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Spectacularly innovative and contemporary. Cilantro’s cuisine is inspired by authentic central Mexican flavors and ingredients with a unique twist. Come experience the hospitable staff in a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Entrees include a variety of specialties that you can not find at an average Mexican restaurant.

Cilantro’s makes their own fresh tortillas using original flour from Mexico and vegetables they purchase from Green Hills, a Mexican company in Siloam Springs, AR. Whether you’re looking for a nice place to drink with friends, celebrate a special event, eat dinner with family, Cilantro’s is the place to be!

2629 Lakewood Village Dr. N. Little Rock, AR

(501) 812-0040



ver met an attorney who can read your mind? Yes, he does exist, and we’ve met him! He brings a certain type of unique performance to Arkansas that cannot be found anywhere else within the state, and scarcely within the nation.

Local talent Paul Prater spends his days managing law firms and preparing for his next mind reading performance. He has been performing since he was a kid and doing shows for at least nine years. Unlike the average magician who pulls rabbits from hats, Paul creates a completely different experience. His performances typically consist of mind reading, storytelling, and side shows, an alternative “magic” of sorts. This ensures there is a little reality in every show he puts together. He also enjoys engaging the audience, and during his pendulum readings, he is able to do just that. Everyone gets a pendulum chart and a pendulum to take apart. The interactivity this creates keeps audiences involved. Every Wednesday night at 109 & Company, Paul brings his creativity to the Rock. Always a delight to the audience, his unique blend of storytelling and performance is akin to a theatrical production. He purposely limits his audiences to approximately twenty people so everyone has the opportunity to play a role in the show. In addition to pendulum readings, you may find Paul lying on a bed of nails, doing tarot readings, and other side shows. He has six published books and several marketed effects for magicians and performers. He was also

listed in the top five stories in Tales of the South during 2014. Prater is a national performer but still supports the local community. He plays an active role in the annual Festival of Magic, held this year during the month of September in Hot Springs. He spent 15 hours performing with 1,500 people in the audience. He also performs off stage. Private shows, i.e., corporate work, private parties, etc. are all fair game for Paul. His passion is providing unique experiences for his audiences to enjoy and learn from. Although Paul is unique in what he has to offer, he is lucky to be able to connect with a small network of performers who share an interest in magic and psychic performances. Currently a member of Psychic Entertainers Association, which is by invitation only, he discussed how supportive and collaborative everyone within the field actually is. Being the only person in Arkansas offering this type of entertainment, it is good to have ways to stay connected to people who thrive on the same alternative entertainment he does. Everyone enjoys a new experience here and there, but these days, new experiences don’t come affordable. This is another reason Paul’s shows are so phenomenal. Getting a seat in the audience is as easy as paying for a movie, usually $10 in advance and $13 at the door.

Contrary to what some may believe, mind reading and storytelling are for everyone. While the performances and venue (109 &Company) tend to cater to the adult audiences, they don’t discriminate among the types of adults who can attend. Regardless of marital status, ethnic identity, religious beliefs, etc., Paul’s performances top the chart.

November 2015  

It's time for the holidays! Read more about shopping local for the holidays and supporting your small businesses! For more information, plea...

November 2015  

It's time for the holidays! Read more about shopping local for the holidays and supporting your small businesses! For more information, plea...