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doesn’t have too big of an impact on the team, shown by what returning swimmer Brenna LeBlanc said, “I have not heard any details about this.” This closure has no big impact because it is just for a few big meets a season such as regionals. Conifer’s team practices at Wulf Recreation center in Evergreen. Coach Bahl said, “Angie Sanders and the other athletic directors are in the process of figuring out where the meets will now be held or if they are going to be canceled. They have chosen Carmody for league.” The swim team will not be held back but they hope to see it open sooner rather than later.

Conifer High School’s Girls Varsity Swim Team

Photo By: Conifer High School Yearbook

As the beginning of winter sports approaches, the girls swim team has run into a little problem with their swim venue. It seems that the wooden supports at George J. Meyers Pool can’t hold the weight of the 22 year old swimming complex. Since the pool is closing, the swim team doesn’t know where their upcoming meets are going to be held. Head swim coach Rachel Bahl of the girls team says, “The new closure will cause change in the league. It won’t be bad change because the girls will be able to go to new venues allowing them to get hyped up.” Even though this closure isn’t a bad thing”, their website says, “ We do not know the length of the closure at this time,” (Apex Park and Recreation District ). Twelve beams are rotting from the inside and the owners are waiting for city staff to look over the new concept design before any more steps can be taken. Obviously, this closure

Swinging Through The Season

Savannah Talbot Reporter

The ball soared through the air by a swift swing as the players watched in preparation for its landing. Junior Jeffrey Walsh was the most anxious. Having quit football to transfer to the sport of golf, he was ready for a good hit. He remembers that day and describes how it felt when he saw that ball mistakenly bump the head of one of the nearby geese. He says the geese ran terrified in one direction as the one that was hit “Kind of wobbled the other way.” The boys golf team had a season full of obstacles and achievements, but as the team looks back now, they remember their fun and misadventures. Some members of the boys golf team were motivated to join because of the sport’s inactive quality. Freshman Jack Richey said he joined because he liked that there was “no running” and his parents wanted him to be in an after school activity. But the boys were not always standing still. Sophomore Matthew Bluestein says when someone missed a putt, Coach Wess Lamers would make them run around the green. “I enjoyed the practices,” says Senior Bryan Wholley, “it’s not like some other sports where people complain about their

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practices.” Wholley already had plenty of experience around the golf course. Last year he qualified for the 4A State golf tournament. He describes the tournament as “nerve racking.” This season Wholley finished seventh in his league and first team all conference. Some teammates refer to Wholley as “B-Dog.” “B-Dog’s the best player,” says Bluestein. Although the team did not win as many meets as they had wanted, they did beat one of their strongest competitors, Arvada. The boys created a strong unit and got closer, literally, through their time together. Bluestein described a time when the boys had to cram into one car. He says everyone was practically sitting on each other as their coach drove. Each speedbump heightened their discomfort. The boys had a season full of awkward situations like this and laughter along the way. “We are pretty well liked by the ladies,” says Bluestein. Boys Golf did not have an outstanding season. No major victories that propelled them in the leader board. But the boys each had their own accomplishments and each had fun on the course.

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