodshow was Mats Fogelvik’s “Kapa Poho (Crazy Patchwork Guild)” cabinet on a stand. Its doors, woven with wisps of koa, primavera, mila, mango, and siris wood, comprised a collage of modern organization and organic flow. The sharp, harmonious angles, with geometric cross-sections of wood, juxtaposed with the natural curls within them spoke of the deep art of woodworking--an attempt to impose order upon trees for domestic use, bringing nature into the home. Fogelvik’s “Crazy Patchwork Guild” epitomized the artistic philosophy of the trade. The superb quality of Hawaii’s Woodshow was a joy to attend, and will undoubtedly await high anticipation and praise in the coming years.

CONTACTS Noah Baron Nohea Gallery 1050 Ala Moana Boulevard Honolulu, HI (808) 596-0074 Masako Schwalbenitz Furniture maker and associate coordinator of Hawaii Woodshow M. Nitz Design LLC - Contemporary Fine Furniture Honolulu, HI (808)292-6241


Barhopping in Kailua

Food, Drinks, and Fun are a Car Ride Away

Written by Jessica Stark

Tired of the same bar scene night after night? Looking to journey outside the old fallbacks of Chinatown and Waikiki? Well, a Kailua Town pub-crawl might be the perfect escape. Whether you’re looking to grab a cheap bite, try a new beer, catch a punk show, or simply pick up an E.W.O.K., the bars of K-town have plenty to offer. Sure, after a day at Lanikai, you might feel like hitting Formaggio or Lucy’s for a good meal and glass of wine, but class isn’t exactly what the real bar scene of Kailua is all about. Instead, head over to the Kailua Towne Pub and check out the more than 30 beers they keep on tap, including the hard-to-find Drop Top, Smithwick’s, and a traditional Black and Tan. Take a look at the menu too, and perhaps try out the very reasonably priced pub burger, the Reuben, or their sensational fish and chips. There’s always Shuffleboard on deck and even live music on the weekends- usually a rock cover band. Ten big screen TVs make this the perfect place to watch a game, but be prepared for a mainly military clientele and the occasional Cougar on the hunt. Down the street, worlds collide at another popular K-town hangout- Boardriders. The weekend mix of local and military keeps the cops on standby, but is no deterrence. This nighttime hangout boasts awesome live shows including

Ooklah the Moc, Natural Vibes, and the occasional visit by Pato Banton. A unique opportunity to hit this place is when punk shows are offered. The authenticity is hard to match at other locations around the island. Just be prepared to get rowdy and of course wear closed-toed shoes. Taco Tuesdays are a steal with $2 tacos all day and Thursday nights offer open-mic. Last on my list of must-hit spots is the good ol’ Creekside. Being a fan of a good dive bar, it really doesn’t get classier than “the Creek.” Around the corner from Boardies and surprisingly located on the beautiful marsh-side, Creekside is your typical biker-bar. Inside, you’ll find classic imagery of ladies in the buff, dartboards, and even an old-school jukebox with all the southern rock and country classics. This hole-in-the-wall may be a bit rough around the edges, but it’s a great place to take a breather and enjoy a world-class Bloody Mary prepared by some of the island’s most capable bartendresses. In short, the Kailua bar scene is unique unto itself, and offers a little bit of everything. So, perhaps head east this weekend and check these places out for yourself. Just be sure to arrange for a DD, as K-town is notorious for it’s 5-0 enforcement, and none of us care to go down like the third cast of LOST. 59


TWo guys walk in to a bar

Prometheus Brown and Bambu connect with youth and community leaders What happens when Prometheus Brown of the Blue Scholars and Bambu walk into a bar? Everybody listens. That was exactly the scene on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at Blue Ocean Thai. With the help of local hip hop groups, the Broke Mokes, Seph 1, Paisley, and the Prolific Unknowns, the creative spinning of DJ Packo, and spoken word masters Darren Cambra and Sterling Higa of Youth Speaks Hawai’I; the night was surely charged with mindful speech and music. The Ethnic Studies Student Association (ESSA) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM), has been hosting events such as this one for quite some time. With close ties to the Ethnic Studies (ES) Department and under the direction of Dr. Rod Labrador, ESSA seeks to “open up dialogue about culture, identity and socio-political issues explored in ES courses” and experienced in life. ESSA “takes a critical stance against racism, sexism, homophobia, classism and the systematic marginalization of people of color.” The student organization employs local and mainland artists across all disciplines as their vehicle of communication between students and the community. ESSA chooses these artists based on their strong commitment to social change. It is a no-brainer then, that Prometheus Brown and Bambu were the headliners of the Blue Ocean Thai show. Prometheus Brown, also known as Geologic, of the Blue Scholars has created socially conscious music with his friend and producer Sabzi, since 2002 (www. Drawing from an ES background at the University of Washington and with a passion for Filipino rights, Prometheus Brown writes poetic flows that hit your heart and mind. Their music stays fresh and powerful because it reflects real, current events in our world. Also starting his music career in 2002, Bambu was a part of the Native Guns with 60

Words and Photos by Sierra Williams

MC Kiwi and DJ Phatrick ( After the group parted ways, Bambu continued to make music with DJ Phatrick and expresses his zeal for community activism and change with his lyrics. Relying on his experience as a troubled youth in Los Angeles, Bambu is involved in a number of community activism groups geared toward helping young people, and bolstering Filipino rights. Both MCs share a love for connecting with students and the community. Prometheus Brown and Bambu’s trip to Hawaii began with two talks at UHM. Students and community members were welcome on the UHM campus to participate in open discussions about Phillippine Cinema with Prometheus Brown, and Domestic Violence with Bambu featuring his new song and music video “Something.” Prometheus Brown will be returning to the UHM campus with Sabzi to perform as Blue Scholars in early July 2011. Prometheus Brown and Bambu are truly powerful forces in music and their communities. The ability to connect with youth and community leaders alike is no easy task, but these MCs made it look effortless on stage at Blue Ocean Thai. When they talk, you listen. And hopefully, you get inspired to help change our world. For more information on Youth Speaks Hawai’i, visit http://youthspeakshawaii. Interested in linking up with ESSA? Add “ESSA Hawaii” as a friend on Facebook, or contact them at Don’t forget to pick up the Blue Scholars’ new album, “Cinemetropolis,” releasing on June 17, 2011. Also, keep an eye out for Prometheus Brown and Bambu’s collaboration project, “Walk into a Bar,” debuting later this summer.



LOCAL Magazine lights up RumFire

An Evening of Food, Music and Celebration

By Juice Photos by Keoki

Oh what a night… Friday the 13th otherwise known as a taboo day, was anything but. With a beautiful backdrop of the infamous Waikiki beach, the Hawaiian evening was practically perfect. RumFire was buzzing with excitement for Local Hawaii Entertainment Magazine’s release party. With the venue intact, all that was needed was the entertainment. As warm and welcoming as a tropical breeze, our night was started off with the talented Randy Allen. Covering the hits and making them his own, this is one smooth criminal that launched the party off right. Strumming his guitar along with one of Oahu’s famous sunsets, you could find the crowd tapping there feet and flipping through the pages of this vibrant new magazine. Glasses were raised and spirits were high, with fantastic drink specials by Kona Brewing Company and Oceans Vodka. Now for the main event of the evening, the Yoza Project eased us into full


festivity mode. The sun had set, but the music had risen. A band armed with some of Oahu’s best talent, they came to entertain and blow us away. With Yoza showing us why she was on the cover, she belted out her tunes with her trademark raspy and seductive voice. The crowd was in awe and entranced by the music, and Local Hawaii Magazine was honored to show others a glimpse into some of Oahu’s hidden talent. After the band had played and the hana-hou’s were granted, the night wasn’t over yet. With DJ Fever One on the ones and twos, the crowd was hungry for more great music. Local Magazine fans and staff danced the night away, and enjoyed a night of achievement. Watching a wonderful idea turn into a dream, and helping it come to fruition was magical. It was a true accomplishment for the hardworking staff and everyone involved in the creation of this art piece. Big MAHALOS for the wonderful support. I look forward to many more years of working with our community and Local Hawaii Magazine.


What’s under your street?

There’s More Than Meets the Eye Under the Streets of Waikiki Island fever got you thinking about the mainland? Too many ukuleles can make a person crave another genre of music. If country music is a genre you crave, then crawl down to the depths of Waikiki and into Nashville.

Wednesday and Thursday. Already conquered the fundamentals of dancing to country music and craving more? Then be sure to join in with Bryan Gray and the 97.5 Hawaii’s Hot Country KHCM Party Animal Street Crew from 10-11pm.

It’s a small country bar streamed inside with overdue Christmas lights, hidden under Chili’s, called Nashville Waikiki. You almost miss the entrance walking by, but never the cloud of smoke as you pass. Walking downstairs leads to a welcoming, home town hospitality from the staff, and of course the twangy notes only country music can belt so well. Four DJs fill the speakers with the best of classic rock and country western tunes seven days a week from 4pm to 4am. DJ Tianna’s specialty Sunday, Thursday and Fridays is the Top 40 for the past 50 years, and since music changes rapidly, there is a lot of selection to choose from the past five decades. And with all music comes interaction, and the chance to dance!

Nashville Waikiki may be full of music and dance but it’s not just a bar for dancing. There are a couple of pool tables in the backroom along with another small bar. Pool tournaments occur Sunday thru Thursday evenings after 10pm. What goes along best with beer, pool, music and dance? Well darts, Wii and plenty of bull riding and basketball on the tube. Also beginning every night at 10pm is free Black Jack. Seems like the south has made its way to Hawaii at Nashville!

Scooter Boton teaches couples dancing: half-step, two-step, the waltz, cha-cha, and swing, and If you’re not a couple, there’s always the fundamentals of line dancing. Free dance lessons on the floor go from 7-9pm every Sunday, Monday,


By Cheyanna Donaldson Photos by Keoki Cabral

Underneath the arousing streets of Waikiki is a bit of country and a lot of activity. Whether you’re from the south or you just want to escape the buzz of the touristdriven streets of Waikiki and try a new venue, Nashville Waikiki is an attentiongrabbing hub. Don’t forget the three B’s when thinking of country-baseball hats, button-ups and boots. So enjoy the tunes, games and daily drink specials at a place where country meets the sea!



Handpicked, so it falls

right off the bone. moyer farms bone-in rib eye, 20 ounces This quality cut of beef comes from artisan, Amish-raised cattle. Perfectly aged and extremely savory, this steak is grilled on an open flame with a gentle rub of our special herbs and spices. Offering you a juicy, melt-in-your mouth taste that’s beyond compare.

A fi ne steak. A fi ne experience. • 808-921-4600 Complimentary valet parking. 67

Extremely happy hour. $5 cocktails, 4pm-6pm Plus live entertainment nightly.


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